Jack Hunter Resurfaces With Hot Take on Alt Right

It has been months since either Rand Paul or Jack Hunter crossed my mind, but apparently he has been thinking about about us:

“Who’s a major “cuckservative?” according to the alt-right? Rand Paul. Why? For pursuing criminal justice reform, engaging in minority outreach, not demonizing Hispanics in the immigration debate and daring to criticize Donald Trump.

Rand Paul is not supposed to help non-whites, according to the alt-right. He’s betraying his “tribe.”

Yes, this racist tripe is what some are seriously discussing in 2016.

It’s also the inevitable end result of collectivist-racialist thinking. …”

Why would anyone think about Rand Paul?

Rand Paul mustered all of 4.5% of the vote – 8,481 votes in total – in the low turnout Iowa Caucuses. Ron Paul ran for president three times without winning a single primary or caucus. There was never any “libertarian moment.”

Donald Trump just won the Republican nomination outright. He conquered the Republican Party by shattering politically correct taboos and by promising to deport illegal aliens and secure the border with a big beautiful wall. In contrast, goofy Rand Paul took the cucked route, presented himself as a “Detroit Republican” chainsawing the tax code, and promised to work with Democrats on “criminal justice reform.”

We’ve joked for months that Ted Cruz was only capable of winning voterless elections and low turnout caucuses. Even with millions of dollars, Ron Paul and Rand Paul were incapable of even doing that. It wasn’t because the establishment was too powerful to overcome. It wasn’t because the donors had too much money. It wasn’t because voters were too religious or too conservative. It wasn’t because of all powerful neocons.

No, it was simply because Ron Paul and Rand Paul came across as weak, and followed their cucked strategy to its logical conclusion, which was defeat. I will never forget how Ron Paul denounced the idea of a border fence in the 2012 presidential debates and compared the US Border Patrol to the Gestapo on the eve of the Nevada primary. None of us will ever forget either how Rand Paul threw Jack Hunter under the bus and how he groveled and flagellated himself in order to claw his way back to respectability.

It was all very weak … so weak, in fact, that Rand Paul didn’t flame out. He fizzled out. He didn’t even launch. He was a dud and was hauled off the platform.

“So, yes, I’m disturbed by an auditorium full of young people chanting “cuck!” or that the speaker they’re listening to also leads an alt-right chorus. It’s not a defense of the left, who deserve every bit of scorn they receive and more—it’s concern for the right.

Particularly the young right.

My worry is that passionate, well-meaning, but still intellectually curious young libertarians and conservatives might wander too far into what the alt-right is peddling. Particularly in an election year when Ron Paul isn’t running for president, Rand Paul’s campaign did not live up to expectations and the alt-right’s favorite candidate, Donald Trump, is the likeliest Republican nominee. …”

There is nothing edgy about a groveling, pudgy, middle aged cuck who writes for The Daily Beast and who cries on the internet about how we are being too mean to black people. Of course the popularity of the Southern Avenger persona versus the new and improved Jack Hunter speaks for itself.

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  1. At BEST, Rand Pail is a MINOR Cuckservative. He’s not worthy of being a MAJOR anything. He couldn’t even be a Major General in a one-man army. He’s a flea … a bothersome pest.

  2. with the open-borders, JudeoGlobalist deathtrap already 2/3 closed on Whites-in-America…it’s about Race and Nation and very little else. A Trump victory in November would be a soporofic (ohhh look! We won!), enabling the Jews to close the trap. A terminally-polarizing Clinton victory will make CW II inevitable, opening the door to White Victory. Via the lead ballot. There. Is. No. Other. Way

    • CW II won’t happen until a great many people begin to starve, freeze, or go without electricity and water for a while, or indefinitely. As long as they’re fed and comfortable, they’ll keep eating the shit sandwiches Washington throws at them.

        • If Obama won’t trigger a revolution, Hillary certainly won’t. The South and the West literally don’t count. Even California, which aligns itself politically with the North, doesn’t count. It’s entirely in the hands of the Northern people alone. They’re not going to turn on a system that they benefit from directly and personally. They won’t lift a finger until Boston, New York and Chicago are freezing and starving. And even then, many of them won’t give up what is a major part of their identity, even if it kills them. The folks who voted for Trump are lone voices crying in the post Industrial wasteland. It’s going to be up to the South and West to make their own ways as they see fit.

