Amren 2016 – Viva la Difference!

I attended the 2016 American Renaissance conference outside of Nashville Tennessee.

This was clearly THE best Amren conference ever!

Great speakers – good mix of youth and experience and a good mix of American and international speakers.

Also a VERY good mix of men and women – our struggle is a man’s job, so we were mostly men. But there were also very many beautiful (but not slutty) well dressed women!

All successful movements feature good looking women – now we’ve got em.

I talked to a very beautiful young woman from DC Virginia who was 100% sure Donald Trump would win. She didn’t seem to be concerned with many/any issues and spent the “after party” arguing with young guys sporting Odinist jewelry.

Hey, men and women are different…

Viva La Difference!

The influence of the youth Alt Right – Uncuck the Right is great; Jared Taylor is a very hip, very funny Anglo Saxin (he’s playing the saxophone):

“We Didn’t Start the Movement” (link).

I kept a somewhat lower profile as I got doxed at a past Amren conference. But, I was very pleased to learn that most attendees were familiar with Occidental Dissent and my posts here. I met two young men from Mississippi who show great promise and who seem to understand the whole Southern/Black-White/Christian world. They were strongly loyal to their great history, well aware of current racial realities, treason in high places – but best of all they had a good sense of humor – with that special spark of life that is…


As with a rebuilding baseball team – it’s best to go with youth.

I send my best to the good people in Middle Tennessee – even the maids in my motel with Southern white folks.

“The North is a direction, but the South is a place”

James Edwards the Political Cesspool (link).


  1. I had an amazing time at AmRen. Completely blown away by the quality, loyalty, and optimism of the people in our movement. It was great to meet you Jack and I hope we keep in touch.

    – Beau from Jackson, MS.

    • Great to meet you.

      You guys are our future and the future is ….


      I also hope you and your MS friend will hang out a bit here at OD and contribute unique observations of important things going on now in and around Jackson MS.

      Stay strong brother.

      • We’ll definitely stick around and keep y’all current with the tragedy that is Mississippi in The Current Year.

    • Banned? How are people “banned” from these events? Not being invited to speak is not the same as being “banned.” Do you mean that they actually asked to attend, merely as spectators, and were told that they were not permitted to do so?

      • AMRen is Skim Milk. Heimbach and Parrott, mild as they are, are too hard core for people who’ve been holding “conferences” for 60 years. So yeah, they ban more severe patriots.

        Actually, AR is the hub for CCC & LOSer types who can’t figure out the net.

        • This year’s conference had a 22 year old speaker from Estonia. One third of the attendees were under thirty. I have a hunch these folks know how to use the net.

        • I respond.

          AmRen has done many solid, positive things for our kinsmen. AmRen isn’t Libertarian loons or obsessed with the Jews.

          Lots of very, very young, sexy White Southern women… Not like these old, frumpy, uptight B!#*&$ here in… Chicago. I wanted to strip off their clothes and spank their bare a$$es right there.

          Go play somewhere else. Or if you don’t have anyone to play with, go play with yourself.

          Hunter, can we please ban this Marc Bahn troll? He’s disagreeing with me and it’s making me look bad and no one is allowed to do that here.

          Don’t feed the trolls.

        • All that is true, but I’m simply asking about the mechanics of the ban — in other words, it is a ban in the sense of, “No, you can’t make a speech,” or is it the case that Heimbach or Parrott actually tried to buy a ticket and were formally, in writing, told, “No, you are not permitted to attend. You will not be allowed inside the door.”

          See, the former just feels like a ban, but is in fact, just a slight.

          A real “ban” is if someone were to attempt to buy a ticket but somehow actively, mechanically forbidden from buying a ticket, or physically stopped at the door from entering the premises.

          So is it a slight, or rather, is it an actual mechanical, physical ban — and if the latter, how is it enacted?

          • From what I heard, Heimbach showed up in DC at NPI uninvited. There was a big controversy about it. Richard Spencer didn’t want Heimbach and Parrott to show up at Amren. Something like that.

          • How very odd. I don’t see how simply showing up could be objectionable, since these things aren’t, as far as I know, invite-only affairs. In other words, I thought that it was “If you buy a ticket, you can come.” Or is there some sort of approval process through which one needs to go, if one wants to attend?

          • Crashing someone else’s party.

            It’s not about principles, ideology – just good manners.

    • Again? I met them at last year’s conference. Did they pull off some kind of stunt this year similar to what David Duke did in 2006?

      • They were banned from NPI this year. There was a big controversy about it. I’ve been busy and haven’t followed what happened with Karen. I heard they were banned from there though.

        • Hunter, I am totally ignorant of these happenings. Can you write a post explaining AmRen, whether AmRen is a respectable ally, and also explain why all these folks–including Duke– got banned? I’m seeing mixed responses in the comments section. I’ve only been full-blown red pilled since sometime last year. I enjoy David Duke a great deal. His book was very effective, although I considered his criticism of the Old Testament to be silly and unnecessarily creating a division between the inspired scripture. Spot on with the Talmud though, as I had come to those conclusions independently after arguing with Jews on religious topics, and called their bluff by looking at their religious works.

          You’ll never find a more passive aggressive and nasty people than Jews, by the way, especially when they’re discussing Christ.

          • David Duke basically crashed an Amren party.

            Amren is “Uptown” doesn’t allow open anti Semitic jew hatred.

            David Duke fell off the wagon in the late 1990s and become a rather ineffective 24/7 Jew obsessed, Jew hater to the point where he was defending Osama Bin Ladin when US Navy Seals took Osama out in his hideout in Pakistan.

          • That is IF they took him out when Obama said they did, I am of the opinion that was all BS. Navy Seals are just like any other soldier sailor or marine, if you are told to LIE TO THE PUBLIC then that lie will be held until your death PERIOD!.

            The Military is not in the business of the truth, they are in the business of accomplishing their objectives.

          • Duke asked why an alleged Pro White outfit, promoting the interests of Whites, was simply CRAWLING with Hebes. Taylor’s never answered this very legitimate question….

          • Alex Linder has always been right about jared taylor. That pusillanimous mangina has always been jew coddling and cozying pro-asian mongrels. He been skimming on the surface regarding jewish question ever since Amren was opened and deleting comments deemed as “antisemitic”. Certainly not denying the good job jared has been doing otherwise on interviews concerning the pro white interests especially when it concerns an issue with niggers. But jared and his amren cohorts could never be considered a part of alt -right. Get it inside your heads all the bumheads supporting him.

          • Yup. When he held his “Shadow Conference” a few years back, and he…ahem….”couldn’t get a hotel in Charlotte oy vey”….cough cough (“Thank GOD I don’t have to be in the same space with those nasty, pathetic, ill-bred Goyim proles!” ) most of the attendees WERe Hebes, and their Twinks. He sent Jew Among Us as an emissary to the prole Goyim that tried to attend.

          • What you said about Duke is all too true of many of our people. They become so obsessed with the Jews that they defend, and even embrace, our other enemies because they’re against the Jews. History shows the Jews have collaborated with the Muslims on a regular basis, so if you’re Pro-Muslim, you might as well be Pro-Jewish.

