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    • All day the media has been signaling that it is preparing to do just that. The main talking point today is that if Sanders and Trump do not win by at least 15 points, then they will be seen as losers.

      • I think the +15% threshold is correct. If Trump wins by “only” 12%, the cuckservatives will say that he lost for all intents and purposes. Additionally, there will be pressure for Carson, Yeb, Kasich and possibly either Cruz or Rubio to bow out so that an anti-Trump candidate to emerge.

      • Yes, but when Cruz won Iowa by only 4 points, that was a huge victory signaling the downfall of flash-in-the-pan Trump.

    • Trump overperformed. Nobody is spinning it as a loss. The Left is as awed/frightened as the Cucks: they desperately need the Republiscam party to last another decade or so, to keep Whites participating in the Jew-system until they are an outright minority in the country and can be safely disposed of

    • Last week it was being spun that Trump was done for. Tomorrow I expect to hear how Trump really should’ve done better in a state like NH, and Kasich and Señor Bush are finally beginning to hit their stride, even though Trump received more votes than both of them put together. Karl Rove will get out the dry erase board he keeps in his back pocket and write some meaningless figures on it to show how this time next year we’ll have our third President Bush.

  1. National Review Spreads Debunked Claim Trump Voted for Obama


    ‘Sometime just after 1 p.m. eastern, on this crucially-important New Hampshire voting day, using a fake Donald Trump tweet, National Review’s official Twitter account spread the thoroughly-debunked claim that Trump voted for Barack Obama:

    The issue of this fake tweet was litigated just last month when conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck was forced to apologize for spreading this false news.

    National Review is vehemently anti-Trump. Late last month the publication devoted an entire issue to defeating the billionaire businessman.’

    • Trump should buy NRO. Fire everyone there and hire some real talent from the alt-right and actually make some money for a change.

  2. Jeb! Will do better but still isn’t appealing to anyone. Trump should win and Bernie will defeat Hillary. In other words, a good evening.

    • Agree, Bush would get a bump in other polls from coming in second but it wouldn’t last long after Trump went into berserker mode and ended that real fast.

      Trump loves attacking Bush.

  3. Any results yet? I can’t look…if Trump loses I will have to talk one of my cronies off the ledge tonight…

  4. Reports of mass suicides at ADL, SPLC & AIPAC HQ are still unconfirmed. Medical personnel on standby at all major news networks. Bill Kristol and John Podhoetz have been spotted, naked and drunk, attempting to erect some sort of wall around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    • I think this latest branding of Kasich as “the nice one” among the rough bunch is actually having some effect. I can’t understand it, I was hoping we’d heard the last of him 🙁

    • If Kasich finishes in a strong 2nd place I don’t see the Republican Establishment rallying around him as the Anti-Trump. In fact, it only complicates matters as they would probably like to force some candidates out in order to coalesce the Anti-Trump vote to a single candidate prior to Super Tuesday.

  5. Iowa and New Hampshire are where economic advantages are blunted, as the campaign progresses, cash will be king. Trump hasn’t really built much of a ground game anywhere and hasn’t spent much money either (as if he cannot differentiate running for President and The Apprentice…)

    The way the various cucks are splitting the vote seems to favor Trump as each cuck could make the case that they are still competitive into Super Tuesday.

    Trump is again under performing his poll numbers (Nielsen ratings do not equal votes).

    Sanders is not crushing Clinton enough, but a “W” is a “W”. The Establishment is paradoxically propping up a candidate that could lose to Trump.

    We are on course for Trump having the nomination stolen from him, and the GOP
    piñata will get dispatched by a weak and hated Clinton: this is not a bad outcome by any means. I am confident that the white nationalist movement will find its true voice in 2017 as a fully separatist movement.

    I also find it humorous that the state that voted most in line with Hunter Wallace is a Yankee bastion; will we see the Trump-Sanders combo any where else this cycle?

  6. Bush will slowly creep up, until he finally gets the nomination. Then, he can credibly lose to Mrs. Clinton. He won’t be a clown or freak like in the last two elections. The oligarchs won’t risk giving away the rigged game by mocking the electorate with ridiculous candidates again. Bush, fake opposition you can believe in.

