The Oregon Standoff, Explained

This is about two things: the federal ownership of land in the Western states, which is at truly insane levels compared to the East, and the extremes to which radical Greens in the Obama administration have discredited environmentalism:

“This week, the Ammon Bundy-led seizure of a federal wildlife refuge thrust Oregon’s ranchers into the spotlight. While I don’t agree with the occupiers’ tactics, I sympathize with their position. Being a rancher was always challenging. And it has become increasingly difficult under the Obama administration. …

Money isn’t the only challenge. Raising cattle requires a lot of land, much more than most ranchers can afford to own outright. I lease about a third of the space I use from private owners. But most ranchers aren’t so lucky. The federal government controls a huge amount of land in the west (more than 50 percent in some states, like Oregon), and many ranchers must lease that space to create a sustainable operation.

Utilizing federal land requires ranchers to follow an unfair, complicated and constantly evolving set of rules. For example, a federal government agency might decide that it wants to limit the number of days a rancher can graze their cattle to protect a certain endangered plant or animal species, or they might unilaterally decide that ranchers can’t use as much water as they need because of a fight over water rights. Or they might take over land that once belonged to the state or private individuals, imposing an entirely new set of restrictions. …

Most of the time, those regulations are written by people with no agriculture experience, and little understanding of what it takes to produce our nation’s food. The agencies that control these lands can add burdensome regulations at any time. Often, they will begin aggressively enforcing them before ranchers have a chance to adjust.”

While I am a strong supporter of reasonable laws that protect the environment in light of our history (i.e., dumping toxic waste in our rivers or hunting species like the buffalo and passenger pigeon to extinction), that’s not what is going on here. There is an opposite extreme: radical Greens that want to destroy the coal industry, block the Keystone Pipeline, halt drilling in the Arctic, protect the three-inch delta smelt, designate ever more land as “national monuments” far beyond what is necessary, etc.

Update: Watch this video or read the transcript of Rep. Greg Walden explaining the situation in his district:

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  1. These radical greens hate cows too.

    According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, cattle farming is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gases. Cattle emit a large volume of methane through burping and flatulence. Cattle ranching is also a major source of deforestation around the world, most notably in South America’s Amazon rain forest. Driven by the growing food demands of an expanding human population, cattle in many regions of the world are overgrazing, reducing biodiversity of the ecosystem in the process.

  2. I also tend to think that it’s a function of modern pseudo-environmentalists, as part of the Democrat-left coalition, having a built in partisan reason to have contempt for rural white people. It’s the Who-Whom thing at work, which it usually is in politics.

  3. Encourage New Zealand style sheep grazing – requires way less land, the wool can be made into sweaters, doesn’t require huge amounts of sub minimum wage mestizo Ameri Indian mayan laborers. Plus, the great wolves can have some lamb every once in a while and the sheep farmers compensated.

    These cowboys want to use ranching policies left over from 1870s cattle drives from Montana in to Mexico – that’s just not practical in North America that now has 230 million people plus 12-20 million illegal alien Mestizo, Central American Ameri Indian illegals that these selfish cowboys were one of the leading forces brining them in.

    A good model is a Wisconsin German American family farm of about 150 acres. Cows can be around for milk then slaughtered in a humane way for meat. There is no reason some rancher needs 20,000 acres to ranch.

  4. I have heard that the FedGov had been trying to drive people off their land through petty harassment. The two men, who are now in prison, were charged under a terrorism law, when they started a control burn that got out of control and went into Federal land.

  5. While I am a strong supporter of reasonable laws that protect the environment in light of our history (i.e., dumping toxic waste in our rivers or hunting species like the buffalo and passenger pigeon to extinction), that’s not what is going on here.

    Actually, the FedGov paid/facilitated the slaughter of the American buffalo as a means to conquer the Plains Indians

  6. Jack,

    Why should the feds own over 50 percent of Oregon? That makes no sense. I can understand protecting, say, the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls or Yellowstone, but what is rationale for transforming most of SE Oregon into a national monument?

  7. I wonder if these guys are serious about simply claiming the land in the area.

    A mass squatting operation in effect. How many could be evicted and how quick if thousands showed up?

  8. After looking into it a bit I’m a little skeptical. While I agree with the general sentiments here I sense some Reaganesque acting at play. Stay tuned for details.

