Virginia and North Carolina Wrestle With Religious Freedom

In Virginia, Gov. Terry McAuliffe has vetoed the religious freedom bill:

“RICHMOND — Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) on Wednesday vetoed a Republican-backed bill that would have prohibited state agencies from punishing religious organizations that discriminate against same-sex couples.

The veto comes in the same week that similar legislation is drawing attention to Georgia, where Gov. Nathan Deal (R) rejected a “religious freedom” bill, and North Carolina, where Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed a bill that blocks municipalities from expanding laws to protect lesbian, gay and transgender people.

McAuliffe vetoed the Virginia bill during a radio appearance.

“It’s unconstitutional, it is discriminatory,” he said on WTOP. “It demonizes folks. It brings fear and persecution. We can’t tolerate that.” …”

Like Indiana, North Carolina is holding the line, for now:

“DURHAM, N.C. — The onslaught of criticism, economic sanctions and a lawsuit being leveled at Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina grew on Tuesday, as the largest corporation in his state joined the fight against a new law that eliminated anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Bank of America, which has its headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., announced late Tuesday on Twitter that its leadership was joining over 80 chief executives, including Timothy D. Cook of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, in objecting to the new law. Earlier in the day, the chief executives published a letter, addressed to Mr. McCrory, on the Human Rights Campaign website, saying, “Such laws are bad for our employees and bad for business.” …”

The CEOs are putting their foot down. It shouldn’t be long before the Republicans who control North Carolina – just like in Indiana – announce their surrender. In 2016, it is outrageous to think that a pastor should not be required to officiate a gay wedding in a church, or that public restrooms should be segregated by gender.

The Far Left glides from victory to victory because the only force opposing them are the TruConservatives and TruChristians who answer to Republican donors and their corporate sponsors:

“Some of the country’s best-known corporations are nervously grappling with what role they should play at the Republican National Convention, given the likely nomination of Donald J. Trump, whose divisive candidacy has alienated many women, African-Americans and Hispanics.

An array of activist groups is organizing a campaign to pressure the companies to refuse to sponsor the gathering, which many of the corporations have done for both the Republican and Democratic parties for decades.

The pressure is emerging as some businesses and trade groups are already privately debating whether to scale back their participation, according to interviews with more than a dozen lobbyists, consultants and fund-raisers directly involved in the conversations. …”

As it happens, there is only one presidential candidate who goes around the country boasting about how he will say “no” to the likes of Apple, Carrier and Ford. Strangely enough, the TruConservatives and TruChristians are all strongly opposed to him!

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  1. They use the words “opposed to discrimination” to do just that… discriminate.

    They are ALL part of the crowd. They never struggle with a decision. From day one, they are your enemy. Destroying Christianity is job one. This is not a case of hypocritical altruism. It is intentional destruction and we are the bullseye.

  2. Well, if I’m going to be hated, then I’m going to be the most hated sonofabitch they ever come across.

    White, Christian, heterosexual, male, former military, gun-owner, sheepdog, vegetable grower, deer slayer, Three percenter and active producer of White children.

    Come get some. I’m an equal opportunity destroyer.

    • God bless you brother and all remaining those like you.

      Just be careful that you don’t get used and abused then discarded by lying Neo Conservatives, Christian Zionists.

      Also, maybe consider giving a break to some other White Europeans like some pretty blonde girl from upper Wisconsin.

      Also, long since time to stop hating on the “Russians.

      God bless

  3. We should push the meme that Virginia, Gov. Terry McAuliffe needs to do a bit more to show that he isn’t racist and that he is very pro LGBT, BLM.

    Virginia, Gov. Terry McAuliffe should agree to become a homosexual punk for HIV+ Black convicts currently being imprisoned in VA for minor transgressions like homosexual rape!

    Can you please ask the once proud citizens of the once great state of Virginia

    What happened?
    What changed?

