Cruz and Rubio Tag Team Trump In Republican Debate

Cruz and Rubio tag teamed Donald Trump in the Texas Republican Debate, but came across like two little desperate chihuahuas yipping at the feet of a giant. The latest polls illustrate why Cruz and Rubio had no choice but to “go nuclear” on Trump:

Florida: Trump +20
Florida: Trump +16

Trump is blowing Rubio out of the water in Florida. If Trump beats Rubio in winner-take-all Florida on March 15, it is curtains for his campaign.

SEC Primary States (AL, GA, TN, VA, AR, OK, TX): Trump +17

The Bloomberg poll of the Southern Super Tuesday states released this evening shows Trump with a 17 point lead in the region.

Virginia: Trump +14
Georgia: Trump +26
Michigan: Trump +22
Wisconsin: Trump +10
Pennsylvania: Trump +3
New Jersey: Trump +27
Rhode Island: Trump +18
West Virginia: Trump +20

Virginia, Georgia, and Florida are looking uglier by the day.

Illinois: Trump +13
Massachusetts: Trump +21
Ohio: Trump +5

It’s not looking much better elsewhere.

Even if Cruz pulls out of a victory in Texas, he is dead in the water if Trump sweeps the rest of the South on Super Tuesday. Rubio had a shot in Virginia which appears to be fading. He might eke out a victory in Minnesota, but where does he go from there?

Trump could spot Rubio or Cruz a 5 point post-debate bump and it wouldn’t make the slightest difference in the outcome of this race.

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  1. Just like the media got the South Carolina debate wrong with Trump vs. Bush, the media is once again getting this wrong as well by declaring Rubio the winner and bragging about how Trump got mocked and bruised.

    How people will perceive tonight’s debate is as Hunter described it above. Two desperate men throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Titan Trump while doing zero damage. The attacks were lame and didn’t put a dent in Trump because none of them stuck or were relevant. The best was the 35 year old polish immigrant story that no one knows or cares about. The whole thing just sounded desperate like they were trying to find something and that was all they could come up with,

    I believe this debate sealed the deal for Trump.

    • The danger is many won’t listen to the debates. They’ll catch the headlines to see “Trump crushed in debate”. They’ll see a few debate clips where Trump appears to be losing. One Yahoo article spins, spins, spins, makes it sounds like Trump had no response to his attackers.

      Watching the entire debate, Trump won.

      I didn’t like Trump’s performance in SC, but he was on fire tonight. In SC, he didn’t get his ideas across, imo.

      • I thought Trump lost, but, not terribly.

        I also thought, and think, Mr. Weaver, that it won’t make a cotton-pickin’ bit of difference.

        Cruz and Rubio ought to have located their balls a couple of months ago.

        Now they will have to live in the light of, ‘What if’?…

    • Nobody cares about Polish “illegal immigrants.” They care about the hordes of mestizos, Bantus and half Mongolian savages that are being dumped on us. I’ve seen INS deport a white man from England, while ignoring the swarms of jungle savages flooding in, so they could claim they were enforcing immigration law. The original purpose of these laws was to keep America white. That’s why they looked the other way in a lot of cases where the subject(s) were European.

      • And I’ve seen the Feds deport an English physics professor because of some paperwork screw-up. It seems we have too many scientists and not enough illiterates to mow our lawns.

      • Yes. In “The Slaughter of the Cities,” E. Michael Jones says, I think, that Bridesburg, a Polish neighborhood, was the only one of Philadelphia’s Catholic neighborhoods that withstood what he, Jones, regards as a deliberate effort by liberals to break those neighborhoods up. Now, the Poles in Europe are among the nations opposing Merkel’s suicidal opening of Europe’s gates. If all whites were as tough as the Poles, our civilization would be in much better shape than it is.

        • Leave it to a f*cking Cuban to act like Poles are the problem we face. Being overrun by Polish women? Count me in.

