Trump: Tell The Globalists To Go Fuck Themselves

Unpresidential? Maybe, but he has been saying it since 1987:

“HAMPTON, N.H. — The shiny black French-made helicopter landed at the grassy airfield in southern New Hampshire on the morning of October 22, 1987. Out stepped Donald Trump. The 41-year-old real estate mogul from New York wore a scarlet tie and a navy blue suit and slipped into a rented limousine. …

Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign is often derided as a seat-of-the-pants affair, driven by publicity and surrounded by a fog of improvised policy ideas. But to an extent that would shock anyone who wasn’t there, Trump’s speech in 1987 forecast exactly the worldview that would catapult him to surprise GOP front-runner status in this year’s race. His speech was nativist and isolationist, an angry, gloomy rant about America losing out in a dangerous world. His message of failure—American failure—has been remarkably constant since that moment 28 years ago, with one twist: Back then, the sitting president wasn’t Barack Obama. It was Ronald Reagan.”

It’s a breath of fresh air. It needs to be said. These people are destroying this country.

Update: In #CruzCrew news, Ron Paul is slamming Cruz for being controlled by Goldman Sachs and the Des Moines Register has a new editorial condemning his dishonest campaign. Click here to see all the money Club for Growth and Goldman Sachs have donated to Cruz.

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        • Captain, I thank you for taking the time to reply.

          I think to categorize globalists as ‘Jews’, is not accurate enough.

          While powerful Jews are, and ever have been, ‘globalists’, they have many many collabarateurs, in every county and shire in the world.

          If God came back and took every Jew away with him, but, left the world otherwise as is – you would still have globalism, and it would still be a dangerous usurpation to any sovereignty.

  1. I’ve been rewarding businesses that have kept their production here for at least 7 years now. Those that can’t keep their entire manufacturing base in the US, but can only afford to keep a small percentage of it here, then I buy those products specifically made here at home.

    I really wish someone like Trump, with his kind of money and clout, would have created or invested in a really good marketing company to push American made products. The people who are pushing back against the globalists are generally small scale businesses and average people who work 40 hours a week. Kind of hard to compete with mega corporations who spend billions and billions of dollars every year trying to squeeze out small business owners.

  2. He mouthed the F-word but didn’t vocalize it. Not a big deal, anymore. That’s just how many in the North East speak. Won’t hurt him in New Hampshire. In the Midwest and the South he could lose some support because of not being presidential.

    I have family and friends that will not vote for him just because of that. He’s not nice, too crass, vulgar and mean, they say. I laugh and tell them it’s about time we have a candidate that gets angry and cusses a bit now and then.

    I should secretly record them during Green Bay Packer football games, especially when they lose and play it back for them.

    They wouldn’t dare utter another word about Trump.

    • I’m sorry – but I LOATHE that sort. The West is being burnt down, and the Nicey Nice ones are worried about language. I wish I had my own country, and didn’t have to DEAL with the “Too STUPID to LIVE/Killing the Rest of Us” crowd.

      • It’s a very good point, Miss Denise. Still, there are a lot of reservations about Mr. Trump’s behavior, that go far beyond his insults, whining, and double dealings.

        I found this out when I was younger – how the girl, in whom you are interested, treats, and or talks about, her previous boyfriend, will be you, one day.

        I learned to take heed.

      • Very much agree with you there Denise.

        This is another terrible sign of the worst of the cuckservative. In the same room where Black gang members are raping their wives and daughters these polite Judeo X’tians get upset that some White guy uses the “F Word” and shouts at the Black rapists that they better stop or he will beat them. The Cuckservatives defend the Black rapists and chastise the White guy for swearing – they also start rumors that the White guy might have smoked MJ in college and inhaled.

      • Denise- I respectfully disagree. Foul-mouthedness is a hallmark of an adolescent in the first full flush of testosterone, and is (hopefully) a habit that one outrows… although, the constant stream of ‘eff’ this and ‘effing’ that over at another website that shall remain nameless (DS) is very, very tiring to wade through. Sort of like cleaning out the Augean stables, and NOT being Hercules!