    How did my Midwestern ancestors ever lose any battles to the army of Northern Virginia if it was led than as it is now to the likes of these cowardly, as* licking pussies like Virginia, Gov. Terry McAuliffe?

    • Politics in Virginia is now controlled by a few counties around Washington and Richmond. BTW, I am a fellow Midwesterner who supports Southern Independence. I am not a Southerner nor a Wannabe.

      Unless something changes, the 155 year campaign to destroy the South is going to be successful. Luckily, regardless of the particulars of politics, change is coming.

      • I’m an honorary Southerner by virtue of living in SOUTHERN California, aka “The Southland”. This region saw some Confederate activity back in the day.

    • What happened?
      What changed?

      1865. Quality was beat to shit by quantity. Rinsed and repeated 1945.

      It isn’t the initial defeat itself that destroys a people, it’s the long term rule by barbarians that wears out a nation’s soul.

  4. Trump and abortion. He should say:

    “I’ll pay blacks to abort and the Hispanics too. I’ll pay white women to have white kids.”

    Instead we get universalist crap from Trump and we get weasels like Cruz pretending to oppose abortion rights.

    • Trump should avoid the abortion issue since getting white women to vote as a block is the only way to win with minorities already making up 40% of our population. This is demographically like Latvia at the end of the cold war where they barely made up a majority of the populace but still managed to get their own country. Problem is in the northeast and west white women and youth fall for this Democrat leftist crap because they feel more threatened by the “Rick Santorum” image of the republicans than the black mau-mau rage behind the Democrats. I don’t think white women yet have it in them to come together at the ballot box although a large proportion of non-elite white men seem to now be radicalized against where the country is headed and this is behind the rise of Trump. The media is making it very clear just what they have in store for the “Kulak” class of white men with their hysteria and nasty propaganda, I only hope white guys notice this and continue to delegitimize their rule in their minds. The only hope is a Pinochet type takeover and liquidation of these horrible elites and their punk ass muscle on the ground.

  5. You are getting cucked with this religious liberty bullshit.

    The neocons want conservative Americans to waste our time focusing minutia while they inflate our currency and overwhelm us with third world invaders.

    Don’t fall for their distraction. It’s literally the same play they’ve been pulling since the Bush Jr. years.

    Let the evangelical Israelbots obsess over this. We have much bigger fish to fry.

    Then let’s focus on this stuff.

      • The freedom for pastors not to have others dictate their observances has long been protected by the First Amendment. It’s why you don’t see Baptists being forced to marry Mormons.

        This is trivial issue concocted by the neocons just like what Rove did in his ploy have marriage amendments on ballots to help Shrub win reelection.

        The GOpee has nothing to offer White Americans. It uses Christianity crap to distract us from this fact.

        I don’t care how many faggots get married if Trump can halt the invasion.

  6. Why do you people who claim to advocate white interests, continue to give a shit about that worthless, iron-age semitic cult anymore? If you can’t see that christianity is inherently universalist, and thus ANTI-WHITE, then motherfucker, you ain’t tall enough for this ride.

    You can either be a white man or you can be a christian. You can’t be both.

    • Explain this

      1. Europe and by extension White people dominated the world during 1500 years of Christianity.
      2. The decline of the White race has occurred during post Christian era in Europe and the US.

      • It’s nothing to do with religion. It’s about race. Both regions experienced massive immigration of people who don’t value liberty due to their culture.

      • Wrong, dumbass. The pagan Roman Empire conquered, educated, and civilized the known world long before the cult of your precious jewish faggot came along. When Rome christianized it weakened and fell to white people who WEREN’T christian.

        Every advancement white people have made in the last 1500 years, has been squarely IN SPITE of the existence of christianity, not because of it. Idiot.

        The Renaissance threw off the shackles of ignorance with which christianity held Europe throughout the Middle Ages.

        The framers of the American Constitution explicitly separated church and state, and in so doing, established thr foundation of the mightiest nation the earth ever saw.

