Sanders and Trump Share Common Ground

Just got through watching the replay of the Democratic Debate:

1.) Russia – On Russia, Sanders refuses to go along with the neocon crowd that wants to isolate and antagonize Russia, whereas Hillary is much closer to Rubio in her desire to expand NATO to Russia’s borders. Both Sanders and Trump agree that the Cold War is over and that the US should work with Russia in Syria. In contrast, Rubio and Christie want to shoot down Russian planes in Syria and start World War III.

2.) Iraq – Trump and Sanders agree that Iraq was a disaster. Hillary voted for the Iraq War. ¡Jeb! thinks it was “a pretty good deal.” Rubio doesn’t think Iraq was a mistake. Sanders voted against it. Trump has been vocal in his opposition to the Iraq War. The cuckservatives at National Review were so supportive of the Iraq War that they tried to excommunicate the paleocons who opposed it at the time.

3.) Vets – In the debate, Bernie talked about how he wants to take care of the vets, which is a theme that Trump has repeatedly raised throughout the campaign.

4.) Campaign Finance – Almost the entire first hour of the Democratic Debate was spent on the subject of campaign finance, how Wall Street has corrupted politics with campaign contributions, the Citizens United decision, and how billionaires have turned politicians into puppets. Hillary Clinton, who is Wall Street’s second choice behind Jeb, has raised millions from Wall Street. When Bill Clinton was president, Robert Rubin of Goldman Sachs ran the Treasury Department.

Hillary has been taking a lot of heat lately for her speeches to Goldman Sachs. Trump has repeatedly pointed out how Cruz is a puppet of Goldman Sachs and how ¡Jeb! thought he could buy the election. From the outset of the campaign, Trump has claimed that ¡Jeb! is a puppet who is totally and completely controlled by the donors.

5.) Free Trade – The answer that Sanders gave on free trade was so great that I will link to the video here. Watch it yourself.

Sanders had me on my feet in applause with that answer on free trade. I completely agree and have said the same thing. Then he lost me with “I support comprehensive immigration reform.”

Suppose for a moment that the establishment gets what it wants and Marco Rubio ultimately wins the Republican nomination. Rubio is hated by Trump’s supporters because of the Gang of 8 amnesty. He would then go up against Hillary or Sanders.

Why would Rubio pick up Trump’s supporters? He’s worse than Sanders on foreign policy, campaign finance, and free trade. I wouldn’t vote for Rubio for the same reasons I didn’t vote for McCain in 2008.

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  1. the air is coming out of the Trump balloon very fast now. I warned you about this guy. WE…WILL…NOT…BE…ABLE…TO…VOTE…OUR…WAY…OUT…OF…THE…JUDEO-GLOBALIST OPEN-BORDERS ANTI-WHITE DEATHTRAP. IT…IS…TOO…LATE…FOR…THAT. We will have to use…other means. Hear me, keyboard kommandos: obtain those “other means”. Develop relevant skills. Real soon

    • Calm down. Every poll(except for CNN, with a sample size of 200) has Trump up by roughly 20% in NH, with just 4 days to go.

      If he takes NH, then SC and NV are highly likely victories. If he takes all 3, his chances of taking most of the war booty on Super Tuesday is quite high.

      • Not since 2004. New Hampshire and especially SC are more important. I expect Trump to win handily in both.

    • We all know this.

      The GOP is very well organized and funded. Trump’s run is helping to define how strong and ruthless they are. Lot’s of Republican faithful with a twinge of racial awareness are beginning to see what’s up. It’s helpful that Cruz and Rubio are both demonstrably foreign looking.

  2. The intellectual level of the Left’s rhetoric is in itself a weakness, I know I lost you all, but for starters go a mock a lefty for being a dunce, nothing stings a lefty white libtard more than that. Because if they are tards then they are no better than half the D party coalition and nearly all of the R party.
    The Left is weaker than “them libruls” Limbaugh lets on in his shtick.

  3. 5.) Free Trade – The answer that Sanders gave on free trade was so great that I will link to the video here.

    Bernie is a typical politician talking out of both sides of his mouth. He says that he believes in trade but (here’s the catch) “fair” trade. Then he says that American workers shouldn’t compete with workers in Vietnam making 65¢/hr. By his logic there should be zero trade with any country that has a lower standard of living than the US. What I can’t understand is why can’t any politician just come out and say this? My guess is that he says these things to get people to stand up and applause but he doesn’t plan on following through with it.

