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  1. You either believe WW3 has already started with 9/11 and the GWOT or you think we are not at it yet. That being said, I don’t believe it will start over the detention of a dozen American sailors by Iran, Paris attacks or a Russian jet shot down by turkey.

  2. Ted Cruz is not going to be anything but a Cuck. Check out his campaign commercial at 1:48- 2:00 where his Goldman Sachs connected wife speaks of family missionary outreach.

  3. Jeff
    ‘Rand Paul: GOP is turning into ‘the old white man’s party’’

    The little twerp! Where is he going with all that pandering?

    Gee, I wonder how many old Negros, Latrinos, Asians and Arabs voted for him last election?

    Practically zero.

    Stupid cucktard.

  4. Of course the begenning questions are over who’s the biggest Neoconservative and Zionist on stage. Think our country was much better under Isolation than constant foreign wars in the Middle East. As the saying goes it’s not about winning the war but keeping it going. We offer real national defense in a Free South! Deo Vindice !

  5. @Sam

    If Rand was moderately successful at reaching out to non Whites and millennials, he would at least be in the middle of the pack. This is a crowed GOP field (votes split numerous ways) and having a coalition of non Whites and millennials to go along with his father’s core supporters would have put him at a Cruz level of support. Rand has reached out. He spoke at Howard University. He set up an office in Detroit. He got involved in Ferguson. He has proposed legislation to allow black felons to vote. He got a photo op with Al Sharpton. The result, he is in the back of the pack. Now he, a man with little to no political support, is offering political to other candidates as to how to win.

    I’m not a high dollar political consultant. But it appears that I have more political insight that most political consultants. If the GOP needed to expand, there are far more realistic votes in pursuing working class White people than there are with blacks and other non Whites. Why didn’t Rand reach out to these people? States like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc. because they don’t appeal to blue collar Whites in the upper Midwest. Trump does appeal to middle/working class Whites. That’s why I believe that these states are in play for him.

  6. /\/\/\ What Jeff said about Trump, and the White working class. I know posh Whites and I know Blue Collar Whites. Most of the lucid ones I know are going for Trump.

  7. Jeff
    ‘If the GOP needed to expand, there are far more realistic votes in pursuing working class White people than there are with blacks and other non Whites.’

    Agree 100%.

    Untold numbers of whites are waiting for someone to court them for a change.

  8. Richard B. Spencer
    ‘Okay, this taxation talk has totally lost me. For the #GOPDebate, I’m out.’

    Having owned and operated small businesses I find the subject interesting and very important to our nation’s prosperity.

    Unfortunately, too many of us would rather speak about sexually perverted, drug addicted, miscegenating sickos like David Bowie.

  9. “I’ve spent my whole life fighting, fighting,fighting,fighting,fighting, to go back to the buffet unlimited times. Christie

  10. Cruz will be hammered for dissing New York. Trump was stewing and went for the K.O. Actually, I agree with Cruz. Not fond of New York. Blue states and red states, generally speaking, are not compatible in life styles, mannerisms, customs, beliefs and values.

  11. Sam – Trump is “NY” because that’s his home. He speaks like a Jew. He’s a White Jew. His brash mannerisms are JEW. You will get mowed down, literally, if you don’t behave this way.

    Trump is still WHITE. His instincts are WHITE.

  12. Here is my own $.002 worth on “New York Values.”

    I visited NYC a few times and found the people to be rather brusque initially, but I also found that when I was courteous and appreciative, the NYers were gracious and accommodating hosts. I think that a lot of tourists watch stuff on television and think NYC is the place is full of rude cretins so it’s time to drop all civility. These same people would never behave that way anywhere else.

    That said, Cruz was out of line to put down “New York Values.” Comparing NYC to the Iowa Farmbelt is ridiculous. Certain cultures have been created, not through values, but by way of pragmatism and natural necessity.

    For example, the Negro problem. The South had to come up with Jim Crow laws to deal with ex-slaves who had little to no hope of fully assimilating to the Southern way of life. In New York, they came up with abortion on demand and strict gun control rigidly enforced by Guiliani and later, Bloomberg, to deal with the same problem.

    But when push comes to shove, like the 911 attack and its aftermath, what values did NYers display? These people killed were at work, making mortgage payments and supporting their families, just like the rest of us.

    The first responders went into those burning buildings to evacuate as many as they could, knowing they would probably die themselves (the chaplain giving the whole group last rites being a big tip off).

    Despite the official story that the only thing that knocked down the twin towers were two airplanes, there were rumors that demolition teams had wired not only them, but several other skyscrapers where people worked. The NYers still went back to work inhaling the smoke from the smoldering rubble of the twin towers, not to mention the stench of death.

    When other states wanted to send financial aid, NYC (a tourist attraction) declined it, asking that the tourists return so that they could go back to work!

    Small wonder that a town in South Carolina was so moved that they sent the NYFD a brand new truck to replace one that had been destroyed by a falling tower. Small wonder that in Iran, no less, the firefighters came out dressed in full gear and stood at attention to honor the fallen NY firefighters.

    Don’t mistake certain practical cultural maneuverings as values. New York Values are Southern Values are American Values are the values of any people displaying valor and honor. Especially when push comes to shove.

    There is a motto on a monument in Arlington Cemetery which was constructed by Union veterans in honor of the Confederate fallen. No inscription judging “Southern Values” was put on this monument. Only the acknowledgement that these men “had done their duty as they saw fit.” Can’t the rest of the country accord the New Yorkers the same respect?

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