  9. Jack Ryan // January 9, 2016 at 12:19 am //

    “Encourage New Zealand style sheep grazing – requires way less land, the wool can be made into sweaters, ”

    You need a market first. There’s a lot of world wide competition in the wool market and people prefer steak over mutton. Also sheep shearing is skilled but back breaking labor, that most Whites will not do any longer. I haven’t heard of it being mechanized yet.

    Hunter Wallace // January 9, 2016 at 12:49 am //

    “Why should the feds own over 50 percent of Oregon? That makes no sense. I can understand protecting, say, the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls or Yellowstone, but what is rationale for transforming most of SE Oregon into a national monument?”

    They want to heard the people into the ant-hill cities and preserve the wilderness. I expect if minerals or oil is found under it, the Feds will change their tune.

  10. How is possible to miss the important part of Ammon Bundy’s statement proclaiming his protestation of the “terrorist ranchers”? A 90 year old man has been sent back to prison in a classic case of double-jeopardy. Most “conservative” rural americans are still so brainwashed they think “the rule of law” must be suffered; better to die in jail than be thought they could be “dissenters” from the narrative that truth and justice is applied fairly to all. Same brain damage suffered by those who would rather be cucked by muslim rapefugees than be thought “racist”. The media has dropped the retrial of the Hammonds ( DC apparatchiks were upset the first sentence was too light for the “example” they wanted to set ) and labeling them “terrorists”. A fine use of our new “Patriot Act” ; this was the intent all along: tyrants label anyone a terrorist and their lives and property are forfeit. Perhaps the Bundys will be put to the torch, ala WACO, perhaps not. The episode has created a divide in the K-selected patriot movement, and even in the alt-right. If the tyrants create a pyre of burnt offerings to demonstrate their overweening power, it may create more trouble than they can imagine.

  11. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are for the standoff. The benefit of the Oregon standoff is the empowerment of the people. The more these events happen…the more they will happen. I am all for it. The people have more than enough reason to resist all forms of government overreach. Small standoffs is how the American revolution started. This country must collapse for a free South to rise. That’s why we should all vote for Hilliary… Hasten the fall. I would like to see a discussion about how a Trump presidency will help achieve a free South. All I see is a slight postponement of the inevitable at best.

  12. Hunter, I agree that the Feds shouldn’t own, control 50% of the land in Oregon .

    The land should be made available to responsible White Indo European Americans,

    Cliven Bundy appears to be like the disgraced onion king of Georgia.

  13. Rep. Greg Walden was opposing this several months ago before the Bundys got involved:

    “The results of these locally driven efforts contrast starkly with the challenges posed by the creation of Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, which eventually required congressional action to mitigate numerous negative impacts on local landowners. With examples like this for a precedent, talk that the DOI is strongly considering locking up 2.5 million acres, a massive portion of Malheur County, is understandably concerning to local communities. These hard-working local residents deserve to know where the federal government stands on the proposal that would affect their daily lives far beyond anyone else’s.

    Agriculture provides the economic base for Malheur County. According to Oregon State University, agriculture generates over $370 million annually in the county, of which $134 million comes from cattle. The Bureau of Land Management and other federal agencies manage 4.5 million acres, or 73% of the land in the county, making public lands grazing an integral part of most local family ranch operations. Greatly restricting use of that land through a monument designation could have disastrous economic impacts to the county and the surrounding region.

    I am sharing here with you the concerns I’ve heard from large numbers of people across eastern Oregon about the impacts on their livelihoods by restricting use and access to portions of Malheur County larger than the states of Rhode Island and Connecticut combined through a National Monument designation. I strongly oppose the proposals I am aware of for a National Monument designation, and I think it’s very important that you both outline formally to Malheur County and residents of eastern Oregon where the DOI stands on this proposal, as well as heed the strong local opposition to this effort and not make a national monument designation in Malheur County.”

  14. National Monuments started out as a good thing – the Grand Canyon, for example, became a national monument in 1908 – but Obama and other presidents have abused their power to reward radical environmentalists by locking up more and more areas which have no business being national monuments.

  15. Obama is out of control:

    “ith the new designations, Obama has established or expanded 19 national monuments for a total of more than 260 million acres of public lands and waters, more than any previous president. The Basin and Range monument alone, at more than 1,000 square miles, is nearly the size of Rhode Island.

    Before Friday Obama had protected 1,142,036 acres of public land; that figure has now nearly doubled, to 2,176,821 acres. He has now bested Teddy Roosevelt in terms of protecting more land under the Antiquities Act, though Presidents Carter, Clinton and Franklin Delano Roosevelt have put more land off limits to development under the law.”

