Cuckservatives: Poll Numbers and Meltdowns

Before we begin, the latest poll numbers:

Poll Numbers

Nevada: Trump +16
Nevada: Trump +26

Nevada votes tomorrow and everyone believes it will be a Trump blowout and likely his largest victory yet.

Here are the latest polls from the Super Tuesday states which are voting next week:

Georgia: Trump +9
Massachusetts: Trump +34

Further down the road:

North Carolina: Trump +18
North Carolina: Trump +9
Michigan: Trump +18
Illinois: Trump +13

Of the Super Tuesday states, Massachusetts, Vermont, Tennessee and Alabama are all poised to go big for Trump. In Georgia, Trump has a lead similar to South Carolina. He leads by 6 in Virginia and 5 in Oklahoma. The last polls show Cruz holding onto a narrow lead by 5 in Texas and 5 in Arkansas. I saw on television that Trump has a narrow lead in Alaska and Colorado and Rubio has a 2 point lead in Minnesota.

Trump’s standing in the Super Tuesday states will become clear in polls which should be released over the next week. The meltdowns going on today among the #CruzCrew suggests internal polling has found the end is near for Cruz and may come next Tuesday.


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As things stand today, Trump is winning in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Missouri by a lot and has the edge in Virginia. Cruz has a narrow lead in Texas and Arkansas and might do well in Kentucky.

In the Northeast, Trump is headed for blowout wins in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York and New Jersey. In the Midwest, Trump is headed for blowout wins in Michigan and Illinois. Of all the polls I have seen, Rubio only has narrow leads in Minnesota and Utah.

If Cruz can’t win the South, he is done. End of story. Rubio might possibly eke out a narrow victory in Virginia, but where else does Rubio win in the South? How does Rubio go on after losing Florida by double digits on March 15? Can either Cruz or Rubio beat Trump in the Northeast? If Trump wins the South and Northeast, how does he lose?

And the West? Nevada votes tomorrow and there are more illegal aliens out there than anywhere else.

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  1. All good things, but I wonder about Cruz in vs out.

    Tactically, he may be taking away votes from Trump (I’m speculating). The Jews* certainly want that, but does Cruz want that?

    It would be interesting to know if any factions are pressuring Cruz to get out to help Trump?

    Are the Jews so eager to get Rubio v Trump that such matters are ignored by them?

    *Scratch a cuckservative and you always find a Jew lurking close by.

  2. You horrible Trumpsters are making cucks cry. This poor girl has had it with you naughty folks. ‘People who think they won the civil war… it’s like talking to less than a brick wall.’

    Enjoy the meltdown.

    • “… it was not at all like calling the other states …”

      I’ll have to send her my phone number.

      • Some of them want a Trump-Sanders ticket, lmao. I’ve never seen so much political crossover.

        And no one minds that I’m an evil redneck anymore. I’m tolerated 😉

        • Many Bernie voters will come to Trump. They are watching the GOP overtaken by the real people while the Democratic Party is impenetrable. Black voters are impenetrable and you will get nowhere with any “ideas” in the Democratic Party when you have to appease black voting machines first.

      • Plenty cute, I’d say. Also, I expect a white girl to have a tender heart, to get all choked up the way this girl does; but she should be getting choked up because, I don’t know, she heard that a puppy got hit by a car or something. White men know what must be done to preserve her fine kind; it doesn’t matter whether she herself knows it.

          • Probably true, in her particular case, but I’m thinking about the conditions that must be established to prevent similar disasters.

          • it’s fun to watch a self-liquidating White Cosmic get triggered. Be aware though, that most of the crap she’s spouting…is cut from whole cloth. SJW’s…LIE…ALL THE TIME

          • I wonder whether she got choked up when she saw last year’s videos of fetal parts on medical trays in Planned Parenthood clinics.

          • Yeah those tender hearts…
            And other myths about the female.

            It’s obvious that the cunt is seeking attention. She welcomes the Rapefugee.

        • Women are EVIL. I am one. I know what we are really like. White women are generally kinder and more honorable than non-Whites – but we are not immune from female madness infantilizing the most dangerous things on Earth. It’s a warped, perverted maternal instinct.

          • I couldn’t agree with you more, Denise. But, you forgot to add that the smarter they are, the more freaking dangerous they are.

          • How do we know if you are a woman? Like the rest of us, you are just an internet presence – at least, those of us who do not expose their real identity on the internet. Hunter Wallace is a real person – but I cannot say that for most of us. I would not be surprised if some of the folks in this forum are non-white.

          • White women have a enormous fetish for dangerous and useless animals. Its fruitcakes like this that took coyotes from the SouthWest to “save” them and ended up breeding a hideous dangerous hybrid with Wolves. These monsters are an unholy terror worse than the killer bees.
            White women need to stop listening to feminist bullshit and get a man and have babies. If they have kids to take care of then maybe they’ll stop trying to “help” inferior mongrels that want to rape them to death.

      • Cute now. But what you are looking at is a future cat lady who is hopped up on depression meds, reads the salon and Huffington post, and constantly whines about the Koch Brothers, while she has a Coexist bumper sticker on her Prius.

