The Real Ted Cruz

If you haven’t already done so, please read this article and the definitive timeline which shows how Cruz has spent his Senate career crafting his words and positioning himself on immigration in preparation for his run for president:

“Ted Cruz is the only true conservative running for president. That’s the message of his campaign: He’s the only senator who stood and fought against amnesty, Obamacare, and Planned Parenthood. His finest hour was the defeat of immigration reform three years ago. Democrats wanted to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. Cruz said no. He took on the establishment and won.

It’s a good story, and the immigration fight tells us a lot about Cruz. But the fight didn’t happen the way he says it did. Cruz didn’t marshal the opposition or even take a firm stand. He’s a lawyer, not a leader. He chose his words exquisitely so that down the road—say, in a future campaign for president—he could position himself on either side of the immigration debate. And he delivered, with angelic piety, speeches that he now claims were lies.
Cruz told his version of the story last month at a campaign debate in Las Vegas. The “battle over amnesty,” he said, was “a time for choosing.” In that battle, Cruz stood with Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama to secure the border. Sen. Marco Rubio, Cruz’s Republican presidential rival, stood on the other side, colluding with Democrats to push “a massive amnesty plan.” “I have never supported legalization,” Cruz told the debate audience. In fact, he asserted, “I led the fight against [Rubio’s] legalization and amnesty.”

I’ve studied nearly every word Cruz uttered during the immigration showdown. I’ve put it together in a timeline that runs from January 2013, when Cruz was sworn in, to the end of June 2013, when the Senate passed the bill. The timeline, which you can read here, shreds Cruz’s mythical account. But it also paints an unsparing portrait of how Cruz—who has now clawed his way to the front of the Republican presidential pack—thinks and operates. Here’s what really happened and who Cruz really is. …”

Note: See also this joint editorial with Paul Ryan in the Wall Street Journal on Trade Promotion Authority.

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    • Nikolai, I’ll be blunt: Caring what Trump has said about “the issues” is like caring whether John Lennon and Paul McCartney could read music. (They couldn’t.) One either recognizes genius, or one does not.

          • Evil never had genius. It merely stole from the truly divinely inspired. Ever read the Chronicles of Narnia, J?

            The Scene where the Witch climbs the wall to eat the apples, while the children are invited into the Garden, has stuck with me, even more than the pale imitation of JK Rowlings misuse of that vision: the truly satanic [snake, Jewish actor] Voldemort, lapping up unicorn blood like the archetype of the Jewish vampire, draining Christendom of her life blood… though the latter is far more apt, today, than Lewis’ vision… simply because we knew how to arrive at a ‘final solution’ for Christendom’s enemies, even as recent as 1963-68, as it were.


      • Mr. Bonnacorsi – your bluntness is well taken.

        Let me be absolutely clear here : I do recognize that Mr. Trump has a certain genius, though, having spent time around Manhattanites, I recognize certain behaviors which I, as a rural Southern aristocrat, do not like one bit.

        Further, the presidency has devolved into a 4 year genteel dictatorship or kingship; and after the unconstitutional reigns of Bush/Cheney and Obama, I do not want another one of their sorts in their.

        Mr. Trump is not a man with much respect for limits, which, as a Tarheel gentleman, I value highly.

        Be that as it may be, Mr Bonaccorsi, If he is facing Clinton or Sanders, I will vote for him.

        Thank you for your thoughts.

        • Probably, you, I and others here, at Occidental Dissent, will be considering these things for another few months, at least, Nikolai; so, for the moment, I’ll simply say thanks for your reply.

          • You’re very welcome, Mr. Bonaccorsi – and you are quite right – there still is a lot to consider.

            At the rate Miss Hillary’s campaign is imploding and with the rise of Rubio, 6 weeks out may be a very different picture.

  1. The healthy reaction to any encounter with the Cruzer is to immediately desire to take a long hot bath.

  2. I see the fraud started early. I want to see Megyn Fagin on Mole Newz explain how Trump loses New Hampshire when he has a double digit lead in the polls. Get the gun down from the mantle, this democracy crap is NOW OFFICIALLY OVER.

  3. ‘Cruz thinks this distinction vindicates him. He proudly tells Van Susteren: “Greta, truth matters. I have never once supported legalization.” But what’s striking in the interview, in the letter, and throughout Cruz’s statements in 2013 and in 2015 is how carefully he parses words such as supported, legalization, and truth. Cruz doesn’t think like a normal person. He thinks like a lawyer. For him, truth isn’t a matter of plain meaning. It’s a matter of technicalities.

    That’s why nobody can prove Cruz endorsed legalization in 2013. Like a crime scene without fingerprints, Cruz’s verbal record is a work of art.’

    He doesn’t think like a normal person. That’s because he’s not normal.