        Hell, the atheist Soviet Union, in little more than 30 years, turned a huge expanse of vodka-soaked peasants into a world superpower that made scientific breakthoughs well
        ahead of the West and sent the first man into space.

        Meanwhile your bullshit christianity preaches to love and forgive an army of invading rapists while Europe is destroyed.

        You christians are weak, pathetic, LOSERS. And every one of you deserves to be raped and decapitated by sandniggers — a thing which you maggots would no doubt take spiritual gratifaction in.

        • Uh oh, it’s another internet tough guy. Of course, like all internet tough guys, it’s an act. False bravado. Phony machismo with nothing to back it up. People like this are in real life scared of their own shadow. Big-talking loser, this one.

          Dear Phaggy Poser:

          You’re not in charge of this thing called the Alt-right, and you don’t get to say who comes and goes. But this much I do know, if the Alt-right has too high a percentage of vacuous pretenders like yourself – who think they’re tough because they hate Christ and say “cuss words” a lot like a schoolboy who thinks it makes him look manly, we will not get very far at all.

          The Alt-right requires intelligent men with backbone, which makes you unqualified for the fight ahead. But if you shut up and don’t mouth off too much, we may let you make the coffee, empty the trash, and sweep the floor, if you think you can handle it.

          • Awww, U mad faggot?

            Dear Faggot Knows Least:

            You’re right. I don’t run the “Alt Right”. I laugh at it. And when I’m not laughing at it, I urinate on it. You see, I eat and shit little rodents like you — mice who consider themselves men of importance because they pretentious internet posts and jerk off to the same from others.

            I don’t respect fleas like you because you don’t have callouses on your hands or scars on your face. I’ll fuck your fucking wife in your own bed and then wipe my cock on your pillow and kick your dog in its teeth on my way out the door.

            And YOU, Mr. Faggot Knows Least, need not worry about the “fight ahead” because you’re clearly too pussy to fight the one we’re in the middle of here and now. So go crawl back in the closet with Jared and Greg and Jackie Boi and continue fevered circle-jerk, and when I need some money for lottery tickets, I’ll come and put you on a leash and sell your ice-cream ass to some paroled niggers.

          • More Internet Tough Guy stuff.

            What’s interesting is how easy it was for me to peel back the layers of your smallness – both intellect and character – and cause you to go full tilt ahead with your super hero cosplay fluff.

            Carry on…

          • Hey, look everyone! Chris just learned another “cuss word.” Now he’s twice as much tuff-stuff as he was before.

            Put on your shorts now, Chris, and skip over to the gay bar you frequent when no one is looking. And then when you’re done doing the glory hole tour, you can come back here and overcompensate with your tuff guy act.

          • No, I’m not into you and your son’s bareback anal lifestyle. But keep your chin up, twink — I’m sure there’s some degenerate out there desperate enough to cum in your no doubt prolapsed shitpipe.

          • Trump did exactly what I knew he was going to do all along — fire up the Republican vote with all kinds of lofty promises and false nationalist rhetoric, destroying the rest of the GOP field in the process, and then “accidentally” make a fatal gaffe that all but seals the election for Hillary. Just like Stukapilot said — Trump was a vote-trap designed to liquidate the Republican party and insure an easy path for an old, fragile, fading Hillary Clinton. So Trump’s current woes are no surprise to me.

            If it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times — white American’s are NOT GOING TO VOTE OUR WAY OUT OF THIS. Arm up, make peace with the life you lived, and when the bitch dispatches her goons to confiscate our guns, which she no doubt will, make sure you give the fuckers your ammunition first.

          • Chris – I of all people know we aren’t going to vote our way out of anything. All spheres are important. If you watched last night’s set up, his gaffe about abortion was genuine, The election is still a long way off, and Shrillary has loads of time to make loads of mistake.
            As far as being ready for anything – I’m already there. I don’t want us going down in a blaze of glory – I want us to win There’s still time for that.

