Glenn Beck Threatens To Assassinate Donald Trump

Update: Beck claims he was joking with his co-host.

The Glenn Beck meltdown has officially arrived:

“During the Friday broadcast of his radio show, Glenn Beck said that if he were present at Thursday night’s Republican debate, and “had a knife,” he would have stabbed Donald Trump.

“I don’t know what I would have done if I was sitting in” Cruz or Rubio’s shoes, Beck stated. “I can’t say it that way. If I were on the stage, I would have said, ‘have you been listening to him tonight? Have you been listening to what I say about him?’ I believe these things.”

“If I was close enough and had a knife, the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.” …”

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  1. Imagine what President Webb would be doing with the security services the day after a Trump assassination. There will be blood.

      • McCain had the thing totally in the bag and couldn’t get away with the Democrat Lieberman as his VP pick, Trump is much weaker in the delegate count. Really would expose Trump as more of a 3rd party type if he did this and guarantee some other republican to launch their own independent bid. I don’t know if anyone here is from Illinois or old enough to remember but this very situation happened back in the 80s when Lyndon Larouche disciples won in the Democratic primaries in the main State races for Springfield. The Democratic machine promptly put their own people on a 3rd Party “Illinois Solidarity Party” and spent big advertising money telling people not to vote for the Democrats this time. Republican incumbent Big Jim Thompson won handily against Adlai Stevenson Jr. I don’t know what will happen with the media now taking off the gloves against Trump probably preventing him from getting to the magic number of delegates but still remaining the most popular of the candidates with his own very hard core support. I really do see the GOP insiders considering to pull such a stunt with a Romney, etc though.

  2. As much as cucks hate Trump they should take special care that nothing happens to him. If, God forbid, Trump meets with an untimely death no one will believe it’s a coincidence. Even if it is.

  3. Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon – a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate; or (4) a person protected by the Secret Service under section 3056(a)(6); shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both. –

  4. Good move by Trump to cancel appearance. Avoids trap. A massive walkout would have been used in attack ads by the GOPe cucks.

    CPAC’s ‘1776 Man’ Planning Mass Walkout during Trump Speech

    “We’re having massive walkout on Saturday when [Trump] comes to speak,” Temple, clad in Revolutionary War garb and cloaked in a faded-yellow Gadsden Flag, tells National Review. “We already have over 300 people who are going to get up at one time to go the bathroom.”

    “We’re not going to put up with him,” Temple says. “He reminds me of Mussolini — he was quoting Mussolini the other day and didn’t even know it. But this man is totally consumed with self. He wants glory. He wants to be seen as this potentate that everyone he loves. He can’t stand it if anyone opposes him.”

    Read more at:

    • Agree. Very smart move and instead of wasting time getting booed/walked out by cucks – he gets to present his case to the people of Kansas.

    • Well so much for that protest.

      Now they’ll probably show video of Trump speaking and walk on that instead.

  5. Not entirely on topic, but Trump has decided not to attend CPAC, where he was supposed to appear tomorrow: (“Donald Trump Drops Out of Controversial CPAC Speech”)

    I’ve seen an interview with a CPAC guy, who said there was some disagreement between Trump and CPAC about the format. The guy said Trump was supposed to deliver a speech and then do a Q & A, as all the candidates will. Trump had promptly accepted the invitation to attend but now has decided not to.

    I won’t be surprised if Trump eventually decides to stop attending these Republican debates. What does he gain from them? Nothing. It’s not his thing. As I’ve said before, it’s like asking Lennon and McCartney to explain musical notation. They wouldn’t know how to begin.

    I had to laugh last night when I saw a clip of Cruz explaining that we were just one Supreme Court justice away from the elimination of the Second Amendment or whatever it was he was prattling about. If the preservation of the Second Amendment depends on that, then why are we even wasting our time with America.

    In short: Let Cruz and Rubio debate. I couldn’t care less about the subjects they’re discussing. I just want to live in a white country.

    • I turned the debate off in the middle of it – I’m sick of it. They talk about shit I could care a less about like Trump university. All it is is the two Cubans/Cucks trying to score points on the Giant in the room. I have learned nothing new since the first debate. 10 debates of the same thing as the first.

      I think Trump will do the next debate before Florida but if he wins Florida will not do anymore.

    • The cucks will promptly accuse Trump of not being a “conservative” for not attending CPAC.

    • Wtf will America look like it was all white?, All you white racist ppl probably never even served your so called country but you all on the internet spewing hate. Do you think only white ppl defend this country?, the white race isnt big enough to defend this country from the REAL enemy. People like you are not taken serious at all… by nobody but maybe your sister wife

  6. Glenn Beck said that God took Antonin Scalia so that people would vote for Ted Cruz, (see how well it worked), but Glenn Beck’s God won’t do anything about Trump such that Beck thinks he has to do the deed himself? Come on now.

  7. Will there be at least one week’s worth of obsession for Ted Cruz to disavow Glenn Beck? After all, they’re good buddies, unlike Trump and Duke.