      • PS Great religious-nationalist speech here by a Polish priest: (“Poland Rises Against Islam – Fr.Miedlar addresses the March For Independence, 11 Nov 2015 (Eng subs)”) Runs 10:22.

        “In 1944 we were persuaded to accept the Soviets, while in 2015 we’re persuaded to accept the Islamic fundamentalism.”

          • Hey now, wait just one doggone moment! do you mean to tell me that, with a name like ‘Bonaccorsi’, you ain’t Polski?

          • That’s Sicilian, Nikolai. If it were Polish, it would end with “ski,” not “si.”

            Sometimes, as I’ll mention incidentally, you’ll see a Polish name that ends with “sky,” not “ski,” even though the ending is still pronounced “skee.” Decades ago, a Polish Catholic friend of mine from Baltimore said “sky” is favored by Jews. He made clear that the rule was not hard and fast, as one says; but generally, “ski” will be Polish Catholic, “sky” Polish Jewish.

          • Salve, Signore

            Sta bene.

            Vedo che ametti di venire da una famiglia Siciliana!

            Come ho indovinatolo?

            Ho creduto che i Polacchi Ebrei (non ci sono piu) preferonno i suffissi ‘witz’ e ‘man’, ma non son io nessun esperto in questa cosa!

            Tutto bene a te ed a la famiglia tua!

          • Grazie, mio amico Nikolai. Because the ability to speak Italian didn’t descend, in my own family, past my father and his siblings, who spoke it, in their childhood home, to their parents, I had to rely on Google Translate to improve my understanding of your gracious message,

            In response to a question of yours, here at Occidental Dissent, I did explain my family background; but I’m not sure whether you ever saw my reply, which is at Certainly, America’s great influx of Catholics, such as my own Sicilian and Irish forebears, is well into the past, almost as antique now as the Civil War; and I suspect many an American of old British stock would prefer it had never taken place, i.e., that persons like me were not even here. Well, if those good British Americans, for whom I have great respect, ever decide they want to get rid of me and my kind, I’ll understand; in the meantime, I’ll try to pull my own weight and be a good neighbor.

          • No, Mr. Bonaccorsi, I never saw it, and was a bit disappointed that I had thought you had chosen not to reply. It is my good fortune that you brought it to my attention – to which i will soon reply.

            One thing I would like to address now. and that is this…

            ‘Certainly, America’s great influx of Catholics, such as my own Sicilian
            and Irish forebears, is well into the past, almost as antique now as the
            Civil War; and I suspect many an American of old British stock would
            prefer it had never taken place, i.e., that persons like me were not
            even here. Well, if those good British Americans, for whom I have great
            respect, ever decide they want to get rid of me and my kind, I’ll
            understand; in the meantime, I’ll try to pull my own weight and be a
            good neighbor.’

            Well, Catholicism was, Mr. Bonaccorsi, when I was a child, that which constituted a triumvirate of ire for a certain portion of white Tarheels – Communism, International Jewry, and Papism ‘ exactly as one large KKK sign, that uset to welcome the driver’s eye to Smithfield, North Carolina, would, under the fiery symbol of a knight rider in full regalia on a horse, describe.

            Today, that has changed, and that part of the triumvirate seems to have droppt out – leaving a the other two, plus, hatred for negro agitators, such as Sharpton and Jackson.

            It may surprise you, Mr. Bonaccorsi, but, I am blesst to have some friends in the Invisible Empire, and people, such as thee, never seem to make it into their conversation.

            As for the rest of Anglo-Saxe Tarheels, they don’t have a problem with anyone, even if he is purple, who is courteous and hard-working. For us, those two things are the silver standard, and, to get the gold, add god-fearing to the aforemtnioned twain.

            I tell you this, because, in my part of the country, a very Confederate place, people would take to you just as I have.