  16. Take a look at the national monuments Obama has created:

    Pullman – Built for the Pullman Company, it was the first planned industrial community in the United States and the site of the 1894 Pullman Strike.

    Honouliuli – Comprises the grounds of the Honouliuli Internment Camp on the island of Oahu. It was the largest and longest-operating facility used for Japanese American internment in the United States.

    Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad – Harriet Tubman was a famed conductor on the Underground Railroad, leading dozens of slaves to freedom. This monument includes sites relating to Tubman’s life, including the slave-built Stewart’s Canal and the home of Jacob Jackson.[34] The portion of the National Monument previously managed by the NPS has been redesignated as a National Historical Park.

    Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers – Charles Young was the first African American to reach the rank of colonel in the US Army. He was also the first national park superintendent, of Sequoia and General Grant National Parks and a professor at Wilberforce University. His home at Wilberforce is a museum commemorating his life

    Cesar Chavez – This monument commemorates the life and work of labor leader and civil right activist Cesar Chavez. Called La Paz, the site was Chavez’s home for about 20 years, and his gravesite is on the premises. It is also the location of the headquarters of United Farm Workers, which was founded by Chavez


    “I have had the great honor and privilege to represent Harney County for a number of years. I have seen the impact of Federal policies from the Clinton administration to the Obama administration. I have seen what happens when overzealous bureaucrats and agencies go beyond the law and clamp down on people. I have seen what courts have done. I have seen the time for Congress to act and then it has not.

    I want to put this area in perspective because I think it is really important to understand how big this region is. By size, my congressional district in Oregon is something like the seventh or eighth biggest in the Congress. If you overlaid it over the east coast, it would start in the Atlantic and end in Ohio.

    The county where this occupation is taking place–Harney County–is over 10,000 square miles. There are 7,000 souls inhabiting it. If my math is right, that is one person for every 1.4 miles. One person for every 1.4 miles.

    Just this one county is 10 times the size of Rhode Island. It is larger than the State of Maryland. And 72 percent of it is under the command and control of the Federal Government. …

    Right now, this administration, secretly, but not so much, is threatening, in the next county over, that looks a lot like this one, Malheur County, to force a monument of 2.5 million acres, we believe. I think this is outrageous. It flies in the face of the people and the way of life and the public access.”

  18. Mixed feelings about Cliven Bundy and the rights and wrongs of his case in Nevada (although great to see all those patriots forcing the feds to back down at Bunkerville!), but I think the issue here in Oregon is Dwight and Steven Hammond being sent (back!!!) to prison on charges of “terrorism”. Exactly the kind of BS that happens in Iran and China: people hauled back to jail for extra time on BS charges. So full power to the Oregon protestors! I sent them money today, and wrote to their and my senators, and the White House (for what it’s worth).

  19. “Encourage New Zealand style sheep grazing – requires way less land, the wool can be made into sweaters, doesn’t require huge amounts of sub minimum wage mestizo Ameri Indian mayan laborers. Plus, the great wolves can have some lamb every once in a while and the sheep farmers compensated.

    These cowboys want to use ranching policies left over from 1870s cattle drives from Montana in to Mexico – that’s just not practical in North America that now has 230 million people plus 12-20 million illegal alien Mestizo, Central American Ameri Indian illegals that these selfish cowboys were one of the leading forces brining them in.

    A good model is a Wisconsin German American family farm of about 150 acres. Cows can be around for milk then slaughtered in a humane way for meat. There is no reason some rancher needs 20,000 acres to ranch.”

    Jack, Jack, Jack….
    1) I love lamb, would eat it four times a week, and, if there were proportionately far more sheep in the USA, Lamb chops wouldn’t be so damn expensive! But cows give more meat per animal than lamb, and so, there you are. Of course, outlawing CAFO cattle as inhumane, and not fit for human consumption, might balance things out, but are either you or I going to win against Giant Agribiz? I doubt it.

    2) These ‘cowboys’ are WHITE Americans. They UNDERSTAND the nature of the OBamanation. They are fighting back, the only way they know how. You sound so often, like every leftist idiot (and I had family in Chi-town, so I KNOW!) who thinks Obummer and Rahm Emmanuel are WONDERFUL, but who don’t get that Cook county is corrupt PRECISELY because it is not White and Anglo!

