Cruz Crew: Georgia Illustrates Why You Aren’t Taken Seriously


Let’s hear it first from your so-called Christian conservative “leaders”:

Matt Walsh:

“On a day when we hear reports of a Catholic priest being literally crucified by Islamic State because he refused to abandon his faith, perhaps we might hope Christians in this country could at least withstand mean insults and online petitions. But we’ve learned not to expect anything — not even one minuscule, microscopic shred of bravery — from Christians like Deal. They will surrender every time, without fail. …”

Rod Dreher:

“You have to understand that there is no religious liberty that will be respected by LGBT activists and their Big Business allies — and the Republican Party is a fair-weather friend.”

David French:

“When Disney says “Jump,” Georgia governor Nathan Deal doesn’t just ask “How high?” He insults anyone who asks him to stand his ground. Today, Deal joined the GOP governors’ hall of shame — currently populated by Indiana governor Mike Pence and Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson — by bowing to corporate pressure and pledging to veto an extraordinarily narrow religious-liberty bill. Deal, in fact, makes both Pence and Hutchinson look like profiles in courage. They, after all, at least had enough conviction to sign modified, watered-down religious-freedom legislation. Deal couldn’t muster the backbone to sign even a bill that the legislature had already gutted in response to threatened corporate boycotts.

The Georgia bill that Deal refused to defend was modest in scope, protecting the right of clergy to solemnize marriages consistent with their religious beliefs, protecting the right of faith-based institutions to use their property and resources to advance their religious mission, protecting their rights to hire and fire employees on grounds consistent with religious belief and practice, and protecting a person’s free exercise of religion from a “substantial burden” unless the protected person was engaged in “invidious discrimination on any grounds prohibited by federal or state law.” …”

Erick Erickson:

“Governor Nathan Deal vetoed HB 757, the religious liberty legislation. He came under extraordinary pressure from Hollywood to put its values ahead of Georgia’s. He caved. He had done a lot to woo those businesses to Georgia and it would have been surprising had he put Georgia small businesses ahead of Hollywood. …”

Russell Moore:

Think about it.

How many times have we heard from you that we need to elect strong, principled, consistent, conservative, constitutional Christians? I’m old enough to remember when gay marriage wasn’t legal and Nathan Deal was running for office as “The Real Deal.”

The fact is, these TruChristians and TruConservatives answer to the donor class and ALWAYS end up selling you out. There are few things more predictable in our political universe. Nathan Deal did it in Georgia. Mike Pence did it in Indiana. Jan Brewer did it in Arizona. Asa Hutchinson did it in Arkansas. Dennis Daugaard did it in South Dakota.

You have spent decades trying to put a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. When you accomplished your goal, it refused to overturn Roe v. Wade, but legalized sodomy and gay marriage. In the State of Indiana, it was a bridge too far to defend Christian florists and bakers. In the State of Georgia, it is now a bridge too far for a Republican governor to even defend pastors from having to perform gay weddings.

In spite of this, you come on the internet and tell us that Donald Trump isn’t a TruChristian, or that he is a threat to TruConservatism! In your view, Ted Cruz is the TruChristian and TruConservative in the race, and even though he hasn’t accomplished anything in the Senate and is financed by the big donors and has explicitly told Paul Singer otherwise, you believe he can be trusted to sort all this out.

Give me a break.

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  1. Sheesh.

    On the SJW mentality. Why are these kids so ridiculous? Why are they easily triggered?

    Consider which group is dominant in defining our culture.

    Homos tend to be hysterical and bitchy. Our society’s worship of homos encourage young ones(even straight ones) to throw hissy fits like Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker.

    Millennials are a bunch of Crockers.

    Like the oh-tho-thenthitive homos, they throw hissy fits about everything. They make mountains out of molehills. They bitch about victimhood but act like pampered princelings.

    It’s like princess and the pea story. These kids are so pampered that they think a pea is a boulder.

    And the Establishment condones this sort of thing as an attack on the Right.

    • “On the SJW mentality. Why are these kids so ridiculous? Why are they easily triggered?”

      Its a censorship tactic to shut down any discussion they don’t agree with.

      The kids may not know that is what they’re doing, but their Cultural Marxist handlers certainly do.

