What the Hell is the Matter With Oklahoma?

Allan Wall has an excellent article today on Vdare lamenting the very sorry state of patriotic immigration politics in Oklahoma. While the entire Confederate Southern States went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, Texas and Oklahoma did not. In Oklahoma Ted Cruz won the GOP primary with 34.4%. Donald Trump was a close second with 28.3%. Disturbingly, the appalling Marco Rubio was only two points behind Trump with 26%. [OK Primary Results—NYT].

Most people assume that Oklahoma is the most “Red” State, the Governor’s office, the Congressional delegation is 100% White GOP – everyone campaigns on being patriotic, conservative. An exception was J.C. Watts – a popular Black Oklahoma college football player. Watts was elected to the US Congress in the 1990s as a more “Conservative” GOP “Magic Negro” that would break the Lib Dems monopoly on Black American votes. J.C. Watts signed up on Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America” and was once touted as the Black American man who would deliver the US presidency to Bob Dole, get Black African Americans off of welfare and embrace the American dream that J.C. Watts was living proof it could be done.

Well, it didn’t get done.

What’s left is White RINO Cuckservative political leadership which is appallingly bad on immigration.

Here’s how the Oklahoma congressional delegation is doing:

Senator James Inhofe has been in Congress since 1987, since 1994 as a senator. In 2014 Inhofe had a grade of B+ but it later fell to a C and has recently risen to a B. Inhofe won’t even consider a reduction in legal immigration. In writing to a constituent, he goes off on the time-honored “nation of immigrants” spiel and talks about his own German immigrant grandparents, none of which is relevant today.

Senator James Lankford had a grade of B in 2014, when he was still in the House. He’s now a senator, but his grade has fallen to a C-.
Representative Frank Lucas (District 3) has been in the House since 1994, and is famous for bringing home the bacon for farmers. The congressman’s Numbers USA immigration grade has gone up from a D+ in September of 2014 to a C now. That’s nothing to brag about.

Representative Tom Cole (District 4) has been in the House since 2003, and his immigration grade has dropped from a B- in September 2014 to a D today. (But don’t worry, Congressman Cole has taken a bold stand against the use of the term “Redskins” by a certain NFL franchise!)

Representative Mark Wayne Mullin (District 2) has just been in the House since 2013, From September 2014 to now, his grade has dropped from D+ to D.
Representative Steve Russell (District 5) wasn’t in the House in September 2014. Until recently, Russell had a D grade from Number USA but now has managed to raise it…to a C-!

The only member of the Oklahoma delegation who is a positive influence on the National Question: 1st District Representative Jim Bridenstine. He had a D+ in 2014, but now has a solid A. (Source Allan Wall Vdare/NumbersUSA).

And on super Tuesday Oklahoma voters went for the GOP establishment, Neo Con wars for Israel and restarting the Cold War against Russia, non enforcement of our immigration laws even towards 20 million Muslim migrants!

So what the hell is the problem with Oklahoma?

My take is this:

Oklahoma isn’t really a Southern Confederate state – there’s some of it, but not enough. It’s a Southwestern State lacking a well educated Southern, genteel White elite. The Depression hit the dust bowl in Oklahoma really hard and there was/is the hated reputation of the state being filled with Okies – The Grapes of Wrath depressed and downtrodden White rural people of John Steinbeck novels. Post World War II White Oklahomans have done just about anything to escape this image of being helpless, destitute Okies which makes them easy pretty for all kinds of seductions and corruptions by Eastern/Government elites like the cursed Cuckservative GOP elite.

I highly, highly recommend Occidental Dissent/Alt Right readers familiarize themselves with Wilmot Robertson’s The Dispossessed Majority. Wilmot Robertson denotes the very specific type of American White traitors – these are not Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Mulattos – they are real White Americans who look like us and often talk like us, but who most definitely are not us and they are not on our side on the live or mostly DIE issues of mass NW migration, Black crime, Jew wars against White nations etc.