            All the best, Junius

          • Thanks, Junius. I’m happy to know I’d be well-received in your part of the country. My own sense is that Philadelphia is generally a friendly place, where you, likewise, would be well-received. Certainly, Philadelphia doesn’t have the personality of New York City; moreover, it has declined in some ways, in my lifetime. Even so, it is, as I say, a friendly place. It always seems to me that, for example, even a not-very-prosperous person, dressed not very well, will hold a door for another person at, say, the entrance to a convenience store. There’s a sort of democratic air; well, maybe that’s just in my imagination.

            It’s very interesting that your own memories and experiences are a record of a change in the perception of Catholics in your area, across your lifetime. I hadn’t heard of that KKK sign in Smithfield, but it must have been pretty dramatic.

            I’m glad you now know that I did, indeed, reply to your request for information on my background. Because you hadn’t acknowledged my reply, I was afraid you hadn’t seen it and that you might have concluded I’d chosen to make no reply at all to your request. Part of me had wanted to ask you whether you’d seen my reply, but I’d not wanted to pester you. It’s good that our present exchange gave me an opportunity to address the subject.

    • 35 years ago was 1981. The Cold War was still going strong at that point. Immigrants fleeing communist Poland are much different than immigrants from Central America and Mexico.

  2. Because I don’t have cable, I’ve seen only a few of the debate’s moments, via the internet; but what struck me was the silence, from both Cruz and the audience, right after Trump said to Cruz something like, “You don’t have a single endorsement from [your colleagues in the Senate]. Not one. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

    No post-debate article I’ve read has mentioned that, but I can’t help wondering whether it resonated with Texans, in particular.

    • Trump has fewer endorsements, no US senator has yet endorsed Trump.

      Senator Sessions seems to like both Cruz and Trump. I really wish Sessions would endorse Trump.

      Trump made a solid point, but I fear that blow won’t land. We all know Trump would work better to get things done.

      I liked Trump’s attack that Cruz filibustered, then petered out, and the US senate went back to business as usual, lol. Trump was mocking Cruz as ineffective.

      • Cruz has no endorsements from fellow colleagues he’s worked with.
        Trump is not a politician. Wouldn’t expect endorsements from Senators or Congressmen if not a member of the club.
        He gets endorsements from fellow businessmen.

      • Well, maybe you’re right that the blow won’t land, though I’m still wondering whether it will. As for Trump’s not having been endorsed by any senators, well, I tend to share the view Sam has just expressed, in reply to your remark: Trump isn’t a member of the legislature, so you can’t really compare him and Cruz endorsement-wise. Anyway–I suppose we’re all eager to see how all of this will play out, on Tuesday …

        PS I didn’t hear the debate’s section in which Trump remarked on Cruz’s post-filibuster nothingness, but I’m glad to hear that Trump spoke of that.

        • Maybe y’all are right.

          For me, Sessions likes Trump. Duncan Hunter’s son endorsed Trump. Those are *huge* things to me.

          Pat Buchanan clearly likes Trump. VDARE, all the various activists I like, the trade protectionists, the anti-war activists. Everyone I like likes Trump.

          So, he’s got the endorsements I like 🙂 I just fear there aren’t many voters like me.

  3. Trump just got an endorsement from one of the few politicians I like: Duncan Hunter, US Representative from California.

    He’s a war hawk (bad), but he’s also a trade protectionist and good on immigration. Great guy. He ran for president in… 2008 I believe. I voted for him then, but he lost.

    • There are 2 Duncan Hunters, father and son – I pretty sure both were US Congressmen from East San Diego.

      I was there. The son was in the active military when I met him – very impressive warrior young man. He had gorgeous young women working on his campaigns.

      • Oh, you’re right. It’s his son.

        Regardless, the apple doesn’t usually fall far. I see he’s famous for vaping during a hearing on whether vaping should be allowed on planes, lol.

        Regardless, this is why we need everyone here having 10-20 children each. If there were ever a good cause to donate to, that would be it.