          • Northern California, Oregon and Washington have always aligned themselves with New England. First Anglos in California were New England hide shipmen who jumped ship at Yerba Buena (Frisco)

            Years later the Clipper ships left Boston and offloaded from San Francisco to Seattle. The Mercer Girls left Boston in 1864 and 1865 and offloaded in Seattle, Yankee wives for the woodsmen of Washington. This is why the Pacific Northwest is how it is. In fact there are hundreds of towns in Northern California and coastal Oregon and Washington that are mirrors of New England. Look it up

            The 97th Parallel which runs through Fort Worth is the boundary of the Midwest and Old West from North Dakota to Kansas. Anything east of the line belongs to the East, anything west of that line is the west. In olden times pretty much all of the Cattle ranches were west of that line

          • What we knew as Bleeding Kansas from History all took place east of the 97th Parallel. The areas west of that line wasnt settled until after 1865

          • The main difference is perception. You see even during so-called Segregation, Deep Southerners lived cheek by jowl with Negroes and had daily dealings and interaction with them. It could be argued that Dixie was already Integrated in a sense. Segregation only seperated in public accomodations and banned intermarriage. Segregation was not Apartheid where all interaction was largely blocked people make the comparison when there is none.

            The Negro issue in the North was always dealt with by avoidance, the better sort of people don’t associate with coloreds was the motto. Thus a person could grow up in a Northern town, live a couple streets over from Little Africa and literally know no one living there. That didnt happen in the South where people tended to know one another.

            Northern people have always had the luxury of moving into the suburbs and the countryside and living away from the Negroes. Therefore they regarded it historically as a distant threat, whereas in Dixie the threat is visible in your face. Only when people regard the threat as immediate, as most humans have no ability to plan will they deal with it.

          • “They won’t lift a finger until Boston, New York, Chicago and Minneapolis are freezing and starving. And even then, many of them won’t give up what is a major part of their identity, even if it kills them. The folks who voted for Trump are lone voices crying in the post Industrial wasteland.”

            You just described me and my situation here in MN, to a ‘T’ …
            for Trump!

        • You would vote for her if you could. But since you’re a foreigner, your jewess wife’s vote will be the most Hillary can get from your household.

  3. But the reality is that for the most part playing the cuck servative role works for people like Jack Hunter and yes Rand Paul. No they can’t win Presidential primaries or even be competitive – but Rand Paul is a United States Senator and Jack Hunter has a job and can pay his rent in expensive place like Washington DC. Unless you’re an independent $ billionaire and come late in to the political game like Donald Trump – you really can’t espouse honest race realism or name the Neo Cons or oppose BlackLiesMatter.

    George Will has a $900,000 + house in Chevy Chase Maryland. To my knowledge, no one has ever TP his home.

    Why do the likes of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Jack Hunter say and do the things that they do – photo ops with Al Sharpton, earnest meetings with Memphis TN NAACP where they agree that state laws requiring a photo ID are racist against Blacks and keep down the vote of Black convicted felons who would supposedly vote Libertarian Republican except they don’t feel welcome.

    These cucks say and do the treasonous, insane things they do because for the most part it helps them in their personal life. It has to become reality that this changes – that cucks can not get safe US Senate seats for life, that they can not get cushy Washington DC staff jobs etc.

    Donald Trump is a unique man, we are blessed to have him – but the system still sucks and we are stuck with the cucks.

  4. I do take a lot of personal pleasure in being the lead guy in destroying the Presidential campaign of Rand Paul and exposing Rand Paul and Ron Paul for being the spineless cowards that they were and for deflating the race denying Libertarian Constitutionalist cult that has snared so many high IQ White young men.

    I was the one who suggested Amren resume the Instauration Magazine traitor of the year award and make Rand Paul the first/worst traitor in 2013.


    It’s tough and often thankless job exposing frauds, liars and mostly cowards – but it’s a job that most be done.

    • JR,

      I don’t know if you’re a ham or know any hams, so I don’t know if you’re instantly able to grok this analogy But I thought of it and immediately thought of you.

