It’s OK to Hate Hollywood Leftists

I’m having a blast enjoying Donald Trump give his middle finger to the assorted cowards, pussies, cuckservatives, the Bush family, the constipated country club, Conservative, Republican establishment. I am especially excited about the growing Alt Right movement that is filled with very talented, young people who know how to use humor and sarcasm – as opposed to the same old, same old humorless, old boring cuckservatives who were, well old boring conservatives when they were 16 years old.

And yes, I take great joy in seeing some of my personal enemies like lisping Lindsey Graham, Mike the Huckster Huckabee and the Ron Paul & Rand Paul Libertarian loon traitor cult members getting insulted and abused.



That said, it’s important to remember that it is still ok to HATE, yes HATE idiot, anti Southern, Anti White Left coast, Hollywood $ millionaire Libs like Michael Moore. These idiot Left Coast loons are still out there and they will be mouthing off and funding basically anything and everything that is anti Southern, anti White – (#*$(# like homo marriage equality, transgender #*$&# in girls bathroom AND


When the Islamic extremists slaughter our people in Paris, Brussels, London, San Bernardino Ca or Chattanooga TN we should expect the likes of Michael Moore and Doonesbury’s Gary Trudeau (and Ron Paul) to explain that it’s somehow all our fault – caused by some terrible sin our people did for well, being White Western people.

Life really isn’t that complicated – we should do like the New York City Police Department does:

when the likes of Michael Moore, Quentin Tarantino start doing propaganda street photo ops for the BlackLiesMatter or for ISIS, just note the facts and put the word out.

Get these bums out of town.

“Who’s streets? Our streets”.


  1. Jackie, you ARE the constipated country club cuckservative republican establishment pussy coward that you falsely claim to
    be different from.

      • He looks pretty good.

        I actually liked some of Rob Reiner’s movies like “Stand by Me” and of course loved All in the Family despite the evil intentions of worst ever New York/Hollywood Jew producer Norman Lear to defame blue collar White union workers like Archie Bunker.

        But, the reality is also that Rob Reiner is same old, same old New York/Hollywood anti Southern, anti White Jew.

        that’s what he is.

        That’s life.

      • Don’t worry. That can be arranged.
        Liturgy of Malediction, anyone?

        “How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones Against the rock.” – Ps. 137:9

        “And that rock was Christ.” – I Cor. 10:4

  2. You fight fire with fire and you fight hate with hate. The Jews hate us to death and deserve nothing less in response.

    • Christians are the CHILDREN OF JACOB, the true Israelites, These Jews are the children of ESAU. Just as Esau wanted to kill Jacob 4000 yrs ago when Jacob stole the Birthright and the Blessing from his elder brother, Esau today needs to exterminate all whites, which he believes will end Christianity forever. He thinks that nonwhite Christians pose him no threat.

      Part two will be the full extermination of mankind and the replacement of humanity by Robots, what I call Planet Israel or Planet Edom. These children of Satan must be dealt with.

        • Whether Neanderthal or not it is obvious from his description that he was hideous in appearance, and obviously so completely red hairy it was almost as if he was covered in fur. Oddly enough many Jews exhibit this trait today thus proving he is their progenitor

  3. Rand Paul endorsed Trump today.

    For his many many problems, at least Rand didn’t hang around in the race too long; he got out when it became obvious that it wasn’t happening this year. Unlike his father, who would have still been running.

    • Many Libertarians are “evolving” in the face of unrelenting white genocide.

      I’ve always thought Rand Paul would be a good Secretary of State, his dad is a little to purist to be a transitional figure. There will not be overnight elimination of the Fed for example, so the Secretary of the Treasury would have to work within that paradigm even if they wanted to change it in whole or in part.

    • Yes – that is a good thing.

      I’m not giving up on Rand Paul – I/we just spanked him like a spoiled, misbehaving child.

      The father Ron Paul has actually been worse of late – doing propaganda videos denying that Muslims males are invading, raping German girls in Cologne Germany.

      I m more than willing to allow confessed sinners back in to our community.