    3) Comparing an agriculturally fertile part of the Heartland to Eastern Oregon is utterly stupid. We all could go back to one acre parcels, and raise heirloom Dexter cattle, one or two to a family of four-eight, and be the “Gentleman Farmers” that Jefferson and Washington were… with their slaves, also. But we have a problem with THAT model… more’s the pity.

    So, we have to have people living in inhospitable areas of this nation, one person per every 1.4 miles, to do the work that ‘Illinois liberals’ won’t do…..

  20. @HW: “Now the Feds want to turn most of Southeast Oregon into a national monument.” The Feds do the bidding of the Jews, who loathe and fear the countryside’s White people (their traditional enemies) and want to destroy them.
    Every Federal program turns into an amoral pursuit of money and power. The purpose of the program becomes the pursuit of money and power with no other real purpose.

  21. “2) These ‘cowboys’ are WHITE Americans. ”

    I respond:

    This is a mistake we always make – “hey these folks look like us, they’re fighting’, we’ve finally got same fighting’ Amurikans fighting to take back Amurika”.

    Similar things were/are said about Viet Nam War hero John McCain, Mike Huckabee, or even parts of the Bush family.

    After John McCain won the South Carolina GOP Presidential primary, (White) voters were polled and John McCain was voted the candidate who would be the best to protect America’s borders and reduce end illegal immigration. The reality was that John McCain was (rather openly) working with Ted Kennedy to do another mass illegal alien amnesty and to basically united Mexico, central American countries like El Salvador in to a common market with the free movement of goods, services and ….

    People – maybe 100 million Mexicans, Mayans word gets out – tens of millions of Middle Eastern Arab Muslims who look a lot like brown central Americans.

    What other things to these Bundy Cowboy militia folks believe – we already know Cliven Bundy is a full out immigration traitor, absolutely insane, the worst. How does he feel about the million man Middle Eastern Muslim male invasion of Europe in 2015. Are they even aware of it? Maybe they think it’s a good thing that German women are be sexually assaulted raped by mobs of Algerian males on New Year’s Eve – maybe it’s payback for all the terrible things the Germans did in World World II including the gassing of exactly….


    How do these Bundy cowboy ranchers feel about Jews? Maybe they think like so many White people in the Mountain West that the Jews are the people of the Bible and we should do whatever the Jews say – including Sheldon Adelson Jews.

    I was not really that shocked to learn that lots of Constitutionalists, Oath Keeper, Libertarian, Ron Paul and Rand Paul types were on the side of the Black Ferguson MO BlackLivesMatter protests. Rand Paul got on the cover of Time Magazine as “the most interesting man in politics”. Rand was featured very positively by Time Magazine for decrying the US becoming a police state and he would set free over 50% of the US Black prison population there are drug trafficking charges – GO RAND PAUL….

    Well we outed Rand Paul and made Rand Paul Amren White traitor of the year 2013 and thankfully Rand Paul’s presidential campaign, his power status among White Americans has tanked.

    On the other hand, maybe the rest of the Bundy cowboy militia aren’t bat *&*(( crazy, traitorous on other most important racial/culture issues, maybe it was just one old guy – Cliven Bundy shooting off his mouth on immigration and others are solid, sane. If so, sure support them and their cause. Break up a lot of that Federal Land.

    But if these cowboy militia Bundy types are insane, traitorous on immigration, Black crime, mass Muslim invasions of Europe and the UK, if they promote 1980s Reagan cold wars with our kinsmen the Russians or the Serbs….

    F******** Them.

    And yeah, I support turning over more Western land to responsible environmentalists like the folks that set up the original Sierra Club – I think Muir was his name.

    I’m in to deep ecology as promoted by Savitri Devi.

    Good animals are better than bad humans.

    • Jack,

      1.) First, the vast majority of the American population doesn’t live anywhere near Empty Quarter. There are only a few big cities in the region: Salt Lake City, Denver, and Las Vegas.

      2.) Second, the issues of most of the rest of the country like black crime, Jews, and Hispanic immigration are distant and remote. I suppose an exception could be made for Hispanic illegal aliens, but overall the region is characterized by a low population and an abundance of land greater than anywhere else in the country.

      3.) Third, there is no justifiable reason for the federal government owning 2/3rds of eastern Oregon or over 80 percent of Nevada, or turning an area larger than Maryland into a national monument.