      Libertarianism is the dummy load of American rightist politics.

      BTW, once again, I won’t be able to get out of the salt mines at the time of AR.

      • Very sorry to hear that you can’t make Amren. I really want to meet you in person.

        Do we have any other OD readers going?

        Stephen D?

    • I bet Rand Paul has never even heard of you, Jackie.

      Say, how’z your whitehispaniccatholic girlfriend? You and Mildred Baena going partner dancing on this Cinco de Mayo?

      • Hunter,

        How many times do we have to ban this troll 313Chris before he stays banned?

        • The understanding is that you only get to ban those of us your enemies who get into your own personal droppings on Brad’s Blog, and not when like now you act all Wile E. Hibernigger carpetbagging on something you didn’t write and taking credit for driving off a LibberToon cuntservantive who found out that master isn’t loved for being a LibberToon cuck at the expense of what is now pretty much the lumpen Trumpentariate — especially in the East Kentucky coalfields.

          “Lumpen Trumpentariate” is a pretty good name for the aging white males and females here in flyover country — YHWH’s Country — of what we like to call “Southron Yeomanry” and the rest of Hillary’s and Mitten’s and Lyin’ Ryan likes to call “them crackers, and redneck peckerwoods. White people who are all tired of Demmytwat, and nigger and beaner and jew and ESPECIALLY whigger cuckservative kikeshit. Your running and shrieking to get Chris313, and Denise and myself and others banned from here really makes us want to line up and put a well seasoned pallet slat with a rusty nail embedded in it athwack jewr idiotic yapping hibernigger pointy head, you pusillaneous piss-ant.

          #LumpenTrumpentariate — ought to be a Twitter hashtag to describe the typical Trump supporter. White, working and lower-middle class voter who is finally going to support their Tribune, their modern Caesar, who is going to deport all them beaners, bring back the jobs and reactivate the coal fields, rebuild the infrastructure, and stop the idiot wars overseas. If the niggers want to go along for the ride they can but no mau-mauing for free shit to be paid for by the White Man.

          The #LumpenTrumpentariate make it possible for Der Trumpernator to simply plow under a pissy LibberToon cuck like Rand Pawl without it even registering as a speed bump. The #LumpenTrumpentariate allowed this Obongo-Age American Caesar and New Age FDR to say forthrightly that America belongs to them and the entire purpose of the regime is to serve them, and since it don’t right now, then fuck them all at Shitty Hall, there is gonna be a change! The #LumpenTrumpentariate. Der TrumpKaiser is going to run The #LumpenTrumpentariate like a D9 Caterpillar bulldozer right over Die Hildebeast and her motley jew crew of gliberal whiggers, faggots, lesbos, beaners, muzzies, jews, and especially niggers. Der TrumpKaiser is gonna whip all theys’ shitty asses and while He cannot make them like it, they won’t dare bitch too loud because The #LumpenTrumpentariate is going to mop up with pallet slats a

    • Hubris much. You are a nobody. You ha ve done nothing for the pro white movement but hurt it. Your constant shilling for jews is pathetic.

      Again you are a nobody and totally irrelevant to the pro white movement. You should dry up and blow away and you will not be missed in the slightest.

      • Thanks for the kind words.

        Why not go ahead and say what you really, really want to say….

        “YOU’RE RACIST… R – A – C – I – S -T”

        And Ron Paul and Rand Paul – they’re not racist in any way, they don’t have a single racist bone in their bodies – not even the bones in their as* when they are being gang raped by HIV+ Black Somalian Muslims.

        Here’s a great video of Ron Paul on the CNN Wolf Blitzer (former lobbyist for AIPAC) where Ron Paul denies he wrote or even read the politically incorrect RACIST views published in the Ron Paul Newsletter.

    • Yeah, I think I heard something about that. Maybe that’s because you never miss an opportunity to inject that into the conversation whenever the Paul name comes up.

      Can you please come up with some new material? At least have the decency to fellate yourself in private.

      • I/we don’t beat dead horses here at OD.

        Though Rand Paul has certainly been knocked way down, he’s not down and out.

