The False Narrative: Vanderbilt University Football Player Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison For Rape

If you are reading this website, you have probably heard of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile. You can probably sum up in two minutes why their names have made national headlines. Chances are you have never heard of this monster though:

“A judge Friday sentenced former Vanderbilt University football player Cory Batey to 15 years in prison, but said the man’s true punishment for raping an unconscious woman three years ago was a life sentence.

“It is one of the saddest cases that I have ever encountered,” Criminal Court Judge Monte Watkins said. “And I’ve been in the legal business for 32 years.” …

“But sexual assault was not where the attack ended,” she said. Her sobs intensified as the described what else the men did to her.

“Mr. Batey continued to abuse and degrade me, urinating on my face while uttering horrific racial hate speech that suggested I deserved what he was doing to me because of the color of my skin. He didn’t even know who I was.”

In prior court hearings, prosecutors have acknowledged a racial statement was made but it was never said publicly in court.

On Friday, multiple sources confirmed to The Tennessean the statement Batey made. “That’s for 400 years of slavery you b—-,” Batey said, according to the sources. …”

This monster was also found guilty of orchestrating the gang rape of his own White girlfriend by his black teammates. Remember that when SEC football kicks off in a few weeks. These coaches are trawling the ghettos to bring these “star athletes” to your college campus. They are even giving them the Heisman Trophy.

One more thing.

Far from suffering from “institutional racism,” these college football coaches will do just about anything to recruit these black athletes. They will give their families money. They will give them “second chances” after they commit heinous crimes. They will help them out with their grades to keep them on the team. There are boosters who even go so far as to adopt kids from Africa in order to get them to play college football.

All these black athletes have to do in order to have the opportunity to play in the NFL and make millions of dollars is restrain themselves from doing things like shooting each other, raping women, beating their girlfriends, getting in fights, doing drugs, or avoiding engaging in robbery and burglary. It is often too much to ask.

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  1. But a white Stanford swimmer gers 90 days for the same crime, and yall are still too dumb to figure out why black people are screaming about injustice

    • Brock Turner did not commit rape, least of all participate in a gang rape. Vandenburg, who is white, also faces a fifteen year minimum sentence for participating in the same crime. As you are too retarded to understand that different crimes result in different sentences, I’ll save blowing your mind about the differences in sentencing for the same crimes between the fifty states.

      • Penetration of the vagina or anus without consent is rape. It’s just a matter of degree or better yet, dimension. Obviously the Stanford case was in a totally different dimension.

        Brad Griffin accused a poster who criticized him for feeding into this football worship of being inappropriate, now he admits it’s sick to do so. Tsk tsk…

        White men are not saints BTW and the football culture features depraved behavior by them as well. It’s just not as extreme.

    • I care absolutely nothing about the grievances of blacks. Not my kind, not my problem…

    • Don’t stop there. Lets talk about the Duke Lacrosse team who had their career ruined and expelled from the University all because of the non-existent rape of a black female the whole Liberal/Marxist coalition keep egging on.

  2. Political Correctness should really be called Political Holiness or Political Worship.

    Three groups JEWS, NEGROES, and HOMOS must be seen as holy and must be worshiped according to Political Correctness or Political Worship. It’s not just about being correct or being tolerant. One must be oh-so-reverential and holy-schmoly about Jews, Negroes, and Homos.

    PC doesn’t really protect other groups. It’s still permissible to mock, ridicule, or criticize(even condemn) Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Mexicans, Asians, Russians, Iranians, Latinos, Polygamists, Poor Whites, Incest-sexuals, fatties, shorties, women(Rap music and ‘bitchass ho’), dwarfs, and etc.

    The severity of punishment for deviation from PC shows that it’s not just an issue of correctness. After all, being incorrect is like giving the wrong answer on a test or a game show. No big deal.

    The reaction to the Politically Incorrect is like treatment of heretics. So, PC should really be called PW, or Political Worship.

    You must worship Jews, Homos, and Negroes like people must worship Big Brother in 1984.

    PW is a Cult of Identity of the Special Three: Jews, Homos, and Negroes.


    • Political Correctness is a religion and no religion can tolerate heretics or anyone who questions the faith.

    • All three are troublemakers. What is the best way to deal with troublemakers??

