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  1. Lyin’ Ted and Crazy Carly 2016.
    Treasurer Carl the Cuck
    Secretary of state aids skrillex
    Trigglypuff a zodiac baby

  2. I have no idea what will happen today.

    One thing that bothers me: One writer pointed out that the perfect candidate for Indiana Republicans is Ward Cleaver. That’s the image they prefer in the Hoosier state. Trump isn’t like Beaver’s father…

    • For Cruz’s sake, I hope Indianans like presidential candidates who stare sternly at other persons’ children and say they need to be spanked. That’s not exactly Ward Cleaver; but if we may judge from the applause Ted got, some of those yahoos out there go for it …

        • I’d say, Denise, the boy’s fame is assured. Here again is The Magnificent Ambersons, this time from Chapter 2, after juvenile George Amberson Minafer has had a run-in with a local holy man:

          “There were people—grown people they were—who expressed themselves longingly: they did hope to live to see the day, they said, when that boy would get his come-upance! (They used that honest word, so much better than “deserts,” and not until many years later to be more clumsily rendered as “what is coming to him.”) Something was bound to take him down, some day, and they only wanted to be there! But Georgie heard nothing of this, and the yearners for his taking down went unsatisfied, while their yearning grew the greater as the happy day of fulfilment was longer and longer postponed. His grandeur was not diminished by the Malloch Smith story; the rather it was increased, and among other children (especially among little girls) there was added to the prestige of his gilded position that diabolical glamour which must inevitably attend a boy who has told a minister to go to hell.”

  3. According to the comments on the first article, a few of the readers blame the blight of empty buildings on those vibrant people who bring cultural diversity©® to everyplace they infest. Like they did in Birmingham, Dallas, Houston, Nola and Atlanta. One of them called Indianapolis a miniature Detroit.

    • Of course it was a calculated jab, in the 1970s we were just too uneducated then to get it. The lead actress, Bonnie Franklin was purely Kosher. Notice how it normalized divorce before 1970 divorce was something to be ashamed of,.

      The Southern cities had no choice to have Negroes, the Negroes were always there in large numbers. What screwed Dixie was the drop in the White Southern Birthrate after WW2 and the decline of Negro infant mortality around the same time.

      Before 1917 the Midwest had few Negroes, but then Woodrow Wilson’s Arsenal of Democracy (yes he had one too) needed workers and white women still couldn’t do difficult jobs like men. The solution was Negroes, largely from Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky. This resulted in a gigantic uptick of crime in 1919 which led to Red Summer. This was why the Klan had a power base in Indiana and elsewhere.

      FDR’s Arsenal of Democracy brought the rest and a consistent trickle of Negroes north came all through 1970 when industry collapsed, That brings us to today.

      The problem is unforseen consequences. When Southern States unloaded their surplus Negroes, it was good for Dixie, it lessened the burden on their prison system etc. At some level it was revenge for the war and seen through this lens, it was deserved.

      The problem became when these Negroes grew too numerous in the Northern cities to the point they gained political clout. The South never realized that the Jews in the Northern Cities would ally themselves with the Negroes either.

      It is highly doubtful that without the growth of the Negro population in the North following WW1 and WW2 you would have seen a Civil Rights Movement. Before WW1 the Northern Negro and Southern emigre Negroes were largely ignored, following WW1 they were somewhat regulated but the population boom following WW2 broke the system. The Negro iinfant mortality rate drop also complicated matters.


        • The interesting thing is this, ask anyone today who they liked from ALL IN THE FAMILY everyone hates Meathead aka Jewish Rob Reiner and Sally whiny Struthers, 9.9 out of 10 will say Archie Bunker. Why is Archie’s chair at the Smithsonian?

          It is very simple White America and even other groups tend to realize that the Archie Bunkers of the world made the world they live in and without them the world would be destroyed. At an instinctual level, everyone knows Archie was right although most are too scared to admit it.