Let’s review the types of traitors:

Wilmot Robertson lists 5 types of White American traitors to our people:

1) Pussyfooters
2) Gracchites
3) Trucklers
4) Old Believers/True Believers
5) Proditors

The traitors of Whites in Oklahoma are mostly #3 – Trucklers, those White American members of the middle and lower classes who “go with the flow”. Trucklers take the anti White side in order to advance their careers, gain or maintain their own personal wealth. They have known poverty, known what it is like to be looked down upon. They’ve toiled in the minor leagues, been dismissed as “hicks from the sticks”. But they’ve gotten a glimpse of the good life, seen a bit of the lifestyles of the rich and famous in power centers like Washington D.C. Manhattan New York City, in state capitals, or in “progressive” university towns like Chapel Hill North Carolina. Trucklers are looking for wealth, security and most of all social status and they’ve learned, or instinctively sensed that being accused of being “RACIST” will destroy their careers, take away their good, easy life and throw them back in to the poverty and social marginalization of their family’s lower class past.

Again, it’s all about their own social status, it’s not some intellectual debate – as these lower middle class, nouveau riche GOP pols are not intellectual people. It’s all about “going with the flow” – so our work is change the flow. Those that don’t go with Donald Trump’s very positive, common sense policies on mass third world immigration, Muslim terrorists migrating to Europe and the West, BlackLiesMatter, cuckservatives, Neo Con war mongering – well, they have to be drowned, their homes and lives ruined by floods.

Make it clear to these types that if they don’t back Donald Trump and regular decent White Americans like officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson MO, then their soft, easy nouve riche life will end and they will go back to being downtrodden Okies forced to some how meek out an existence doing unskilled labor with central American Amer indian illegals, Ebola infected Black Africans etc.

Also, understand our enemies will always, always be on the look out for Trucklers like LBJ, Mike the Huckster Huckabee who look and sound like poor Southern White guys, but who are ready, willing and able to take the 30 pieces of silver to betray our people.

God bless the South – please put the word out that Oklahoma will be turned over to Mexico and to Hollywood/Harvard/Yale/BlackLiesMatter/Homo pedophiles if locals don’t start voting and acting like honorable White Southerners.


  1. Knowing Texas and Oklahoma well, it is the particular type of Christianity practiced here combined with Cruz being a local man. Didn’t Bernie sweep his neighboring states as well?

    • You said a mouth full. I know people who believe that criticising Jews or Israel is a mortal sin. It’ll land you in Hell. When I did , I always got the “Jesus was a Jew ” response. Meaning I was being blasphemous. Being a local man counts for a whole lot, too. It’s so engrained in me, that even I look askance at strangers, especially if they’re not Texan or Southern. Even though I voted for Trump, I had to suppress some feelings of pride that Cruz had won. Like the Rangers beating the Red Sox or the Cowboys beating the Giants.

      • Interesting analysis, Mr. Owen. (local pride)

        Funny, but, don’t feel alone on the Jewish issue, because even, I, with my veins running with Jewish blood, have been accused of being ‘anti-semetick’, by my WASP Southern friends, when I dared to suggest that the Jewish Oligarchs have largely usurpt the Yankee government, dictate the general opinion making of society, and ought be civilly exported to Israel.

        Some, Mmr. Owen, have even accused me of being a Nazi!


        Good thing I did not tell my dear accuser that one of my friends is an Imperial Wizard in the klan – for, my childhood friend might well have placet me up on a stake and burnt me, right then and there!

        God Bless Texas, Mr. Owen, and you, too!

        • I mainly said that what was going on over there was none of our business. I also said that the Israelis can take care of themselves quite well without our inference, and that my feelings towards them were no different than those I felt towards Belgium. They took this as criticism, hersey and blasphemy. I took it as minding my own business.

          • Next time you hear : ‘Jesus was a Jew’, in response to any circumspection you give Jewish society, try this :

            Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan were two Hall-of-famer Cincinnati Reds. Does that mean we cannot accuse Pete Rose of gambling?

            To those who consider you as a hateful anti-semite, when offering some unhateful criticisms of modern Jewish society, try this :

            Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, of the Lubavitcher clan (a group of ultra-orthodox Hasidick Jews living in Brooklyn – about 30,000, and, worldwide, much more)said, in the 1950s : ‘The Jewish community brought the holocaust upon themselves, by their wicked ways.’

