Sheldon Adelson Boards The Trump Train

This gives the old saying “politics makes strange bedfellows” entirely new meaning!

“The casino magnate Sheldon G. Adelson said on Thursday night that he would support Donald J. Trump now that he has become the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee.

“Yes, I’m a Republican, he’s a Republican,” Mr. Adelson said in a brief interview. “He’s our nominee. Whoever the nominee would turn out to be, any one of the 17 — he was one of the 17. He won fair and square.”

Mr. Adelson made the comments while at a gala dinner in Manhattan for the World Values Network, a Jewish organization. …”

After squandering a fortune in the 2012 race, Sheldon Adelson never backed any particular horse in the 2016 primary. We all thought it was going to be Rubio, but after getting burned so badly last time around he obviously learned his lesson.

The conventional wisdom is that Trump is incapable of uniting the party and doesn’t have a chance against Hillary Clinton. If Trump can broker a deal between David Duke and Sheldon Adelson, what does that say about the forecasts of political pundits?

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        • Miss Denise – Mr. Trump is not any more or any less what he was, today, as opposed to last week.

          Whatever you liket about him, it’s still there; and now he has millions of us Cruz supporters, at his side, with y’all.

          • He’s still saying the right things about immigration, free trade, anti-globalism and mooslems. These are the most critical things right now. If that ends, then I’ll be worried.

          • Patrick,
            While Mr. Trump has ‘evolved’ his positions over time, as have we all, there is no evidence to support the notion that, upon ascension to the Oval Office, he would become something different than advertised.

            Although Mr. Trump is a man who is flexible about how he attains his ends, he is, in the end, not flexible about getting what he wants.

            If he has not been frank with the American people, it is the greatest con in our history – way beyond Ponzi or Madoff.

            I don’t believe it is a con.

            The people who are fooling themselves are the establishment, if they think they are going to ‘bend’ him to their ways.

      • Sir,
        I hope you are taking note : North Carolina is refusing to buck under federal government pressure.

        I don’t think the great state of Mississippi is, either.

        • A means to an end, never forget this. Trump is for our purpose only a means to an end

          • Thank you, Mr. Jenkins.

            I don’t know what your ‘end is, BUT, for me the end is Southern sovereignty.

          • Southern Sovereignty is part of a bigger game, if that is the outcome which I pray that it is, it will set off a chain reaction. Right now becase of weather and other reasons most of our military bases, as in 1860 are in Southern States as is the Pentagon itself. That’s good.

    • As I have said before Denise Donald Trump is a Means to an End. Revolution is here all that hasn’t happened yet is White Militias going into crowds of Communists and others with weapons. That is the last step. I don’t know when that will happen, but with Open carry in Texas and most of the South, I say soon

    • Why? Trump is guaranteed to win now. Yeah it’s kind of unpleasant that he cozys up to yids but that’s how you win. Besides, he came out in support of Britain leaving the EU today.

    • We all do. Time will tell. Certainty needs an update: death & taxes….. and being fooled. Too early to tell. The Goldman-Sachs/Soros guy as Finance Chairman is very concerning as well . His VP pick will say much, much more.

  1. That this bastard wields so much power through his money (Republican Jewish Coalition) and candidates feel obligated to kiss his ring is highly annoying.

    Mark Levin, another creep, has had a very entertaining mega-meltdown this week (“Fox News will be rubbing their faces in their own feces” for being a de facto Trump superpac).

    One troublesome thought about Trump “moderating” for party unity and preparation for the general election:

    Trump’s greatest line is his pledge to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it (through taxes on money transfers sent home by illegals). Now I don’t care for a wall myself because it interferes with wildlife. I’d be more than happy if Trump cuts off their benefits (more than 50% of illegal alien households collect some kind of welfare despite the political class’ lies about this) and start vigorous deportation and border security. But if no wall materializes that could be his “read my lips” moment.

    • In places, the wall, or more accurately in a lot of locations, the fence, already exists. Some sections go for a few miles and just stop at no logical place. However, in the urban areas of California and the Rio Grande, there is an actual wall and it is effective in slowing down the invasion to a trickle. It’s just a matter of filling in the gaps, adding sensors and cameras, and building watch towers and guard posts.

    • SCREW THE EFFING WILDLIFE! Build the wall, keep the Xenos OUT!

      I am so SICK of these ‘spotted owl, hugatree’ NUTS…

  2. They say a general election campaign will cost $1bn. We don’t want Trump to wreck his family business, so he needs Republican money. Let’s trust him and get him in the White House first.

    • If each American (say 300 Million of the total sum there now are in the Jew SA ) gave $333. to Trump, WE COULD “SELF-FUND” his campaign, and BY-PASS THE JEWS ENTIRELY. $333. x 300,000,000 – @$1bn.

  3. Noah Pollak @NoahPollak

    At Hebrew University annual dinner in DC @BillKristol suggests in speech that @MittRomney (seated next to podium) consider independent run

    Bill Kristol ?@BillKristol
    Bill Kristol Retweeted Noah Pollak

    Mitt didn’t shoot down idea in his remarks. I’m not at liberty to report what he said in earlier private meeting.Bill Kristol added,

    • There’s no doubt that they still want a brokered convention where they can drag in some sad sack loser to steal the nomination from Trump. They’re afraid Hillary might actually loose. I wonder if Trump still has to go through the motions of the final primaries and if they’ll make him do it, even if they wouldn’t have done it with any other last man standing. As an aside. The Russian news services are quoting sources inside the U.S. Government as saying Hillary may still be indicted and even arrested before she can actually run for President against Trump.