      We all make youthful mistakes.

      Rand Paul is still young – I hope he has learned many lessons in this presidential campaign.

      • Libertarians, for the most part, seem usefull idiots. It’s like they have some theoretical concept such as the pure sphere or twin lines which meet at infinity.

  4. The Left is teaming up with Islamists to target Whites and Christians in Europe and America.

    If you can’t see this, then you’re not paying attention.

    The situation is escalating.

  5. Keep this thought ever in the forefront of your mind. Rome’s false ‘love everyone, whatever’ is HERETICAL.

    St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves (an Eastern Orthodox Saint) said it as clearly, as biblically, as COVENANTALLY/KINIST as one ever could:

    “Love your enemies, but only your PERSONAL enemies, and NOT the Enemies of GOD!”

    Who are they? Oh, let’s see. How about the people that crucified Christ, the people that defane the Imago Dei, the marxists, the communists, the faggots, the feminzais abortionists, the transweirdos, but above all…. the JEWS.

    Go, and do thou likewise.

  6. “The United States should have stayed home in WW2, for our trouble we got stuck with Germany’s biggest problem!”

  7. Jack Ryan has supported John McCain, Mitt Romney and GOPe Inc. EVERY fucking election! What a hypocritical sack of shit! Do everyone a favor and DIE!

  8. So much of Politically Correct Retardation is the product of a mono-moral narrative where one side was totally good and the other side was totally bad.

    That is the template of how US sees race relations.

    Whites were totally bad, whereas non-whites, esp blacks, were totally good.

    It’s a cartoon vision of history, and it mortally wounds white moral pride since NO JUSTIFICATION has been offered for the Segregationists. Thus, they had no reason but PURE EVIL in having opposed Martin L. King and Civil Rights Marches.

    So, all the rightness and justification during the Civil Rights Era are placed with blacks & allies and NONE with whites who opposed the movement.

    Now, if blacks were just whites with dark skin, the anti-segregationists would have been right, more or less. Why deny full rights to a people solely based on skin color?

    But races do exist and racial differences are real and go way beyond skin color. Whites southerners(and northerners too as it turned out) had good reasons to fear social equality with blacks since blacks are the superior race when it comes to physicality, aggression, thuggery, and etc. It’s be like integrating retrievers with pit bulls. Same species, but different races.

    So, while the laws were legally unfair to blacks, getting rid of those laws would have been biologically unfair to whites. Blacks would act aggressively toward whites, lots of whites would get hurt. White guys would lose male pride and see their women go with stronger negroes. What humiliation, what shame. Interracism is ‘racism’ insofar as women go with men of another race on the premise that they are superior as men.

    And even though northerners mocked southern bigots, the Libs in NY an Chicago and Detroit and etc. all found out the same truth. They too began to be terrorized by black thuggery and moved away from darkening areas. White flight was due to white fright of the stronger meaner more aggressive Negro.

    So, a mono-moral narrative is bogus. We need a duo-moral narrative that tries to understand both sides. (We do such for Jews and Palestinians in the Middle East Conflict. We know Jews are oppressing Palestinians, but we also know that if angry Pallies were given full equal rights, they will violently strike out at Jews whom they see as occupiers and imperialists. So, both sides have legit fears and rages. We don’t use mono-moral narrative on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.)

    Now, the Civil Rights Movement was a compelling one for blacks. They had a right to be angry and demand justice.

    BUT, justice for blacks could only lead to all sorts of problems of whites who were likely to be treated like Jerry Quarry at the fists of Ali and Frazier.

    THAT side of history should be told as well. From a biological viewpoint, whites did have some compelling moral justifications for opposing racial integration.

    And given what happened to NY and other cities due to rising black crime and thuggery, we’ve seen how White Libs sneakily resorted to massive incarceration, gentrification, and stop and frisk to control blacks or push them out demographically. They talk of ‘racial justice’ but act in ways that increase segregation for themselves. Notice how rich Lib cities just get whiter and more Jewishier(and maybe more Asian).