    • They call them crybullies. They feign emotional hurt and assume a weak pose, but its actually a tactic to give them an advantage where they will then blackmail or extort you to get what they want. Its the parasite trick of appearing weak so they can con you into supporting them. And then they try to get the upper hand, and if they do they just straight up threaten and bully you because they have the advantage now.

    • Yes, that’s a very important video. It isn’t really Chris Crocker – it’s Ron Paul have Marty Perez the homo Jew publisher of the Lib Dem rag the New Republic called Ron Paul a Racist.

      • Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, it’s all Ron Paul’s fault.

        You and your McCain Romney supporting guilty conscience need to chill out and drop the incitements to riot and to go after children. I don’t know who you are or what HW sees in you but you ain’t one of us. All of your writing gives me the creeps and comes off as fake.

        • Ron Paul and Rand Paul aren’t the only traitors to our people – though Rand Paul did win/lose the dishonor of Amren 2013 Traitor of the Year award.

          Go down the list of Amren/Instauration White traitors of the year – they are all 100% dead on – terrible traitors – and rich, safe enjoying their 30 pieces of silver:

          George Will
          Newt Gingrich
          Jack Kemp
          John McInsane

          As for my suggestion that our side stop obsessing about GUNS GUNS GUNS that are never used or used in counterproductive things like invading the Holocaust Museum and killing minimum wage Black security guards – yeah, I stick by that – that’s stupid, counter productive.

          Instead I recommend using the very effective tactics of the Left that do you force, disruptions, but don’t result in the activists losing their lives.

          Do you really think it would be a bad thing for some White Christians in a church in George pelting this cowardly LGBT, donor traitor governor – pelting him with rotten tomatoes.

          How about fighting out where this #*$&# governor goes to Church, getting the congregation to bar the doors and not let him attend church services?

          Pro Life activist in the State of North Dakota do use effective force, activism to basically end abortion in North Dakota – and they haven’t been shooting, blowing people up.

          And sorry, Ron Paul is an old fool, doesn’t have a set of ba**** he’s still making videos saying there is not clash of civilizations with Islam and Muslims can’t hurt us as they don’t have any navies.

          This at a time when Muslims are using their navies to land 2,000 plus Muslim men of military age on Greek beeches


          Muslims can’t hurt us?

          What the **** Is this old geezer Ron Paul drinking, narcotics addled cough syrup. Is he not aware of the 650 plus organized sexual assaults gang rapes of German women? Not aware of the slaughters of French cartoonists, French music attendees, not aware of Brussels slaughter? Not aware of Rotherham England sexual grooming gangs.

          How about 9/11/01 – this arse Ron Paul took the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01 to argue that it was our fault, we deserved this for stationing US military force in Saudi Arabia near some sacred Muslim cities.


          No Ron Paul isn’t the only White American traitor – he’s up there with idiots like Hollywood Leftist Loons like Michael Moore “We’re all Muslims”.

          I periodically note the insane, treasonous things Ron Paul and Rand Paul say and do because they have a cult following of White Americans who look like us and propose to be on our side. These R & R Pauls are not on our side.

          And I maintain that the likes of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Jack Kemp, Newt Gingirch, Paul Ryan, John McInsane, lisping Lindsey Graham would not do the insane, treasonous things against our people if our activists fought them with weapons besides guns. A punch in the face, punch in the tummy, water balloons filled with foul liquids. All of Ron Paul’s immigration treasonous comments and actions could have been ended in ~ 1988 if people on our side had kicked his arse, pelted him with spoiled garbage, made it reality that he couldn’t pull off a speech to “Conservative” Whites unless he gave up the open borders immigration treason.

          What would happen to some guys like Ron and Rand Paul in Israel if they went around saying:

          “We can’t have border walls, we need to welcome tens of millions of neighboring (Arab, Muslims, Black Africans) in to Israel and they will make our economy better – we’re a nation of immigrants”.

          Come on man.

          Get out of this race denying Constitutionalist Libertarian cult – it’s killing us.

          • I don’t care about the Pope or the LDS or Mittens or even AR for that matter and I knew things 40 years ago that you’re still figuring out. So forget “informing” me about issues. My only point about your ridiculous obsession with bashing out-of-the-picture Ron Paul is this:

            Who was worth voting for in 2008 & 2012?