          • I also suspect it’s too late for us to vote our way out of this mess, but Trump does present a very hopeful prospect. I’ve remarked sometime back that if Trump wins, we may have a 10% chance of voting the country back right (or at least tolerable). If Hillary wins, probably less than a 1% chance of democratic recovery.

          • Go cry into your pillow, Marcia. Trump was a scam from the beginning and you bought it like a fool.

          • I can’t understand what you’re saying. Stop gargling your lover’s spunk long enough to annunciate. You can get back to drinking your AIDS milkshake later.

          • You can’t understand what I’m saying, because your eyes and ears are sealed shut and encrusted with all the nigger cum from the train you pulled last night. Now go take a shower and don’t forget to wash the K-Y out of your rectum.

          • I’m starting to feel kind of bad now. I sense that you were probably molested by your homosexual gym teacher when you were about 10, which is why you exhibit this phony Mr. Tuff Guy character who huffs and puffs and pretends he’s a real ass kicker, while in reality you’re just an ass licker.

          • LOL, when I was 10 the gym teacher was a woman! Nice try though, cocksucker. You really are a fuckin’ amateur. I was locking horns with people on this blog years and years ago. But do keep trying, junebug.

          • Only idiots say “LOL.” It’s a very teen girl thing of you to do.

            But seriously, how many times in your life have you gotten your ass kicked? I know it’s happened lots, and that you’ve never won a fight, since you’re overcompensating for feeling like a pussy all the time.

            And be honest. I want to know how many times you’ve had your sorry ass pummeled for being a douchey weakling. I’m guessing it’s happened at least a dozen times.

            Were you bullied? Are you getting back at the bullies now?

            Come clean, and tell me your tales of woe.

          • STOP. Trump is in trouble. I know he’s not the love child of Adolf Hitler and Charles Martel – but he’s all we’ve got. We don’t need to go after each other.

  7. The more hypocrisy the better. Watch the system implode and these corporate profits crater. Religious freedom is already guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, these phony bills are just a red herring to hide that these rights are being taken away bit by bit by a doomed corrupt system that no longer has any viable future.

  8. Secession is the answer. Freedom and independence are the answers. This wouldn’t be happening if we had our own country. Remember that and get ready to exploit Trump’s loss in November (better yet if they steal the nomination from him or continue to arrest members of his campaign based on obviously fake charges).

    The main reason for Trump is that the GOP establishment has discredited itself as a legitimate body by losing the last two presidential elections – and by losing the culture war; they asked our people to sacrifice our core beliefs and yet it did nothing. When Trump goes down, the system itself will be discredited, opening up a pathway to independence; our people will know that they are slaves in an evil empire dominated by the other and in which they have no power or representation (and in which they can never win the White House) – a supreme court that is 100% non-Southern, control organizations everywhere, a foreign Yankee president, a hostile and foreign Yankee media and entertainment industry, a growing police and surveillance state that will be targeted at political dissidents (us), and a congress dominated by the other.

    Think independence is far-fetched? Well, people thought Trump was, too. But he wasn’t really hard to foresee for those of us who were paying attention. With each election cycle, the base has been becoming more and more restless. The same trend will continue. All we need is for our people to cross that Rubicon in their minds. For them to do so, they must feel that there is no other way. They will come around to that belief sooner than people think when they realize the GOP is no longer a viable national party for the presidency – cuck or not (don’t kid yourself into thinking that ANY of the cuck establishment candidates could have won. Did Romney?).

    When Trump goes down, that very night, take to Twitter and advocate Southern Independence. It will get lots of attention in the anger-filled aftermath. With the GOP establishment gone, the Southern GOP will be ripe for take-over – a third party that is specifically an independence party. The independence option, like Trump, will build with each election loss until we’re free.

    I was born in the United States, but I am not an American.

