Neocohens: The Boy Who Cried “Totalitarianism”

Ben Shapiro is our top pick for most butthurt column this morning following the landslide victories of Trump and Sanders in New Hampshire:

“On the surface, there’s not much in common between New Hampshire GOP primary winner Donald Trump and Democratic primary winner Bernie Sanders. Trump is a billionaire businessman; Sanders is a career politician. Trump’s personal favorability is the lowest of all candidates on either side; Sanders’ is the highest. But the impulse that drove New Hampshire voters to the polls for Sanders is the same as the impulse that drove them to the polls for Trump: the desire for a powerful authority figure to fix everything using the power of government. In fact, before the New Hampshire primary, CNN reported, “Because independents can register as ‘undeclared’ in New Hampshire and then vote in either party’s primary, the Vermont senator’s campaign has noted some of these voters are wavering between Sanders and Trump.”

There’s a reason for the confusion: Trump and Sanders aren’t that different on policy. Really. …”

Trump and Sanders are “totalitarians” because both share common ground on a number of issues: trade, campaign finance, veterans, Medicare and Social Security, Iraq and Russia. Trump also attacks Wall Street and doesn’t want to see poor people dying in the streets because of their lack of healthcare. That’s a bad thing?

Note: This little twerp filed a police report against Zoey Tur rather than meet her in a one-on-one confrontation in the parking lot.

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  1. Neocohen cries “foul!” when “freedom and democracy” don’t go his way. No doubt the power of government needs to fix this.

    • I think only the power of a resolute Southern populace can correct this, Mr. Whitaker,- not government. Government is part of the problem – a big part.

  2. We all remember Ben. One of the champions of the Iraq war. He championed the super duper important “war of civilizations” as he called it while sitting in college.

    This little Jew boy never thought it was important enough to put on a uniform himself – he left all that good ole’ fashioned Constitution Liberty lovin’ stuff to our fathers brothers, and sons. Nice of him huh?

    Now he wants us to elect Ted Cruz – who says he will not stand with anyone unless they stand with Israel who you can guarantee will get us into another useless war for Israel. No thanks Ben! I’ll take my chances with the “totalitarian” Donald Trump

    Note: I saw that David Limbaugh agrees with little Jew boy Ben’s column calling Trump a totalitarian. Looks like they are coalescing against Trump for one last stand before he sweeps Super Tuesday and wins this thing.

  3. Ben also wants the government to solve his problems.
    For instance, there are still some Shiites and Christians left alive in the Middle East, and there are still some unraped shiksas in Europe.
    Ben wants the government to solve these problems by bombing Iran and Syria.

  4. It’s rather the opposite.

    Trump is simply promising to enforce a set of border laws.

    My guess is that he will rule sparingly outside of that brief.


  5. Speaking of Hebrews, John Kasich has taken over $200,000 dollars in the last year from George Soros.

    The Hebrews even have their claws into cornpone Ohio.

  6. Bernie the Jew flew straight into the arms of Grand Imperial Nigger Al Charlatan, after his big Goy win.
    There are critical differences between the Trumpenfuhrer, and Bernie the Jew.

  7. Oh boy. Larry King introducing little 12-year-old Shapiro, playing the Holohoax theme while wearing his stupid little beanie hat. The entire scene is more kosher than a Hebrew Frank.

    And I know that every Jew in audience really thought that this was some awesome Jewish prodigy-ness, but it wasn’t. I’ve seen kids that age and younger play Bach partitas with aplomb.

    • Amen to that! A jew can play a fiddle- ‘A Fiddler on the Roof- sounds crazy, no?’ Meh.

      A Jew pretending to be an artist/white man, playing Bach on a violin, is a theological and cultural insult- to the White Man, Stradivarius, Bach, and the Violin itself.

  8. The primary error in such thinking is defining identity solely on a political economic system. Aside from the obvious universalist tendencies such an orientation will also ultimately fail. It is the circumstances of history that largely decide what political or economic system is best suited to the exigencies of the times. That is what will decide whether a system is just or unjust. Whether Shapiro believes it or not there are circumstances, and we as a people appear to be on the brink of just such an abyss, in which “totalitarianism” is the only means to continue our survival as a people on the land given to us by our forebears.

    History, impersonal force that it is, has its cycles. Only soon to be doomed fools ignore them.

  9. This was predicted by Oswald Spengler.

    “Undoubtedly Spengler was inspired by the works of Vilfredo Pareto and Gustave le Bon, who had earlier attempted to outline similar patterns of the rise and fall of political elites. In Pareto’s and Le Bon’s scheme, decadence sets in when the power elite no longer follows the established rule of social selection, and fails to identify internal and external enemies(4). Once it becomes emasculated by economic affluence and debilitated by the belief in the boundless goodness of its political opponents, the elite has already signed its own obituary. In similar words, Spengler contends that the rise of Caesarism must be viewed as a natural fulfillment of the money-dictatorship as well as its dialectical removal:

    “The sword wins over money; the master-will conquers again the booty-will”. (2:634; 2:506)”

  10. Shapiro is determined to fight the Arabs and Persians to the last American. Guess what entity benefits from that ?

    • Here you go. This is funny as hell. I didn’t know Benji played the violin. That is no doubt his only decent quality.

      “Benjamin Shapiro, Manly Man!”

      Bob Wallace

  11. These schlomos seem bad at Math. How are they expecting Five Billion Dollars for Israel if nobody in America pays any taxes? Is China gonna send you the money Neo Cohen boy? I don’t think so. Those Mexicans on welfare are getting rebates from the IRS called Earned Income Credits. EIC is why America is heading towards bankruptcy dumbass. White people pay all your bills schlomo. You kill them and you’ll die the next day.

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