        By the time one meets a civilized woman (in your late 20’s) and gets married, the more pristine sensitivities of the wife, tends to eliminate such garbage speech from daily discourse with most men. Some men take longer… but some never learn. Of course, we are talking about WHITE, refined types. Jews are just RACIALLY VULGAR; a race of neanderthals, who USE the Talmud to HIDE behind, rather than let the Mosaic Law actually change them. Luther wrote extensively of this in ‘The Jews and their LIES.’

        And the behmah of the Niger? Well, sometimes REAL talking “beasts” are NOT a good thing. Just sayin’…

        Something about ‘lie with dogs, get up with fleas’?

        Now, I am not such a prude as to say, ‘NEVER swear.’ Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade or BS, BS. But not on a regular basis. I would hope that Trump does NOT let this ‘kosher caca speech’ pepper his future run as the potential R candidate- we need a Leader, yes. But not a vulgar barbarian…. even as some would want it, simply because they are troglodytes, themselves.

        “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” – Eph. 4:29

    • Sam, with all do respect – your family and friends who will not vote for Donald Trump because he once swore are kinda of sort of, well yeah – cowardly pussies.

      Ask these relatives how they feel about Indiana Black gang members doing a home invasion gang raping the beautiful young White wife of a local pastor – after raping her they murder her and her unborn child.

      The worst part is that the cuckservative White pastor husband has now get this

      forgiving the Black rapists murderers of his wife and unborn son and he says that it was all part of God’s plan for christian revival and outreach for his church!

      Sam you need to step things up a bit and toughen up and toughen up these relatives. We live in very rough times, we’re being invaded and terrorized. We have an anti Southern, anti White, anti Christ occupation government and a lugenpresse “Lying media”. What if anything are these relatives and well you doing about this?

      Supporting Donald Trump would be a nice start.

      • Well, Jack.
        I am somewhat of a pariah to many of them for being a ‘Johnny One Note’ at family events, holidays. I have given them print outs of Hunter’s Color of crime stats. Every time I go to the super market I leave something in carts and shelves, same with the libraries. Police have been called because of my hate literature. Ha!

        I e-mail links to Jared Taylor, SBPL and Colin Flaherty, which I consider mild.

        Caused a ruckus last Christmas for banning two nieces from coming to my home because they have nigger boy friends. My wife’s side is livid.

        Both were decent kids until college.

        What happened to them? The University of Wisconsin in Madison happened and their aunt is a mudshark.

        A bad influence, always saying she only dates blacks. Well no kidding. She produced two ugly dysfunctional niglets. No trace of the kid’s fathers. Not a chance a non-cucked white man would give her a look.

        Most are Christians, not of the nominal variety, but real believers.

        Tough nuts to crack.

        • Well good for you. Judeo X’tian mud sharks….. couldn’t they have gone for something more mainstream, healthy – like the Charles Manson cult? The Manson cult had/has good views on race mixing.

  3. Sir, in interesting day : Phylis Schafly saying that Rubio is the establishment boy, and Rand Paul declaring Cruz to by Goldman Sachs’s whipping boy.

    What next ? : the corpse of George McGovern rising out of the grave to warn us that Sanders is not really red…

      • Sir, I certainly do not mind that Cruz is ‘being funded’. He has had, according to the campaign, over 800,000 donations – the average being $67.

        The banks fund everybody. that’s an old strategy of my daddy’s folks ; be on everybody’s side, that way you win every election.

        The another thing I like about Trump.

        Sir, I remind you that, though I find Mr. Trump unseemly, too Yankee, and too liberal, he is my second favourite; and these reasons you’ve listed touch upon some reasons why.

        Who is ‘The Club for Growth’?

          • Thank you, Sir.

            I do agree with you that tax cuts are a fundamental part of his plank, and am happy for it. Taxation is insane in this country.

            That said, he has a much bigger agenda than that- not least of which is to reverse every Obama presidential order.