        If we got 10 children per poster/couple here, we’d have a set of leaders for the next generation.

  4. It will go down as both “Big Rickie” Cruz and “Little Rickie” gay pool boy Ruboto “Charge of the Tard Brigade”. Pore lil’ greaser-ballz just trying so hard to “win” the votes of the hard-pressed white base and failing.

    I wish that The Donald had claimed that no Canuckistani Great Wall of Trump was necessary to keep out one lone Canuckistani [g]immigrunt seeking to run for President.

    Too little too late for the Cubans who are the hope of the Big Cuck Dopes who run a largely irrelevant political party. The Election of 2016 will be like the Election of 1860.

    But the MSNBCers did notice that Little Rickie and the Republicucks hired some “professional squealers” to enhance Little Rickie’s attacks. “Yo quero Taco Bell, SQUEEEEEAL!!!”

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • Pastor Lindstedt is a Man. He supports the creation of the Northwest American Republic. The rest of you who don’t are a bunch of cuck faggots!

      • I support the establishment of a Northwest American Republic — and 9,999 other ethnic warlord republics / dictatorships in the soon-to-be former ZOGland. An atomized collection of petty warlord states will lead to ethnic cleansing which will lead to less than 20-30 million ex-whiggers able to live much like the Medieval Germans did in the Dark Age when Rome fell. It wasn’t until the Black Death winnowed out the herd that the Renaissance took place a generation later.

        Every Mighty Evil Empire devoted to destroying its own Founding Stock fails inevitably. When the Empire fails it shall be every man for himself to seek out his own governmental arrangements — and such shall be done.

        Donald Trump is literally “The Last AmurriKwan” as Greg Hood wrote over on Counter-Currents. But we should support Donald Trump as Trump batters the Republicuck Party from the outside and the Neo-Khan Republicucks poison-tear the Republicucks apart from the inside. Just as the Democrats tore theysselfs apart in 1860 into Northern Democrats and Southern Democrats in 1860, the Republicucks shall tear theyselfs apart in 2016. And that is good. For well over 25 years those of us who were in polytricks have hoped for this result. Trump is a gigantic wrecking ball and not a rebuilder of what is essentially atomized whiggers who have gotten tired of eating Republicuck crap.

        Once you figure out the score you won’t be disappointed.

        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  5. Rubio’s attack was very desperate. Kind of “Hail Mary.” What happens to him if he doesn’t take Trump down and Rubio gets buried in the upcoming primaries?

    Rubio went after Trump on Trump University, where the issue seems to be the same as people suing a gym because they didn’t lose weight. Meanwhile, Rubio himself went to bat for a college that was engaged in fraud He’d gottten money from Corinthian, too.

    • Dont’ insult the Blessed Virgin. Rubio’s even considering a ‘Hail Mary’ (whether a pass in football or his newest Capital Aide- ewwww) is as insincere, and as tacky, as that faggy shirt the OTHER Pool Boy wore, in ‘Legally Blonde.’

  6. What I saw during last night’s debate was a strangely accurate metaphor for the situation America finds herself in. Two younger browns – probably Mexicans – ganged up on an old white guy and tried to rob him of the fruits of his labor. When the white man stood tall, one of the Mexicans resorted to leftist like white-shaming language (Rubio’s very Obamaesque “You’re only rich because you inherited $200 million! YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT!”), while the other tried to wrap himself in the constitution and started sperging out about ARE AMERICAN VALUES.

    Eventually the white man was forced to go full spicdeath, putting one into a verbal choke-hold while simultaneously pummeling the other into rhetorical submission. When the ashes cleared, the rat-faced brown lay mortally wounded, sputtering incoherently about natural conservatism and tax returns, while the gay brown limped off to join Estaban and Hoolio for a cool-down in the showers.

    • THANK YOU. This is a metaphor for the ENTIRE STATE OF CALIFORNICATION from @1980- when I left it for Whiter pastures.