      Avoid them, do not deal with them and do not associate yourself with any one who has empathy or compassion for them.

  3. Look, if the white girl chose to be a mudshark, she deserved what she got.


    • She didn’t.

      Her boyfriend was the White football player. She got drunk, passed out, and he brought her back to an apartment and let his black teammates gang rape her and videotape it.

      • More evidence supports that the boyfriend drugged her. Witnesses claim he slapped her during the assault to assure the rapists that she wouldn’t wake up.
        Not that it matters. Passed out is passed out.

        • My minister, who has no animus toward any other race, he told me one day he moved to Tennessee as a young man and he said he remembered the local Klan leader saying that INTEGRATION was not about the NEGRO’s BETTERMENT but about DEBASING THE WHITE PEOPLE. That man was 100% RIGHT

          • Most wise men were saying the exact same thing. The main difference between Yankees and Dixie is that Yankees constantly UNDERESTIMATE the Negro and while they will make obnoxious shows of brotherhood for the cameras they secretly see him as a bufoonish coon, the Southerner may mock him but he knows down deep that he is as vicious as a Nile Crocodile if given the chance to act autonmously

          • He should have the punishment England gave those who committed treason from Medieval times till the Liberal overthrow in the 1700s hung drawn and quartered.

      • Hunter the fact this happened in Dixie and this man is still breathing makes me just want to go into the bathroom and hug the porcelain god for a few hours. It makes me ill to see how people have become this debased and immoral.

      • Hunter, you were on the money the other day again ”young white women and their loose morals”. Doomed. We’re so freaking doomed.

  4. All these programs will probably get the BLM treatment, it might not mean any political results beyond more loot to black looters, such as more fake jobs, higher payouts to hangers on and such, basically what Mizzou will end up doing to try and keep the peace. Short term it will look like it will work, long term it will Detroitify once august institutions.
    If conservatives would only learn how to reframe, qualify, disqualify instead of trying to sound like an intellectual every time a kook lefty ups the anty, think George Will trying to reason with a BLM nutcase.

  5. I am told that some colleges deliberately pick attractive white females as student representatives who then go on recruiting trips to the home of these black athletes in order to help recruit them. Ive heard stories of white coaches that inquire whether or not a particular black athlete likes whites girls and then fills his head full of how many white girls he can have if his signs with his particular university. There was a political concept called the “Society of Spectacle” whereby the system uses uses popular entertainment as a vehicle to enforce political conformity. Spectator sports, and the white lemmings that keep it going, are instrumental in pushing the whole race mixing agenda and that includes coaches, boosters, and fans! They are all complicit. As for me and my house I have weaned myself of spectator sports and call on my fellow whites to do the same Even among white nationalists virtual negro worship via spectator sports is endemic. Look at the stands of collegiate and professional football and basketball. Notice how many are white. Now look at the playing field. Notice how many are black. You are empowering your own destruction as a people.

    • Thank god someone realizes sacrifices have to be made. Most whites think revolution comes easily. We became soft and spoiled and it will probably be the literal death of us.

      • @Lorax100:

        I have lurked at several WN boards and, to a one, you can find a lot of posters blaming the loose morals and poor judgment of the victim and even accusing her of mudsharking. Why?

        Because if they had any true WN principles … hell, if they even embraced the idea that the rapists should be held accountable for their own actions no matter how questionable the victim’s morals were, they would be honor-bound to boycott the sport.

        But they don’t want to do that.

        And these same men have the utter gall to castigate unawakened
        Whites as total idiots and cucks.

        When Blacks were shut out of sports, Blacks did not support mainstream sporting events. They created and supported their own leagues. White athletes are virtually shut out of the sports and stands are filled with White fans who pay good money to attend these events. Universities are supported by White alumni who are okay if their coaches shell out big bucks and dangle their own daughters to Black rapists if they win football competitions.

        And these same men wonder how the Negro got the whip hand over the White men. No, they blame it all on the Jews rather than their own ability to show any racial solidarity whatsoever if it gets in the way of watching a stupid football game.

  6. The people ultimately responsible for monstrous crimes like this are WHITE COLLEGE SPORTS FANS. They are closeted homos who apparently get hard-ons watching big, sweaty coons running up and down the field with a ball. If they found something useful to do with their time instead of watching that garbage our campuses would be safe for White female humans, because there wouldn’t be any flat-nosed rape-apes lurking around them.

