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    • Maybe Glenn will come out as a Hillary Clinton supporter or likely invent some idiotic theory that Donald Trump is not Fred Trump’s son but is the result of a Nazi cloning experiment in Argentina in 1945. Nothing the idiot does surprises me

      • It wouldn’t surprise me. It has precedent. I can recall “Republicans for LBJ”.
        GOP has always been plagued with backstabbers and traitors.

        • The Grand Old Party has been a bunch of hacks since 1856 and even though after 1890 the GOP at the state level in the Midwest became de facto Pro-White the National GOP ie Northeastern was always Antiwhite and they hold the purse.

          Dixie was unfortunately forced after 1920 into an alliance with Midwestern Republicans on certain issues such as Prohibition Dixie was for Prohibition for two reasons, Southern Baptists and Moonshiners and Immigration which the South wanted to restrict. The exception being Texans and Floridians, who were open borders in the 1920s for their farms.

          After 1945 the alliance was anti-Civil Rights which most Conservative Republicans were absolutely against. The Rockefellers unfortunately as they held the purse strings purged all the sympathetic Segregationist Republicans such as Bob Taft Sr.and by 1964 had enough Liberal Rockefeller Republicans to pass the Civil Rights Act.

          As a result of 1964 the remaining Conservative Republicans reached out to the Southern Democrats who came into the party and formed the party that gave us Jesse Helms. The Alliance lasted until 1986 when again the Rockefellers purged the party and gave us the party of John Boehner and Newt Gingrich.


    • Beck said he spent half a million dollars on Cruz. What was he expecting to get for that half million, I wonder?

      • Wtf… Any neophyte could see Trump was unstoppable after New Hampshire…does Beck think he is a bloody Jewish money man?

    • No. He’s a rotten, miserable, Jew-level selfish BITCH. Get on his Twitter feed, and ask why he hasn’t killed himself yet. Like he promised. #KillYourSelfonairGlennBeck.

      • “From your mouth, to God’s ears,” as his handlers say, EVERY DAY he tells his LIES.


    • They never were anything else. They were JEWS. The Jews only vote for what is best… for THEM.

      Typical ‘gibsmedat’ Demon-crap-ic supporter.

  1. It’s like this.

    Black politics turned into a culture of complaint. Even white Libs got sick of it even as they kept mum. So, Clinton came up with New Democrats. And people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were loathed even by white Libs. White Libs kept up the alliance but never would have supported such people.

    Obama’s winning touch in 2008 was he wasn’t part of this Culture of Complaint. Or he kept it under wraps with his bogus charm and smiles. He seemed like a clean-cut Negro who wanted to have a conversation than complain and bitch incessantly.

    I think after 8 yrs, people have wised up to the fact that he is just a weasel punk.

    In a way, Obama didn’t have to complain much since he could coast on the media promoting him, big money being behind him, and the 2008 financial crisis that, on top of Iraq fiasco, dealt the GOP a bad hand.

    No political candidate had it so easy as Obama as in 2008. Crisis, money, media, academia, pop culture, cult of hope, and the world(that was sick of Bush II and uneasy about insane McCain) all on his side.

    Anyway, Trump’s appeal is different. He is a white guy who complains. Sometimes, he complains loudly, even lewdly. His is a white culture of complaint.

    For the longest time, white guys didn’t complain. It was part of Anglo legacy. It seemed improper or gauche for a white man to complain and bitch. In 1992, the media were totally biased against Bush I, but Bush never complained about the media. It just wasn’t his style. It was beneath him to complain and be seen as a sourpuss.

    It was the Anglo-American style of being aloof of petty stuff and maintaining decorum. Nixon was hated because he tended to sometimes complain, mostly famously with ‘you won’t have a nixon to kick around anymore.’.

    For the longest time, there was no reason for privileged white males to complain. They had just about everything. Their kind had controlled and dominated US history from the beginning. Both the ‘right’ and ‘left’ were all white males.

    They were on the dollar bills. They controlled the military and media and banks and academia and so much more.

    They could afford to be dignified, mannered, and magnanimous since they held all the cards of power.

    But over the yrs, this outlook and stance got thinner and thinner. It was less andless backed by real power, real influence, real reach, real respect.

    The elite institutions increasingly came to be taken over by the GLOB.

    MLK and even Tubman came to tower over white males as the real moral founders of America.

    The Immigrant Narrative eclipsed the Settler Narrative.

    White Bashing, esp white male bashing, became a national sport in media and academia.