      The UTTER RACIAL DESTRUCTION OF THIS NATION by the ‘Xenos’ of the WORLD- from a Spic Marxist Metrosexual named Francis, to the Goyim of the Jewsmedia, EVERY SINGLE ATTACK HAS BEEN ONE AGAINST the WHITE MAN, since I cannot remember when!?

      I am voting for TRUMP, becuse ORION.
      Our RACE IS our NATION.

      End of Story.

      (That, and Cruz is a liar, and Rubio is a FAGGOT- and BOTH are OWNED BY THE CHRIST-KILLERS.)

    • Ann Coulter Retweeted
      bryan crabtree ?@bryancrabtree

      FACT CHECK: @realDonaldTrump did not inherit $200mil in 1982. His dad died in 1999 after Trump was worth billions

  7. “Rubio had a shot in Virginia which appears to be fading. He might eke out a victory in Minnesota, but where does he go from there?”

    He can go to Hell, for all I care… along with every single DAMNED stupid fellow-resident of the State of MN. Who have become THE ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN NATION, because Jante law cucks, all of them!


  8. I had to burst your bubble, but Cruz dropped a pretty devastating bombshell on Trump when he proved that Trump was in favor of getting rid of Gaddafi in 2011 but masquerades against the operation now.

      • Hunter, wtf? Explain yourself. What possible good does it do your cause to maintain ties with universally acknowledged moron? Not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things, but name one sole poster from the old circles who has the slightest positive thing to say about Iceman, whose avowed mission is to “destroy WN.”

      • That was after he reversed his position. The point is Trump was willing to criticize Obama either way. Also he keeps saying the problem with these interventions is ‘we didn’t take the oil.’ we need to put ground troops against ISIS etc. I have serious doubts about Trump’s commitment to foreign policies that are anti intervention.

          • I think Silver is sort of the Marco Rubio of occidental dissent. A guy who doesn’t know where he stands in the hierarchy. Get a job, post under your real name, establish basic intellectual abilities and maybe you’ll be taken seriously.

          • Oh. My mistake. Someone years ago accused me of being silver, so I assumed… Ironically, I’m not even familiar with silver, but I see him above now, ty.

        • As a private citizen he’s opined on several issues. When more facts come in he adjusts.

          Eff Buzzfeed and it’s liberal fags.

          • His fixation with ISIS, Iran and oil make me suspicious that like Barack Obama, he talks an anti-inteventionist game, but that he’s simply being critical of previous actions to start new ones, while changing the justification. First it’s weapons of mass destruction, then it’s human rights, next it will be ISIS and Iran’s non-existent nuke.

          • Daryl Basarab – a half-jew formerly known in these parts as “Iceman” – is a 100% time-wasting (mental) faggot, whose opinions aren’t worth the bytes they’re printed on. It’s both to Hunter’s credit (in terms of loyalty to old friends) and shame (inability to cut ties with worthless anti-white scum) that he welcome’s Basarab’s input. That’s all.

    • I wouldnt call it a bombshell. No different than his wild flailing around the time of Ban Kebab. He was talking up sending 10k US troops to fight a Saudi cat’s paw (ISIS) just as long as Saudi paid for it and we got to keep the oil.

      To address this weakness he needs a good tutor and a staunch anti interventionist as Sec State, such as Ron / Rand Paul.

    • Misinformation makes all of us support stupid or evil things at one time or another. But, when the truth does come out, where does he stand? When you control the information, you can even convince smart people to believe really dumb things.

  9. Trump’s strength derives from his alpha male persona, something rarely seen anywhere in public life anymore. You can’t help but be drawn to it. The political issues are secondary. As long as he doesn’t apologize or back down he’ll sustain their attacks.

    • I disagree. His issues are number 1. While I like the alpha male strength, he is a bit course.

      Real men have manners 🙂 And yes, I tend to be rude in political debates, but I’m not claiming to be better than Trump.