      • Only two western states, Kansas and Nevada were states by 1865, those Pacific Coast States were always Yankeedom west. Northern California was settled by Yankees who jumped off hide ships in the San Fransico bay. When Hollywood wants a New England backdrop they often film up above Frisco

        • Bill is my old barber R.V
          Clinton’s first cousin. Every time the Clinton’s became a topic of conversation, that man became mortified, red faced and sullen. Needless to say, he didn’t have a high opinion of his infamous relatives. BTW, Bill’s father was a travelling salesman. The western end of his sales territory was Sherman, Texas, where I’m from. They’re a vindictive bunch, especially Hillary. That woman gets in there and she’ll take it out on the lot of us.

  4. The Jews are walking back all the “Trump is Hitler” rhetoric.

    No matter. This is about an entire race, not one man.

    We made Trump possible, and should press on regardless of what he does.

    The goal should be to rile up the darkies with deportations and the wall. The Jews can’t fully control them and their antics will backfire. For that Trump needs to win.

  5. Putin made by jewish oligarchs and they ended up Khodorkovsky in jail and Berezovsky hanged himself in the bathroom. Also Hungary,s Viktor Orban lauched his political career when Soros bankrolled his studies in Oxford and promoted him as western educated politican desperately needed in postcommunist country. And they are not the only ones. Some people know how to play this game. Convince jews that you are their puppet and then stab them in the back with their own bought knife…:D

  6. Meanwhile, in Fremont, Nebraska, as his children do their homework and sunset approaches, Senator Sasse sits by the Platte River and broods upon the Republic’s future …

  7. @Denise the Celt:

    “I have very mixed feelings about this occurrence………”

    @Hunter Wallace:

    “Yes, this is not a good sign.”


    “Don’t say I didn’t warn you all.”

    Relax, everybody. Adelson did everything imaginable to stop Trump from getting the nomination. Because of this, the conventional wisdom expressed by the pundits (who would be in the know) was that a) Donald Trump was not serious; b) Trump would never be the front-runner; c) Trump would never win the evangelical vote beause Ted Cruz had it sewn up; d) Trump would never win the South and Midwest, because Trump is a Yankee with “New York Values.” e) Trump would eventally be defeated once the the “non-Trump” majority inevitably coalesced around the non-Trump candidate; f) Trump would never acquire the majority of delegates necessitating a brokered convention.

    Trump only lost states to Ted Cruz due to rampant cheating to help Ted Cruz. Whether it was a poorly run caucus system that was wide open to Cruz supporters who voted early and often OR tampering with machines to switch the Trump selection to anyone but Trump as was reported throughout several counties in Texas.

    Now the conventional wisdom of the pundits is that Trump is inevitably going to lose to Hillary Clinton, because he has alienated women and so-called “people of color.” Hello? Half of the people who waited hours in line to attend his speeches are women! A lot of his supporters ARE so-called “people of color.” But they are conveniently ignored by the lying press, because they don’t fit into the narrative the media is trying to frame.

    What is also being conveniently ignored is not only that the same yellow-dog base of women and so-called “people of color” have historically never and would never vote for any other Republican no matter how “moderate” he is and how many outreaches he makes to them, as Rand Paul’s Detroit Fiasco has proven …. BUT Trump is still getting many of THEM to cross over party lines to vote specifically for HIM.

    What is also being conveniently ignored is that there is absolutely no passion for Hillary Clinton on the part of any of the Democrats. Bernie Sanders is favored by a large passionate minority. Clinton only gets lukewarm support by Democrats who fear that Sanders is too radical to win a general election.

    Clinton is between a rock and a hard place with the Democrat Party. The majority of Blacks are highly unlikely to turn out and vote for Clinton in the numbers they did for Barak Obama no matter how much she panders to them. Even now, Blacks are harder hit than Whites by what is basically defact open borders with Mexico and all of South and Central America. They will be hurt far more than Whites if the majority of USA goes Latino. BLM is the dying gasp of BRA before La Raza punts their behinds to the back of the benefits bus.

    Moreover, Clinton is unofficially on the shit list of many White Democrats for pandering to BLM, not to mention Bernie Sanders supporters. Go to You Tube and view the video where BLM disrupts his speech in Seattle by taking the podium and refusing to relinquish it until the audience is forced to listen to their rants. Hear the “go aways,” “get off the stage”s and “how dare you”s coming from the outraged audience. Sanders was getting supporters because he was offering free stuff for EVERYONE not just coddled blacks. The racial resentment is high with them.

    To paraphrase Lenin, the best way to control the opposition is to lead it. That’s why ALL White Nationalist Boards get infested with Hasbarat Operatives who conveniently lead the conversation back to bashing blacks or engage in some other type of disruptive behavior or steer the subject in other directions when it looks like someone either has already or is about to Name the Jew.