    Also, how much f***ing sense does it make for any anyone to say that they are against “free” trade with Mexico (for the sake of the American worker) but they are willing to invite millions of Mexicans into the country to compete with American workers?

    I don’t know what you see in these politicians.

      • I’m not arguing for or against so called free trade. I’m just noting that I have heard the same arguments regarding the US competing with 3rd Worl countries for decades. Why doesn’t Sanders and Trump just come out and say that all trade with countries with a lower standard of living than the US will be prohibited?

    • ‘Also, how much f***ing sense does it make for anyone to say that they are against “free” trade with Mexico (for the sake of the American worker) but they are willing to invite millions of Mexicans into the country to compete with American workers? In other words, Bernie doesn’t want trade with Mexico but he’s willing to turn America into Mexico.’

      High fives on that answer.

  4. At least McCrazy was a MAN. Rubio- meh. Fish taco smell… if you know what I mean. [Rubio’s Fish Tacos is a restaurant chain in Southern California]

    • I wouldn’t have as much of a problem if Bernie didn’t have an Anglo-ish surname. If his name were Bernie Lieberman-Bergblattsteinowitz I would be all for it. The Tribe runs this country anyway. It would be good to have it out in the open.

    • Yeah, that’s what is so ironic about it.

      Bernie, the Jew, doesn’t want to nuke Syria, antagonize Russia, attack Iran, and wants to break up the big banks, regulate Goldman Sachs, take their money out of politics and throw some of them in jail.

      • He’s not going to break up THE big bank (The Federal Reserve). It doesn’t matter if he break up the banks because they are all under the same banking cartel. If Bernie is such a man of the people, why doesn’t he advocate for the return of the creation of currency back to Congress?

          • All because he says so, right? You’re being naive.

            At the very least, Bernie’s administration will read Ike a guest list for a bar mitzvah. He mentioned Paul ((((Krugman)))), Joseph ((((Stiglitz)))), and Robert ((((Reich)))) concerning a potential Bernie Sanders cabinet. Whether it’s Wall Street, the NYT editorial board or acedemia, the White man will get Jewed by the Bernie Sanders administration.


          • Icahn is a SOB. I remember following the TWA fracas that was the main topic on the nightly news for months 30 years ago.

            Trump rightfully calls him and his breed killers.

            If he can actually use them to make deals which benefit us for a change instead of China … great.

            But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

          • Bernie would naturally fill his staff of advisers with Jews. That is reason enough to keep him out of the White House.

          • No need to echo those names brotatochip.

            They are clearly Jewish names.

            But what difference does it make. They run nearly everything already.

          • The Fed, Wall St. and the Treasury are largely manned by members of Bernie’s gene pool.

            That group ain’t handing over the keys to the shekel storehouses without a fight.

            Best anyone can hope for in any party is to reign them in to a degree.

  5. Sanders supported Clinton’s unconstitutional war in Kosovo, he reacted very negatively to Trump’s comments on Russia, and he insists “I am no pacifist”.
    Most importantly, Sanders is an immigration disaster. He occasionally talks like Sessions, but he consistently votes like Schumer.
    Cruz is better than Sanders, and so is Carson.

  6. 6) Sanders grovels before the “Black Lives Matter” crowd, has hired two of them to his campaign staff, and will no longer utter the words “all lives matter” even when directly asked. Trump, meanwhile, rightly scoffs at this behavior as weak and has the BLM activists forcibly removed from his rallies.

    I don’t know about most of you, but the thing that got me active and involved in the pro-White world was not America’s flawed tax structure, or trade deals, or misguided foreign policy. It was the ONGOING CULTURAL WAR AGAINST WHITES/CHRISTIANITY perpetrated by leftist activists and politicians, people exactly like Bernie Sanders. As a White Christian Southerner, I recognize that I am public enemy #1 to this crowd, and if they had their way my son would be raised to believe that his ancestors were the boogeymen of history. That is unacceptable, and I will not stand for it.

    Just imagine if Sanders were actually elected president: how far down the rabbit hole would his leftists politics go? I think something like “reparations” would then become a genuine possibility… there was that recent UN report, after all. In other words, a Sanders presidency would be the worst possible scenario, culturally speaking, for someone like me. An atheist, anti-White Jew sitting in the White House. What a nightmare.

