Live Thread: Super Tuesday 3


If Marco Rubio won Florida, it would go down as the greatest upset in the history of polling. Donald Trump has led every single poll in Florida for months. Trump is winning by around 20 points in five polls which came out over the last 24 hours.

Trump wins Florida.

All signs point to Kasich winning Ohio. He is a popular governor there. He has a home state advantage with the Republican machine on his side. He has been in politics for over thirty years there and surely knows what he is doing. The polls suggest he has around a 5 point lead. Kasich has been using every debate as an opportunity to microtarget the moderate and liberal voters he needs to win in Ohio.

Kasich wins Ohio.

North Carolina was the first state where polling showed Trump had a lead. He has held that lead since July. All the polls show Trump winning North Carolina. He won South Carolina and Virginia. Trump has never lost a primary where he is polling over 40 percent.

Trump wins North Carolina.

Trump is winning Illinois in all the polls. It is an open primary state. If the events in Chicago had any impact, you would think it would be here. In Florida, a Monmouth poll showed that 22 percent of voters said that what happened in Chicago made them more likely to vote for Trump versus 11 percent who said it made them less likely. In Ohio, a Monmouth poll broke down as 66 percent saying it had no impact, 16 percent more likely to vote for Trump, and 14 percent less likely to vote for Trump.

Trump wins Illinois.

There haven’t been many polls in Missouri, but all have showed Trump winning the state and maintaining around a 7 point lead. It is an open primary state. Unlike Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma, Missouri has been plagued by racial conflict. Republicans in the St. Louis suburbs are suffering from a severe case of negro fatigue. My guess is that what happened in Chicago – combined with the ongoing crime wave which has made St. Louis the most dangerous city in the country – is much more likely to have resonated here than in Florida. Plus, I associate Missouri with the Baums.

Trump wins Missouri.

Note: There are two polls which have the race tied in Ohio. We need an overwhelming shitlord turnout to carry Ohio and put this away. Otherwise, I expect Kasich and Cruz will hang on through April.

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  1. I don’t see Kasich winning Ohio. The only place Kasich is strong is in his old Congressional District composed of the upper middle class suburbs around Columbus. That’s not enough to carry the State of Ohio. That may also account for any anomalies in polling. As outside pollsters tend to do a hit and run.

    Trump will also benefit from crossover voting. Independents are the largest group of registered voters in Ohio. To crossover all the Independents have to do is ask for a Republican ballot tomorrow. The same with union member Democrats who I expect to crossover and vote for Trump in large numbers.

    Kasich has had too many foul ups. Backing Right-To-Work ruined him with the union voters which includes everything from Teachers, to Cops. Then coming out and promising to cut Social Security benefits is like stickingyour tongue on the 3rd rail of politics in Ohio.

    Then Kasich was a big supporter of, and voted for NAFTA. Which is like ebola in Ohio. The TPP tops it all off.

    Kasich may be of part, how much is part, Turkish ancestry, as the Turks dominated Croatia longer than the USA has existed. I’m surprised that hasn’t come out…

    My advice to one major labor union president, is to get down on his knees every night, and pray that Trump becomes President of the USA.

    • Ohio has the opportunity to put this away. I don’t understand the polls. It is impossible for Kasich to win the nomination, but the polls suggest he has the upper hand.

      • Perhaps the Establishment grapevine decided Kasich had the best shot of defeating Trump in Ohio, so they activated their minions via churches etc. Our job is to expose and sever this connection so that the exponential growth of our movement can continue. Their follower types are the next target.

        A personal anecdote: having lunch at work on primary day in Texas and one of the basic bitches quipped that it was “time to go and block vote against Trump”. Strange. I usually just vote for the candidate I prefer, I never “block vote”.

        Perhaps that is why the fellow is having his entire world and genetic future seized from him by the Jew? White Texans have everything to gain from a Wall + Deportation policy and yet they voted for a Hispanic that isn’t even from America! Unfortunately, we are all in the same boat with folks like that and our survival depends on making those people very uncomfortable until they change (not paying lip service to their kookery and treachery).

    • I think what you described is why Kasich isn’t running away with the state like he should as a sitting governor. He should be polling a lot higher than he is.

      I agree that crossover voting and the massive error he made today in campaigning with Romney and embracing unlimited amnesty and immigration might really finish him off tomorrow. If Trump wins Ohio this race is over.

      • I wonder what’s going to happen in North Carolina? I’m concerned because a media guy that I follow, and like, in Eastern NC has been at best lukewarm and mostly cool towards Trump.

        Eastern NC is probably one of the more conservative parts of NC, and the fellow I follow has as good of Confederate bona fides as any of us.
        Maybe Harold or Sam has some thoughts they want to share.

        I wonder when DixieGirl is going to check in?

  2. Romney was campaigning with Kasich today where Kasich embraced massive immigration – said they were the image of God and so on.

