Evan McMullin: #NeverTrump Standard Bearer Launches Independent Campaign

If I sat down and tried to come up with a better caricature of #NeverTrump globalist cuckservatism, I couldn’t have topped Evan McMullin:

“Evan McMullin, a former C.I.A. official and a Republican who passionately opposes Donald J. Trump, will file papers to run for president as an independent candidate, according to two people briefed on his plans.

Mr. McMullin, who until recently worked on policy development with the House Republican conference, has missed the ballot-access deadlines in more than two dozen states.

But Mr. McMullin, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, studied in Utah and could take votes from Mr. Trump in the heavily Mormon state.

In a statement provided by an aide, Mr. McMullin said, “In a year where Americans have lost faith in the candidates of both major parties, it’s time for a generation of new leadership to step up.”

“It’s never too late to do the right thing, and America deserves much better than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can offer us,” his statement said. “I humbly offer myself as a leader who can give millions of disaffected Americans a conservative choice for president.” …”

Behold, this resume:

1.) Council on Foreign Relations member, elite foreign policy insider
2.) Goldman Sachs, mergers and acquisitions, Wall Street insider
3.) Refugee Resettlement Officer, “a fierce advocate for Middle Eastern refugees”
4.) Former CIA operative
5.) Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Conference, Republican establishment insider
6.) United Nations volunteer for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Make Globalism Great Again!!!

Evan McMullin is a coup for Donald Trump for a few reasons:

1.) First, he is the perfect foil for Trump’s campaign, since he is the mouthpiece of the Republican globalist establishment on the economy, immigration, and foreign policy.

2.) Second, McMullin’s candidacy will shore up support among those who are sympathetic to Trump’s outsider message, but who are skeptical that he has been coopted or is faking it. Here you have a Council on Foreign Relations, Republican establishment, Goldman Sachs puppet running to throw the race to Hillary Clinton.

3.) Third, he has lower name ID than even David French, who had a number of things going for him including social conservative bonafides on abortion, gay marriage, religious liberty, guns, and states rights.

4.) Fourth, he is so repulsive to Trump’s core audience that he might end up taking more votes away from Hillary Clinton than Trump.

5.) Fifth, the #TruCons will be pressured to back one of their own in the race, which will further erode their credibility by reinforcing Trump’s critique of “conservatism.”

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  1. Cuckservative Mormons.

    Ricky Vaughn Retweeted
    Evan McMullin ?@Evan_McMullin
    The ideas of @realDonaldTrump would deny Americans of all races, religions, and nationalities their right to pursue and obtain happiness.

    Mitt Romney ?@MittRomney
    May we stop seeing people as black, white, brown or wearing blue & see them instead as husbands, wives, sons, daughters & children of God.

    Evan McMullin ?@Evan_McMullin 3h3 hours ago
    Donald Trump’s infatuation with strongmen and demagogues like Vladimir Putin is anathema to American values.

    • Mitt romney is a cunning,backbiting,twisted snake… Thank god he was defeated. #neverromneyeveragain

  2. It looks like Trump is going to lose, maybe big time. This guy probably appeals to some of the non democrats who are not going to vote for Trump. But let’s look at Trump’s campaign. Truth is, it’s about as much as we can expect with this population, as far as what many of us who read sites like OD want. The people are not big on the type issues and strategies OD readers are interested in, to say nothing of the VNN types. Some immigration concern and a lot of jobs concern is pretty much all most want, and then you have the all out liberals that need not even be brought up here.

    What I’m saying is it looks like the Jewish/left coalition is going to be triumphant. Demographics and too much liberal indoctrination. Trump has got now and is going to get approximately the best we can hope for, and it is apparently not enough. After Hillary, the demographics will be even worse, of course. But we see now they already are, anyway, probably were in 08 or at latest 2012. I for one don’t even bother fantasizing about uprisings and all the other pipe dreams that would have happened long ago if rural and non liberal Americans were ever going to do it. It is not going to happen.

    I don’t have too much advice to give anyone concerning how to live and all in the Brave New World.