        He is a (very young) US Senator from Kentucky and Rand could be cucking for decades, become another pain in our arse for life like Indiana Dick Lugar.

  5. I imagine there’ll be more cuck whining like this over the coming weeks and months. Trump voters have completely repudiated cuckservativism and libertardianism. Oh. Gee. Wiz.

    Jack Hunter is a special loser for being a cuck, more so for being a backstabber.

  6. “Why would anyone think about Rand Paul?”
    Because he is one of the few Senators who doesn’t want to bomb Syria, Iran and Russia. Give credit where credit is due.
    For the record, “Stump for Trump” girls Diamond and Silk have accomplished more outreach than Rand Paul and Jack Hunter could ever dream of. I volunteered in a Trump call center, and 1/4 of the volunteers were Black women – something you would never see at a Ron Paul or Rand Paul volunteer center.

  7. HW wrote:

    No, it was simply because Ron Paul and Rand Paul came across as weak,
    and followed their cucked strategy to its logical conclusion, which was
    defeat. I will never forget how Ron Paul denounced the idea of a border
    fence in the 2012 presidential debates and compared the US Border
    Patrol to the Gestapo on the eve of the Nevada primary. None of us will
    ever forget either how Rand Paul threw Jack Hunter under the bus and how
    he groveled and flagellated himself in order to claw his way back to

    I respond:

    Also because Ron Paul ran as a pure ideologue and Rand didn’t distance himself from his father enough in that regard. As the famous David French piece in NRO back in January made it clear, even Republican primary voters aren’t and never were that ideological, they just wanted a fighter who would bare fangs against the kook left.

    • And it’s exactly that simple. People want jobs, good roads, cheap gas, low taxes and all the kooks locked up.

  8. White man’s magic thinking does not appeal to colored people, colored people have their own magic thinking but it cannot stray too far from “who, whom” which is the real magic wand of the left.

  9. The Raw Paw crowd is crazier than the Bernie Goyim. Really, deeply. weirdly delusional. They should commit mass suicide, and stop embarrassing themselves. They need to do that …..what was the name of the cult, in Kalifornicate, with the purple sneaker, or whatever, who off themselves waiting for Golddar or Goldfarb or Zardoz or whatever to take them away in a spaceship? I can’t be bothered to look ’em up. That’s the Raw Paw crowd.
    And Jackie you pathetic bitch – did the Hebes make you cut off your dick? If you ain” WHITE you ain’t RIGHT. Now go kill yourself.

    • Raw Paw crowd believe that any home or business can exclude anyone they like for any reason they like. They believe that citizens ought to be well-armed. They despise that most Jewish of organisations, the Federal Reserve. They don’t think the U.S military should be dancing to Israel’s tune, invading this and that shithole.

      They’re definitely deeply delusional and crazier than Bernie supporters. Idiots should go kill themselves along with the other 99.99% of the country who are not white nationalists. They’re all faggot losers.

  10. Hunter if you don’t mind, I’d like to post some (my) OD classics exposing the traitorous fraud that was/is

    Rand Paul

    And also the false opposition of the race denying Libertarian, Constitutionalists cult.

  11. For all of The Cuck Avenger’s kvetching about racism and tribalism, it would be refreshing if for once anti racist would acknowledge that non Whites are tribal and have in group/out group identity. That always gets conveniently ignored. And for TruLibertarians like the Cuck Avenger, I wonder what they think of the racial views expressed in RawPaul’s newsletter. RawPaul, Murray Rothbard, and Lew Rockwell expressed views concerning blacks that’s in the mainstream of the alt right.

  12. Unbelievable this p–sy now backs down on the Confederate Flag? When I grew up in the 1980s because of the popularity of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD the Confederate flag was ubiquitous. Even before that in the 1970s Lynyrd Skynyrd used it no one cared but a few measly leftists. Thirty years later I am now told that a symbol not only steeped in history but one that was on half the lunchboxes at school is now evil and must be banished for all time? Excuse me while I puke

  13. Every single say reveals that Twue Conservatives are simply Jew Preservatives – and Anti White Nation Wrecking demons.

  14. The Cuck Avenger wrote

    Even the most non-racist, liberty-minded person accustomed to intellectual pursuits could be attracted to shiny and popular new objects. Sometimes out of boredom.