    If the polls that are tied are the truth, then Trump will win Ohio based on Kasich’s massive stupidity today. If the polls showing Kasich leading are the truth, it will be really close and Kasich will probably win.

    I agree with you on all the other states. Florida will be a massive win for Trump.

    • I didn’t even mention the immigration, illegal alien and Muslim thing in Ohio. All working against Kasich.

      A few weeks ago an illegal alien Muslim from the Sudan or Somalia hacked up a half dozen people in a Columbus restaurant with a machete. The national media didn’t pick up or follow through with the story. That had to have awoke some voters in the Columbus suburbs as the Dispatch published a couple of gruesome reports.

      Columbus, maybe the largest African Muslim community in the USA, and one of the largest Muslim populations in general. Mostly brought in during the reign of the Bob Taft a decade or so ago. Although quite a few have come in recently under Kasich.

      The Roman Catholic Church is running Mexican settlements in Toledo and Cleveland. But, they are mostly all mouth and Roman Catholic panhandling & poverty pimping.

      The Papists are also working the Mexican angle in rural Ohio, and this isn’t making them any friends there either.

      I think Kasich is going to get beat badly by Trump in Ohio.

    • Romney is a very bad marketer who wants to support Kasich with left hand and withhold the right for someone unknown. He’s unwilling to endorse him.

  3. I’m still holding out hope for Trump in Ohio. I recall that all the dem polls showed HIllary up over Sanders in Michigan, so I’m hopeful. CNN tonight had a great piece on all a large number of dems claiming to be for Trump.

  4. Speaking of Florida, Interesting isn’t it that Trump’s Tampa campaign office looks much more diverse than Obama’s HQ staff in 2012:®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0
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  5. I really hope the polls are correct. Hunter – you’ve been an Oracle up til now. I wonder if the Hebes will Deibold our God Emperor this time

  6. sent 25 debtbux to Kasich last week when the polls were even; now, he’s +6. If Kasich wins and CleveCon goes to bloodbath, U can thank me. Priority One for hardRights isn’t electing Trump…that’s a waste of time. It’s getting rid of the Republiscam pty

  7. Even though I’m the Newton County Libbertoon Chairman, tomorrow I’m voting for Trump, and gonna try to get Roxie in the wheelchair to go vote Trump at the church polling place next door.

    The Newton County Establishment tards favor Big Rickie the Lizard-Weasel Cruz, but Roxie’s nephew favors Trump along with his wife. So the local repubs favor Trump. The local lesbo-Dems favor Swillery, though there are about 30 spawn-of-Satan in jewplin.

    Looking at Trump in St. Charles, which is the major county west of St. Louis, and Franklin County, with the newer suburbs, I predict that Trump will win by 9 or 10 percent. The “good-ol-boys” favor Trump and the Cubans look too much like beaners. Trump by 9-15%, with Big Rickie second, and Pussy-Pollack Kasich and Little Rickie Bubbles the Gay Pool Boy dead last with 6-8%.

    Trump isn’t really a racist and Trump likes jews. But Trump is a wrecking ball. In Missouri the reason that the Repubs have lost is because Matt “Runt” Blunt stole everything. (I ran as a Repub for Governor against Runt Blunt and got put in the Nuthouse for my presumption.) In Missouri Minstrel-Show Mel Carnahan won two terms because of a crooked Attorney General getting convicted from 1992-2000 and beating Asscrack for Senatard in 2000. We now have a piece of shit Democrat named Jay Nixon as two terms for governor because Runt Blunt made things toxic for Repubs.

    In Missouri since 1992 there has been a 2% margin of victory between the Dems and the Repubs. The Dems usually win the statewide offices because the Repubs are crooked and stupid but the Repubs own the General ASSembly/state legistraitors.

    Thanks in part to TraitorGlenn Miller any “White Supremacist” is not allowed to run for federal, state or local office since 2006. I was not allowed to run for U.S. Senator as a Republican, or Democrat or Libbertoon or CONstipationalist party candidaten in 2010. I was not allowed to run for U.S. Congress in 2014 for any of the above parties either. I was kicked off the ballot for Sheriff in 2012. Now Roxie isn’t going to be allowed to run for Sheriff this year because of a new 2015 law saying that you have to already be a licensed pig to run for Sheriff. I call it the “Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky Enabling Act.”

    Thus there are no such thangs as open, free, fair open [s]elections in Missouri. I’ll be filing a federal lawsuit, and selling “tyranny licenses” to Russia, China, and Iranians because why should they allow anyone they don’t want to run given that MoZOG doesn’t hold open free fair [s]elections either?

    Trump has three main proposals / platforms:

    1) Limit immigruntation.

    2) Put up a tariff wall.

    3) No wars against anyone because ZOG’s Armed Farces are unable to win.

    Everyone who is white and works for a living wants Trump’s proposals. Even some of the niggers and beaners. All of the other rabble are scattered.

    Trump wins by 9-20 points in every state except Ohio. Trump might win Ohio narrowly. Or lose narrowly to Pussy-Pollack Kasichkike.