            Last, when criticizing the foreign policy of Israel, you can quote the ultra-Orthodox Jews, as well, who believe that, ‘Israel is not legitimate, because the Messiah has not returned to establish it.’

            I have used this, and it is devastatingly effective; and, so, the moral is ; always use Jewish voices against other Jewish voices, (or Jewish imitators) just as Jews will use Wasp voices against each other.

            That is how you penetrate the mindset, and put it in it’s place.

            A good night to you, Mr. Owen!

          • Jesus was a Jew? That’s ridiculous.

            Not sure how anyone can consider themselves a Christian if they are wholly ignorant of the Bible. You need only read Esther 8:17, to know that the word Jew is *not* a racial designation. And read John Chapter 8 to understand that the Jews and Jesus were not of the same line. They come from completely opposite lines in fact.

            And from the very beginning of their mention in the Bible, Jews are described as being in opposition to the Israelites. Texans don’t much like to read, apparently.

            Jesus was a Jew, bless their little hearts. And may God forgive them their blasphemy.

          • Mr. Triuwuda, I certainly respect your opinion, but, most Jews do consider being a Jew a race – which is why that, in order to a Jewish Immigrant to go live in Israel, he must pass a blood test, that reveal he holds certain genetick traits.

            Further, my suggestion to Mr. Owen was not an indication whether Jesus was a Jew or not, but, rather, how to deal with those who do, vis-a-vis criticism of Jewish culture.

            As to ‘Israelites’ it’s a good point you make, and worthy of reflection.

            All the best to you.

          • @James Owen:
            I mainly said that what was going on over there was none of our business. I also said that the Israelis can take care of themselves quite well without our inference, and that my feelings towards them were no different than those I felt towards Belgium. They took this as criticism, heresy, and blasphemy. I took it as minding my own business.
            I take a different approach with Christian Zionist Evangelicals. When they talk about God blessing those who bless Israel, I ask them if they believe that every word of the Bible is true? They always say yes.
            Then God rescuing the Jews by parting the Red Sea when they were fleeing the Jews actually happened? Yes, of course it did. So if God rescued the Jews then, He can still do it now? Naturally, they say yes.
            Then I demand them to answer me precisely when God changed the spelling of His name to USA! They don’t know what to say to that. They hem and haw, but then they go back to God allegedly blessing those that bless Israel.
            Which springs my trap. I then ask them what happened to America’s blessing? I point out how God has rewarded America with the Marxist tyranny of political correctness, homosexual marriage, legalized abortion, Obama, terrorism, loss of industry, invasions by hordes of violent, low-IQ third worlders, etc. ad infinitum.
            I theorize aloud that God is angry with us because by displaying our own shock and awe defense of Israel that we have usurped God in razzle-dazzling His Chosen People. That we may have enabled Jewish atheism, filling them with the kind of hubris that causes many of them to say that they are their own Messiah.
            They always end the conversation by saying that “we have to agree to disagree,” but I can see by their expressions that the wheels are spinning and the lights have been turned on.

          • You’re right about that. Blessing doesn’t cost blood money and reputation. I could care less what other countries do, as long as they’re not doing it to us.

          • But the Bible does not say God rescued “Jews” by parting the Red Sea. That was the *Israelites*.

            You seriously need to go back and read that Book again.

            The word Jew does not appear until much later in the Bible, and by the time you get to the Book of Esther there is no excuse for thinking Jew means Israelite. It doesn’t.

            Under the terms of the Covenant made through Jesus Christ, those who believe in Jesus are Isreal. That clearly does not refer to Jews.

            Remember, Jesus told the Jews they descend from the Devil, not God. And He knew it because of their desire to lie and to murder. The Jews responded by bringing false witness against Him and demanding that He be murdered, which only proved that Jesus was right about them.

            Not sure why this is so hard for most people. Jews and Israelites were mortal enemies, from their first mention in the Bible.

            Saying that Jews are God’s Chosen People is the single most un-Christian thing you can say. It denies the Covenent made through Jesus Christ, entirely.

          • I would recommend not trying to argue too much about USA support for Israel with these Christian Zionists, “rapture” types.