      4.) Fourth, while there are good reasons for turning some scenic areas into national parks or national monuments – Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the Petrified Forest – what Obama is doing here is locking off greater and greater chunks of federal land, which is already at obscene levels in the West, for the sake of appeasing a minority of SWPLs and radical Greens who don’t live anywhere near the area and know nothing about its economy.

      5.) Finally, the areas which are genuinely worth preserving as national parks or national monuments were selected a long time ago. If you are concerned about damaging the environment, then your focus should be on Chicago and Illinois where more people live than in all of Empty Quarter.

  22. Jack Ryan – you called to get me banned from this site on behalf of the Jew Devil War Kike, BECAUSE I called that THING out for the Jew Demon it is.

    Feck YOU, Jack Ryan.

  23. Devi regarded Adolf Hitler as a GREAT man. A Spiritual Giant, sent by Providence – God – as an Avatar, to end the Kali Yuga of the Jews. Do you agree, Jack Ryan?

    I’ve always been in line with Devi’s beliefs. ALWAYS.

    You owe me and these White Ranchers a profound apology.

  24. Hunter – I am not surprised that a mongrel Negro in Chief is creating monuments to anything and everything that is not White. Non Whites don’t have the fatal Deracination Sickness that’s killing a large majority of Whites.

  25. That map is also a springboard to partition: The empty quarter, breadbasket and dixie as an autonomous republic.

    Wouldn’t both sides be happier?

  26. Denise: “Hitler: an Avatar, to end the Kali Yuga of the Jews”

    he pretty much had the opposite impact, no?

    By the way, Hinduism is the religion of a people who overthrew Aryan rule, not an Aryan religion per se; perhaps the first example of “liberation theology” in history.

  27. @ Mr. Ryan

    Apparently you have never spent an appreciable amount of time “Out West.” This is not Wisconsin and yes, sometimes, for that matter many times it does take 20,000 acres to raise cattle out here. Additionally, the is not New Zealand either. Out here we also have sheep-killing coyotes by the tens of thousands and thanks to between 1500-2500 Canadian wolves that make coyotes look like Toy Poodles and have appetites to match. I’ve lived in the Rockies my entire life and the Central Idaho/Northern Rockies ecosystem for the last 21 and I must say that you haven’t the slightest idea of what the hell you are talking about regarding this subject. None whatsoever.

    And remember this – “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”

    Talk about a successful advertising campaign, whether it was Robert Mitchum uttering those words or Sam Elliot! The only times that sheep have been a big part of the American diet in the last 100 years was during the two “World Wars” (look up the population numbers) and the numbers spiked because of orders by to feed “Our Boys” on foreign battlefields.

    As I clearly stated, I’ve lived my entire life out here and what you have are federal land management agencies completely out of control, fully intent of running people off the land. Google up Agenda 21 and walking through that research door is the path to wisdom and understanding as to what the hell is going on out here. Whatever you think is wrong pales in comparison as to what is actually happening here, “on the ground”, every single day of the year.

  28. Fuck sheep. I like beef. Changing to sheep from cows will make grazing problems worse. Sheep graze the grass and forage lower and can damage plants. Goats are the worst. Here’s a quote from a sheep grazing management site,”…Overgrazing
    Sheep can graze very close to the ground and like other livestock will overgraze, if they are allowed to. Overgrazing can lead to loss of vegetation and soil erosion. However, it can be prevented with good grazing practices…”

    I think cows are actually the most environmentally useful animal out West. Why? They turn useless woody plant material where it’s too dry to grow crops into tasty beef. I love beef. Managed cows are not in any way at all bad for range land. THEY ARE GOOD FOR IT. They act in symbiosis with the rough grass turning it into a good quality fertilizer.

    What should we do? I think we should continue to let ranchers use public lands. Also we should continue to allow loggers to log public lands. What I would change is they wouldn’t be able to export a stick of wood or hoof of a cow from public lands. Make all be sold in the US. Now they cut down the forest and send it to Japan. Same with our beef. Why don’t we keep it here and lower prices for us on products grown and harvested on our public lands.

    They’re trying to change the laws on natural gas so they can export it all and raise our prices. The low natural gas prices are stimulating chemical factories, cement makers, plastic makers, and other industries to relocate to the US. We need the jobs we can get. If they export the gas the jobs will go with them.

    I’m also against selling off all the public lands. The rich will buy them all and we’ll have nothing. How many acres does Ted Turner own in Montana? 900,000? You think he’ll ever let you on his land?

