Beyonce – Superbowl fat *#&%# BlackLiesMatter #*$&#*@

I watched the Superbowl yesterday in a predominately Black African American neighborhood bar (very nice middle aged folks). I was tempted to just boycott the Superbowl, but decided I should just watch what America was doing. The game was OK, nothing exciting. It was obvious that the powers that be wanted to anoint Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton as a Michael Jordan type mega star, the new, young Black face of the NFL. Cam Newton has good credentials – Heisman Trophy at Auburn, National Champions, NFL MVP. The C Panthers certainly had a great year. But, Cam Newton didn’t have a good Superbowl. Nothing was clicking. I just noticed this.

What I did notice was the appalling, vulgar halftime music show led by some creature called “Beyonce”. This creature was twerking and strutting around like some low class stripper and my (mostly Black) bar patrons noticed that she had put on some fatty pounds below the waist. I couldn’t much make out the music or lyrics, but did notice some Black beret back up dancers and thought – “These folks look like Black Panthers”.

Anyway, apparently this “Beyonce” creature was performing some new BlackLiesMatter propaganda song inciting little Black children to hate the police. Ex New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani noticed this and strongly denounced Beyonce and suggested the NFL half time show should be more wholesome and not promote hatred of honest police officers.

Good for mayor Giuliani!


  1. Hunter,

    Sorry I haven’t been able to contact you for many days. I hope you don’t mind I posted this blog on the Superbowl. Let me know if there are any typos.

    I felt I should get something up about the Superbowl as it’s the #1 American cultural event.

    I am proud that I have 2 or maybe 3 loyal readers (in addition to thousands of Ron Paul/Rand Paul cult members that despise me). Also Ann Coulter is a bitch and doesn’t respect my writing or acknowledge Occidental Dissent as THE best blog in the Alternative Right world. And really, what pleasure has Ann Coulter ever given any Southern man, any healthy White man? So she insults cultural marxists, cuckservatives, RINOs big deal.

    Anyway, let me know if we need to edit this or take it down, I think it’s pretty basic – opposing BlackLiesMatter and supporting folks like ex NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

  2. They say there were 100 Million viewers. Sure there are. How many are in China? Do these idiots realize that the whole female audience is skipping the game to watch the commercials? Says something that half the viewers like the commercials better than the game huh? Those fat guys stuffing their faces with corn and sucking cheap booze are dying out by killing themselves. Its the White guys who have better things to do that will be here in the future and Goofball is why they are here and the fat are dead. Its eugenics without the accusations of Hitler.

    • Youtube has a clip of her singing the anthem before the show. Got a bit ghetto at the end but she was on pitch and can sing very well when she’s not trying to be weird.

    • I watched “The Kitty Bowl” on the Hallmark Channel, for about 30 minutes, and the Hubster and I turned on…..we don’t remember. Really. We don’t.

  3. ‘Black African American’

    Huh? ‘Black’ = ‘Negro’, ‘African’ = ‘Negro’, ‘American’ = ‘White’, ergo the neighborhood bar was Negro Negro White? Redundant Contradiction!

  4. As soon as I knew that Lady Gaga and Beyonce were part of the show, I boycotted. I’d rather watch any movie on the lifetime channel, like anything with Thora Birch or Nicholle Tom.

    • I do not think White Nationalism profits from any unwarranted and obsessive hate of blacks, or for any people for that matter. This is what drives decent white folks away from our movement. This does not preclude changing our national and local policies formulated to promote and nourish minorities at the expense of whites.

      We need to deal with people as individuals. If one out of a hundred blacks is a decent person, we should treat that person with respect even if the remaining ninety-nine are hoodlums and moochers that need to be severely restrained.

      If a tiger were to maul a fellow-kinsman, we would go out and end the threat. But we would not hate tigers, or obsess about tigers.

      We need to position ourselves as being defined by our love for our tribe, and not mindless hatred towards other tribes.

      I did find Beyonce’s outburst at the Superbowl as being disgusting. But the nice black pharmacist lady who goes out of her way to help patients is not Beyonce.