        • South Carolina. And I tend to look down on those from outside the South, including European nobles.

          When I was younger, I used to introduce myself as a member of the x family, lol. I’ve always thought Southerners, and South Carolinians especially, are naturally better than others. It’s been a surprise to learn others don’t share my views.

          I’m critical of our political traditions, but I believe we are morally and, ah, martially the equal of any Christians on Earth. I’m not myself anything special, but I believe Southerners are.

          • Ah, Charleston. Where the Cooper River and Ashley River join to form the Atlantic Ocean.

            Like the Chinese, the people of Charleston tend to eat rice and worship their ancestors.

          • Well, Mr. Weaver, you’re thinking is what Southerners uset to think openly, and, I suspect, many still do, though it is deeply sublimated, along with the closeted Confederate flag.

            I have lived in Europe, and in 13 states, and I have dear friends from Russia to Mexico. I say this because I agree with you : no better more Christian people than Southerners, and few that can stand up to us on the battlefield – without or without air support.

            On the contrary, I think you are special, Mr. Weaver, as your articulations are forthright, yet shaded with a beautiful grasp of nuance. Furthermore, you are a completely unconfused Southerner, (admittedly your wife might take issue with this:))) and it is my great privilege to find myself in your company.

            Thank you for being, especially in a time such as this.

          • I over spoke. I shouldn’t have said I look down on anyone.

            Ty for the kind words. Richard Weaver once wrote, as I recall, how we’d been near to achieving a culture on par with Europe. And I’ve come to almost revere Southerners. We’re among the healthiest European groups standing today.

      • It’s a different day . Everything has changed. The electorate is rougher, cruder and less likely to resemble June and Ward Cleaver’s household.
        Our enemies have never played by the rules we’ve outlined for ouselves. That is why we lose.
        Our survival and everything we hold dear is at stake.
        Time to take off the white gloves and exchange them for a set of brass knuckles.

    • There is a lot of validity to this, Mr. Whitaker.

      I wold also say that, for many Trump supporters, he is a fantastick proxy primal scream.

      That said, I do believe his supporters like his politicks.

  10. Curious because both conservative and liberal groups in the media put forth the narrative that Rubio and Cruz crushed Trump and made him look like a blithering idiot. I was hesitant to even check in today because I thought it would be too much gloom and doom. I am glad to see I was wrong. Fascinating to see the Lunatic Left and the Retarded Right combine forces to crush a threat to the political system. Reminds me of the good ole days whereby Wall Street bankers financed the Bolshevik revolution. I think the grand son of one the bankers in question is quite active today in banking circles. I have seen him on TV many times much like the grandson of Armand Hammer is now an actor.,Schiff and Hammer were two of the main ones who financed the Bolsheviks.Nice to know the whole Capitalist/Communist collusion has been reborn. It shows you how false political discourse in America really is!

    • Mr. Galt, everybody, who is not a committed Trump supporter, thought Mr. Trump was mauled, last night.

      Still, to my lights, he fought back and landed some good punches.

  11. Trump ought to go full “homophobic”( I hate to use the language of the left. Phobia means fear and traditional whites don’t fear homosexuals- the actual feeling they have is disgust) on Rubio like Anne Coulter already has. Politics is, after all, merely war by another method.

  12. Ann Coulter Retweeted
    David Hill ?@davehill77

    I love that Trump gave Cruz $5,000 and Rubio sent him a book to beg for money. These guys are all such slobs. They deserve each other.

  13. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump
    Why would the people of Florida vote for Marco Rubio when he defrauded them by agreeing to represent them as their Senator and then quit!

    • This Floridian is voting Trump, so is my entire family, and everyone else I know who has indicated who they will vote for.

  14. Developing News: Marco Rubio, uncucked: he actually used the term “illegal immigrant” during the debate! Back in 2013 he was using “undocumented immigrant.”