    If the economy crashes watch. The first thing they’ll do is say we have to pay off the debt by selling ALL the public lands and of course we will get peanuts for them. Just like they’re selling the roads to become toll roads. This is a trick to loot the country. If you read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins this is the same tactics that was and is used, by the jews of course, to loot South America. The looting of S.A.> is of course blamed on WHites but the Jews are the ones running the scam. They get you in debt then make you sell off all public assets. The asset buyers then change an arm and a leg for stuff like, water that was earlier low cost and public, sewage, the fuel you used to get subsidized, power that was cheaper because they didn’t have to make a profit, etc. on and on. The plan, in case you haven’t noticed by now, is to turn every thing in life in to a fictionalized asset. They then take a percentage here and there out of your pocket. If they could they would charge for air. Which by the way that’s exactly what the carbon tax is. It’s a huge scam.

  29. Per usual I will play the moderate who sees both sides of the issue.

    Too many of these salt of the Earth agribusinessmen are lunk heads with an entitlement attitude that rivals the welfare fatties. They are in effect looting public resources with over grazing not managed grazing.

    But on the other hand the other poster is correct the green tyrants are doing the bidding of the oligarchs, a different kind of looting.

  30. Over half the land West of the Mississippi is controlled by the Federal Government. Thats fucking insane. This isn’t conservation, its keeping Americans from earning a living. The idea that you have to not cut trees down because of an owl is so crazy anyone who says it should be sent to an insane asylum. Sure there are too many people, but its not White people. If you want to control population then sterilize welfare queens when they’re teenagers and stop sending aid to the breeding grounds in the Third World that fills the world with bipedal pollutants that ruined their countries and now want to ruin ours too.
    Nice guys finish last. Turning the cheek for a fellow Christian neighbor is one thing, but allowing an invasion by brown retard barbarians who want to loot and rape isn’t Christian. Charity begins at home and should end at your family or your race, not one outsider should be allowed in here. Native Americans are people that are born here and NOTHING ELSE. Those Indians better shut up, cause I don’t wanna hear it. When they build a viable Civilization and feed themselves maybe I’ll care, but not now brother.

  31. Hunter and others.

    I agree that the Federal government owns, misrules too much land in Oregon in the West. Is it 50%, it should be something more like 25%, the rest sold to (White American, European, maybe some Japanese) private owners, preferable responsible smaller private owners.

    But with the private ownership of land, comes responsible land use and absolutely no F(*()*&&&&& can we tolerate, enable, ignore or make excuses for selfish agribusiness owners like that cursed Onion King of Georgia who bring in tens of thousands, hundreds of thousand, millions of non White, 3rd world low wage, slave laborers.

    That can not and will not be allowed. The worst racial/cultural immigration traitors must be brutally punishined and made and example of.

    It’s a huge mistake to keep saying all our enemies are Liberals/Leftists/Communists/Laraza/Obama/Hollywood Jews etc.

    We have so many, many terrible enemies on the fake Conservative Right – chamber of commerce types, my god the Wall Street Journal used to editorialized every $&%(#(#@ year for complete open borders to the United States inviting the entire world to move here.

    Yep, that’s the Conservative pro business, patriotic American Wall Street Journal – invite the entire populations of Haiti, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Algeria to move here.


    How can any Southern Nationalist how can any healthy sane White person support or just ignore this treason?

    Look what happened in Cologne Germany on New Year’s Eve – mobs of North African Muslim migrants attacking raping German women!

    Are these Cowboy ranchers in Oregon are they OK with that? Or maybe they just don’t really care about it because it isn’t happening “yet” in their area. Well mass Muslim migrations have made it to Vegas Nevada!

    I take a firm but fair position that these cowboy ranchers are entitled to do their business in a fair and posit way and if that entails giving, selling them lots of Federal Government owned land, OK good – but they have to be on our side and can’t bury their heads in cow poo or just in their 1980s Reagan arses and say:

    “It’s my god damn land , I’ll ranch like my grand daddy did and if I want to hire thousands of Central American Ameri Indians who are happy to work for $5 an hour, I’ll do it F**** you liberals, socialists”.

    No sorry.

    We have to start thinking and acting as “We” not always me, me, me. We must start helping other groups of very threatened White Indo European people like White South African farmers, German girls in Cologne Germany, Russian people. My #*$&# God the idiot NATO Commander in Chief US Air force General is trying to restart the Cold War against our kinsmen the Russians and expand alliances with the likes of Muslim Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia!