            Instead concentrate on the Islamic threat, mass Islamic migration invasions, Muslims beheading people who look and think like them.

            Start doing some Black Propaganda, pose as an Islamic migrant start sending insulting letters stating that their Christian Church is run by homosexual pedofiles and their women prefer Muslim men as these “Christians” are all cowards, pussies. Show gay pride magazines with out of the closet gay Bishops. Also show lots of feminist stuff – argue that Christians in places like Oklahoma are dying out because the women are all like Hillary. State that in the coming conflict between the corrupt American/Western feminist, homosexual degenerates and Islam – the one true religion, their side will lose.

            Boast about the Muslim invasions.

            My experience is that virtually every White person in the South, Southwest despises ugly, hairy, swarthy Afro/Arab/Paki Muslims.

            No Jihad in Oklahoma.

            Start promoting “Jihad in Oklahoma”.

            So don’t try to use logic, reason with these Christian Zionist “Rapture” idiots. The Jews call them “dumb Goyim” – which sad to say is often the case. Let’s play the cards we’re dealt.

            Trump is doing great.

          • Show these mixed up BIble believers if this image is what they want for their sons:


            Are you really so stupid that you want to bring these throat cutting Islamic Jihadists to Oklahoma?

        • Neither do I. But people will root for anything or anyone, that’s from or represents Texas, and is winning, anymore. Cruz is a good bullshit artist, I’ll give him that much.

      • The only people going to Hell, are the heretical CZ’s and their blasphemous Dispensationalism crap.

        I used to think it was merely personal, but this Cruz/Rubio taco brigade is pissing me off, and if the lousy dumb-ass redneck Fundies are to blame, well, then God damn them all to Hell.

        Because the Church clearly considers their theology to be the prime reason for their damnation. No ifs, ands or buts. Swaggart, Roberts, Copeland are all BLASPHEMERS and devoid of the Holy Spirit, frankly.

        • You got that right. I was taught that dispensationalists and holy rollers were heretics. I come from a Methodist, Lutheran and Baptist background. What you could call mainstream. A classmate in high school used to impersonate T.V. preachers for laughs. He was Methodist. Even in Texas, mainstream denominations laugh at these people.

          • More and more people of ALL denominational affiliations, need to OSTRACIZE and DEMONIZE this heresy in American culture. The Albanians (most of whom are now Moslems) were adherents to this Chiliastic error, in the centuries before Mohammedans started their first wave Jihad. It was easy for them to convert to Koranic stupidity, because they had first jettisoned Conciliar Christianity, by adopting this millennial madness… Wonder if Dallas Theological Seminary will become the first Koranic Institute in Texas, thereby. Wheaton has already allowed both LGBTXYZ seawalls and Black ‘solidarity’ (cough, hack) ‘professors’ to stay on payroll… just sayin’……

    • Don’t’ forget Ted Cruz walked out on a group of Palestinian Christians who has been persecuted by Israel for their beliefs. He told them if they don’t stand with Israel then he cant stand with them and promptly walked out. In other words support of Israel trumps Christianity as a means of salvation now.

  2. Oklahoma is home of Oral Roberts U. Rhema Ministries and many Word of Faith churches and affiliates.. All share the same beliefs as Kenneth Copeland and John Hagee.

    When Copeland who is revered as a Prophet claimed that God had chosen and
    anointed Cruz to be the next president it had to have made a huge impact on the believers. Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one.

    The announcement must have gone viral in their circles. People not familiar with the situation have no clue.

    • Is my recollection correct or was it the actual guy Oral Roberts who did a televangelist big show that unless contributors send in $10 million or something within the week then God himself would strike Oral Roberts dead?

      I remember the great Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko commenting on this and saying Oral Roberts could make millions of atheists around the world accept his religion of he actually manage to get struck down and die on the mentioned date.

      • He did. I was in those circles in my younger days. Attended services and went to seminars there. Was in the prayer tower which was loaded with boxes filled with prayer requests from around the world.

