South Carolina Is Trump Country

Trump wins, ¡Jeb! cried, Cruz choked and Rubio declared victory after losing for the third time in a row sums up what we saw last night in South Carolina which succeeded in uncucking itself in a YUGE victory that resulted in Trump winning all 50 delegates.

Dig beneath the top line result:

“WASHINGTON — Donald Trump comfortably defeated his Republican presidential rivals on Saturday in South Carolina’s GOP primary.

Trump’s resounding victory isn’t simply a boon to his prospects for winning the Republican presidential nomination, an outcome once thought impossible that is looking increasingly more plausible. It is also an embarrassing repudiation of conservative orthodoxy that has dominated Republican politics for decades. It suggests that the party’s intellectual leaders, who organized the base around the National Review/Weekly Standard consensus — small government, free trade, pro-Israel, deregulation, low taxes, social conservatism and an aggressive foreign policy — have been generals of a phantom army.

The troops, instead, are marching with Trump, who bested his rivals in South Carolina by campaigning against nearly everything the Bush family, the Republican Party and neoconservatives who supported military interventions advocated for. Among his many breaks with the elite consensus, Trump declared that former President George W. Bush had lied about weapons of mass destruction to march the country to war; blamed Bush for the 9/11 attacks, arguing that he ignored intelligence community warnings; defended Planned Parenthood; boasted that he was the only Republican who would not cut Social Security or Medicare; said he approved of the individual mandate in Obamacare; and promised to slap onerous tariffs on companies who outsource jobs.

And where Washington and New York-based GOP leaders pledge outreach to immigrants, moderate Muslims and other minorities, the reality TV star plays more overt racial politics than any national candidate since George Wallace. Trump’s brand of nativist, nationalist isolationism marked the path to victory. Rival candidate Jeb Bush is a dead man.”

Nevada votes on Tuesday where Trump has a 20 to 30 point lead.

Note: As I predicted, the black block vote sunk Bernie Sanders in Nevada who would have easily won if White working class voters weren’t so alienated from the Democratic Party.

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  1. “defended Planned Parenthood” – but not abortion!

    Huffington post is incapable of writing an article without inserting lies.

    • Abortion is a settled issue, women really do have a right to not be forced by the state to go through 9 months of pregnancy and 18 years of child rearing if they are not in a good situation. Problem is not enough of them are having them and these low class, fatherless households are filling our schools with little turds who never amount to much. Running on an Evangelical agenda in the general election will turn off a great deal of women voters who are of childbearing age as they think “what if” and want that option same way many men want the option of a gun should they need to defend themselves.

      • “Abortion is a settled issue, women really do have a right to not be forced by the state to go through 9 months of pregnancy and 18 years of child rearing if they are not in a good situation.”

        Bullshit. I’d consider you an accessory to the crime of infanticide for that comment. And don’t think that a post-Trumpenreich won’t go there. Overton Windows may be rusty, but we’re pushing it further:

        “…ever to the right
        Never to the left, forever to the right
        May our creed be never to exceed
        Regulated speed, no matter what the need.”
        – 1776

        We Whites are those cool, calm considerate men, who never forgive… and will never forget. But we ARE going to the right, never you fear. Or perhaps you should….

        Women need to repent and recant their devil’s sorcery, and their lustfulness.

        And we have the Bible on our side. [I Tim. 2:14]

      • Isn’t funny how Republicans claim to want “government out of our lives”, yet on the issues of personal freedoms they want complete control. Abortion, marijuana, sexual behaviors (and I am not referring specifically to homosexuality, rather other behaviors), gambling, and so forth. Sure they want us to keep more if our own money so long as we can only spend it on what they permit. Meanwhile they cheer on and enable a downward shift in the demographics of our once White nation. Yet they do not tell Israel that “Diversity is strength”, and they need to be more “multicultural”.

      • I don’t know if it’s a woman’s right or not, but it sure is a good eugenics policy to let them do it. I would prefer proactive birth control measures though.

    • Was this a result of the Establishment wanting to prevent a Ron Paul type from amassing delegates? If so, it’s doubly satisfying!