            Sir, do you realize how big such a thing is?

            It’s turning back the clock to a less tyrannical government.

            May I suggest one more thing to you, Sir : At least 4 high Yankee court judges are going to either retire or die, soon.

            The Northern government has been using activist judges to undermine Our Beloved South for decades now.

            Cruz would appoint a bevy of Clarence Thomas and Anthony Scalisa.

            And they will shape this country, minus secession, for decades to come.

            No other candidate, to my mind, would, if elected to office, do such a thing.

            Sir, I want Roe vs Wade overturned, and prayer back in school. I want executive overreach and activist courts ceaset. I want Federal Departments diminisht or strippt – such as HUD, Homeland Security, & the IRS. I want localities to control schools and school curriculae. I want Obama care gone. I want 2nd amendment rights and privacy rights strengthened.

            A Cruz administration would go a long way towards these things, and cut the drift towards Godless Tyrannical Bolshevism.

            Let me be absolutely clear, Sir : a Bernie Sanders presidency would be the auguring of many Genrik Yagodas, upon this country, in every size and shape – and it will be tragick.

            A Cruz presidency would be beneficial for The South, in many way – VERY.

            The best to you, down Alabamy way.

          • Junius,

            1.) The Republican-controlled Supreme Court gave us gay marriage last summer. It upheld sodomy. Do you really believe it is going to overturn Roe v. Wade?

            2.) It’s true that Cruz has a larger agenda than tax cuts and free trade, but so did George W. Bush. Do you really believe that Cruz would do anything about “values” after he is elected president? If so, why?

            3.) I’m still waiting for the Republican-controlled Supreme Court to strike down affirmative action which it has repeatedly upheld for over 15 year now. If that were not bad enough, the Republican-controlled Supreme Court struck down Arizona’s immigration law a few years ago and refused to uphold Alabama’s immigration law.

            4.) There is no reason to believe that a Cruz administration would be any different from George W. Bush who was in office for eight year and gave us nothing but wars, free trade and tax cuts.

            5.) The fundamental reason why so few people here don’t trust Ted Cruz is because we have seen this all before with George W. Bush.

          • ‘1.) The Republican-controlled Supreme Court gave us gay marriage last summer. It upheld sodomy. Do you really believe it is going to overturn Roe v. Wade?’

            It will not be overturned.

            Women want it. If she gets pregnant catting around she can terminate, the man has no say. If she wants a baby and the sperm donor takes a hike she gets a lifetime of benefits from Uncle Sam.

            They hold all the cards. Huge power trip.

            Men are all in as well. If a girlfriend or ho becomes pregnant hes liable for 18 years of support payments. Especially not worth it for a one night fling.

            Abortion mills and baby parts are a big money enterprise.

            A large part of the population does not care anymore for several reasons.

          • Sir,
            #1. The complexion of the court has changed quite considerably, in my lifetime. When I was a young’un, The Warren court was busy upturning every angle of The South and rubbing our noses in it. After that, the next court shifted considerably to the right. Now it is back to the left – way to the left.

            With a Cruz presidency, the court could easily go back to a conservatism (non-judicial activism) that we have not seen since WWII.

            That would make a lasting difference over this land.

            #2. As to George W. Bush : if memory serves he ran on a ‘no nation building isolationist platform, low taxes, and reduced regulation’. As you know, it turned out to be something quite different – very different.

            #3. See #1. BUT, let me say this, your third remark is case in point of why, for me as a voter, the composition of the Supreme Court is vital.
            We need Alabama state chief justice, Roy Moore, appointed to replace the moribund Ginsberg – and more of the same.
            Again, Cruz, of all remaining candidates will appoint strict constitutionalists, who would reverse many of the rulings that you and I detest. A Cruz filled court is the only likelhood that a Yankee Supreme court will every respect the laws of North Carolina and Alabama.
            In my view, Trump would fill the court with barely conservative Yankee justices like Stephen Breyer – justices which would hold up the status quo and favour the executive branch.