          Norman Lear ironically a Jewish Communist Antiwhite actually in attempting to lampoon Archie, made him a respected white man. Funny how God works in mysterious ways

          • Archie was supposed to parody traditionalists and make them ripe for ridicule, However, he ended up skewering the Left’s sacred cows. The exact opposite of Lear’s intentions.

          • Yes and it is worth noting that Carroll O’Connor was a rabid leftist like Lear and he played the character to lampoon WASP culture, he was Irish Catholic BTW so he had an ax to grind. Yet all he did was make Archie a hero. God is Just

      • Indiana was the only state taken over by the KKK. The Indiana Klan broke away from the National organization and by 1923, 30% of the Native born white men in the state were members.

        Another historical tidbit: An ex-Confederate Army colonel was elected to the Indiana State Senate in 1866.

        • The problem Yankee Klan members had was that in the North the parties were reversed. In the North after 1896 the antiwhite Anti-Christian party at the state level was the Democratic Party, the Republicans were nominally Pro-White and Pro Christian.

          The National Republican Party’s Negro platform after 1876 was what is called Benign Neglect meaning neither harm nor help but the state level organizations outside the Northeast after McKinley became largely Pro-White. Just like today where you have the National Republican Party basically being the same as the Democratic Party, the National Republicans had nothing in common with the state level.

          The KKK in Indiana typically I believe operated within the state Republican Party I do know from this book written by a quadroon about life in Indiana that in some towns the KKK would march in the Memorial Day Parades with the Republican candidates. The Black Legion in Michigan which was founded by some Nighthawks in the Ohio KKK who got in trouble for advocating bombing homes and burning churches attacked Democrats in Detroit and were part of the Wolverine Republican Club.

          The two-party system has since 1796 forbade a PRO WHITE PRO CHRISTIAN Party from ever gaining power. The Federalists and the Whigs were concerned mostly with economics and the Democrats were solely PRO-SLAVERY which is not completely the same as PRO-WHITE. Thus the Democrats could simultaneously support unfettered immigration which harmed whites in the long run and harmed slavery as well while saying they supported Slavery. See the conundrum?

          The Confederacy was the closest to a Pro-White Nation as we ever got, and even the Confederacy did allow Native Americans to serve in the Confederate Army and states were free to regulate the race issue as they saw fit. Thus in certain Southern States marriages between whites and Octoroons were completely legal just as in Texas marriages between whites and Indians, whites and Mexicans indians and Negroes and Mexicans and Negroes could be considered somewhat legal depending on the local registrars.

          The PRO-WHITE Definition as we know it today didn’t harden and take shape until the 1870s and 1880s, first philosophically then in law.

          • I haven’t looked into it, but I’ve seen an old photo on the Internet of President McKinley leading a giant KKK parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. President McKinley was a Republican, and a former Captain in the Union Army. He was the last president who fought in the WBTS.

          • The Knights of the Golden Circle is the Ku Klux Klan, Kuklos means circle. Knights of the Kuklos means Knights of the Circle.Though their names are lost to history, there were likely Northern men in the first Klan largely in a financial capacity.

            Think about it this way, the 11 full Confederate States had four years were US Currency mostly disappeared and most of the gold and silver coinage went to the Confederate government. Entire fortunes converted into worthless Confederate graybacks and bonds. Some of these men barely had enough money to buy lead and powder for their guns in 1865. Yet by 1870 the Klan was a relatively well-armed private army with modern arms.

            it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the rest, there were wealthy men and sympathizers funding the entire operation. I wouldn’t have been surprised if more than a couple Bluecoats happened to leave an armory door unlocked and mysteriously some new pistols just walked out the back door.

            William McKinley was named in an early Klan book as sympathizing with the First Generation Klan and/or being a member. While I doubt it, I don’t believe it is impossible. The Klan was an arm of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the beginning you couldn’t even become a Klansman in the 1860s without membership in the Masonic Lodge. McKinley is believed to have been 33rd Degree and he would have known Albert Pike so who knows?

      • Interesting, Billy Ray. Had been completely unaware Franklin was Jewish. I had an instinctive aversion to that show.