  5. Mr. Ryan,
    From the perspective of this Tarheel, not much has changed. You see, in the 19th century, sorting was North Carolina’s obsession. In every town was a square or a field whereupon dog racing, horse-racing, cock-fighting, or boxing took place.
    With rare exception the majority of the best sportsmen were negroes, and the played, competed, and managed those elements for their owners.
    That pretty much describes yesterday’s event – to a tee.

    Life goes on, we just dress it up differently and call it by a different name, but, it remains the same. We are who we are.

  6. I didn’t waste my time watching two groups of niggers running up and down a field with a ball. Stopped watching football when the Michael Vick dog fighting occurred.


    I say fight fire with fire. We need to define ‘hate speech’ in our own way and call for banning it.

    Ban Zionist speech because it hates Palestinians.

    Ban feminist speech because it hates white males who did most to free women.

    Ban rap music because it savagely hates civilized virtues.

    Ban pro-illegal-immigration speech since it hates the rule of law.

    Ban homo speech since it hates normality and true marriage.

    Ban PC since it hates the truth.

    Ban communist speech since it hates private property and upper classes.

    Ban anti-fascist speech since it hates fascists.

    Ban interracist speech since it hates racial solidarity.


    “Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.”

    In that case, all the Third World Liberation struggles were wrong since they incited hatred for the imperialists. Cubans incited hatred against imperialist America. Viet Cong incited hatred against imperialist America. Algerians incited hatred against the imperialist French. Russians incited hatred for the German invaders.

    It is good to hate the oppressors and invaders.

    Whites need to hate invaders and oppressors of whites.

    Gloves must come off.

    White people are now the occupied.

  8. Hunter, the response to my blog post here has been generally solid and supportive. I’ve got another post in draft regarding the Clash of Civilizations with Islam migrants. Can you take a look let me know if it is OK to post?

  9. The Super Bowl: game, commercials, half time “show” is a celebration of Diversity, i.e., non stop anti-White propaganda. “Beyonce” is the White Genocide Cult’s perfect image of what they want ALL Americans to look like in 50 to 100 years.

  10. Why do men even WATCH a bunch of Afreakin’ savages chase a pigskin around a fake grass field, anyway?

    And, watching that Ho on TV is a mortal sin, no matter who she is. I knew this was an excercise in pornography back when Janet Jackson had her ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and the entire nation saw a baboon’s mammary.

    • Cam Newton, Janet Jackson, Beyondsane … they help keep the ‘N’ in ‘NFL’. I got thoroughly fed up with the ‘N’ in ‘NFL’ part-way through the first first found of playoff games and quit watching. I’ll never return. Beyondsane put on a disgusting halftime show? I’m shocked! I’ve read a lot about it, but at least I don’t have to gouge out my eyes, as I didn’t see it. Watched some Holohoax YouTube videos instead of ’50’ and watched some old Peyton Manning commercials. My favourite? F.O.Y.P. (2013 DirecTV ad), featuring Peyton, Eli, AND Archie acting like they were part of the ‘N’ in ‘NFL’. HILARIOUS!

  11. I used to watch the NFL, Super Bowl and other professional sports. I watched A LOT.

    Then, with light-switch speed and efficiency, I just turned it off. I stopped caring. I grew up. I spent my money, energy and time elsewhere.

    No mature and racially aware White person would waste their time with that crap once they realized it was nothing but another form of social engineering filled up and wrapped with mass consumerism.

  12. Beyonce is just a brand, an act. I believe the entire charade was carefully created and was not the result of spontaneity, artistic expression or artistic license. I am of the opinion that Beyonce is merely a puppet, the lighting rod that we are meant to talk about so that those who create this tripe can slink in the shadows free from criticism. The widely held belief that Beyonce alone is responsible is part of the deception.

    The real culprits beyond this shameful racist, despicable show are those that actively planned, choreographed, produced, promoted, sponsored, and allowed this act to take place. They include Roger Goodell and the National Football League, Columbia Broadcasting System, Pepsi Co., and whatever warped producer and music industry conglomerate put this show on. The fact that the NFL put this on, is shameful. Roger Goodell even controls the color of the shoes the players wear. Does anyone believe that this thing wasn’t fully vetted by the NFL front office?

