Cuckservatives: The Buchanan Boys

Kevin Williamson has lobbed a little missle at us:

“The Trump voters aren’t a new phenomenon. Donald Trump’s performance in this year’s Iowa caucuses was identical to Pat Buchanan’s in 1996: second place, enjoying the support of approximately one in four Republican caucus-goers. Trump’s campaign, like Buchanan’s, is powered by the resentment and anxiety of the white working class. Trump is this year’s celebrity mascot for the Buchanan boys.

The Buchanan boys are economically and socially frustrated white men who wish to be economically supported by the federal government without enduring the stigma of welfare dependency. So they construct for themselves a story in which they have been victimized by elites and a political system based on interest-group politics that serves everyone except them. Trump is supported by so-called white nationalists, as Buchanan was before him, but the swastika set is merely an extreme example of the sort of thinking commonly found among those to whom Trump appeals. …”

All right. Fair enough.

I’m definitely one of the “Buchanan boys.” In 2001, Pat Buchanan published a book called The Death of the West around the time of the 9/11 attacks, and that book became the bedrock of my political worldview. Shortly thereafter, I acquired two of Buchanan’s previous books, A Republic, Not an Empire, and The Great Betrayal, which pretty much fixed my views on foreign policy and trade which I have held to this day.

I’ve continued to follow Buchanan’s columns and books ever since: State of Emergency, Day of Reckoning, and Suicide of a Superpower. I was an avid reader of Sam Francis until his death in 2005. Around that time, I stumbled across Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation in the Auburn Library, and I have been reading VDARE on a daily basis ever since. Eventually, I joined the Council of Conservative Citizens, where Sam Francis had been the editor of the Citizens Informer. I also found Jared Taylor’s books and became a reader of American Renaissance and later Kevin MacDonald’s books and The Occidental Observer.

I’ve been at this for 15 years now. I remember when Stormfront was relaunched as a small vBulletin forum. I was around when posters on forums migrated to blogs and later to social media. I remember when White Nationalists were having lots of fun trolling Richard Spencer when he was the editor of Takimag. That’s when the Ron Paul presidential campaign was getting off the ground and Jack Hunter still the Southern Avenger. Way back then we weren’t sure if Richard Spencer was a cuckservative.

I had been reading the Derb for years before his defenestration at National Review over The Talk: Non-Black Version in 2012. I’ve watched Ann Coulter become a more interesting columnist. I can remember when no one was really following So yeah, Trump voters aren’t a new phenomenon, and this movement has been evolving and growing in influence for over 20 years now.

The “Buchanan boys” were being slammed by National Review as “Unpatriotic Conservatives” in 2003 at the height of the freedom fries mania when George W. Bush was invading Iraq and John J. Miller was publishing Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America’s Disastrous Relationship With France and J-Pod was publishing Bush Country: How George W. Bush Became The First Great Leader of the 21st Century.

“And that is the sticking point: American conservatives are rooted in classical liberalism, and their political philosophy is universalist: free enterprise and the rule of law for everyone. The jackbootier elements among the Buchanan boys demand the explicit servicing of white interests as such. (Never mind, for the moment, the argument from our progressive friends that conservative universalism is the servicing of white interests as such, inexplicitly.) Whether that leap lands you on so-called economic nationalism or explicit racism, it’s the same leap. …

For once, I agree.

A “cuckservative” is basically a classical liberal – “conservative” is a highly misleading term. A “conservative” is someone who wants to return to an older form of liberalism, the one that existed before the New Deal, when the South was plagued by pellagra and children worked for 70 hours a week in textile mills. The knock on “conservatives” is that they have never succeeded in “conserving” anything, but that was never really the point was it?

As for universalism, abandoning free-trade, breaking politically correct taboos, deporting illegal aliens, restricting immigration, tightening the labor market, avoiding disastrous wars like Iraq, and abrogating obligations to defend countries like Estonia and South Korea would benefit everyone, not just aggrieved White Nationalists.

“But it is unlikely that such voters can ever be entirely assimilated into the mainstream of American conservatism, the universalism of which provides them no Them — and they want a Them, badly. Some Republicans might finesse this to an extent, for example through all that risible ritual denunciation of “the establishment,” Ted Cruz and his “Washington cartel,” “Wall Street insiders,” etc. But that is not going to satisfy those who hunger for a fully expressed white identity politics, and we should expect that the occasional lunatic (Ross Perot), true believer (Pat Buchanan) or con artist (Donald Trump) periodically will find ways to tap into that energy. There’s a ceiling on that vote, but the numbers aren’t trivial.”

