Cuckservatives: Cruz Is Two-Faced

This article illustrates why I have never warmed to Ted Cruz: long before the presidential race began, he was giving off this slimy, untrustworthy televangelist vibe:

“Ted Cruz sounded despondent at the possibility that same-sex marriage could become legal when he called into the radio show of Tony Perkins, a vehement opponent of gay rights, in February 2014. “Our heart weeps for the damage to traditional marriage that has been done,” Mr. Cruz said, urging conservatives to pray but also to fight back. “Be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves,” he said, quoting Scripture.

But seven months later, when Mr. Cruz visited the Midtown Manhattan office of a major Republican supporter of same-sex marriage, he sounded almost indifferent: If New York politicians wanted to legalize it, that was their business, he told Paul Singer, the billionaire investor who had bankrolled efforts to strike down laws forbidding same-sex marriage across the country. There was no reason the issue had to drive a wedge between the two men, the Texas senator said, according to a person briefed on the meeting who supports one of Mr. Cruz’s opponents. (Mr. Singer went on to endorse Senator Marco Rubio of Florida a year later.) …

That June, Mr. Cruz’s spokesman, Sean Rushton, wrote to an aide to Joe Lonsdale, a venture investor, attaching a draft op-ed by Mr. Cruz explaining his support for an increase in the visas, which was favored by many in the tech industry, including Mr. Lonsdale. The email invited Mr. Lonsdale to propose edits to the article if he saw fit. (The op-ed does not appear to have run.)”

In spite of his record in the Senate, which largely consists of grandstanding on various issues, my gut instinct tells me it is all an act. He has always had his eye on the White House and has calculated the path that will get him there. He ticked off all the various boxes in the Senate in preparation for his campaign.

Cruz reminds me of W. with his faux cowboy act. After W. left office, he moved into a Dallas mansion and Laura Bush came out as pro-gay marriage and pro-choice. W. even tried to officiate a gay marriage between two lesbians in 2013. Five years ago, Cruz was trying to persuade W. to support his Senate campaign.

Of all the candidates running, I think Trump, Sanders, and ¡Jeb! are the most authentic. I disagree with ¡Jeb! on lots of issues, but I give the man credit for being brave enough to run as himself in the primary, unlike his brother W. who didn’t stop pretending to be a great evangelical cowboy until he left office. I think the most phony and calculating candidates running for president are Hillary, Cruz, and Rubio.

When he was 18-years-old, Cruz said he wanted to be rich, powerful and dominate the world. He planned to go to Princeton (check), Harvard Law (check), have a “successful law practice” (check) and “pursue his real goal—a career in politics.” (check) As a senior in high school, he wanted to run for president.

So now he is this great, duck hunting evangelical:


The real “Ted” Cruz (BTW, his real name is Rafael) went to Princeton, Harvard, clerked for William Rehnquist, and worked for George W. Bush. Heidi Cruz is another ambitious social climber from California: Harvard Law, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, National Security Council under W., and the Council on Foreign Relations.

I’m just not buying it. Less than a year ago, he was writing Op-Eds with Paul Ryan in the Wall Street Journal in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Cruz and Hillary have both flip flopped on this issue out of political calculation. Heading into the fall, Cruz was for a 500 percent increase in H1-B visas, but changed his colors on that issue as well.

“Ted” Cruz is the ultimate chameleon. I’m not saying this because I support Trump. I’ve always thought the guy is another Rubio waiting to show his true colors.

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  1. I think even the evangelicals are figuring out they need to play politics for defense and Trump is tapping into that even though he is a playboy type. Cruz is just peddling the same old lies

    • Pinochet was a defensive political play by the majority of Chileans, just saying. Also just saying that on Drudge at this moment a headline about cars lined up all the way out side of a New Hampshire town, also just saying

      Evangelicals don’t need to fret if they can inflict their values via the political process they need to fret if the political process decides to put them against the wall for their values

  2. If Cruz can’t go the distance they’ve got Rubio to fall back on, although rumors he may be queer are circulating. The religious right won’t go for that. In any case, Trump is the only one who can beat the wicked carpetbagger witch.

  3. Great piece HW, especially the similarity to W’s schtick. I’ve been using that a lot. I still can’t believe people fall for that crap!

  4. Sir, you may not ever warm to Mr. Cruz, but, I tell you this, I am really cooling to Mr. Trump.

    His constant whining, and sore-loser, tattle-tale mentality reminds me of the kid who always yelled for his mama any time something did not suit him, and who turns on anyone who displeases him, even vaguely.

    To say Mr. Trump looks unpresidential, is an understatement. He does not even look like someone I would trust on the block.

    And the incredible shots Trump has shot Cruz’s way, after being friendly. Cruz really put it all in perspective, in New Hampshire today; and, I suspect, this is going to have a negative affect on all those voters who are considering Trump, but, are as of yet, undecided.

    They will break towards Rubio or Cruz.

    Sir, give me a ‘slimy televangelist’ any day, to a whiny sore loser tattletale rattlesnake.