      • Maybe. I noticed one of your ex-commenter’s put up a list on his new blog the probable states and their electoral votes won by Hillary and Trump. Looking at it and thinking, it is hard to argue against. Very hard.

        BTW, I live near the Ohio border, and I see all the union leadership is in high gear now mobilizing their members against Trump. It is picking up considerable steam and promises to go all out in these final months to stop Trump. The same will be true in Michigan Wisconsin and other major union strongholds.

          • True, but like I said, the list he compiled looks pretty close to how it will turn out. The few that are not drop dead certain for Hillary are almost certain. Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.

          • According to the ostensible position advocated by the entity, Clinton would be better as it accelerates the looming race war.

            The fundamental electoral issue Is that Trump is a fascist and not quite enough of the GOP is fascist yet.

        • The Negroes will have the final say in this Trump mess and in every state with more than a 5% Negro population which is every Midwestern State that spells Electoral Doom.

          I said from day one Trump didnt have a prayer because of the Negro hordes and I have also said that we’d best get ready for the TEOTWAWKI moment. Also known as Helter Skelter, RaHoWa Armegeddon same thing

          • The Labor Unions are all Communist Party USA infiltrated so bad they are now advocating for candidates who openly and aggressively support Free Trade which is actually like drinking strychnine for a working man. I mean you might as well end it if you’re voting for Hillary because she wants your Union job GONE. If anyone honestly is listening to the CPUSA Union leadership they need to just swallow strychnine and go onto the great beyond they win the Darwin Award

          • It’s fucking insane. These workers must see the potential upside to protectionism.

            At this rate Boeing will be making everything in China.

          • The very Labor Unions who they think advocate for them are in league with the corporations to send their jobs offshore. This is the whole Communist synchronicity thing they’ve always wanted. Where the Labor Unions merge with the Corporate Government for the benefit of the 1% while continuing to receive Union dues and defrauding their membership

      • Well here’s BRJ saying that Trump ain’t got a prayer, mostly because the ignorant Negro hordes are going to turn out reliably for Hillary because Barack tells them so. Negroes, they never fail to prove me right. #Fail

          • Honestly Hunter I don’t see any way out of this. I am already beginning to look at how my family will survive Hillary and her Anti-Christ agenda. If she wins the League of the South better be ready to downshift and mash the pedal to the floor straight to Nation Time. Talking is done, action is now

          • She will get just as much a of the black vote as Dems always have either way. This talk of Trump snagging a significant percentage is not going to materialize.

    • The polls are rigged heavily. Don’t listen to them or Brad Griffin’s naive belief in them. Sorry, this had to be said here on OD.

      • That’s what many people always say. Then they turn out to be right after all. We heard the polls were rigged in 08 with Obama. We heard it in 2012. We heard it with gay marriage. We heard it concerning how people were not really all that liberal.

        It’s time to realize a large part of the white population is against us and totally on board with even the most extreme left wing liberalism.

        It is time to realize that we are outnumbered.

        It is way past due to realize this “it isn’t really so, it’s rigged, it’s really only robot posts and people are not really like this they are like us” reality denying mentality has led to not taking things seriously and probably our downfall.

        • White people are SINGLE ISSUE VOTERS. They care more about their PET CAUSES than they do an overarching concern for the future. Here is an example.

          Joe the Union Member votes for X because the Union says so.

          Pam the Feminist votes for X because NOW says so.

          Bob the Homo votes for X because GLADD says so

          Flower Child the Enviroloon votes for X because they will save the environment.

          This is the entire problem with the White Voter populace and that is everyone votes for SINGLE ISSUES and not for the greater good.

          The Negroes, almost 95% look solely for the candidate the NAACP endorses, no matter what it means for their jobs or families all that matters is NAACP or Urban League says hes good for Negroes.

          The Jews will always vote for which candidate tends to benefit the Jews, not for personal politics or financial concerns who benefits the Jews.

          Hispanics trend a bit this way but again they vary quite a bit and the fact that they’re typically unreliable voters makes them less easy to map.