    Let’s keep our eyes on the prize: Racial and religious civil war which will tear ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final apart. Everyone against The Donald is “Auntie White”. It doesn’t matter that Trump isn’t one of us and never was. If the Republifuktardcucks steal the nomination from Trump they will destroy their ZOG false-front political party. They will try regardless of reality because they simply hate Trump and the whigger cucktards and the muds and the jews actually think that Trump is secretly one of us when Trump isn’t. Trump is for Trump. A vote for Trump is a vote for civil war and bloodshed. We don’t want to make ZOG/Babylon or AmurriKwa or Under Satan’s Administration — “grate agin.”. We want to Fuck ZOG Up.

    There is no downside to whatever happens today.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt, Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Refused (2016) Candidate for U.S. Senate, Republican Party
    Newton County LibberToon Party Chairman
    Write-in Candidate for Governor / First Warlord Nationalist Party of Missouri

      • Thanks Denise. I appreciate being appreciated.

        Roxie doesn’t like Trump and so she refuses to let me load her up into the wheelchair and wheel her over to the polling place at the church an easy 75-100 yards away on an incline. Well, itz corned beef and cabbage soup for her until the crock-pot is empty. I can eat such Green-Hibernigger fare as a Swede and she can as an Ulster Orange-Hibernigger for the next three daze out of the 8-quart crockpot, but “discipline” isn’t meant to be fun, just necessary. Call it Fifty Shades of Green.

        Since the polling place changed from the Granby Annex Building “downtown” to the Church of God next door on Cobb Hill, the traffic has increased by greater than ten times. Buddy the Poopy Dawg / Baalzepup the Pisser-Possum Bane has been yapping and yapping at the end of his chain at the traffic and having a great time. Baalzepup loves [s]Election Daze.

        The polling was over 800 votes by 4:15pm. Polls close at 7:00 pm Central. Granby is the biggest precinct in Newton County. Normal is 500 or less. The turnout is heavy, and thus Trump is gonna get it. The Republicuck Establishment favors Big Rickie Cruz. As Newton County goes, so does Republicuck chances in Missouri, being the largest reliably Republican county in Missouri. If a Republican candidate gets over 72% of the vote, he will win the Moronsouri general [s]election. Get 68% or less the Dem[on]ocrat is gonna win the general [s]election. Newton County went only 65% for McCain in 2008 and Obongo won Missouri. Open primary. They were going to hand me a LibberToon ballot but I told them that pretty much all LibberToons other than myself are dweebs and tard ass-clowns, I wanted a Repub ballot. I videoed my vote for Trump. Swillery is at the top of the Dem[on]ocrat ballot and Bernie Pinko-jewboy is down three or four spaces. The CONstipational Party didn’t even have a Presidential candidate.

        A polling place in Jasper County wasn’t nearly as busy, but turnout was up by 40 percent anyways.

        In Miami Floriduh amongst the Cubans, Marco Rubio’s wife is in a nearly empty polling place. Little Rickie the Gay Pool Boy is finished except for blowing off Big Rickie the Lizard-Weasel Cruz.

        Turnout up by over 50% in a primary [s]election in the heaviest, most reliable of Missouri Republicuck counties. Itz maybe a win in the double-digits for Trump in Missouri. With 28%-32% max voting Demonocrat, it might well mean a crossover vote for Bernie Pinko-jewboy. Open primaries mean all kinds of mischief.

        Live “Flush Rimblow” mobile show at Newton County korthouse tonight. I’m loading up the video-camera, the mp3 recorder, the florescent pink Halloween wig bought at Walmart for $.197 plus tax and phoning it in live via the beaner cell-phone.


        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt, Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
        Refused (2016) Candidate for U.S. Senate, Republican Party
        Newton County LibberToon Party Chairman
        Write-in Candidate for Governor / First Warlord Nationalist Party of Missouri

        • Thanks! Sorry it took 2 days to get back to you. That was wonderful. This is fun!
          FYI – Hiber-nigger fare – that’s what sets muh Celts and Gaels apart. Only WE choke down thrive on and thrive on our swill. We like it that way!

  8. THIS JUST IN! Trump storms to victory in Northern Marianas primary w 71% of the vote (Marine Iguanas? Sea Turtles?)…anyway, +9 delegates. It’s a long swim to Cleveland, but they’ve got time to get there

    • Rich Lowry is that worm who backed down from a fight with Al Franken. What a wuss. His cuckery disgusts me.

  9. I think it’s very clear that ((((The Donor Class)))) propped up Kasich in order to deny a victory and the associated delegates to Trump.

    I know that Kasich is popular governor but due to a) he had no chance of winning and b) Trump’s economic populist message I am disappointed that Trump will likely lose.

  10. This just in:

    “The Republican Party has a serious Jewish problem.

    With the party failing to foresee and later oppose Donald Trump’s rise, Republican Jewish outreach faces an unprecedented crisis. The party could end up with a nominee who alienates both Jewish conservatives by breaking with Republican orthodoxy on Israel and Jewish liberals by promoting authoritarianism, racism, and xenophobia.”

