The Ted Cruz we got to know so well during the primary showed up tonight at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. We got a preview of what was coming earlier in the morning when Cruz announced to a crowd of his supporters that he refused to let those SOBs turn Lyin’ Ted into Cryin’ Ted:

“That I couldn’t thank you one at a time. And I’ll just confess I didn’t have the strength to do that and not breakdown.

And we had 50 T.V. cameras there and I tell you, I wasn’t going to let those SOBs turn Lyin’ Ted into Cryin’ Ted. So I lasted through about two people and I had to go back stage …”

The media had been buzzing with reports all day that Cruz’s speech wouldn’t contain an endorsement of Trump.

Personally, I was skeptical. Paul Ryan had given a full-throated endorsement of Trump the night before. Scott Walker endorsed Trump in his speech this evening. Marco Rubio endorsed Trump in a short video. Surely, I thought Cruz would bite his tongue and endorse Trump, if for no other reason than his own self-interest. After all, Ryan, Rubio, and Walker had all managed to do so, all of whom plan to run again.

The Texas delegation had come around to supporting Trump. Many of Cruz’s top donors were supporting Trump. If Cruz endorsed Trump, he would have had an excuse for doing so. He could have said that he was doing it for party unity. He could have said that Hillary Clinton has to be stopped. He could have said that he wanted to demonstrate that he was a team player after virtually no one in the Senate endorsed him.

But no … instead, the Lyin’ Ted we all know showed up in full sanctimonious, sore loser mode to promote himself and his own agenda. Trump graciously let him speak at the convention. He used the platform he was given to spit in the face of his host. The pettiness was so unseemly that many of his own supporters abandoned him then and there. He was booed off the stage. It was a remarkable scene to watch.

We just witnessed a moment in which there was a collective realization that Ted Cruz has to be stopped. Vote your conscience. Vote for Anyone But Ted in Texas in 2018.

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  1. On the CNN panel that was doing the postmortem on the evening’s events was a youngish Trump supporter who said, with a sort of amused incredulity, something like, “Ted Cruz lives in a strange mental bubble: he thinks he’s going to be president someday.” Even Amanda Carpenter, that most vigorous of Cruz partisans, had to smile at that.

  2. Sheldon Adelson was so angry at Cruz, he refused him entry into his hospitality suite after the speech.

  3. The real question is how so many could fall for an obvious con.

    Biggest story of the year: terrorism? Trump? Brexit?

    Nope. The biggest story was the revelation of Rafael Cruz, the anti Castro agent and protege of the Bushes, working as a minder for Lee Harvey Oswald in the months before the JFK assassination.

    Combined with the “28 pages” and you get a sense of just how much damage the Bush family has done to the world.

  4. That was painful to watch. We love diversity, we love faggots, we passed the nigger rights act. I don’t think he’s ever cucked that hard in his life.

  5. Agreed. The Tedster is obviously nothing but a chiseler. And Heidi “When we are elected president…..” Cruz is a piece of work as well. I feel sorry for their daughters.

  6. What makes Cruz, a Cuban immigrant via Canada, an expert on The US Constitution? He should know he is not eligible to run for President.

  7. I watched that. I heard the booing.

    Cruz is a small man, and a pr*ck.


    Apparently, as Heidi Cruz was leaving the arena, Trump supporters were screaming “Goldman Sachs!” in her face.


    • Cruz just sealed his political death. Good for him. He wasted decades of hard work to get where he did with one temper tantrum infantile speech. Good luck Ted Cruz!

  8. Congratulations but no endorsement. Booing justified. The leaky ship Cruz is heading toward the rocks.

  9. Seriously what did Trump except? I knew this was going to happen. He needs to embrace Reality Politics and the realization that politics is merely war by another method. He can start by firing the speech writer for his wife. That person was either incompetent or malevolent! Everyone of of those Republican Cucks signed a pledge and made Trump sign it (thinking it would be anybody but him that received the party’s nomination) to back the party’s candidate whoever it may be. Notice how many of the signers of this solemn pledge of unity are not there! I sometimes think his candidacy when off rail when he fired Roger Stone.

