#NeverTrump Just Blew Its Best Chance To Stop Trump

Consider the following:

1.) In order to save Marco Rubio and stop Trump on March 15, over the last two weeks the anti-Trump SuperPACs spent $20.25 million dollars in negative television advertising. Trump won with 45.8 percent in Florida, 38.8 percent in Illinois, 40.2 percent in North Carolina, and (probably) 40.8 percent in Missouri. The donor class cavalry came and it lit a bonfire of money to no perceivable effect.

2.) By refusing to get out of the race on March 8, Rubio probably cost Cruz two victories in North Carolina and Missouri and lots of delegates in Illinois. Thanks to Marco Rubio, Trump won a lot more delegates than he otherwise would have in Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina, which makes it much harder for Cruz to win the nomination outright as the race shifts to the Northeast and West Coast.

3.) In order to stop Trump, the Rubio people bought into the #NeverTrump movement and apparently voted for Cruz on March 8, which sent their own candidate into a death spiral in the week leading up to the Florida primary. There is no evidence that Cruz and Kasich voters returned the favor and voted for Rubio in Florida who both got EXACTLY their Real Clear Politics polling averages in Florida. #NeverTrump was a psy op by the Cruz forces which persuaded Rubio supporters to commit political suicide.

4.) As we expected, John Kasich has emerged from March 15 as the president of Ohio. The Rubio supporters, who were scammed by Cruz, will now probably move over to Kasich. Even though Kasich has no path to win the nomination, he will stay in the race as a spoiler and throw the winner-take-all and winner-take-most states to Trump.

5.) Cruz’s strategy was to have a two man race with Trump after March 15. Instead, he has a three man race headed to the Midwest and Northeast where the president of Ohio is likely to perform much better. We don’t get to Nebraska or Indiana until early May. Arizona and Utah vote next Tuesday. Kasich isn’t getting out which means that Trump is now poised for victory in winner-take-all Arizona. Wisconsin, which votes on April 5, is a winner-take-all open primary. Then we go to New York.

6.) If we had a two man race with Cruz in winner-take-all Arizona and Wisconsin, that would be a serious cause for alarm, but after last night we don’t have to worry about that because Kasich will hang around until at least April 26 when Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic states vote. Instead, Cruz didn’t win anything last night and after winning Utah next week is unlikely to win anything until Nebraska on May 10.

7.) As we head through the Northeast in April, it is easy to see the #CruzCrew sinking with no chance of victory. We might end up with a two man race with Kasich by the time we get to the remaining cuck states in the Far West like Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota.

Note: Let it be said …regardless of what happens next, the South has uncucked itself in this election, which shows the enormous potential of National Populism here. Texas considers itself its own thing and voted for Cruz out of pride.

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  1. Is NeverTrump being a Cruz psyop your own theory?

    In my mind, one piece of evidence that points against it is the number of neocons and establishment types who hate Cruz but support NeverTrump.

    I’m not dismissing it. Just curious where you got the idea.

    FWIW, Sam Wang at Princeton claims the three man race favors Trump.

    I still don’t understand why evangelicals east of the Mississippi are somewhat more willing to uncuck than their co-religonists west of the Mississippi.

  2. One thing is for sure. #NeverTrump was a total failure. Kasich made it clear that he was never on board with it. Now Cruzer’s like David Limbaugh and the Blaze idiots are screaming for Kasich to “do the right thing” and get out of the race. No chance of that.

    • Both Cruz and Kasich should get out of the race. Trump isn’t Hitler. The hatred directed at Trump is largely unfounded. He will run much more effectively from the middle against a very weak candidate in Hillary Clinton. The economy is teetering on a precipice which will help the Trump message. It’s time for the right wing to stop getting jewed-up and consolidate around the Front Runner.

      Speaking of Jews, Obama nominated what would be the fourth Jew to sit on the Supreme Court. Are we one heart attack away from a ruling 5 Jew Sanhedrin / Politburo dictatorship?

      It’s time to take the fight to Cruz and Kasich supporters and wake them up!

      PS A source told me that McConnell and Trump had a unity conversation
      in the wake of last night’s victory. I have not been able to confirm
      that. Anyone can contribute to this?