            I repeat to you, Sir : while you have shined the light on some of Cruz’s weaknesses to me, of which I was not aware, I did not remark, to someone else here, that a Cruz presidency would be the closest thing to marching up Pennsylvania and planting a Confederate flag over the White house, for nothing.
            A Cruz presidency would, even just within the first year, dramatically reshape the direction in which this country is headed, domestically speaking.

            #4. I think you are being unfair, here, BUT, I cannot guarantee you that Senator Cruz would not do what you say. It seems remote, but, anything’s possible. Admittedly,. you don’t know how the bride will be till you get her home. That said, I will say this : Cruz is a completely different person than G.W. G.W. is a great guy, but, he was a terrible president, except, to my mind, that he treated the office with respect. I was not ashamed of him like I was of Clinton, before him.

            You see, Sir – Cruz, though he is clearly NOT perfect, has a long record of being a strict constitutionalist, (did you see him belittle the devil’s apostle, Feinstein, over the 2nd amendment? – look below) and has shown, in his brief tenure as a senator, that he has honoured his promises to his constituency – to raise hellfire & damnation in the Yankee capital. They hate him, Sir – both parties – because he won’t deal, because he filibusters, and because he denounces Obama for being a lawless tyrant, and McConnell for being a no- ‘ccount scalawag. There is no way they would hate him if he were what you seem to feel that he is.
            Sir, we have not had a Southern politician do things like this since Jesse Helms was in his prime 30 years ago, or a governor like George Wallace.
            Imagine a president like that, because, not only does he speak to truth to entrencht power, he would exercise a hell-fire and brimstone executive pen.
            #5. I mean – let’s say you ran for office tomorrow – would you become a cuckservative? No, of course not. You are a man of integrity and unswerving faith to your (our) principles. That is why I, much older than you, call you ‘Sir’, here, and no other.

            Well, I don’t know Cruz like I know you, but, if there is any man of consequence, in this race, it is Cruz. Both Trump and Cruz seem like men of consequence, but, only Cruz has a proven, on camera, record that demonstrates that. I mean, Cruz went to Sodom, and stood up to every pressure they could throw at him. Surely, even if you don’t like his bible-thumping, you could at least give him credit for that. Sir, accept him as one of us, just like you have come to make an exception for me – because you know my heart is Southern Confederate, though and through. Admittedly Cruz is no racist, such as we are, but, in all other respects, I recognize him as our own Confederate kind.
            If I am fooled, Sir, then this man is a true sociopath. If he is that, Sir, where is the proof of it? I can find no proof the man is a terminal liar of no consequence, that he is nothing more than naked ambition with no moral fibre.
            No, Sir – though you may find a few holes, you cannot find a body of evidence to show that he is other than what he speaks.
            He is one of us – a Southern with traditional values – governmental restraint, constitutionalism, traditional Southern values such as the faith.
            Cruz will not just stand for Israel, he will stand for persecuted Christians around the world. Cruz will stand for private enterprise, and, thus, the economy can begin to grow again, after nearly a decade of the abyss (95 million people not even looking for work! – not counted as unemployed) and less welfare state. Cruz will stand for life – not justified homicide in the vagina.

            Sir, Trump is a good candidate, for so, Sir is Cruz, at least, for a Southerner such as I.

          • Sir,
            One more thing – because you are fairly young, you cannot recall presidents like Reagan, Ford, and Carter – men who pretty much governed as they ran.

            G.W. made a mockery of himself, and Obama is an out and out liar.

            Clinton was a liar, but, did try to govern as he campaigned – somewhat left of center.

            So, with Bush, Trump, or Cruz, I believe we will get what they are selling.

            Sanders, too – though, he will never be elected. Thank God.

    • Phylis Schafly lead the fight against the ERA. Excellent debater, the left hated her. She and Pat Buchanan used to write articles for a newsletter/paper I subscribed to back in the day. She was an ant-communist and the cold war was a big issue back then. She is against illegal immigration. I guess you could call her an old-school Paleo. She’s in her nineties.