    The most racist moment: watching the black militant looking Beyonce and Bruno Mars standing straight, in charge, in a position of authority marching forward while the white lead singer for Cold Play, is hunched over lurching behind them like an out of place creep. This is the cultural propaganda being promoted on society’s biggest stage. It’s a national disgrace.

    • Dr. Duke did an excellent program on the Superbowl and the person responsible for producing most of these super bowl programs. Give it a listen.

      • I wonder who Dr. Duke blames for the Superbowl degeneracy?

        I guess urban hip hop Black rap pop divas wouldn’t be promoting BlackLiesMatter unless they were secretly controlled by some all powerful behind the scenes puppet masters.

        Blacks would all be nice, respectful church going folks without being made to perform low life stripper music wearing Black Panther berets.

        Just look at Black African societies where there aren’t any of these J people – places like Liberia, Rwanda, Haiti – they are all safe, clean, wholesome places.

        Gosh darn those all powerful J tribe wire pullers! Someone must stop them, and only a handful of society misfits loners who don’t have jobs, families and friends NO THE TRUTH

        Looks like the TRUTHERS are lurking….

        • ‘I guess urban hip hop Black rap pop divas wouldn’t be promoting BlackLiesMatter unless they were secretly controlled by some all powerful behind the scenes puppet masters.’

          Yes, they would. However, who has the power to promote and place those monkeys before the world in Super Bowl festivities.

        • Jack Ryan, are you for real? Denying the Tribe’s influence on in-your-face-whitey events such as this is just plain stupid at this stage of affairs. In fact, it’s a given.

        • I take it you did not look at the video and chose to attack it without seeing. You do know that is a typical Liberal response? Do you really think Black Lives Matters arose fully born like Athena out of the brow of Zeus? Who funds it? You might be surprised at who designs a lot of these Superbowl shows. Rap didn’t rise out of a vacuum as the undisputed voice of the street without help and financing. The movie Straight out of Compton shows the role of Jewish producers.

          • I grew up on the South Side of Chicago in the 1970s, I was a public school teacher in Red Hook Brooklyn in the late 1980s. I am very familiar with lower class Black urban culture – it is very vulgar and very violent, it has been for a long, long time.

            Yes, certain entrainment producers, many of them Jewish promote this #*$&#*, but it would be what it has always been without the J tribe.

            David Duke was way more effective when he was mainstream and didn’t waste every waking moment obsessing about the Jews.

    • She (Beyonce Knowles Carter) could buy everyone of you “White Nationalist” on this blog at a 75% off sale. While you are judging her, your white daughters are eating extra cornbread to “thicken up” those thighs. They are twerking in school gyms trying to get some black athlete to notice them. Where would white women be without a pro-ball player and his millions? Their fat, no plastic surgery ‘having’, naturally dark hair (without the bleach), pale un-tanned skin, would be back home in a local dive bar stripping for “shekels.”

        • Ms. Barber, it’s called make-up and everyone from Brittany and Madonna also wear hair extensions. I grew up watching Dolly Parton the queen of the wigs. It’s show business. Why do you color your natural hair blonde? You are a brunette Denise Nicole….

      • Without whitey, there’s no technology, no music produced, no lights, no nothing. Think Mogadishu.
        Niggers have been imitating whitey ever since they first put eyes on us. They’re jealous because we’re so much smarter and better looking. Niggers go to bed every night knowing that when they awaken in the morning, they will still be a nigger.
        I don’t know what “white nationalist” is, but if it means a country with no niggers, I’m all for it. But that’s man’s construct. Nature’s construct will always prevail no matter what man does, and nature constructed white superiority over niggers. You’re just too inferior in too many ways to compete academically, creatively, intellectually and in appearance. In other words, you’re ugly, flat-lining dummies. You should be segregated instead of trying to push your way into a world you can never see, understand or be wanted in – the beautiful world of being white.

