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  1. Rejected just because he advocates for Whites. That’s how we know White Supremacy exists.

  2. The cuck talking head on the “Raw Story” will be tried for race treason, come the Trumpening. Take no hostages. Show no mercy. This clearly is a RAHOWA, and the Jewsmedia is unable to stem the Saxon’s Awakening. Deo Gratias.

  3. To say that he did “a great job” is an exaggeration. He looked nervous and seemed to stutter at times and grope for words. Also, for goodness sake, he should have worn a suit. The content of what he said was fine, but, as always, it’s in the manner of presentation that white advocates show deficiencies and need to up their game — by a lot. People won’t listen seriously to someone like this simply because he seems so unsure of himself, like a deer in the headlights.

    Of course, it’s the exact opposite of the case with Jews. Jews say the most ridiculous things, but because of the smooth fluency of their vocal delivery and their confident manner of speaking, they are dismally persuasive.

    • Lois, to Johnson’s defense. CNN just marched into his offices unannounced.

      Now in all fairness, what interviews have you done so I can witness this profound vocal ability?

      • What a bizarre response. That’s like asking someone who criticizes a movie that they watched, “What movies have you made?” when they’re not in the movie-making business. That’s not the bar.

        And this is for much higher stakes than simply entertainment: this is for the success or failure of the ideas that might save the white West. So in fact, everyone who believes in the preservation of the white race most certainly has a stake in evaluating the performance of those who step in front of a camera and advocate for white interests.

        The idea is, we — all of us — should most certainly critique the performance of any white advocate who DOES do public interviews, with an eye toward pointing out strengths that this, or any other interviewee, should cultivate for their next interview, and shortcomings that they might work on.

        We all deserve to make our criticisms heard — and we should be assiduous in our critiques.

        • Lois, you were the one commenting about Johnson’s vocal delivery. But I don’t see examples of your suggestions to make a comparison.

      • When the reporter said right off that he despises Johnson’s ideology he ought to have said- “then we have something in common because I despise the ideology of CNN.

  4. Mr Johnson should be congratulated for this interview. The media’s caricature of pro White advocates is that of a Klan hooded, swatiska emblemed, seig heiling, screaming, foaming at the mouth monster. Mr Johnson shattered this caricature by coming off as someone who could be your next door neighbor. LARPing as a Nazi on the internet may be entertaining but in the real world we need to be able to present ourself as good old everyday normies. I think David Duke would be a good spokesperson for us if he didn’t have his baggage (although I consider this to be unfair to him). They could not tar Mr Johnson with the slur that he’s a card carrying member of the KKK or Nazi Party. I know that frustrated the media.

  5. This reporter must have some White Guilt! Just the introduction was enough for me! Why would anybody not support White Pride? Good job Mr. Johnson. WPWW !

  6. Johnson is a well respected corporate lawyer, and California property owner, what else could you want in a convention delegate.

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