          • Agreed and well said.

            Stephen you have a very positive, practical outlook on life. I am honored to have stood with you on the sidewalks of Middle TN standing up against Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith, standing against the Islamic migrant Jihad in Middle TN and also standing against the worst anti fa, sexual degenerates screaming at us – decent Black folks left us alone and probably sympathized with our positions and admired our courage.

            I note that the key board NAZIS obsessing about THE JEWS never seem to show their faces in public, never seem to accomplish anything besides complaining.

            Stay strong brother.

          • Yes, the keyboard Nazi’s are all talk and no action. I’ve never seen the ones we got here ever show up at a LOTS event or a COCC meeting. I’m glad about that, because they’re nothing but one trick ponies, who’s main purpose in life is stir up trouble, because the rest of us aren’t fighting hard enough to please them, or we refuse to go full retard on every issue like they do.

          • Agreed and well said.

            Do you have anything interesting happening around you?

            I would enjoy taking a motorcycle trip down your way.

          • This comment violates OD comment guidelines against vulgar, obscene comments.

            Please do not make any more comments like these or you will be banned.

            Have a nice day.

          • Nothing interesting happening here Jack. If you want to come down, the third week of June would be idea. BTW, I think Fr.(?) John+, the so-called Orthodox priest should be the next Looney-Tunes troll wacko to be banned. He’s constantly slandering and libeling people, and pushing ideas that have nothing to do with Southern Nationalism. I hope you can do something about him.

          • I feel your pain regarding looney toons trolls masquerading as Christian theologians.

            Hunter generally goes with the idea that we/I don’t ban commenters unless they are really, really bad – porno, promoting illegal violence acts etc.

            If it were left up to me.

            Yeah – lots of trolls would be bounced out of the bar.

          • Amren is good on the Negro issues, but you’ll find no greater Friend of the Self Chosen than Jared Taylor. Excepting Jew Ellis of course.

          • Ahh I see, so they’re like a half-way house, or a containment facility, for partly red-pilled goys. Well, once you open the door to race consciousness, the Jewish Question will eventually get asked.

      • Did David Duke pull a “stunt”? I thought that he simply showed up, and some Jews started hyperventilating about his mere presence at the event.

        • You can see the entire episode on YouTube. David Duke was asking Guillame Faye, a question. The question was clearly critical of Jews as a group, even though Duke was careful not to mention the group he was asking about. Dr. Michael Hart ,who has spoken at several AmRen conferences lost his temper and called Duke a “f–king Nazi” and accused him of having disgraced the meeting.

          All in all, this was not AmRen’s finest hour. And this explains why Duke is persona non grata at AmRen conferences.

          • From that description, it sounds like the fault lies exclusively with Michael Hart and his patently cucky, virtue-signalling reaction, and AmRen should have seen in that way. But I’ll try to find the video and gauge the situation for myself.

            Is Hart Jewish? If so, then it wasn’t a cuck reaction but rather, typical Jewish aggression.

          • Yes, Dr. Hart is Jewish. I don’t think that the fault lies exclusively with him. It is well known that AmRen Conferences are open to Jews and that it is not the place to raise the JQ. If Duke had a problem with that, he probably should have stayed home.

          • The fault lay with Hartsky, and TAYLOR. Not Duke. If a White man cannot ask questions about Jews, Destroyer of the White Race, as a meeting allegedly held to advance White interests, then the fault is NOT with the White man.

          • I don’t envision the two of us finding much common ground. Suffice it to say, there are many forums and events where folks like Duke and yourself can obsess about Jews to your heart’s content. AmRen was not designed to be one of them Duke should have respected this.

          • I certainly don’t want to speak for Jared Taylor, but my understanding is AmRen is a forum to discuss the historical, cultural, and biological importance of race.

            As for the issue of policy, I believe Mr.Taylor has only two suggestions. The first is a moratorium on all immigration. The second is complete freedom of association.

          • Well, that doesn’t make sense. In fact, that’s pure cuckspeak. By that token, one could say that the Republican Party is “open to Jews” and if people like Pat Buchanan (let alone the majority of the Alt Right) have a problem with that, they should stay home. That simply empowers our enemies. Rather, that makes it all the more important for Dr. Duke and Pat Buchanan the Alt Right and anyone and everyone else to raise the JQ whenever they can — all the MORE when it is “taboo.”

    • Hunter, does Heimbach ever come around or does he spend his internet time on his blog? I wish I could somehow get in touch with him but I understand he needs his safety and all.

  2. LOL @ “young guys sporting Odinist jewelry.”

    Were they sporting fashy haircuts and Pepe masks, too?

    • This is just the same old, same old troll.

      There is a reason Amren has standards of dress and conduct to keep out these low lifes.

  3. Ssssshhh….you’re not supposed to mention that the Amren event was held in a synagogue………….!

  4. Not Approved @ Occidental Dissent Uncensored:

    I’ve known Brad Griffin since early 2005 after the Christmas Coup of 2004 against TraitorGlenn Miller got me banned at the jewboy Linder’s Virtual Colostomy Bag of a forum. I moved to Da and got “Hunter Wallace” to set up a jewlag for us Christian Identity tards to fight in. We all would get in the jewlag together and fight with each other and a fine time was had by all. Back then people understood that conflict brought greater readership than playing nice ever did. We were all mean boyz.

    Brad has a history of being a pore lil rich boy who is intensely loyal to his friends. Brad’s friends are usually not royal to Brad. Brad’s friends don’t get along well together.

    So Brad is going to uphold “Jack Ryan Ellis” or, as I prefer to call the mattoid ass-clown “Wile E. Hibernigger.” Nobody else can understand what Brad sees in this idiot desperately needing a pallet slat upside the pointy lil head, but again, Brad is loyal to his friends and hurt when, as in 2006, they turn on him like the phorafags/feebs did. Brad simply is not calculating with those he thinks are his friends when he would do far better to cull the herd.

    Chris313’s impersonations of JackieBoi were certainly spot on, though. They shouldn’t have been censored away because they were apt. Chris313 certainly got the pseudo-faggot butthurt mattoid down pat and it was hilarious. The idiotic hiber-critter thinks it is a “ladies man” and the girleys think it is a pathetic homo dweeb. The men just want to whup its ass.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt

    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • Mr. Lindstedt, are you aware why 313Chris got banned? One of the reasons for the ban is that he posted pornography of Jesus Christ being sodomized and whipped by perverts. I protested to Hunter and Jack about this filthy outrage, and he was banned. He’s still trying to skirt the ban by using different Disqus accounts, but once Jack or Hunter contact them about this filthy idiot, that will put an end to his garbage here.

      • First of all, I hear that you are a jew. Is that true?

        Chris313 isn’t a big friend of mine, either. For years he would post over at Linder’s Virtual Colostomy Bag that I was a child molester who got out of charges by getting sent to the Fulton State Missouri NutHouse. I fail to see how those who make this claim have any knowledge of the case, other than maliciousness. My position is that anyone on the other side, especially politicians, judges, lawyers, piglice — and everyone who supports the current regime — are sick diseased misbegotten animals needing absolute extermination by the most vicious means possible in order to scare stupider the whgger herd animals which remain with the place of slaves in a theocratic military dictatorship . Side with ZOG — die with ZOG. The only possible punishment for those who destroy White families have their entire bloodline cut off and that they all be sent screaming to hell.