    ‘But Cruz doesn’t just deny that he supported legalization. He denies that his amendments were serious at all. He now claims that every measure he proposed in 2013—to tighten border security, streamline legal immigration, and close the path to citizenship—was a ploy to sabotage the bill.’

    Try following what Cruz had to say about his amendments and the bill.

    Truly mind boggling. He’s an unbelievably slick, shifty, deceptive liar.

  4. @Mr Griffin…

    I apologize for tarrying in my reply, Sir. Things are hectick here.

    After evaluating the evidence you presented me, I feel you are being unduly harsh on Cruz – for he is no slimy evangelist
    overselling shares to a vacation getaway home – like the erstwhile Jim Bakker of the PTL Club – continuously and systematically deceiving people, day after day, year after year, on a whole host of issues.

    On the other handy – if you have been ‘unduly harsh’, then I have been somewhat unfounded and a bit glib. I must yield to your point that Mr. Cruz has been misleading about his position on immigration.

    The fact is, Sir, according to the evidence you presented
    me is that the senator has been somewhat misleading on his position.

    If Mr. Cruz were to be entirely forthcoming, he ought to be saying : ‘when I came to the senate I was in favour of immigration reform (amnesty), but, once I realized the strength of the feeling that my constituency had against it, I did what any servant of the people ought do – I changed my position, and, thereafter, led the fight against any path to citizenship for

    So, let me first acknowledge that I WAS WRONG and that YOU ARE RIGHT, in maintaining your assertion that my view of Cruz as, ‘being ruthlessly honest’, is not completely accurate.

    So, where do we go from there?

    As I know of no other area where Cruz has not been entirely
    forthcoming – I will mark him down from ‘extremely honest’ to ‘honest in all but one case. From an A+ to a A-.

    So, for me – the most honest and consistent
    candidates in this race are as follows :

    1st Place :
    Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush

    2d Place :
    Donal Trump, Ted Cruz, and Bernie Sanders

    3rd Place : Marco Rubio and Bill Christie

    Last Place : Hillary Clinton, and John Kasich

    I have changed my mind about Jeb Bush – though I sincerely do not wish to vote for him, IF he is facing Sanders or Clinton, I will rush forward to press his handle.

    At least he is a decent and honourable fellow.

    Thank you for setting me straight.

  5. Cruz is doing the ‘good old boy’ shtick, George W Bush was a master at the ‘good old boy’ shtick. He rode horses, he cut brush, if he had chewed tobacco it would have been perfect. The problem for the dissident right is that it’s an act.

    • You are certainly right, Copperhead, but, with Senator Cruz is goes far deeper than that. He talks and walks the walk of classical Southern values – faith, family, & small constitutional government.

      His record shows it’s no act.

      • A few points:

        1.) First, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is the polar opposite of small constitutional government, and Cruz was writing Op-Eds with Paul Ryan in the Wall Street Journal in support of it.

        2.) Second, Cruz has shown no interest in dismantling the various Cold War-era globalist alliances like NATO which obligate us to defend the borders of Turkey and Estonia.

        3.) Third, Cruz told Paul Singer not to worry about the “values” issues because it wasn’t one of his priorities. No one who seriously believes in “faith and family” would be soliciting someone like Paul Singer for campaign donations who has poured millions into the effort to legalize gay marriage.

        • Thank you, Sir.

          You’re right : global trade is anti-constitutional, and, ads you may imagine, I do so hate that. I’ve always hated globalism, even in my youthful left days.

          I’ll have to look into Cruz’s current position on this.

          As to Cruz’s foreign policy ideas, I confess that I prefer Trump’s. The Cold War is gone, and, in fact, if anything – Putin’s Russia is the defender of Western Civilization.

          #3. I have no idea who Paul Singer is.

          All the best to you and Miss Renee.

          • Junius,

            1.) Paul Singer is a billionaire who is a key Republican donor. He is a huge supporter of gay marriage. Cruz told Singer that gay marriage wasn’t one of his priorities.

            2.) Have you read the Council on Foreign Relations report – “Building a North American Community” – that Heidi Cruz endorsed? Laying the foundation of a North American Union is about the furtherest thing from “small-government” constitutionalism that I can think of.


          • Sir,
            Thank you for this. Obviously I do not agree with the CFR, particularly it’s ‘free-flow of people within our borders’.

            As far as I can make out, Cruz’s rhetorick and behavior would be largely to the antithesis of this. Perhaps his wife is entirely in favour of this kind of stuff, but, there can be stark political differences in a family, and neither side cave into the other.