    • White people are nearly always the cause of their own problems. White people need to get their heads straight. I refuse to believe that we are nothing more than waifs who must be led by the hand.

      I was a teenager when the overwhelming white, overwhelmingly male Congress passed the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act and the Immigration Reform Act. The press wasn’t so doctrinaire in those days and these issues were fully discussed in public. Many commentators predicted the fine details of the situation we find ourselves in today.

      And, by the way, it wasn’t the Boomers who made this happen. I don’t think there was a single Boomer in Congress in 1965 (too young). This was done by the WWII generation and the preceding two generations.

      • You were wrong in one thing and that was the Southern Politicians who stood opposed to this were of the WWI Generation and those born before 1921. Remember Decades correctly go from 1-10 so the second decade of the 20th Century began on Jan 1 1911 and ended on December 31 1920. American morons designate decades from 0-9.

        For some reason, the Elite White cohort and particularly the Southern White cohort that was born starting in 1921 and after were cuckolds practically from birth, which some exceptions of course. There was a sea change in the Wealthy White world in 1921 and in the Southern United States as well, as to what it was and why it happened I truly have new clue. 1921 was really the kick-off of the Jazz Age and the Radio age although people wouldn’t actually begin listening to electric or battery radios together till about 1924 or so. This group of children who came of age during the Depression were the most directly affected by WWII and Korea as many of them served in both and many were given the Jewish Propoganda from both wars.

        A good example about what i am saying is this. Ross Barnett of Mississippi (BORN 1898) his daddy was a Confederate soldier lived through Reconstruction and Ross spoke from what he knew. Yet by the 1971 as Ross’s Generation went into their graves and the men who were approximately 50 and under began taking leadership roles, we saw the collapse at every level. That next generation gave us Dale Bumpers, Jimmy Carter, and countless other cuckolds who just said here Black boy take whatever you want.

        What caused such as collapse in the Elite gifted generation born after 1921 and why did they become such worthless adults and their children as well? There was a myraid of reasons, the rejection of the Scripture, Moral Relativism, Wealth, you name it. The WWII generation betrayed the South and the Baby Boomers took it to the next level. Now we are in a purge moment

        • Southern ante-bellum heritage came West with the dispossessed Johnny Rebs, their widows, and their progeny. We are here, we are ready to reclaim the South and the Christian white civilization that lives in our hearts. Magic Negro worship does exist outside the cucked blue metrosexual cesspools.

  7. The South has oddly enough since Integration really embraced the Negro Athlete and I am sure Hunter might have some deeper understanding on this matter. As to the Northern Schools, from 1890 when College Football truly began until 1954, whether to recruit or use Negro athletes was the perrogative of the Athletic Director and the Coaches. I know Ohio State for one varied for years and the number of Negro players before Paul Brown became head coach in 1941 was so tiny, they were quickly forgotten with time, the vast majority of the time the teams were lily white.

    Paul Brown, the legendary NFL Coach coached OSU from 1941-43 when he was drafted into the US Navy and coached their Great Lakes Naval Training Center Bluejackets squad. Paul Brown was the first coach to officially integrate OSU and recruit Negro players, in fact because of him almost all of the Northern schools integrated their teams BUT again the numbers remained tiny, The Northern schools couldn’t recruit many Southern Negroes because in the 1940’s so few of them had even passed the 8th grade to play High School Ball, they were effectively non existent. The ones who were educated often preferred Historically Black Colleges ie Grambling etc.

    After WWII, States changed their educational laws in part of this Federal Program to update America’s educational system to compete with Russia. Thus more Negroes began going to High School but there still was a problem. The Negro’s low achievement still made him non-eligible, so starting in the North, the schools began LOWERING THE BAR.

    The ACC i believe was mostly integrated by 1964, but the SEC lagged until about 1970 or so and of course they finally did integrate to be competitive. What’s strange is how fast the ACC and SEC integrated their teams to such an extent, many by the 80s were majority Negro. Even some of the great coaches like Bear Bryant, who had earlier expressed some reservation about integration, by the end of his career was going whole hog for it.