    • I wrote here that I was surprised the idiot tax exempt Christian Zionists haven’t been causing more trouble, doing stupid stuff like trying to make Mike the Huckster Huckabee President or launch another big Neo Con war in the Middle East or against Russia to somehow fulfill prophesy to bring Jesus back and no one has to worry about 20 million 3rd world illegal immigrants in the country because the world will end next year and all the good Christians will get “raptured” so they should just send the televangelists all their money and back all things Israel and Jewish including the hard core porn industry.

      Well, it does look like these idiots are still alive and saying and doing stupid stuff in Oklahoma.

    • This is a reason the polls were so far off. The people in the churches were aware of the ground swell of support. Outsiders were not aware.

      I first heard of the Copeland -Cruz connection from an e-mail sent to me by a friend living there.

  3. In spite of Steinbeck, the Oklahoma to California exodus lasted several decades, from the roaring twenties until a few years after the end of WWII, and involved many more white collar professional and blue collar working class types than it did dust bowl devastated farmers, and the exodus itself involved “Okies” settling in California cities rather than its farms.

    • Some of them have started moving back here to Texas and Oklahoma. I had a friend that lived in Bakersfield for a time back in the 80’s. He said it reminded him of Texas or the Oklahoma panhandle.

        • Yes, they were. When it’s played here in Texas and Oklahoma, it’s called “Red Dirt Music.” My wife is from Lawton, Oklahoma, and she has family out in Bakersfield. She spent time out there as a child, and it wasn’t that different from Oklahoma to her. Used to be a time when California was far west Texas and Oklahoma, in some ways.

        • I almost forgot. During the land rush, people from the Texas Panhandle settled western Oklahoma. Despite the rivalry, Texas and Oklahoma are like peas in a pod. BTW, the song “Wichita Lineman” refers to the Wichita mountains of western Oklahoma.

  4. It’s now at the point that we must call out and strongly oppose, punish idiot, renegade “Christian” leaders who do things like flood Minnesota with Somalian Muslim “refugees” or John Hagees, Southern Baptist leaders who denounce and defame all things traditionally Southern.

    Nice to see the Christian Zionist “rapture” leaders in Confederate Southern States lose their ability to fix GOP presidential primaries.

    It’s important that our principled opposition to these idiot Judeo X’tians must not come off as being anti Christian.

    These idiots/traitors are not Christians.

  5. Well did anyone like my article about Oklahoma? Did anyone send this on to e-mailing lists, Facebook pages?

    Sometimes I feel that all my/our work does nothing – but then I know that we achieved some good things like destroying the Presidential campaigns of the likes of Rand Paul and lisping Lindsey Graham.

    I’m listening to Saga tonight –

    “If this is the way it ends”

  6. Mr. Ellis ; I think a better question might be : What is wrong with America?

    Why do I say that?

    Because I just read a Gallup poll, over at Drudge, which stated that President Obama has a 51% approval rating.

    Either the poll is corrupt, or ‘Americans’ have taken leave of their senses.

  7. This article overlooks that voting is private, so nobody’s career is at risk over how he votes. They may simply be more cucked than the rest of us. Also, there’s a LOT of Amerindian presence in the state, so maybe they just vote differently for that reason.
    Also, Oklahoma’s neighbor, Texas, went for Cruz, so it would be interesting to see which counties of each state went which way.
    It’s possible that OK just has more single issue abortion or single issue 2A voters than the rest of the South.

    • In Lamar County, Texas, Where I live, Cruz won by 900 votes with 4096. Trump was next, with 3287 votes, followed by Rubio with 1319 votes. The other candidates got few or none out of the total of 10091 votes cast.There were 302 abstentions.
      There were 10224 Republican votes cast county wide, Vs 1359 for the Democrats out of a total population of 48.5k. All eligible voters in 32 precincts voted, with the precincts reporting 100% returns. Paris, is the county seat. Lamar County is on the Red River. Hugo, Oklahoma is

      • BTW, western Oklahoma was settled by people from the Texas Panhandle during the land rush. My wife is from Lawton, Oklahoma. Her family came from Texas. Before that, they came from Georgia to Texas. They were Hough’s and Williams’. The song “Wichita Lineman” refers to the Wichita mountains near Lawton. Despite the rivalry, Texas and Oklahoma are peas in a pod.

  8. I remember Rush Limbaugh was practically in love with JC Watts and talked about his constantly.

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