    Mr. Wallace, it’s clear from your writing that you support Sanders’ economic proposals, most likely because they would serve your personal interest. They would be a bad thing for the vast majority of White Americans, that much is indisputable– redistribution of wealth in this country means taking from (mostly) Whites and giving to (mostly) non-Whites. But I know, I know, you don’t have any sympathy for the boomer country club crowd, because they’re the ones that got us into this mess, right? And by “this mess”, you’re speaking CULTURALLY, you don’t give a damn about something like the national deficit and you and I both know it (your support for Sanders policies confirms this). You see where I’m going here???? The very things YOU YOURSELF purport to care about– the cultural things that have made up the backbone of this site’s content in the 2+ years I’ve been visiting, both pro-Southern and pro-White– would be under attack like never before with a Sanders presidency. Can this really be disputed???????

    • 1.) That’s true.

      Obviously, I am supporting Trump. I’m pretty sure there is a post in the archives about the “All Lives Matter” discussion at the previous debate.

      2.) I’ve said all along that I like Trump because of five major issues: immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness and campaign finance. Of those five issues, I agree with Sanders on three.

      3.) As I said several times now, I can’t understand why we squander billions on the healthcare of wounded warriors from wars which should have never been fought instead of investing in higher education. I would much rather invest in higher education and pay for it by dismantling the bloated military which is used to defend Israel’s borders.

      4.) Actually, if you want to be honest about it, Sanders is harder on Jews than Trump who wants to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. I’m supporting Trump, but overlooking his support for Israel.

      5.) No, I support some of Sanders economic policies because I care about the White majority, which is worse off in 2016 than 1997.

      6.) Actually, the real redistribution of wealth that is going on in this country has gone upward from the White working class and White middle class to the super rich. You keep saying that non-Whites 63rd wealthier, but it isn’t true. Their average net worth is way down.

      7.) Have tax cuts, free trade, and deregulation made the White majority better off in this country? All the evidence since 1970 clearly shows otherwise.

      • You keep on mentioning this Trump/Israel thing, like it’s your main counterpoint anytime anyone attacks Sanders for being anti-White. Look, I’m pretty sure everyone knows the situation with Trump and Israel, and nowhere in the above comment– the one you responded to– did I mention anything about Israel or Jews, except to note that Sanders himself is Jewish. I know “strawman” is an overused term, but that’s exactly what you’re doing here.

        And you make a very lawyerly argument about redistribution of wealth somehow being good for the “White majority”, but have you seen Sanders’ tax plan?? Unless you live around the poverty line, you’ll be giving the government more. And who will that “more” go to?? My kids?? Nope. Oh yeah, you mean when they’re college age I’ll have to put myself in debt sending them to a private school, because I care about them too much to send them to the govt-run indoctrination camps that will surely be dumbed-down significantly– just like America’s public schools– one the concept of “free” is introduced.

        I’m just surprised you’re letting your leftist economic views overrule the fact that Sanders is an openly anti-White Jew. And you make it sound as if I’m beating a dead horse here– referencing the “archives” and how many times you’ve gone over things, etc.– but you’re the one who’s been posting the torrent of Bernie stuff lately. When I saw this new post I thought you were obviously trolling your commenters, much like how you used to accuse everyone who wasn’t eager to stand on a street corner in Valdosta of “cowardice.”

        No use in going round and round though, you’re not going to change my mind and I’m clearly not going to change yours. Will continue to enjoy the site.

        • Let’s review:

          On Jews:

          1.) Trump never misses an opportunity to point out how horrible Obama has been for Israel. This is true. Netanyahu hates Obama over the Iran deal. That’s about the only thing Obama has done right.

          2.) Trump wants to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

          3.) Trump wants to tear up the Iran nuclear deal which is Bibi Netanyahu’s position.

          4.) Ivanka Trump is married to a Jew. If memory serves, one of Trump’s sons is married to a Jew.

          The fact is, Trump really isn’t that good on Jews and Israel, but we are overlooking that because of his position on immigration.