        • Ewww. I loathed her, too. I thought she was repulsive. I have ALWAYS detested Helena Bonham Carter, as well, ON SIGHT, the first time I ever saw it YEARs ago, when I was a kid. I called It the Bridge Troll, for years.

    • One day at a, naaaa, na na, na.

      Decades later, it’s still in there.

      I’m about 7 years tv-free, but not sure we can ever purge ourselves of the television programming already received.

  4. A large number of the Southrons who went to Indiana were Quakers who were being encouraged to leave North Carolina because of their unpopular politics. The Quaker exodus left Indiana with one of the largest Quaker populations in the USA. They;re largely gone today.

    There are actually three parts of the Midwest, the Upper Midwest, MI WIS MINN IA, the Plains Midwest, KS, NEB SD AND ND and the Lower Midwest OH IN ILL. Because the land was available at public sale and relatively accessible from the Northeast and Upper South the two groups of people met there. New England and New York settled in all the land above the 41st parallel, followed by thousands of German, Dutch and Scandinavian Immigrants. The Yankees also placed tiny colonies throughout the lower Midwest and even along the Ohio River. Today the colonies below the 41st parallel are largely gone, although you will have a liberal town or two which will be completely different than the other towns.

    The bulk of the settlers in Ohio mostly came from the Mason-Dixon border region of Pennsylvania and Maryland and the rest from Virginia both Trans-Allegheny and the Shenandoah Valley, largely farmers which a heavy Germanic component. Years later the Southern Aristocracy referred to them as Mudsills, because they were famous for doing little more than farming. New England Yankees on the other hand were urban controlling cities aggressive for power and it was relatively easy for them to rule over people like this. The descendants of the Mudsills today would be called Nixon’s Silent Majority.

    Illinois was mostly settled by Kentuckians in its beginning, but after the winter of 1816, a swarm from New England came and settled from the Wisconsin state line to Saint Louis. Of course having money, education and being power hungry they ended up running the state. New Englanders largely passed over Indiana except at a few counties at the top along the Michigan border.

    Kansas and Nebraska largely mirror Ohio, Indiana and downstate Illinois, the Dakotas have cultural elements of everything from Texas cowboys to Scandinavians, largely Scandinavians dominate there today. Similar to Minnesota yet less insanely liberal

    • I have German Moravian and Swiss Protestant ancestors from the border areas of Virginia and North Carolina, and Quakers from South Carolina, who actually walked to Georgia, according to family lore.

      I honestly think you get a better grasp of American history through studying genealogy than through sitting in the average college classroom.

    • they are not the Quaker and the Mennonite heritage is all over northern Indiana and some of southern Indiana. You are a big liar. Yes Indiana has gone down in the quality of people this is true of all states we are in the last days before the return of Christ so you are going to see bad quality humans everywhere and not the high quality type of old but the Quaker and Mennonite heritage and brand is still there and in the descendants you are not a Hoosier you are a spectator shut up!!!!

      • Quakers and Mennonites are two different things dear you should know that. Quakers were an English dissenter group that today that taught full equality of human beings and they are pretty much leftist today although there are probably a few Conservative Quaker groups left, Quakers are very rare today overall compared to their numbers around 1860. Quakers started the entire antislavery nonsense in the USA in the first place.

        The Mennonites are Swiss Germans, the more radical split from them are the Amish, named for their teacher Jacob Amman. Amish and Mennonites typically avoid all things political and for the most part do not even vote.

        I never bashed anyone by the way and I am clueless how you took it that way

  5. I saw that creep Cruz on all the networks for a few minutes before I couldn’t stand it anymore. Speaking in Evansville, Cruz called Trump a “pathological liar,” “amoral,” a “bully” and “terrified of strong women.” Pulling out all the stops. I cannot wait until this p.o.s. is history. I hope Texas dumps his ass in 2018.