    • Trump being anti-Israel is nonsense and “liberal” Jews vote overwhelmingly Dem.
      This is a typical manifestation of Jewish paranoia, a condition which explains a lot about their hostile behavior to White folks.

          • Same here. Any time a kid would bring in a toy to show off in our elementary school the little Jew would say “I’ve got one of those too, but it’s in storage.” It was bizarre behaviour, and I suspect, compulsive. God only knows what the little liar is up to now.

          • Once, in one of my Uni classes, we had a class project going on. We were lagging behind schedule (it was a film production class). The Prof suggested we meet over the weekend, outside of class, to strategize, etc. This occurred the week before Eater Sunday. The class was Diverse. Every-one agreed to meet on Saturday, because no one wanted to miss Easter, except this lone Jew. The other students kept saying “I cant come on Sunday – it’s Easter” . He kept butting in, growing increasing strident and belligerent, almost YELLING, “I don’t care about Easter – I’m a Jew!”. He stated this multiple times. Every-one completely ignored him, including the Prof, who gave him one side glance. I just stared at him. He was red faced and FURIOUS. I didn’t know what Jews are really about, all those years ago. I just goggled; I couldn’t believe how rude he was.

            The MAJORITY of students couldn’t come on Easter Sunday. He had NO respect for our traditions, and was insulting by his vociferous and arrogant dismissal. WE were all supposed to accommodate him.

            I never forgot that.

          • My brother’s best childhood friend was a wimpy little jewish boy. We were shocked to find out at the end of senior year that this kid was getting homosexual blowjobs by one of the guys he was in the school play with. And seriously, the guy who was blowing him WAS THE SON OF HILLARY CLINTON’S CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND! This kids mom was such buddies that she actually got Hillary Clinton herself to come give the speech at his class’ high school graduation. The whole place was on lockdown by the secret service when it happened, she was First Lady at the time. Her friend’s son went on to become an active homosexual wannabe actor in Los Angeles. My brother’s friend ended up marrying an Irish Catholic girl, I hope he got this gay shit out of him, me and my brother still tell endless jokes about that situation though.

          • Jews will lie about things just for the sake of lying… It has to be embedded in their genetic code or something.

      • I agree the alternative right as a ridiculous delusion that Trump is an anti-imperialist, anti-Israel type of candidate. He only seems neutral when compared to people who are more extreme, like Cruz on Israel and Rubio on the Assad regime.

      • I agree the alternative right has a ridiculous delusion that Trump is an
        anti-imperialist, anti-Israel type of candidate. He only seems neutral
        when compared to people who are more extreme, like Cruz on Israel and Rubio on the Assad regime.

        • Yes, I fear you’re right. A lot of alt right wishful thinking when he’s compared to his rivals. Wait until he picks uncle Ben for VP!

          • I keep saying this, at least Trump will sort of act like a cancer cell and I want the establishment to get cancer. Let’s be clear that he was establishment but he quit. He’ll be an embarrassment to the people who want the US to enforce the world.

          • I keep saying this, at least Trump will sort of act like a cancer cell and I want the establishment to get cancer. Let’s be clear that he was establishment but he quit. He’ll be an embarrassment to the people who want the US to police the world.

          • If he is not a trickster, he will pick someone even more reviled by the opposition. Jeff Sessions would be a perfect VP candidate. His choice of VP will definitely be a message either to the enemies of America or to the defenders of America.

    • So there are what maybe three hundred or so Jewish “conservatives” he’ll lose. So what. And Jewish liberals would have never voted for him any way.

    • I was in a conversation about Trump recently with a group that included an older Jewish woman. She was literally in tears and comparing Trump to Hitler constantly. The interesting thing is that even the people in the group who were against Trump found her act absurd and said so. I’m beginning to think that people are getting tired of Jews.

      • Jews are getting nervous, and once enough people to wake up to what Jews have wrought, they will have good reason to be.

        • And the tragedy of it all is that their own behaviour in trying to stop the rise of populist/nationalist political leaders rather than reigning in their own parasitism inevitably leads to what they fear. It almost seems like they can’t help themselves.

    • What do all of the following have in common?

      Jewish conservative

      Big Foot


      Loch Ness Monster

      Little Green Men from Mars

      • I think you’re trying to get someone to say they all are “make believe” but I believe the little green men are actually gray and there is a high probability they may actually exist. But we won’t go there.

    • @Hunter Wallace:

      With the party failing to foresee and later oppose Donald Trump’s
      rise, Republican Jewish outreach faces an unprecedented crisis. The
      party could end up with a nominee who alienates both Jewish
      conservatives by breaking with Republican orthodoxy on Israel and Jewish
      liberals by promoting authoritarianism, racism, and xenophobia.”

      The popular default position for American Jews is to accuse Herr Trumpen Feur Hair of Anti-Semitism. Yet The Donald is wildly popular with the Jews of Israel.