        • ‘It’s time to realize a large part of the white population is against us and totally on board with even the most extreme left wing liberalism.’

          It certainlly seems so.

      • Yes and no. Statewide polls are good.

        Some are suspect at the national level.

        You must bear in mind however that Brexit was polling Bremain night of the count.

        • Hillary will win this even if Trump is up by 20 points election night because CIA/MOSSAD/MI-6 has the ability to hack and flip all the diebold machines. Seeya later its a tater

    • Your too negative man. I get it. However, good things are happening.

      First of all, none of this matters until Sept and after the debates. This election is far from over. We have the October wikileaks surprise. Trump has the issues on his side. Being an underdog will make Trump a better candidate.

      Turnout is key and Trump is getting 10’s of thousands of people showing up at his rallies while Hillary gets 170 in a 4000 capacity venue. This matters just as much as polling.

      If Trump loses, there is going to be tremendous anger afterwards that is going to destroy the GOP. We have Sean Hannity out there saying that he is going to hold these Republican backstabbers personally responsible if Trump loses. The post election fun may be better than what we have seen to this point.

  3. This will hurt Trump in Utah. Mormons are brainless eunuchs that blindly follow the insanity emanating from the LDS church leadership.

      • Get ready for President Hillary. Get your food guns and supplies ready because if she pushes Comrade Putin, the bombs will fly he has already said if Hillary wins it will be an act of war. So Im expecting Nuclear Winter

        • Nay, I think Russia has concluded Trumps insulting demeanor will probably cost him the election and better to save their hacked dirt on the Clintons to blackmail a Clinton White House rather than waste it on a futile October Surprise.

          • Well Putin has already warned us about Hillary and he seems to believe that she is unstable, even moreso than Trump. Putin will not allow the Hillary Neo-Cohens to continue to push him around eventually the shoe will drop and when it does we are in for a world of pain. This Anti-Russia Policy is going to eventually end badly for us because like poking a giant bear, eventually the bear will maul you to death.

            I personally believe the Hildabeast has the election in the bag, even if Trump was up by 12 points now, the CIA and the Bush Family would make sure the Diebold Machines are flipped and she wins.

            Screwed either way is how I look at it. A Trump Presidency would be a disaster only because Congress and the Courts will try to throw him out of office from day 2, Id expect impeachment proceedings to begin Jan 21 2017 even before he did anything. With Hillary we could possibly end up in a nuclear exchange. Bad Times ahead

  4. By the way, the infamous (((Bret Stephens))) is now using “white privilege” on the Trump movement.

    • Good. The more (((toads))) like Stephenbergstein use the term, vis a vis Trump, the better the idea sounds to the Normies.

      • I’m not enamored over Russia, it is corrupt and has been as corrupt as a Banana Republic since the days of the Czars, but they really don’t have any conflicts with us since they are mainly concerned with their own back yard.

  5. I don’t know why they’re going to all this trouble. They have their candidate in Hillary Clinton.

    Wars in the Mideast for Israel and “democracy.” Check!

    Tensions with Russia. Check!

    TPP and others. Check!

    Amnesty and citizenship. Check!

    Muslim invasion. Check!

    It can’t be just for abortion.

  6. Laguna

    @orphandroid @Ricky_Vaughn99 You could tell it was elites v people from when the cuckservative’s and media’s main issue became “politeness”
    3:32 PM – 8 Aug 2016

  7. DT’s “Statement on Politically Motivated Letter” may be the best thing I have ever seen by someone in the political arena.

  8. Until White People figure out that pet issues aren’t important and that they must vote for what is good for the Collective Only then we are doomed. This is the problem getting Whites to all vote in one direction is like herding Cats. Negroes will only vote for what seems to benefit them, Jews will as well. Whites only vote for their single issues.

    Time to stop thinking INDIVIDUALLY and think COLLECTIVELY. What benefits White People and screw the rest

    • The single issue that trumps all the others: Are you pro-White or pro-White Genocide? We have to do everything we can to “herd” our fellow Whites in that direction. Anti-Whites have forced us into a struggle for our racial survival. All other issues are meaningless if we are gone.

