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  1. Bernie goes down to a blistering defeat. The Establishment silenced him while revving up the ad hominems (sexist, racist, spoiler etc) and Bernie didn’t know how to respond.

    In the most dramatic instance, he needed that debate with Trump, but instead of sweet talking Trump to set up a win-win situation, he spent several days telling the world how he was going to rip Trump as a racist, fascist, hateful, bigoted, moronic plutocrat; why would Trump want to have any part of that!

    Had Bernie set up a “joint press conference” where they both talked about electoral reform, Wall Street reform, trade reform, jobs, a non-interventionist foreign policy it could have fatally wounded Clinton and actually done some good for the body politic.

    What Bernie doesn’t know is that Clinton is the last white* to get the Dem nomination. Part of the Clinton-Obama reconciliation in 2008 was her getting a pass from the “rainbow coalition” in 2016. Notice how no blacks, gays, or hispanics ran? After this it will be a Hispanic and by 2024 there is no path to the nomination for a white Democrat, even supposing any white would want the nomination.

    * No matter what your classification of Bernie, or even his own self-classification, non-whites see him as white. They don’t do nuance.

    • Too much Jewish Power pumping Hillary. What we have is the Candidate that best represents the Jews and one that represents White Christians. Bernie didn’t appeal enough to his fellow brethren.

  2. The primary outcome is anticlimactic. “Trump can’t win”/”Hillary is going to trounce him” memes are setting in. Watch as the usual suspects crank up the “Trump’s a loser” demoralization campaign.

    • Who among you has a Crystal Ball. The voting is today, no one can determine who will win As for Sanders we will be there at the convention ready to battle the cops and queers for God and America.
      We love America and will never surrender it to a bunch of Communist Fags and Dike women, Bernie is our man, like he said it’s not over until the Fat Lady sings and it’s a long way to November.

    • The trouble is that it has a basis in fact. Trump was pushed through the GOP nomination by his constituency, despite his many failings. If we had the strength to do that in the general, we wouldn’t have to make America great again, because it would still be great.

      I was hoping Trump would “pivot” but he never did. We may be looking at another Goldwater, but luckily we have a fall back position: Partition. We only have to wait 5 months to know.

      • The thing is now, we can never fall asleep again. ALT-RIGHT must move from the Speaking Phase into aggresive protests and we must even take to the streets at some point. The thing is we right now have the power within our hands to seize the day, but we cannot ever allow a leader to lull us into sleep again.

        My attitude about Trump is I like him and wish him well, but I also wonder if a Clinton win wouldn’t keep us on the road to the inevitible. The answer is I really don’t know. This is 1860 all over again. In 1860 the radical Fire-Eater element in the Deep South actually cheered Lincoln’s election because finally the North had given the South a blatant reason for secession. They voted for Vice President Breckinridge as a matter of course, but it was window dressing, they wanted Lincoln because a Lincoln win would have the entire population ready for Revolution.

        In 2016 I see the same situation. While part of me wants Donald Trump more than anything another part wants me to see the Leftists BRING IT ON if you will.

        • So your model for political success, Billy Ray, is Dixie 1860. I’m thinking it’s kind of a tossup, between that and Japan 1941.

          • The Confederacy Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were the highest civilizations in the era following the French Revolution. Since then we have been ebbing toward Jewish white genocide bringing in the transhumanist hell.

        • The Leftists “bringing it on” would entail the Federal Government warring with us again to take our arms, total control of our land and kill us off,if we lost they wouldn’t just accept surrender they would exterminate us. That kind of conflict can be entirely avoided with Trump as President and is not what I would say the vast majority of Southerns want unless there is no other choice. To kids war sounds great, and is looked as fun and exciting going off and crushing the enemy, but not to grown men who understand what it is and have families to protect. What will happen if Trump wins is the Secession of the Leftist States as they should have done in 1815. The polarization is at the point where the Jewish areas and the areas that are still predominantly Christian can no longer co-exist within’ the same political structure. They are afraid of Trump and what you will see is their resumation of Sovereignty. The rest of your Statement about growing support I wholeheartedly agree with. God only helps men who help themselves. In 1860 Lincoln wasn’t just the President he represented the will of the Deep North, he was backed and controlled by their money power. We knew that. He was the first enslaved President. The Radical Republicans winning meant any hope of retaining our balance with the north was gone. When The Deep South seceded, the rest until war broke out were happy staying in the old Union under Northern Control. They didn’t leave until the Union was destroyed by Lincoln’s call for arms and Invasion. You will see the same thing in the current US structure.