          On taxes:

          1.) Have the Reagan/Bush tax cuts benefited the White majority? No, the White middle class has been in absolute decline since the 1970s. The wages of the White working class have stagnated since the 1970s. The super rich and multinational corporations have benefited tremendously though from the tax cuts.

          2.) As the wealthiest ethnic group in the country, Jews benefit the most from tax cuts. They use their savings from tax cuts to invest millions in SuperPACs.

          3.) Fact: the White middle class and White working class was doing much better from the 1940s to the 1980s when taxes were much higher than they are now.

          4.) Because of large tax cuts, wealth in this country overwhelmingly flows to the top 1 percent. It is leading to the same situation where wealth is overwhelmingly concentrated at the top of the income pyramid like it was in 1929 on the eve of the Great Depression.

          On Sanders being an anti-White Jew:

          1.) Clearly, I am supporting Trump, not Sanders. Lots of people are supporting Sanders though for many of the same reasons we are supporting Trump. We need those people to win the general election.

          2.) Trump is better than Sanders. No argument there. But is Rubio better than Sanders? I don’t think so.

          • On Jews: Let’s remember that he routinely points out their hypocrisy on immigration by referring to the Israeli walls. He rails against “the hedge fund guys”. He tells their orgs, to their face, that he won’t be controlled by them (that’s a big tell, obviously). On the humorous side, he points out their ethnicity for no apparent reason other than to embarrass them i.e Jonathan Leibowitz, er, Jon Stewart.

            There’s also the fact that they’re pulling their hair out over him and anyone paying attention sees it.

      • Sanders isn’t as good as you think he is on foreign policy. Yugoslavia used to have a proud nationalist government just like Hungary, before we bombed them and mutilated their country – with the full support of Bernie Sanders.
        Now ex-Yugoslavia is the route of choice for illegal migrants invading Europe.

    • I’m not religious, but I do agree with you.

      Trump puts Black Lies Matter people in their place. He’ll shut them down and kick them out of his events when they try to push the bullshit and play victim at our expense.

      Sanders steps back, allows the Black Lies Matter zealots to push their narrative into a primetime spot, then tries to ingratiate himself to that crowd by placating them and telling them what they want to hear.

      That’s all I really need to know. Sanders is nothing but the anti-White status quo wrapped up in a little nicer package.

      • But his campaign such as it is is exclusively fueled by white voters. It will be crushed by black voters in Dixie.

        Sanders knows this.

    • What got me was stumbling across Martin Bernal’s Black Athena while researching Alexander The Great.

      That’s a bit highbrow.

  7. Just so I wasn’t clear above, I believe that Trump is better than Sanders. He’s 5 for 5 on my top issues in this election. I do think, however, that Sanders has an edge on Rubio since it is a wash on immigration.

    • Rubio tried to pass a nation destroying bill against us.

      Sanders best issue is Wall street and the top 1%. I cant disagree with the man on it. Evidence proves it. The idea that we are taking wealth from them being the issue when in reality, they have taken all the wealth from us is a point that Bernie makes a lot.

  8. Just for shits & giggles I started peeking at who the SJWs have been supporting and touting. I started with that little group of homos, Jewish supremacists, admitted Marxists and various other anti-Whites who organize and protest the AmRen conferences here in TN every year. I then branched off and looked at other vocal and professional anti-Whites in various other parts of the country, as well as some very lukewarm SJWs added in for a little balance. I searched their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and various other “hangouts” that I won’t mention.

    Very unscientific and small in scope, but very telling:

    Of the 130+ people I researched, about 60 were BIG Bernie supporters. These guys and gals were serious BernVictims. The rest of the people either made no mention of politics or showed no overly positive support for anyone in either party, Democrat or Republican.

    Clinton? I found ZERO Clinton supporters. No joke, not a single one was vocal about adamantly supporting Clinton come election time. I’m sure there were some in there, but they didn’t feel a berning desire to show public support at any great level. They’ll only rally around her if Bernie isn’t there to defeat one of the evil conservatives.

    When Clinton was mentioned, it was more disgust and anger that she was even allowed to run against Sanders. About 20 thought she was a complete piece of shit. They thought she was dishonest and didn’t really care about their issues.

    The only person that got more negative mentions than Clinton was, obviously, Trump. About 25% or more of the people I researched made sure they let everyone know that they thought the country was going to be ushered in to a new era of slavery, oppression and “Holocaust” if he were elected. To them, Trump is dangerous because he’s a “white supremacist” with money.