      • The most evil remnant of Jeffersonianism is the ridiculous notion of RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM, which was a Jewish {Edomite} Illuminati Freemasonic Lie dreamed up by Satan himself. I hear hundreds of Cucks like Glenn Beck say we need More Indivdiualism which is against the Bible.

        Christianity is both individualistic and collective. Christianity is individualistic in which we are responsible directly to God as the Prophet Ezekiel said The Soul that Sinneth Shall Die Ez 18:20

        Christianity is also collective as we come together as a Church one body many parts to serve God together. In other words we are both responsible in the individual and the collective. A man who says he can solely have a personal relationship with Christ and doesn’t need the Church is a liar as the Bible Teaches both an Indivdualistic and Collectivistic relationship with God through Christ.

        As White Christians we must understand this. We must always remember the Edomites whole reason for White Genocide is not solely because our enemies hate the White Race, it is because they identify the White Race with Christianity and to them in theory if you eliminate the White Race, you eliminate Christianity. Now there are millions of black, brown and yellow Christians but they believe they will be destroyed easily by their Muslim minions once we are gone.


        • General George Patton said, “An army functions as a team, all this individuality stuff is a lot of horse dump.”

          • Collectivism is slurred by the Jews in the Freedom Movement as something EVIL. Yes Communist Collectivism is EVIL

            Fascist Collectivism is GOOD, it is about building up the Nation Christian Collectivism is the concept that we both have a group responsibility and an individual one but they cannot be seperated. In the military there is a reason everyone wears the same uniform and cuts their hair the same way it is uniformity the military acts as a collective if everyone did what they wanted it would be destroyed,


    • When Christian Conservatives criticize Collectivism and say we need Individualism which is what built America, they need to understand that Individualism must be grounded within the Christian Collective society and mindset. Strict Atheistic individualism without any grounding becomes Anarchy and you end up with cults, homosexuality, pedophilia and the rest.

      This is what happened to the United States, our enemies used our individualism against us from day one, we had wacky cultists like Joseph Smith and abolitionists publishing antislavery tracts and such and the South which was individualistic came together in the Collective to oppose this

      Our enemies look at all of our problems which were caused by Atheistic Individualism and tell us we need Atheistic Collectivism. No we need Christian Collectivism to ground our personal individualism.

    • They interviewed one of them this morning and he sounded more reckless than Trump. He wanted to blow up Assad’s personal jet and helicopters. Why on earth are you starting a war with Syria? We aren’t at war with Syria?

  9. Being Mormon gives him cuckservative bona fides. As a “former” CIA operative, he will be well-versed in the narcotics smuggling industry. I smell Romney too.

    • The Satanic Mormon Doctrine makes him just the right guy for the job. Is it just a coincidence Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati is founded about a half century before that Yankee nut Joseph Smith found his “Revelation” ? Nope I think this was Illuminati start to finish and still is

  10. What is happening in the press and among the neocons is a confirmation that Trump isn’t faking his fascism.

    Which is typically the cue for all apparent nazis, fascists, Rightwing zealots, monarchists, absolutists in America to panic and promptly abandon ship.

  11. Ricky Vaughn Retweeted
    conservasperger ?@conservasperger
    @Ricky_Vaughn99 for some in the LDS underneath that squeamish wimpy Mormon persona is a passive aggressive tactical and scheming mission

  12. The #Nevertrump cucks haven’t given Trump any credit for his attempts at bridge building. Erick Ercuckson, (P)rick Wilson and the gang are doubling down in their scorched earth policy against him.

  13. Fox news: ”Rove scolds Trump for firing back at Republican defectors’

    Yeah, right. Trump should just shut up and allow everyone to beat him to a pulp.

    But of course, Rove is not trying to derail the Trump train by criticizing his every move.

    No, no, no. He really wants Trump to win. His constant attacks are meant only to elevate Trump’s game plan.

  14. One of my worst fears is that Hillary will win with 44 percent of the Vote as the most militant, devoted of the Cucks get their revenge giving Gary Johnson 6 percent of the Vote.

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