    • The Conservative Treehouse has long held this theory out as Trump’s biggest challenge to overcome. I thought it was crazy until this week everything they prophesied started manifesting right in front of our eyes. Truly incredible to think that wet sock could actually be the nominee, but I hope Trump-Master has a solid, “unpredictable” plan in place to stop him 🙂

    • Perhaps you could better call it fighting on every front. I see no reason why voting should be rejected as a form of battle, given how trivial the effort is to vote. (It’s easier than getting a take out pizza).

      Re a “Crash” The system has shown resilience through the following events: The Civil War, the Great Depression, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, vast technological, cultural and demographic transformation. If we are to survive it will have to be as an act of will, not a historical accident, or an error of the other side.

      The vast majority of GOP primary voters did not vote for Trump. How does he get to 50+1%? How does he win the nomination without a majority? A brokered convention does not go to Trump – the cuckservatives would rather forfeit the election than roll the dice on Trump. They are savvy enough to know that a Trump flame out kills populism for a generation, which is a win for them.

      On the other side of the ledger, Clinton could not win either of the first two contests in a bossed election; as of now she is in the 30s, which is horrible for a front runner. She is a horribly weak candidate, and I wonder if the string pullers aren’t getting ready to sub in Biden/Warren 2016?

      She could bow out gracefully by getting “sick” or they could actually enforce the law and haul her off to prison.

      • I’m glad for you, Mr, Bahn.

        Like many patriots here, I am sure these times have long been trying your soul. The hope that something better might be coming is a much needed balm.

      • You’re most certainly welcome, Miss Denise.

        A most sincere congratulations I offer to you, too. Mr. Trump’s landslide New Hampshire primary victory ought not be taken for granted – he had everything against him, not to mention a huge field, and he commanded it all the way. Very impressive, and nothing quite like it I have witnesst hithertofore.

        Thank you for your graciousness, too, and a very good night to you and yours.

  7. Ha!

    Bill Kristol ?@BillKristol Feb 4
    NH prediction, 5 days out: Rubio 25, Cruz 22, Trump 19, Kasich 17, others single digits.

      • I am, my heart’s darling, I am. My local GOP Bossman loves me – I personally ovened his rival. He is a TrumpenVolk – but he can’t publicly support Trump until Trump is the official Nominee.
        We are meeting this weekend…..

  8. Trump’s resounding victory will likely give him a bounce going forward. But if the Establishment rallies around a single candidate, but Cruz sticks around to take votes from Trump, they can still determine the nominee.

      • It won’t matter much until the 15th of March, as prior to that, the delegates are proportional, and the Establishment will give them to each other. But for the Winner-Take-All States starting the 15th, the Establishment may have settled on a candidate.

        • There is no one to rally around, they all are incredibly weak. Plausible candidates would have to be brought in from the sidelines (Romney, Abbott, Perry).

          Trump gets to the 40s soon on race dynamics and momentum, how does he get to the 50s?

          I recommend acting Presidential and mollifying peoples fears about him as President (that he’s erratic, that he’s untrustworthy, that he will trigger a diplomatic / military / economic crisis that he won’t be able to handle).

          They used to call this “running to the center” after wrapping up the primary.

      • And I’d bet that no former candidate will endorse Trump. He will have to go it alone. This is the first POTUS primary season I can remember that wasn’t a coronation for the “next-in-line” Republican.

    • With Kasich coming out of NH in 2nd and Yeb ahead of Rubot it’s going to be harder than ever for them to rally around one of them. The Cruz thing is definitely a problem in SC though. We just have to keep pouring out all the info on him.

  9. Rich Lowry ?@RichLowry 12m12 minutes ago
    Once again it likely falls to @tedcruz to blunt Trump’s momentum. He did it IA, can he do it in SC?

  10. Ann CoulterVerified account?@AnnCoulter

    MSNBC reporting Trump won EVERY SINGLE DEMOGRAPHIC in NH: conservatives, independents, Repubs, college ed, no college ed, religious, etc….

  11. Now we get the disgusting sight of Hillary and Bernie sucking up to the blacks in South Carolina. Prepare yourselves it is going to be sickening.

