#TruCons Insist Federal Judges Are Neutral and Objective

There is a lot of #TruConservative make-believe circulating on Twitter about this Mexican federal judge in the Trump University case:

#TruConservatives insisting that federal judges are neutral and objective arbiters of the law is yet another example of such naive wishful thinking:

For decades now, Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Georgetown, Northwestern, the University of Chicago and other American universities have taught Critical Race Theory which holds that non-Whites are oppressed by systemic racism and justifies sweeping judicial activism to dismantle “white supremacy” in the legal system.

A few years ago, David French and the rest of the #TruCons at National Review had no problem acknowledging this. Sonia Sotomayor’s Senate confirmation and other uncomfortable facts about racial consciousness in the judiciary have been sent down the memory hole in an orgy of Trump hatred.

Note: There is even a “Latino Critical Race Theory” (LatCRT).

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  1. As a lawyer in private practice the last twenty years, I think you are on to something very important here. CRT was even taught at my third tier midwest law school years ago. Also, my law school was kind of a mill for local blacks to become prosecutors (briefly) and then judges. The quality of the bench has really deteriorated, both at the state and federal level and I’m not talking about the Supreme Court. You must be a minority and politically active or at least known in democrat circles to get to the bench. I think we really need to rethink how we look at the judiciary. I don’t know if that was Trump’s idea or not, but the judicial system is absolutely full of activist judges who are as political as can be, are certainly not the best and brightest, and it’s getting worse every year.

    • All Judges are politicians, and those who protest the most that they are not politicians are the biggest politicians.

      • They certainly are. Without financial backing by a special interest group they have zero chance of being elected to the bench.

        • Federal judges and some state judges are appointed. That’s supposed to shelter them from politics. But we all know they wouldn’t be appointed in the first place if they weren’t vetted for their political leanings.

  2. The usual American crap. “We need [insert “minority” here] on the court [or other place] so we can enjoy their unique perspective and experience.” We all remember the rather-dim “wise Latina.”

    When questions arise about biases or agendas “they’re all impartial and objective just like all the rest.” Unless they’re white.

    This country’s political and social culture is very tiresome. Obama called the US a “hodgepodge of folks.” I think it’s a zoo.

  3. Ann Coulter Retweeted
    Donald jon Bismarck ?@DonaldjBismarck

    Liberals call out Trump for picking all white judges. Two weeks later say it’s wrong to comment on a judge’s race.

    • Sam, did you even READ what you wrote, there?

      1) Trump picks only white judges. The presumption there, is that he did it for their “white” point of view. In other words, he’s telling us that a Judge’s ethnicity determines their point of view.

      2) Trump says the same thing again in a different context, saying that his own case is now at risk BECAUSE of the point he made first — that a Judge’s ethnicity determines his point of view.

      This is an UNCOMMON consistency in the views of Donald Trump, but it does not say anything about Liberal comments about it. This is like the brainless argument that it is “racist” to even accuse others of racism! How the HECK are we going to even NOTE a passing situation, IF WE DON’T COMMENT ON IT? Is comment itself the “problem,” in this Dog And Pony Show?

      I mean, I know your focus is on making us Libs look bad, but apply the same measure to the Donald, why don’t you?

      The two cases you cite are both cases of TRUMP “commenting on a Judge’s ‘race.’ “, and of Liberals panning him for doing so. Ann Coulter aside, what is the “inconsistency” here, that you apply to the Lib’s account?

      • He wants judges who are faithful to the constitution with a track record .

        Other than Clarence Thomas there might not be any minorities in that category.

        Most are radical activist appointed by lefties.

        • “Most [minority Judges] are radical activist[s] appointed by lefties.”

          How did you decide that? What list of Judging Features did you refer to? How did you decide what was, and what was not, a “radical” decision?

          My guess: you didn’t. You took someone else’s word for it.

  4. this wetback “judge” – like the police chief of San Jose – is a La Raza member. How many times do Trumpaholic Whites have to be punched in the face before they realize that it’s not their country anymore? That it belongs to the (((eskimos))) and their ethnic enforcers? And that “voting” will change nothing? Meanwhile, today – like yesterday, and tomorrow – another 7,000 non-Whites, “legal” and “illegal”, poured into the ‘Kwa

  5. No every human being is part of a larger group. The needs of the group take precedence over the needs of the one. Turning that on it’s head enshrines anarchy and Satanism.

  6. If race and gender isn’t important, and doesn’t affect hodges decisions, why is it so important to have PoC and woman as judges?

  7. Gingrich, typical Republican backstabber. Whenever a comrade is in trouble with the usual suspects, instead of rallying to his defense they join the other side in attacking him. They did the same to Joe McCarty, Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon and many other lesser known.

    The Republican party is a party of backstabbers. Backstabbing to treason is only a short step.

