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  1. Ah, Matthew my boy, where were all your black friends when you needed them? Perhaps you agree with Newt (Trump’s running mate? Please God no!) that White people don’t understand what it’s like to be black in America?

    Well, I hope you’re starting to understand what it’s like to be White in America.

    • Newt would bring practically NOTHING to the table as a running mate. Lest we forget, he was the most unpopular Republican in recent memory. He carries ALL of the baggage the public doesn’t like about the pre-Trump GOP: perceived ideological intransigence, “extremism,” a grating personality that can be portrayed as “meanspirited,” etc. (I don’t make this argument under the assumption these points are true, I simply remind everyone that in politics, perception is reality, and that votes are often cast on personal and emotional grounds.)
      That said, I don’t who is left on Trump’s shortlist. I was pulling Joni Ernst of Iowa and she took herself out of the running the other day.

      • “Newt would bring practically NOTHING to the table as a running mate.”

        Oh my dear he’d bring plenty to the table. He’d give the Establishment everything they want. He is owned by TPTB. If Trump select hims, Trump’s days will probably be numbered.

    • That woman said it starts with teaching children in the homes before they even start school. Yeah. Good luck. Black children are only an increase in welfare amounts to their mothers,

      • That’s not fair. There are people who rely on assistance programs for a reason and some are not proud to be doing so, it’s just that they have fallen on bad times. I know plenty of black parents who do right by their children, and the ones I know are not constant or continual recipients of those government programs. They utilize them for what they are intended to be – temporary help. To lump everyone into one specific group/ category is the problem here. That is like everyone lumping all cops as bad cops, or all blacks as violent protesters. It just isn’t fair

        • ‘I know plenty of black parents who do right by their children, and the ones I know are not constant or continual recipients of those government programs.’

          So what?

          It’s the other 98% we are talking about.

        • It’s also not fair to allow congenitally stupid, violent, ugly black nigger animals to devastate one white community after another with no end in sight.

  2. This garbage needs to stop, I say it is high time to resort to the law of Hammurabi with these Negroes. Eye for an Eye, Hand for a Hand, Foot for a Foot, Blow for Blow Life for Life

  3. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    • Those who want to bring on a violent revolution are going to quickly realize that they are far outnumbered and casualties on their side will be staggering, it’s a learning process and eventually they will catch on.

    • Did it ever occur to you there are some issues that simply need to be brought out in the sunlight and not swept under the rug, all for the sake of some bogus sense of “unity?”

      “Unity,” by my observation, seems to involve whites, and ONLY whites, going supine and keeping their own valid concerns – being falsely accused of causing every social ill suffered by blacks due to blacks’ lower IQ and impulse control, their towns being overrun by Hispanic immigrants, education and job opportunities yanked away and given to lesser qualified nonwhites, being victimized by nonwhite crime, etc – shut tightly away, lest they aggravate those who aren’t white! “Unity,” you see!

      In other words, if whites are going to be raped, they should just lie back and enjoy it, to paraphrase Bobby Knight! To not do so is to be “divisive.” Well, not to put too fine a point on it, f*ck you!

  4. The democrats and the media push this violence just like they were fanning the flames of hatred before Dallas.

    • They did it with Rodney King as well. Think back, a tape which is EVIDENCE IN A CRIMINAL CASE mind you is played on international television for over a year before the case is adjudicated. CNN ABC NBC and CBS were all complicit. As Snoop Dogg said, we had to see Rodney King on tv every night getting beat up for a year, then when the trial happened we were already pissed off and then when they were acquitted everyone hit the streets.

      I will guarantee you this, the JEW RUN MEDIA JRM are the ones who killed these cops, NOT MICAH X he was merely the trigger man. Who is it telling everyone to protest Trump and putting every salacious thing about the man on tv? The JRM. Trump would be trouncing Hillary by 30 points right now if the JRM allowed the truth to be told but of course they won’t
      So at the end of the day whose hands are really bloody? The JRM

  5. I have one simple obvious but unstated question, one that I know is rhetorical:

    What the hell are all these n#####s dong in Phoenix?

    Not so long ago, Phoenix hardly had any. Sure, they have their tan undertow, but hardly any blacks. And now they’ve got enough for BLM wildings, black crime atrocities, and AME churches. We all know where they came from: Los Angeles is unloading its ook undertow on Phoenix and Las Vegas.

    • So much for the theory that niggers are “manageable” when they’re only a small minority of a city.

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