  13. I always boycott the Superbowl. Collegiate and professional sports are merely another tool in the arsenal of the enemy to hasten our dispossession. I understand the tickets stated at 5000! Can you imagine a Superbowl program called White Lives Matter having dancers in Confederate themed uniforms? It would not be allowed and the end of the career of any singer who attempted it. And thus you can see how far we have failed as a people. The stands are majority white, the players on both the teams majority black. That is not an issue to the powers that be but what is an issue to them is the lack of blacks in coaching situations. So they also want the coaching staff to be majority black also, but not the cheer leading staff. It must remain majority white so they Negro athletes can pick among the best fruit. Seriously, just how many of those black athletes white sports lemming so admire are married to black femaes? I am willing to bet not to many!

  14. Would someone get these fat and ugly black beasts out of my face?

    Geez, but when the dancers have bigger thighs than the football players, you know you’ve got problems.

    And if they want so much to be shed of White privilege, I might recommend that Africa is just a plane ride away.

    Dear Black People: You’re free to go! Please do so!

  15. The New York City Police Department and some tough New York area political leaders like Donald Trump have gotten pretty good at standing up to corrupt, Hollywood elites that promote the disrespect and murder of police officers. The NYPD told Quentin Tarantino that he was persona non grata and now the NYPD is getting in the face of the creature called “Beyounce” and her NFL corporate sponsors.

    This just proves my point that their are certain, distinct GROUPS (not individual libertarians) of White Americans and those allied with us that you don’t mess with. One is the NYPD.

  16. Dear Mr. Ellis,
    I wrote Mr. Goodell the following letter…

    Mr. Goodell : once a starry-eyed boy that collected the cards of John Unitas and Broadway Joe, this rural Tarheel has stayed with y’all a long time.
    I just want to say, without you taking me for bein’ a buzzsaw, that the direction of the game is makin’ me anticipate the arisin’ of a new league.
    The game is becoming effeminate. Too many regulations, too soft – too much technical crap. This is a blood gladiator sport, and the participants are paid a king’s ransom to sacrifice themselves.
    Moreover, that display at the superbowl halftime was so degenerate I got up and went to the kitchen. Later I found out the striptease given by that negress was about black power and the first group had dedicated their performance to the glories of faggotry.
    Now, I ask you : do you really expect rural white Christian Southerners to watch that?; to want to be involved with that?
    I mean, would you allow a skinhead star to perform at the halftime and, to the fury of y’all’s huge negro audience, sing to the glories of the KKK?
    I conclude by saying that I always admire the dignity with which you present yourself.
    That said, I really have to question your judgement. Are you presiding over America’s sport, or are you promoting a diabolical anarchy?
    May God bless you.

    • Well said.

      Now work to get rural White Southerners to give up degenerate BRA football and take up rugby or hockey.

      God bless.

      • Thank you, Mr. VBellis. You know, if there is one thing I do work on and shall continue to work on, it is in getting my fellow Northeastern North Carolinians to stop seeing the Yankee government flag and confusing it for a flag that represents them.

        That, my friend, is the one deadly sport I wish them to forsake.

        May God continue to bless you, too, My fellow Southern Nationalist.

    • I want to encourage you to write more of these personal letters standing up for our people/culture. I would recommend targeting someone a bit lower than the top buy in the NFL or likewise a US Senator, the President of the United States etc.

      All these people have staff members, some lower level young person has the job of responding to letters and phone calls from the public.

      • Alright, Mr. Ellis. Perhaps you would be pleased to hear that I do write these sort of letters, at least ten times a year – ranging from defending our culture in The Raleigh News & Observer, to contacting Tarheel state representatives, and, as well, Mr. Goodell.
        If you feel I can be of service, in a particular situation, let me know, and I will see what I can do.
        Thank you for your support.

        • Thanks and well done.

          I have had solid success contacting congressional staff members and asking for the right, lower level staff member by name.

          I did this when we defeated about 10 illegal alien amnesties.

          • Mr. Ellis, I thank you for your activism in the face of such massive ennui. You, as I have said, have a knack for witty rhetorick, and effective declamation, so, you are well placet to have an affect upon those who need to hear that we do exist, and yes : we need consideration.

            Let us continue to blow the minds of our neighbours and harasssing the establishment, until history takes a turn and our countrymen wake up, from their toxick slumber, with an unswerving resolution.