      • Interesting. It’s geared to suppress Libertarian patterns. But it has emboldened a harder nationalistic flavored candidate.

        The district by district polls indicate that Congress could be transformed into a fascist assembly.

  2. Last night, a friend of mine expressed the view that Cruz, not Trump, is the candidate whose support has a “low ceiling,” as the pundits say. We’ll see. My friend said he thought Cruz’s support would now wither away.

    • Your friend is right. Rafael’s fake evangelical act fooled a lot of them at first but too many other facts about him have risen. That act was really all he had. Pool boy will end up being Trump’s only Rep challenger and the Don will tear him to shreds. Mark my words.

      • That sounds right, Marc. My friend added, by the way, that a memorable moment of bomb-throwing by Trump, should he win the presidency, would be nomination of Cruz for the opening on the Supreme Court. I had to chuckle at that one.

          • No, he would fit right into the North Carolina idea of a justice to a tee, Mr. Bahn, as his thrust is very similar to our dearly departed Senator Helms, himself a great ally of Israel, and no fan of the Yankee government’s inclination to behave like Kudzoo.

    • Seeing Cruz play the evangelical card, watching his looks and demeanor he reminds me of the Steve Newlin character on True Blood.

      • After I read your comment, I went to YouTube and looked for clips of the Newlin character, since all I’ve known of “True Blood” is its title sequence, with that bluesy rock song. After seeing a few minutes there, at YouTube, of Newlin, I can see why Cruz reminds you of him. Oddly enough, one of the clips showed Newlin handling a talk-show caller who was advocating expulsion of vampires and, I think, Mexicans, so American jobs will be protected. This seemed a lot more like the present presidential campaign than I’d expected.

        • Who owns the Media? Who have been presented as Vampires for centuries? Who sucks off the ‘life blood’ of a civlization, time after time, after time? Who lusted for Christ’s Blood from the Cross?

          It sure as Hell ain’t the Norwegians.

          • You need to go listen to Kai Murros’s “National Revolution in England” at the London Forum if you haven’t already. Every White person in every White country needs to listen to it. He does not mince words. I just heard it the other day and listened to it twice. It’s a template for England….. and beyond. What’s so great about it is the man actually says what we sadly all know will eventually be needed for our own survival. If things don’t turn around soon.

          • You betcha! Why not? Our Enemies don’t ever show us a shred of mercy. Black Flag WAR!. Go big or go home and get White Genocided.

      • A week or so ago, Sam, I saw, at some website, a long list of Texan politicos who’ve endorsed Cruz—or something like that. Because my own knowledge of electoral politics is very, very limited, I didn’t know what to make of it; but one of the comments that had been posted in response to the list read something like, “Let’s be blunt: this is the Tea Party contingent in the Texas legislature”—or whatever was the political group represented by the list. That made me think that persons who do know the politics of Texas are of the view that Cruz will not do as strongly there as some persons might expect.

    • Who knows, Mr. Bonaccorsi?

      That said, I do not believe Mr. Cruz’s support will ‘wither away’, because those of us who are for him, have no good alternative to him, baset on the principles for which we support him.

      I do, however, believe that Rubio will be the Republican nominee – one way of the other, and that an angry Trump will launch a punitive 3rd party candidacy for the presidency.

      In such a case, a Miss Hillary presidency seems likely, which is an awful thing to contemplate.

      • I feel pretty certain that the establishment will try some other way to get rid of Trump, but I can’t say if they will succeed or not. Anything is possible, and I wouldn’t rule out an assassination attempt, but Trump is a very smart man and I’m sure he’s taken precautions.

        • I agree with you, Your Excellency. The GOP establishment will no more permit Mr. Trump to steal their thunder, than did the network oligarchs allow the zany broadcaster, Howard Beale, in the 1976 film, ‘NETWORK’, to take over their network; yet, while the money was flowing, for a time, they permitted him to go on.

          That film, by the way, was clairvoyant as to radio programs like Alex Jones, or candidacies of Mr. Trump.