            Was RP perfect? No. Was he worth voting for? Yes.

            Was Mittens worth voting for? NO!

            While you just continue to support every Republican no matter what (this may be why you come off as so fake), I’m of the segment that has stayed home in the general for decades and am now responsible for Trump’s yuuuge lead.

            RP certainly didn’t have the winning personality of Trump, or more importantly, his money. These are the only reasons GOPe (and its supporters like you) was able to prevent his nomination in 2012.

            Support Trump? Great. But get off the RP bashing. He was better than your guy.

          • “RP certainly didn’t have the winning personality of Trump, or more importantly, his money. ”

            I respond,

            RP also was missing something else that Donald Trump has…

            A set of balls.

            It’s my firm opinion that we/you shouldn’t have wasted many years and maybe will still waste a lot of time supporting, enabling castrated cowards like Ron Paul.

            He was called some names by the likes of Marty Peretz – homosexual pervert, Lib Dem, hard core Zionist – Peretz called him a “racist” – Ron Paul backed down, cried, denied he ever said, wrote or even read his own newsletter which said mean things against AIPAC, Martin Luther King Jr., the Black street gangs that burned LA in the Rodney King Riots. Yep, backed down, cried over being called a simple word.

            Didn’t, doesn’t have a set of balls.

            And RP is still alive getting his photo snapped with a big s**** eating grin that his son Ron Paul was elected US Senator for Kentucky and was on the cover of Time Magazine as “the most interesting man in politics” for embracing BlackLiesMatter, George Soros and Al Sharpton and the Bloods street gang over the incidents in Ferguson MO.

            I mean, really what were you thinking? The guy doesn’t have a set up b*** and he’s still alive and going on and on doing propaganda for the Muslim migration invasion conquest of Europe!

          • Meanwhile, your guy Mittens is at least still relevant, out there attacking Trump!

            How about doing a poll? Who has the balls? The man who opposed DC at every turn for 30+ years or the pussified GOPe regular who didn’t even want to beat Obongo?

          • So do some effective doxing of Mittens Romney. He’s certainly gone cuckservative traitor.

            Find out where he hangs out – turn his children against him.

            Go to his LDS Church – I’d do it.

            I shamed the Harvard associate professor LDS Mormon who came to a local LDS Mormon church to teach that Islam was/is a religion of peace.

            I publicly got in his face and shut him down.

            Let’s see you do this – yep Mittens Romney has turned big time cuckservative traitor – so do something about it.

            no pain no gain.

            How about just messing up Mittens Romney’s perfect hair?

            That would be a start, no one else has done this.

            Just understand it all ain’t a misunderstanding about the original intent of the Constitution or some hard money lame as* issues.

            And how about making a vow, today, to never again waste your time, put all your hopes and the future of our people in to some savior who doesn’t have….

            a set of b****?

          • You see, you describe Mitt as having gone cuckservative because you’re a terrible judge of character. He has always been an establishment lickspittle who, not being an official Democrat, won you over. Now you feel stupid about it, thus the constant RP bashing and the tough guy talk. And “informing” us rubes about what’s really going on. Projecting.

            HW writes like a sharp bayonet. He gets to the meat. You aren’t even a dull knife.

          • Please go hang out in some race denying Constitutionalist Libertarian place.

            Do the Libertarians have a Presidential candidate this year?

            Gary Johnson?

            Think so.

          • Like your beloved American Renaissance? Talk about race-denying jews-are-just-like-us constitutionalists!

            For your info, one needn’t be a libertarian to have preferred RP over Mittens. In fact, who would ever listen to someone who didn’t?

          • jaye, it occurs to me that this topic is exactly about you and yours. If Cruz was the front runner or nominee you’d be gushing over him like a pig in slop (because, after all, Hillary might get elected!), just as you did for the GOPe boys in 08 & 12. And like you’re now throwing your previous heroes under the bus and trying to sound like a patwiot, you’d be disavowing Ted in 2020.

            Men with character don’t decide things so lightly, and don’t retract them so lightly either. Especially not while running down better men and pretending you’ve been on board all along.