    Unless something really bizarre happens, Trump is going to win the general election. It behooves Adelson and Company to jump on the Trump Bandwagon NOW and spend the next several months trying to convince John and Jane Q Conservative that they were at least neutral to Trump and were always prepared to support him or any OTHER Republican frontrunner.

    The Presidency is not the only position in play for the Usual Suspects. Trump may be the real deal for all we know. Adelson’s actions then and now make me inclined to think he is. If that is the case, the next step is to contain Trump if he wins the Presidency. They can’t do that if they are still battling him for a Presidency they have clearly lost. If they do, they run the risk of those they own in the House and the Senate being primaried in 2018 by voters in favor of challengers who are openly Trumpista candidates.


    “Putin made by jewish oligarchs and they ended up Khodorkovsky in jail and Berezovsky hanged himself in the bathroom. Also Hungary,s Viktor Orban lauched his political career when Soros bankrolled his studies in Oxford and promoted him as western educated politican desperately needed in postcommunist country. And they are not the only ones. Some people know how to play this game. Convince jews that you are their puppet and then stab them in the back with their own bought knife…:D

    Exactly. But Trump is in a league of his own. The oligarchy has not bankrolled Trump and has even tried but failed to stop him. The big question we all wait with bated breath is how many Orbans and Putins are in the Capital right now … publicly servicing the oligarchy while quietly waiting for just the right moment to lower the boom on them?

    • Hispanic hype aside. It won’t be Mestizos and Blacks who put Trump in the White House. It’ll be the White, Northern electorate that does it. The same people who’ve picked the President in every election since 1860.
      Cold reality is that any candidate for President just needs to capture the vote of the sixteen Northern states and California. He/She/it can safely ignore the other thirty three states.

  8. Jews never cry about the victims of communism.

    Jews never cry about 500,000 Iraqi women and children killed by US-imposed sanctions.

    So, why should we care about Jews?

    The Jewish media doesn’t care about all the white/Europeans being robbed, raped, or murdered by blacks?

    Jews cover that up black crimes committed against white/Europeans.

    Since Jews don’t care about other people and since Jews have caused so much harm to others, I don’t care what happens to Jews.

  9. The only way to deal with the ruthless Jews, Divest, Boycott and Shun their leftist movements; don’t be a cuckolded, stop watching sporting
    events, turn off the Jew-tube aka (T.V.) stop going to their anti-White /
    anti-European Movies.

    Hit the Jews were it hurts them most, more namely the pocketbook.

  10. “Wall” is rhetoric, as written on this thread a wall exists where it needs to protect property values and where it makes tactical sense.
    What is needed is quiet persistent workplace and tax fraud law enforcement, putting goons like me on the border would be security theater. We need dorks with bifocals and prissy busy body women more than gun worshipping soldier wannabees.
    Prediction time, the oligarchs will quietly move from cheap labor as robotics and socialism collide.

    • Yes, Al Capone was brought down by dorks with bifocals, not by an army of Feds armed to the teeth.

  11. I’m very glad Trump has won and like Coulter, I always thought Trump could win.

    I’m glad he won because it’s going to invalidate the populist line. The Democrats and Republicans are counter-revolutionary organizations. This remains a fact even if Trump has good intentions, which I’m not sure he does. This fact will become clear.

    He’s already appointed a goldman sachs finance person, He’s been praised by Shelden Adelson’s newspaper in israel (before today). He’s for invading Iraq and Syria to remove ISIS and extract oil, as well as getting oil out of Libya. He wants to tear up the Iran deal. And he’s pro Guantanamo, pro-torture, and anti-Snowden. (And for people to whom Mexican immigration is the most important issue, Trump is praising the Cinco De Mayo and his Mexican employees now.)

    It’s hilarious too how white nationalists might make up 1-2% of his base and they act like spokesmen for his campaign.

    You’ll see people do one of two things when Trump continues to disappoint, like he did with his AIPAC speech:
    1) allege that he’s been bought off
    2) change their position.

    Either way, it invalidates the populist line. It shows how the stupidity exists on both sides of the class divide. Therefore politics that reference the majority (the masses is a better, more pejorative term) are useless.

  12. The rats jumping off all the sinking hulks onto the last boat floating? I hope that’s all this is. Even if we are about to be betrayed (yet again) supporting Trump has not been in vain.
    Whites feel empowered after many years of anti-White hatred and abuse. That’s not likely to dissipate. Cucksevatism is repudiated, dead, buried and not likely to rise again. If Trump turns out to be another bad apple we’ll find others who aren’t.

  13. Remaining Jewish oligarchs in Russia or those in England now accept Vladimir Putin’s rule and his power.

    Putin has sensible policies and rhetoric on most all issues including Jewish issues.

    Putin and nationalist Russia doesn’t rant and rave about the Jews and Jews are free to live in Russia and do not bad, OK – they aren’t allowed to cause trouble or do things like try to dominate the media, support Pussy Riot, incite Blacks, mountain Muslims to rape Russian women.

    In the Middle East Russia is world power again generally on the opposite side of the USA-Israel-Saudi Arabia alliance (what an alliance that is!). But Russia leaders can visit Israel without many/any problems.