          I agree with you that Mr. Trump is extremely savvy, but, he is swimming in unspeakably dangerous waters.

          This is the wildest election year I have yet witnesst, Mr. Davis, and I have been watching them for a very long time.

    • I hope you’re right, but I’ll bet (I know) a good chunk of evangelicals will go for Cruz because of the “preacher’s kid” factor. I don’t think it will be enough to sway the election–at least I hope not, and SC makes it look like it won’t. But I still say there will be a sizeable chunk (not majority except in places like Iowa) of evangelicals that stick with Cruz.

    • Half of Yeb’s and Kasich’s will got to Rubot, the other half to Trump. Most of Carson’s will go to Trump. Few as they are, it’ll be almost a wash, with a slight edge for Trump (the winner factor). Come the general, they’re all Trump. Because Hillo-bitch-never-ending-bed-death.

  3. SC rejected the cucks. They rejected the “new face of the Republican party” and the evangelicals rejected Beck and the revival tent performer Cruz. Great day!

    • Beck was Trump bashing ALL effing WEEK! And it did him NO GOOD!

      I laud and honor the God, YHWH of Israel and His Son, Jesus Christ, that allowed Trump to win, and will enable his Chosen One, to step on the necks of hypocrite polytheist phonies like Beck-stein, as he marches to the Capitol.

  4. SC awarded delegates proportionally but with a weird system. Thing is, since Trump won both the state in general and in every Congressional district, he’s going to get all 50 delegates.

    Remember, this kind of system was put in place, the system where states which voted before March 15 could not do winner-take-all, for the expressed benefit of Jeb!, and this is how he thought he could, in his own words, “lose the primary but win the general.”

  5. I’m so glad to see Bush gone, I really can’t stand that family and their politics. At least Obama gave me a year of welfare after my job got shipped overseas. Trump has always been an egotist and a crackpot to some degree and that may well mean the 2/3rds of the republican electorate that hasn’t gone for him will never go for him. Should he get in and actually implement anti “free-trade” policies I fear corporate America will be content to pay the tariffs on the goods hoping to wait it out until they can get one of their shills back in there as opposed to rebuilding our manufacturing sector. Seriously, there is no “new economy” these liars have claimed there would be. The “new economy” should be the manufacture of smartphones and HDTVs, the cutting edge of technology. That of course is done with cheap coolie labor overseas. I am still voting for Trump even though I feel he is somewhat of a crackpot egotist just because he is the only one talking about the true reason our economy sucks, this awful unprotected trade policy that has decimated our society with economic aids. A vote for Trump is a middle finger to the globalists.

    • Trump is not perfect. No one is perfect. He’s has successes and failures. He does REAL things, in the REAL world. He’s beat the Hebes at their own game – real estate – in Jew York City. He knows what he’s doing.

  6. Trump just spoke in Atlanta, and nailed it. The audience and he were in synch. Having enough of a break between rallies really helps.

    Also, he called out the speculators and currency manipulators – then the donors and asked to look into who all these donors for his opponents are. One needn’t look too hard to see a Jew.

    With Jeb gone, the cucks are lining up behind Rubio, so time to spread the word to other sites:

    being inexperienced, missing Senate votes, weak on stopping illegal immigration, foreign war supporter, Robot beholden to donors kosherites Braman, Singer, Sheldon Adelson – and a slick good looking young minority in Senate resembles Obama.

      • Denise, have you also heard that Cruz’s father is a Marrano? I read that several times and found it interesting. As for Marco, the late Bob Chapman always said DC is loaded with homosexuals. LOADED WITH THEM. He also said Ronald Reagan was one. Not a bisexual, he said homosexual. He went to a private film screening when he lived in CA and the things Ronnie did in it convinced him it was impossible for him not to be. He said there were about 25 other people who watched the film. I was listening to the radio broadcast when I heard him say it so it was not hearsay for me in that regard. The things we don’t know about our elected officials…..

    • I was in attendance at the Atlanta rally yesterday, it was fantastic with an incredible turnout of 16 thousand people.