      This only makes sense if one looks at where the Jews who were forced to flee France and make Aliyah – fast – because of violent Anti-Semitism there ended up in Israel.

      There was a woman who ran a very profitable pharmacy in France which netted her a very comfortable living. She ended up barely able to eke out a living in Israel at minimum wage, stocking shelves in a pharmacy. She was unable to open a competing pharmacy in Israel, because those already established there had made it almost impossible and very expensive for her to do so.

      A lot of Jews in America have made a very comfy living in government as Court Jews and advisors to the political class. The Donald is winning without a whole entourage of political advisors to assist him. If the Trumpen Feur Hair wins the presidency, then that makes their own living situation very tenuous as other poitical candidates follow his lead.

      How many cushy, high-paying jobs are available to American Court Jews in Israel? They’ll have to be ditch diggers and garbage men and bein forced to resort to nothing but menial jobs. They’d end up as the servant class of Israel.

      The Israelis have a pretty low opinion of Diaspora Jews. In one documentary movie, the producer’s Israeli mother said that the reason why more Jews didn’t make Aliyah is that they didn’t like to work and it was much easier making a living ripping off the gentiles in other countries.

      American Jewry’s opposition to Der Trumpen Feur Hair really has nothing to do with Anti-Semitism and everything to do with power, prestige, and profit.

  11. Placed my vote for Trump in my area of St. Louis County at 9 a.m. CST. Was pretty light, which I guess is not surprising given the time and the fact it was a primary with nothing else on the ballot.

  12. I wasn’t paying attention during the Wyoming caucus. Can any here explain what happened? Why did Cruz run away with it?

  13. In a worst-case scenario, which I fully expect tonight, Kasich will win Florida, Cruz will win Missouri, and Rubio will win Florida. However, the combined delegates Trump picks up in Illinois and NC will still put him too far ahead for Cruz to ever catch up to him. So I see Trump inevitably winning the nomination and ending this primary process, but it won’t be tonight.

    The Democrat side is a wild card. I think Sanders will upset Clinton in Ohio, and take enough delegates from her in losing Florida to make it a wash. Clinton should win NC by a big margin, but Illinois might be another upset.

    • I see the opposite happening in Ohio: cross-over and independent voters going for Trump, denying Sanders a victory. Clinton Wins Ohio.

        • no he won’t. If Trump is the nominee, the entire Judeo-globalist/Cuck wing of the party deserts to Mrs. Clinton. She wins the election easily. If the ZOGsters steal the nom at CleveCon (likely Cruz/Kasich tkt), the White Nationalists will sit it out or support a Trump 3P bid which, by convention time, can’t even get on the ballot in 20+ states. Again, Mrs. Clinton wins easily

    • Good luck with Poolio in Florida. Ain’t gonna happen. The Cuban absess is all he gets. Florida’s Trump City, man.

      • Well I’m glad that I was wrong about Florida. I was right about Ohio, and we’ll have to see what happens in Missouri.

  14. Tactical voting in the GOP primary worries me in two ways:

    Short term: In a two way race, Trump must get 51%, in a three way race, it is a little easier as Cruz and Kasich can’t both be the beneficiary of cuckery. Many of the state results show that the string pullers have the ability to direct their minions (via churches and other venues like neocon media) to vote tactically against Trump. It isn’t quite sewn up, which leads me to my long term concern:

    Long term: the alt-right, or whatever you wish to call it, finds itself thwarted in part by organized Christianity, not just by Jewry and Corporate Old Money. Whether they be Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, Mormons, etc Christians should be with us as they would reap outsized benefits from our nationalist program. They are not, at least not in the numbers that we need to succeed.

    The answer is articulating a Christianity that is not anti-white, and perhaps even pro-white. Unfortunately, currently 99.9% of Christian confessions ABHOR racism. Christianity is not concerned with concepts such as genetic self interest. They wish to simply die to this life and be reborn in another plane of existence where material identifiers such as race don’t exist. In Christianity, if obedience to God furthers your genetic self interest so be it. If obedience to God undermines your genetic self interest, so be it. That isn’t a winning formula, now or in history.

    If we cannot put Christian wrapping paper on white survival, then we always have the ability of severing the bond between the voter and the pulpit. Just as National Review and other once proud bastions of the right have come under withering assault from the alt-right, we now know that we must do the same with those whom we thought were fellow warriors against a secular New World Order dominated by the Jews. The gloves have to come off and stay off.

    • I should also add that if Clinton sews it up tonight, that tactical voting will include Democrats and other leftist scum voting against Trump in the GOP primary. This puts white treachery in even greater relief, as they are materially aiding those who want to destroy us and them by not locking shields and marching forward!

  15. CONGRATULATIONS to all my friends, here, who are Trump supporters.

    He had another sensational night – probably his best, yet.

    Even though I am a Cruz supporter, it’s downright humourous to watch the establishment shoot themselves in the foot, over and over again, vis-a-vis the Trump candidacy.