    White males lost in sports and music. Some even debased themselves via cuck culture.

    When white males held all the power, prestige, and privilege, they could be above the culture of complaint. Let those with less fortunes in life complain since they had reasons to. As for whites who dominated much of everything, their role was to lead and inspire, not complain.

    But white males no longer have prestige. Some have power and privilege but only condition that they work against the identity and interests of their own race.

    So, white dignity and magnanimity are now just a hollow charade.

    There are REAL BIG problems confronting the white community. It is now time for white complaint.

    And Trump tapped into this.

    You can’t act high-born and aloof

    when your ass is for the GLOB to boof.

    If you’re the bitch, you better bitch.

    • I’m so glad I’m a Celt. So is Trump. This whole stoicism Above the Petty Fray is total BULLSHIT, not to mention utter lunacy, when one is being slaughtered and exterminated. One’s enemies must FEAR you.
      I’m so glad I’m a Celt.

        • A minor quibble. There are about six varieties of Anglo-Saxons in the U.S. ‘Wasp’ is a term coined by a member of one of the Old Philadelphia Families to describe people of his ethnic and social class in the Philadelphia-New York axis, and it was later extended to New England.

          There are no WASPs in the South, unless they are incomers like the Bushes. Ann Coulter may well be a WASP.

          My own family is eleventh generation Anglo but it is most definitely not a WASP family.

          Personally, although many are fine people, I don’t want to see the U.S. turned over to the WASPs again.

          • To me the term WASP means east coast old money, mostly New England or maybe New York, like Thurston Howell 3rd. Most of ancestors are British, I don’t consider myself a WASP. A small town redneck maybe.

    • ALL of this is just so much ‘blah-blah’ AS LONG AS THE JEW REMAINS UNNAMED.

      Who funded Jeb? Who funded Cruz? Who’s funding Hitler-y? Who funds Bernie (well, he’s already one of the tribe…. the 13th)?

      THIS IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT. As the late Martyr Edgar J. Steele said,

      “It’s the JEWS, stupid.”

      And that (as they say) is the REST of the Story.

  2. Cheer up, Goldman Sachs. You still have one candidate left.

    Will Cruz’s 2018 Senate re-election opponent call him Lyin’ Ted?

  3. LOL.

    Matt Walsh

    Watching Trump fans celebrate the ascendancy of a tyrant fills me with a disgust I have rarely before felt.

    • Oh, when we come for the Jews, and the TRAITORS, imagine what disgust WE shall feel…. TRAITOR!

    • Watching the cucks being filled with disgust fills me with a political euphoria I have rarely before felt.

  4. They said it was going to be the strongest most vibrant diverse interesting accomplished Republican Presidential field of this generation.

    Donald Trump just beat every last one of ’em.

    Let that sink in.

    And draw your own conclusions.

    • The Cinqo de Mayo event in your neck of the woods is gonna have a 12ft Trump Piñata.

      Get some images of the degeneracy. Wave a Mexican tricolor or an Israeli in the background.

      • I’m actually going to a Mexican Restaurant tomorrow and getting a Margarita, and toasting Donald trump, with a “VIVA EL DONALD!”shout…. AFTER they bring me the food.

        Don’t want no Spics spitting in or pissing on my Don Pablos!!

        he he he he he.

  5. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/05/trump-survivor-nevertrumpers-spent-75-7-million-64000-negative-ads-take-trump/

    This 75.7 million figure only counts over the air buys and only counts non-candidate SPAC/527 outfits. It doesn’t count non-terrestrial broadcast, doesn’t count direct candidate buys, doesn’t count other candidates’ positive ads. All together, “the strongest field in a generation” or its vassals probably spent north of $200 million, and none of it was able to help them beat or help them take down someone who has never run for public office before, and someone who has probably only spent about $2 million (educated guess) since making up his mind to run.

  6. There are going to be Cinco de Mayo events all over the US tomorrow. There will be many Trump effigy Piñata getting smashed.

    I have a troll idea.

    Attend the street Party photograph the degeneracy at the Piñata event. If you can unfurl a Mexican and or Israeli flag behind the piñata! get a buddy to photograph it. Dress up with a sombrero or a kippah when you do it.

    Then dip out quick!

    • The Mexicans are problematic but they’re not Public Enemy #1. Jews Negroes and Moslems are the biggest issues facing us and what we must deal with first. The Latinos, at least they claim Christianity for the time being anyway. Even in heavily Latino states IE Texas still look at who commits 70% of the crime and it is always the Negroes, Never fails. First things first!