  7. When Señor Jeb told us that he was now going to go sleep with the love of his life, he redefined the notion of TMI.

  8. I guess bringing out George Bush to help Jeb was effective, as was the establishment stacking last Saturday’s debate audience with classless donors to boo Trump and cheer Bush.

    Well played, GOPe. Very well played.

  9. 100% tariff will make Oriental products rare. Small US manufacturers will hire workers for 15 bucks an hour to produce patented inventions. Orient will beg to buy things manufactured in America.

  10. Congratulations to everyone here and elsewhere that broke the South Carolina Presidential primary curse. We did it.

    We also (temporarily) knocked back the race denying Constitutionalist Libertarian cult – they will be back.

    Let’s all give some thanks, celebrate in a responsible way then…

    Step back.

    No really step back.

    I’m stepping back – I’m not a big player, the Trump campaign goes on, others of like mind are starting – we/I don’t need to be the face of this “movement” for the lugenpresse – lying press/neo cons, RINOs, CINO, cuckstervatives to stalk – neither should you be the bad buys.

    Stay safe brothers and sisters.

    We’re doing OK tonight.

    God bless

      • Thanks for the kind words. Would you be interested in going to the Amren conference outside of Nashville TN in May? We could have an OD oriented table?

        • I apologize, Mr. Ellis, but, the only organization that has ever seriously attracted my interest is the League of The South. I cannot get over how great Dr. Hill is, nor can I stop admiring many others, such as this site host, yourself, Mr. Cushman, Mr. Tubbs, Mr. Tomey, and Pastor Weaver, for starters.

          In a time when I could succumb to a great depression, pursuant to the insipid ennui & inexcusable passivity of my fellow Southerners, I look to both Jesus Chryst & these men, y’all, for inner renewal.

          That said, if there is ever a time when Mr. Griffin would need a Southern Nationalist with my blood, to come forth and defend his work, in publick of private, rest assured that I would, unhesitantly, do so.

          Thank you, though, for considering me. I am deeply honoured by your generosity & kindness to me.

  11. So hopefully Trump takes Nevada this week, then it is on to super-Tuesday next week. Trump should do well in the South. The Northern primaries are happening on Trump’s home turf with lots of blue collar whites and fewer religious nuts; there is no chance that Cruz and Rubio will get traction in the North.

  12. Thank you South Carolina!

    When the Republican pundits say they worry that Trump will lose in a landslide if he gets the nomination, I think they really mean that they are worried that Trump may actually win. They always claim that Republicans must moderate their positions in order to nominate candidates that appeal to nonwhites. If Trump wins on the back of working class whites, then they will have no credible excuse to not adopt policies that appeal to the white people who voted the party to victory.

    • They have no real excuse anyway but your point is well taken. They deserve to have to point driven up their …..

  13. Nightowl, down this thread, noted that Rafael Cruz recalled Steve Newlin, from the “True Blood” vampyre TV show. Let’s get this going! This is GENIUS. It will be all over Twitter.

    Also – ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS call Cruz by his real first name, Rafael.

    • I’ve noticed that too, that “Rafael” disarms people a bit more than Uncle ‘Ted’.

      What I’d really love to see is him challenged on more obscure Christian doctrine. Stuff that a real believer would know but would make him stutter.

      That said, Cruz isn’t going anywhere. Rubot’s the empire’s boy. At least until The Don reaches for his flyswatter.

      • Rafael is no idiot. I expect he’d know any question you ask of him.

        He’s no Christian, but he’s no idiot either.

        • No, he’s no idiot. But he’s no genius either. A smarter man who chose the evangelical track would have paired it with more than just that. And being a constitutional lawyer isn’t good enough. Half good, half cursed, and all that.

          His biggest problem is that there are still too many people around who remember how Dubya, among so many others, took them for a ride on those exact premises.

          Americans CAN learn. It just takes time.

  14. Interesting, by the way, that Melania went pretty in pink for her appearance before the good folk of Dixie.

    • Anyone notice that they’re trying to paint her a porn star because she’s prettier than a screeching gorilla or a Mexican midget?