    Something truly changed in the South between 1945 and 1970 that the Civil Rights Movement had little to do with, it merely happened at the same time. I believe this thing was a replacement of the Honor Culture, which had existed for 300 years, with a modern materialistic one. This didn’t happen everywhere nor was it among all people, but it seemed to hit the Elites and College Educated. Think about this, in 1900 almost all of the Major Segregationists were College Education great orators, by 1960 the entire fight was taken up by the Rednecks ie the Common man. Why did the Educated Class engage in this Betrayal of their ancestors and Southern Society? Answer this and you will understand.

  8. The race traitor, Vandenburg, deserves a sentence worse than death. Perhaps when society collapses, a day of reckoning – like no other – will befall all the traitors. I’d sentence him to 70 years hard labor, ball & chain included, bread & water diet, no exercise, no law degree, no entertainment, and no conjugal visits – ever. All manual labor to be digging ditches and litter removal, preferably in the sweltering heat of Southern States along Klan-sponsored highways. If he protests in the slightest way,
    a stint as a test subject for the government’s chemical weapons program. All this to the very last day of his sentence. An old race traitor is just as bad as a young one.

    • I wouldn’t give him a day’s punishment or a day in Jail. I would give him something straight out of Medieval Times involving four horses and ropes.

    • He should have his limbs amputated and be locked in solitary confinement for life with a convicted nigger rapist as a cell mate.

  9. This is an almost exact copy of the STEUBENVILLE OHIO RAPE CASE of 2012 when a West Virginia 16 yr old girl was brought across to Ohio for a party and the boys of the Steubenville Football Team, Negro and White took turns at her while she was incapacitated from drugs and liquor. The reason the Steubenville case to me is slightly worse than this one, was that the girl was 16 and didn’t have a clue. This child was over 18 and should have known better than to get all f-d up and not know where her boyfriend was taking her. Still a tragedy and still all those involved just as in Steubenville should have been dealt a quick end ala Nathan Bedford Forrest but we are not living in sane times.

    God Save The South

      • Usually when these incidences happen the females were drugged. The sad part is, this girl is over 18, she should have known the whole date rape drug scam and why a lady doesn’t allow herself to get drunk with any man because drunkeness leads to being compromised. She seems like someone who lived a bit carelessly and took chances and now she is paying for it.

  10. Ruth Baird Ginsburg: aggressive Jewish ‘progressive’.

    Anthony Kennedy: recessive White ‘progressive’(posing as ‘conservative’)

    The difference between Jewish Progs(‘progressives’) and White Progs is the former are nasty, aggressive, judgmental, accusatory, and self-righteous whereas the latter are self-critical, redemptive, apologetic, and sympathetic.

    For Jews, ‘progressivism’ is the hand to slap whites with. For whites, ‘progressivism’ is the cheek to be slapped upon(usually by Jews and Negroes).

    Progotry is different things for different people.

    It makes some people critically examine their own power and privilege.

    It makes other people blatantly promote and elevate their own power and privilege.

    Ginsburg is a nasty Jewish Supremacist who uses ‘progressive’ in the most ill-mannered way. Her kind pretend to furthering ‘progress’ when in fact they move pieces on the chessboard to secure Jewish supremacism.

    After all, if Ginsburg is really for ‘diversity’ and ‘affirmative action’, she should call for Jews being categorized as a separate group than included among whites since Jewish whites do so much better than gentile whites.

    But no word on that from her kind.

    Supreme Court should be called Jewish Supremacist Court.


    • The White Christian Man (JACOB-ISRAEL) chose to enthrone Edomites over him and Edom’s whores as well. At the end of the day, we forsook the laws of GOD and of NATURE, seeking self-fufillment over Truth, this all began with the Enlightenment and the scum like Rousseau and Thomas Jefferson. We now eat the fruit. Israel must return to YHWH

  11. R.C. Smith •
    ‘Here’s your old friend Matt Lewis:…’

    The quintessential cuck. Combination of cuckservative and cucktian.

    ‘In the era of Facebook Live and smart phones, it’s hard to come to any conclusion other than the fact that police brutality toward African-Americans is a pervasive problem that has been going on for generations. Seriously, absent video proof, how many innocent African-Americans have been beaten or killed over the last hundred years by the police—with little or no media coverage or scrutiny?