            You know what, Sir? : I think that, as the campaign unfolds, we are going to hear a lot about this. You can be sure that, in debates, between Rubio, Bush, Trump, and Cruz, oh, let’s say in May – as the primary rolls around to North Carolina – and is still neck and neck, we are going to get a very clear idea how much Cruz believes in this, because Trump, undoubtedly, will bring it up.

            At this point, I can only thank you for having averted me to certain vexing discrepancies within the Cruz campaign, as would irk any Southern such as myself, and, from there, wait for some sort of clarification.

          • For the last 30 years, we have seen conservatives like Cruz run for office on “values,” only to show that their real program was tax cuts and free trade when they get in office.

          • Sir, Cruz is far beyond that. Cruz, I think, is a lot like a Buchanan, without the nationalist trade protectionism (I would prefer Buchanan – he is my favourite major party presidential candidate since Wallace in ’72)

            Cruz is almost completely out of step with the governance that has occurred, at the minimum, in this country since Reagan.

          • One more thing, Sir…

            What happens if, in, oh, let’s say, 7 years, you were to run for national congress; and your biggest donor is a Southern Jew, from another state, who supports 28 out of 30 elements of your plank, but, believes in free trade and low taxes.

            In such a case, would you think your Alabama constituency ought regard your candidacy as spineless, specious & thus, invalid?

          • Well, Sir – if that were the case, (globalist trade leanings) but, in all other areas, you remained the Southern patriot I know you to be, then I would make make my bones and write a check. There are no perfect candidates, no perfect humans.

          • Singer and his relationship with Cruz is brought up at top of page in the ‘Cuckservatives: Cruz Is Two-Faced’ thread.

      • Ted Cruz:

        1) Harvard Law, groomed by Tribe and Dershowitz

        2) clerked for the Gang of Nine

        3) married to Goldman-Sachs and the CFR

        4) owned by Sheldon Adelson and the usual Kabbalah of Wall St./Las Vegas Zionist-globalist billionaires

        5) like his owners and groomers, Cruz is open borders orc-insourcing, free trade job-outsourcing, and Israel-ueber-alles all the way. He is the operational definition of a globalist Cuck warmonger. And his so-called “values” are rhetorical not operational

        • That’s why his New York Values line was so laughable.

          He’s basically a Marranos-Converso-Crypto.

        • I wonder how often he quoted Jesus around Dershowitz in the grad seminars…Zero Times I suspect.

        • Mr. Stuka,
          I thank you for your thoughtful reply. You have given a precise list of how Jewish-Americans are involved in Ted Cruz’s political life – under the assumption that evidence of Jewish involvement is a sign that that person, candidate in this case, has ceaset to be anything but a spineless and mindless serf for diabolical and misanthropick ends.

          I would submit to you that, not only could you make such a list, based upon this criterion, for any candidate – and, thus, disqualify him, you could do so for every US president – INCLUDING JEFFERSON DAVIS.

        • From Mr. Griffin – written to someone else on his blog…

          ‘Let’s review:

          On Jews:

          1.) Trump never misses an opportunity to point out how horrible Obama has been for Israel. This is true. Netanyahu hates Obama over the Iran deal. That’s about the only thing Obama has done right.

          2.) Trump wants to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

          3.) Trump wants to tear up the Iran nuclear deal which is Bibi Netanyahu’s position.

          4.) Ivanka Trump is married to a Jew. If memory serves, one of Trump’s sons is married to a Jew.

          The fact is, Trump really isn’t that good on Jews and Israel, but we are
          overlooking that because of his position on immigration.’

      • Alright, Sir : let’s try to make it easier for you.

        Let us say that Mr. Cruz, is, as you say, not at all Southern, neither by way of blood or custom.

        The hell of it is that you and I are stuck in the Yankee system because the overwhelming majority of our fellow Southerners still buy into the notion of being ‘American’, when, really, as you well know, we are not partners in that, but, rather, submissives.

        So, in that case, let us say that Cruz is, as some of our better friends here are : a Yankee Copperhead.

        I tell you this : much much better to have one of them at the head of this system, than another Southron scalawag like G.W Bush or W.J. Clinton.

        • Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were real Southerners.

          We might disagree with their politics, but they were ethnically and culturally Southern. There is absolutely nothing “Southern” about Ted Cruz. His father is an immigrant from Cuba. His mother is of Irish-Italian descent from Wilmington, Delaware. As everyone knows, Ted Cruz was born in Canada, but grew up in the cookie cutter suburbs of Houston where he went to private schools. From Houston, Cruz went to Princeton, then to Harvard Law, then to federal clerkships, then to the George W. Bush administration, and finally back to Texas.

  6. never mind words. In either direction. Look at deeds. When Glen Beck was on the Tex-Mex “border” handing out teddy bears and soccer balls to the invasive gang-bangers aka “children”, who was that standing beside him? That’s right: Ted Cruz

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