          • Stay strong brother.

            Also always remember to have some healthy fun, enjoy a laugh.

            Life isn’t all gloom and doom. Check out this very funny new heavy weight boxing champion – White guy, Tyson Fury, he’s a riot.

          • 1st Lieutenant Ellis,
            On behalf of all Northeastern North Carolina, I cite you for conspicuous dedication to our people. For your initiative, leadership, and unswerving persistence to our culture, I award you the William Ruffin Cox Award, 1st Class.
            Lieutenant Ellis : our people are looking to you to defend us from all aliens, both from within and without; those who would subdue us, and annihilate every trace of our culture.
            North Carolina has a new hero and son.

            Thank you

          • I am honored indeed.

            You might be my 4th loyal reader – I have legions of enemies for my honest commentary on traitorous libertarian loons, CINO Catholic in Name Only Popes.


            Are you going to Amren in May? I’m having a tough time convincing Hunter Wallace to attend – we should have our own table, I think OD is the best Alt Right blog.

          • Thank you, Mr. Ellis.

            As to Amren, no, I am not going. One day my wife and I are going to make the trek to Union Springs & Eufala, where my wife grew up – and, God willing, we will time to attend the annual League of The South convention, where, hopefully, I could avail myself of the opportunity to enjoy the company of some people such as yourself and Mr. Griffin, and to hear Dr. Hill and Pastor Weaver speak in person.

            That would be my first convention ever, unless, of course, the state fair counts as one. I do so love Injun crafts and 4-H cow exhibitions…

          • All the League of the South events I have attended have been solid successes and very good Southern companionship – nice families and a safe place for Southern ladies.

          • That’s what I figured, Mr. Ellis, and just great to hear. Although I am constantly blesst to be in possession of ‘good Southron companionship’, it would be especially nice to spend a few days amongst the keenest patriots of our time – those least confused about what is and what should never be…

            A fine Sunday night to you!

  17. @Mr. Griffin.

    Sir, will you please ban that Manischewitz commenter. What he said to Miss Denise is unspeakably vile, and surely not acceptable to any Southern man, that she be addresst that way.

  18. Heads up! Beyond the derigeur strutting and frottage, as it were, you guys may be missing a rather crucial angle….I’ve been watchng the whole kerfluffle of Hilllary’s anointment as the aspiration of Feminiazional socialist history (as a subset of socialism, they believe in scientific history, trends with their own ends etc)…I think the elites are starting to panic a little. Focused on Beyonce, sure, she did the usual de rigeur decadent posturing, but why is she aligning herself with the black panthers? Duh! Can anyone say that Obama hasn’t been trying to start a race war? From the Dylan Roof bs psyop, to ferguson, the ridiculous rebel flag drama…..who knows? Obama may need an excuse to go for a third term. Certainly AMerica has never been less stable since FDR. CHange you can hardly believe!

    so observe the catspaw/flanking manoeuver-first with these decrepit husks of first-wave feminism telling women to get with the program, then these celebrities gettung indignant about the hood-ignants. And so it goes. ALways remember that successful black folk aint never did shit for the hood. Keep the spotlight where it should be-on the figurehead hat is the president. If the people can elect someone (trump or sanders) who says some outlandish things, rather than a properly-vetted empty suit/lightning rod, they will have to stand for something other than business than usual (the gift will be proving that business can be stopped). Remember, it’s great to lead millions into battle, but that’s just so many bayonets at your back. THis is a moment of people-power, where things are so bad that you lot can set aside first-world partisanism and vote for anyone who addresses real issues.

    • I’m black and my husband is White. He thought it was a great show!…[drops MIC]. We watched it with our four mixed-race kids.

        • Denise, it’s Lent so GOD bless, you. We have a lovely white maid and she makes delightful crumpets. You are exactly they type of “shrew” that made my husband decide to never marry a “white woman.” May the peace of Jesus Christ be with you.

          • Your platitudes about God, and the Christ, are abominations coming from you. You are a liar, and a fraud. Crawl back to Hell, when were you came from.

          • Denise, I hope you have the decency not to share your hatred with those poor children you reach through the PTA. They really deserve better. So does the school. You have no business around kids and your should resign your position.