            When these things are pointed out, you can only imagine that we’re of some party you think is evil, because you lack discernment. Then comes the “you don’t belong here”.

            I suggest that it is you and your GOPe Inc. and your hispanic GFs and your “gays” who are sort of out of place.

          • “I don’t care about the Pope or the LDS or Mittens or even AR for that matter ”

            I respond:

            OK – well I/we – the mass Donald Trump movement do care about these things. We DO care that millions of Muslim men of military/raping age are landing on Greek beaches and invading Germany, Sweden all remaining Western countries and yes, we DO care that terrible traitors like CINO White hating Pope Francis is blessing the Muslim migrant invasion and doing photo ops liking the feet/boots of the invading Black/Muslim migrants.

            We DO care that BlackLiesMatter mobs are terrorizing people in Chicago, University of Missouri, Baltimore etc.

            We DO Care that White farmers are being slaughtered in South Africa.

            We do support courageous men and women like Donald Trump. Marine Le Pen, the Swiss People’s Party, VLADIMIR PUTIN, the League of the South, American Renaissance and the writers and best readers of Occidental Dissent.

            We do care about these issues and these people good and bad.

            What exactly to you and the Ron Paul/Rand Paul cult care about”

            Hard money supplies for Brown Muslim people?
            Constitutions written by race denying slave owners who insist all evidence to the contrary that ALL MEN ARE EQUAL and it’s …

            THE TRUTH

            TRUTHERS – are you one of these Truthers who insist Muslims could never have slaughtered our people on 9/11/01 because…

            They don’t have a Navy or something.


            It’s a cult folks, a terrible race denying cult that’s ensured so many of our best people.

            If you or anyone you care about is falling down in to this cult.

            Get help

            Get out.

          • Disingenuous grandstanding.

            If you really care about these things, how could you have ever supported McCain or Romney?

          • You are either working for the enemy or incredibly naive. The tactics of the Left is rather ridiculous and stupid. The ridicule that SJWs are currently receiving should show how ineffective these tactics are in reality with the American people. The only reason these fools get what they want is that they have collaborators in positions of power ready to surrender and accede to their demands to give the false impression their tactics are effective in order to motivate their useful idiots and assorted morons who are too stupid to see that they only won due to the system supporting their stance to begin with.

          • I strongly disagree.

            The Left uses tactics that work – they are often cruel, mean, unfair, but they work.

            The Left rewards people, groups that take their side
            The Left brutally punishes people, groups they don’t like

            This is how the Left gets power in places like Hollywood, academia, tax exempt churches.

            It’s not about REASON

            And it’s not about guns.

  2. I don’t get any rights from government. They come from God. If these fools believe they can overrule God then they need an immediate demonstration of their mortality.

    • Hate to break it to you, sparky, but there is no god.

      We’ll never beat the cucks and the shitlibs if we keep clinging to this Christian mythology. There is no magical sky daddy who cares about you.

  3. Way back in the 1920s, Ezra Pound noted that the creation of the Federal Reserve gave Jews an economic advantage that no one else could compete with. And the end result of that would be that they would end up owning everything.

    It does explain why few politicians these days, if any, will defend Christian values.

  4. Sir, they are NOT ‘conservative leaders’. They are functionaries of the Republican party.

    Not one and the same.

    What is the difference?

    A conservative conserves the culture, the people, and the laws that protect that.

    A Republican CAMPAIGNS as a conservative, but, GOVERNS as liberal enabler.

  5. It all comes down to the donors and big business. As long as our leaders are controlled by these people – I don’t care how Christian the person is,. he will do what he is told because he HAS to.

    Donald Trump is right that the people of this country really do not give him enough credit for not taking their (the donors) money because this is EVERYTHING that is wrong with our political system. Sanders is rising as well because he makes this point very strongly.

    These cucks continue to buy into the dog whistling during election years. They have been back stabbed more time than I can count and they continue to run to charlatans like Cruz.

    The good news for us is that the Christians in the South didn’t buy it this time – they voted Trump and rejected Cruz. If not for the Mormons and the evangelicucks in the Midwest – Cruz would be nowhere on the electoral map.