      • Yes, Sam – how well I remember all that. Back in the 70s, Anita Bryant was the leftist media’s Sarah Palin, and Miss Phylis was seen as the terrifying incarnation of a blonde Adolf Hitler in conservative Christian drag.

        I wondered who pulled out the old warhorse? : The Bush camp, or, perhaps the Dems?

        Her speaking out reminds me of that ancient Nazi woman on YouTube, (can’t recall her name) whom the German government have placed, various times, under house arrest, for being so plain-spoken.

    • I think Mr. Trump is waning a bit.

      I wonder if his determination to go at it with such a small organization, is not hurting him.

        • Yes, Sir – If I have been following election for over 40 years, and it is a rare one when New Hampshire follows the indications of Iowa.

          I have every expectation that New Hampshire will be something like this…

          #1 Trump 34%

          #2. Rubio 22%

          #3. Kasich 14%

          #4. Cruz 13%

          #5. Bush 10%

          • They’re a little slow to take a hint.

            I’m a bit nervous about what their supporters will do, since Trump has insulted pretty much every candidate, and when you insult a candidate, you insult his supporters. I don’t think Trump factored that in.

            I really don’t see Fiorina’s, Bush’s, or Katich’s people going largely for Trump.

          • Maybe Christie, Sir – but, I doubt Carson, as all of his supporters, those, at least, whom I know, like a a nice restrained gentility about their man.

          • Bush won’t, Sir.

            Please see what I wrote to one of your other comments.

            But, yes, South Carolina will be a defining moment for many candidates.

            Thank you for your prediction.

          • Sir,

            For your convenience, here is a reply I wrote to Mr. Samsa…

            ‘Don’t count Bush out – he is absolutely determined, has begun to win
            some respect from people such as myself, and may pick up a lot of steam
            as Carson, Fiorina, Kasich, and Christie stop diluting his vote.

            Idon’t like many of his policies, but, I respect the man – and he is the
            very definition of presidential – the best example since his daddy, by a
            long shot.

            After SuperTuesday, I believe the race will be Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and Bush.

            With the first three equally dividing the delegate count, this nominating
            process will still be competitive into the convention – at which point
            Bush will win the brokering of it.

            Mark my words.’

          • South Carolina GOP primary has traditionally been where we lost it, where everything went “South” so to speak – the place where RINOs, Neo Conservative Christian Zionists, Cuckservatives, Club For Growth, Conservative Inc all this #*&$*#@ gets positioned to win South Carolina for the likes of Newt Gingrich, John McInsane, Mike the Huckster Huckabee the Bush family etc.

            This is after all the once solid Confederate State of South Carolina that now doesn’t have a straight heterosexual Southern male, or any White male in the position of SC Governor or US Senator:

            I am personally very proud of this blog I wrote here on OD.

            What’s the Matter with South Carolina
            March 4, 2013


          • Great analysis, Mr. Ellis.

            May I dare an answer to thy concluding question? : … a lack of Southern Nationalism:)

          • If Bush gets 10% anywhere at all, he’ll be like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber where the girl he’s trying to woo says that he maybe just has a 1-in-a-million shot with her:

            “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!”

          • You’re right, Mr. Samsa.

            And don’t count Bush out – he is absolutely determined, has begun to win some respect from people such as myself, and may pick up a lot of steam as Carson, Fiorina, Kasich, and Christie stop diluting his vote.

            I don’t like many of his policies, but, I respect the man – and he is the very definition of presidential – the best example since his daddy, by a long shot.

            After SuperTuesday, I believe the race will be Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and Bush.

            With the first three equally dividing the delegate count, this nominating process will still be competitive into the convention – at which point Bush will win the brokering of it.

            Mark my words.

            A very good day to you and yours.

          • “And don’t count Bush out – he is absolutely determined, has begun to win some respect from people such as myself…

            I don’t like many of his policies, but, I respect the man – and he is the very definition of presidential – the best example since his daddy”

            I respond:

            Oh dear.