  15. Rush Limbaugh is portraying last night as a victory for the Cubans. He was impressed. And he’s also claiming that Cruz or Rubio could have taken Trump out at any time in the past, should they have chosen to.

    • Yeah, there’s a new “How to beat Trump” narrative: attack him. The debates may as well install an “Applause now” and record over with a laughing track anytime Rubio or Cruz speak. It’s so pathetic how they’re trying to rig this thing. By the next debate they will use the Price is Right sound effect when someone guesses wrong every time Trump finishes a sentence.

    • Well, all those controlled opposition traitors have shown their true colors by bashing Trump or supporting one of his unqualified opponents. If Trump did anything for the alternative media, he exposed the phonies. Of course, there is still a high probability a few slipped through the cracks and are remaining silent so they can try to fool the masses at a later time.

      Remember, Limbaugh was bashing the NWO on Friday. But by Monday, he was “gifted” with the “golden microphone” and never mentioned it again. Rick Perry used to cry conspiracies as well.

    • Perfect, Gregor, those italics of yours on “impressed.” You just summed up Limbaugh’s self-image: Measurer of Men.

  16. Why was that Spanish-speaking bitch allowed onto the stage to ask questions? My ancestors helped found this nation, built it up, fought and died in its wars while hers were ruining Mehico. Egads, but the insults we have to put up with from these 3rd world ingrates. Deport them at once already!

    • I know. When I behold those filthy ORCS babbling in their pidgin Spiclish – I want to take hot irons to their tongues.

      • I would like to have seen Trump interrupt her mid-sentence and insist that she speak English. He’d have gained 5 points from that alone.

    • Have you seen this video?

      Armed with a Valyrian steel sword named Deal-Maker, Donald Trump embarks on a quest through Westeros to take care its border policies.

  17. I’ll bet Trumps numbers go up for the tax return IRS non scandal like anyone on the right loves that outfit

      • The Internal Revenue Service is the collection agency for the Rothschild crime syndicate. The interest incurred on all U.S. dollars illegally printed out of thin air is paid to the con men with income taxes. That is why it is the most vicious tax collection agency known to man.

      • Krispy was the most impressive debate guy up there.

        Him as attack dog allows Trump to settle, mellow and regroup as grandpa moneybags.

        • Christy is the guy you hate when he’s on the other team. On your side he’s the guy you want to see at the plate swinging for the fences.

        • Spot on. Mellow is exactly what Trump seemed as he was introducing Christie, for the endorsement.

    • Important, other endorsements sure to follow as GOP decides to close ranks without the Jews and cucks, esp after Tuesday with Trump in the 40s and able to get to 50 on race consolidation (other candidates dropping out and their voters in part going to Trump.

      The picture on drudge seems to have the Texas national flag higher than the flag of the central government. Nice!

  18. Dadgummit, but Limbaugh is freaking out that Trump has taken a neutral stance on the Israeli-Palestinian crap. He is over-the-top livid that Trump is not declaring Israel “the good guy,” and the Palestinians “the bad guy.”

    • Egad, Trump wants peace.

      Some of his critics today were saying how his sons look like Hitler Youth… I was like, you know his daughter is Jewish?! White people = Nazis.

      And yet, Trump likely would want peace in the Ukraine. Obama is arming people who really think they’re reliving WWII.

      Trump is a revolution on trade, immigration, foreign policy, and I hope more to come. Even if he does nothing, at least he has brought forth our arguments.

      • ‘White people = Nazis.’

        May I tweak this, Mr. Weaver?

        ‘All people who are not sucking on the left’s toe= ‘Nazis’

        Hell, quite a few of my childhood friends call me this – with my blood:))) I mean, being as I am, I take it as an inadvertent compliment, but, still, it is such a joke, the way leftists think.

        • I’ve argued with so many Democrats in the last few years that immigration undercuts wages. They couldn’t see the connection.