      • I’m not sure I’ve yet encountered any such attack on Melania Trump, Marc; but now that you’ve mentioned it, I won’t be surprised by any such attack that might take place before this thing is all over.

    • So many Presbyterians want to break away, lol. They can’t, because they don’t own the assets locally, or not all the assets.

      That means nothing to Presbyterians.

  15. Yeah the white working class is invincible if it has a champion. And that class has seen the Democidal plan.

    Cometh the Hour Cometh the Man.

  16. “…generals of a phantom army.”

    No, the army is real enough. It’s just tired of being sent on suicide missions. This is a mutiny.

  17. Nikki (Nimrata Randawa) Haley’s facebook page is littered with littered with self-loathing conservatives cucks who only wish is to elect & serve a RINO, preferably a minority.

  18. Nikki (Nimrata Randawa) Haley’s facebook page is littered with self-loathing conservative cucks who only wish is to elect & serve a RINO, preferably a minority.

    • I saw a cuckservative last night “warn” me that if DT gets the nomination, Cruz supporters will see to it that DT loses, even if they have to vote for Hilary. Yep. Sounds like a true conservative to me. Very principled, don’t you know.

      I recall many elections where I held my nose and voted for whatever establishment loser they forced upon us, but now that they’re unable to do that this time, they’re going to throw a temper tantrum. They are sick puppies.

      • They’ve done it before. I remember “Republicans for LBJ” wouldn’t support Goldwater in 1964. Ironically, my father, a life long Democrat from a blue collar background, voted for Barry. In all his 47 years he had never before defected from the Dems.
        Gotta love White blue collar Democrats. They were going for George Wallace in the North until he was conveniently eliminated.

  19. The “new conservatives” according to Nimrata (Nikki Haley) Randawa’s Facebook page.
    Feel disenfranchised yet SC voters?

  20. Sam:

    I don’t know if it is a settled issue, but women as a whole regard
    the right to an abortion similar to the way gun rights advocates view
    the second amendment.

    We are tilting at windmills where abortion is concerned and we are wasting a lot of our time electing conservatives who like breaking out their pro-life credentials during the election cycle so they can win office without addressing more important issues like illegal immigration and banking fraud, etc. The whole issue is dropped right after they win office until the next election cycle. Do we really need to keep falling for this okie dokie?

    Roe v. Wade is unconstitutional because only Congress not SCOTUS is supposed to write new laws, but the time for Congress to challenge that ruling was right after it was made. The genie is already out of the bottle on that one. Millions of women have had abortions and millions more have been indoctrinated to believe that it is a right rather than a stupid form of birth control.

    Even if, by some miracle, abortion could be outlawed in the USA, that wouldn’t stop women from aborting their babies. They’d go to Canada or Mexico. And the vast majority of them would be White while abortion would only keep poor so-called women of color. If you think the antics of “urban youths” are bad right now, picture how much worse it would have been if abortion had been outlawed. We’d definitely be South Africa right now.

    Last, but not least, tilting at this windmill unlocks a terrible door that swings both ways. Recent history has proven that if a government can compel a woman to carry an unwanted child to term like Romania did, a government can also force a woman to abort a wanted child like China did. Both policies were in place throughout the late eighties into the nineties.

    Frankly, I am less worried about a government not allowing a woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy than I am terrified about a government forcing a woman to abort a wanted child. With the way Hollywood and the media are collaborating on the kulakization of Whites everywhere around the world, can anyone disagree that the latter scenario is more likely than the former?

    If anything, we need to push for Congress to pass two amendments: the first which prohibits Congress or any public official from defining what is marriage and the second which prohibits Congress or any government entity from getting in any way involved in the reproductive decisions of the American people.

    • The White Genocide Cult doesn’t need forced abortions for White women. We are already below minimum replacement rates and they are flooding us with hundreds of millions of 3rd worlders and forcing us to breed with them.

  21. “Rival candidate Jeb Bush is a dead man.”