            Did you think Jeb’s father George Herbert Walker Bush was acting presidential when he and Barbara invited Nelson and Winnie Mandela to the White House to dine and celebrate the surrender of White South Africa to Black ANC Communist terror?

            Winnie Mandela personally participated in a group beat down, murder of a young Black boy who was deemed to be collaborating with Whites.

            Can you tell us what is the best polite conversation at one of these dinner parties with Black terrorist who murder little boys and who plan farm invasions, genocide of our White people?

          • Respecting our worst enemies is killing us. That’s how “conservatism” was co-opted by the anti-White left.

          • Perfectly stated; our best intentions turned against us. The Devil often uses our love and our loving selves to lead us to our ruination.

          • Mr. Ellis,

            I agree with your point of view, in the example you give, if you mean it to illustrate policies. I am aghast at much of Jeb Bush’s policy ideas, just as i was at his daddy’s. What I am saying is that the man has a personal decorum that is befitting a gentleman – like his policies or not.

            I hope that clarifies what I was saying.

            I DO NOT want to vote for BUSH, but, I would vote for him in a heartbeat if it were against either Sanders or Clinton.

            Let’s hope it does not come down to that.

            Thank you for your thoughts, here. Stay strong!

          • Thank you, Mr. Bonaccorsi. Heartwarming, as you said. This is truly a fine family – the kind of example you want to represent a people. They are frank, humourous, loving, yet, a bit persnickety – authenticity.

            G.W. was a bad president, though, as time has gone by, his daddy, particularly his decision NOT to destroy Hussein’s regime at the end of the first Gulf War, has taken on a bit of a lustre.

            I guess like you, I am not a globalist, and, thus, my thinking is rather different than what I perceive Jeb’s to be; and, so, I sincerely hope he is not the nominee, BUT, if he is, I will definitely vote for him.

            He still is a world better than Clinton or Sanders, any day of the week.

            Thank you for the link. A good night to you.

          • You’re welcome, Nikolai. I’m glad you enjoyed the video.

            One hears very little these days of the Democrats who, for years, denigrated the elder Bush, for his not having gone on, into Iraq, for a deposing of Saddam Hussein. There were quite a few such Democrats, as I recall, who disparaged him for his supposedly not having “finished the job” or whatever. (I’m just going by memory, as I say; I couldn’t name any of those politicians or cite any of the remarks I’m attributing to them.)

            Maybe a few years after that first Gulf War, a friend of mine said that, to the Arabs, we had looked “weak” by our not advancing, from Kuwait, to depose Hussein, once we’d pushed his troops back. My reply to him was that, in fact, we hadn’t been–and still were not–strong enough to depose Hussein and then engage in the political management that would be necessary if Iraq and its environs were to stay stable. Well–that’s been demonstrated.

          • Actually, Mr. Bonaccorsi, I have to admit that not only did I NOT possess your perspicacity, in those day, I was one of ‘those Democrats’ you mention – though I was not in any qualifying office other than guitarist and inveterate skirt-sniffer, at the time.
            For me, at the time, Bush’s ‘premature’ ending of the first Gulf War was just another in a long sequence of foreign adventures fought with a hand tied behind our backs. I remember arguing with my daddy and my older brother in a cafeteria line over the matter.
            How wrong I was, and how very wise the elder Bush was – which is only one reason why I keep a little perspective on the candidate I prefer. I have been wrong before, painfully so.
            Good for you that you could see all that. It’s damnably obvious, now, how clever it was that we installed Saddam, as a Rothschild/British style check in power to a worrysome Iran, and that we maintained him there as a stabilizing influence.
            Oh well.

            Happy Superbowl!

          • Yes, well, I’ve missed a few damnably obvious things in my time, too, Nikolai. Thanks for your reply. Enjoy the game.

          • “other than guitarist and inveterate panty-sniffer and skirt-chaser”


            How does one make a living as a guitarist anyway. Teaching I guess?
            Did you make any recordings?