  6. What evil has befallen western Christianity? Christians are surrendering to the Gaystapo in the US and grovelling to the Muslims in Europe. The cuckservatives in the US talk constantly about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, the Declaration of independence and original intent but when they are intimidated by the Gaystapo they surrender. The Founding Fathers declaration of “securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” has been emptied of meaning.

    • America is secularized now. That’s why. The New Left controls popular culture, education, and Hollyweird.

  7. When the devil pays the piper, he calls the tune. The GOP sold out to Lucifer and his earthly minions long ago. The veneer of Christianity in the GOP is there merely to lure unsuspecting voters who are told they are doing God’s will by putting the Republicans in power. It has always been a fool’s game.

  8. The Christian religion, its many sects notwithstanding, has been superseded by the current religion of Political Correctness. Politicians, being the cowards and backstabbers they usually are, will always take the path of least resistance on any issue that comes into conflict with PC.
    Needless to say, White Genocide, more so than anti-Christianity, is Politically Correct.

    • And the question to be asked, and then answered, (screaming the response from every possible venue) is that the JEWS are to blame. There is chronicled (witness just one website – Maurice Pinay dot com) that a strategy of legitimization for them, and destruction of us, began well before Vatican Ewww (in the late 1940’s and 1950’s) to promulgate the LIE of a “Judeo-Christian tradition”. That was the beginning of the slippery slope.

      When “Nostra Aetate” was pushed through, while it did not give the Jews a ‘pass’ as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, it DID open the door for ‘ecumenical dialogue’ with the Deicides… A feat so amazing, a capitulation to the Christ-killers [ Matt. 27:25) so monstrous, the millions of Catholics that LEFT ROME, still boggles minds, to this day. I was one of them. You cannot change an entire Church’s theology, anthropology, sacramentology, and liturgiology, and NOT have defectors!

      Now, we have the bitter ‘fruit’ of this seduction by the Jews, and their constant LIES, telling us that: a) Jews and Christians (oh, and Moslems, too!) ‘worship the same God.’
      b) Women can be altar girls (since the feminazi nuns didn’t get the priesthood, they are working for a ‘soft strategy’ toward female ‘whores on the altar of God.’
      C) Sodomites (even active ones) are not so bad as priests, which started with John J. McNeill’s ‘The Church and the Homosexual’ in the USA… And has most recently raised its perverted head, with the ‘Who am I to judge?’ statement of the current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter.

      All the OTHER denominations have followed Rome’s lead- even the ones who most detested Rome’s theology, have adopted Rome’s acquiescence with the world. And we are at the nadir of the Church’s existence… And then, Russia starts to resurrect her Conciliar Orthodoxy. What a time to be alive.

  9. America is the Jim Jones cult writ large. As for Cruz I would not doubt that his infidelity is a plus with his supporters as an anointed one should be getting more than his share

    Ironically the guy on the Left Obama is a sexless drone and his followers love it

  10. We need some controlled riots.

    No guns, bombs, or knives, but yes, riots

    Traitor Governors giving in to homosexual extremists and the donors have to get caught in a hostile riot where lots of people are throwing foul smelling things at them.

    We have to learn the very effective tactics of the Left – have places that are our “turf” where traitors and enemies don’t go.

    These traitor governors like to send their children to safe, elite private schools – we have to make it reality that this doesn’t happen anymore – the traitors must be forced to send their children to LGBT schools with trannies in their daughter’s bathrooms.

    If mass Muslim migration immigration is good for America, good for the South, it must also be good for them.

    They must experience close physical contact with Ebola plague infected Black Africans.

    Our side always does the GUNS, GUNS, GUNS that are rarely or never used. Our side has to learn to use effective weapons that can be used. I can not stress this enough.

    Learn to box and learn to


    I got doxed by the wealthiest, anti White cultural marxist organization in North America – it’s very rough and unpleasant. Some weaker guy wouldn’t have backed down and given up.

    We have to dox this traitor George Governor – get to know his children have them renounce him. Let this traitor governor do Thanksgiving with the LGBT community or CAIR or the SPLC.

  11. This article is right on target and ought to be splashed all over places
    like FR and wherever establishies and the Cruz types reside. With
    multiple exclamation points!!!

    What better meme to work with than Nathan DEAL. So many possibilities.