    Well, one can only hope…

    “Millions of women have had abortions and millions more have been indoctrinated to believe that it is a right rather than a stupid form of birth control.”

    That is correct. And repentance starts with them. [I Tim. 2:14] Men can complain all they want, but until women repent and cry to YHWH God over their most grievous sin, they are damned for the crime/sin of infanticide… and fornication; which is the PRIMARY reason abortion was even CONSIDERED, let alone made ‘non-punitive’ (For it will NEVER be ‘legal’) in the first place

    The nation is internally metastasized, and we need to stop the cancer… excise the foreign bodies (Aliens/Xenos) AND the bleeding (Economy/Legal anarchy), before we stitch up the vaginas of whoring women (Anti-infanticide amendment) and restore patriarchal rule and reign over them (Make America WHITE again).

    “Cometh the Hour Cometh the Man.”

    I have been reminded time and time again, since last summer, that God raises up MEN- not just males, but REAL MEN -LEADERS, to help turn a nation from the precipice. INVARIABLY, they have ALL BEEN WHITE Men.

    There is a hymn that states this cultural watershed, that keeps reverberating like a bugle call in my head…

    Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide,
    In the strife of truth with falsehood, for the good or evil side;
    Some great cause, some great decision, offering each the bloom or blight,
    And the choice goes by forever, ’twixt that darkness and that light.

    Then to side with truth is noble, when we share her wretched crust,
    Ere her cause bring fame and profit, and ’tis prosperous to be just;
    Then it is the brave man chooses while the coward stands aside,
    Till the multitude make virtue of the faith they had denied.

    By the light of burning martyrs, Christ, Thy bleeding feet we track,
    Toiling up new Calv’ries ever with the cross that turns not back;
    New occasions teach new duties, time makes ancient good uncouth,
    They must upward still and onward, who would keep abreast of truth.

    Though the cause of evil prosper, yet the truth alone is strong;
    Though her portion be the scaffold, and upon the throne be wrong;
    Yet that scaffold sways the future, and behind the dim unknown,
    Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch above His own.

    God does not NEED pretense-filled sychophants, nor does He need the Xenos of the world (Cruz, Ru-B-0, Carson) to do His will.

    One White Man (even a pagan White Man) can affect a nation’s destiny… ‘for the good or evil side.’ And, in the process, God can CHANGE that Man into the tool HE desires.

    Trump appears to be that MAN.
    Trump, 2016.
    GOD Wills it.

  22. Simple fact. The North picks the President. Trump can capture the critical Northern electorate. He also, apparently, can capture the South and West. Rubio and Cruz can’t.

  23. Donald Trump, “The Great White Hope”. I long time have a President wherein the main topics are not sexual orientation “victims”, black “victims”, female “victims”, lawbreaking “victims”, and so on. I might have a great dislike for some of the directions he might choose to go, but on the most important ones, he is the uncontested best. And the other members/candidates of my former party of choice have proven many times over that they will go in directions I dislike, regardless of what they say.

  24. Yes the Don is ruling the Republican primaries, so enjoy the show while it lasts.

    But all indications say Hillary has already been selected to the office and all this fuss is a great distraction, nothing more.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

    • A weaker opponent than HRC couldn’t be found. She’s dead in the water.

      Die hard lefties hate her.
      Blacks don’t give near the damn they did w O.
      Her history, compared to The Don’s, is tragic.
      Our Teflon Don makes Teflon Ron look like Jimmy Carter.

  25. My fantasy beyond Trump winning the Presidency would be it leading to a new political party. More individual freedoms, better economic policies for the benefit of Americans, not the world. Maintaining a White majority identity. Complete individual and group Freedom Of Association being the key issues of the new party.

      • I really don’t think a wall, in itself will make that much difference, but will primarily serve as an iconic monument, like the antithesis of what the Statue of Liberty has become. Hispanic hordes will stop pouring into this country when the perceived cost/risk isn’t worth the perceived reward. The cheapest way to accomplish that is to give every one of them a hot bullet as soon as he crosses the border and throw his body on the Mexico side of the wall for all the rest to see.