    • This poor child needs to find a man, get married, get pregnant and invest that young-girl passion, love and heart on her babies and her man.

      • Feminism is a deceiver and betrayer to so many young White women. Your successful career and besting men will be of little comfort to you in your old age without children or grand children.

      • You want someone with her anti-white ideology breeding? Not me. Hopefully, the GMO’s will have her in fertility clinics until she’s well into her 40’s. Whites need to be angriest at these morons. Ridicule them, shun them, embarrass them, and then silently walk away.

    • She’s begging for a strong White man to grab her, rape her, BEAT her until she’s whimpering in a corner (don’t hit the face. Soap bars in a sock), whispering that she will do what ever she’s told. You have to knock her up, and make sure she spends her life raising White children – SONS are taken over by the father at age 6 – and making the house pretty. And bunnies. Love her and protect her once she is re-educated. She will make very pretty children.

  3. The best moment of Trump’s campaign – calling W. Bush out as a liar on Iraq, the cucks including all pundits and talk radio imagining the end of Trump because of such an outrage! Only for Trump to go on to win every delegate in SC and Jeb Bush to leave the race in total humiliation.

    Well played Mr. Trump! Very well played!

  4. The talking heads are trying to figure out how Trump could be polling so well in blue states that Romney won in Republican primaries four years ago, like Massachusetts and New Jersey. How can the same people who voted for moderation and the Republican establishment four years ago vote for this beyond the pale extremist now?

    I think the answer to this riddle is that the northeastern red team voter is oriented to populism and nationalism but not toward social-religious issue conservatism. Meaning that if the choice is between Republican establishment and Christian conservative, they’ll hold their noses and vote for the former. But, when someone like Trump comes along who is almost in their wheel house, then they’ll vote for that sort of someone.

    At the same time, Trump is doing “surprisingly” well among evangelicals in the South and elsewhere, much to the amazement of the media, but not to the amazement of me. And also not to the amazement of David Brody of CBN.

    • “Is oriented to populism and nationalism but not toward social-religious issue conservatism.” Don’t pin it on Christian conservative.. Trump is plenty social-religious issue conservative. He’s just not a libertarian policy wonk and an Israel whore. *That* the blue states respond to.

      • Gay marriage, windmills, electric cars and the supposed rights of three legged, bisexual Martians, are just abstract nonsense to people with bills to pay and groceries to buy.

          • Certainly not, however, the pet social engineering schemes of the SJWs are what turn most people off to the Democrats.

    • I live in the Northeast. I think your analysis is spot on. While there are many people here that attend church on a regular basis, they don’t like overt religious appeals. We have been conditioned against it and taught that religion is a private matter. Trump is definitely bringing new people into politics, especially blue collar whites who have long felt alienated from both parties. The union members that I know all support Trump. I also know a lot of veterans. While the officers (mandatory college degree) tend to support the establishment candidates, the enlisted favor Trump. Even in the liberal northeast there are many patriotic, conservative minded Americans. They oppose the Republican party because they feel that it is in the pocket of the rich, not because they are flaming liberals.

      • Thats how I see it, too. I live in New Jersey and neither Cruz, Rubio or Kasich would have much appeal here. People just wouldn’t bother to go out and vote for any of them. I expect Trump to take all of New England as well as NY NJ PA MD DE

      • Trumpsters are the same people that elected a Republiscam Congress in 2014. Which then betrayed them. It’s all about ANGER, not ideology

        • No, many Trumpistas are Democrats who like Obama.

          There is extreme crossover going on.

          Nader has a youtube video up talking about overlap between Right and Left. He’s long known of this, as have we all. We’ve just never been able to unite like this.

      • The word “conservative” has different meanings though.

        Anyway, Pat Buchanan tried the same formula in the 90s. He just couldn’t quite get it right.

        Many say Trump’s success is vindication of Sam Francis. VDARE keeps repeating that, and I think they’re right somewhat. People now see what a mistake NAFTA has been too.

        • Northerners were waiting for someone to finally come forward and tell the truth about how awful unprotected trade policies have been for the average citizen. Just 20 years ago there used to be all kinds of industrial parks all across the Great Lakes Region where the temp service would send you, and if your were a good reliable worker you’d get hired on after a few months for a wage that would at least pay rent, give you a health plan, and some extra money for a decent living. Now the traitors sent that all over to China and if your lucky you do several menial part time jobs in gas stations, restaurants, etc and have to pay the equivalent of a months rent for your own health insurance. I say send the “Free Trade” traitors to the electric chair. No body wants this “Free Trade” crap, black, white, men, women, only a few mega-rich and some “libertarian” eggheads who’ve come to swallow the whole sociopathic libertarian economic agenda because they initially got into it solely because they wanted to legalize pot.

      • Lots of eyes opening that “conservatism” would like to do away with Social Security and Medicare but was on board with the $2, 3, 4, 5 trillion Mideast Wars that will never end.