          • I have been thinking along these same lines myself. I personally want the breakup to come as painlessly as possible, but as to how this takes place I have absolutely no idea. I think Trump makes them overplay their hand a bit which does benefit us in the long run.

            About the 1814 Hartford Convention, it is worth noting that in 1814 the America First Crowd was for the most part Southerners from the West such as Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson. John C. Calhoun was also part of the crowd until he realized by 1830 or so that this group was actually usurping control from the States and turned against them.

            The New Englanders did not usurped Americanism from the South until it gained control of the textbooks and the educational establishments after 1840. Thus before 1840 Americanism=Southernism after 1840 Americanism=New England Empire-ism.

            What most will not understand is how considering that except for the Upper Midwest, ie Michigan Wisconsin, New Englanders were a minority in the Northwest Territory States how did they get control of them? The answer is very simple its called EDUCATION and MONEY. New Englanders typically didn’t remain long on the farm in the west, they gravitated toward cities and set themselves up in business, while their children went to school to become businessmen clergy schoolmasters and such. Thus able to accrue large amounts of money and controlling the educational establishments.

            As the commoners, largely Germans and Scots-Irish from Pennsylvania and Maryland cared nothing for life beyond the farm these are the people the Southern Aristocracy called Mudsills, they allowed their states to be taken over by a political class, their churches as well. Thus by 1860 with two generations or more educated by Yankee Schoolmasters, with Yankee Books, they became thoroughly imbued with the concepts of Yankee Americanism to the point they gave it no other thought. These people today would be the JOE SIX PACKS and SUZY HOMEMAKERS.

            You can even see this in Illinois, where Abraham Lincoln lived in the late 1820’s was almost all Southerners, in fact the Yankees in Chicago called them the Corn Cracker Counties. By 1860, the children of those Southerners faithfully wore the blue. Indoctrination is a very powerful thing.

  3. @Afterthought:

    Bernie Sanders’ situation is very interesting. As Ashkenazi Jews, tribal members like Tim “White Like Me” Wise and he have spent all their lives allying with so-called “people of color,” feminists, and homosexuals against cisgendered White men who are now his core supporters.

    I can’t say that Non-Whites are ignorant of any friction between Whites and Jews, but any Esau-Jacob, Edomite-Israelite aspect of European Christianity escapes them. Most Blacks think THEY are the true Israelites and all Whites are Edomites. The main point is that even the most secular so-called “people of color” see both Whites and Jews as rival light-skinned Caucasian tribes with the Jews winning out as the most privileged of light-skinned Caucasians, i.e. Whites.

    Assuming Hillary “It’s My Turn Now” Clinton wins the presidency, she will not only be the last White president in U.S. history she will ensure that no Ashkenazi Jew will ever win the White House.

    The fact that Bernie Sanders or any other Jew can’t become president of the United States, because the Anti-White American coalition they have built is too strong for Whites to overcome is an amazing irony.

    God has an amazing sense of humor.

    • The Black Hebrew Israelites group Whites and Jews together as do most Negro groups because Negroes are for the most part not intelligent enough to tell us apart. (DONT ASK ME WHY NEGRO REASONING 101)

      The longer I live the more clear it becomes that the Jews of today are the Edomites of old. You can tell by the traits. Esau was a Hunter and a scavenger, his children lived in the deserts and made their living by shepherding and raiding caravans. They would still slaves and then sell them back at a markup an old trick.

      The trait of Jacob was being a settled man of the land, all the Israelites were allotted land. The Israelites raised herds and flocks and plenty of fruits grains and vegetables. They were people of the soil.

      Obviously racial traits are very hard wired and cannot change this drastically in 2700 years or so since Assyria took the Israelites from Israel. You are going to tell me that Israelite farmers suddenly gave up their way of life and became bankers and traders? That dog don’t hunt. However the traits of Esau and modern Jewry add up like 1+1=2 Dont take a rocket scientists to see it.

  4. Good deal, HW, you’re thinking what I was thinking, that HRC made some sort of deal with enough superdels to be firmly in her camp, announce it yesterday, so that the media could proclaim it over in order to neutralize Bern’s voters today, meaning that HRC will get delegates based off of votes today to put her over the top just based on all the voting this season, and she’d win even if all the superdelegates turn against her.

    It’s psychological rope a dope.