  8. Trump is getting to the hearty of the matter, people should treat others the way they would like to be treated. Whites can do it, why can’t others??

  9. Tru-cons are walking the American Empire into a crisis of legitimacy, they probably have no choice it is the current zeitgeist to be anti-white and claim infallibility but it is a chimera.
    You can ask them point blank how they are better than you or us as a white man or white men, it is quite frankly amusing to listen to them.
    And once we learn to question this “authority” it will collapse quite quickly. So fewer essays more questions of our “betters.”

  10. This is what comes of a multicultural, “diverse” society– elections will henceforth be all about race and ethnicity.

  11. There are over seven billion people. When you say “every” person is an individual first you’re definitely treating these individuals as part of a collective. I’m certain some people see themselves as members of a group before they see themselves as an individual.

    • Even still, if we are individuals first, then we would be tribal members second. So when Ben or whoever says we are individuals *first* (and I’m not convinced for certain that is 100% true) he is still accidentally confessing that being part of a group is a factor in one’s thinking.

      My background is in Biology, so I tend to see a lot of SN or WN issues through that lens. I can’t help but be a bit critical of the “we are individuals” mantra. Surely in some ways we are indeed individuals, but in many ways we are a collective, like bees, wolf packs, bison herds, etc. If we are not like bee hives or ant colonies, then how can one explain a certain subset of the population that fights wars while the rest stay nice and safe? If we are all individuals, wouldn’t that necessarily mean every man for himself?

      Plus from an evolutionary perspective, we pass on our genes as a people group rather than as an individual. For instance, it would not be an evolutionary advantage if I had a chance to sell out the white race completely (100% eradication), in exchange for me and my immediate family being spared and living in extreme wealth as the great white king of an African planet. Who would my children marry if there are no more whites left? So it is in my genetic interest, not only by *kin selection* to fight for my race, but also so that my children can practice *assortative mating* giving me white grandkids.


      That is not one, but two evolutionary pressures, both accepted as fact by the scientific community, for me to behave as a member of a tribe rather than solely as an individual. Given these two pressures, it is silly for me to deny that humans are tribal, always have been, and always will be, and indeed any tribe that loses it’s tribeness will be weeded out by evolution as we understand it today.

      I don’t really have a lot to back it up at this point, but I think of exercising a high degree of tribeness as a sort of “survival mode” while exercising individual autonomy would serve as a luxury to be enjoyed during times of peace and prosperity. The best Zoological corollary that I can think of would be of herd animals that may spread out to graze when there is no threat, but stampede when they do perceive a threat.
      Additionally, I am reminded of a former pastor of mine who liked to say “The first banana away from the bunch is the first one to be eaten.” with regard to churchgoers as the body of Christ.
      We as Southerners quite possibly have inherited more tribeness than other Nordic Europeans. If so it is a great benefit to us, but it still wouldn’t be a bad idea for us to cultivate a sort of “tribal doctrine” within the SN movement, as our survival absolutely depends on our having a strong sense of tribeness.

  12. Ricky Vaughn

    FLASHBACK: Sotomayor said ethnicity ‘will make difference in our judging’… nytimes.com/2009/05/15/us/…
    7:40 AM – 7 Jun 2016
    Sotomayor’s View of Judging Is on the Record
    In 2001, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, a top Supreme Court prospect, gave a speech declaring that the ethnicity and sex of a judge “may and will make a difference in our judging.”
    The New York Times @nytimes

    • Where did you get the cut line, “kill the gringos” from that video? It is not necessary for we conservatives and white people to lie to make a point.

      • It’s a Youtube video. I didn’t add anything to it. ‘Kill the gringos’ is in the title and narration at the :44 second mark.

        • Yeah, but I never actually heard the guy say that. He said “the Gringos must go.” That’s probably worth throwing him over the new Trump fence anyway.

          • It has been reported that in the past he said to kill Gringos in speeches.

            He denies but is on record as saying ‘eliminate’ gringos.

  13. This isn’t difficult to understand. The judge is a member of several Hispanic advocacy groups, which, among other things, give scholarships to illegals and pledge to attack Trump economically by targeting his businesses. If Trump loses the case it helps Clinton, who promises amnesty within the first 100 days. Trump promises a wall and deportations. Duh!

  14. Rubio, Ryan, Graham, Gingrich and a host of other traitors are bashing Trump for his ‘racist’ comments.

    This GOP unity thing was a big ruse. Given the opportunity the fangs come out.

    • Also Cruz and Kasich.

      There really is no longer a reason to vote for or support Republicans. Only Trump.

          • I was going to force myself to vote for other Republicans besides Trump. No longer. He can reverse much Obama damage by executive orders canceling Obama’s. He can wreck Obamacare by canceling all Obama waivers and executive tweaks to the law. Use dept regulations like Obama. Use existing federal law against illegals. The courts? Maybe the SC will have 7 or even 6 members if the Senate refuses to confirm.
            No budget? Shut it down. F*** the GOP.