    I think this is what prompted this article by Jack. Many in the alt Right are former libertarians. In 2012-2013, Jack threw off his Southern Avenger persona to join the Ron Paul Liberty Movement. He thought he was getting on the next big thing but he’s starting to see that he’s the only guy left in the room. For years libertarianism was the ostensible alternative on the right to US Conservatism/Republicanism. Libertarianism for the most part is dead and the alt Right is now filling the void. In short, Jack bet on the wrong horse. Due to racial demographic shifts, politics on the right will become racial/identitarian. There is no way for Jack to walk back on his promotion of gay “marriage,” his defense of BLM and open borders immigration. He sees that he and his pathetic Liberty Movement are irrelevant. He shat on his former supporters and he has nowhere else to turn.

  15. Y’all can continue to throw mud at Ron Paul but the reason he was worthy of our support is the very same reason you support Donald Trump – neither are owned by the regime. It had nothing to do with any enthrallment with libertarianism, any more than support for DT is based on adoration of wealth. RP lacking DT’s personality and money were certainly only two of his flaws, and DT has his own, but at the time there was no other contender who was any different than any other regime stooge.

    John McCain and Mitt Romney were no different than Barack Obama. That four years later you’re lambasting Ron Paul instead of asking yourselves how you ever supported them is quite dishonorable behavior.

    I expect this forever from jaye ellis types but you Southrons ought to know better than to throw a decent man under the bus because he lost. And you ought to be sick and tired of the old political practice of blurring a Ron into a Rand.

    • Marc Bahn writes:

      “RP lacking DT’s personality and money were certainly only two of his flaws,”

      I respond.

      Ron Paul lacked a few other important things Donald Trump has…

      a set of balls and a penis

      Those 3 things are sort of, well essential in a “man” who supposedly fighting for your side.

    • MB Writes:

      “I expect this forever from jaye ellis types but you Southrons ought to know better than to throw a decent man under the bus because he lost. And you ought to be sick and tired of the old political practice of blurring a Ron into a Rand.”

      I respond:

      We are not throwing Ron Paul under a bus for simply losing – though it is a bit embarrassing for someone to be running for President of the United States every single year since 1988 who never wins a single state primary – kind of puts out the message/truth that he’s homeless crazy guy shouting all sorts of nonsense.

      No, the reason I/we publicly expose the pathetic coward, traitor, loon that was/is Ron Paul and his traitor idiot son Rand Paul was/is:

      1) RP refuses to stand up for the legitimate rights of our people to even live anywhere on planet earth!

      2) Ron Paul was/is indifferent to the replacement of White European people in Europe or White European Americans in North America.

      3) RP was smeared by the vicious Lib Leftist, homosexual Jewish Neo Liberal Zionist publisher of the New Republic Marty Perez – Marty screamed that Ron Paul was EVIL RACIST, beyond the pale for publishing negative comments about Martin Luther King Jr. AIPAC, the Israel lobby and Black criminals, rioters in the LA Rodney King Riots in the early 90s. All of these positions were pretty much mainstream positions held by all sane White Americans in the 1980s and 90s. Yet Ron Paul completely backed down, denied he wrote or even read his own political incorrect newsletter and the Ron Paul proceeded to make religious convictions statements that he was a Martin Luther King is a saint true believer because MLK and Rosa Parks were supposedly Libertarians.

      I note that Ron Paul hasn’t stopped his insane, terrible anti White, anti European treason statements. He’s still doing videos explaining that we, Westerns have nothing to fear from Islam (1.7 billion muslims) because Muslims supposedly don’t have any navies – this at a time when Muslim navies were/are landing 2,000 plus Muslim males of prime raping ages on Greek and Italian beaches every F***#*$**#*# day!

      Ok, I concede that Ron Paul and Rand Paul are not the only insane, pathetic, castrated coward White traitors in American Public life – they are as bad as any I know.

      So pick some other White traitors and dox them – go to George Will’s $900K home in Chevy Chase Maryland – go heckle Newt Gingrich or Loathsome, lisping Lindsey Graham.

      I’ve done my homework and exposed the terrible traitors Ron Paul and Rand Paul.