        • That’s true. My thing is how do we fight a war on multiple fronts simultaneously? Obviously we have to Triage the situation somewhat and exactly how we do that I am not for certain. Whether this means focusing on each area individually or something else I am not sure. All I know is right now if you look at the Deep South and the Urban areas, the majority of the issue is Negro, though the Latins are an issue in Texas and Florida. For the present though, I am more concerned with destroying the Jewish power structure and dealing with the Negroes and Moslems. When you have hordes of Somalis and other vermin in Middle Tennessee and Atlanta, that to me is more important. FOR THE PRESENT ANYWAY

          • Trump better document the Piñata aggressions…and so should you. It’s marvelous raw material for propaganda. One flag burning event and bingo.

          • Well I have no doubt of this but I think we have to fight our enemies in order. We can’t fight them all at once.

  7. Ted Cruz ran a campaign that was 15 years out of style. Focusing on tossing around the word “liberty” as some sort of magical talisman similar to “the force” in Star Wars. We’re in a radical new world from 2000, now it is quite apparent that the American Economy is in full out conspiracy NOT to employ white people any more as white people. It is finagling every regulation in the books to find a way to have your job that paid for a car and a roof over your head done by some coolie overseas, and when they can’t find a way to do that it’s in your face with some wetback or H1B coolie doing your job over here. Corporate America found these people will gladly forgo the American Dream of something for their own for Chinese/Mexican style communal living with vast number of barely related individuals crowding together under the same roof. A lack of privacy unnerving for the average American, sort of like in the Star Trek episode of the planet so overpopulated it has degenerated to standing room only. Trump tells these globalists to Fuck Off and it now resonates after decades of betrayal.

    • Who owns the Corporations? Who owns the Banks? Who owns the Media? Who THOUGHT they OWNED WE, THE PEOPLE!?!???


      “God HATES the Jews.” – St. John Chrysostom

      “You can’t be [sic] ‘anti-semitic’ to a people that never were Semites, to begin with!” – Fr. John+, 2016

      “Israeli historian: ‘Jews are not Semitic people’ “-https://rehmat1.com/2013/09/21/israeli-historian-jews-are-not-semitic-people/

    • Do these cucks and liberals realize white evil, rotten traitors they are? If they knew would they even care?
      I doubt it.
      Psychopaths have no conscience.

    • What we fondly call White American Conservatism which basically came about in the 1880s died in 1932 with the election of FDR. There was for a time what I call a New Conservatism with Reagan, but it was all a facade. The country has been in freefall decline morally since 1920 and economically since 1973 by which time our Environmental Laws, Bloated Unionism, added to Free Trade destroyed our national economy.

      In the end it matters not, the United States of America is going to fall, God wills It

    • Haney’s Patented Pho-tonic Nigger Dis-integrator. I rushed riot over to yore place with it, as soon as I heard you’d been havin trouble with niggers stealin yore apples.

  8. Going back to what I wrote earlier in this thread, I happen to think that, in spite of the conventional wisdom before Trump that this was the strongest field in a generation, that it really wasn’t that strong, that it was nothing more than a collection of true believer ideological cultists of one variety or another and to one degree or another, and of go along to get along establishment hacks.

    To put it in basketball terms, I don’t know if any of you will get it, but I know James Edwards would, I don’t think any of the others had the ability to create their own shot.

    Trump, OTOH, can create his own shot.

  9. The obnoxious neocon Krauthammer says that he won’t vote for Trump. It would be refreshing if he would tell the world exactly why. It’s all about Israel.

    • That vile Jew was LIVID, on O’Reilly last night. Trump is actually very moderate, in his policies. Far so than Israel’s policies. Jews are mind-bogglingly selfish.
      This is WHY I HATE Kikes.

      • Trump has said that he supports Israel. The problem for them is that it’s not enough– Israel must come FIRST. Selfish.

          • We all know of the never-ending procession of Jewish “conservatives” and Republicans who attacked Trump. What was more eye-opening to me was the defense of Trump launched by pro-Trump Jewish comedian Jackie Mason. He said of Trump, “Israel is his favorite thing.” Imagine that- not the US, his family or his business. Israel. Wow! That’s what this guy thinks should be most important.

        • I doubt Israel is the reason Krauthammer doesn’t like Trump, Trump is pro-Israel and nothing for the neo-cons to go so over the rails about. Rather it is his stand against immigration that the mainstream jewish community is so enthralled with that is the source of their enmity.

      • I saw that. He can’t be that ignorant. Bill knows damn well that it is always about THEM.