      PPS notice that the Russian “ally of Putin” found dead in a DC hotel got more of an autopsy than Scalia. They said it wasn’t a heart attack as first thought but “blunt trauma”. Scalia died inside an actual honest-to-goodness Illuminati compound, and now we are offered Another Jew (TM).

      • mare’s nest. Trump called McConnell, not the other way ’round. There will be no Republiscam “unity”. How do you “unity” Judeo-globalism with White Nationalism? Ans: U don’t

        incidentally, Garland would be Jew #5 on the SC: Sotomayor is a Sephardic crypto

        • You are right. She (the controllers) gives the illusion of being Hispanic but has Jewish ancestry which always trumps anything else.

  3. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law, both long time residents of Columbus, OH but originally from Brooklyn, NY – both voted for Kasich (and Obama both times). Reason for Kasich: we have to support our fellow Ohioan. WTF! These are two imbeciles who should never have been given the right to vote. They didn’t even know how Kasich stood on many of the issues. Italian descent, regular church going hypocrites (Catholic). At least the Irish Catholics in Massachusetts did not blow their last chance to make things right. As you can see, there is much friction in the family.

      • Ohio voted for Kasich for the same reason Texas voted for Cruz: people are tribal and one their own was running. Absent Kasich, Trump would have won Ohio big.

    • My experience with Ohioans is that they are provincial. They do not seem to understand that voting for a man who has no realistic path to the nomination is dumb. You should vote for the guy you most want to win the nomination that actually has a chance to win the nomination. The concept of strategy would appear to be foreign to them.

  4. O/T, has anyone seen Obama’s pick for SCOTUS? He’s one Merrick Garland, another Hebe, LOL! I was expecting an Indian or Paki. Of course the Republick Senate will give him the nod, despite making noises to the contrary about “waiting”.

      • Has anybody else noticed Ann’s prolonged absence from Fox? I can’t help but think it has something to do with her support for Trump or her book, Adios America.

        • One Cruz supporter actually told me Schlafly is now “establishment”…

          And antiwar is a “liberal” website now… Alan Tonelson is a “Keynesian”. Cruz supporters have an answer for everything.

          If Trump wins, hopefully all of these people become celebrities.

    • Obviously there are no White male lawyers who are qualified for the SCOTUS. The Tribe played no roll in this decision. It was 1000% meritocratic.

      On a side note, Obama has nominated 2 Jews, 1 wise Latina, and 0 blacks. His immigration policy hurts blacks. As Hispanics gain political strength, they won’t cowtow to black grievances over muh slavery. Aside from BLM, what have blacks gotten out of the Obama presidency?

      On another side note, Garland’s nomination can be used to troll Israel worshipping, Genesis 12:3 conservatives. How can they deny one of God’s chosen to the bench? Who do they think they are, Hitler?

      • including the crypto (Sotomayor), that would be FIVE Jews on the current SC. And I’d lay heavy odds that, like most of his Tribe, Garland is a vicious, anti-2nd amendment gun-grabber. The Jews are ethno-insourcing the Whites into a minority in America, but they cannot physically exterminate the Whites ’til they get them disarmed

  5. It’s going to interesting to see who bothers to vote for Cruz going forward.

    He has a very limited natural constituency.

    Trump is the best that the Replicants have.

  6. Rumors are circulating that Ted Cruz is presently in negotiations with Trump, agreeing to drop out and throw his support behind Trump in exchange for either the VP spot or the promise to be nominated for Scalia’s SCOTUS seat, should Trump win in November.

    • Interesting. It would be the smart move for Cruz. He’d be an excellent Supreme. Technical, process and detail oriented. He’d relish the job. Much more than executive power.

    • I have to say in regards to a supreme court seat that Cruz’s fanaticism might work in our favor. He would literally shitlord the entire court

      • If one holds the belief that Obama had Scalia murdered, as I do, then it would certainly be an act of poetic justice that the Democrats end up with possibly their most hated adversary in the Senate, seated for life to the very position they tried to usurp in the first place.

      • I agree. He may be a lying hypocrite that loves corrupt campaign practices, but he would likely make one hell of a good justice.

    • I hope not. TPTB may get their President Cruz after all. Look into his history, he may very well be the elite’s Republican candidate.

      Trump better pick someone more hated than himself for VP.