    So many great things about Donald Trump – another is he likes Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

    Along with the idiot Constitutionalist race denying Libertarian Ron Paul loons, another American political cult that just can’t accept racial reality is the 1980s Reagan

    “I hates the Russians”

    These folks simply can not change – you would think that they would just die off, but they just seem to go on and on and on and on.

  14. He is an old man. He has no army. He will try and subvert, to bring down Trump by pretending to be his friend then knifing him in the back when Trump is weak.

  15. Ultimately if we remain in this system we will be outvoted and out manned, if we are not there already. As I have said before the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution! There is a political scale among nations that regulate the political world just as gravity regulates the cosmos. John C. Calhoun spoke of this. There becomes a point in which a nation becomes too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively.It is past time we starting thinking in terms of future politics and alternative nationalism! But seriously folks, how could this have ended any different when you have a system that thinks government structure(The Constitution) is more important that ethnic content? Remember the Enlightenment-egalitarian ethos that gave birth to America has now been largely discredited with the rise of the science of heredity and DNA. Man is not a blank slate whose experiences only determine what he will be.We need less America pseudo-patriotism and a little more Revolutionary Conservatism in the European sense of the word!

  16. Patriotism- from the Latin base word denoting father. Thus in its most original and pristine sense a loyalty to a kindred stock. What is called patriotism in the United States and the Western word is anything but and actually qualifies as a form of pseudo-patriotism because it advances a concept of the State that is detrimental to both our ethos and ethnos!

  17. Adelson is a business man and a Zionist Jew. He wants access. That is all this endorsement means.

        • Planet Zion endgame just as Maurice Samuel said in 1924 WE WANT A WORLD OF OUR OWN. Once the Whites are gone, they will exterminate the Muds en masse and then with their robots and life extension technology merge with machine and live for eternity.

          Am I saying I believe this? No God has other plans but the Edomite Jews believe it.

    • I’d say you’re right. He waited until Trump’s victory is virtually inevitable, then endorses him. He just wants to be on the winner’s good side going forward. I’d say he also hopes to give Trump a few token shekels so that Trump will “owe” him a favor or two in return.

  18. I have said it before and I will say it again Donald Trump is a means to an end. Eight years of Obama has finally awoken the White Racial Consciousness, something that has been ALMOST completely dead since the 1920s.

    Even in the South during the 50s and 60s White Racial Consciousness had weakened enough that a universal massive white uprising which would have happened had an administration forced immigration in the 1920s, largely didn’t happen. Those who fought back were always a minority of the population, when racial consciousness was high it would have probably been thousands upon thousands.

    I always knew Trump was friendly with the Jews and most of the Jewish opposition was phony, HOWEVER I do not see Trump being able to accomplish anything as President nor stop the White Revolution that has already broken out sporadically in Europe and is breaking out now. He is merely a means to an end

  19. The reason nationalism never took off in USA unlike Europe, is they
    are die hard Republicans. They won’t support their own parties and their nationalist parties won’t support their own candidates. Period.

    • All I can say about Donald Trump is that he is merely a means to an end. Revolution has come, only part left to come is the fighting

  20. Do not, do not, DO NOT include the JEWS. EVER.

    We are ‘self-funded’. REMEMBER, Donald, YOU DON’T NEED THEIR MONEY.

    It’s time to deport the Jews, as they were deported from EVERY NATION IN EUROPE.
    “With Jews, YOU LOSE!”

  21. Trump knows he needs to curry favor with jews to get elected. Their money, influence and power is ubiquitous.
    He can’t make changes until he gets to the White House. He needs to do a lot of posturing with different groups to get there.

    He built an empire functioning in the heart of the beast. Many members of his campaign are jews and of course we know his daughter Ivanka married a wealthy jew.

    So yeah, he is knee deep in yids but the difference between him and other businessmen/politicians is that he uses them to advance his goals instead of the other way around for the most part.

    I ran across an interesting item when researching Jared Kushner’s father. So many of these big money people and politicians (especially in New York and Jersey) are connected in various ways.

    Remember that Christie and Trump never attacked each other in the debates and Chris greatly helped him by kneecapping Rubio. Later he endorsed Trump, campaigned with him and will probably earn a cabinet position.

    Wiki: Charles Kushner is a major donor to the Democratic Party, most notably to former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey. In 2005, following an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, Kushner was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering. Chris Christie, then the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, negotiated a plea agreement with him and he was sentenced to two years in prison. He has since been released

  22. These comments are hilarious — the range from bargaining: “Trump is just a means to an end, derp derp”, “Putin has the jews under control, derp derp” to delusional: “It don’t matter cuz Trump is means to revolution, the South is gon’ rahz uhgeein derp derp” — is just priceless.

    Face it fuckstains: I warned you that Trump had an agenda. I warned you that he was mechanism set in place to liquidate the GOP field. And I warned you that he would eventually shatter all your tragically naïve bandwagoning. But you people are reliably shit-for-brains clueless, so I was obviously wasting my breath.

    Just like I figured all along, now Trump has the nomination and the jew always had Trump. Expect Trump to, from here on out, devolve into a gaffe-o-matic charicature, all but sealing it for Hillary unless Sanders pulls off a miracle.