  15. These people are absolute fools. I cannot believe the Glenn Becks of the world honestly believe the tripe they push everyday on the radio and in print. I am more inclined to believe the vast majority don’t believe a darn word they say and it’s just more propoganda.

    The fact that people whined when Thurgood Marshall stepped down and said we needed a”Negro” to take his place well that right there shows that the Powers that Be and the Special Interests were demanding racial preferences in a Judge but how dare we notice them doing this.When we confront them with proof of their discriminatory actions they call us racists for noticing the obvious. Total Hypocricy and Lies.


    We are on the cusp of this great day

  16. Where is Ryan, McCain and the rest of the offended on the statements made by Susan Rice?

    Susan Rice: Too Many White People in Top National Security Positions


    U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Wednesday that there are too many white people in important national security posts.

    Rice made the comments during her commencement address at Florida International University, saying that a lack of diversity in the those positions puts our country at risk, because they all think alike.

    Referring to the criticism that the U.S. national security workforce is “white, male and Yale,” Rice told the graduates, “In the halls of power, in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully reflected.”

    • Base-superstructure.

      A USA “communism” based not on mode of production and class but on race and sex. An absurd country.

    • They’re in complete agreement that America is “too white” and that “America is still not fully reflected” and won’t be until our race becomes a minority in our own country. And a tiny one at that. Onward Diversity!

      Traitors are the lowest of the low and deserve the most horrible spot in hell.

  17. Neutral and objective? Is there nothing so ridiculous that it can’t be said with a straight face? These are the same ‘people’ who think the states are completely subservient to a bunch of unelected bureaucrats. They have held that there is no constitutional right to freedom of association. As far as I know, many of these schools aren’t even teaching the constitution, just cherry picking of what they consider to be case law. The Supreme Court should be abolished.

  18. Good response HW
    We could probably troll the establishment with “Ban CRT studies” rhetoric, put them on the defensive.

  19. These SOB’s are still planning.

    Hugh Hewitt ? @hughhewitt

    The #Mutiny option would require @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr @GOP Governors 2 gather + urge #GOPRulesCommittee 2 make 1st 2 ballots advisory

    1:49 PM – 7 Jun 2016

  20. I am being complaining about the back-stabbing behavior of various RINOS, and I am being very explicit about these toads being Race Traitors. We must be vociferously stridently WHITE.

      • Keep it up. I’m making CALLS. I bitched out a young female staffer today, in one RINO’s office. She was obviously a Spic. I made her translate “La Raza” for me. I made her SAY it. I’ve been NASTY.

  21. Bill Kristol ?@BillKristol 2h2 hours ago
    Bill Kristol Retweeted Mike Warren

    A choice of Trump & Clinton isn’t the answer. All @SpeakerRyan has to do is ditch Trump & say he’d support an indie.

    Bill Kristol ?@BillKristol 1h1 hour ago

    What if @SpeakerRyan & @SenJohnMcCain ditched @realDonaldTrump, said they’d support independent national unity ticket of Romney-Lieberman?

  22. I don’t want to talk to these scumbags or their staff. What I have decided to do is vote for a joke independent candidate for the House and Senate. You know, those guys who get on the ballot and nobody knows who they are.

    If the Republicans lose the Senate would you even notice next year?

    • No CALL. Know your stuff and be NASTY and PRO WHITE. Take the tack “How DARE you betray WHITES!!!!!”, etc.

  23. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter

    Did Paul Ryan ever call Wise Latina Sonia Sotomayor a “textbook racist”? Vote for Paul Nehlen August 9th!

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter

    Was Paul Ryan ever this mad when an American was murdered by an illegal? Will someone please primary that guy? GO @pnehlen!

  24. I’ve been reading about all the GOP creeps now attacking Trump for “racism” and more talk from the media and cucks about denying him the nomination. Gee, I have never heard anyone complain about white judges and juries. I guess that foreign-agent sh*thead ¡Jeb! would have been the first to object.

    Trump or utter destruction of the GOP.

  25. Ann Coulter Retweeted
    Paul Nehlen ?@pnehlen

    Sing it sister. Paul Ryan’s moral compass was a gift from Louis Guiterez #DumpRyan #UniteWithNehlenPaul Nehlen added,

    Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter
    Was Paul Ryan ever this mad when an American was murdered by an illegal? Will someone please primary that guy? GO @pnehlen!

  26. It should be obvious to all, that the new-found support in Con ranks for an Objective standard in Fed Judge Land is purely Trump-baiting. When Trump is no longer an issue, they WILL go back to their old ways…

    See, they DON’T disagree with him; they just disagree with HIM.

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