        Now being from the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity portion of the bowel Movement I don’t particularly care what the heathens or the a-theistic portions do as they have a religion and it is solipsism. In fact the past couple of years I have been engaged with fighting jews like “Eli James” and Baal Finck and especially Bryan Reo, and their attempts to censor my web pages. Right now I’m engaged in six lawsuits in the past six months against Bryan Reo in the federal courts in Missouri and the Lake County Ohio courts as this satannic mongrel keeps on abusing these courts to fight against myself and my Church. (By the way, this Kyle “Broke-back” Bristow has Bryan Reo as a law clerk and probably is getting a cut of Reo’s other 40+ lawsuits in the state and federal korts the past three years.)

        So Chris313’s notions do not bother me in the slightest. Hunter Wallace has a right to censor pretty much anyone he pleases. For six months I myself was banned for supporting Dylann Storm Roof until I decided to drop it down a notch or two, at least here. I have in no way changed my mind but understand that Hunter doesn’t want to hear it . . . here and now.

        I’ve known Hunter Wallace for over 11 years. Four years ago Hunter decided to make a change and go from being a derided yellow “Grinnie-the-Pooh” blob and make a change in his life. And he did so. The end result is something useful in bowel Movement communications.

        But Hunter’s strength — and weakness — is his loyalty to his friends — who have little loyalty to Hunter. And Hunter has been hurt, not by his open enemas by by his “friends.” Couple that with the fact that yes, I know Jack Shit. Jack S. is an importunate whiner and name dropper who is a wannabe censoring tard / whiney bitch — or maybe even a ZOGbot twat.

        I think that the solution to Jack S. is that Jack S. / Wile E. Hibernigger can of course censor whatever the pathetic whiney bitch wants to — on itz portion of this Tard Corral / jewlag. After all, it was me who advocated the very first jewlag in the early daze of the v-bulletin forum years when they took over from the yahoogroups as the primary Resistance means of communication.

        And yes, that means that Jack S. can take this post of mine down as infringing on itz sandbox. it also means that Jack S. stops showing itz dripping mangina and whining for censorship outside itz own little sandbox. We in turn [myself, Chris313, Denise] don’t shat at Jack S’s littlerbox and Jack S don’t menstruate in the bigger blog.

        We can all be happy if we want to.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

        • Pastor Lindsted writes:

          “First of all, I hear that you are a jew. Is that true?”

          I respond:

          Hunter can we also ban this troll/loon Pastor Lindstedt ?

          He seems to be a sent from straight from central casting conspiracy mongering loon – everyone is supposedly a Jew. Yet he sides with anti White Jewish trolls 313Chris who posts obscene, blasphemous cartoons of Jesus being homo raped.

          We simply have to work harder to attract sane, employed regular Americans – our target market is Southerners.

          This lunatic fringe is a real pain.

          • When I was locked up illegally in the NutHouse for refusing a pub[l]ic pretender to sell me out on the bogus child molestation charges at the end of six months here cums a psychologist named Jeffrey Kline. I asked Kline if the critter was a jew or not and after 10 minutes of jew whining had a Mel Gibson moment a full month or so before Mel Gibson had his Mel Gibson moment. But unlike Mel Gibson I never bothered to apologize. After figuring out that jew-free Kline jewboy wasn’t going to pass me anyway in May 2006 because I wasn’t ready to roll over for the railroad — “Ain’t that just like a fucking jew? Ask the fucking jew if it is a fucking jew and the fucking jew can’t answer that it is a fucking jew” — we screamed at each other for another two hours and jewfree found out — Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Sargeant Carter!!! — that I was too nutty to do anything other than to derail the railroad. After another six months I was found competent to stand trial if doped up, but it wasn’t until I got moved to medium security and started causing litigation that the doping ceased, although I did feign hiring a lawyer then refused once discharged from the NutHouse and back in jail after over two and a half years. Then it was getting to be my own attorney and the Newton County regime criminals allowed me affordable bail and the bogus charges had to be dismissed.

            Now the fact of the matter is that you are a piece of shit and likely a jewboy and a total fuktarded whiney bitch, Jack S. Not that it matters until Hunter figures out that you are simply too expensive to keep around and sends you off to do . . . something else.

            Now I’m definitely not the sort to go to an Amerikwan Renaissance banquet pud-pullery thangie. You go there and coongradjewlate other newbie whigger and jewboy and mamzer faggots that they are the ‘blight stuff” as well. Which is fine. Obviously someone / everyone found you a tedious enough piece of shit that they doxed you quick enough. Popular Soverignity hath Spoken.

            Recently Evelyn Rich was bitching to Fat Heidi of the $PLC that John DeNutjob called her a jewess. Which goes to show why no one who hangs around you jewboys and faggots is safe. Gotta have “street cred” in the bowel Movement even if you are the wife of Jared Taylor.

            Now it doesn’t much matter what is said by Chris313 or Denise or myself or others. You will whine like a cuck pussy for censorship of others and put Hunter in the position to where he will make enemies for life if he does so. So let’s understand full well that you don’t have Brad’s interests at heart. It is all about you and the other jews that have crept in.

            We also know that if you are kicked out for the good of Hunter’s blog and street cred that you will . . . do nothing because you are simply worth nothing. The best thing Brad could do would be to simply banish you to your own tard corral where nobody but you and the other jews could suck each other off. Which is exactly what I recommended above. Put you in jewr own tard corral with the other jewboys and faggots and fuktards and let you suck each other off and all is well enough.

            So when are you going to show jewr whiny bitch mangina to Fat Heidi, Moan Wile E. Hibersheenie? Put on a Alex Linder mask and wear a colostomy bag and maybe Fat Heidi might let jew mount her.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • Denise, why aren’t you upset about Chris313’s posting of pornographic pictures of Christ being sodomized and tortured by queers? You’re always saying Jesus was beautiful, yet your more upset about me being a “yellow Hebe”, than Chris313’s posting of pornographic pictures of Christ being sexually abused.

          • I didn’t see those pics. So I cannot comment. You Jews are the actual Christ Killers……….so……

          • You may have not seen the pictures, but several of us have seen them, and can testify to their blasphemous nature. But like the demented “Pastor?” Lindstedt, you seem to be more upset with the fact that I have Jewish ancestry, than an act of blasphemy against the Lord and Savior of the world. Most of us here are Christians, and we don’t take kindly to Our Lord being held up to contempt. This “yellow Hebe” is one of those Christians. You should be one of those Christians too in defending Our Lord against blasphemy, for you said several times in the past Jesus was beatiful.

        • I’m of Jewish descent, but I’m a practising Christian with no sympathy or empathy toward Judaism as a religion or culture.

          • According to Dual-Seedline Christian Identity you jews are the literal Spawn of Satan through Satan’s seduction of Eve, leading to Cain, the Son of the Evil One, father of all you jews.