This much is true.

Unlike the Religious Right, the “alt right” will never be assimilated into mainstream American conservatism. The alt right despises mainstream American conservatism. If Trump loses the nomination, the manner in which he was treated by the “conservative” establishment will only further alienate the alt right. If Marco Rubio is the nominee, there is no chance the alt right will support him.

Mainstream conservatism is nothing but a scam. As nationalists and populists, we are invested in the fate of our natural constituency, which is the declining White majority. Conservatism, Inc. is run by libertarian autists who believe in running the country as 1.) an experiment in Ayn Rand’s ethics, 2.) Milton Friedman’s economics and 3.) Jewish neocons with delusions of grandeur. Therefore, our views are irreconcilable.

This is not to say that the alt right is opposed to all elements of the mainstream conservative coalition: gun owners, the pro-life Christians who are milked for their votes, etc. We’re not going to vote for the Republicans though only to get a new war with Iran or so Kim Kardashian can have lower taxes.

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  1. Long time ago when I was a kid, I used to read Pat’s columns in the St Louis Globe Democrat, a conservative paper, now long gone. I’ve been following him more or less ever since. I don’t agree with him all the time, but I don’t seem to agree with any public figure all the time. HIs heart seems to be in the right place, which is more than I can say for the mainstream media, corporate America, and 97% of the Democrat/ Republican Party.

  2. Guess I’m a Buchanan boy, too.

    ‘… they construct for themselves a story in which they have been victimized by elites and a political system based on interest-group politics that serves everyone except them.’

    Just because it’s a story, doesn’t make it fiction!

    • He sums up a part of the alt-right narrative but does not bother to refute it. The reader is meant to understand implicitly that alt-righters are losers. Evidence of same need not be engaged.

    • White supremacy is jut a fictional soil construct?

      What next? What happened to Germany isn’t a clue to what happens if you fuck with the Tribe?

  3. I used to be a Buchanan Supporter . . .

    Russell J. Verney
    Reform Party Founding Chairman
    Phone 972-383-1693 PO Box 9 Fax 972-383-1695
    Dallas, TX 75221

    June 23, 2000

    Patrick J. Buchanan
    Buchanan Reform
    PO Box 1919
    Merrifield, VA 22116-1919

    Via Fax

    Dear Mr. Buchanan:

    I am writing to ask for your assistance. As a person who is seeking the
    presidential nomination of the Reform Party you share the burden of
    representing to the public the principles of the members of the Reform

    It has recently come to my attention that there are candidates seeking
    elective office through the Reform Party whom have publicly expressed
    views that are absolutely contrary to the principles of the Reform Party.
    I have enclosed printouts from world-wide-web sites expressing the personal
    views of two candidates. Martin Lindstedt is a candidate in the August
    primary election for Reform Party nominee for U.S. Senate and Richard
    Masker is a candidate in the general election on the Reform Party ballot
    line in Idaho for a seat in the state legislature.

    The laws in many states may permit individuals with hate in their heart to
    seek public office under the name of Reform without recourse to state party
    leaders. However, as national leaders we have a solemn responsibility to
    reject these expressions of hatred and to alert the public about candidates
    who try to use the good name of the Reform Party to promote their bigoted
    and intolerant views.

    Each state provides a method for “independent” candidates to seek the
    opportunity to participate in electorial politics. Haters do not represent
    the views of the Reform Party and should be asked to pursue their electorial
    politics “independent” from the Reform Party.

    Hate filled candidates have a first amendment right to freedom of speech but
    we have a first amendment right to freedom of association. We, the Reform
    Party, must stand united against intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry,
    inciting of violence and all forms of hate speech. Our silence could be
    construed as tacit approval.


    June 27, 2000

    Mr. Gerry Moan
    2901 East Elvira Rd.
    Tucson, AZ 85—

    Dear Gerry:

    I just received Russ Verney’s letter, with the attachments about two
    Reform Party candidates — one running for the U.S. Senate. I must
    say I agree with him 100%.