    • Okay did anyone see Beyonce at the met Gala. Does anyone really believe that is a socially conscious person. If you bought Lemonade or Formation you just paid for the dress she had on not to mention his suit not to mention Blue Ivy’s security detail or preschool. Since Bey likes drowning police cars underwater in her videos now can we please take way her security detail at her up coming concerts. Like in North Carolina black women wives of police officers are suggesting their husband’s call in sick the night Bey has her little concert since she does not seem to think that Blue Lives Matter. Please remember Beyonce is not a real person. Her body is a host for a collection of demons that help mind control for the Illuminati.She is not the Illuminati she is an Illuminati puppet both she and her husband and countless of entertainers. Please look up the MONARCH Mind Kontrol (spelled with a K on purpose) google it and see what this evil demon host is all about. Block Beyonce and her evil hatred and world domination will end and you will save some money for your own kids instead of paying for hers.

    • I totally agree. After seeing beyonce at the met gala there is no way this media whore is a socially conscious or aware person. She is being controlled by the Illuminati to control the masses of poor blacks who are too ignorant , violent and oversexed to know any better. You have to keep them as consumers remember in order for the rich elite to remain rich. if the poor ghetto dwelling consumers stop buying things the rich would go broke. The real revolution will be when people realize its all about money. Economics is the revolution. Everyone that saw that dress she wore realized they just got played if they bought the Formation album or lemonade. A rich girl from Houston wearing dreads and hating on the police please you just got played homie she is giving you what you want so you will go out and buy her product which then pays for her child’s private school and her mama’s six houses plus servants wake up!!!! Furthermore every time J and B run out of money then there is another tour. Apartment in NYC is 8 million a month, Blue ivy’s day care 16.5 a year. come on people. Bey just bought her mama another mansion in Dallas and one in the island plus the full staff for each one? Stop making these demons rich. Please look up Monarch Mind Kontrol (spelled with a K on purpose) to see what is really going on here and how they use and possess puppets like this one. Reveal and eradicate This mess!

  6. While we’re on the subject–a portrait of old, fictionally-renamed Indianapolis …

    “In that town, in those days, all the women who wore silk or velvet knew all the other women who wore silk or velvet, and when there was a new purchase of sealskin, sick people were got to windows to see it go by. Trotters were out, in the winter afternoons, racing light sleighs on National Avenue and Tennessee Street; everybody recognized both the trotters and the drivers; and again knew them as well on summer evenings, when slim buggies whizzed by in renewals of the snow-time rivalry. For that matter, everybody knew everybody else’s family horse-and-carriage, could identify such a silhouette half a mile down the street, and thereby was sure who was going to market, or to a reception, or coming home from office or store to noon dinner or evening supper.

    “At the beginning of the Ambersons’ great period most of the houses of the Midland town were of a pleasant architecture. They lacked style, but also lacked pretentiousness, and whatever does not pretend at all has style enough. They stood in commodious yards, well shaded by leftover forest trees, elm and walnut and beech, with here and there a line of tall sycamores where the land had been made by filling bayous from the creek. …

    “At the rear of the house, upstairs was a bleak little chamber, called “the girl’s room,” and in the stable there was another bedroom, adjoining the hayloft, and called “the hired man’s room.” House and stable cost seven or eight thousand dollars to build, and people with that much money to invest in such comforts were classified as the Rich. They paid the inhabitant of “the girl’s room” two dollars a week, and, in the latter part of this period, two dollars and a half, and finally three dollars a week. She was Irish, ordinarily, or German or it might be Scandinavian, but never native to the land unless she happened to be a person of colour. The man or youth who lived in the stable had like wages, and sometimes he, too, was lately a steerage voyager, but much oftener he was coloured.

    “After sunrise, on pleasant mornings, the alleys behind the stables were gay; laughter and shouting went up and down their dusty lengths, with a lively accompaniment of curry-combs knocking against back fences and stable walls, for the darkies loved to curry their horses in the alley. Darkies always prefer to gossip in shouts instead of whispers; and they feel that profanity, unless it be vociferous, is almost worthless. Horrible phrases were caught by early rising children and carried to older people for definition, sometimes at inopportune moments; while less investigative children would often merely repeat the phrases in some subsequent flurry of agitation, and yet bring about consequences so emphatic as to be recalled with ease in middle life.