  5. The media is now blatantly supporting Clinton. They are obviously trying to demoralize both Sanders and Trump supporters. The timing of the announcement that Hillary is the presumptive nominee is suspicious given that it is right before the CA primaries and no votes were actually cast over the last week. A Sanders win today will show that voters are not enthused to have Clinton be the nominee. If Trump can some how win the election it will be a massive rebuke to the nation’s elites and established centers of power. We should not be surprised if they resort to cheating.

  6. Minnesota is cucked beyond belief. Trump should not even bother with those dolts.

    ‘June 7 has officially been declared “Prince Day” in Minnesota.

    Governor Mark Dayton made the announcement on Monday, declaring that Tuesday — which marks what would have been Prince’s 58th birthday — would be a statewide holiday in honor of the music legend.

    The Associated Press reports that Minnesotans are being encouraged to wear purple in honor of the GRAMMY winner’s legacy.

    The Purple One was passionate about his home state and settled down at his Paisley Park compound in Chanhassen, Minnesota, in 1988.

    Additionally, Prince’s birthday will also be celebrated at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, with a “Let’s Go Crazy” dance party. The icon was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004.’

    • The only times a Republican has won Minnesota since FDR became President in 1932 was twice under Eisenhower and during the Nixon 1972 landslide over George McGovern. Tells you the story right there

  7. Cast my vote for Trump this morning.

    My polling place was in a synagogue.

    Seems legit.


  8. Hannity is showing the attacks on White Trump supporters, by the Orcs, and Newt Gingrich is on, supporting Trump. Shall I take credit for Gingrich?

    • Just gets better and better Denise, thats all I can say. I am torn between Trump and Hillary though. Trump could have the negative effect and lull our people to sleep and the National Alliance thinks this is a possibility while Hillary keeps us mobilized. I personally believe Trump could turn things around and that would be GOOD but would it be good for us who want to dismantle this system? I have no idea. I do believe in some ways Hillary would be good for us as she is bound to bring a full system collapse causing a power vacuum into which our side like cream rises to the top. Just as in 1860 when many Southerners prayed that Abe Lincoln would win while going through the motions and voting for VP John C. Breckinridge, which would give them the reason to secede I am confused whether a Trump or Hillary win serves our purposes better. I will support Trump myself but I am open to any suggestions.I will say this I am glad God gave us Barack Obama he has done more to awaken White Identity in the areas outside the Southern USA than anyone. This of course benefits us.

      • We’re prepared either way, it’s just going to be easier and quicker with Trump, but it is destiny.

        • I really don’t want to see our people lulled to sleep again by a leader, I want to see them mad and ready to do what is necessary. Like I said I am torn as to who will give us this better. On one hand a Trump regime will be a circus, all sorts of riots and everything which benefits us and on another a Hillary regime will collapse the entire system because she is obviously deranged. Either way I sense the time is near.

          • No, we aren’t going to sleep anymore.That’s for damn sure. It was a one time thing caused by WWI/WWII/Cold War.

          • I pray that you are right. Either way I see this system is on the verge of collapse, the question will be who and what will push it over into the abyss? That is at this time not revealed but I believe soon will be.

          • Either way it starts in five months. The browns aren’t going to passively let Trump deport them. And they don’t do civil disobedience well; there will be blood.

            If Trump loses, then the entire populist right will convert to a separatist position and then its just a question of how long it will take to convert a critical mass of whites. If nothing else, Trump’s campaign accelerated that process.

          • Yep. Political instability– another hallmark of a Third World country. The pieces are falling into place.

          • Where I live it’s great, first world all the way. We just need to cut away the third world parts like you cut away melanoma.

            Trump is likely to be the last “take back America” moment.

          • You’re lucky. I can’t go to the supermarket without seeing hijabs (or whatever they’re called). They have loaded us up with Arab Muslims and Somalis over the past decade or so.

          • No, niggers and Mexicans will be put down quickly. If Hillary becomes president that will completely unify all of our people and it will be a prolonged war that we cannot lose. Niggers and Mexicans have never been able to and never will be able to beat the White man. We seized Texas with a handful of people and we’ll take control of our lands back from them and any uppity niggers without much of a fight. Shit genes are shit genes.

          • I agree this will happen I am not sure what form it will take when it gets here, either it will unravel quickly or one piece at a time. I think all in all Trump benefits us the most and I believe he allows us to steer things in our favor, putting the shoe on the other foot. As I said about Hillary, I think any effort by a President Hillary toward Genocide toward Whites in one shape or form will pop off a war unseen in this land since 1861 and as it will be civilian vs civilian it will make 1861 seem kind by comparison

      • Vote Trump. Shrillary = worse is WORSE. We are going to have a HELL of a time cleaning up the mess called “America” to a basic standard of decency and sanity – and I means a bare bones level. Hillary will simply have us killed off. I’m NOT kidding.

