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  1. This is a microcosm of a divided nation. Partition will prevent a violent conflagration like India-Pakistan, or worse , revolutionary Haiti!

    • “Bogart: I never saw a dame yet that didn’t understand a good slap in the mouth or a slug from a .45.”

    • Her self-serving attention whoring is precisely the methodology and mindset that ends up getting a lot of innocent guys accused of domestic abuse, rape and sexual assault.

    • I’m sure her Jewish boyfriend Jamie Weinstein will provide the shekels to pay the best doctors and psychologists to help her get through this traumatic experience.

      • Michelle Fields is half-Latino her mothers from Honduras. Trump hates Latinos, She has a Jewish boyfriend. Trump hates the Jews (Which is what the JRM is saying). Nevermind the fact Trumps done business with NY Jews for 50 years or the fact that Ivanka converted oh no those facts will NEVER GET ON TV.

        Another example of the Jews attempting to shape the narrative in their direction, complete lies and disinformation from start to finish. Jews Gonna Jew

  2. What you witnessed in that video is a G-rated “assault” in an X-rated world. This was a set up and Trump hit piece from the very beginning that got out of control when everyone didn’t immediately believe the sensational claims that she was viciously attacked and almost thrown to the ground. She wanted to derail Trump, and getting Lewandowski fired was seen as a good move. She was almost in tears describing this ridiculous event on TV. No joke.

    “It feels awful, this has to be — aside from my father’s death — the worst experience I’ve gone through,”

    The next to worst experience in her life. She’s talking about the “assault” and the ridicule she received when everyone didn’t immediately believe her claims and demand Lewandowski be fired.

    Look at the video two or three more times if you have to. Then ask yourself where this experience would rank on your list of bad personal experiences.

    Michelle Fields is either too mentally unstable to be around other people or she’s a outrageous opportunistic liar that can’t be trusted in any kind of media/journalist capacity.

  3. Gavin McGuiness had a great show on this fake #*&$.

    I’ve seen ushers at church using more force gentling help old church ladies make it to the aisle than this broad.

  4. It looks as if she assaulted Trump first.

    Typical American bitch filing false charges.

    Would still bang, though.

  5. I have been watching those videos…..I don’t….see…any…battery……..
    Have any of you ever been to a jewelry auction, where you write down your bids until the last second? Woman are VISCIOUS. It’s almost a blood sport. I’ve been shoved, jostled (with malice) – and given it back, in turn. Jayzuz tap dancing Keerist it widdel Michelle was battered, I’ve been in the Jewelry Fight Club.

    • This pattern of hers makes me think she has some sort of abuse fantasy, which suggests to me that her Jew boyfriend is unable to give her the proper amount of manhandling in the bedroom. She likes it rough, but he can’t deliver the goods and wear her out, good and proper.

    • I’m sure you say the same thing when one of your “many friends with benefits” beats you. Any woman defending Corey, should surrender her uterus. But, I digress. Denise, I have asked Father David to place you on the prayer list. I showed him your posts and he agree to offer up the entire mass for you. You’ll have an entire church of Catholic’s praying for God to save you soul. #ThanksBeToGod. My husband and I will be attending the Master’s in Augusta next week. We’d love for you to join us in our luxury box. We’ll be there with both our Jewish and Mormon friends. We would like to witness to you. I’ll be the brown woman, with blue eyes, surrounding by white and jewish males. Kind regards my dearest friend.

  6. I’ve watched both videos over again and objectively – admitting my own bias here – don’t see anything of significance happening. If you watched the raw video from both angles, you would never see a “battery,” much less a story worth commenting on.

  7. I’ve seen every video of this atrocity from every angle and if that is assault, then I have been assaulted countless times, and have committed same countless times.

  8. I guess NRO saw some savagery in the vid.

    NRO: Judge Trump by the Company He Keeps



    Thuggery, misogyny, and lying are the three pillars of the Trump campaign, courtesy of the candidate himself. Is it any surprise, then, that Trump hired a campaign manager who went on to assault a woman and lie about it (Lewandowski called Fields “delusional” on Twitter)? For that matter, is it any surprise that Trump’s spokeswoman is a bigoted opportunist whose fidelity to the truth is as stalwart as Trump’s fidelity to his marriage vows?

    • I have no doubt at all that Rich Lowry and Kevin Williamson would bruise as easily as Michelle Fields.

  9. This is the kind of thing they do in Iran and China. Secession is the answer. We need to leave before these manics start rounding us up.

  10. Those bruises on this snowflake’s arm could be self-inflicted or caused by rough sex with her Jewish boyfriend.

  11. The Drudge headline now is that the prosecutor has been outed as a Clinton panty sniffer.

    Come one National Enquirer. Tell me you have something else. If there is another shoe to drop, now’s the time.

  12. Corey’s surname is the problem. If it was Lewandowsky, and not Lewandowski, he would not have been the focus of an attack.

    Who is in charge of the Jupiter police department? Remember, folks, a lot of the police commissioners and police chiefs are controlled and part of the Establishment. Appointments are often “getting one of our own in.”

    Perhaps it is Fields “boyfriend” who was the “mastermind” of this ridiculous, but typically shrewd, ploy. Remember, a little bit, and often a lot, of Saul Alinsky is in their genetics. Subvert, destroy, mutate, manipulate, attack, misinform, and countless others like them, are the only verbs in the Jewish opposition playbook.

    Remember, they do not, I repeat do not, worship the same God we do. That is all we need to remember. The biggest lie of them all is never, ever spoken.

  13. Is Michelle Fields a diversion, like Muslims on planes, is she creating an incident to make Trump’s staff back off protecting him.

  14. Trump let that pinko poofter Anderson Cooper distract him way too long during this “townhall” event. All he had to say was the whole thing was a hoax on par with someone walking into a grocery store to deliberately take a fall for insurance money, just go watch the video. 2016 should be a very vivid lesson to non-elite white males just what the left media government complex has in store for them should things keep going the way they are going. Any politician who wants to bring their factories back and prevent them from being replaced by alien invaders will face a vicious onslaught by these subversives who almost have full control of the ship.

    • The “victim” is a 15-year old girl. She could be your daughter if someone was desperate enough to procreate with you. You sir, are vile scum. If you think groping a minor is ok, you are not doubt a pedophile hiding behind a computer in a basement.

      “A 15-year-old girl was pepper sprayed and said she was groped Tuesday during a protest outside Donald Trump’s rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, according to local police, one of several incidents at the event that required law enforcement.”

  15. Michelle has done very very well in her break-out career as a “professional assaultee”…. Professional victims are sooooo boring & old hat & soooooo jewey Alinsky’ish but Michi really stepped it up when she invented her own career as a “professional assaultee”

  16. It seems to be a perfect storm on this one:

    An attention seeking drama queen, with just anti Trump, anti Conservative Washington Post AND hysterical Jewish Conservatives now joining the New York Daily News, Wash Post, Hollywood Lib Jewish elite to smear, savage Trump.

    It’s the meme “Trump and his supporters look and sound like Hitler”.

    Gavin Mcinnes has been solid on this Michele Fields hoax and for some reason Gavin still has connections, friends with most of these Jews in the media like Shapiro formerly from Breitbart


    My hunch is that Gavin McInnes is getting ready to get out of our Alt Right as he doesn’t want to just hang out with marginalized racists.

    Surviving in any part of the US media is getting to be like trying to survive in Stalin/Beria’s USSR.

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