    “They have passed, those darky hired-men of the Midland town; and the introspective horses they curried and brushed and whacked and amiably cursed—those good old horses switch their tails at flies no more. For all their seeming permanence they might as well have been buffaloes—or the buffalo laprobes that grew bald in patches and used to slide from the careless drivers’ knees and hang unconcerned, half way to the ground. The stables have been transformed into other likenesses, or swept away, like the woodsheds where were kept the stove-wood and kindling that the “girl” and the “hired-man” always quarrelled over: who should fetch it. Horse and stable and woodshed, and the whole tribe of the “hired-man,” all are gone. They went quickly, yet so silently that we whom they served have not yet really noticed that they are vanished.”

    — Booth Tarkington, The Magnificent Ambersons, Chapter I, 1918

    • When I’d posted the above passages from The Magnificent Ambersons, I was struck, now, forty years or so after I first read them, that the old Indianapolis that Booth Tarkington fictionally describes therein is something like the old Dixie of romance: the genteel citizens are served by contented darkies. Whether that assessment of mine is accurate, it would never have occurred to me had I not read FiveThirtyEight’s article that Mr. W., our host, linked in his post. I mean the article in which Indiana is said to have been settled by Southerners.

      Just checked the ancestry of Booth Tarkington, whose grandfather, Joseph Tarkington, turns out to have been born in Tennessee …

      • PS Just encountered the following …

        “On matters of race one can locate [Tarkington] somewhere between the normal, automatic bigotries of his era and a positively oafish delight in the way things were. Paul Fussell, in an otherwise level-headed defense of [Tarkington’s 1914 novel] Penrod against PC expurgation, sees in that novel only ‘affectionate condescension toward Negroes.’ … [I]n The Gentleman From Indiana, [Tarkington’s first novel, published in 1899,] Tarkington—having grown up the son of a southern-mannered father in a Copperhead state—writes with a condescension that’s less affectionate than outright romantic, giving us glimpses of ‘happy negroes’ out of Thomas Nelson Page.”

        That’s from “Hoosiers – The lost world of Booth Tarkington,” a 2004 Atlantic piece at http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2004/05/hoosiers/302943/

        I do now wonder whether the old Indianapolis of which Booth Tarkington wrote had been culturally inflected by the South and, if so, whether it was thus different from towns of similar size in, say, Illinois or Ohio.

  7. ” The GOP is looking for someone that Hillary can beat. She would squash Kasich or Cruz like stepping on bugs. Trump might actually win. This the Republicans strive to avoid. What could make more sense?”

    – Fred Reed

  8. I hope Ted wastes more donor money and stays in to the bitter end. That would probably destroy his political career. And that’s a good thing.

    Indiana landslide for Trump!

  9. Ted Cruz has made his case, which has proved unpersuasive. It’s time for the country to move on–and to find out whether his father assassinated President Kennedy …

  10. Did a major American political party just nominate Hitler? A mere 81 years after warring him down?

    The Jews are scrambling to pull that rhetoric back. Lucky for us the Hispanics believe that and won’t let the Jews walk away from their blunder!

    I can’t wait for Hitler to get 273 electoral votes in January!

  11. BB comment

    Catturd •
    I fasted and prayed for the past 24 hours just like Glen Beck asked me to, and God told me to cancel The Blaze and vote for Trump.

  12. Cruz has dropped out! Now it’s Trump and a block of cheese(Kasich) vs Clinton.
    As an aside., arch Judeo-Communist asshole Bill Maher admits that he doesn’t think that Hillary is necessarily the obvious Demoncratic nominee.

  13. Cruz wimps. Pathetic. And Mrs. Clinton is dropping like a rock in national polls against Trump. Demoncrats better nominate the Red Jew. It’s there only chance against Trump

    • He’s been dreidling-down on Israel the last week. It was his Hail Moses pass. Supporters wearing these t-shirts were prominent with every speech.