            Which is why you cannot help, under Genesis 3:15 but to hate Adamic Man, especially us Christian Israelites. You are a jew and that is what you do.

            The topic brought up by the ever idiotic and even more jewwey Jack S. Lyin’ Ryan Ellis a.k.a. Wile E. Hibersheenie about what a wunnerfool place Amurrikwan Renaissance is for addlepated bowel Movement whigger & jewboy coontact. Well, that isn’t somethang which is of much appeal to myself, even if allowed in as opposed to being banned on sight like Mutt Chaimbach and Fatt Parrott.

            Why back in the late 1980s when I was driving a truck, I paid $10 for a trip to Juarez Mexico from the El Paso Petro truck stop. A bunch of truck drivers loaded up in the van and we first were sent to a number of tourist-trap shops in which the beaneress married to an Amurrikwan was getting a cut. Then the van drove up to a big brick building in which the goods were not on display. Six truck drivers left the van except for the beaneress. “What is this place?” I asked. “Boys Town, The Mexican Cat-House, The Juarez Brothel,” said Roy, another Burlington driver. “You can get one hell of a blow-job for ten dollars and everything else for $20!!!” Such a deal, but I told the beaneress I wasn’t into screwing mestizo skanks and so we went to the “B-list” tourist traps for an hour or so where I bought some silver rings and a cashmere jacket cheaper than the “A-list” shops.

            Now the point is that a lot of us in the bowel Movement don’t want to go to an inclusionary kike brothel and get our whigger peckers sucked by edjewmacated kikeophiles..Which is what we regard Amurrikwan Renaissance as — a place where mattoid whiggers are introduced to the notion that yes, you Spawn of Satan jews belong jewnited with whigger fuktards together in the bowel Movement. What next, an AmuriiKKKwa Kook Klucks Klan in which niggers are allowed just as long as they ain’t uppity?

            Amurrikwan Renaissance has its standards which I most certainly do not agree with. So I don’t bother to attend given their policies on allowing in and catering to you jews. For their part, Amurrikwan Renaissance has to deal with the criticism and whispering campaign from us.

            Many of us have a similar problem with Brad Griffin and Occidental Dissent. Brad allows you jews in both kike flavors of Southon Sephardic and Yankee Ashkenazi here on Occidental Dissent. I myself am uneasy, Denise and Chris313 are unruly and the rest of us are watching. Having a truly idiotic pseudo-mischling aggressive mattoid whiny bitch like Jack S. Lyin’-Ryan Ellis / Wile E. Hibersheenie cuntinally whining for censorsheep makes us wonder if Hunter will get all wobbly — like Arta-Xerxes getting sum Esther-kikess stanky on his hang-down and mounting like Fat Heidi of the $PLC atop Jack S. sporting an Alex Linder mask & colostomy bag — a blog Purimfest against us not-gullible goyim.

            I’ve been involved before in such purges of the core audience. The end result is that the Internet organization without the actual real membership of White people in favor of you jews and mamzers implodes once it reveals its true nature. I’d hate for it to happen here and for pathetic jews, just like National Review revealed its nature and now is on life support by jews.

            But at least you have admitted being a jew. Wish Jack S. Lyin’ Ryan Ellis / Wile E. Hibersheenie were as honest.

            Hail Victory !!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • Nothing you said made a lick of sense. You’re obviously a man in need of serious psychiatric help. Your profane sexual babblings indicates a need for moral and spiritual cleaning. If Jack got you banned, he would be doing you a favour. You would then have the time to get the help you so desperately need, instead of wasting your time and ours at OD.

      • Amren still exists to protect and serve the Jew. The Newbies will be fooled for awhile. The smart ones will clue in fast.

        • The old battle of the Intellectual Racialist Traditionalist vs the Brownshirt or bomb thrower. One is of the nobility the other is proletariat. The point is the Amren types hate the Aryan Nation Tom Metzger types and are uneasy with the criminal types like Aryan Brotherhood members who I am not endorsing BTW.

          The problem is this a movement needs both it’s Intellectuals and its bombthrowers. The South in 1860 had both, it had intellectuals like Rhett and it had men like Preston Brooks who handled things personally.,Nazi Germany had both.

          We all want basically the same thing, we must unite on that point.

          • Bombthrowers are only useful on a literal war. The problem with these types is they don’t know when to stop, and sadly, they become a threat to the cause they fought for.

          • Yes and this is very true but we need both. The problem is the wine and cheese racialist ie AMREN hates these people BUT heres the deal, they wont be the ones waging war on the day of Deliverance the bombthrowers will. The intellectual WNs need to embrace them, and the bombthrowers need to calm the bombasticness. Both sides have things they need to give ground on

          • The Bombthrowers are fanatics. They can’t be reasoned with, because they won’t stop fighting, even if there’s no reason to fight anymore. They must always have an enemy to fight, and as a result, they become a destablizing factor in the new order. Sadly, the bt’s have to be neutralized by imprisonment or death to preserve the very cause they fought for. This poor individuals are neither thinkers or practical men of action. They are incapable of reasoning or figuring out what to do after the fight is over.

          • The great conundrum. We need the soldier and yet we also need him to become a farmer and productive citizen once the war is over. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. Hitler learned this in 1934

          • Uh huh. . . “The Cause” “WE” fight for Moan jewboy?

            You mean kosher Alt-Blight Cuckervative Waycism?

            What is the point of even having a p[r]ogram iff’n we ain’t gonna have a pogram?

            No wonder this thread is becum-cummin’ so popular. We have Jack S. Lyin’-Ryan Ellis / Wile E. Hibersheenie breathlessly anusnouncing that AmurriKwan Renaisance had more and more gullible goyim attending where they did victory laps — and lap dances with kikes — over the crowning of the Trump God-Emperor over the right worsesheepfool ZOGling whigger & mamzer #LumpenTrumpentariate. As with the fall of Rand Pawl Jack S. is like the wee cockerel that thought itz kvetching made the sun cum up. Now Wile E. iHbersheenie wants to have Trotskyism in its pants and bring the bowel-Movement rise of itz jew crew from Amurikwan Renaissance to Occidental Dissent.

            As a Fourth Generation Swede from South Dakota — where we know how to treat Injuns right enough by putting the cowed survivors on reservations — let’s make sure that the jewboiz and jewgirrrrrlz are put in theyz’ place. After Civil War II what say that we put the surviving “good jews” — if any — like Steve Dalton on Long Island and use it as a hunting preserve to recreate Amon Goeth Swindler’s List fantasies. I would so love to set this “Christian” wet-jew Steven Dalton afoot in a nude recreation of “Da Nekkid Prey” with my lyin’-cheetah tracking niggers Muhdikkk XIX and Leroy Tyrone Jenkins chasing down the shrieking kvetching jewboy — nigger, red of toof & claw — and eating it out while still alive from the snout to the asshole for that rich khazarian fat which makes the best of soap and ponder whether to take the coup-de-grace in order to save some of the fat for soap and the recently tattooed kike pelt for lampshades.

            Meanwhile the jews would be housed in tin and cardboard shacks which would make a Bureau of Indian Affairs shack on Pine Ridge — the worst run of all the Injun reservations because you have to be a full-blood to sit on the tribal council — look like one of the God-Emperor Der Trumpenfuerher’s hotels or casinos.