    Stay tuned : as the Party of Lincoln steams towards the cliff, and then over?

      • I bet that is! If there is a crowd, M’am, that is utterly humourless – ’tis the ‘anti-Trump crowd’, for sure!

        Don’t suffocate anybody before you get them to ‘the ovens’…

        • HAHAHA!!! Thank you! If some of these backward retardates would EVER go to TRS – they’d get the joke,
          FYI – there is now a “Jews Against Trump” Facebook page.

          • !!!!!

            Why am I NOT surprised to hear about the new Yiddish Trump Facebook page.

            If you want someone to troll it with you, look me up on Facebook – I’m Ivan Turgenev – with the Confederate flag.

            I’m sure many of my daddy’s folk are crusht by the exit of Senator Rubio, and, though I expect Senator Cruz to carry on a gallant fight, to the end, they will have to, ultimately, cope with his demise, as well.

            At that point, they will have to choose between Miss Hillary and a bogus campaign to be hatched for the Republican nomination, at the GOP convention; at which point, many, such as I, will hurry down to the polls to vote for Mr. Trump.

            Get this, M’am ; I know a lot of hardened evangelical Cruz supporters, in my state, and nary a one has spoken to me of any other plan than voting for Mr. Trump, in November, should Mr. Cruz not be on the ballot.

            I reckon the GOP knows this, and that is why they are going to do something that is going to destroy their party.

            Good riddance. The Party of Lincoln was a motley bunch of cow-towed sellouts and commerce uber alles, that repeatedly black-jackt us over their real intentions, while letting almost the entire industry, of this once great land slip out in the middle of the night.

            A good night’s sleep to you, M’am. Your Junius

      • Mr. Bahn, I don’t see Mr. Cruz the way you see him.

        That said, if he ain’t on the November ballot, I will vote for the Manhatten shark.

        Thank you for your thoughts. Have a good night!

        • Sir, as a Priest, I can tell you, CRUZ IS A LIAR. Unlike Donald Trump, who at least maintains his gentleman status, even as he is going for the jugular in his ‘deals,’ Cruz is a SNEAK. He is also not a Christian… by ANY STRETCH of the imagination. AT ALL. He is on the payroll of the Jews, as is his wife. His own daughter fears him. Did you see that video where he tries to kiss his daughter, and then looks to see if the camera is running? Ugh.

          NO way, JOSE. (and I use the term, Jose, purposely). He is also INELIGIBLE FOR THE PRESIDENCY. Canadian born.

          • Dear Father,

            I do not find Mr. Trump a ‘a gentleman’ – not at least by any Tarheel definition, not even in the abstract. That he can be ‘gentlemanly’ when it suits him, I have seen.

            As to his daughter fearin’ him, mine fears me, which is as it ought be.

            Sir, if he ain’t a Christian, he’s got me totally bamboozled.

            That he is ‘on the payroll of the Jews’ is something which I cannot know, because it implies that not only are Jews contributing to his campaign, but, that they actually control how he formulates his thinking on policy.

            As to his neo-con stance on the world, I don’t like it. So, maybe it is that to which you refer.

            As to citizenship law, I don’t know it. I the GOP thought he were not a citizen, what is he in the race.

            As to a ‘liar’, I have heard Mr. Trump make the charge, just as he charged Mr. Carson with being a pederast. And, in that ‘gentlemanly’ light, is exactly how I have taken it.

            That said, Father – I have been wrong before. It’s hard to charge a man from 1,000 miles away.

            Mr. Cruz is not likely to be the GOP nominee – it will be a Romney or a Kasich Rino sort.

            Mr. Trump will wind up running on a 3rd party ticket, as the GOP, explodes, and I? : I will vote for the Manhatten Shark, and not reluctantly, either.

            Thank you, Father, for taking the time to school me. I appreciate it. God bless you, Sir.

          • That is the definition of a gentlman, not a fop. You want people to be feminized fops. Ever read about the duels, the fights, the MANLY behavior ‘gentlemen’ engaged in, prior to the 20th Century? We have been WOMANIZED to forget that manly behavior is multifaceted, and not ‘nice’ all the time.

          • Father, in the Tarheel country, our rules for gentlemanly behavior are exactly those as were the English knight of olde – to speak in low courteous tones, to make way for ladies, and, when fighting duels, to be relentless against our foes, but, always chivalrous.

            Please do not confuse our gentlemanly behavior with the effeminization of ‘American culture’.

            May I remind you that North Carolinians not only provided, and lost, more troops to the Confederate cause than any other state, we still provide a disproportionate number of warriors to the Yankee army. Furthermore, we are full of gentlemanly hunters and, generally, armed to the teeth.

            Now, we do have ruffians who act like Mr. Trump let me be unequivocably clear about that. Oh, yes, Sir, we do that.

            And, yes – at times we can seem unduly soft-spoken, though, I pray you will not mistake that for cowardice or perversion by Hollywood misindoctrination.