  12. Sorry to have to say this to my proud Southern by the grace of God kinsmen, but….

    The reality has been that REAL Yankees in New Hampshire have been much, much better than Southern (in name only) folks in South Carolina.

    I’be dreading the South Carolina presidential primary.

      • Yes. premature.

        I’m still hoping for something better.

        God bless our kinsmen in South Carolina. Please don’t do something stupid (again).

      • That’s what we all want. Sounds reasonable but ….

        South Carolina doesn’t have a heterosexual White man in the office of SC Governor, US Senators. Just google South Carolina GOP presidential primaries – all terrible.

        In SC there are so many of the worst anti forces there – with big $s.

        Christian Zionists have been quiet for a bit too long, they are sure to start causing trouble and doing really REALLY stupid #*$&#*.

        What’s the Huckster Mike Huckabee been up to lately? Is he partnering with Glen Beck, moving to Israel?

      • The enemy/enemies can do lots of underhanded things like getting hundreds of thousands of Blacks in South Carolina to vote in GOP primary.

        Clinton forces want all those votes and it now looks like Clinton’s team is betting the bank on winning all the South with Blacks and just liberals who think Sanders only plays in Northern, Midwest Lib, White working class places.

  13. 2008: Clinton New Hampshire 39% of the vote against 3 plausible candidates

    2016: Clinton New Hampshire 39% of the vote against 1 plausible candidate

    Conclusion, the Obama coalition seems to be supporting Bernie; Clinton will lose.

    Contrapositive: Clinton is strangely getting more delegates than Bernie at this time, much like Iowa.

    The impact on the general election: In every poll, Bernie Sanders has trounced Trump, much more so than Clinton has. I find that hard to understand and a bit troubling, but there it is. The first openly Jewish Socialist President of the United States? Is this the upshot of the “alt-right” vs cuckservatives?

    • The odd thing about Clinton is that she had a group of supporters—including many media people—who seem to have regarded her candidacy as tremendously exciting and her nomination as a certainty, even though observers both liberal and conservative have long pointed out that she’s annoying, unappealing. (See, for instance, this 2009 Onion video: http://www.theonion.com/video/us-condemned-for-pre-emptive-use-of-hillary-clinto-14367 “U.S. Condemned for Pre-Emptive Use of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan”.)

      Although I haven’t seen the polls you mention, Afterthought, I’m not surprised to hear Sanders shows up as a greater challenge than Clinton for Trump. That’s not to say I think Trump can’t prevail against him, but it means I don’t share the view of a cuckservative commentator who recently said Trump would win 49 states in a contest with Sanders.

      PS Here’s another Onion piece, a faux-Clinton-column from October 2015: http://www.theonion.com/blogpost/i-am-fun-51731
      “I Am Fun.” As someone I know recently said, the woman is a catastrophic failure of personality formation.

    • Keep in mind that there are I don’t know how many millions of white men (many if not most with wives) who haven’t voted in a presidential general for decades who will be there this time, with their wives.

  14. Kasich rolled over on homo marriage, and he has wildly exaggerated his economic success in Ohio. How’s that for starters?

  15. Trump is making em crazy.

    Dana Loesch ?@DLoesch 4h4 hours ago
    Sitting in on my oldest’s All Journey breakfast for boys. The lesson this morning: “Evil prospers when good men do nothing.”

  16. ‘Time magazine columnist Joe Klein declared that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s voters “are a real threat to this country” on Tuesday’s broadcast of PBS’s “Charlie Rose Show.”

    Klein said of Trump, “This is a guy who doesn’t know anything, except to say evil things about other people, and –.”

    He added, “If you vote for Trump, it means you’re not paying attention. These are low-information voters. They are a real threat to this country. They’re a real threat to our standing in the world.”

    Klein further stated of Trump’s supporters, “I think that their anger is self-indulgent, and I think that this really — it’s a disaster for the Republican Party. It’s a disaster for the country. Things aren’t so bad here. You know, it’s time that we put this thing into a little bit of perspective.”


  17. The local noontime news showed a video of Bernie hugging the sickly looking (AIDS?) Rev. Al. That’s all I need to know about Bernie.

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