      Mission accomplished.

      • And you thought machine pols McCain and Romney were better men when you endorsed them over RP?

        Why did you do that?

        Because you want to be on the side of the winner, whoever it is. It shows in your hubris and condescending fake swashbuckling writing style. And it’s why in the midst of Trump winning the prize all you can think about, as always, is easing your guilty conscience by denigrating the man who actually opposed the regime FOUR YEARS AGO! Get over it!

        And what’s with all of the aliases? Replies to each other? It can’t be ego so much as stupidity. You are a f*cking moron!

        • I just survived another month in rough Chicago 1,500 plus shootings, 500 + homicides and I haven’t had to lick the dog excrement boots, or come a homosexual punk to any Black gang members, Islamic Jihadists.

          Why can’t Ron Paul, Rand Paul or his cult enablers do the same?

          How hard is that?

      • Yes, RP went full cuck on immigration.

        Or how about the time Ron Paul did the St. Peter with the likes of AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer where Ron Paul denied he wrote or even read his own Ron Paul Newsletter which said politically incorrect things about AIPAC, the Black LA Rodney King rioters, murderers, the Saint Martin Luther King Jr:

        Here’s the video of Ron Paul crying that he was never in any way “racist” and wants so badly to be allowed back on CNN TV.

  16. Many of the young men who sent money and voted for Ron Paul voted for Trump this year. Rand Paul was the final nail in their coffin. As Hunter Wallace pointed out, they never won anything so they were never a success.

    The only thing they were able to do is raise a lot of money and because of that the Paul family were able to get their cucked son Rand into the Senate who by the way has been a total disaster and a complete cuck loser.

    Why Jack Hunter has loyalty to that cucked Paul family who backstabbed him is a mystery. You give loyalty to those that deserve it – the Paul family gave you a big shiv in the back to save their own asses which showed their character. Donald Trump on the other hand has shown incredible loyalty in standing up for his campaign manager against the onslaught of the media

  17. A little bit off topic, but I’m probably one of the most conservative of Occidental Dissent’s commenters. Had Trump not appeared, I probably would have been rooting for Ted Cruz, even though, as a person who doesn’t really follow politics, I had no idea who he was until several of the Republican debates had been held. The Philadelphia neighborhood in which I grew up was middle-class and working-class, mostly Catholic and Jewish, certainly not filled with sophisticates. Even though I personally am no longer religious in the strict sense, my sympathies are basically with the heartland bumpkins who seem to have been many of the persons who voted for Cruz; even if I don’t favor outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing, I’m basically one of those persons. If I were in a position to give Cruz advice, I would tell him he squandered the opportunity his Harvard education afforded him. Had he been open to what was on offer there, at Harvard, he might have learned oratorical and other arts that would have made him seem less provincial; instead, he never abandoned the bumpkin self-regard that inclined Wisconsin radio-talk hosts to lecture Donald Trump about civility, that apparently made voters in Utah targets for an ad in which Melania Trump was limned as a whore, and that led Cruz himself to use “New York”–the name of America’s greatest city–as a smear. That, in the end, is why, I suspect, Cruz fizzled out. Probably, the country’s Northeast contains many Republicans who are like me, in that they rather share Cruz’s views; but with Trump available, why would they have voted for a man who seemed to be using “New York” to denigrate anyone who lives within a few hundred miles of a subway system? Without getting into biographical detail, I will say I know what it is to go into a situation in which one receives hard knocks in the head, figuratively speaking, simply because one has failed to pay attention to what is going on in the minds of others. That, I think, is what Cruz failed to do: every time he spoke, he was doing more listening than talking–listening to himself, that is.

    • There is just something about Cruz that seems so damn condescending and phony. Those irritating pauses and Televangelist mannerisms in his speaking style makes him look like a stage actor playing a role before an audience.

      He suffers from charisma deficiency and the more people are acquainted with him the less he is liked.

      His classmates and people working with him in Congress seem to loathe him… not so much for policies, I’m guessing, but because he is a jerk.

      Take him or leave him Trump comes across as being more genuine, down to earth and sympathetic to the plight of the average Joe even though he is a billionaire.