    There’s no telling the damage this has done to us collectively, not to mention the specific families and individuals that were victimized. And, of course, the long-term psychic damage transcends the physical. All sorts of negative externalities can be expected of someone who rightly feels he’s living under an occupying army.’

  12. Paul Kersey has a book about this topic. It is called, “Opiate of America. College Football in Black and White.”

    I quit watching that shit a long time ago.

    • I suggest switching to college hockey which should play very well in the South. The NHL does well in Dallas and Nashville.

      College hockey is all White – and there are some interesting never heard of top contenders in places like Upstate New York.

      Americans and especially Southerners make the mistake of holding on to old allegiances that make no sense today.

      It’s not 1963 with Archie Manning leading Old Miss.

  13. I will pray that the vile Race Traitor demon Vanderscum is raped to death, in jail, by the Niggers he adores.

  14. Southerners have embraced college football because they aren’t allowed any other forms of displaying ethnic pride and solidarity by their masters. If you want to move Southerners away from this stupid sport (?), give them something else to rally around. Don’t just criticize them for liking something they are told to like when there are no alternatives.

    • In the Midwest, the only really thing that identifies one state from another is of course their College Football Teams. That is because these states have no identifying characteristic to tell one apart from the other the only thing that unites them is Football. The South is a bit different because it has a national identity and an identifiable culture. I think it is what you said and more.

      College Football took off in Dixie because other more brutal competitions such as duels and free for all fighting was largely outlawed by 1900 in most states. Southern Aristocrats were proud competitors and notorious gamblers and whether it was cockfights, dog fights, brawls, wrestling,,shooting contests,horse races and even Medieval jousts, which were held in some places before the war, a Southern Aristocrat and even to a lesser extent a poor white man wasn’t happy unless he had something to gamble on or a contest to match wits with his rival.

      Around 1900, when most Southern Universities had by this time formed teams, it filled the void that the old customs which had been outlawed and fallen into disrepute held. Football is one of those sports that allows you to thoroughly beat someone up, and its 100% legal, if you theoretically killed another man on the football field or maimed him, its all in the game however if you beat someone up in a fight on a dirt road, he can sue you or have you prosecuted or if he dies it is at least manslaughter. As Southerners came out of their more brutal roughneck past and into the modern world (RE: THE CORPORATE DEHUMANIZING NIGHTMARE WORLD THAT THE CSA FOUGHT TO PREVENT) football filled the void and made you forget what you lost.

      This can extend to other sports as well. The man with the fastest horse in the county bought a Model T, learned how to tweak it and all of the sudden he has the fastest Model T in the county. Prohibition makes Moonshine 1000 times more valuable than it had been before 1920, they need fast cars to deliver it, so men learn how to hot wrench a T or an A or a Deuce into a car that can beat everyone. Soon they begin to race one another for bragging rights and eventually they get money and sanction to do it in a legal manner and stock car racing is born. Stock Car racing merely took the place of our great-great granddaddys steeple chases and horse track racing.

      The problem is these sports took on a life of their own thanks to Radio and Television. In 1930 or 1940 they were a diversion, by 1980 they were a lifestyle. Now as they fill the pleasure center of our brain we are addicted. Our ancestors didn’t get addicted to their sports because they were only occasional contests, not every week and you had to be present to enjoy it ie no radio no tv no internet.

      We must break this addiction and get off the DOPE

    • @Dixie:

      No excuse.

      When the Blacks were shut out from major league sports, they simply created their own leagues which their own people attended.

      Now that the mainstream sports can be pretty much rechristened Afro Ball, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that, instead of supporting college teams and private teams that only use Blacks, these boosters couldn’t use their time and money to create and support their own leagues.

      • That would be true except that “Civil Rights” ended freedom of association. Now we have Diversity, a legislated reality that always means less White people.

        • @BobWhitakerisokay:

          That excuse still doesn’t cut the mustard.

          White men are not doing themselves any favors by supporting mainstream sports. In the stands, one sees a bunch of obese White men, guzzling overpriced beer and shoveling expensive junk food into their mouths.

          These armchair quarterbacks would be better off playing the game they claim to love so much out in the park with their friends for free.

          If the vast majority of sports fans, who are White BTW, would just boycott the sport until their demographic is proportionately represented in the field, the sports teams would have to go along or go bankrupt.