  9. Never lose sight of Jews.

    Jews have been accused of dual loyalty.

    So, Jews decided to fix this problem by making American interests the same as Jewish/Zionist interests. Once US has been turned into USrael, Jews being for Jewish interests is same as being for American interests. If American interests are all about supporting Israel and praising Jews, then Jews favoring their own interests is no longer dual loyalty but ‘American Values’.

    Jews are truly clever.

    • And they have their shabbos goys like John Hagee who corrupted the Christian church to orient Christianity around serving Jews rather than serving God.

      They are very clever.

      • John Hagee preaches DUAL COVENANT THEOLOGY which is against the entire premise of the Church. The Israelites lost title to the land in 587 BC after disobedience, God allowed them to come back and rebuild the temple to pave the way for Jesus. After Christ’s resurrection, the Church superseded physical Israel and Spiritual Israel was established. A Christian is thus a New Israelite and counted as an heir to the promises of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

        Physical Israel was ended on the Day Of Pentecost 33 AD. Those who persist in calling themselves Jew Israelite, etc are like pagans and others outside of Christ and therefore an enemy of God. I could also get into who the Jews really are (Hint Khazar isn’t the true answer).

    • Of course the Neocons have already achieved this. We live under ZOG, kept alive through the treason of our own “leaders”.

    • I think you really means many Jews are truly devious. There’s nothing clever about subversion. They are deceptive, premeditated and intentional actions. If you and I thought that way, could we not come up with a similar blueprint? The end goal is the starting line.

  10. Religious freedom argument is bogus.

    No, we need to attack ‘gay marriage’ itself.

    It should be allowed anywhere.

    Don’t play defense. If you invoke ‘religious freedom’, you are admitting that ‘gay marriage’ has validity in secular realm.

    No, ‘gay marriage’ has no place ANYWHERE. It is a crime against biology and morality. It is based on a lie and perversion.

  11. “its leadership was joining over 80 chief executives, including
    Timothy D. Cook of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, in objecting
    to the new law.”

    Yet again we see proof that America is an oligarchy.

  12. Sir,
    While this is an ongoing battle, let me say this : my state, North Carolina, has been repeatedly called out for being ‘dangerously progressive’ in comparision with other Southern states. I myself, away for 12 years, was guilty of this, too.

    Well, let me be unequivocally clear : we do have scalawags aplenty.Be that as it may, while my wife and I were away, our fellow traditionalists got control of this state, and we have shaken it up, from tip to toe.

    Leftist schools have been defunded. District lines, in many counties, drawn at the beginning of the ‘Civil Rights Era’, to protect our poorer white brethren from having to integrate, have been protected.

    District lines have been suitably gerrymandered, making it very hard for the scalawags to wrest back control of this state; though, they are trying hard, by framing this coming election over bathrooms. Those who doubt the resolve of folks, such as I, are going to be shockt at just how much support Governor McCroy gets, this coming November. I do not cotton to all these aliens trying to tell us how to be in North Carolina, and I guarandangtee you ; many of my fellow Tarheels do not, either.

    Confederate monuments, all across the state, have been protected in such a way that, only an invasion of a Federal army, could move them.

    Further, our governor, in tandem nwith out legislature, took action to make sure that there would be no more liberal cheating, during elections – nor anymore marxist professors taking down their students (our children) down to the polls, with their indication for whom to vote, and not ours. NC has been sued, in court, over and over on this matter, and we have won almost every case. Recently I voted, and it was the only time in my life I can be assured my vote counted – for my ballot had my name, number, and was on a physical sheet.

    Further, the Governor and the legislature turned down Federal money for our medicare; something which shockt the current president of the Yankee Empire, and which has allowed us to NOT have to conform to aspects of Obamacare.

    We have mobilized against the LGBT community – as Governor McCrory did not just sign this bill because the legislature prompted him. No, Sir – he had millions of conservative bible-thumpers, such as myself, contacting his office, and beseeching him to protect us from these ungodly people.