  7. Cruz, with his fake accent, will just be perceived as some kind of a Southerner up in the North and Northeast. His campaign is a dead end. Without the white, northern electorate, there’s no chance of ever becoming the President.

  8. With little fanfare and almost no news media attention, some of the same radical groups involved in shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last week are plotting a mass civil disobedience movement to begin next month.

    They intend to march across the East Coast in order to spark a “fire that transforms the political climate in America.”

    The operation, calling itself Democracy Spring, is threatening “drama in Washington” with the “largest civil disobedience action of the century.” The radicals believe this will result in the arrest of thousands of their own activists.

    “We will demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do — or until they send thousands of us to jail,” the website for Democracy Spring declares, channeling rhetoric from the Occupy movement.

    The group is backed by numerous organizations, including the George Soros-funded groups MoveOn.org, the Institute for Policy Studies, and Demos.

    The pro-Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16%

    MoveOn.org has been playing a prominent role in organizing anti-Trump activism, including last weekend’s shutdown of the billionaire’s rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion.

    Another group endorsing Democracy Spring is the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The DSA’s Chicago branch drove protesters to last weekend’s nixed Chicago Trump event, as this reporter exposed.


    • They’re going to use screamer and thug tactics to “save democracy”.
      The “People” that never count are poor, rank and file White folks. And that’s just the way the democratic springers want it.

  9. Glenn Beck @glennbeck
    R.I.P. GOP establishment.Tomorrow they decide. Conservative Principles or populism. One leads to a rebirth with the people the other death.

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    Hunter Wallace Retweeted Glenn Beck

    I would say it is clear now that Dixie prefers National Populism to “Conservative Principles”: Hunter Wallace added,

    • Ah yes, totally and irreversibly race-replacing your own country is, of course, an ancient conservative principle. I think Burke had an entire chapter on that.

  10. After winning the Republican primary in his home state of Ohio Tuesday night, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich announced that he plans to stay the course. Glenn Beck had a few choice words for him.

    “Kasich, I mean, excuse my language, but, you son of a bitch, the republic is at stake,” Beck said Wednesday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. “This is not like a normal race. The republic is at stake.”

    • Yeah, and Beck is the one destroying it, with his ‘anti-Trump, all the time, 24/7’ BS!
      To Hell with Beck. Oh wait, already a fait accompli. Roman cultist turned into polygamous polyverse Moron…..

  11. It’s a possibility, I guess. Don’t know how Trump would justify doing it after calling Ted a liar repeatedly. Cruz has been attacking Trump and distorting his views for quite some time too, so I doubt if there would be a truce. You never know what is in the hopper concerning politics. Trump and Carson pretty much reconciled differencos, so who can say?

    • Cruz is a very ambitious politician. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did make a deal with Trump for a SC spot if Trump needs his delegates at some point; it is pretty clear that Christie will be AG, so there is already precedent for this kind of thing. It’s true that Trump has publicly made fun of Cruz. However, it’s not like Trump ran $20 million dollars worth of negative ads against the guy, either. Cruz’s reputation is largely intact, unlike Bush’s or Rubio’s.

      • Trump can go to the ClevCon with 1,300+ votes. It will not matter. Trump has aroused the sleeping Tiger of White Nationalism, and the open-borders Judeo-globalists will deny him the nomination by any means possible. Probably via some sort of day-before rules change: unbinding the delegates on instead of after the first ballot, uping the ante to 1,500 delegates, or some other Talmudic trick. I small a Cruz/Kasich outcome, and a party schism. Well and good

        • Problem is they don’t want Cruz either. They would accept Cruz if he won fair and square but if they are going to pull some shenanigans expect them to put someone exactly like the RINO type of guy they’ve been telling us we should want.

        • We need to descend en masse to Cleveland, and SURROUND the Convention, and not let any man, woman, or kike out…. UNTIL THEY VOTE FOR TRUMP.

          You want to see Chicago’s ‘move on’ protest, and the antifa rent a mob crowd pale into insignificance? Molon Labe!

          They are the Oligarchs who need to FALL. Vox Populi, Vox Dei, remember?

          Why is it the damned bastards keep talking about ‘democracy’ until they are thwarted? Fuck. Sorry to use that vulgarity, but that’s all they are. VULGARIAN Overlords, who are just being ‘uppity.’ Just like the last one. Mr. Uppity….