      • Yes. The most likely scenario is that Clinton wins the general election, possibly a 3-way general
        election, with less than 50% of the popular vote, similar to the way her husband did in his two elections.

        • I know that’s what the pundits are predicting, but now we know how wrong they can be, right? Clinton has to be the worse possible candidate the Dems could have come up with. I think Trump will tear her to shreds, landslide in style.

          If you know of any way two anons can connect with an honest broker I’ll go $100.

          • isn’t it about time to get real about Trump? He’as done WN’ism a favor by schism’ing the Republiscams. And that’s all. If the Demoncrats nominate a goldfish for Prez and a cockaroach for VP, I’m voting for the goldfish/cockaroach ticket

          • Go rub one out to a prayer card, you deranged boy-fucking shitbat. If you ever show your pathetic face in Detroit, I’m going to personally kill you.

    • Chris, Donald Trump didn’t need to run to ensure a Clinton win. The Republicans in Congress … House Speaker, Paul Ryan, in particular … basically ensured she would have won by double-crossing their constituency with signing off on his unpopular Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal AND giving Obama and the Democrats even more than they asked for on the budget deal when they swore they would defund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

      Had Trump not run, the presumptive nominee might have been Chris “Gang of Fourteen” Rubio, but the candidate who would have most likely been left standing would have been the one his constituents universally detested … that’s right, the Common Core Pushing Jeb “Act of Love” Bush, much like John McCain in 2008. Had that been the case, the six million MIA White voters in 2012 would have doubled in number where Bush was concerned, because Whites are increasingly tired of voting for “the lesser” of two evils.

      IF your theory is correct and IF Jewish supporters of Hillary Clinton encouraged Trump to run to ensure Clinton’s nomination, this was the biggest, most fucked-up overreah since Nixon’s boneheaded supporters’ decision to burglarize the DNC headquarters at Watergate when it was clear that Nixon had handily beat McGovern anyway.

      I don’t know what any of his shadow backers intended him to be, but it quickly became clear to them and is evident know that Donald J Trump is a loose cannon who has an agenda all his own.

      At this point, I don’t know nor do I much care what that may be. Too much damage has been done to this country as is by both parties whom I detest and loathe with every fiber of my being equally; a pox on both their houses. I don’t expect Trump to be a miracle worker. I won’t be phased much if he turns out to be the proverbial con man whose biggest con was perpetrated on himself.

      The only thing that matters to me is that if or when Trump implodes he takes the whole dirty lot with him. That and that alone would satisfy me.

      Make no mistake; once we get those two wings of the same dirty bird out of the way, it is going to take several decades, not years to get this country remotely functional again. But the only way we can do that is if we get them out first.

  23. From Breitbart:

    Adelson on Trump: “He will be good for Israel.”

    This is outrageous. Israel is a FOREIGN country. How many politicians in Japan, France or Russia, for example, are supported for the presidency because they will be good for ANOTHER country? All these people are foreign agents.

    The interests of the US and of Israel are NOT identical. Fortunately, as we heard in his recent speech, Trump sees that stability is our interest in the Mideast, whereas Israel clearly prefers chaos.

  24. Alfred Hitchcock’s I CONFESS helps us to understand the problem of gentile power in relation to the Jews.

    In the opening of the movie, a murderer confesses to the priest played by Montgomery Clift. Later, the Clift character is suspected of the murder even though he is innocent. And even though the Clift character had advised the murder to go to the police and turn himself in, the murderer refuses to do so. A psychopath, he’s inclined to BLAME OTHERS even when he does bad things.

    Indeed, he prefers that the priest be blamed for the crime that he himself committed.

    Now, the priest can clear his name simply by spilling the beans on the real killer, the man who confessed to him.

    But the Seal of Confidentiality forbids him from betraying the confessor… even when the confessor is a deranged and craven lunatic who would rather have the priest be convicted for the crime that he himself committed.

    This movie goes to show how much human behavior is governed by Sacred Rules and Taboos. By the law of the Church and under the eyes of God, the priest cannot betray the killer even if he will be blamed and punished for what he didn’t do.

    It goes to show the psychological/emotional power of the sacred and the taboo.

    What does this have to do with the current situation between gentiles and Jews?

    Well, what is the religion of our age? It is Holocaustianity. We must see the Jews as Christ-like figures who sacrificed their souls in WWII to redeem the souls of white/Christian folks. Jews are holy, and the Holocaust must be worshiped as holy for all time.

    So, even when Jews do bad things, we must not say it. It goes against the Seal of White Guilt Silence. It goes against the holy image of Jews as an Eternally Innocent and Pure-Souled people.

    So, even though Jews were instrumental in Wall Street fraud, we must not name them and only blame the abstract 1% or ‘white privilege’. Even if Neocons and Liberal Zionists promoted foreign policies that destroyed so many lives around the world, we must just blame gentiles like Bush II, Cheney, Samantha Powers, Hillary, and Obama without mentioning the fact that the real puppet-masters are the Jewish oligarchs and their Zio-Supremacist agents. Even when Jewish figures are mentioned, we must not mention that they are Jewish.