    Further, Governor McCrory, with the support of many of our sheriffs, was one of the few governors to very publically tell the current president of the Yankee empire, that we did not, and do not, want Arab immigrants.

    There is some comedy in this, Sir, because Governor McCory is an Ohioan who, by his nature, is Mr. Sunshine, and dislikes idealogical issues. Yet, he has turned out to have a real spine. NOT Nathan Forrest, mind you, but, a hell of a lot more than any current southron governor, save for Governor Abbot, of the great Lone Star state.

    May I say it ; I am a very proud Tarheel; for, though we are often last to get to the battle line, when we do, we stand the longest and kick the hardest.

    Christian culture is doing just fine, here, and we are absolutely organized and prepared to battle every single corporation, in this here United States of America, if need be.

    There will be defeats, but, we will not lose the war. No, Sir – half of my state, the small towns and rural parts, are ready to live or die for Oure Lord & Savior Jesus Chryst, and the rest of the country had better take note – including those scalawagged progressive cities, in this state.

    My best regards to you and to the wyfe & youngun’.

      • Sir, i am NOT declaring ‘victory’. No, Sir. what i am saying is that NC is not going to be a rollover for the agents of the devil.

        Why do I say this?

        Because we are big and we are organized.

        Governor McCrory has not folded on many tough issues (surprisingly)

        Ask yourself why?

        Because he knows that, if he does, it’s right back to the private sector he goes, and he LIKES being governor.

  13. One note on our sister state, just to the north, Sir – they have several counteis, in the state which are entirely Yankee. Further, the University of Virginia, at Charlottesville, is a damn scalawagged place, and Richmond is become niggerville.

    The traditionalists are not as well organized there as here, in NC, and they have all that with which to contend.

    That said, as you know, I live right under the Virginia line, and my daughter’s fiancee is from Louisa, Virginia. There are MANY Confederates there – as, driving in the hinterlands, one sees frequent Confederate flags flying – even a few, here and there, in front of negro houses – God bless them!

    Sir, I now y’all, here, often lament what y’all don’t like about us Christians, BUT, we, in NC, are the only ones big and tough enough to to carry the fight to the enemy, at this time.

  14. Everyone loses with mass immigration.

    Mass immigration is destructive to both host culture and immigrant culture.

    Host nation becomes overrun with foreigners who, good or bad, displace original inhabitants.

    Indeed, suppose all Muslim immigrants were good, intelligent, and productive people. They should still be rejected because too many of them will no longer make Europe what it is.

    Or, suppose 50 million Chinese enter Nepal and act like nice people. Even so, Nepal will no longer be Nepal if that many Chinese come and settle. Or suppose 50 million Pakistanis move into Iran and act decent and nice. Even so, with that many Pakis entering Iran, Iran will no longer be Iran.

    So, whether immigrants are good people or bad people is not the issue. Even if Muslims were more intelligent, more productive,and more law-abiding than white Europeans, they should be rejected because too many of them will no longer make Europe what it is.

    After all, this was the basis for rejecting Western imperialism. White settlers in Africa, Asia, and Middle East did wonders for the economy and brought much progress. But the indigenous peoples still wanted self-rule. And they feared being displaced by white colonizers. This is why the Algerians drove the French out.

    It’s been said that Moors were culturally more advanced than the Spanish. It doesn’t matter. They were invaders, and they had to be driven out.

    Chinese have done much to expand the Tibetan economy, but if Han Chinese keep settling in Tibet, Tibet will no longer be what it is.

    British did wonders for the Hong King and Singapore economy. But in the end, it didn’t matter. Asians wanted self-rule, and the Brits had to leave. Europeans should feel the same way. It doesn’t matter if immigrants will be good or bad for the European economy. What matters is Europe must survive as Europe, and that means Europe must not be demographically overwhelmed by foreigners.