          This nation must erupt in a massive wave of protest over this wresting power from the White Founding Stock that created it!

    • I would say yes. My fear is that he’ll sell us out to the Jews and cucks in order to secure it.


    So implied a highly placed GOP offical, today, when he stated : ‘we, the party, pick the nominee, NOT the primary voters.’

    That little tidbit prompted Mr. Sean Hannity, today on his radio show, to ask, : what good is the primary for, then?’

    Good question, Mr. Hannity.

    I just may have an answer…

    The presidential election process is become a mere sham to disguise the totalitarian nature of the globalist usurpt 21st century Yankee government.

    • Yup. The Jews’ mask fell off, big time. WE pompous ass suck ups pick the nominee, not you filthy goyim.

      Couldn’t be any clearer. It’s time for a Revolution, with NO LOVE in the middle at the core of it. It’s time for Trump to be proclaimed victor, or we WILL use the other ‘b’ word, instead of ballots, as Mr. Huckabee so presciently said.

      • Father, one gets the feeling that the establishment has not yet quite awakened to their peril, if they continue to impose upon us their will, instead of doing the will of the people.

        • Demagogues think they are invincible, at least until they are dead.
          Think of Nero in the movie, “Quo Vadis” from the 1950’s.

          Ustinov was a jew, also, wasn’t he?
          Just saying…..

          • Apropos, Father, as is your reference to Mr. Ustinov, because here is a clip about him, from Wikipedia :

            ‘Ustinov was the President of the World Federalist Movement from 1991 to 2004, the time of his death.[22] WFM is a global NGO
            that promotes the concept of global democratic institutions. WFM
            lobbies those in powerful positions to establish a unified human
            government based on democracy and civil society. The United Nations and other world agencies would become the institutions of a World Federation. The UN would be the federal government and nation states would become similar to provinces.”

            Clearly he was an enemy to my culture, and would not be welcome for tea, at my house…

      • And, Dear Father, please allow me to augment my opinion with this…

        Yes, the Jewish community is having a very very negative effect on this country, at this time in history; and, yes, that ought be decried, as you and Miss Denise so rightly do; yet, long before there was a single Jew in, or behind, the government, in D.C., The Southern man was having a problem with it – a very big problem.

        That government has been trying to pick us apart, refashion us, rethink us, burn us, outsource us, regulate us, exploit us, reeducate us, and plain old make us a minority in our own lands, since a coon’s age.

        I hope you will take this point, while knowing that I mean absolutely no offence to you.

      • I say ‘the Yankee government’, Mr. Whitaker, because, though we Southerners, of the North’s most cherisht colonial possession, serve in it, it rules over us.

        And, yes, you are so right, Mr. Trump is so Yankee that he even strains the limits of the term. Yet, in lieu of seceding, as I would do, many of my fellow countrymen, Southerners, want to continue on as colonials, with Mr. Trump at the head.

        I will go along with that, Mr. Whitaker, if going as as Southron colonials, under Miss Hillary, is the other alternative.

        All the best to you, on this beautiful Spring day.

          • I’m sorry, Miss Denise -very very sorry, but, sadly, you are very very right.

            Be that as it may be, even before the Yankees were under my daddy’s folks’ sway, they, excluding sane people such as yourself, were a big problem for us.

            So, even if the Yankee government reclaimed itself, it still stands that we have to get away from being married to y’all’, collectively.

            Even though Senator Cruz and or Mr. Trump would make some improvements, as presidents, the only solution for The South is secession.

            Y’all have every right to become the Sweden, that most of y’all want to be, and we have the God-given right to flee from that.

            When you get tired of it up there, there will be a home for you, down here:)

            You belong down here, if you don’t mind me saying so.

            God bless you, M’am!

          • Before you say “It’s y’all Yankees” – let’s see how the Northeastern states do, in the primaries. Even alleged MSM “news” sources are beginning to Name Die Juden re: destroying Trump.

          • Okay, M’am – as you wish. By the way – did you just see Mr. Trump’s speech at AIPAC? Don’t watch it, because it will make you, of all people, a bit queazy:)))

          • I thought Trump did exceptionally well there. He should have mentioned the Palestinian Muslims and Christians there needing a future, something to look forward to. But he did somewhat mention that: they have no positive role models to look up to currently.

