ISIS Claims Responsibility For German Train Attack By Afghan Refugee

Yesterday, I was at the beach with my son in Florida when an axe-wielding Muslim refugee attacked a train in Germany:

WÜRZBURG, Germany — The Islamic State claimed responsibility on Tuesday for a rampage by a 17-year-old Afghan migrant who attacked passengers on a regional train in southern Germany with an ax, and then seriously injured a woman who was walking her dog, before he was killed by the police.

The train attack, around 9 p.m. Monday near Würzburg in Bavaria, wounded four visitors from Hong Kong, two of them critically. The woman walking her dog was hospitalized with serious injuries.

The attack intensified fears in Germany that the huge influx of migrants and refugees could pose a security threat.

“The brutality and unrestrained readiness to use violence that is reflected by this act has shocked me deeply,” said Horst Seehofer, the governor of the southern state of Bavaria and an ally but occasional critic of Chancellor Angela Merkel, at a cabinet meeting. Justice Minister Heiko Maas called on Germans “to fight radicalism, regardless of where it comes from.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the Islamic State released a video with Arabic subtitles of a young man, who appeared to be the one who carried out the attack, reciting a jihadist manifesto …”

It has gotten to the point where I can’t tune out the news for a few hours, spend time with my family, and go swimming in the ocean without turning it back on to discover there has been yet another horrific Muslim terrorist attack.

Where were you when on 9/11 when Muslims attacked the World Trade Center?
Where were you when Theo van Gogh was murdered in the Netherlands?
Where were you when Muslims massacred all those children in Beslan in Russia?
Where were you when Muslims blew up that train in Spain?
Where were you when Muslims blew that train in London?
Where were you when a Muslim beheaded Lee Rigby in the UK?
Where were you when Muslims slaughtered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in France?
Where were you when you heard about the mass rapes of White girls by Muslims in Rotherham in the UK?
Where were you when Muslims blew up the Boston Marathon?
Where were you when Muslims blew up the Brussels airport?
Where were you when Muslims attacked the Bataclan in Paris and the media suppressed the brutal torture of the victims?
Where were you when Muslims sexually assaulted over 1,200 women in Germany on New Year’s Eve?
Where were you when you heard that Muslims had raped and sexually assaulted women at that Swedish music festival?
Where were you when Muslims shot up San Bernardino?
Where were you when that Muslim attacked in Chattanooga?
Where were you when that Muslim soldier went on a rampage at Fort Hood?
Where were you when a Muslim shot up the gay nightclub in Orlando?
Where were you when black Muslims killed cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge?
Where were you when a Muslim driving a truck ran over and killed 84 people including children in Nice, France?

I don’t want to hear the word “Islamophobia” over again. I think we are about done hearing excuses made for these people.

Update: Guess what has happened in France since I posted this article?

“A mother and her three daughters were reportedly stabbed while on holiday in France because they were ‘scantily dressed’.

A knifeman attacked the woman and her three daughters, aged eight, 12, and 14, in the village of Garda-Colombe near Laragne-Monteglin, in south-east France, at around 10.30 this morning.

The attacker, named locally as Moroccan-born Mohamed Boufarkouch, was later arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in police custody.

Local reports suggest the Boufarkouch attacked the victims because they were ‘scantily dressed’. The victims are believed to have been wearing shorts and t-shirts at the time. …”

Yet another Mohamad has struck.

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  1. Of course they are not all terrorists and they don’t all want to kill Westerners. However, there is an obvious positive correlation between the number of Muslims in your nation and the number of terrorist attacks. Therefore, banning them from immigrating to your nation is of immense benefit to your citizens.

  2. My guess is the rhetoric coming from ISIS centers about the passage in one of their books about martyrdom as repentance for and washing away of a Muslim’s sin therefor guaranteeing a trip to paradise. Orlando and Nice were perped by two homosexuals who suddenly felt pangs of guilt and needed to cleanse it. Hell I would assume these attacks in the West are not perped by hardcorps jihadis but sinners and generally screwed up in the head types. Maybe not Bataclan but I wouldn’t doubt the recruiting pitch for groups like that centers on the cleansing away of sins by wasting infidels in holy war. Wouldn’t surprise me to find out Afghan goat man was on the down low and a lover of booze.

  3. Mother and three daughters stabbed ‘for being inappropriately dressed’

    Read more:

    A woman and her three daughters have been stabbed in a French resort for being ‘scantily dressed’.
    An eight-year-old girl was left fighting for her life after the attack in the Garde-Colombe in the Hautes-Alpes region of Southern France.
    The man is believed to have attacked the three girls outside the family’s apartment before entering the building and attacking the mother.
    Jean-Marc Duprat, a deputy mayor for the town of Laragne-Monteglin in the Hautes-Alpes region said the suspect, who is not related to them, was upset they were wearing shorts and T-shirts.

