Losing Fox News

The Bush Family, Rockefeller Family, Conservative Inc, RINOs, Country Club Chamber of Commerce Conservatives, Cuckservatives, Christian Zionists, Cheney military industrialist, Karl Rove consultants, Harvard and Yale Romney go along to get along pussies – they have been thankfully absent from the Trump coronation GOP convention in Cleveland. Almost all of the worst of this sorry lot didn’t even show up, the exception is soon to be Amren White traitor of the year WI Rep. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

What a $&&%*# Cuck!

But while most or even all of the speakers were rather good (did others catch UFC President Dana White coming out for the fighter Donald Trump?)

UFC Dana White Comes Out for Trump

our “conservative” enemies (95% White Gentile non Jewish) have been up to, well other things.

It looks like we just finally lost Fox News.

Fox News Fires Roger Ailes

Fox News – the dominant cable news network is a reflection of 2 people/personalities

Australian/UK Rupert Murdoch and American Roger Ailes

Murdoch has always been extremely pro Zionist, Israeli first, Ailes – while certainly never anti Israel, has been much more pro American Conservative – speech writer for Richard Nixon, would put on Ann Coulter if she got good ratings. This relationship is apparently busted as the Murdoch family hates Donald Trump and is fanatically open borders immigration – Ailes has to go.

Both Murdoch and Ailes are White, Anglo, Gentile non Jewish, though Murdoch children are apparently marrying in to the J tribe. Murdoch and Ailes sort of stand out in this way as virtually the entire American media is controlled by the J tribe

Joel Stein – Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon

The last White Gentile big media owner/player was Ted Turner, who once ran CNN out of Atlanta GA and featured Pat Buchanan with Turner Broadcasting doing well running re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show. Well, Ted tried to make the move to LA/Hollywood, marry Hanoi Jane Fonda and merge Turner Broadcasting CNN with Jerald Levin’s Time Warner Inc – and the result was Ted Turner has never been heard from again and CNN now is arguably the worst BRA, ZOG network featuring ex AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer!

Ted Turner 1998 Traitor of the Year

OK, back to the Fox purge of Roger Ailes.

Roger Ailes got fired (purged) from Fox this week on some extremely obscure, suspect charges of sexual harassment from over ten years ago by an aging, low ratings presenter Gretchen Carlson and mega bitch Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly has had her dagger out for Donald Trump for a long time and Trump has show great courage dismissing her as a bimbo.

Here’s Breitbart’s account of the sexual harassment suit filed by aging, low ratings Fox host

Gretchen Carlson

Statement from Roger Ailes;

“Statement released by Roger Ailes:

“Gretchen Carlson’s allegations are false. This is a retaliatory suit for the network’s decision not to renew her contract, which was due to the fact that her disappointingly low ratings were dragging down the afternoon lineup”

Then this week, arch anti Trump bitch Megyn Kelly chimes in that Roger Ailes supposedly sexually harassed her 10 years ago. Neither gal is charging rape, groping or any sexual activity of any kind – more like, asking her out for lunch or something, saying

Breitbart Stands With Roger Ailes Against Megyn Kelly

It’s apparently not a done deal as most of Fox News big powers are standing with Roger Ailes against Megyn Kelly and the Murdoch family.

Others can voice their views of what’s going on with the attempted coup against Ailes. My take is that the powers that be are trying to send a message that no one in the Conservative camp is allowed to talk about putting “America First” or dissing the Bush Family, Conservative inc or the heavily Jewish donors. It doesn’t matter that Donald Trump is the most popular American pol in Israel or the metro New York/New Jersey area and polling great amongst Jewish voters in this area. It’s the same with the tops of organized crime – the powers that be want everyone to be Sicilian and kiss the ring.


  1. It was amusing to watch Megyn Kelly’s first interview live at the RNC this week with Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party. He was out of his Michael Jackson circa 1984 battle-rattle uniform and had switched out tinted sunglasses for jailhouse lawyer bifocals. The witch Megyn went in to a scripted attack, it was a total setup and attempted manipulation during a night of high viewership of the Fox News audience which has continued to grow skeptical of her since her attacks on Trump.