      • Let’s also not forget that those gigantic increases in Republican voter turnout are ENTIRELY from those of us who have stayed home during the GE for a looooong time.

        Not voting for a candidate you don’t like eventually beats the hell out of voting for the one who claims to be less of a devil.

          • Just about all of the casinos are Jew owned, the Saudis also own a very large group of casinos as well. Las Vegas is completely under the control of Jews.

          • Then be very worried tonight. Plus Adelson is out there. If Trump wins by less than 5 points, the media will say it was a loss.

          • This didn’t happen. The Wall Street Journal reports why:


            Feb. 24, 2016 9:52 p.m. ET


            LAS VEGAS—Donald Trump won Nevada’s Republican presidential caucuses in a landslide, but the state’s most important GOP voter tried not to tip his hand on his preference.

            Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has sparred publicly with Mr. Trump, who announced recently he wasn’t interested financial backing from the billionaire who was wooed by several of his GOP rivals.

            Mr. Adelson does chat regularly with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who finished second here with 23.9% support to Mr. Trump’s 45.9%, and has met with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who placed third with 21.4%.

            So when Mr. Adelson and his wife, Miriam, surrounded by aides and security, entered Bonanza High School on Tuesday night, there was much intrigue about whom they would support. The Las Vegas newspaper Mr. Adelson purchased last year recently backed Mr. Rubio, but he has yet to put significant sums behind any candidate.

            Rolling in his motorized wheelchair, Mr. Adelson went unnoticed by other voters and caucus volunteers. He stopped a few steps from the table designated for Precinct 3365. An aide helped him walk the five steps to his table and sit down.

            “I’m voting for myself,” joked the 82-year-old, who came dressed in a gray pinstriped suit, white shirt and lavender tie.

            A caucus volunteer, Katherine Cento, handed Mr. Adelson a ballot. Wary about a small handful of reporters standing around watching him vote, Mr. Adelson covered the top half of his ballot with his left hand as he checked a box on the lower third of the paper—where the names of Mr. Rubio, Rick Santorum and Mr. Trump appeared—with his right hand.

            MORE ABOUT ELECTION 2016

            After he voted, Mr. Adelson turned to Ms. Cento, an interior designer, and asked, “When is the caucus going on?” apparently a reference to speeches touting the candidates. Ms. Cento replied, “The caucus is right now.”

            Trying to keep prying eyes away from her ballot, Mrs. Adelson asked Ms. Cento, “How many times can I fold it?”

  5. Dear Mr. Will,

    Let’s get something straight, you bowtie-wearing virgin: The GOP wrecked the GOP. True Americans (i.e., non-liberal, non-cucked Whites) do not exist to serve the GOP; The GOP exists to serve true Americans.

    So, screw you, and screw the GOP.

    • You’ve got it exactly right. These people have done nothing but line their pockets and call it conservatism. They’ve conserved nothing. It’s amazing to hear them whine.

      I do worry that somehow, someway they will find a way to steal the votes or use delegate maneuvering to deny Trump the win WE need.

      Hunter said once that the GOP was stuck on promoting libertarianism and anti-abortion when what was needed was looking after the needs of the average middle class American. Can’t remember exactly how he phrased it but it dead on.

      • Where has the GOPe ever promoted libertarianism? Cato and the rest of similar are no such thing. The do shill for big government as much as the left though.

  6. I saw a cuck last Saturday night actually say that Trump was the big loser of the night because he…uh…”underperformed.” Ya see, he only won by 10 points, whereas he should have won by at least 15 or more. Plus which, it shows that there’s a “ceiling” for Trump support. Yep, they’re pumping the “ceiling” narrative now.

    After reading this bullcrap online, I then saw Megyn Kelly say pretty much the same thing. “Trump barely won by 10 points. That attack against George Bush must’ve hurt him.” Egads, you friggin’ bimbo. What you did for Roger Aisles to get that plum job at Fox one can only imagine.

    These people are remarkable, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

  7. Forecast: A Trumpnado . The rotten Establishment will do anything to stop it, but will get blown away. But don’t let up – we want to smash them into the ground and use the opportunity to promote Nationalism over Globalism and Judeo-Bolshevism

  8. Big possibility the GOP will steal it from Trump somehow. Do we start the badly needed cleansing civil war?

  9. Oh, come on. A few people probably called him a cuck. Drama queen.

    Erick Erickson ? ?@EWErickson
    Never expected I’d have to have security around me because of my opposition to a Presidential candidate. Welcome to Trump’s America.

    11:18 AM – 24 Feb 2016

  10. Man but these demmies have all gotten old. Granny must be closing on Social Security age and Bernie was a Cold Warrior from the Cuban Missile Crisis. That fake blonde Indian is past sixty too. They have one foot in the grave already. I remember these fuckers claiming to be the Party of Youth when Reagan was President. Hah! Hanoi Jane and Ketchup boy ain’t gonna fly anymore with the young crowd. This beanie baby must be slumming if she’s hanging around with old dried up prunes like Colonel Sanders. He doesn’t even give out fried chickens. What a clueless old fart he really is there.

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