            Silly me, I just think that the accommodations for the infiltrating kosher snouts of Wile E. HiberSheenie’s Da Tuatha De Heeb should be a lot less accommodating here on Brad’s Forum than they are over at AmurriKwan Ren&Stimpy-piss-ants.

            Hail Victory !!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • Point of jewrisprudence, Jack S./Wile E. Hibersheenie.

        First of all is jewris-dik-dik-shun. Hunter has jurisdiction to ban us uppity trolls across his blog. Does Wile E. Hibersheenie have any jewris-dik-dik-shun outside itz own jewlag, cum-cum, cum-cum?.

        Secondly is a point of standing. Do you whiny bitch jewboy faggots, what with what is written about Jesus Christ Christian in jewr Holey Talmud, cum-cum, cum-cum, about being boiling in shit in Heck have any standing over what an a-theist solipsist pollack-wop like Chris313 says in order to piss you whiney bitch jewboy faggots off?

        Nope, neither jewris-dik-dik-shun nor standing.

        That said, I’d look at Chris313 posting a video of Jack S. Lyin’ Ryan / Wile E. Hibersheenie being pegged while wearing an Alex Linder mask & colostomy bag by Fat Heidi Beirich of the $PLC, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • A perfectly succinct illustration of your horrible ability to judge character and separate the good from the bad, the constructive from the destructive and self-destructive.

        Denise, I think you are completely BSing about being pro-White or you are just as unhinged and as biologically destined for failure as Looney Lindstedt. You’re a one-trick pony whose M.O. is to inject “Jew” into every conversation and even create them when and where none actually exist.

        • Oh. I see you have forgotten all about the Jew Spite posts, and are now back to thinking Jews are not a problem. Re: ability to judge anything – take a good long hard look in a mirror. YOU are talking about yourself.

          • Celestial Slime is a “meercat”.

            I coined the term 20 years ago for my step-daughter Fatass’ second husband. A goofy whigger from a white-trash family, the little critter would do whatever my stepdaughter said — other than get and hold a job. As the show “Meercat Manor” was popular back then, I’d cumpare Fatass’ second husband to one of them head-bobbling little twitchy critters with itz head in Fatass’ burrow-furrow.

            I put up with this because Meercat #1 was a whigger and at least the grandkids would be white. Regrettably grandson #2 was a chicken-head with the memory of a meercat, but grandson #3 /grandchild #4 was an upstanding little citizen and with his blue eyes and blond curls the prettiest baby I ever seen. The beaners couldn’t keep their dirty paws off of Henry the Sweet-Pea who looked like one of the angel-children.

            But my local Newton County enemies bought and sold my grandchildren like cattle and tried to murder me through jewdickal process. Which is why I’m the sort of mean hard man I am today knowing that the ZOGling whigger & mamzer herd needs to be thoroughly culled and put under the boot and spur of a racist Neo-Aristocracy of Theocratic Warlords.

            That particular whigger meercat is long gone and has since impregnated two or three other welfare skanks although for want of ZOGbux for a divorce is still married to Fatass, who has had many many many other meercats since. I give them all a number rather than bother to give them a name if they don’t last a year — then I forget the number.

            Famous meercats in the Bowel Movement include Hadding the KAS-Fluffing Loveless Mattoid Meercat. Real name Scott Spiedel, but we all call him Hadding the Meercat.

            So every bowel Movement Ober-shiessen-kopfen-feeben-fatten-fartin-fuktard-fuerher needs — and wants — a stable of mangina-dwelling servile meercats. Celestial Slime is Brad’s Personal Pan Meercat.

            Now if you don’t want some meercat looking for a master jumping into your own personal orifices, keep close at hand a flyswatter or pallet slat and harsh mean words and whup on itz sensitive snout until the timid little critter cries and give it seconds and thirds and then with repeated merciless application it won’t likely ever bother you again for a while.

            Hail Victory !!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Are your grandkids OK? I know that Meercat type. My hubby’s a good guy, and a very hard working fellow. I have no worries in that regard.

  5. I posted 4 Comments on the Amren site.3 were ovened, due to Jew references, including one that noted Heidi Beirich is not White
    Not cool.

          • She sez she’s German, but study her facial features.

            PS – Germans tried to “assimilate” Jews, by “converting” them to Christianity, and allowing them to take German names. How did that work out for Germany?

          • Don’t try to reason with her son, she’s totally unreasonable. She sees Jews everywhere!

          • In fairness, jews are everywhere, often posturing as White. Heidi isn’t one of them though, she is just a pos.

          • Jews are indeed in a lot of places, but some people have a paranoia that sees them where they are not. I’ve run into a lot of these folks in the last thirty years, and they fail to understand that many white people can be power-hungry just like the Jews. These folks discredit our cause by puting the blame on one group of people, while ignoring other factors that contribute to the problems we face.

  6. The trolling and dysfunctional WHITE POWER loons on the comments section here demonstrate why healthy, racially aware (Southerners) should strongly avoid the 24/7 White Power, Jew obsessed, conspiracy lunatic world – and instead to effective activism through different institutions and join the growing Alt Right, Donald Trump campaigns.

    The American White Power, Jew hatred “Movement” attracts loners, losers, dysfunctional people who would frankly be this way under any system including any and all pro White systems;

    I highly recommend the OD readers check out the writing of Viet Nam Vet, folk community leader Jost Turner. Here’s one of his best:

    “White Power: We’ve Got It!

    Is “White Power” really the answer to the survival of our race?

    by Jost Turner

    “You can buy a White man for a compliment, let alone $60,000 a year!” These words describe the frustration and disgust of an educator in the public school system after years of watching the predominantly White administrators and teachers unquestioningly affirm, expand, and implement with religious fanaticism, every new dictum of political correctness – the new State Religion -which slithers down from the educational hierarchy – regardless of logic or consequence! This is White Power in action.

    The words White Power adorn reams of White racialist literature, posters, and stickers. They embellish telephone messages, tattoos, and quasi National Socialist salutes. White Power is a universal demand of much of the White racial movement, and it is looked upon with great longing as the final savior of a world gone mad. But the joke’s on us, because White Power is exactly what we have today, and what we have had every day that this world has been going mad. It is time we faced some cold, hard facts. Most any Jewish activist will happily point out that Bill Clinton, George Bush, Paul Ryan or Rand Paul are just about as White as they come, as has been every other president before Obama. At no time in the history of this country has the vast majority of the Senate or House of Representatives been anything other than lily White. The Supreme Court has always been predominantly White, as are government police agencies such as the FBI. The Federal Bureaucracy is still largely White, and all no-Whites therein have been given their jobs by the White Federal hierarchy. State governments are White, as are most municipal and county governments. The courts on all levels are still predominantly White. A clear majority of the voters in this county are White, and the majority of the tax-payers are White. A majority of corporation CEOs and board members are White, and there are even enough Whites in positions of power throughout the media to counter Jewish influence. Finally, there are more wealthy Whites than Jews or other ethnic groups. All of our enemies would point out that this nothing more nor less than White Power!