    Also, if Nixon used the Southern Strategy against Dems in 68 and 72, Lib elites used the Foreign Strategy. They used immigration to use yellows and browns as buffers between themselves and dangerous blacks. In other words, let yellows and browns get beat up by blacks instead.

    And by filling the Dem Party with more immigrants, the party became more viable in the long run cuz a Black Party is bound to fall to ruin like Detroit.

    But a party where browns and yellows increasingly count more than blacks is viable for the white/Jewish/homo overlords of the Dem party.

    Foreign Strategy vs Southern Strategy.

    • The Negro is not stronger than the White, he is protected by Jewish Law.
      Remove the Edomite Jewish Power Structure which sustains him, you would see the Negro back in proverbial chains in less than a year. What we thus have is a legal system run completely by Edomites to oppress and eliminate Jacob ie White Christianity. Esau has dreamed about doing this for 4000 years and he will ally with anyone to do this job.

      Thus the answer to all the problem for Jacob is to retake the moral high ground a full return to YHWH and then take Esau/Edom head on,

      The so-called Mudshark can be defined by four categories, Slut, Substance Abuser, physically undesirable and mentally unstable. They will always have at least one of the four, usually they are druggies or alckys. A strict Christian Society could have legal Interracial Marriage and it would be rare as 9 times out of 10 it is practiced by the dregs of society.

  9. Hunter, please remove 313Chris’s obscene picture of Christ being sodomized from this post. I also ask that he be banned forever from commenting on OD. Pornography has no place here. Most of us are Christians, and we don’t need to see Our Lord being blasphemed on a ite that upholds Chistian culture and values.

  10. I am very sorry this blasphemous obscene post made it on to our comments.

    Yes of course this troll chris313 must be banned.

  11. “am especially excited about the growing Alt Right movement that is filled with very talented, young people who know how to use humor and sarcasm – as opposed to the same old, same old humorless, old boring cuckservatives who were, well old boring conservatives when they were 16 years old.” yes humor such as making up shit involving Melina trump and threading the reporter that exposes her. Or trusting Putin:
    How about their support of a Syrian dictator who gases his people:
    Trumps hypocrisy:
    “These idiot Left Coast loons are still out there and they will be mouthing off and funding basically anything and everything that is anti Southern, anti White – (#*$(# like homo marriage equality, transgender #*$&# in girls bathroom” like trump?
    Guess The Donald is anti-white then…why do you support him?

    • “…
      How about their support of a Syrian dictator who gases his people:”

      I respond ;

      Is Assad Hitler?

      How many did Assad gas?

      6 million ?

      These lies are getting rather old.

  12. The establishment exposes themselves every-time they unleash their attack dogs on Trump, and his supporters…

    Q… Who is the Establishment???

    A… The Mainstream media (MSM), GOP, AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs and their cuckservatives…

    The more, the aforementioned groups attack Trump, and his supporters, the more the establishment exposes themselves.

    And that’s a good thing.

  13. The time for absolute war is here. Stonewall Jackson wanted to raise the Black Flag and destroy the North as early as 1861 UNFORTUNATELY for Stonewall, President Davis and the Confederate General Staff believed in the Chivalrous rules of war. The irony is, had the Confederate General Staff adopted Jackson’s proposal, we would be talking today of Jackson’s March to Lake Erie, instead of Sherman’s March Across Georgia.

    Stonewall for some reason saw the clearest of all of them, he understood the Black Flag was the only way forward. Later Forrest and others came to believe this as well, unfortunately it was too late.

    We must not make the same mistake in 2016 as the Confederacy made in 1861, this is total war and take no prisoners. 86 them all

  14. Trump may also cause a permanent change to the power structure here, I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ve felt for quite awhile that we don’t have a two party system, we have an oligarchy, with two competing factions. They mostly argue over patronage, who’s going to be in charge. The oligarchy is fortune five hundred companies, big media/Hollywood, defense industry, the military,(including CIA, NSA), too big to jail banks. I’m hoping Trump can put a dent in their prestige the way he has the Bush’s and many of the rest of stuffed shirt Republican douchebags.

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