    • “His constant whining, and sore-loser, tattle-tale mentality reminds me of the kid who always yelled for his mama any time something did not suit him, and who turns on anyone who displeases him, even vaguely.”

      What a poor set of reasons to oppose someone for the presidency in this climate. Is this now American Idol? So, a crazy, warmongering set of presidential candidates who might sound good but also start WW3 are more acceptable than Trump? Cruz, besides being a slimy liar, also supports sending heavy weapons to Ukraine; I’m sure that wouldn’t provoke a Russian response. Rubio? He’s even crazier; he supports a no-fly zone over Syria and possibly shooting down Russian planes…but since they don’t offend the delicate sensibilities of anyone, I guess that’s now okay.

      “Sir, give me a ‘slimy televangelist’ any day, to a whiny sore loser tattletale rattlesnake.”

      Translation: “Sir, I’d gladly vote for the guy doing exactly what I accuse the other guy of doing…for, reasons. Please give me the liar over the guy who gets my panties in a twist for saying naughty things because I like being fleeced by a guy who sounds good when speaking, even though everything he says is a lie.”

      “And the incredible shots Trump has shot Cruz’s way, after being friendly.”

      Boo hoo. Trump plays to win. Big deal. Cruz has done exactly that kind of thing with his fake voter warning forms his campaign mailed out in Iowa. Yeah, I don’t feel sorry for Cruz in the least.

      • Metron, I have other reasons. comportment is only one.

        I don’t respect Trump’s posturing and double-dealing, BUT, he, as Mr. Bonaccorsi would say – has a ‘certain genius’.

  5. I do agree with you about one thing, Sir – Jeb Bush has my total respect, as does Bernie Sanders – both being utterly and admirably transparent.

    What that means is this : If it is Bush or Clinton, at the end (God Forbid) I would vote for Grand Duke Jebediah.

    At least he says what he means and means what he says.

    • Well, I did not vote for Carter who was not a good president as far as I am concerned and I don’t agree with some of his positions.

      However, I will say that ol’ Jimmuh was never considered to be a crooked weasel like Cruz. Yeah, the peanut farmer was much more honorable .

      Sure, Trump will make deals. Nothing wrong with making deals that are beneficial. Who would we rather have? Boehner, McConell, Ryan,Cantor?

      • Dear Sam,
        In those long gone days I was for Carter – though, in my youth I was what my Southron mama trained me to be – a progressive Southerner in denial.
        And thogh my politicks, these days, are what would get me readily denouncet by Brother Jimmy, I still, like you, regard him, as I have begun to regard Jeb Bush, as a man of intergrity, philosophical difference notwithstanding.
        Be that as it may be, Sam, I must strenuously disagree with your characterization of Senator Cruz; for I know of no Senator so forthright, honourable, and consequential to his word since Jesse Helms left the senate. No, Sir – dislike Cruz for his views, as you will, but, his several year record, in the senate, is quite clear – and the establishment hate him for it.
        Now, as to the choice you lay out : I agree with you, that Mr. Trump is vastly preferable to any of those no-‘ccount Yankees and that terrible Kentucky scalawag; BUT, we have other choices, and one of those is Ted Cruz -a man who delivers what he promises to the constituency that elects him.

  6. Trump is a fighter. He does not take his foot off the gas. Call it whining if you will. Unlike Romney and the cuckservative GOP who did nothing about the vast voter fraud committed by the Dems during the last election, Trump is going to hammer away instead of retreating to a corner afraid somebody might get offended.

    So, his language is a bit salty – good. Tired of wimpy school marm politicians who use perfect grammar and politically correct words but continue to lose with smiles on their faces.

    Ted is is a slimy, two faced weasel in my opinion. Pool Boy is made in the same mold. Career politicians who never did anything in their lives but talk and draw checks from the government and donors.

    I mean really, Rubio is going to improve the economy when he can’t even manage his own finances?

    These two tweets by Trump are worth more than all of the Fag Rubio’s canned speeches and a year’s worth of scripture spoutin’ sermonettes by Televangelist Cruz.

    What other politician but trump would have the courage?

  7. ‘Cruz thinks this distinction vindicates him. He proudly tells Van Susteren: “Greta, truth matters. I have never once supported legalization.” But what’s striking in the interview, in the letter, and throughout Cruz’s statements in 2013 and in 2015 is how carefully he parses words such as supported, legalization, and truth. Cruz doesn’t think like a normal person. He thinks like a lawyer. For him, truth isn’t a matter of plain meaning. It’s a matter of technicalities.

    That’s why nobody can prove Cruz endorsed legalization in 2013. Like a crime scene without fingerprints, Cruz’s verbal record is a work of art.’

    He doesn’t think like a normal person. That’s because he’s not normal.

    ‘But Cruz doesn’t just deny that he supported legalization. He denies that his amendments were serious at all. He now claims that every measure he proposed in 2013—to tighten border security, streamline legal immigration, and close the path to citizenship—was a ploy to sabotage the bill.’

    Try following what Cruz had to say about his amendments and the bill.
    Truly mind boggling. He’s an unbelievably slick, shifty, deceptive liar.

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