        • Of course, that’s the Jewish goal. Hillary represents the Jews. Any White person that votes for Hillary is saying I want us to die.

          • Well the goal of Esau fake Jews is nothing but the total anihillation of Jacob-Christians. Esau wants to use Robots to kill off the mud peoples and then have planet earth to himself, a Satanic Transhumanist Kingdom if you will. For anyone that doesn’t believe me all they must do is look up Ray Kurizweill Jett and Jahn did a good expose on this guy.

        • Hehehehe I can already imagine how all the faggots and lesbians congregating in the alt right dumpsters are gonna ob, yip and yap after Trmpenkreig loses in December. Now these secret dykes and fags are having an orgy banging each other and fantasizing about the idea of Trump becoming POTUS. These dipshits would run for their asses after Trump loses.

        • I am inclined to agree however in another sense I see Hillary if she does indeed win as an individual who will like Lord Dunmore in Virginia in 1775 when he declared all the Negroes emancipated and began forming up Negro death squads, as capable of such overreach that it will bring us the desired outcome. Now as for me I will support Trump no matter what but I think either way, WE NOW DRIVE THE AGENDA> Game Set Match.

    • Gingrich called Trump “absurd” and Trump said his recent comments are “inappropriate.” If I know Trump this means no VP for that clown. Into obscurity soon, I hope.

  9. I liked Trump saying tonight that Clinton sold “access, favors and government contracts” and used the Dept of State as her own “private hedge fund.”

    Democrats are fine with corruption. Third World countries are ultra-corrupt. That’s where we’re headed.

    • The Democratic party was seized by the Jews fully in the mid 60’s after they killed Kennedy. They proudly display that they own the party of Andrew Jackson.The Republican Party was placed in a Jewish prison and filled with white faces to appeal to the areas that are not lost yet. The RJC stays hidden and out of site with the controllers such as Sheldon Adelson beginning to show themselves due to Trump, beginning to expose this whole farce.

      • The Jews were even powerbrokers in the Democratic Party in the 1840’s Judah P Benjamin and his ilk were one of the main groups. Northern Whites screamed for years after Thomas Jefferson opened our borders wide open in 1801 to close them, but a cabal of Northern New York City Democrats, Jews and greedy Southern Democrats who thought the Immigration was a win-win as it increased Democratic dominance kept the borders open. These Pro-Immigrant Democrats roped the South into supporting more Immigration against her best interest by promising to protect slavery.

        The Southern Democrats for whatever reason were incapable of Mathematics as the Immigrants which streamed in ONLY TO NORTHERN STATES began a process of weighting the Electoral College in the North’s favor. It is perplexing to study that Thomas Jefferson so wanted Democratic Dominance, he in effect mortgaged the South’s future to do so. Had Immigration been severely curtailed to the United States, it’s doubtful the South loses any political control until at least 1900, the Immigration hastened the South’s loss of political control but because of a corrupt alliance between Southern Democrats and New York Democrats/Jews, they allowed it to happen.

        The fact that from 1801-1921 we had ZERO immigration laws allowed countless European and Jewish Revolutionaries to settle here, particularly after 1848 which led to everything that came later. Even as late as 1920, when J Edgar Hoover and his men arrested Emma Goldman and the rest, they had to fanagle a way to get her out of the country, as before the 1924 immigration act, we had almost no way to deport anyone, once you were here, you could stay until you wanted to leave.

  10. Trump will do nothing more than throw a shroud over the Right…and we are running out of time. By 2030 – due to the Kosher Culture of death-engineered collapse of the White birthrate and the anti-White immigration rackets – Whites in ‘Murika will move from Jew-harassed majority to an actively persecuted minority facing a hostile majority Orc coaltion run by genocidal Jews. Mrs. Clinton – corrupt, incompetent, and murderous – will polarize the country and bring it to a quick boil, enabling civil war/race war. Bullets, not ballots. It’s the only way to White survival

    • I agree with your point of view to a pretty good degree, but I wonder how many people on our side are ready? As long as there isn’t a mob of us, they can pick us off and jail us. The people at Trump’s rallies don’t seem to be willing to fight back against the trash attacking them, maybe they are still stuck in the ‘I’m not a racist’ mindset. Perhaps they think the attacks will help Trump politically, by showing how unstable much of the left is. I’m not sure. I don’t think taking somebodies shit is ever a good idea.

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