    The fact is that there are more than enough White voters, Whites in positions of governmental and police power, and White financial muscle to ship out every single Jew, Negro Asian, Latino , and other non-White on the next boat! But instead, every one of these elements of White Power encourage the immigration of still more non-Whites in the country and disenfranchise their own White brethren-either by direct power (government, police and financial) or seeming indifference (voters). The situation we have today is a direct consequence of 200+ years of White Power. How the Jews and non-Whites must howl with laughter when they hear us shout “White Power”. You want it? You got it! At the rate that White Power is exuberantly staffing the government, courts, bureaucracies, and police with non-Whites, it won’t be long before we see an end to White Power.

    Perhaps this will be for the better. Perhaps then a few more Whites will begin to reconsider their position. We definitely have White Power, but why does it serve only to destroy us? The answer was pointed out by Adolf Hitler: “As soon as egoism become the ruler of a Folk, the bands of order are loosened, and in the chase after their own happiness men fall from heaven into a real hell.” Egoism is self-absorption. Today, most White are very self-absorbed, not only with financial accumulation, but even more with societal position or image.

    In this state of egoism, they can be easily manipulated and controlled by simple compliments or ego-strokes to their position, authority, identity, status, education, or intelligence. It’s that simple, and it works! This, not to mention a salary in the five or six figure bracket, is how university administrators, instructors, and students are so easily manipulated into ratifying, embracing and further preaching virtually every nonsensical decree of political correctness as a new State Religion!. They go on to initiate the doctrines of this State Religion not all the different governmental, judicial, corporate, media and educational positions of power to which they gravitate. That’s White Power.

    The working class is just as susceptible. They are self-absorbed with their own status and intelligence, and, responding to ego-stimulation by television and motion picture media personalities, they too feel the gratification of the politically correct thinking of the new State Religion – not to mention social security, health insurance and retirement! That’s White Power. The great majority of Whites are far too self absorbed to consider the effect of all this political correctness on the future of their children. Most are far too self-absorbed to worry about the welfare of their children, let alone their Folk or arena are being denigrated by self-styled racial writers and leaders who have never made any comparable contributions to the struggle. This, too, is White Power.

    Egoism in the White racial movement is not confined to the leadership. Virtually overnight, a handful of “Hollywood Nazis” destroyed years of careful, successful work which we had done to demolish media distortions and show the residents of a small California county the nature of true National Socialists. Almost as soon as they arrived, these “neo-nazis” wiped out everything we had accomplished with pointless flag burnings, intimidations, threats, violence (against Aryan women!), and, of course, parading around in their childish “White Power” tee shirts.

    These media-scripted, un-Aryan “neo-Nazi” activities were not even aimed at non-Whites, Jews, or left-wing activists. There are few non-whites in that county, and none in the affected town. These childish antics were all directed at Whites, most of whom had no interests at all in urban racial problems. Any observer could see that everything done was to gratify fragile egos. Now, a whole county will never again be receptive to any message of National Socialism. That’s White Power. If we are to survive as an Aryan Folk and as a White race, a sizeable portion of us must follow the guidelines of Adolf Hitler and get beyond egoism. We must banish our self-absorption, and put all or our own personal desires, interest, and welfare of our Folk and race. This is not “White Power”. This is National Socialism!

    To survive, we must begin right now to build a solid foundation of Folk-consciousness, first within our own lives, then educating others who are already racially aware, and finally offering it to those who become disillusioned by self-aggrandizement and egoism.

  7. Well I say this, everyone may come at it from different sides but until the tattoooed Aryan Nation/Nazi Party member and the Intellectual Racialist can stand side by side and realize we want the same thing, then all is lost. We all have our own style and must instead of criticizing we must band together.

    • In an actual war, that would be possible. But unfortunately, the Aryan Nations/Nazi Party types don’t get along with other racial nationalists in ordinary day by day situlations. They tend to be the losers, loners, and dysfunctional types that Jack Ryan has talked about. I’ve seen these types in my thirty years observing the Radical Right, and although my political bias leaned toward the rr, types like these kept me from committing myself until I discovered the COCC. The COCC showed me that you can be a radical rightist, and a sane, normal person at the same time. BTW, the very first COCC meeting I every attended was disrupted by a Neo-Nazi woman who just had to hollar “Heil” every chance she got. She got us kicked out of our then current meeting place, and needless to say, she was told to stay away from future meetings!

      • Steve I agree with you. The thing is we need to quit all of this division and form a united front. How do we do this? I have no idea, if I did I’d be a leader but I don’t.

  8. Stephen Dalton is a very good man.

    I was there with him in the streets of Middle Tennessee standing up against invading Somalian Muslim Jihadists and the worse treasons of Tyson Foods.

    Steven Dalton is a good man.

    That’s what we’re all about – standing with good men, defending our people.

    Those have issues with this…

    Take a hike.

    • Stephen Dalton is an admitted jew. Thus an admitted Spawn of Satan. The jew claims to be a Christian. In Russian the name for a babtized jew “Christian” is “wet jew”.

      Jack S. Lyin’ Ryan Ellis admits to working with this fellow jew playing at holding signs from years ago. Wile E. HiberSheenie is a fellow jew. Why infiltrating jews should be welcome amongst us actual White People is the same reason as why we should allow jew-nigger Somalians in as well — we shouldn’t.

      Steven Dalton isn’t either good or a man. Just another dirty jew on the blog, working with the other jews to kick off Real White Men and Women from off Hunter’s Blog.

      Doing this is exactly what you dirty jews are about — infiltrating White Nationalist blogs and forums and then working on getting the ruling fools running them to destroy their entire reason for existence in the first place. This jew-infiltration doesn’t only exist at the National Review or the former Republican Party. Now there are jews who have taken over at Amurrikwan Renaisance and under color of praising its recent dog & pony show is trying to do the same here on Brad’s Blog.

      jews are NOT “our people.” jews are Stephen Dalton’s and Jay Ellis’ pisspul.

      Nor do we have issues with this. A known jew is a de-fanged jew. Notice that it is not me that demands that Brad remove his pet jews like King Eddy the First but rather Brad’s pet jews demanding censorship of the remaining White posters here.

      Doing so is the road to irrelevance. Brad has survived the betrayal of his so-called friends, who were also jews and mongrels back in 2006-2007 with phorafags/feebs. Can Brad survive betraying his white friends and listeners in the Movement working on behalf of you dirty jews?

      Why risk it? I’m not calling for the banishment of you jews. I think Brad ought to figure out what works out best for Brad.

      Let me take up the task of de-nutting and rubbing these kike’s manginas with a really rough corn cobb or a pine cone and unleash Chris313 to bring up the turpentine. They certainly kvetch loud enough now.

      Or not. Wait and see.

      Hoof it to Heck, Brad’s jewboys.

      Hail Victory!!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • “Stephen Dalton is an admitted jew. Thus an admitted Spawn of Satan. The jew claims to be a Christian. In Russian the name for a babtized jew “Christian” is “wet jew”.

        I respond:

        Oh dear.

        Hunter we ve gone a full blown loon troll.

        • “Hunter we ve gone a full blown loon troll.”