    Mass immigration undermines the host nation’s demography and identity. If just about anyone can become British, what is the point of being British? Also, British identity in terms of race, history, lineage, culture, and etc all become moot. If Britishness is all about what the current law says, then a newly arrived immigrant with NO ancestry in Britain is just as British as a Briton with ancestry that goes back many centuries. Such redefinition of Britishness nullifies history, culture, and heritage. Also, if Britishness is determined by current law, then all the past generations of British were not British since they didn’t live by today’s laws.

    Today’s laws are a case of legal arrogance, legal chauvinism, and legal supremacism that denigrates race, heritage, and culture.

    By today’s crazy laws, even if your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents, and etc, etc were British and are buried in British soil, YOU are no more British than some recently arrived Nigerian or Pakistani.

    This is how Brits define Britishness now. It’s just a passport. Rule of Law is a great thing but identity should be more than about the law. Law of identity must reflect race, culture, history. Identity must not be like Monopoly paper money or baseball card that anyone can buy.

    If British Left and Progressives really love non-white diversity so much, they should just leave UK and go settle in black Africa, Pakistan, and etc. They should leave UK to British people who want to remain British and white. That way, everyone gets what he wants British whites get to live in white UK, and British Leftists instantly get to live in non-white majority nations. If European Left really want to live in non-white majority nations, they can have it right away. They don’t have to wait decades into the future. They can emigrate to black Africa, Middle East, or Asia. Go there and live there. And don’t come back. Just leave Europe to Europeans who want to remain European. If European Left really want to live in societies where whites are no longer the majority, what are they waiting for? Why not just go live in non-white nations as minorities? Go live as minorities in black Africa. I’m sure they’ll be welcomed.

    But massive immigration also undermines the immigrant community. First of all, the immigrants lose contact with their home nations. They depart from their own ancestral lands. They give up their nationality and identity. They come to the West and become stupid consumers addicted to MTV culture and homo propaganda. if these peoples really love their own identity and culture, why are they leaving their homelands behind and permanently settling in an another nation? If they love their own people and nation, why don’t they try to fix things back home and improve things? Where is their sense of responsibility and loyalty? Where is their sense of obligation? Are they willing to abandon their own identity and heritage in their homeland just to live materially better lives in the West? Immigrants are traitors to their own peoples, especially if they move to a nation where they will be racial minorities. Immigrants, in abandoning their own culture and language, just become imperial subjects of the host nation. They lose their own identity and surrender to the identity and culture of the host nation.

    Why does a Nigerian abandon his Nigerian identity to come live in UK? Isn’t he proud of his own land and people? And why do black men go for white women? Are their own women too ugly for them? Why do they abandon their own background and pretend to be ‘Englishmen’? Why do they try to take on the identity of former European imperialists? Didn’t their ancestors struggle to kick out the Western imperialists in order to preserve their own identity and culture in their own lands? So, why do these immigrants abandon their own homelands and identity and come to Europe to become ‘Europeans’? They are traitors to their own people. How trashy of a black African to reject his own nationality and identity to become a ‘Dutchman’ or ‘Frenchman’ or ‘Briton’? Is he ashamed of being an African that he rejects the identity and heritage of his ancestors to become a ‘European’? It sounds like self-imperialism.

    And what is the point of East Asians coming to the West? What do they gain? They forget their mother tongues and take on Western names. And East Asian girls marry with white men and give birth to half-white kids who have no Asian identity. What’s the point of such thing? Immigration only leads to deracination of Asians in the West. They lose their own identity, culture, and pride. Yellow girls just become sexual possessions of white/black men while yellow boys, rejected by their own women and undesired by non-Asian women, die childless. In the long run, what do East Asians get from immigration? Nothing but loss of race and culture.