    • “It’s all about Israel”

      More precisely it is about the aryan-semitic war that has stretched back 4000 years.

  10. Little Benji, true to form.

    Ben ShapiroVerified account

    Trump said this morning he can live without support of #NeverTrump. He seemed far less forthcoming about David Duke and the KKK.
    7:51 AM – 4 May 2016

  11. Gotta give credit to whom it’s due.

    Virginia Dare?@vdare

    ‘The pundits on TV were wrong. The most influential commentator of this campaign was @AnnCoulter. Full stop.’

    They laughed at Ann Coulter in June of 2015 when she said Donald Trump had the best shot at the Republican nomination (6-19-2015)

    • That’s a keeper. That’s history, there.

      There’s an interesting article at Amren that says Trump read her book Adios, America a couple of days before his speech announcing his run. Up to that time, his focus had been on trade. So, we may owe Ann Coulter a huge debt of gratitude.

      This will go some way toward redeeming her for her past touting of Mitt Romney and (heaven help us) Herman Cain for the Presidency.

      An interesting aspect of that link is that there is a debate going on in the comments about the Jewish Question, and it hasn’t been deleted yet.

  12. Kasich is out, will give speech tonight.

    The easiest way to fill time between now and the general is to help Bernie.

    Help Bernie drag it out. Help Bernie push Clinton left. Help Bernie critique Clinton’s fitness for office. Help Bernie divide the Democrats. Help Bernie destabilize their convention.

    Help Trump leverage Bernie as a counterpoint to Clinton. He repeatedly, cunningly, and effectively references Bernie in his attacks on Clinton, and especially how the “system is rigged”.

    Does the Troll Army have the intelligence and the flexibility to don a Bernie mask and engage this battle?

    Let’s find out!

    • Helping Bernie would be a mistake. I ended up at a Bernie event by accident and after refusing bernie buttons and stickers I was persuaded to take a blank sticker and write my own “bernie” message on it. My message ended up being Trump 2016. I was told no less than 15 times that night by bernie supporters that they would be voting for Trump if the Dems rip bernie off by nominating Hillary. Hillary will be a much easier win for Trump

  13. We’ll see how the GOP will go about Unity. However I’m sure the VP will be an establishment candidate. Shouldn’t be. Should pick a Paleoconservative like Pat Buchanan or of similar interests. WPWW !

  14. Hundreds and thousands of predictions proved wrong. But Marco Rubio had it right. He said that the winner of the Florida primary would be the nominee.

  15. Kasich’s big Jew donors hung in there with Kasich because they hoped to get some “vigorish”. When the “vig” failed to materialize the Jews bailed and Kasich withdrew.

  16. If illegal aliens and visa violators are smart, they will leave now, and avoid the rush.

  17. Because the West Virginia primary is coming up and there is talk in the news of coal miners, I was reminded of the following …

  18. I have been reading the discussion at tct regarding possible Trump VP picks. Wow! So many of the Trumpites seem to know little of his positions, or are willing to overlook glaring incompatibility. Lots of support for Allen “Pigford and Trayvon” West and Martinez of NM, and mentions of foreign policy run by John Bolton. Way too much pandering by race and sex. Too many obscure representatives. Disheartening.

  19. how it is

    Jews have power of media to vilify Trump’s immigration as wicked, thereby dividing the white vote sufficiently enough to make Trump crash and burn.

    There is NO virtue-signaling among blacks and browns. They are GOOD and JUSTIFIED merely for what they ARE.

    There is virtue-signaling among whites cuz they are ‘tainted’ with ‘white guilt’ for what they ARE.

    So, the ONLY way whites can be GOOD and JUSTIFIED is by what they believe and say, what they signal.

    If you very BEING is good, it doesn’t matter what you believe.

    But if your very BEING is suspect, your goodness is all about BELIEVING.

    This is why the white vote is divided.

    Media say GOP loses cuz it fails to get enough brown and black vote.

    It actually loses cuz it fails to get enough white vote that is divided due to cult of ‘virtue signaling’ as the ONLY way for whites to be good and feel redeemed.

    Blacks being black for blacks is good.

    Browns being brown for browns is good.

    But whites being white for whites is terrible!! Whites must be for non-whites(and homos and Jews) to be good.

    That mindset has to go in order for there to be white unity.

    White Guilt must go.

    Guiltdown Man must be exposed as a moral hoax.

    Whites being white for whites must the new template.