    He’s believed to have met the family earlier in the week and was staying next door.
    The girls are believed to be aged eight, 12 and 14 while their mother is 46.

  4. There is only one thing to do and that is rid ourselves of the Nonwhites and the Muslims once and for all and spare no means to do it. From the old and crippled to the unborn children, rid ourselves of every last one of them.

  5. The Jew bankers, their aristocratic cohorts, and their shabez goi have turned the great European into the pathetic Europeon. And, the vast majority don’t even have a clue to this day.

  6. The density of a crowd in a train makes it a perfect target – not only for bombing and suicide bombing a la London or Madrid. Remember the attack foiled by a few American soldiers on vacation in Northern France last year before the Paris attacks (in a ”Thalys” train) The terrorist had an AK and hundreds ammos. This could have been quite a carnage. IMO the next step for ISIS in Europe is mass bombing, hence trucks or cars with hundreds kilograms of TNT next to any festivities and building/mall. In the case of this Afghan teen jackass, for once Ze Germans can rejoice he never put his hand on a firearm.

  7. It wan’t long ago that the Pope encouraged Euros to bring the invaders into their homes. SMH.

    ‘Many of the young refugees are in group homes, but others have been placed in foster families. Joachim Herrmann, interior minister of the southern state of Bavaria, where the attack occurred, said the attacker had most recently lived with a family near Würzburg.

    Michael Horlemann, who runs the department for youth, social affairs and health in the largely rural district around Würzburg, said that most of the 150 unaccompanied minors in the district lived in group homes, but 10 to 15 — who were selected because they seemed to be adapting well — lived in smaller shared apartments or with host families. The teenager was one of those selected, Mr. Horlemann said, adding that the foster families taking part were carefully screened.’

  8. A hypothetical. If these Muslims were not attacking Hispanic gays, those celebrating Bastille Day, those at a concert or people on a train but were instead targeting synagogues, Jewish centers and the like, would the US and Europe still be bringing/letting them in? Would people like Barbara Lerner Spectre, Anetta Kahane and the rest still insist that this is a transformation (to Multikulti ) that we must make?

  9. Anti-Whites mourn the victims, then justify the victimizers by bringing more of them in. Our problem isn’t Muslims. It’s traitors.

  10. I am proud to have been insulting especially pushy Islamists in and around Chicago – creatures in black tent burkas on 90 degree days, hairy creatures showing their arses to me bowing to the East on the shores of Lake Michigan.

    I’ve got some good mileage on this:

    “It ‘s not the 8th century folks, it ‘s the 21st century”

  11. Prrsonally, I can’t wait until the fighting begins and we’re eradicating the Muslim scum and their White collaborators. I sense the moment is nearing.

  12. The main lesson about Germany and WWII is that people must choose truth over lies.

    During the Nazi era, Germans refused to believe the truth about Hitler. They refused to pay attention to the horrors carried out by Germans in other nations. They refused to believe rumors about the killing of Jews and other folks. Nazi Germany, especially during the war, became an empire of lies and fantasies.

    This is one German who refused to live by lies:

    Even in DOWNFALL the film, it is amazing how those in the inner circle carry on with lies, partying and dancing, to the very end. And Hitler was lost in his own fantasies, moving phantom armies that didn’t even exist.

    But Germans were so into the culture of loyalty and duty that they served the pathological nut to the end.

    We see the same pattern all over again. It is ironic cuz the new culture of lies is enforced in the name of redeeming Germany from its past culture of lies.

    But even that Redemption Narrative is a lie. True, Germany caused horrible hardships to other nations, but if so, Germany owes something to the nations it destroyed. And they’d be Poland, Russia, France, Holland, etc. One can argue Russians got even by killing lots of Germans, raping and looting, and ruling over a piece of Germany.

    As for other nations like Poland and etc., Germany did take great measures to pay reparations. Also, Germans have done a great deal for Jews, understandable.

    Those are truths.

    But it is a total lie that Germany must still continue to redeem itself by taking care of the world. Germany didn’t do anything to parts of Africa and Middle East from which refugees and migrants are coming. If anything, the people most guilty and responsible for that are the Anglo-Zionists who’ve been filled with warmongering arrogance and hubris since end of Cold War. For these globalist a**holes to invoke Holocaust and WWII and dump the burden of ‘refugees’ on Germany is ridiculous. Given NYT cheerled the Iraq War, it should pay reparations for aiding the lying Bush regime into war. But NYT just says, ‘oops, sorry’ and demands that Germany and EU nations take in all these ‘refugees’ who’ve been uprooted by Zionist intervention in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Despite Germany’s great guilt in WWII, Germany is only responsible to those it wronged, not to other nations. What does taking ‘Syrian refugees'(unleashed by crazy foreign policy of US, Israel, Saudis, and Turkey) have to do with the Holocaust and WWII?