    • I’m truly enjoying this meltdown. Erick Erickson had me banned from commenting on Red State for pointing out that voting Republican hasn’t accomplished anything for their base. Immediately after my ban, Erick wrote a piece stating that no one had the right to complain about the direction of the Republican Party. And if anyone did have a problem, they should work for reform by getting more involved in their local Republican Party. When rank and file members criticized the Party, most cuckservatives were quick to cite Reagan’s 11th Commandment (which of course doesn’t apply to Trump). When Republican rank and file members were disgruntled about McCain, they were told that had the obligation to rally around the nominee of their party. Now, since Erick hasn’t gotten his way, he takes his toys home.

      Cuckservatives like Erick have played a brilliant game in bamboozling people in their party. They know that an overwhelming majority of Republicans are against amnesty. They take an editorial position opposing amnesty while at the same time promote candidates who support it. Earlier this year Erick was promoting !Yeb¡ as a true conservative. And despite his ostensible objective to amnesty, it did not prevent Erick from support McCain, !Yeb¡ or Rubio.

      What prevents cuckservatives from considering Trump as a valid GOP nominee? Is it abortion? I don’t recall this much opposition to Rudy Giuliani. Is it gay “marriage?” I don’t recall any opposition to Dick Chaney. Is it tax cuts? I don’t recall any opposition to McCain, who voted against all of GWB’s tax cuts. Is it “big government?” I don’t recall any opposition to GWB, who expanded the Department of Education and expanded Medicare with Part D. Why do they oppose Trump. My belief is that their Jewish benefactors don’t like Trump’s implicit White nationalism.

      • Just try getting involved with your local party, Republican or Democrat. You will very quickly understand that you are not welcome especially if you are there for “ideas.” They are there for spoils and goodies and they don’t want you around.

        The takeover had to come from the top. It sure looks like the so-called Tea Party got taken over by the elites/donors/cuckservatives if Tim Scott and Nikki Haley are Tea Party politicians.

    • I remember when he banned Ron Paul supporters who had only been members of his site for so long. I’ve never posted there, but I think that’s how the story went. I read about this, when it happened…

  26. Check out Trump’s support in Massachusetts. 50%!!

    With this win, I’m taking a break from spamming the Internet B) I was frightened Trump might lose SC, but now it looks like he wins everything.

    • I don’t know this for a fact of course but the Cruz candidacy makes more sense as a GOPe splitter to help Jeb than anything else. It might have morphed into something else as it became clearer that Jeb was a God-awful candidate but it started as a splitter. He takes those “true conservatives,” gets promoted by Limbaugh for being the new Reagan, wins Iowa and everyone says “its the Iowa religious fanatics again and it doesn’t count.”

      As a real candidacy, he can’t be nominated. He cannot win a single blue or purple state primary. Those would have all gone to the establishment candidate. The establishment was ready for him in SC. He would have lost there if Trump wasn’t in the race either.

      One thing the GOPe didn’t figure on with Jeb or Marco is that their being Catholics is a bit of a turn off. I guess they believed their own propaganda that the hoopla for the Pope last year meant Americans all love the Pope because no one was allowed to say on TV that it was pretty obnoxious.

  27. One thing that is peculiar to me about those who criticize Mr. Cruz for his ‘evangelical pose’, and that is that the overwhelming majority of they who criticize him for this are not at all ‘evangelical’.

    As a Southron bible thumper, I can say this ; Senator Cruz does not look like the return of John the Baptist, but, his senatorial history reveals that he is thinking the Christian way, which is more than satisfactory to the millions of us who like the Texas paladin.

    • I came across a great quote the other day. Can’t remember where. Something to the effect, Who is this “consistent conservative” no one ever heard of three years ago?

      All of his “conservatism” and evangelicalism is very shallow. He is completely owned by Goldman-Sachs and Citibank. His campaign is a great example of how contemptuous they are of real Americans and how little they seek to understand the things he claims to represent.