    Because we must worship Jews as a sacred holy people, the idea that Jews can be blamed for wicked acts or vast corruption is seen as unholy, evil, monstrous, and etc.

    The Seal of White Guilt Silence exists also on the Right. So, Ann Coulter attacks Muslims and Mexicans but only implies, wink wink, that Jews played a huge role in changing immigration policies. Coulter blames Ted Kennedy the shabbos goy or shabboteur more than the Jewish forces behind him.

    And Trump blames the Chiners, Mexers, and Muslims, but he doesn’t mention the fact that Jews pushed ‘free trade’, Jews pushed for ‘open borders’, and Jews created the mess in the Middle East and North Africa that unloosed so many Muslim peoples to trek all over the world. (Trump’s pro-Russian stance may actually be nothing more a Jewish-ordered ploy to divide Russia from China. After all, Trump is pro-Russia but anti-China.)

    Like the actual murderer in I CONFESS, Jews are most responsible for so many problems in the world. But just like the priest must maintain his confidentiality cuz it’s a sacred duty, gentiles are under pressure to not mention the Jewish role in so much that is wrong around the world due to the Seal of White Guilt Silence.

    This SOWGS or SOWS applies to blacks and homos as well, which is they can literally get away with murder. Blacks do the most killing of blacks, and blacks also kill and attack many whites, browns, yellows, and Arabs.

    But the Cult of White Guilt over slavery and Jimmy Crow means we cannot mention the Bad Negro. We must always uphold the image of the Innocent Negro(falsely accused like in TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD). So, even as blacks do the most killing of all races, they go around holding up signs ‘black lives matter’. Blacks who kill blacks don’t think black lives matter. And the fact that blacks don’t protest against black-on-non-black violence means that blacks don’t think non-black lives matter. So, even though blacks are the biggest murderers, we cannot say it. We must pretend that blacks are the biggest victims and OTHERS are to blame. We must even make-believe that Zimmerman is a white guy who killed a harmless little black kid.

    And of course, SOWS applies to homos as well. Why did so many homos die in the AIDS epidemic? Because they were buggering one another like crazy. They were sexual degenerates wallowing in depravity. But we are supposed to worship homos as a sacred people, so they are not to blame AT ALL. No, not at all. Instead, all the blame must go to Reagan for failing to come up with a magic cure in a year or two. Oh, it was his ‘indifference’ that killed all those homos. So, homos did nothing wrong by going to bathhouses and buggering 20 butts a night. I mean, if a fuddy duddy guy like Allen Bloom got AIDS from too much buggering, imagine what the wilder homos were doing. But SOWS means we cannot blame homos for everything. The fact that homos were mainly to blame for massive homo deaths during the AIDS crisis must go unsaid. We must maintain holy silence about it.

    Instead, we must make Reagan out to be the Hitler of the HIV mass murder even though homos mass-killed one another by indulging in the most irresponsible kinds of behavior imaginable.

    We need to break out of SOWS. BREAK THE SEAL.

    We must stop pretending that Jews, blacks, and homos are a holy people to be protected from the truth.

    When holy reverence are reserved for people who cause the most damage around the world, the world will grow sicker and die.

    • It has nothing to do with a faux seal of confidentiality.
      It has everything to do with brainwashing, bribery or blackmail.

  25. So, will Trump choose a negro, beaner, jew, or tranny for VP to appease the clamoring masses?

    A white man would not be tolerated by most but choosing a white woman would probably be acceptable.

    Scarborough: I won’t vote for Trump if he doesn’t change

    By NICK GASS 05/05/16 06:57 AM EDT

    If Donald Trump maintains his hard-line stance on immigration and his call to bar Muslims from entering the United States in the general election against Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Republican nominee is in for a bruising defeat, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Thursday, remarking that he would not vote for him in November if he does not start turning away from his more extreme views.

    “On Latinos, women, on so many other things,” the Republican former Florida congressman said, noting Trump’s low marks among those groups. “The convention offers him an opportunity — will be the first time a lot of Americans have really looked at Donald Trump the candidate. We see this all the time. The vice presidential selection offers him an opportunity.”

    • I look at the lists and suggestions for Trump running mates and I dislike them all. All unacceptable, except for Sen. Sessions and Gov. Christie. The latter hasn’t been with us on the issues, but he’s a great, capable guy who would probably be loyal to Trump. Neither helps pick up additional states. Who knows? But Republicans are really a sorry lot.

    • “If Donald Trump maintains his hard-line stance on immigration and his call to bar Muslims from entering the United States in the general election against Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Republican nominee is in for a bruising defeat, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Thursday, remarking that he would not vote for him in November if he does not start turning away from his more extreme views.”

      Gass, Scarborough- IS THAT A THREAT? Remember the night of long knives? Rohm was a faggot… too, right?

      Just sayin’….. (from my mouth to God’s ears.)

  26. Another creep- Vicente Fox called Trump voters “lazy, uneducated, tv-watching drunks.”

  27. Adelson is going to be a major money man in helping to build a football stadium in Vegas so that the Oakland Raiders can move there. He’s probably getting less interested in politics and more interested in pretend warfare that is football. Which is fine by me.