    Since Indonesians caused a lot of horror in East Timor, should Germans have taken Timorese refugees too?

    There was that moment when Merkel was denounced as a wicked witch cuz she said a Palestinian girl had to go back home. But why should Germans be responsible for Palestinian plight when it is Zionists who continue to occupy West Bank?

    And there are other lies about the current ‘refugee’ crisis, as more and more Germans are finding out.

    Merkel lies. Bureaucrats lie. Police lie. Media lie. Schools lie. Celebrities lie. EU lies.

    They may believe they are lying for the higher good, but all these lies add up to evil because a system based on lies and deception can only be evil.

    If Nazism was built on lies, anti-Nazi Germany must be based on truth. But anti-Nazi Germany also has come to rest on lies and lies. It is based on the lie that anti-immigration sentiment and German nationalism constitute return of Hitlerism.

    In truth, German patriotism and German sovereignty are NOT cases of new nazism. They are healthy nationalism, something all nations need.

    Also, the main evil of Nazi Germany was not blood-and-soil ideology but the fact that it violated the blood and soil rights of OTHER nations. If Germans wanted blood-and-soil sovereignty in Germany, fine.

    It’s like Jews can have blood and soil in Israel. The current situation is troublesome because Jews are violating the blood and soil rights of Palestinians in the West Bank. Zionists should take back all Jews in West Bank and drive out all Arabs in Israel into West Bank. This is how European peace was achieved after WWII. By the way of population transfers, each nation was allowed to have its right of blood and soil. And the USSR, aka Russian Empire, broke up along those lies. Lithuanians wanted their own blood and soil. Estonians too. And Armenians, Georgians, etc.

    But EU and Germany, under the storm clouds of globalism, are now violating this. Blood and soil must be nationalist, not imperialist. The evil of Nazism was it went from nationalism to imperialism. Polish patriots who fought the Germans were all about blood and soil. Poles were saying ‘German blood and soil must be in Germany. Poland is for Polish blood and soil.’

    Radicalism is the roots of evil. Radicalism is the extreme belief that one’s views and causes are so radiant, noble, true, and awesome that they have the right to trample on all others causes, agendas, and visions.

    Look at Stalin and Hitler. Both had some good ideas but were turned evil by radical ideology/personality.

    Stalin’s communism had something about the rights of working man, social justice for the proles, and the role of state to protect people from the exploitative class. But communists were so righteous and radical in their ideology that they felt they had the right to do ANYTHING to further their cause. So, even lies and tyranny were okay as long as they served the higher truth. Morality turned radical become nihilistic.

    Same goes for Hitler. He had some good ideas about love of nation, identity, tradition, unity, and volk. Nothing wrong with a Germanic person loving his own people and culture. But this love became radical to the point where he thought only the ‘Aryans’ and their related races deserved any kind of rights, power, and dignity. All the rest were secondary humans, even subhuman. He started with a good idea about patriotism and racial/cultural preservation, but his excessive love for his own people blinded him to the histories and identities of other peoples and their right to survive and carry on.

    It’s true that humanity cannot live with truth 100% of the time since truth is often blunt, hurtful, and inconvenient. But truth is truth, and it must be the basis of important decision. Crucial Policies cannot be based on lies in the service of Niceness.

    Niceness is nice, but it’s a casual etiquette we maintain for social peace. It has little to do with the truth. What happened in Nice on Bastille Day exposed the lie to the culture of niceness as the basis of national policy. It’s like we should be nice enough to be polite to foreigners in our country. But when foreigners demographically invade our country, we must put aside niceness and firmly say they need to go back home since their massive arrival constitutes an invasion. If a nation continues to prefer the cult of niceness in the face of rude invasions, it is finished.

    It’s like we shouldn’t say a fat person is a ‘fatso’ and a ‘buffalo butt’ as such insults are hurtful.

    BUT, the doctor must tell the fatass patient that he or she must lose weight and exercise if he or she wants to regain health. The patient may feel hurt, but only the truth is the path to true health.

    EU is an empire of lies with a fatass that needs to be called out.

    These lies are perpetuated by both cynicism and dogmatism. Many German politicians, reporters, and bureaucrats know what is happening, but they prefer to keep their jobs and careers. They are no different from Stasi and other East German goons who went along with the system out of self-interest.

    There was even a report that German journalists take bribes from the CIA.

    But there is also dogmatism. The narrative of German Guilt is such an iron dogma of German identity after WWII, esp. since the 1960s(when Jews began to take over US elite power), that Germans favor the Narrative to any facts or truths that threaten it.

    If lies better serve the narrative, they are favored over truths.

    So, we even have German women lying that they were raped by German men when the rapists were Muslims or Africans. Why? The dogma pounded into the minds tell them that it is noble to uphold the narrative of White Guilt and non-white nobility.

    This is the new myth.


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