      • Mr. Bahn,
        Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Here’s the thing, however : all the candidates have Jewish bankers embedded in their lives, either because that is how the ‘American political process’ has been, for at least for a century; or, in Mr. Trump’s case, because he has had so many transactions with them.
        That said, I have had a continuing spiritual quandary in coming to grips with how much the Rothschild vine has climbed up into the body politick, since at least the late 19th century, all of which led to the ‘Federal Reserve Act’ – a hostile takeover of the American currency system.
        I guess I was fortunate to not know about it until recent years, as, before the computer age, such things were kept from the American populace.
        When I found all this out, I went through a crisis, the first time I actively disliket the blood flowing in my own veins.
        In the end, however, I come back to this : the Yankee government does not mind it’s own Constitution, and, as such is the case, I, as a Tarheel, can find no hypothetical remedy but secession; yet, I am constrained to wait upon my Southern countrymen, who, when taken as a whole, seem not like I – they quite unready to contemplate such a notion.

    • Nikolai,

      With all due respect, Ted Cruz showed how much of a Christian he is when he told a gathering of Middle Eastern Christians that he could not stand beside them because they didn’t stand beside Israel. Ted Cruz serves international Jewry and not serve Jesus Christ.

      • President Davis,
        I respect the fact you feel this way, as a growing amount do. That said, however, millions of evangelical Christians, in The South, feel as Senator Cruz does : that ‘standing by Israel’ is high on the Christian order of business.
        So, while i respect that you feel this way – please bear in mind how many do not, as any quick perusal of CBN or TNN will reveal.
        There has been a lot of change on this score, in my lifetime – as, when I was young in The South, there was not much good feeling for Judaism and Israel.
        For reasons that elude me, that changed during the 80s and 90s. I remember when I started dating my wife, and she told me that her rural Methodist church were practicing Jewish seasonal rituals, such as Passover, I was quite taken aback, that such would be the case, when not only could none of the congregation have had a drop of Jewish blood in them, they probably had never spoken to anyone with a drop in them!

        Anyway, all the best, from northeastern North Carolina.

      • One more thing, President Davis : I am watching Sean Hannity interview Mr. Trump, on Fox, right now as I type. The man just said : ‘I have many Jewish friends’ ‘I am a great supporter of Israel’. President Obama has been the worst thing ever for Israel’.
        Then, as I left to type this, he was introducing his Jewish son-in-law, Jared.

  28. To those who are a bit too young to remember : Ronald Reagan was at best only quietly and very modestly Christian – about on the level of Mr. Trump’s Christian professions, yet, he courted the vote of the Evangelical South, very much in the manner of Senator Cruz, and we loved him and rose to put him into office.

    • The first part of this is very true and I guarantee you’ll see Trump bring it up more often as things develop. But he didn’t base his whole campaign on it as Rafael has done. Reagan, after all, was an actor and knew what sold.

      • I think Senator Cruz’as campaign has gotten off the track, Mr. Bahn. for that reason, I called them, last week, and said the following :

        ‘If y’all want to depress voter turnout for Mr. Trump, forget calling him a liberal’, or ‘not conservative’, for those labels have worn thin on much of the populace. No, what you must do is shake the faith that Mr. Trump’s followers have in him that he is one of them; that he is angry. Instead, find archival films that show him hobnobbing among billionaires having a gay old time, and point out how many billions of dollars have gone back and forth, between him and the bankers – thus, implying what sort of sordid crony capitalism, of a Caligulan scale, would be going on in his presidency.
        Many would not pay attention to that, but plenty would – enough for y’all (the Cruz campaign) to get a win in SC.’

        So, Mr. Bahn, they are not following my advice, and, at the risk of sounding too immodest, they are paying the price for it.

  29. Word just in that NH has recounted and gone +1 for Trump, -1 for Rubot.



    With SEC (Trump Inc) coming up.

  30. Trump touches another topic the Republicrats and banking elites never want to talk about.

    Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump
    It is so important to audit The Federal Reserve, and yet Ted Cruz missed the vote on the bill that would allow this to be done.

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