  28. not a day goes by but that Trump makes it clear he’d sell out his White base instantly upon taking the oath: his new chief fund-raiser is a Soros apparatchik. Fortunately, with the Republiscam “party” now schism’d between Judeo-globalists and implicit WN’s, the Demoncrats could run a goldfish and win in November. Mrs. Clinton, not the Donald, will be ‘Murka’s last Prez

    • Trump is already making blusters against Putin, with regard to Russian fighters buzzing US spy planes and vessels. Trump will steadily morph into an Israel-first neocon as the summer rolls along. By October, his prospective foreign policy will indistinguishable from that of Ted Cruz, and he will have long since backpeddled on his laughable “build a wall” sucker promise.

      • Chris, c’mon–you’re a chronic buzzkill. We don’t really care whether Trump does anything; we’re just having fun helping him trash this shit-heap of an anti-white country. If he comes through on his promises, great. If, on the other hand, he turns into Ted Cruz, as you say he will, well, so, what? Does that mean we should have voted for Cruz?

        • I’m calloused and cynical, and emotionally bullet-proof for it. If that makes me a buzzkill, so be it. The blind Trump-worship on here is beyond embarrassing. Hunter & his regulars are repeating a behavioral pattern that we both witnessed four years ago — get excited about a false white hope of a candidate, watch him suffer a brutal defeat, then embrace idiotic delusions of secession and whatnot in a post-election teary-eyed tantrum. I think it would be wiser to adopt a hard skepticism this time around, and spare the conssequences of a childish emotional investment.

          As far as voting goes, rather than choosing between Cruz and Trump, perhaps it would have been bolder, as I’ve advocated, to inundate and highjack the Democratic party through the medium of nominating and electing an outsider like Sanders, who’s legendary ineptitude would surely have weakened the federal government beyond repair and in so short a time as to be demographically advantageous for America’s white population.

          • Oh–wait a minute; I’ve been misunderstanding. When I’ve seen your #FeelTheBern remarks here, I thought you were honestly pulling for Sanders. I hadn’t noticed any remarks in which you’d said you were simply trying to trash the Democrats. In that case: keep going.

          • ‘I hadn’t noticed any remarks in which you’d said you were simply trying to trash the Democrats.’

            I hadn’t noticed any of those remarks either.

          • That’s your own fault for not bothering to read and internalize my illist dopest rhymes.

          • Chris,

            If memory serves, four years ago in 2012 you voted for Mitt Romney like 6 times in Detroit. Personally, I didn’t like Romney. In fact, I supported him only out of solidarity with White Northerners against Obama. I saw the election as a test of whether or not Northern Whites could vote against Obama for two Yankees after all the shit he had done.

          • I didn’t particularly like or dislike Romney, but I was justified in voting for him because that election was a race-war with Romney and Obama cast as proxies. Romney lost, but all I did was turn off the news and get on with my everday life. If memory serves, you immediately went on VNN that night and started a war with Linder, and the following morning you were posting about moving to Tazmania.

          • I didn’t hold it against White Northerners that they voted for Obama over Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. After all, I never really liked them anyway and it didn’t take long for them to show their true colors. I’ve also grown skeptical of using Republican electoral victories as a yardstick to measure racial and cultural sentiment.

            But Trump? If White Northerners can’t vote for Donald Trump over someone as awful as Hillary Clinton, what will that say about them? That is the ultimate test.

            I don’t remember feuding with Linder. Maybe I did. As for Tasmania, it is still a nice thought. If we are still locked in a suicide pact a decade or two from now, I might reconsider it. The stakes are higher now.

          • Unless it is stopped here in America, in a decade or two Tasmania will be brown. Diversity was forced on Australia in the 1970s, so there’s no where to run.

          • Trump is the desired opponent of Hillary Clinton. After the election, he will be appointed to a really desirable position like Ambassador to England or France. I don’t understand why you hate Hillary Clinton so much. She is not from the White North. She is from Illinois. And having a white woman in the White House will be a lot like having a Margaret Thatcher. You will like it despite yourself!

          • Back in January, I decided to support Trump through the primaries and explained my reasons for doing so. I also specifically said at the time that after the primaries were over that we would reevaluate over the summer and fall.

  29. Good news. ¡Jeb! will not support or vote for Trump. He’d be a total moron if he did, since Trump has blasted all aspects of Bushism for a year. We don’t need or want that baggage.

    Funny how they forced Trump into signing a loyalty pledge.

  30. D. Duke said something again about Trump and he was asked to disavow again which he did. It won’t stop.

    I hope he doesn’t feel the need to take this route to disarm critics.

    RAMZPAUL ?@ramzpaul

    Reasons Ben Carson will be the VP:

    1. Trump likes blacks

    2. Defuse the David Duke frenzy

    3. Trump likes Ben

    • Trump talks big on guns, but I’ve never seen him use free speech talking points.

    • Imagine that. Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham are not men of their word. Two dishonorable men. (lol)

  31. Glenn Beck: America Is a ‘Petulant Child’ God Must Punish for Supporting Trump Over Cruz

    Beck expressed dismay that anyone could stand before God after voting for Donald Trump, who Beck considers a “narcissist sociopath.”

    He said everyone wants to believe that Trump “can’t be that bad,” but that’s the “same damn thing everyone says before they elect a madman.”