    Sure, this is very anecdotal, unscientific and not very surprising, but it really should give you pause when a very sizable portion of SJWs think Bernie is one of them. That’s because he is.

      • Well, I’m sure he does. Globalism = Evil White people, to that crowd.

        I’m also pretty sure he thinks sex is a good thing. But we might disagree with what constitutes good sex or the proper boundaries of sexual liberation and freedom.

        How is that fruity lil’ bastard doing?

        • “Brad,

          What is happening when we are agreeing on issues? Can the Left and Right work together on some issues?

          Rather than fighting each other all of the time, why can’t we figure out what issues we can unite on? I’m being perfectly honest, there are a lot of things that you’ve been saying that actually make sense. Sure, you lose me every time when you get to racial issues, but globalism? Dude, we agree on this stuff. Is this possible? I think we’re reaching a political climate where it might be time to put aside our differences, find the things we can agree on, and at least on those issues find a way to work together. What do you think?


          • I’m not really Left or Right, so I can’t pretend to speak on behalf of anyone else. What I can tell you is that I don’t trust anyone who spends their time blaming “racists” for most of the problems in society; just like they wouldn’t trust anyone who believes race has to be a foundation and building block of society. I’ve been around The Left more than The Right.

            Guys like Spelunker might think they have the “racists” figured out, but I can assure you they don’t. If it wasn’t for their mindless devotion to anti-White memes and rhetoric, I really wouldn’t have a problem with them at all. If he were to give me a questionnaire to fill out to see how Left or Right I am, they’d be very surprised just how much they don’t know about some pro-Whites—and I’m not alone. I just happen to be a Race-ist. They can go fuck themselves if they don’t like it, because I’ll always be one.

            But just to show that I’m not a totally ruthless and cold-hearted racist, here’s a peace offering to Spelunker:

          • The “Left” and “Right” constructs may have been valid at one time. Now they are simply used to coral voters into two controllable camps that keep the same anti-White system going. It’s like “good” cop/”bad” cop. Neither Trump nor Bernie quite fit the paradigm so they remain outsiders.

          • Spelunker can’t be that fucking stupid.

            National Socialism was very concerned about the welfare of the working class German. It was never an elitist system in reality.

            It was a radical critique of Americanized democratic-capitalism.

        • She said she doesn’t think he can win for several reasons. But it’s obvious she loves his commie red azz, She’s a dyke, wacko feminist who would probably prefer Hillary, but would be happy with either of the two in the White House.

          She wouldn’t be hugging him publicly if she did not like him.

          I can’t imagine Megyn Kelly hugging Donald Trump.

  9. Ron Paul just trashed Cruz and gave slight praise to Sanders, said nothing about Trump.

    I hope y’all support Trump. He is no white nationalist, no racialist, very well could grant amnesty, very well could give us a bad healthcare plan, very well could carry out a pro-Israel foreign policy or come for our guns. But, the other candidates are worse.

    And most importantly, Trump is not bought and owned.

    With TPP on the horizon, Rubio calling for amnesty and 33m more immigrants in the next decade and for trillions to be spent starting WWIII, it’s time to get into this election.

    For want of a nail, he lost his kingdom. No one can sit this one out. If Rubio wins, moving to South America might become tempting.

  10. Hunter are you CIA? This is the worst disinfo site I’ve seen in years. Alex Jones is better than this and he used to be a standup comedian. That Tom Clancy character who deletes posts to push Colonel Sanders is one thing, but expecting people to believe a jew ain’t lying? You CIA guys make me sick. You give the whole intel community a bad name. Why don’t you go back to smuggling drugs? Its the only thing you CIA guys know how to do.

  11. I’m glad Bernie is in, though I think he doesn’t really have a shot. Somewhat surprised they keep bringing up the “China will set the rules!” spiel. China is setting the rules, and these craven idiots are why that is happening.

  12. This is why Sanders is the real fundamental problem in this race. If Sanders were gone lefties might look at Trump and support his posture on foreign affairs.

    The Clinton support is mindless blacks and cat ladies.

    At least Bernie’s people are thinking about the deeper issues. Even if they are misguided about solutions.

    One advantage that Bernie has is single payer healthcare. That’s the National Socialist gold standard.

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