    And look at Muslims. Sure, some Muslims cause problems, but most Muslims will just become MTV-addicted morons. They will just become trash addicted to rap music. Their women will turn to trash and imitate Miley Cyrus. They will become mixed with whites, Mexicans, blacks, and Asians. For every Muslim who turns to ‘radical Islam’, many more will turn to human trash who will soon be waving the homo flag. So, what do Muslims get out of it? Oh, they will eventually come to enjoy ham sandwiches and alcohol!!

    So, mass immigration leads to loss of both host culture and immigrant culture. Host culture is ruined by the mudslide of migrants. But migrants and immigrants, cut off from their ancestral lands, will just become deracinated consumers addicted to trash culture and PC. Indeed, so many non-white SJWs sound just like their white counterparts. They are all PC-addled pod people who support the homo agenda and Black Lives Matter since it’s favored by the Soros Fund.

    Everyone loses with mass immigration. Host culture loses identity and culture. Immigrants may gain better material lives, but they’ve abandoned their own nations, their own identities, and their own cultures for thirty pieces of silver of welfare. And instead of trying to fix up their own nations, they took the easy cowardly way out of just living in the West on the fat of the white man.

    • Perhaps that’s the White Genocide Cult’s psychotic dream: The entire world, one huge shopping mall, peopled with nothing but unidentifiable brown folk buying shoddy goods made in countries formerly their own.

  15. These smug lefties have a misguided faith in laws. Someone should wipe that foolish grin off their faces by shoving their faces in their own crap.

  16. Sounds like opportunity to me if the theocratic tough talk can be avoided because theocratic tough talk substituted for politics is beyond a joke these days

    Liberation my friends

  17. Good old boy Earl Ray, or is it Earl Roy Tomblin, Governor of West Virginia has gone full homosexual, lesbian, and whatever friendly as far as I know. By the way, Earl Ray is a Kappa Alpha for whatever that’s worth?

  18. FRIENDS…

    TODAY, Governor McCrory, of North Carolina, went on
    national television to defend our policy of NOT catering to those who wish to engage in unnatural and ungodly perversions.

    Please write him a small note, link below, even if you NOT are a Tarheel. He needs to hear from those outside of our state that they support him, as now 100 companies have demanded we change our laws, he is coming under tremendous pressure.

    He has held his ground before – voting reform, shutting down college leftist manufacturing facilities, Obamacare, Arab immigrants, etc, etc…

    Still, he needs to hear, frequently, from those of us who support him. He needs us to stand by his side, and, messaging him, does exactly that.

    This is a battlefield, just as any with guns, because, the results will affeckt our children and our children’s children.

    Help us defend ourselves from those who are, just as they were, during the Reconstruction Era, determined to bend our society to their will, and marginalize the white Southerner, on his own land.

    I thank y’all kindly for the time & effort

      • Thank you so very very much, M’am.

        The South has a true friend in you. I will tell my friends, here, of your great kindness towards our people.

        God bless you.

  19. Hunter, this article explains a lot of it: Conservatism is done; it was dying before Trump.

    The conservative movement ” . . . simply does not know what to do in a world where big business is allied with the cultural left.”

    So we get “conservative Republican” Governor of Georgia telling us its “not who we are” when he gets a bill that lets small businesses keep men out of womens restrooms, locker rooms, showers. Because big businesses threaten to punish the state.

    Conservative Republicans have been worse than useless on domestic side and a danger to all of us and the entire world with their wars to spread democracy. Left to his own devices, Paul “thats not who we are” Ryan would proudly pass a bill adding the whole LGBT mess to civil rights laws.

    Republicans didn’t even react to the murder of Kate Steinle until Trump shoved it in their faces and they haven’t reacted to the bakers fined $150,000 for not making a cake. They are useless. I’m so tired of the big phony cultural issue, abortion. Its never going to be recriminalized.

  20. Hunter did you do a story about Houston, Texas where the Mayor was threatening to sue Churches over Anti-Homosexual Sermons? This was awhile back

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