    • He’s doing it for the ratings.

      Trump’s philosophy is that politics is reality TV by other means.

      In that way, he is actually perfect for America.

    • Yesterday Mark Behling said, ‘not firing her reveals the flaws in his management style and proves he is not strong but weak.’

      Oh, give me a break. What a load of horse manure.

      Trump did not need to fire that speech writer over a tempest in a tea pot. If he had everyone would be howling at the mean misogynistic bully and the GOP’s war on women. Hillary and her gang would love it.

        • Right.

          Can you imagine the narrative?

          Donald Trump the bully would not fire woman beating thug, Corey Lewandowski, but throws sweet old lady under the bus flexing his muscles in a show of force making her the scapegoat for his campaign’s ineptitude.

          • Yep.

            Trump will never win with the worst press in the developed world.

            Just how many “fatal errors” for the campaign does this make in the eyes of “journalists?”

          • Journalists? You don’t get it. This nation doesn’t care about journalists. They care about crooks in the office and getting them out. I’d take Trump and a million blunders over any traitor and criminal such as Clinton. Anyone who can’t see past “journalists” shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    • As I said in an extended post at the other thread, about the convention, the supposed apology from the speechwriter, one Meredith McIver, leaves unclear what happened. It seems to me entirely possible that it was Trump himself who insisted the Obama material be included in the speech and that Ms. McIver has been a loyal soldier by signing a sort-of, quasi, half-apology in which she sort-of half-takes the blame. As maybe you know, the apology includes a statement to the effect that she’d offered her resignation over her supposed mistake but that Trump and family rejected it. “Mr. Trump,” she wrote, “told me that people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences.” Translation? My guess would be: “D. Trump told me I’ll be taken care of if I’ll take the fall for this.”

      If you’d like to see how curiously Ms. McIver’s apology is worded, my post on the subject is at http://disq.us/p/1a7qrsm

    • I read that Trump saw Cruz’s speech beforehand and if it wasn’t changed from that point on, perhaps it was an intentional act on the Don’s part.

    • Trump knew what Cruz was going to do. By allowing Cruz to make an ass out of himself to millions of viewers Trump has unified the party behind him and rendered Cruz ineffective if he tries to snipe at Trump from the sideline. Trump understands the OODA loop and has used it to outmaneuver all of his opponents.

  10. “sore loser”

    That’s exactly what my mother said about Lyin’ Ted.

    “Vote for Anyone But Ted in Texas in 2018.”

    Yes,just as long as it’s NOT another Bush,as in George P. Bush,a possible contender in 2018.

  11. Proverbs 16:18 perfectly encapsulates why Cruz (unwittingly) committed political suicide last night:

    “Pride goes before destruction,and a haughty spirit before a fall.”


  12. Cruz doesn’t have to be stopped, he committed career suicide in front of 20 million people last night.

    • So the Vote Your Conscience thing, this year, is about who gets to appoint Supreme Court Justices.

  13. Littler and whinier bitch than Cruz.

    Ben Shapiro ? @benshapiro
    Last night was a Stalinist parade: if you did not clap loudly enough for Trump (even if you quasi-endorsed), you must be executed!
    9:32 AM – 21 Jul 2016

  14. Why did he even show up. Surely he want to follow the Bush example and stay away. Wonder if they encouraged him to go.

  15. I’m not reading all the other emails tonight (I’m too tired), but two things I heard today bear repeating.

    1) Someone said, ‘That was the longest suicide note I’ve ever heard.”
    He’s right. Cruzman Sachs is DONE in politics.

    2) The speech was KNOWN to the Trump camp, said Limbaugh today. And DT’s appearance right at the moment of the most egregious denunciations, only could serve to fuel sympathy for Trump.

    While that may be true, it did cement Cruz’s irrelevancy for all time. Just as the repudiation of the ENTIRE BUSH Legacy has erupted over at DS, with major disgust and hatred against the Bushes. And I would tend to agree. I believed Bush Sr. in 2001. I didn’t find Shrub to be credible, and Jeb is just a moron.

    They’re done. Put a fork in them. We move on.
    Trump, 2016.
    Deus Vult.

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