      Meanwhile Trump didnt stint in his victory speech to posit that we will all soon start saying “Merry Christmas” again .

    • Cruz had her prancing on stage like a game show host announcing him and his family. She fell off the stage and he ignored it. What a man he is.

  14. The neocon nightmare has just occurred. American foreign policy will be returned to the US (I hope).

  15. I wonder how much did Bernie Sander’s win have to do with Ted’s decision to drop out. Sanders has little to nothing going for him other than his nutroots base and he still won. HRC is the presumptive nominee for the Dems and she is still losing states. I don’t know why NeverTrumpers insist that she is a lock to defeat Trump in the General election.

    • I think it’s the Rafael Cruz/Lee Harvey Oswald picture. Seriously. Teddy didn’t sue the National Enquirer over the Mistress issue – because it’s TRUE. Teddy loves to sue sue sue. He hasn’t threatened to sue the NI over the pic. The picture is REAL. Cruz Senior is a real POS. I think Cruz, and others, want that line of inquiry to go away.

  16. The Trump Revolution

    Back in 2014 when the Repubublicucks won the Senate and increased their section of the House and within 10 days Obongo signed an Executive Order refusing to deport the beaners. The Republicucks could have shut down the ZOG regime and impeached Obongo — but they didn’t. It was clear that the Republicucks thought that they could do whatever they pleased.

    And then came Trump. Trump planned for years to run, and said exactly what the Middle-Amurrikwans wanted to hear — that someone cared for them and would put an end to this shit where they are betrayed by their so-called “leaders.”

    Now Trump got the Republicuck nomination, and will turn on that evil bitch Hillary. There was a successful Revolution on the Republican side. The Democrats have nothing but thievery and business as jewsual. This shall end.

    I have wanted to see the Republicuck Establishment humbled and repudiated since my political activity in 1996. Every single political party is run by thieving retards who want to screw their base — Republicuck, Demonocrats, LibberToons, and CONstipationalists. They want petty power but they hide behind hollow lying words.

    The Trump Train is building up a head of steam and will finish off the rest.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri

  17. The cuck, Matt Walsh, on Twitter was expressing his disgust of Trump supporters rejoicing in Trump’s victory and how we are celebrating the coming of a “tyrant”. What disgusts me is how these cucks are so historically ignorant that they do not know that some circumstances require a strongman. When the people are weak and corrupt only a strongman can maintain or restore order. It is the weakness of the cucks that have in large part created the circumstances that now demand a strongman take power. Their inability to confront the forces of barbarism out of fear of being called racist or homophobe have lead the US to this point.

  18. I couldn’t help myself. I had to go to The Right Scoop to witness the puny whines of the cuck crowd. They’re going all Heaven’s Gate over there. They’re at Defcon George Will level. Vats of purple koolaid are being mixed and they’re all getting in line with cup in hand. The prognosticating a Hilary win just as they’ve been prognosticating Trump having a hard ceiling of support for half a year now. The Hale Bop comet is approaching, and they’ll be riding to the planet of Kolob with Glen Beck, whose Mormon God was not able to carry Ted Cruz anywhere near the finish line. Goldman Sucks will not have to take the money they had earmarked for Cruz’s campaign and reallocate it for a false flag to get American gentile boys to die for Bibi. National Review for its part is explaining the factors that made Trump’s rise possible, even though they know less about than the dozens of Trump supporters now making sport of them in the comments section of every anti-Trump lump of feces they publish.

  19. Even the #NeverTrump movement hates Ted.

    Rick Wilson ?@TheRickWilson
    On the upside, I don’t have to defend Ted Fucking Cruz any longer.

  20. Time to throw some primary help to Bernie? Operation Chaos?

    Trump unusually subdued tonight; Presidential? Or did he realize that shit just git real? Did the Deep State just show him the never-before-seen Kennedy film from the grassy knoll?

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