    • White guilt is like a slow poison that has been interjected into the White Populace since the Collapse of Political Christianity as the moral compass of our White Society.

      White guilt started during the Age of Enlightenment in the 1700s with Rousseau’s The Noble Savage, attributing nobility and sacredness to nonwhites. Following this template, Revolutionary France had Negroes sitting in the French Government look up Jean Baptiste Belley. Thomas Jefferson, himself a horrible hypocrite, said that he didn;t believe in interracial marriage or equality with Negroes, yet encouraged Washington to recognize the Negrophile French Government. In other words Jefferson felt that Jungle Fever was a-okay just not in the USA.

      William Wilberforce and his allies were the bastion of White Guilt in England, first crying for the thousands of Black poor in London YES THERE WERE NEGROES IN LONDON IN THE 1700s and 1800s, and for the end of slavery. Slowly his white guilt permeated English Society and although it stopped with the eugenics movement in the late 1800s it bubbled under the surface masquerading as Negro benevolence. Only after 1945 did it show itself again.

      White Guilt began with the Quakers in the United States, came to New England only after it became Unitarian and thrived until the eugenics movement of the 1870s where like England it went underground as benevolence work only re-emerging after 1945.

      Christianity collapsed in France in 1789 in England after Darwin’s book from 1859-present, in Germany and Austria in the 1880s, and in Eastern Europe after Communism took over. Christianity collapsed in New England with the Unitarian movement from about 1800-1830, from Maryland to Maine after 1865 (MD was never part of the Bible Belt). Christianity’s collapse in the Midwest and West came after World War II.

      Only in the South, where it’s importance has ebbed, could it be said does a Christian Nation still exist. Yet now that White Guilt infiltrated the Church, starting in the 1960s, is Dixie now in danger from the same contagin

    • Note my friends Political Christianity, which is the establishment of Christian virtue in Secular Law is completely different from being a PERSONAL CHRISTIAN. Today Christianity is completely personal, before the 1940s it was both enshrined in Secular Law and personal

  20. Pat Buchanan is on Sean Hannity .Hannity opened his show with OUR talking points. he’s not citing Race – but it’s EVERYTHING we discuss.

  21. I heard Gingrich say that Trump should consider Cruz as SC nominee and Yeb for Sec. of State.


    How could Trump appoint Cruz to such an important position and not come away looking like a fool? He called Ted a liar repeatedly, saying he was the worst liar he’s ever seen. After making those devastating remarks he turns around and nominates him for the SC?


    As for Bush being sec. of State. Also nutty. If after savaging the Bush Regimes and their inept policies in the mid east and saying W. was negligent for 9-11 it would ridiculous to throw yet another Bush in the role of shaping and implementing foreign policy.

    • The Republicans are so bad that Trump is going to have a difficult time finding prominent people to serve as cabinet members who are palatable to us. Yet he needs to unite the party.

      • there’s no “party” left to unite. The schism between Judeo-globalist Cucks and implicit White Nationalists widens by the hour. Mrs. Clinton – provided she does not self-destruct – is in like flint. Excellent

  22. I’m pleased to read that Pappy Bush and Bush Junior have no plans to endorse Trump. They are smart enough to realize that Trump, besides running ¡Jeb! out, is repudiating Bushism in entirety.

    • Oswald-Cruz-Bush-JFK


      There is no other reason to hate and fear a man this much.

  23. Ha ha ha.

    Philip Klein ?@philipaklein May 3

    I have officially de-registered as a Republican.

  24. The euphoria is wearing off as I ponder a country already conquered by Israel, Mexico and China and held hostage by wild negroes and see the calls for “diversity” in Trump’s campaign and administration.

  25. Things are really shaping up well for me. Trump’s initial rise gave the populist line a chance to test itself. We see that he is still stuck in a counter-revolutionary system. At this point it’s hard to tell if it’s by consent or not.

    We will see my political line prevail over populism.

    my line – that the main parties (democratoc and republicans) are
    counter-revolutionary and that third parties are necessary long term.
    That stupidity is rampant in both classes, therefore to take down the
    bourgeoisie, the proletariat needs centralized rather than populist

    Some links:
    https://theintercept.com/2016/03/18/sheldon-adelsons-israeli-tabloid-crush-donald-trump/ (Sheldon Adelson’s Israeli Newspaper Has a Crush on Donald Trump)

    http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/278844-trump-announces-national-finance-chairman (Steven Mnuchin will serve as Donald Trump’snational finance chairman, the campaign announced Thursday.)

    https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/728297587418247168 (Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics)

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