          • I’m so glad you enjoyed. Mr. Zeff. Though I did teach when I was young, it never amounted to anything approaching my main income, which came from performing in restaurants, weddings, funerals, parties, and the occasional recital, at an academick institution.

          • I did make some recordings – though they are long out of print. This winter, I am going to be recording the first album in 20 years. I am looking forward to it.

          • Great. Music is one of the muses.

            If one knows how, one can make music and reach people in a more profound way than any ideology or well-meant argumentation. Go for it!

          • Thank you, Zeff – yes, musick is what speaks to the soul, and oddly, though it encompasses the prickly intellect, it bypasses it.

            What is you say is verified by my life : that the many who cannot stand having a conversation with me, have been among the first to show up at one of my gigs, and, acting as though they were not really listening, pay rapt attention.

            Have a good day!

          • Well I’m not talking about the outer act of getting someone to come to one’s gig. That’s just half the deal. I’ve gone with great expectation to some gigs, but wasn’t touched as a listener.

            So I’m talking about what happens when someone manages to reach the listener, or not.

            And regarding a recording; or gig for that matter: That needs real dedication. And I’m not just talking of repetitive practice; since that can actually be counterproductive, if done “blindly”; that is to say without intent of affection. More I’m talking about sharing one’s heart with the listener. That requires a good technique; but also the refinement to understand that one needs to really have a stream of spiritual consciousness-flow continuously, externalized in real-time by the act of music-making.

            Regarding the dedication required… there’s a saying: One day without practice and the musician notices. Two days without practice and the good critic notices. Three days without practice, and the audience notices.

            Then there’s also the issue of repertoire-choice. Sometimes we musicians forget the repertoire, that we really “know”. Not in terms of where to place our fingers, or the notes we need to hit, but in terms of the way it can go, to really allow maximal spiritual consciousness-flow.

            Good luck.
            And have a merry day too!

          • Dear NikolaiLeskov,

            how are you progressing with the plans of your guitar recording?

            How will one be able to obtain it?


          • One more thing, Mr. Ellis – the other day, i was walking in my garden, and thinking to myself : damn that Bush sure is honourable – he keeps telling people the same shit, no matter how much he is hated, no matter how much pressure comes to him to posture!

            Then, later that day, I noticet Mr. Griffin had been feeling much the same, for he wrote much the same opinion.

            My friend : I have spent much of my life as a performer, and, i can tell you, not many have the courage to knowingly bomb – much less repeat it, over and over.

            The man, Jeb Bush, is honourable – hateful policies or not.

          • No republican candidate in modern history has lost Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Rubio and Bush will lose all of those states. Bush staying in will be out of spite and Rubio staying in will be out of some machination to steal the nomination during the convention.

          • It’s true, Metron, but, I suspect that Bush is very determined. He still has a profound war-chest. Further, Bush is rising in the polls, and, as others leave, they moderates mostly, he will pick up steam.

            That is my view. I’ve been wrong before. We’ll see.

      • Trump will win NH.

        South Carolina is a squeaker.

        The media are going to ensure he is destroyed in the meantime.

        Trump is the real thing and whites are fatally divided.

        • Yes, Father – New Hampshire is in the bag for Trump – as will be the whole Northeast, I imagine.

          I believe Cruz will beat Trump in Sc, but, as you say : it will be a ‘squeaker’.

          If Cruz does not win in SC, it is all but the effective end to his candidacy. He must hold the South – excepting Florida, because that state is really two states – Southern up north, and Northern down south:)

          As to the media : they have fired their arsenal at Mr. Trump, over and over, and it has workt to the opposite effect.

          If Mr. Trump presents any comportment remotely presidential, a more comprehensive policy plan, and develops a stronger organization, he will win the presidency.

          One would think these things are very doable, but, we will see.

          If he does not do these things, he will not be.

          Thank you for your thoughts. Go with God.

    • Somehow I get the funny feeling that if being Zoroastrian were helpful to a RINO presidential bid, Ted would be a devout Zoroastrian.

      • And Crutttth (being Hispanic) surely “don’t need no stinkin’ nee-grows in his Amerrrrika!”