      • I agree, Sam. What is striking is that Cruz proves incapable of hearing this criticism, which has been voiced by his colleagues, acquaintances of his, pundits, and countless bloggers and internet commenters. I’ll say it again: he would have benefited from listening to something other than the sound of his own voice.

  18. Alleged political statistical genius Nate Silver got the Republican Primary totally wrong.

    In his mea culpa he writes that “tribe” and “culture” – he is too cowardly to say race – determine voting patterns.

    Very true, but he must also point out that whites are late to the party. We were the only ones voting along a left – right continuum. Hopefully we can get more and more whites to wake up and vote defensively.


    • ‘Very true, but he must also point out that whites are late to the party. We were the only ones voting along a left – right continuum. ‘


      • This makes me wonder if the 30% of Jews who vote Republican also see them selves as white?

        Recall Eli Yeshai, Israeli Minister of the Interior saying “this land (Israel) belongs to the white man!”

        It would be interesting to get some polling data on this.

        • Jews pretend to be white when they need something from whites. The rest of the time, they reliably and viciously side with anyone against whites. There are no exceptions to this, not Sanders, and not any so-called “jewish republicans”.

  19. Ron Paul: I Won’t Vote For Trump


    ‘Ron Paul says he won’t vote for presumed Republican nominee Donald Trump in the presidential elections, even if it meant it would hand the election to Democratic front-runer Hillary Clinton.’ –snip–

    When pressed if he was not going to cast a ballot at all in November, Paul said he would vote for an alternative but declined to give a name, saying “There’s bound to be somebody that believes in something that comes closer to what the American tradition is all about and free markets. I’m not going to vote for tariffs. It would be pretty hard for me to do that.” –snip–

    • Yeah, I just saw elsewhere that RP signed onto the neverTrump thing. Now I’m disappointed in him. He still would’ve been preferable to anyone he ran against though. Here’s hoping that Trump will be even better.

  20. Ryan said today that he can not support Trump at this time.

    Trump response: “I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda”

    “Perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the American people. They have been treated so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians to put them first!”

  21. Off topic but I couldn’t help but to post this bit of cuckoldry. I wonder who’s paying him to write this tripe (hand rubbing intensifies).

    Christians, especially conservative, evangelical, American Christians, must repent of treating the Jews like a tool of the liberals. Even against their own best interests and the interests of Israel, American Jews feel a deep distrust of all things Christian, even those who extend the hand of friendship. This continually drives them into the less strident, progressive liberal camp, where they are welcomed without the fear of being proselytized. One day, Jews will accept the truth about the Holocaust, but that will require time and healing.


    • Poor, poor jews. Always the misunderstood victims.

      The horror of being proselytized. Oy!! Der suffrink nevrah ends.

      We need little Benji to set the mood.

    • Wow. They really are high on their own supply. Oy vey.
      There is no place to Comment. Hmmm….

    • What a load of crap! The Jewish leadership rejected Christ 2000 yrs. ago, started persecuting the Christians from day one, and they have the chutzpah to hitch about persecution!

  22. ‘Homophobia’ doesn’t exist. It’s all made-up media BS.

    What we are is AHA, or anti-homo-agenda. Join Aha-ism.

  23. Michael Moore is on “The Kelly File” blathering that Trump is going to lose in landslide, due to “demographics”.

    • That could be a good catalyst for separatism, rather than trying to work within the system. The 40% who were Donald Trump supporters against the entire weight of the global establishment were all aware of white genocide at some level. You don’t diminish that awareness, only add to it with a “demographic” election.

    • I’m not sure about this year but he is correct in the long-term. This country is now only ~62% white (90% in 1960) and that non-white part votes overwhelmingly Democrat. Although most whites vote Republican it isn’t in the 70-98% range. There will someday be a final Republican president. I thought that had been Bush II until this year. Trump may be the last hurrah of white America before it settles into Third World Communism.

      • I have remarked in the past that Bush would probably be the last White man elected as President.

        If Hillary wins… get ready for mass immigration into traditionally conservative areas. Eight years of Hillary would seal the fate of the GOP.

    • Even if Trump loses it will be beneficial if large segments of the population begin to openly express that mass immigration from the third world was a tremendous mistake. Then we can begin to consider alternatives to a united nation, allegiance to the federal government, and universal democracy.