    Unless that statement, allegedly made by the Senate candidate, is a
    forgery, the Party must disassociate itself from his candidacy, in a
    very public way. The terms used in that statement were crude, obscene,
    vile and bigoted in the extreme. Speaking as a long-time member of
    the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I find profoundly offensive his
    equation of that banner of bravery with a Nazi Swastica.

    We have a broad, open, new, independent party which has a wonderful
    opportunity to appeal to a broad spectrum of Americans this fall. Not
    addressing this issue directly and early will only lend currency to
    our foes, who would use a failure by us to repudiate such filth, as a
    way to tarnish us. Again, if these remarks were made by that candidate,
    and he should become the Party nominee, I could not endorse him, indeed,
    I will gladly stand beside the Party Chair and renounce him and his
    support in the fall.

    The document, supposedly from the candidate for a local office, contains
    equally offensive material. And, again, public separation from such
    candidates and campaigns is imperative. If I am the Reform Party nominee,
    and these individuals are on the ballot with me — and those statements
    were indeed accurately attributed to them — I will indeed separate my
    campaign from theirs on entering their state. And I would appreciate
    you and Mr. Verney keeping me informed of any other such out-croppings.

    Patrick J. Buchanan

  4. Off topic: I’ve just set up this blog that aggregates alt right blogs and sites: The idea is to use it as a go-to source where you can constantly check on the updates of alt right publications in a convenient, time-saving way, avoiding the task of browsing through a plethora of sites and blogs just to see if they have been updated or not. This blog was conceived as a tool along the lines of the blog “Mapping the Dark Enlightenment”(, but by aggregating feeds to the latest 5 articles of each of the sites and blogs aggregated (some 90 so far and counting), plus links to big mainstream news sites and news aggregators, plus links to other red-pill sites and online WN resources, I think it is a bit more comprehensive and user-friendly as far as finding current news on a regular basis is concerned. “Occidental Dissent” by the way is also there in the feed roll section. Give it a look and, if you find it useful, feel free to spread the word. Thank you for your attention!

  5. Cuck Williamson: ‘The Buchanan boys are economically and socially frustrated white men who wish to be economically supported by the federal government without enduring the stigma of welfare dependency.’

    Sorry pal. They’ve been effed over by affirmative action mandates and immigration policies which lowered their wages and reduced their percentages in the work force.

    They are also on the lower end of the pecking order when it comes to gov. handouts.

    They have no representation. Democrats cater to every group but them and the GOP considers them little more than trailer trash.

    F. off Williamson. You are probably not white anyway. You look like a mullato.

    • I have nothing but contempt for white men who publicly disparage other white men. Contemptible virtue signalling, scrambling for progressive approval..

      • I can translate this Williamson article into English.

        “Hey Schlomo Gisa Job on NYT.”

  6. Kevin Williamson is a self-loathing white boy from thoroughly middle-class Lubbock, Texas. If he wasn’t ensconced in heart of cuckservatism, with sinecure and apperances on Fox, he would be one of us. I think that’s why he hates the Buchanan boys so much. He’s not jewish. Not evangelical. Not a billionaire donor. Who does he really think he is? He is the ultimate cuck.

  7. Williamson is reprehensible. He twists and turns the most natural of sentiments and concerns into dark, sinister urges. And paints middle class white men as risible, yet dangerous cranks for approaching politics the same as every other interest group. His white-boy brain has been so thoroughly marinated in Jewish contempt and paranoia, that he is a walking embodiment of urban jewish angst. Or maybe he is just a faggot.

    • Gas-lighting is the domain of his kind. It’s easy, and it’s intellectually lazy. Arguments and facts need not apply.

  8. Buchanan has been around, and at it for a long time, going all the way back to the Nixon comeback, and Ronnie Reagan’s governorship of California. Pat has worked in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan White Houses. He’s an insider, and has profited from his status. Ever take a look at his investment portfolio?

    • He does have to eat.
      But the things he says are basically unacceptable.

      He’s effectively undermined the moral case for ww2.

  9. I think FinMin Taylor Swift put it best:

    Is it any wonder childless middle-aged men like Rich Lowry and gays like Kevin Williamson despise tariffs used to protect working families?

    Why are they taken seriously and why are the economics of the doomed being taken seriously as policy goals for people with a future?

    I would tax and tariff such men out of existence if necessary; and they, being traitors to life itself, would say doing so was unfair.