            If we want peace in the ME, Israel needs to be resolved. If that means resettling Palestinians to somewhere that isn’t Europe, so be it.

            Israel has nukes. Palestine is weak. Might makes right and always has. Christians should apply Christian morality to things, but it’s not our place to meddle there. If we want peace, we have to acknowledge realpolitik of might makes right.

            Trump also released names of his foreign policy advisers, and on the whole they are at least much better than any of the other candidates’ advisers.

          • Dear Mr. Weaver,
            I’m glad to hear your point of view. Mr. Trump not being my primary guy, I was interested to hear other points of view, particularly those who are especially vext by Jewry.

            Listen, Mr. Weaver, I cannot tell you about the answers for ‘peace in the Middle East’, because I don’t believe that peace is the way of mankind. That said, I don’t think The Middle East has much importance – it’s just years of listening to the tube where they keep saying, ‘The Middle East is Important’ – ‘Israel’s Security is threatened’. Clearly somebody thinks Kuwait is vital for North Carolina. I do not.

            Be that as it may be – I think the Middle East was doing just fine, until The Bush administration (Rothschild-Rockefeller?) decided remake Iraq. That has been made worse by the Obama Administration (Rothschild-Rockefeller?) determination to remake Libya and Syria.

            Now there are, at least, four unmitigated hellholes, instead of one, (Palestine) in that region of the world.

            My view is that the foreign policy of the Yankee government serves Israel for I cannot see anyone benefitting from all this other than they. At any rate. it’s foreign policies sure does not serve our interests – nor have they, since before WWI.

            I thought your comments were interesting. Good to hear from you!

          • Mr. Leskov,

            you have the right ideals, but Jews are very powerful in the US. And many “Christians” view Israel as sacred.

            As such, Trump’s approach looks promising. Bring peace and security to Israel, assuming Israel wants such (it seems to thrive on being hated), and America might no longer be driven to intervene so much in the world. Israel frequently appears to be part of America’s motive for foreign involvement.

            I could be mistaken.

            Trump has to “make a deal” that’s possible. I’m not sure your ideals are an available option.

            Trump is recently criticising NATO, which is great. Trump says America pays too much and that NATO should be refocused around terrorism. The “focus on terrorism” could be good or bad, good if it draws Europe to mind its own affairs rather than focusing on Russia.

            Cruz isn’t doing anything like that 🙂

          • Mr. Weaver,

            I thank you for your fine and interesting message.

            The country from a traditionalist’s point of view, confronted by a bevy of very serious problems. I won’t bore you with the long list.

            So, let us discuss fear, my fears in particular.

            I fear the Yankee government. I think they either view me and mine as unwanted fodder or simply obstacles, to be subjugated. The recklessly unconstitutional devolution of the Yankee government, particularly during the time of the last two administrations has me desperately yearning for someone wielding a beaurocratick scythe.

            That man is Senator Cruz. He, like Senator Paul, is a classick small government, strict constructionist-minded soul; and, if I am going to be constrained to wait on my complacent fellow Southerners to get it in their minds to strike out for sovereignty, then, in the interim, I want this government put in it’s place.

            To me, Senator Cruz is the closest thing to marching up Pennsylvaina Avenue and planting a Confederate flag over Beezelbub’s office.

            That said, I much prefer Mr. Trump’s willingness to rethink our foreign policy. The Yankee government’s insatiable desire to refashion the whole world in it’s image- they were this way before my daddy’s folk became a force, here, though they have made it much worse) has wreckt the solvency of this nation.

            As to Israel, I believe that it ought exist, if for no other reason that it is the place where all people who consider themselves Jews, ought go – just as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, a couple of months back : the time for diaspora is over.’

            That said, there is a horrible dilemma, with regards to Israel, and that is this : The Yankee government seems to me to have been usurpt by Rothschild and it’s political processes stolen by oligarchs – a disconcerting amount of those my daddy’s folk.

            I uset to think of Israel (several decades back) as our 51st state, but, I have had the sinking feeling, in the last decade, that the Yankee government is a resurrection of Judah, with Israel pulling, indirectly through their powerful supporters here, and in England, many of the strings.