    Have most all of our people been kicked in the head by Cliven Bundy’s cows?

  32. Jack,

    1.) As far as I know, illegal aliens are used on apple orchards and potato farms in the region. There are some other types of agriculture in eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, and Idaho that make use of illegal aliens.

    2.) To my knowledge, this isn’t really true of ranching which requires lots of land for cattle to graze. The conflict with the feds is over land use, not illegal alien labor.

    3.) Different regions are going to have different issues. In Alabama and Illinois, we don’t have this problem because land in the East is mostly in private hands. For obvious reasons, Jews are going to be a more pressing issue in New York City than Utah, and blacks are going to be perceived as a greater problem in Mississippi than in Alaska.

    4.) This vast, relatively unpopulated region which stretches from Alaska to Arizona has always been an internal colony. From the earliest days of settlement, it has been controlled by either the federal government, absentee owners, or Eastern corporations.

  33. Yes. A lot of the modern Greens want to clear people off the land altogether rather than create a working compromise.

  34. I side with the ranchers.

    The Federal government is overboard in what it has done out West –


  35. Ryan – you are putting the cart before the horse. Worry more about WHITE MEN beating back land grabbing, life murdering ZOG.

    You don’t understand White solidarity at all.

    Coyote – thank you.

  36. Yeah, support White Western Ranchers… just meet with them and tell them in no uncertain terms to

    Stop being immigration traitors, idiots – maybe try for a B- or C+ immigration grade from NumbersUSA instead of a …. F.

    Have some healthy respect for the land, for beautiful animals like wolves, African lions.

    And how about just reading up on what’s going on in the world?

    Take a couple of minutes a day to send some support to White German girls being attacked in Germany, poor English girls suffering the same in not so Merry Old England? Try to resist falling down to Amurikun patriotard stuff that we hate the Germans/krauts, the English, the Russians etc.

    And how about doing something about the idiot 1980s retro Reagan cowboy loons now trying to restart the cold war against the Russians? The current supreme commander of NATO US Air Force General is doing just that – what an idiot, loon.

    I’ve got a post in draft that exposes this idiot.

    Stay strong brothers and sisters.

  37. Jack – are you high?

    What makes YOU think any one involved doesn’t support Whites?

    Do you have unlimited resources, to travel anywhere in the world, and La Resistance?

    I spread the word in my sphere of influence. I attended a dinner party this evening, with some very well-to-do, well traveled neighbors. THEY knew about Cologne, and the Islamic attacks. It’s the first time ANY of this has hit their consciousness. Most folks live in their own little world

    Remember those Germans, and Fins that welcomed the Sand Niggers, in, with food and teddy bear, and open arms? Many folks I know tried to warn them via social media. Except for a handful of Neo Nazis- we’ve been consistently rebuffed.


    Jack – Germans, and other Whites, have allowed themselves to be buffaloed by Kikes – you are among that number – for DECADES. Germans even built Israel for the hook nosed rat faced bullshit artists. Well you get what you settle for – and the Germans are getting it. They’ve allowed themselves to be bullied, looted, and persecuted by damned Kike LIES. Now the KIKES imported the Sand Niggers to finish them off. They’ll either LEARN to FIGHT for themselves – or they’ll DIE.

    I don’t possess the means to just pop over to Germany. The EFFING filthy cop whores would throw ME in jail if I went over there and “denied the Holohoax”. In most European countries I could be ruined for just typing or writing those very words. you get put in jail, in England, for calling a Commie Jew a “Commie Jew”. By the JEWS, Jack. By the JEWS.


    White men, in America, are standing up for themselves against the DEVIL. A win here will help other Whites. I’m in America – I’ll deal with what’s going on here. Eff the shitskins. Whites have to learn to be WHITEE again. Now grow UP.

  38. PS – I want us to go to war with Russia. Let the Private Sheffey Army of Murka fight Putin’s Cossacks. I’d LOVE it;

    Russia – where foreign armies go to DIE.

  39. Jack Ryan is a jew. That line about responsible use of land and trusting the Feds is right out of the jew playbook. They’re stupid but scary consistent. Arguing with jews is like talking to a wall. They don’t have opinions, they have excuses older than they are and they’ll try them all and when and if you refute them they will call you names and claim they are expert and you’re just ignorant. You’re not dealing with a man its an animal pieced together by Frankenstein to be a parody of a human being. Talk to the hand Jack. Reason requires discrimination. Rationalization is not the same. Taking care of land is ridiculous. Grazing cattle isn’t destroying land.