            That said, I do respect everything you are saying to me, plus the time it takes to say it. I just think that we are members of different countries, and, thus, different cultures. Imperfect as I am, I am a traditional Tarheel, and, frankly, it is all I would ever want to be, when it comes to social mores.

            Mr. Trump’s behavior makes it so gallingly hard to vote for him, that some of my Cruz supporting evangelical friends have actually confided to me that, though they will vote for him if presst, they will be ashamed to do so.

            As for myself, Father I have prayed and reflected on the matter; during which time, The Lord eventually said to me : ‘Son, remember how the local Injuns judge the character of a man … by the number and quality of his enemies.’

            When I heard that, I knew that, just like the brilliant, unstoppable, and very very uncouth Nathan Bedford Forrest, Mr. Trump is what the country needs – if we are to avoid a very uncivil war – such as Miss Hillary will bring.

            God bless you, Father – during this great time of Our Lord’s sacrifice for us.

          • And may God bless you, Nikolai.

            And you’re right, Trump has more enemies than any candidate since George Wallace, and may actually have more.

            But he’s winning despite all of the attacks, and all of the slander and vitriol hurled against him.

          • Thank you so very much for the generosity of spirit that you convey to me, Mr. Cicero.

            It seems like a coon’s age ago since I remember the Wallace candidacies, but, all the same, he was truly hated, despised, loathed, and feared.

            That said, I think people hated Mr. Wallace (he was seen as the very symbol of human evil – second only to Hitler, at the time) more than they do Mr. Trump; yet, by the same token, I think that Mr. Trump is feared more than Mr. Wallace was.

            Generally, as I recall, Mr. Wallace was hated by The Left, in those days, and, though he was of some finessing difficulty to the GOP National establishment, they found a way to silence him that they have not found with Mr. Trump.

            My prayer for the Southern people is that Mr. Trump ain’t jus’ playin’, or deal makin’, but, has real, and unswerving intent.

            At any rate, I wish you a very good night, Mr. Cicero!

          • I don’t. But you were not acting in that fashion, in your earlier response. Have you read Ann Douglas’ book, ‘The Feminization of American Culture’? Rushdoony mentioned it as far back as the late 1970’s. It’s a book every American White Man needs to read.

          • Father, if I have been uncourteous to you, I most certainly beg your pardon.

            As to ‘the feminization’ of this culture, I have not read about it, I just see it, and have rued it.

            As to being affected by that, Father, I don’t think I am, Sir, for I am often chidden for being too assertive, too severe, too old-fashioned, too impolitick, and way too unrelenting in my ways.

            God bless you, Father. Thank you for your time.

          • ‘As to his daughter fearin’ him, mine fears me, which is as it ought be.’

            I don’t agree with that. A good father should engender love, respect, admiration, appreciation and honor from his children, not fear. In cases where the children are totally rebellious, incorrigible or destructive, harsher, stricter measures are probably needed, I ‘d grant you that.

            However, Ted’s kids and his wife judging from the police report of her being found near a highway incoherent and depressed seem to indicate problems in the household.

          • Dear Sam,
            Thank you for your thoughts. I respect them. Still, neither with The Lord nor with a child should all these other wonderful attributes, that you mention, exist without an element of fear. A child must know that, if it gets out of line – particularly in sassing it’s mama, then there will be hell to pay.

            I do agree with you that, if, as a daddy, you walk in the door, and your children are automatically fearin’ you, then this is sign that you have left the realm of family enforcer and become a sadist. That is ungodly.

            It’s a fine line, but, most Southern daddies seem to find that. I believe strongly that some pain, judiciously administered early on, spares a lot of pain, much later on.

            As to Mr. Cruz’s problems – I’m sure he has them, as not only do we all do, but, with such a mercurial personality as his, there must be moments that are problematick with balance.

            God bless you. Have a good evening, Sam.

  16. net: good day for Trump, but still running at c. 80-100 delegates less than half of all allocated so far. This is going to go all the way down to 7 June’s last set of primaries: California (172 delegates: “winner take all” BUT also district by district; and it’s closed, so Cruz should score well), + Montana (Cruz), NJ (Trump), NM (Cruz), and SD (Cruz) w a total of 131. It looks like Trump will finish somewhere between 1,290 and 1,200. This being the case, I’d lay strong odds that the Judeo-globalists/Cucks are going to steal it via a rules change…like they did to Reagan in ’76. I hope so anyway, because then its finis for the Republiscam pty

      • A win is a win is a win. Trump, who wasn’t expected to win MO and even had IL up for “grabs” allegedly (Breitbart had a lot of last minute propaganda articles claiming Cruz would win IL), won by such a broad margin that Trump more than made up for his loss in Ohio.

        • Are we likely to see recounts until they get the right answer, as we had a few years ago with the Senate election of Al Franken? That was such an obvious fraud; remember, they kept finding more and more boxes of votes in people’s cars and odd places. As soon as the Dem votes reached a majority, they stopped counting and declared victory. And the R’s just rolled over and let them steal it.