  8. This cracks me up, especially since we’ve all been predicting it.

    On a serious note, this is the kind of rhetoric that leads to political violence and civil war, and it’s all the more dangerous because Beck is not the only batshit crazy Trump hater out there.

    Interesting times.

  9. For the record: the explanation that Beck’s remark about stabbing was directed toward his co-host, who was mocking Beck for an infelicitous phrase, seems believable. It’s now in the article you linked, Mr. W.

    • No, it’s not. That’s Jewish dissimulation, which he’s learned from his Orthodox Jewish ‘advisor.’

      Beck threatened a Future President. End of story,

  10. Time magazine’s website has a March 3 article that speaks of Trump on his plane, after a Virginia rally, before Super Tuesday. I’m not sure future generations will be able to grasp what Trump’s candidacy has occasioned, but maybe they’ll get a sense of it from the article’s following passage …

    “The plane levels off. Trump picks up a few of the fallen papers, but his attention is quickly diverted. Something more interesting has caught his eye: himself. The satellite antenna has connected with the chattering ether, and the wide-screen TV monitor across the cabin has come to life. It calls to him with a relentless cadence of Trump, Trump, Trump.

    “There is a gold-upholstered sofa in front of the TV. Trump walks over and perches at the end, takes up the remote and begins toggling from one all-news station to another. What happens next is simply remarkable. For the entire hour-long flight from Virginia to southern Georgia, nearly every minute of every broadcast is focused exclusively on him. Sure, he’s rich, but still: this guy, this slightly beefy macher from an outer New York City borough with a head for numbers and the gift of gab, is the only news in the world? This guy, of all people, the beauty-pageant promoter, Mr. Luxury Condo, is living a scene from a James Bond movie. Blazing through the Carolina blue sky inside his personal flying penthouse, he watches as, far below, the planet babbles heatedly about him. Even when the screen shows a rival candidate or the leader of a foreign country, it’s only in the context of the man in the sky. …”

    Here’s the link:
    (“Donald Trump’s Wild Ride”)

    • But of course, how quickly ( or did they EVER report it?) they forget the megalomania of Barack Hussein O’Bummer?

      Oh, wait. He’s a nigger, and a Democrat. It’s accepted behaviour for these psychopaths.

  11. Beck is pissed because he promised to leave the country if Trump became president and Trumps son offered to buy him a ticket.

  12. This Trump/Duke disavowal nonsense reminds me: When will Bernie Sanders be made to disavow Sarah Silverman. She’s been campaigning for him at his rallies, and yet she’s engaged in multiple anti-Christ blasphemies with no repercussion to her or to Bernie Sanders. I won’t post any video links, since they’ll embed here, but they’re only a quick Youtube search away.

  13. Trump had better be on the look out. Ronna Romney is Mitt’s niece.

    Feb 21, 2015 – LANSING – Republican National CommitteewomanMcDaniel won a first-ballot victory at the Michigan Republican Party convention Saturday, defeating two other candidates to become state party chairwoman. .

  14. The RNC is right to some extent that Trump is basically a “Reagan Democrat” who is smart enough to know that the era of a white male getting through the Democratic Primaries is over. Other than a few queers and college professors white males no longer vote in the democratic primaries and the candidates will always be the choice of blacks, white women, and hispanics. The RNC doesn’t get it that all the white males who no longer vote Democrat are not in love with the National Review’s economic agenda, constitution fetishists egghead “conservatives” like Marc Levine, they are southern “Nixon Democrats” and rust belt “Reagan Democrats” who are simply holding their noses and voting for Bush Jr. Romney, McCain, because they hate what the Democrats have become.

  15. There are definitely many positive things coming out of the Trump campaign.

    The loss of credibility, power and influence from the fake Christian cuckservatives like Glen Beck, Focus on the Family, Christian Zionists, Liberation Theology CINO Catholic in Name Only – all good signs.

    The established Religious Right “Christian” leaders are lamenting that the regular folks in the Church pews are listening to them regarding Donald Trump, the more honest Religious Right leaders are simply backing Donald Trump as they want someone with a set of b****.

    Very good.

  16. Glenn Beck is mad because Donald Trump ruined his attempt to get back on Faux News. His Blaze outfit is sinking and he has slid into irrelevance. Faux dodged a bullet by firing this nutcase.

  17. This sorry ass pissant must be trolling to get back his job at Mole Newz. His fake broadcast must be tanking after that stunt he and Goldman-Sachs Cruz pulled at the border, handing out Teddy Bears to Alien Invaders.

  18. The Trump = Hitler narrative is everywhere.

    ‘ABC’s Sunny Hostin: Trump’s Stance on Border Security, Immigration Akin to Hitler’s Extermination of Jews’

    JOY BEHAR: Demonizing the other. That’s what his message is.

    JEDEDIAH BILA: When you’re talking about Hitler though. I mean, that is like equating Donald Trump to someone who wants to exterminate a whole race of people. Or a whole religion. He didn’t say anything like that.

    HOSTIN: He wants to build a wall, he wants to send millions and millions of Latinos from this country. He wants to torture people, how is it different?

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