            I really do not see either Trump or Cruz changing that terrible dynamick, which is why I can only repeat what Mr. Pace, and others, will always say :

            Southern secession is the only possible longterm answer. Deo Vindice.

            Happy Easter, Mr. Weaver, to you and yours.

          • One more thing, Mr. Weaver : you are right, Southern evangelical, en masse, are obsesst by Israel.

            The whole turnabout, in my life time (from reviling Judaism to adoring it, boggles my mind. I really cannot wrap my head around it – either people who blame Jews for everything that is amiss, in this mortal realm, or those who go to their churches to study Jewish ritual.

            I confess, I am lost on this. I do not think my fellow Southerners have ever found anything remotely resembling a middle ground, on this particular issue.

            Good night!

          • As for myself, I generally want white survival, especially Nordic/Celtic whites and Southern-Americans.

            I would like peace in the ME so that archaeology could be studied. And generally I want identity groups to endure. But I don’t have a particular preference on Israel. I don’t hate or love it. I generally want identity groups to endure, and the Palestinians are likely worth preserving as well.

            I do, however, realise that Israel has nukes. And might makes right.

          • Yes, Mr. Weaver- that the Rothschild-Obama machinations have resulted in ISIS, and, hence, the sacking of places like ancient Palmyra, vexes me to no end.

            Like you, I am NOT passionate on the subject of Israel; and pray for the survival and well-being of Western Europe (Don’t worry about Eastern Europe, as they are rather healthy, in this day and time)

            That said, Western Europe is gone in the head – and Yankeeland is not far behind.

            To my mind, the last bastion of Western Christendom, is right here in this here South, and even we are infected with a notable degree of maladies.

            I hope I don’t alarm you with this, Mr. Weaver, but, I agree with my friends in the klan : the time is short, VERY SHORT.

            We are going to have to stand up, or be swept onto the ash-heap of history.

            Happy Easter. I will thank Oure Precious Lord for the eternal gift of his son, and pray mightily for Dixie.

          • It’s always nice hearing from you. You have much better manners than have I. There’s always Alaska if the South is hopeless. 🙂 Southerners could continue in Diaspora if necessary.

            The real question for Southerners is: Do we have an identity, or are we merely whites who happen to live in the US South? Are we a nation or a geographic location?

            I don’t think we’re set up for life in Diaspora. We’re too classically liberal, too individualistic. And that’s cultural, not genetic.

          • Thank you so much for your very generous words, Mr. Weaver.

            Being a Southerner is a mystical alchemy – part race, part geography, part cuisine, part weather, part sensibility, part religion, part whiskey, part common history, part musick, part destiny, and many parts we will never understand.

            The club, Mr. Weaver is like The Holy Ghost – either in your heart or not. It cannot be understood any other way.

            We’re not going anywhere. Secession is coming, and, with it, a new resurgent Dixie.

            Now, in the darkest days, shines the greatest light of hope.

            Don’t be discouraged. If you want, you can join the First Secessionist Party at Facebook, and be a daily part of fighting for setting the grounds for the emergent Dixie.

            Go with god and keep your chin up.

  13. All these rich Jews throwing away the money they stole from flat lined wage Americans they employ. There went your raises goyim.

  14. Donor class puppets.

    BUSTED: Erick Erickson’s Website Caught Taking Paul Singer Money To Bash Trump


    Pundit Erick Erickson’s The Resurgent website got 10K from anti-Trump, Paul Singer-funded Our Principle PAC in their latest FEC reported, GotNews.com can report.

    The funding from the neoconservative billionaire wasn’t disclosed to Erickson’s readers at the new venture.

    Singer, who is a pro-gay marriage establishment billionaire, was one of the major financial donors for Marco Rubio. Singer is also a major supporter of National Review which was dispensing the #NeverTrump at CPAC.

  15. I thought Trump did well at AIPAC actually. Trump is excellent, but he’s no Pat Buchanan. He did well there.

    Y’all might like this link: http://www.trumpasap.com/

    I’ve no idea who owns the site, so visitor beware.

    Total Delegates Won – Projected*

    Trump: 696 1181

    Not-Trumps: 776 1291

    * based on current polling and state by state rules

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