          • Cruz can request a recount. But Trump certainly won’t sit idle if they start finding boxes in church basements.

          • More like Mexican restaurants masquerading as Churches. Oh, wait. We’re talking Evan-jelly-goo ‘churches.’

            Yeah, cult stashes of prepared votes by Jews, to make sure Cruzman Sachs wins…..

          • Never, ever, EVER let what happened to Ron Paul, happen again. Hand count the votes. Demand a repeal of the results, never let the Demon-crap-ic party win!

  17. Trump finally has a night in line with expectations, and hopefully signalling a new phase of acceptance of him as the GOP nominee. Let’s keep in mind that his numbers are with the entire world coming down on him hard calling him Hitler and such (he’s just a patriotic businessman, nothing like Hitler). Imagine what it would be without the machinations? 70s 80s maybe even 90%?

    So who has enough behind the scenes sense and stature in the GOP to call Cruz and Kasich and convince them to stand down? Romney? No. McCain? No. Any Bush? No. Paul Ryan? No. Mitch McConnell? Likely no.

    In actual fact, the GOP has no one with any political capital left; it is a party in ruins and shambles, and now can be reshaped in the image of Donald Trump. We dissidents should be celebrating this fact and congratulating ourselves for the Worse is Better approach that killed the old GOP. The Insiders still don’t get it, but the average person got the message that the old GOP was a losing bet; Trump is a gamble, but at least there is a chance of victory.

    PS Hunter called it again.

  18. looking ahead: Trump reported to be skipping Utah debate in order to suck Jewish dick @ AIPAC shindig. Draw your own conclusions

      • last time Trump skipped a debate was Iowa. It cost him. I’ve just gone through all the remaining primaries with due attention to type and likely winner (Trump wins most NE, central plains split, Cruz wins West). Assuming Trump has c. 700 delegates by the time all 3/15 delegates are assigned, the most – with the most optimistic outcomes – that he can pull is c, 1,200. He is going to fall just short; the key is Calif on 7 June. Cal republican voters are heavily foxtard neo-con types, not angry populist…it’ll go mostly for Cruz, like Texas did

        • Skipping a debate didn’t cost Trump Iowa, in my opinion. The Tedtards wouldn’t have been swayed away from Nev. Liar no matter what. was said on that stage.

        • The debate is cancelled – because Trump is not showing up. There won’t be any more debates. The Trumpenkrieg is moving ON.

    • I think its’ not about sucking Jew Dick. He’s not a dick sucker. I think he’s going to grab them by their shriveled weenies, and TELL them what to DO.

    • Haven’t there been a dozen or so debates already? I lost track. Either way the panel of Trump hating inquisitors and an audience filled with Romney clones should be avoided.

  19. One thing is very, very clear when it comes to politics and resistance to tyranny:

    The South is ripe for a new revolution and we don’t mind of someone is bold, assertive and a little brash if that’s what it takes to get the job done. We are quickly flushing from our system the politically correct brainwashing that has been used to control us and keep us from questioning the “elites” of GOP Inc.

    Much of the MidWest is still highly cucked and seems to be about a decade or so behind their Southern counterparts. I don’t think they really have a strong racial/ethnic/cultural identity, so maybe their survival instinct is just never going to be the same as those in the South.

    Contrary to the insults and ridicule of puerile pundits and establishment jock-sniffers, Trump voters seem to be ahead of the curve and much more attuned and perceptive when it comes to how the power structure in politics works and how they’ve been held back and harmed by it. Low-information voters would be what I would use to describe the people that seemed to have been blindsided by Trump’s rise and even predicted he would be a tremendous flop.

    Trump, the brazen New Yorker, wins The South. Some of the people he’s destroyed, or still in the process of destroying, while he’s gone on to lock up The South:

    A senator from Texas
    A senator from Florida
    A senator from Kentucky
    A former governor of Florida with the last name of Bush

    And he did it all with practically the entire Republican establishment attacking him and nipping at his heels. Fucking Amazing!

    • Breaking off a significant chunk of the Old South is the prime objective. The greatest proportion of the Traditional American Stock is located there. Many Midwesterners, including me, support it, even if we are not allowed to live in the new country.

  20. Last I’ve read, Trump was up by 2000 votes in Missouri. It is perhaps the first time in my life my vote actually”counted.”

  21. Hunter, it was way too close in Mo. We always hear that Trump does better in open primaries getting crossover votes. Any info on crossovers voting for Cruz to thwart Trump in Mo?

    • Cruz won the Establishment counties that Romney and McCain won. Trump took all the other counties traditionally won by the conservative candidate. Probably lots of fraud in those Romney counties too.

  22. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii

    As in MO, the District-Take-All states, you can narrowly win and yet win almost all delegates. Trump won MO by 1700 votes, took 80% dels.

  23. Dan Scavino ?@DanScavino






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