    Shabazz is a joke and a real POS, easy target, and was brought in specifically to get Megyn back in the good graces of the traditional Fox News viewing audience with as little heavy lifting as possible. Of course those that only consume “the news” probably bought the little performance at face value.

  2. We aren’t “losing” Fox News. “We” never had [it]. Murdoch’s a Blood Jew. Get a grip.

    • I heard a long time ago that his mother was a Jewess. I’ve also heard that’s never been confirmed. Really it’s a moot point. Murdoch is a committed Zionist.

    • I quit watching Fox over a decade ago when it became clear that they were cuckservatives exclusive fawning over the traitorous Bush dynasty.

    • Fox News served it’s purpose by getting Alt+Right Members Television Coverage in the 1990s and early 2000’s before the Bush Family forced Fox News to censor people who were not NEOCONSERVATIVE. A good example was how Pat Buchanan’s appearances on Fox and elsewhere were suddenly shut down.

      Was Fox News ever our friend? Absolutely not they were always PRO-JEW but at the beginning in 1996 and up to 9/11 they were open to occasionaly giving Conspiracy People and Alt Right a voice on tv and they did, after 9 11 they became an organ of the Bush Family.

      Again, they weren’t ever our friends, but they helped our Alt Right movement in the early days by putting out a taste of our message. Now we have our own internet media. The Lamestream Media including Fox are a bunch of Dinosaurs. We control the narrative now

  3. This is why I don’t lose hope.

    Things are always darkest and coldest immediately before the twilight of the dawn.

    The Soviet Union looked like an evil empire that would exist in perpetuity, and then one day, poof, it implodes.

    Fox News Channel at least for outward consumption looks like a ratings juggernaut that will never end. Then boom, in the last few days, we see it’s about ready to fall apart.

    A lot of rot happens not in the realm of public view.

    I think over the next few years, we’re going to be surprised about how much rot starts showing.

    Speaking of rot, I’m going to start a campaign to pressure St. Louis’s largest and most famous grocery store chain to pull Chobani yogurt off the shelves. Now, this grocery chain isn’t some mom and pop grocer like the one I got to get rid of Chobani over the weekend, and it’s not like I have all the free time in the world, so even if I have success, it will take me more time. But what it means is that I think I’ve fully immersed myself into the sociopolitics of Byzantine choke point manipulation, per Jack Ryan’s long time drum beat.

  4. Ailes’s career rise perfectly coincides with the rise of (((neocons))) and their Shabbos Goy cuckservarives like the Bush. During the Bush years Ailes was fully supportive of Israel Firsters, Bush’s idiocies and Iraq war. There was never any criticism of Saudi Arabia, the real snake-pit of Wahabi terror. The Saud family owned a piece of NewsCorp (Fox hoding co).

    So Ailes is every bit a Judaised CUCK. Fuck him. Let him hang. Let him be a warning sign. Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly are entiled sluts of conservatism inc but who cares. We need the head of Ailes so CUCKS understand the price of playing (((their))) game.

    Trump should stay clear of (((Ailes))).

    • Nah

      Anti White Jews, Zionists , Christian Zionists , Neo conservatives , RINOs, cuckservatives are trying a coup at Fox News

      It s painfully clear which side we re on.

  5. Fox News served it’s purpose when the Internet was in it’s infancy in 1996 of putting out Conservatives and the early members of the ALT+RIGHT on Television and giving them a say. Fox News was alot more free in the 90s and early 2000’s before they became an organ for the Bush Crime Family. The same way that Matt Drudge in the 1990’s became the godfather of the alternative media, he has served his purpose as well. Now we in our movement can take it from here.

    The Internet and Social Media now DEFINE THE NEWS and we have our own channels online. The message cannot be stopped now. We should thank Fox News for in it’s early days giving SOME OF OUR LEADERS A VOICE, but now thanks to the Internet we can broadcast 24/7/52/365.

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