Reagan 80s Return – Let’s Restart the Cold War With…..The Russians?!!!

“For Leftist Democrats it must always be 1963 in Selma Alabama”
Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent

“For Conservative Republicans it must always be the Reagan 1980s fighting the Russians”
Jack Ryan
Occidental Dissent

Donald Trump is giving us great hope that sane, populist, nationalist policies will come to the United States. The various Lugenpresse – Lying Leftist press, Cuckservatives, RINOS, Christian Zionists, Jewish Zionists, Invading Islamists and the &#*$# rich donor class are up in arms.

Most of Donald Trump’s support is centered on his excellent domestic policy – securing our borders, ending mass Islamic immigration/terrosim, rebuilding our manufacturing economy – taking the side of American workers against the domestic and global financial elites – all good.

But Trump has also made a few sensible comments about foreign, military policies:

Trump says no more Bush wars against secular Arab regimes, ISIS and Islamic extremists are the enemy; Trump has good things to say about Vladimir Putin and Putin’s Russia.

Not so NATO Supreme Commander US Air force General Philip Breedlove. Gen. Breedlove apparently has his head firmly planted in his 1980s Reagan Conservative arse. Yep it’s still morning in Reagan’s America and Gen. Breedlove wants to restart the cold war against Russia, he presents basically insane views about alliances with Islamic Turkey, apparently Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to contain the Russian threat in Europe, and well everywhere. Apparently Gen. Breedlove is not a big fan of Russian classical music, Russian hockey or the beautiful Russian tennis players like Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova featured at the top. I certainly am a big fan of beautiful Russian women and much prefer they come to the USA, Western Europe as oppose to say…


Hey, but then again that’s just me – a sane, heterosexual White American guy living and thinking in the here and now and not….

Reagans’ 1980s America – it’s morning in America.

Here’s the link to Gen. Breedlove’s god awful interview with non other than NPR.

No it’s not. It’s 5 minutes to midnight you old fool.


  1. Yes, this is all absolutely true. Instead of trying to fix the problems we actually have, almost all of the Republican candidates other than Trump want to start new problems (i.e restart the Cold War) and ignore the real threat, Mexico and Muslims.

  2. Breedlove is a cuck warmonger. Jewish neoconz, and their cuck shabbatz goyim (Cruz, Rubio, Bush, etc.), love war…because, in tactical terms, nothing grows gubmint like war. And strategically, Russia is a large White pebble in the Judeo-globalist, Universalist Tikkun Olam shoe

  3. Haxo -yes. BreedOrc is not an actual Zhid, but it’s most likely a homo. As the Supreme General Blah Blah Blah of NATO – it’s owned by the Kikes. NATO is KIKE. They only promote the most depraved specimens, that they can blackmail and control.

    Oven it.

  4. Because I believe (and I acknowledge that I might be mistaken in this belief) that Russia is no longer the <> that was the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics;”
    Because I believe (once again acknowleging the possibility that this belief might be error) that — to borrow a theological term from you Christians — Russia was “possessed of one or more devils” from 7 November 1917 to 25 December 1991, recovery from the ordeal of possession did not begin until the Putin-Medvedev regime, but Mr. Putin is fully sincere in trying to help his country recover from that ordeal;
    When I call Mr. Putin “Tsar Vladimir,” no irony is express nor implied

  5. Your software mis-handled the part, supra, wherein I called the Soviet Union a Continuing Criminal Enterprise.
    I am willing provisionally to forgive, though not to forget, Mr. Putin’s Chekist past. If I am not afraid of him, it is for nothing less than the very same reason why I am not afraid of any handgun carry-permit holder I might encounter. Russia is not the threat the Soviet Union was.

  6. Got nothing to do with Russia. Has everything to do with domestic racial politics. They need a foreign enemy so they don’t have to explain why they never do anything for their white constituents, not even lift a finger to stop their extermination or protest racist murder against them. It’s been that way ever since the television age began in earnest, since Nixon. Indeed, John Mitchell’s cynical declaration “watch what we do, not what we say” is the motto the Republicans have been following ever since. They service the donor class, placate the dominant liberal establishment, and screw their constituents. Their mania for a foreign enemy should be seen properly as their continuing inability to deal with the issue of race back home.

  7. ” to borrow a theological term from you Christians — Russia was “possessed of one or more devils” from 7 November 1917 to 25 December 199″

    I respond:

    More like November 1917 – 1960.

    And even before that nationalist Russian/Slavs moved against Trotskyite internationalist J Communists. After 1960 ethnic Russian Slavs solidly take back the country – one notices this in sports, culture and the fact the J tribe starts hating on Russia/Soviets Refuseniks, huge propaganda campaign to allow J dissents to emigrate out of USSR/Russia, supposedly go to Israel, instead they went to New Jersey.

    Russia got lost more than a bit when drunk Boris Yeltsin sold off the Soviet state enterprises for pennies on the dollar to J Oligarch as recommended by Harvard Business School elites. Putin put a stop to that. And Russia is clearly back in Russian hands, remaining J oligarchs or just Js, homos, pussy riot, liberals etc have to be on their best behavior.

  8. Hillary is another example of a politico with old fashioned and out of date ideas. In fact, they’re all out of date and irrelevant in the new, multipolar World.

  9. Russian Slavs were in the surge to take back their country when Stalin opened the doors of the Church before Stalingrad. The Slansky trial cemented it.
    Plenty of disloyal Jews returned to Israel from Russia. Many do not even qualify as Jews by Jewish law and many do not care to convert.
    Some of the Russophobia/Sovietphobia in the West stemmed from the RC Church’s historic animosity to Russian Orthodoxy. Some from the British
    sea civilization opposing Land Power (see Dugin.)

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