          I respond:

          Dear Fat Heidi of the $PLC:

          I’ve got Jack S. Lyin’-Ryan Ellis / Wile E. Hibersheenie all warmed up and lubricious & kikeazoid vicious with itz mangina wettt & ripe for the pegging.

          Hail Victory !!!

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

          P.S. Fat Heidi given that Wile E. Hibersheenie is at least a mischling jewboy the pore lil delusional critter doesn’t really have to wear itz Alex Linder mask and colostomy bag, before you get down to bizness does it? You owe it to Jack S. for putting itz sneaky face and real name on the Haetwatch blog.

          And Jack S. would really appreciate that just before you mount it for pegging that you put on jewr April Gaede mask along with sprinkling jewrself with genuine April Gaede Swastica Pussy Honey. Wile E. Hibernigger wants to slurp it up so you being a fat goy yenta wanting Chosen kikeling jelly should know where to slather it on the thickest for optimum ovulation.

          HV!!! -PMLDL

          • By the way, Jack S. Lying-Ryan / Wile E.Hibersheenie, to get this discussion back on track, Amurrikwan Renaissance has a policy of being pro-jew and is understood to go so far as to ban White Nationalists who run afoul of the jews like yourself and other jews. Your position is frankly to turn Hunter’s Blog into another pro-jew anti-White blog.

            Now it is my position that a dirty jew who is known is far better than a dirty jew that is unknown and so I am not in any way advocating that you dirty Spawn of Satan jews be kicked out of Brad’s Blog. Rather, I advocate unleashing Chris313 and Denise and others who don’t like you dirty jews to have full freedom to respond in kind to jewr kikeazoid ZOGbot provocations. You know enough to hide jewr snout and tail and stop kvetching for censorship then maybe we all can make for a wary truce which will hold w

          • To be fair I’ve criticized the tribe probably hundreds of times at AmRen over the years and I see it frequently. Generally it is subtle or thinly veiled sometimes not though. I haven’t been blocked yet, neither have the others as far as I know. That being said I have certainly had these types of posts deleted on more than a few occasions, to say the least. It seems as if lately subtle criticism is allowed more than in the past though. If we are being “race realists” we should be allowed to discuss all of the angles, no group should be off limits.

          • Why don’t you admit you do what you accuse me of, you homo freak rabbi, and pay to do it?

          • Rabbi is your husband, shit is what you take and homo and whore are what you are….Too much of eating negress sow sheboons’ cunt is doing things to your brain, dyke!!!

          • //// Total kike idiocy and profanity. that cheap Slivowitz you guzzle is incompatible with your end stage AIDS meds, rebbe. HAHAHA!!!

          • Glen, although Denise posts a lot of objectionable material, please don’t address her with that kind of langauge. It doesn’t help any of us when we descend into the gutter.

        • Jack, I’m with you in banning this loon. He contributes nothing but slanders, sexual innuendos, and gratuitous insults to OD. He has his own blog, so he doesn’t need to stink up OD with his pornographic rants.

      • Dalton, you would be better off dropping the jew in your woodpile shtick. In certain areas that would get you Brownie points. Not here. If I recall correctly you claim to be a percentage of many ethnicities. I’m thinking Elizabeth Warren is more Indian than you are a jew.

          • So Denise, do you approve of that picture at the top of Chris313’s website showing Jesus Christ being sodomized? I do hope it meets your artistic and moral standards.

          • Well, I guess CT was right about you. You’re a bad judge of character, you’re obviously a one trick pony with a Jew fixation, you inject the Jew into situations where he isn’t even there, and like CT I believe you really don’t give a damn about the white race. You just use racial issues as a way of stirring up crap. You’re not a serious thinker, you’re just somebody who wants to be the center of attention all the time. You have your own blog, why don’t you just stay there, so the grown ups here can have literate, rational discussions.

          • Since you are an actual JEW – you are a one-trick pony Jew, injecting Jewish subversion into everything you do. You are aided and abetted your boi Jack. You are not pro-white and all, since you are a Jew. Fortunately, Jewish attacks on Donald Trump are waking up LOADS of Whites, across the country, and the world.

          • Like I’ve said on other occasions, I don’t support, or practise, privately or biblically, any form of Judaism, or support Jewish political goals. I only discovered that my ancestors were Crypto-Jews when I was 50 years old. By that time, I was Catholic, and because of some bitter experiences in the Judaizing sect of Herbert W Armstrong, and the discovery of what the Jewish religion actually taught, as opposed to it’s public image, I had no desire to return to the sect of the Pharisee’s. Christ called them the sons of the devil, so, as a Catholic, that’s not an option for me. So religiously, I identify as Catholic, and ethnically, I identify as Scot-Irish, because my ancestors heavily intermarried with them, to the point where most of my families DNA is largely Scottish, Irish, and English.

          • DNA is DNA. Ideologies – bah. DNA always outs. You obviously are completely oblivious to just how JEWISH you are. That’s your problem, not mine.

          • See my above response on your comment about logs and splinters.. While you may ‘say’ you repudiate your Jewishness, and are now a Catholic, your Vatican Eww rite NO LONGER REQUIRES the abjuration of any Jewish blood, ancestry or holding to their worldview.

            If you repudiate that publically, I’d believe you more, sir. But you haven’t… and you don’t. And, as my communion STILL HAS that in our baptismal vows, I’m even less inclinded to believe your communion (and your profession of same) to have ANY merit. Even the Lutherans historically have acknowledged ‘the Jews and their Lies.’ Any honest white, would do no less… oh, and not treat a woman (and a married one at that) with as much vitriol as you have treated Denise- you’re even worse than Stonelifter… for those with long memories.

            No true gentleman continues berating a woman, as you have done. Correcting an erring female, yes. But taking up an entire posts’s comments? no.

          • When all else fails, read what I’ve already written about what I’ve said about Jews and Judaism. As for Denise, give me a break! CT’s description of her actions, which I seconded, is spot on accurate. I’ve been reading and commenting on OD for years, and she has always projected the Jews into places where they weren’t at all. Back in 2013, she was claiming the COCC was being taken over by the Jews. It was a damn lie! She should have been banned for life for her attacks on the Council, but she wasn’t. Well, one day she will press her luck too far, and end up being only able to comment on her own blog.

          • “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;” ” – Titus 3:10. And a woman is a woman, even if she is a shrill one. But her analaysis of the subject points out your race’s duplicity and psychopathic narcissism far better than most. Perhaps you’d prefer Ann Barnhardt?


          • You think anyone who disagrees with you is a heretic, so big whoop. As for Denise, she committed calumy against the COCC by claiming it was being taken over by Jews. And you and her have the gall to call me psychopathic? She has shown psychopathic behavior patterns ever since I became aware of her. Her willingness to lie at the drop of a hat, and her constant displays of egotism are two marker of that type of behavior. And your defense of her behavior doesn’t speak well of you either.

          • Oh, no. I don’t think just anyone who disagrees with me is a heretic. That is only reserved for specific individuals who, in wilfull obstinacy, and with malice aforethought, pervert the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and seek to work harm among God’s People. You, sir, are one such. Anathema sit.