    • Beck really needs psychiatric help, as do the people who follow him and consort with him. I guess that includes Lyin’ Ted.

  32. The editor of a major mid-Western newspaper called me a racist, after I tweeted a mention of a former Ohio Governor and his relationship with his Jew donors as compared to Donald Trump. LOL. The editor didn’t block me, probably because I’m one of the few who reads and responds to his nonsense.

    Newspaper guys today are generally cowards & cucks because they will kiss Jew ass, Black ass, Latino ass, and any other non-White ass they can get their lips around. Then they wonder why no one reads their newspaper, and the readership and circulation keeps shrinking, and the paper itself shrinks.

    Sure kissing Jew ass may get their paper a few more advertising dollars, and they don’t have to listen to some Jew whine in their ear about a story the Jew didn’t like. Is kissing Jew ass really worth it?

    Then there’s the faggot thing, like the Jew thing, newspapers don’t want a bunch of faggots parading around the front of their building.

    White people vote on these issues by not buying the paper. Like White flight. One more exit down the inter-state.

    • You obviously mean the Bolshevik Revolution. But you forget there was another revolution in the Soviet Union and I am not talking about Glastnost or the end of communism. I am talking about the underreported revolution where ethnic Russians took back their country from the {{{Marxists}}} and then themselves ran the system the {{{Marxists}}} imposed on them!

      Our ruling class is already {{{Marxist}}}. Just like the Soviet Union’s ruling class after Czarist Russia was overthrown. But after they had defeated the White Russians, those infamous purges, extorted confessions, public trials, and swift executions during the Stalin era were conducted primarily on {{{Marxists}}} by {{{Marxists}}} from rival factions.

      Stalin exploited these divisions and clearly intended to let the {{{Marxists}}} bleed each other out so that he could eventually eliminate them all. The Doctors’ Plot gave him the excuse he needed. He was rumored to be planning to deport ALL {{{Marxists}}} to the gulags. He was definitely planning a massive party purge across the lines before he was poisoned.

      Stalin egged on these warring factions to the point where they weakened each other enough that ethnic gentile party members came from behind and wrested control of the government, making top sections off-limits to them and making them unable to advance. When they applied for exit visas to Israel, they were denied, because they had access to state secrets, but they were also fired and then forced to take menial jobs lest they be arrested for “social parasitism.” They were called “Refuseniks.”

      There is, shall we say, a subterranean “war” going on between rival factions of our Marxist elite in the USA. I think ALL initially wanted to Eliminate Whitey until many of the sharper knives in the drawer realized that “Model Minorities” are not as Malleable as believed.

      Just as the Blacks got out of control, the Metizos they sent in to replace Working Class Whitey are getting just as bad. Especially with all this talk about Reconquista and demanding that ALL Whites go back to Europe.
      Then they are discovering that the Asians and Indians they imported with to replace the White middle class are not only incompetent, but dishonest to the point of Asian and Indian students openly cheating on their exams.

      Visit any tech message board about insourcing and outsourcing to Asian and Indians and you get nothing but complaints of terrible work and deadlines not being met and how difficult it is for White bosses to bridge the cultural gap to make these ignorant folk the understand the concepts of doing the job right and on time without excuses.

      All of them in their own way are gaming and ripping off the system. A system they may not know is no longer controlled by Whites. However, I many of them do know the truth and are simply using the {{{Marxist}}}’s own Caucasian Camouflage against them to bilk them of everything they have and call them racist if they try to stop them.

      The very numbers of these so-called Model Minorities, the discovery that they put any White Resistance in the shade and their destructive antics against what is now a {{{Marxist}}} System has created Pro-White {{{Marxists}}} and now divided the ruling class into Pro-White versus Anti-White factions where it comes to What Is Good For {{{Marxism}}}. This internecine warfare is now manifesting itself in the 2016 elections.

      When Whites reach minority status, they will still be the minority group with the most members in a sea of diverse minorities. They will exert major clout once they utilize the ability they will have to swing elections much like Blacks have with the the Democrat Party. Anti-White Charlie Rangel was forced to appeal to White New Yorkers to fend off being unseated by a Hispanic challenger bolstered by the growing number of Latinos living there. And I am only talking about those Whites who openly identify as White rather than Hispanic or than very pale-faced Amerindians.

      Trump’s support is coming from Whites disaffected with Cultural Marxism across the social strata. They either openly campaign for him or he is getting support from the shadows from those Whites in fear of retaliation from peeved elites who still have the ability to make life difficult for them. The majority of them have not yet connected the dots but it is only a matter of time before they do.

      Adelson and his cronies are just now getting the big picture, realizing the ramifications, and figure the time to get on the Trump Train is sooner than they think or their greatest fear will be realized. For all the non-ending invocations of Godwin’s Rule, the big fear of our rulers may be less about a greatly exaggerated fear of being thrown into concentration camps by Star-Spangled Nazis and more about becoming American Refuseniks.

  33. The reason Sheldon Adelson is supporting Trump is so he can be on the inside. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths, (not all and probably not the majority but a lot), and as parasites they must always know what’s going on. That’s why any kind of event or movement they’re always there somewhere. It’s survival for them.

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