          • Trust us, “girl”, we wouldn’t have wanted a guy who dabbled in the “dark arts: in the first place. Now, shoo! Back to your voodoo and crumpet baking. There is no maid.

        • God bless you. Mathew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; PS~ Marco Rubio is my neighbor.

      • Compared to looking at you, the oil driller probably did think it was a good show. But obviously his judgment is piss-poor, so there you have it.

        Try not to kill your kids, no matter how tempted you are with the thought of ghetto lobster. No scalding water, no microwaves, no gasoline and matches, and no leaving them in the car while you go shop-lifting with your grrfrns.


    (snip) Lady Gaga belting America’s national anthem was the first sign of what was to come. “Gaga”, dressed in what seems to be a bedazzled homage to Hillary Clinton, invoked the national spirit. “Gaga”, or Stefani Germanotta as she was born, jets throughout the world defending LGBTQRSTUV+ rights, and taking the most predictable stances on any issue imaginable. In short, she is the perfect “muse” for Weimerica.

    Then there was the “halftime” show. In reality a ünter-Dionysian spectacle, set to jungle rythyms and gyrations, that laid open the beating heart of this strange country. Beyoncé, one of the performers, and her “dancers” walked out in an homage to the Black Panther Party, and later on made, what some are claiming is a reference to Malcolm X. Of course, this was all followed up with a tribute to Michael Jackson.

    From the panthers to a pedophile in a few gyrations. What a tribute to black nationalism!

    In reality, the Panthers, Malcolm X, and Michael Jackson have all entered the national consciousness. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many white American school children have more to say about those figures than the Minutemen, Jefferson, or Herman Melville. They’re probably more real to our own children than our ancestors and their own identities.

    If any White American was put off by this display of Black pride he surely settled back into his seat by the end of the performance where we are told to “believe in love”. Togetherness (and equality) will save us. We have overcome, and all the related shibboleths. There was, of course, a certain irony in pairing “black power” and “LGBT equality” aesthetics. (snip)

  20. The trouble with NCAA football and the NFL is it’s become our imbecilic negro criminals beat your imbecilic negro criminals. There are white players here and there but not enough to offset the oppressive feel of colored morons.

    • Amen, brother, amen! Time for a boycott, alt-right style … just don’t show up and don’t tune in. Advertisers FREAK OUT when the only people watching have no purchasing power. Are you listen, NASCAR and your ‘Drive For Diversity’? Congratulations, Mr. France. You’ve ‘driven’ me completely out of your sport! I thought NASCAR’s diversity was just fine … they had Anglos AND Saxons. Just how I like it!

  21. I loathe this b%tch.

    “The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift argued that Beyonce’s halftime show at the Super Bowl was “terrific” and did a “beautiful” and “brilliant” job of “basically tracing black history” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

    Clift stated, “I watched it, thought it was terrific. Had — I didn’t really get all the symbolism, and I think that she did a beautiful job of basically tracing black history, from the middle of the last century on up until today. And also, drawing attention to a — really a shooting of a young man in — right around where the Super Bowl arena was. He was shot 15 times, and trying to surrender. So, there are some real issues here, that people who have trouble with it are basically, the right wing media, Rush Limbaugh, and law and order Rudy Giuliani. That’s about it.”

    She later added, “The Panthers were the cultural underpinning for some of the reactions that we’re seeing today, and I think she did a brilliant job of sort of tracing, you know, 65 years of history, in a kind of sensational way.”

  22. Looks like another screeching, fat black sow wearing unflattering clothes too tight and too trashy to inspire anything but spitting on. Yeah, I know nobody has posted on this thread in months, but I just had to add my $.02.

    And what people get from watching a bunch of overpaid grown savages chase a bag of air around I’ll never understand.

  23. By any standard,BMI, she’s a fat pig
    And Giuliani is right. She puts down the same cops who escorted and protected her fat ass to the stage, which could barely support her

    Get rid of that auto pitch device, and she’s dancing in a chorus for a fraction of what she’s paid

    And why does she put down the white establishment when she wants to be white (skin)

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