          • I’m really sorry that you’re such a hateful individual. It seems every time you post here, you’re angry and hate filled, no matter who you’re talking to or what you’re talking about. You’re basically Fred Phelps in high church garb. A legitimate Orthodox priest doesn’t act the way you do. I suspect you’re a priest in a vagrant group, or you ordained yourself as a priest, because I can’t picture a legitimate Orthodox communion ordaining a dysfunctional individual like you. I do hope some day you can free yourself from the anger and hate that dominates your heart, before it totally destroys you as a human being.

          • You are lying about ME, distorting my words, and committing calumny against THIs blog and MY Race.
            Your relentless and profliigate use BS Jew pseudo-science mumbo jumbo jewsiatric terminology is one of the key markers of Der ewige Jude. I would not call you a psychopath, or sociopath; I would simply call you what you ARE – JEW.

          • You are a liar, a slanderer, and you are obsessed with me because you KNOW, in the depth of your Jude DNA, that I am right about you.
            Your nefarious Tribe is revealing their innate odiousness an EVIL via their attacks on The Trumpenfuhrer. Millions of previously deluded Whites are clueing in. YOUR TRIBE is pushing it too far, as ALWAYS, and soon you will be banned from America, and will ONLY be able to commit your despicable deeds in that stolen patch of land erroneously named Israel I call it Babylon.

          • I don’t support Israel or Zionism. I support Trump. If I support Trump, perhaps you better reconsider your support for him. You might be electing the Grand Rabbi who will put you to work as one of his Goi cattle.

          • It’s as Goebbels said – you can call a Jew anything BUT a Jew. They flip out. I’m paraphrasing, obviously.

        • Sam, see my newest post about my views on Jews, Judaism, and ethnicities. I hope this will make my Views and opinions a little clearer to you and others.

  9. Hey Jackie Boi – your pal the Jew Homo is back, and he’s turning YOUR page into a sewer. But that’s dandy right? Because JEW.

      • [That’s Mr. D? Sorry, I was expecting an intelligent visage. I’m even less inclined to consider him a moral/intellectual equal now…. – Lk. 9:39, Rom.14:9]

        Oh, and Chris? (as he’s got this site, Denise – all it is, is a ‘pity party’ site, because he can’t post here? How utterly CHILDISH IS THAT?- and, if it is an ‘alternative to OD,’ then THAT means he STILL reads these threads- thus, my response) I asked HW ONCE to have you banned. ONCE, after a large number of inflammatory posts you had written here, that neither had merit, (i.e., added to the discussion) or were cordial (ad hominem attacks, vulgarity in an almost constant stream of invective) to the point where I merely corroborated the VOX POPULI. It was only after a large number of OTHER people thought the same thing, did I even mention it. So, don’t blame me- it was your own intemperate, and infantile rantings that got you banned.

        And so, with this site of yours, you are still up to the same modus operandi, I see? And, unlike Roman Catholic pedophiles (for which Mr. D. seems to have an affinity, via remaining in that BerGOGlio cult) my wife of a quarter century and I (because Orthodox clergy are allowed to marry, and so I did…) consider anyone who would write as vulgarly as you- with as much animosity in your being as you have consistently exhibited- to have foregone the possibility of having a soul worthy of redemption- for the present, anyway. As St. Paul says, I leave you to Satan. [“…along with the power of the Lord Jesus, 5 hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.”- I Cor 5:4-5] May God judge you and your ilk for your mendacious spirit and vulgar mind.

        • This comment violates OD comment guidelines.

          Do not make comments containing obscene language of engage in flaming.

        • Your comments claiming I’m demonically possessed, and having an affinity to pedophiles are slanderous and libelous. I demand an apology. If one is not forecoming, I will request that Jack and Hunter block you from commenting.

          • Dalton, you are the best judge of your own aberrant behaviour, and you can ask for forgiveness for your antichristian charity (or total lack thereof) and ad hominem attacks on my person – oh, and the office of a priest – by your own cult’s sacerdotes. You presume to know canon law, and all the rest. How cavalierly you impugn the office of priest, and attack a validly ordained minister of the Church of God, yet posture and preen over my commenting on ANOTHER’S analysis of your own peccadilloes, by using utterly vacuous terms like slander and libel that don’t mean diddly in American jurisprudence, when you are guilty of the same, time and time again, in the past?

            Physician, heal thyself-

            “3“And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own? 4 How can you think of saying to your friend, ‘Let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eye? 5 Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.
            6“Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.”

            – Matt. 7, NLT (I chose this version, because you are not my ‘brother’ (being part-nonrecusant Jew) but merely a ‘friend’ on this forum… until heretofore.

            Stephen, you are a piece of work. All self-righteous posturing, and ‘wounded feels’- God, you act just like a….. JEW!

            Like Glinda, I would say to you, as the incarnation of the WWoW at this juncture, ‘Begone, you have no power here.’ I’ve been commenting and noting ‘agents provocateur’ long before YOU ever came on this forum.

          • I expected this kind of self-righteous reply from you. You’re really full of yourself, man. You claim to be a priest, but I’ve never seen any real proof of it. You’ve told us you hold onto British-Israel/Christian Identity beliefs, which would be forbidden in Orthodox Churches. You say you’re a priest in the Mpls/St. Paul area, afflillated with a Russian group, but I don’t see anyone than could remotely resemble you. And your use of billinggate language is beneath the dignity of a real priest. Nope, I suspect you’re one of these sad, pathetic loner types Jack Ryan has written about, or you’re a member of a vagrant group who’s members can meet in a small motel room. Since you won’t apologize, I’ll ask Jack and Hunter to ban you from commenting here. You’re nothing but a more sophisticated version of Denise, Chris313, and the unlamented, departed Mosin Nagant. We didn’t need Chris or Mosin, and we don’t need you or Denise slandering or libeling people who disagree with them. If you want to spew out your hatred and bigotry, you can restart your old blog, or comment on Denise’s or Cambria’s blog. We don’t need rants that are totally unrelated to Southern Nationalism here at OD.

          • “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;” ” – Titus 3:10. And a woman is a woman, even if she is a shrill one. But her analaysis of the subject points out your race’s duplicity and psychopathic narcissism far better than most. Perhaps you’d prefer Ann Barnhardt? Then again, probably not. She uncovers the slime that is infecting the body politic of America today. Too close to home.



  10. Jack,
    I was also there. You’re almost correct. This was not the Best Amren conference ever, just the Best Amren conference YET. Amren 2017 certain to be even better. The wind is in our sails, and next year will be a victory conference.

    • Very good and I do like your positive optimism.

      I do think there will be some dirty tricks soon to derail our positive Amren energy – most likely infiltrators posing as our people doing and saying hateful, stupid #*$#@.

      I would like for Amren to do some basic airport style searches for weapons next time.

      Understand the American lying press “Lugenpresse” will now be doing everything and anything to find Hollywood racist haters as Trump supporters and too many people who are supposedly on our side will do anything say anything to get on TV, even if it means reading from a bad, anti White Hollywood script.

      So let’s just continue to be positive, intelligent and do simple, positive, successful Amren things in our local areas.

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