  40. “What makes YOU think any one involved doesn’t support Whites?”

    I respond:

    My main evidence was the horrible, as bad as it gets quote from Cliven Bundy supporting the mass invasion of Mestizo Amer Indian illegal alien, low wage workers. My concerns, observations are based on 25 years in working in (Western, Southern) Conservative politics. It’s not just the worst, Jews, Liberals, Latrino Laraza types that support or enable mass (tens of millions) of low skill, low IQ, racially/cultural destructive immigrants – it’s usually or always

    The Chamber of Commerce
    Agribusiness owners/CEOs like Tyson Foods’ Donnie Smith, that Onion King of George or Cliven Bundys.

    In California, agricultural is not small White family farms like in Wisconsin – it’s giant agribusinesses taking out most of the fresh water and ALWAYS, ALWAYS exploiting cheap, non White immigrant labor. It’s also always in the program of Libertarianism as promoted by the likes of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson or too many of these cowboys.

    The free movement of goods, services and people – free to choose, let the market determine wages. The Wall Street Journal went so far every year to preach:

    Thou Shalts Have Open Borders

    The Jews love this #*&$*@(.

    Needless to say there are few or no Jewish people in Israel pushing this Libertarian program of open borders immigration in to Israel. Israel is a Jewish ethno state.

    I working for White ethno states and I know who’s going to be opposing us/me – it ain’t just Leftists, LaRaza and Jews.

  41. It anyone here or elsewhere is in contact with these Bundy Cowboys or just independently minded ranchers like them – please educate them about alternative ways to be independent, prosperous and free.

    One of the best examples is Switzerland – where the anti EU, anti UN, strongly immigration restrictionist party the Swiss People’s Party is the #1 party in Switzerland.

    Switzerland has to be about the only place where the wealthiest Whites are immigration patriots.

  42. Denise:

    “PS – I want us to go to war with Russia. Let the Private Sheffey Army of Murka fight Putin’s Cossacks. I’d LOVE it;

    Russia – where foreign armies go to DIE.”

    I Respond.

    Denise that’s just ridiculous and very irresponsible – supporting more American led White vs White wars. It’s most likely to be massive bombing campaigns like the US war against Serbia to create an Albanian Turk Muslim base in Central Europe where the nasties Muslims go fore they invade Germanic Western Europe. And the dumb arse Amurikun Conservatives led by cheer leaders like Ted Nugent or Hank Williams junior and too many clueless cowboys stuck in the Reagan 1980s will get hard ons and of course the Jew media will promote this as “America getting strong again – no more Liberal”.

    No way.

    Please stop singing from a Neo Conservative Jew song book. Reagan was senile by at least 1985, no reason we have to keep going on with this. Russia and almost all of Central and Eastern Europe is ours, it might be the final refugee if these Western Cowboys don’t get their act together real soon.

  43. Go to war with Russia has NOTHING to do with White Americans. It’s all about ZOG attacking Russia.

    Let ZOG send the ‘Murkin Private Sheffey Army ‘n sheeyit into Russia. Let Putin eat them alive.

    You are the irresponsible one, Is War Kike feeding you info, for posts? You couldn’t do enough for WarKike, Jackie.

    Many posters have told you that you don’t know what you are talking about. This is confirmed with your EVERY post. Run along and go dancing with your “White Hispanic girlfriend”. You’re running the Jewplaybook. Not me.

  44. Hello, Miss Denise.

    Good to see you back here.

    I hope things are well on the homefront.

    I enjoyed your sharp-edged gothick tongue-n-cheek, above…

  45. This fake government is no longer American. Everybody is some God Damn Globalist moron with mad dreams of power and riches if they can scuttle Western Civilization by turning everyone into brown peons that are satisfied with less. These people have left reality and gone to a Fantasy World. Fishwraps are running crazy stories about how Americans should move to tiny shacks in the inner city that are so small you have to pack and unpack your bed and move furniture around when you want a table to eat on. This has now gone Full Retard here. This “new normal” these retards are talking about is turning the USA into a Third World Hellhole. There’s gonna be a War. These people have lost their tiny little minds. These nuts are taking away more and more land, and bringing in millions of people a year. White people can’t run anymore. There’s no need to anymore. They want a War, lets do this. What have you got to lose at this point? What part of they want you all dead is hard to understand?

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