        Ay! AY! (Everyone there will have moved here!)

  4. After New Hampshire, even if he wins there, Trump should end his campaign. Leave America to the cucks and bumpkins. Their mulatto grandchildren will be free to fight over it, with the mestizos and Moslems.

  5. “Once he got elected, he betrayed us all,” she told WND. “He said he was against amnesty and against the establishment. And once he got in, right away, he became an agent of the establishment. And now, of course, he’s big for amnesty and letting all the illegal immigrants in. He betrayed us a number of times on that issue.”

    Schlafly said she was startled at the magnitude of Rubio’s “betrayal” on amnesty.

    “It was so public,” she said.

    “He’s a lackey for the establishment now,” she said. “There’s no question they’re picking up as Plan B – or maybe Plan C in this election cycle, or whatever we’re on now – but he certainly is an establishment agent.”


  6. Only Trump as he did tonight dares to speak out on this disaster.

    ‘The Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest released a new chart on Thursday exclusively to Breitbart News that shows that the number of fugitive criminal aliens in America outnumbers the populations of every city in New Hampshire.’

      • Perhaps. I don’t know why he brought it up in the first place, because, the only ones it would resonate with (the inferred slur that Cruz is ‘not one of us’) would be already those firmly in his camp.

    • Red state? One read through those asinine comments, I realized I was dealing with the RINO types I LONG left behind, who are cowardly as they are cucked: As in ‘Yeah, I’d rather be a commie (see RED) than a racist (BLACK & WHITE), finally (truly) knowing good from evil. I’d even vote for the Bern (eternally).

      Traitors. Cowards. Cucks. THE DETRITUS OF THE LAST FIFTY YEARS.
      In short, THEY’RE JEWED. Move on. Nothing to see here.

      “Trump is like a New Constantine- he’s not what the Christians want, but he is what the Christians can live with.” – Trad Youth

      “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theosodius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

      “He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.” – St. John Chrysostom

      “For the honorable Cross and golden freedom!” -Sv Lazar

      “Give up everything for Christ, but Christ for nothing!” -Sv Sava

      • Father,
        I have recently added ‘Red-State blog’ to my list of Southern Future and Occidental Dissent. I did it so that I would see what people who think more normal than us, think:)

        I appreciate, however, your passionate distaste for those whom you feel are selling our birthright down the toilet.

        God bless you.

          • Well, Sir – we are ‘racists’, aren’t we?

            If you aren’t, I certainly am.

            That said, where they err in their thinking about us, is in assuming that we are just people who are mindlessly hateful; people incapable of making informed analysises, baset upon many angles; people who just mindlessly spew forth our tragick state of minds, with no eye to the consequences of what we posit.

            They’re wrong.

            But, it’s easy to understand why they are wrong about us, because they fail to grasp that we aolmost completely reject their underlying assumptions about man, culture, and, even, constitues the meaning of a nation.

            Sir, this is not just a war of values, it is far beyond that. No, Sir : the gulf that exists between us and them is an historical gulf of a century, and that, in human terms, is big.

            So, unable to comprhend it, they blame us for their own inadequacies and write us off.

            Let them. We’ll see who laughs loudest, in the end.

        • I’ve only been to Manhattan once in my life, with my wife. We left as soon as was convenient, and never returned. It is a demonic place, and the ‘vibe’ there is oppressive. Must be the slab of granite the island is built on… or the millions of antichristian people…

          • Father, that is exactly how I feel.

            In fact, you sound like you are reading my lines:)

            Further, I hate all cities. Give my the countryside or a small town.

            That said, if you are ever stuck in Sodom for a while, go visit St. Sava’s
            The Holy Orthodox vibe is so strong there, that not even Sodom, right outside the window, can break through.

            It’s like being an an ikon, if such a thing were possible.

            God Bless and good night, Father.

  7. I sincerely hope Trump becomes an Englishman I’m not usually too bothered who it is(they all seem to be a disaster) but he will certainly scare the shit out of a lot of people I despise.

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