  10. Excellent piece. Williamson, as we all know, is a cuckservative cocksucker. they’re worried.

    I suppose I’ve been a “Buchanan boy” since at least around 1990-1991. I donated money to him around that time. Also, to Howard Phillips, who, I recall, was somehow connected to him. Around that time I started reading Chronicles and The Salisbury Review.

    There’s a certain kind of conservative who does represent conserving something–the works of G.K. Chesterton and old Tweed jackets, for instance–but these people never explicitly make the connection between culture and race, and so they remain ineffectual. And anyway, they would consider doing so beneath them. Talking about race is ‘icky.’

  11. I think more and more Alt-righters ought to make up their mind that they will only vote for someone when that someone largely represents their interests.

    I don’t know if Trump is authentic, but if he means what he says, then he is someone I could vote for, despite the fact that he holds some problematic positions (socialized healthcare, for example).

    There is not a single other candidate that I can say truly represents my interests, despite their meaningless lip service.

    Moreover, Con-Inc. has and continued to pull out all the stops in order to derail Trump, employing similar tactics against him that liberals have used against Con-Inc. candidates. And Con-Inc. always complained about it, but they are no better.

    My days of voting for the “less-of-two-evils” are over.

    If Trump is the candidate, I will vote for him and hope for the best. If he is not, I’ll be staying home on election day.

    • Amen, Brother!

      Want my vote? You have to earn it. I suspect I don’t agree with Trump on many things, but he has the balls to stand up to the Establishment on all the continent-ruining immigration.

      He is an example to all of us … don’t back down, be relentless! When the media ‘demand’ apologies, he doubles down! The media can smell the weakness of a eunuch (GOP Establishment) like sharks smell blood in the water. I haven’t heard the cries for Trump apologies recently. They know one is not forthcoming.

      Remember that dentist who shot the lion and created the media firestorm? If I were him, I’d have cut off the damn thing’s head off, stuck it on a pike, and proudly displayed outside my office! Apologise to the PC crowd? Never!

  12. “The Buchanan boys are economically and socially frustrated white men who wish to be economically supported by the federal government without enduring the stigma of welfare dependency.”

    Did he present any data or research to back up that statement?

    • He doesn’t need to; he’s just performing a mating dance for the Leftists he’s trying to impress. That’s what Movement Cons do, “Stand Athwart History, Shouting ‘Slow Down.”

  13. Yeah, and Williamson is the Jews boy.The scrub is not even his own man, just a male whore selling his own kind out for Jew money.

  14. From an English point of view Buchanan is one of few sane commentators in America. If people like him were the mainstream I wouldn’t be so hostile to ‘America’ and it’s malign influence in the world.

    • Worry about the fact that the actual English are being rapidly exterminated by the Jews who rule you, old chap.

      • The problem the English have is the same we have here, I do believe, M’am – a lack of willingness to care anymore. Just send me my check, give me my apartment and medical care, and I’ll let you do what you want with society.

        The English have ‘abdicated, just as the German and French have, and just as we seem on the verge of doing.

        Do you see that, too?

  15. The only beneficial issue that conservatives have been able to thwart and even reverse is gun control. I have admired their traditionally tough stance on crime and criminals, but now we are seeing the beginning of a retreat on that issue as the so called “criminal justice reform” issue becomes more mainstream and soaked up by gullible fools.

  16. Having taken the $12.5 million in Reform Party FEC funds, in 2001 Buchanan destroyed the remaining Reform Party by disenfranchising the grass-roots elected California and Missouri delegations at the 2001 Reform Party National Convention in Nashville & thus destroyed the entire State Party apparatus:

    Page 1 — The Nashville Tennessean — July 28, 2001

    Reform Delegates Seek Agenda For Party

    Factions Continue Fight During Convention Here

    By Rob Johnson, Staff Writer

    Martin Lindstedt, a Missouri trucker and militia member who has campaigned on a “nationalist, pro-White America First! political platform,” threw open his Nashville hotel door when he heard scratching noises in the middle of the night.

    Wearing nothing but underwear, he focussed on the African-American woman who had mistaken his room number for hers. As she apologised for the late-night mix-up, Lindstedt realized he was face-to-face with Pat Buchanan’s Reform Party running mate in the 2000 presidential election: “Hey, Your’re Ezola Foster.”