          Moreover, their inability to do so is what made a Vandenburg possible. Since sports became a national past time, young boys’ heroes were sports stars. Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, etc. Until White athletes were pretty much phased out … about the time Vandenburg was born.

          Remember that touching little commercial tableau with the worshipful little White boy timidly offering Mean Joe Greene a Coke? Remember how he was in raptures when his Black HERO smiled and said, “Thanks, kid?”

          Why wouldn’t a black athletic supporter like Vandenburg go beyond the worshipful crotch sniffing and win the friendship of HIS Black heroes by handing over his girlfriend for their use?

          I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vandenburg Phenomena as more common than you think. They were probably careful not to record it, destroyed the evidence and the victims quietly transferred out of the university than make their shame public.

    • Pasty White Larry Bird brought big paydays to the NBA
      But since Larry Bird left the NBA the NBA has devolved into a bunch of chimps playing ball

  15. Because this heinous crime involved black males it did not find its way to my Facebook feed via post from all my feminist friends like the Stanford swimmer.

  16. .

    Slavery my butt! The last cotton that guy ever picked was shopping for T-shirts .

    Hang him.


  17. At the risk of offending Jack Ryan, a proud Vanderbilt alumnus, Vanderbilt’s math department isn’t exactly in the class of MIT’s. However, even at that, I still think that Vandy’s math faculty can do 1865 minus 1670 and figure that the answer is far fewer than 400 years.

  18. White Pride has been banned in the West by PC or PW(political worship of Jews, homos, and Negroes).

    Whites can only have pride as cuckish do-gooders onto other people.

    Whites can’t feel pride as whites. They can only feel pride as whites serving non-whites.

    Instead of WHITE PRIDE, there is only WHITE PROVIDE.

    WHITES must PROVIDE welfare, food, medicine, shelter, clothing, and everything under the sun for Muslims and Africans who keep having babies like rabbits.

    It is time to reverse this trend. White Pride, NOT White Provide.

    This is especially true when so many white people are lost in drugs, tattoos, piercing, broken families, interracism, degenerate culture, and suicide.




  19. 400 yrs of trying to civilize black savages didn’t work.

    100,000 yrs of evolution in savage Africa trumps 400 yrs of civilizing mission in America.

    Blacks were made savage in Africa, and a mere 400 yrs couldn’t take the savagery out of the Negro.

  20. Not a very good week for my Alma Mater the Vanderbilt Commodores.

    I read this and also get tweets from VU about some new Black woman dean of multicultural studies or something.

    Vanderbilt is getting to be as bad as my brother’s alma mater Duke University.

    We both made the decision to leave PC Lib Leftist urban North for something healthier and sane in the South – these institutions have been taken over.

  21. This is considered Progressive: Rape, Rape, Rape, then off to the NFL where they take a knee & give the middle finger to Middle Class America.

    Vote 4 Hillary if you want more.

  22. This Black guy and his friends are upset about their ancestors being brought to America as slaves? We definitely should send them all back and admit Americans made a mistake buying them from the Blacks that enslaved them in Africa long ago.


    Black Lives Matter?! Mind over Matter? Blacks don’t matter; I don’t mind! That’s right! Since when did all y’all niggas start to assert your human rights? Are you really human? America’s founding fathers begged to differ! For example, Thomas Jefferson wondered where blacks fit in on a scale ranging from insects to angels. Clearly, blacks’re inferior creatures to whites because after all “the Blacks” were not human. Blacks are owned property, on the same level as farm animals! As such, your destiny is to labor and slave for whites and should stop being so riotous and self righteous.

    I, Susan Cordogan, came from a prominent English family that had come to the Promised Land. My family enjoyed owning and trading black slaves. We saved the lives of your ancestors, for if not for us, your ancestors would have frozen and starved to death in the dead Midwest winter. You niggas should thank we white folks for throwing you guys a bone! So stop yapping “Black Lives Matter” already, because clearly you do not matter! And that’s the truth.

    And I will not submit to this farcical BLM nonsense and I will not allow the death threats, the name calling, and the pack threat mentality stop me from telling the truth about y’all niggas.

    Despite everything, I will gladly take your money and plan your lil wedding because you sure need to make more colored babies to feed the system making sure that our white guardian angel police officers stay employed.

    Susan Arlene Cordogan, President
    Big City Bride, Chicago IL

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