          And perhaps immigration doesn’t affect most of them, but part of the problem is most people are idiots or simply incurious. No one will wake up. They’ll embrace one set of stupid ideas or another.

          Hopefully with the Internet and Trump, more are finally awakening.

          It would be positive to cut wages/spending if encouraging domestic investment, but we don’t have investment here. It’s an absolute wealth transfer from white Americans to the rest of the world.

          And yea, my true concern isn’t wealth… But this isn’t boding well for white survival, since we’re moving towards global integration and domestic amalgamation.

      • Ivanka Trump is a convert and nothing more. She apparently converted for love. Kushner has not distanced himself from Trump and I am sure some Jews are furious with him for that. It is now obvious that the Trumps are not hostile elites. Perhaps, as Jay Weidner said, Trump and his family realize what destruction lies ahead and if nothing is done to stop it, even they will not survive it.

  19. Near this thread’s beginning, Sam, Weaver1, and I discussed Trump’s having said last night, to Cruz, something like, “You don’t have a single endorsement from [your colleagues in the Senate]. Not one. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

    Now it becomes clear, how perfect that was. While Rubio was following the cucks’ instruction to “take it to Trump,” and while the mainstream journalists were sharpening their pencils to write the predictable headline (“Rubio takes it to Trump”), Trump himself was setting up the announcement, today, of the Christie endorsement. In one of the news stories I read over the past hour or two, it was said that Christie and Trump had discussed the announcement’s timing, I don’t know, a few days ago; Trump had thought it best to make it a surprise, this day. All last night, in short, while the cucks thought everything was going according to their plan, Trump had the ruin of their plan in his rearview mirror. Beautiful, how he did not tip his hand, even in the post-debate interviews.

    Let the word go forth from this time and place:

    Can. Not. Stump. The. Trump.

    • It was beautiful – when Roboto came out to respond to Christie’s endorsement he was sweating and worried.

      Roboto and his cuck supporters had their 12 hours of “glory” until it all collapsed. The media narrative completely changed after that endorsement and the cucks are back to doom and gloom tonight.

      It was almost as if Trump let them get their little jabs in to get their hopes up only to crush them into the ground. Another amazing victory by the Trump campaign.

      • Yes, yes, Ulfric, it really does seem as if he set them up to be deflated today. I’ll have to go to YouTube or the news websites to find the video you’ve mentioned, of Rubio’s stricken response to the Christie announcement. Haven’t seen that.

        Somewhere today, I saw a pundit–not a Trump supporter, I’m pretty sure–refer to Trump’s move today as almost Shakespearean. That about says it.

    • Mr. Bonaccorsi – you have a divinely acute mind.

      That said, I suspect Mr. Cruz was NOT following any ‘instructions’. He was just dadgum desperate.

      • Thanks, Nikolai. You’re probably right about Cruz. At this point, he must have no idea what has hit him over the past few weeks.

        • No, thank you, Mr. Bonaccorsi, for your genial remark to my quip. You’re right : Cruz is like Fightin Joe Hooker at Chancellorsville – he is just waking up to how clueless he has been:)))

  20. It looked like Captain America vs 2 Mariel Boat Lift Refugees, with nice Grandpa and Uncle Ben watching from the sideline.

  21. Rubio’s numbers down BECAUSE of his mudslinging: he will never be the nominee now.

    This is similar to Chris Christie who effectively attacked Rubio at the expense of his own numbers.

    This race is over Tuesday night: GOP apparatchiks aren’t going to immolate their careers to assuage the Jews, they will consolidate around “the nominee”.

    Question: was worse in 2008 and 2012 better? Based on the current state of affairs, the answer is yes.

  22. I think Trump, to the extent I endorse him, it is more because of the way he took down others than his specific policies.

    I don’t think he can force Mexico to pay for a wall.
    His position on Iran is wrong.
    His positions on Iraq and Libya shifted.

    But I still want him to get the nomination, mainly because he eliminated a lot of people who needed to be eliminated.

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