    Both are in town for the national convention of the Reform Party, the political movement that sprouted up around the presidential candidacy of Ross Perot, delighted in Jesse Ventura’s Minnesota gubernatorial victory and has ignited one factional fight after another as it has become Buchanan’s platform for his White House aspirations. Perot and Ventura have long since left the party; Buchanan is now its torchbearer.

    Yesterday, some members of the California and Missouri delegations found themselves excluded from the meeting, a sure sign, they said, that the Buchanan loyalists are continuing to hijack the party from its belief in cleaning up government ethics and campaign finance to a party with polarizing stands on social issues such as immigration and abortion.

    Today, for example, the party is scheduled to vote on whether to add an anti-abortion plank to its platform. All around the convention hall were pamphlets and posters warning of the threat of immigrants pouring into the country.

    Page 2: Reform: National convention here proves a study in contrasts

    While the delegates hammered out proposed changes in the party’s constitution yesterday, the liveliest conversations took place in the hallways outside the Nashville Convention Center ballroom.

    Foster, gliding through the corridor in her sleek suit and straw hat, encountered Lindstedt, now in jeans and well-worn sneakers. They reminisced about their embarrassed introduction the night before, laughed and chatted briefly.

    She was talking to the Missouri man and party member whom Buchanan had once denounced as “crude, obscene, vile and bigoted in the extreme.”

    Into a reporter’s hand, Lindstedt pressed a flyer about how the two main political parties represent ”the special interests of minorities, foreign governments like China and Israel, the UN, trial lawyers, homosexuals, gun control, the New World Order, etc.,” then excused himself.

    As he walked away, Foster said she hadn’t realized he was the man her running mate described.

    Foster said she was excited that a party which originally avoided polarizing social stands was now embracing them.

    “That’s probably why the party never moved. Because they didn’t want to take a stand,” she said. “I don’t see how you can separate social issues from fiscal issues. I hear people say, ‘I’m a fiscal conservative but liberal on social issues.’

    “How can you be? You have to pay for these social issues. And most of this issues are unconstitutional. So, this is the thing that distinguishes us,” she said.

    “We, hopefully, tomorrow will be the only party that is truly pro-life. We will be the only party that’s truly for the Constitution. We’re the only party that truly believes in American sovereignty. Both Democrats and Republican administration want an open-border policy. A country without borders is no country at all.”

    Nearby, a candidate for public advocate in New York City worried about the direction of the party.

    “We’ve got to recruit candidates,” said Mike Zumbluskas. “If you don’t have leaders, well, the grass roots can only grow so big. This country is going down the wrong road,” he said. He talked about an increasingly two-class society, one that churns out doctors and lawyers but neglects to teach others a trade, forcing blue-collar jobs offshore.

    “However, taking a controversial stand on abortion is not going to help his Reform Party candidacy in New York.

    “Let’s face it. It’s going to cost me votes. It doesn’t have to be.”

    Foster thinks otherwise.

    “The Reform Party is representing the American people, and I think what we are trying to do with this party is to represent the silent majority.”

    What of militia members with extreme views, such as Lindstedt?

    “I’ve met a lot of militiamen in Montana,” she said. “That’s the beauty of this party. We have people that believe so strongly in this nation. There are a few who would go to any extreme to promote their belief, but the vast majority of us believe in going the legal route.”

  17. ‘ If Marco Rubio is the nominee, there is no chance the alt right will support him.’

    I heard we should start calling him, Marco Foamio.

  18. This crazy idea that White people cannot be represented in a country they founded is so stupid only a jew would be dumb enough to say it out loud. These delusional fuckers really believe they can say anything repeatedly and it will be accepted.
    The fact that it has now been demonstrably proved that brown and blacks are so intellectually inferior they are incapable of even managing or sustaining a Western style country when it is simply handed to them makes it even stupider for these crazy jewboys to keep saying this, but you know don’t expect schlomo to ever catch on. The jew has never had a coherent thought and is so self-centered and self-absorbed it doesn’t even see the World. And even if it looks it sees it the opposite of the way it is anyway. To schlomo and his diseased mind, the blacks are hard working intelligent friends, and Whites are dumb and backwards violent savages. Schlomo was made by Satan. He does really poor work as you can see.

  19. This was a good article until the very last line. I don’t know why you had to bring up that filthy disgusting skank KK.

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