    • Yes, the demographics are a huge problem.
      However, if the disenfranchised, scorned, working class whites who were not inspired by Romney get motivated in great numbers to vote for Trump he can pull it off.

      I’m watching Trump right now giving a speech to coal miners in West Virginia.


      He is connecting with them and millions more people in similar circumstances are waiting to cast a vote for someone sympathetic to their concerns.

      • This election will demonstrate whether traditional America has now been rendered powerless due to the changes wrought by mass immigration from the third world. It may be too late and the demographics of this nation now preclude Trump from winning. However, Clinton would become president of a deeply divided, resentful, and broken nation. This could be the catalyst that leads to partition.

        • If we were to answer this question with a flow chart:

          If Trump loses: Separation
          If Trump wins: the left will take to the streets
          If they win: physical destruction of whites
          if its a tie: separation
          If we win: physical destruction of the anti-whites

          That is why it is imperative to realize that this starts as an election, but ends as a war.

      • I know Trump held a rally in WV It was a love fest, and he’s reaching out to all kinds of people. I just wrote about it, on my little blog, that I am attempting to resurrect.

    • This problem is worldwide. If I remember correctly the UK had a population several times larger than Mexico’s 100 years ago. Now Mexico is about twice as large. Nigeria has a population about equal to the combined populations of the UK, France and Italy, and more than double that of Germany. The world’s European peoples are about 10% of total population and falling. A horrific dark age awaits, not Star Trek harmony.

      Anyone aware of human nature and history knows that putting mass “diversity” in one place– one country– is a recipe for conflict and war. We’ll be dead but it will come.

        • The only Northeastern state that Trump has a chance to win is Pennsylvania.

          Other than PA, the critical swing states are: Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.

          If Trump loses Pennsylvania, he will to SWEEP all five of the other states to win the election.

          If he can win Pennsylvania, then without sweeping the other five states, his winning scenarios are restricted to:

          – Lose only Ohio
          – Lose only Virgina
          – Lose only Iowa
          – Lose Virginia + Iowa

          That’s the real batteground right here. I don’t see Trump having a chance in any of the western states that Obama took in 2008 and 2012 (CO, NM, NV).

          Wisconsin is supposedly a swing state, but the Democrats have it in the bag. New Hampshire is sometimes billed as a swing state too, but it hasn’t gone to the GOP since 2000. And even if Trump took NH, the only change to the scenario’s above is he could lose both Ohio and Iowa.

  24. Paul Ryan just stepped onto a Trump landmine. Is there anyway the collective can boot this man out of office?

    I’ve always thought that voting for the Democrat would be a decent option against the high profile cucks like Ryan and McCain. Short term pain for long term gain.

    Remember old Eric Cantor? He got tossed out by an unknown – we should do the same to Ryan.

    • Think Paul Ryan is a strong candidate for Amren “American” White traitor of the year 2016.

      The Black Muslim migrant boot licking CINO Pope Francis is my pick for international traitor of the year.

  25. Alisa Rosenbaum’s Red Herring Club is nothing but a bunch of money-grubbing fakes who will sell whatever Snake Oil sells to make a quick buck. The Paul Family is a penny ante Father & Son moneymaking machine to get the shekels from disaffected Whites by pretending they present any real alternative to the Insiders in the Old Boys Club. Dr. Paul started this scam by co-opting the angry White males in the White Identity Movement. He and Lew Rockwell scammed them by pretending to be White Identity guys with that fake newsletter they disavowed when they wanted to join the Insiders. When he ran for President, Ron Paul dropped all pretense of being for his White male followers and started going Cuck like the Gracious Losers on the Fake Opposition. He started kissing black butt and went Full Cuckhold hoping to get a full membership on the Losing Team, but the Old Boys had no use for this penny ante operator and dumped him since there was no real difference between him and the Bush League Insiders anyway. Any hope he had for getting a place on their team died went he started saying the same shit they did, and go Cuck with all the others. However, it shows how irrelevant The Rosenbaum Fan Club is now that old man Paul and his sonny boy dumped them and went begging to the Bush League.

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