    • Marc if you want to push for Amren to make Mittens Romney and the GOP establishment, top of the LDS Mormon Church establishment White traitors of the year 2016 – I’ll back you on that one.

      The CINO Pope is probably international White traitor of the year, but here in the USA it’s the “stop the Trump” establishment “oh Trump and his supporters are mean racists they don’t like Muslim terrorists and want to enforce our immigration laws”.

      *&$*$ them.

      Yeah, Mittens Romney and the top of the LDS Mormon church are prime contenders for traitors of the year. I don’t spare any traitors, I call em as I seem em.

  12. Homework assignment for OD readers.

    Where does the traitor Georgia governor

    Attend church
    Work out
    Go to lunch
    where did he go to college, high school
    Who does he sleep with
    Where do his children go to school – bet it’s a posh private school
    Who are his friends

    The donors used their influence to get this guy to show LGBT extremism down the throats of regular people in Georgia, we have to do the same.

    Love to see this guy locked out of church, called out as a sinner, shunned, love to see his limo pelted with paint remover.

    We have to get better at doxing.

      • One can research personal information about public figures or just regular people from others states, the Left does this all the time. Doxing is a very useful acquired skill.

  13. Regarding cuckservative Rod Dreher, look at what he wrote in one of his updates to his blog post regarding Gov Deal’s sellout

    UPDATE.2: I think North Carolina’s bill, signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory, went too far in restricting LGBT rights. I also think that had it been as puny as Georgia’s, it would have drawn the same reaction from activists and Big Business.

    Rod is kvetching about restricting LGBT “rights” while LGBTs are full throttle eliminating all Christian rights and corrupting the Christian church.This is his way of him signalling that he’s not a bigot. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m more frustrated at how emasculated people on the Right are than I am with the Left.

  14. You guys are wasting your time on this faggotry stuff. No one cares about opposing it. It’s nothing if baker has to make a cake for two dykes.

    Our country is being overrun by invaders and the neocons are trying to get us into more middle east wars.

    Trump is too smart to get bogged down in this petty nonsense. He has no problem with fags, no confident shitlord does either.

    • Try to look at the bright side.

      We – the Alt Right have been very successful in decreasing Red State, Southerner support for Neo Conservative wars in the Middle East, wars against our kinsmen the Serbs and Russians.

      There are still bought Christian Zionist “leaders” like Glen Beck, Lisping Lindsey Graham, the Rapture Crowd, the leaders of the Southern Baptist Church but regular folks are no longer listening.

      We’ve been successful on decreasing the power and influence of the Neo Cons. Now the main threat is hard core Leftists, Antifas and BlackLiesMatter mobs.

      I think it’s very likely this summer will be a 1968 type summer with Black riots. People should prepare in the local areas, what are you/we going to do?

      • My sides are splittin’.

        “We – the Alt Right have been very successful…”

        “We’ve been successful…”

        “…what are you/we going to do?”

      • Most Americans support gay rights, and they affect basically no straights. Don’t use political capital on such useless, losing issues.

        Save your powder for shit that actually matters like immigration, eminent domain and foreign policy

  15. Axiom in Arkansas threatened to pull out of the state if Governor Asa Hutchinson did not support Gay rights. You might want to dig into the background of Hutchinson as he is the one who wanted to put members of the racialist right on trial for sedition in Fort Smith decades ago- a case which he lost badly!


    TODAY, Governor McCrory, of North Carolina, went on
    national television to defend our policy of NOT catering to those who wish to engage in unnatural and ungodly perversions.

    Please write him a small note, link below, even if you NOT are a Tarheel. He needs to hear from those outside of our state that they support him, as now 100 companies have demanded we change our laws, he is coming under tremendous pressure.

    He has held his ground before – voting reform, shutting down college leftist manufacturing facilities, Obamacare, Arab immigrants, etc, etc…

    Still, he needs to hear, frequently, from those of us who support him. He needs us to stand by his side, and, messaging him, does exactly that.

    This is a battlefield, just as any with guns, because, the results will affeckt our children and our children’s children.

    Help us defend ourselves from those who are, just as they were, during the Reconstruction Era, determined to bend our society to their will, and marginalize the white Southerner, on his own land.

    I thank y’all kindly for the time & effort

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