Pew: White Majority Now Believes Life Has Gotten Worse

The Trump phenomena explained in a single chart:


Mark my words.

A decade from now, we will look back at these numbers and what we will see is relative optimism, not pessimism. We’re only ten years into the wave which began around 2006.

Note: 45 percent of Whites think life has gotten better or is still about the same. There is plenty of room for growth and radicalization here.

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  1. How does Pew conduct their polls? Any done by phone or even with someone’s name attached will be skewed.

    • Also, I recently decided to investigate how the local county office distributed welfare. I was told that there is a ‘processor’ who ‘doesn’t really have discretion’ but who actually exercises MAJOR discretion in how many food stamps, and other benefits, an applicant receives. Then there is a ‘reviewer,’ who signs off on the work of the processor. My state is one of the most commie (probably the most) and therefore offers all sorts of freebies from all sorts of directions that aren’t laid out anywhere for the taxpayer or potential recipient to see. This is used as actual justification for the lack of uniformity and automation (although I was told that this particular county’s protocol was more automated than most) of the process, but that’s just jewspeak for ‘we want to make sure the blacks and browns we give these jobs to distribute them *correctly*’

      I had no idea just how rigged the welfare system was at the very level of keeping track of who’s getting what, but it explains a lot. Blacks and hispanics routinely cheat both to award benefits to their own people and to rob whites of them. A white person’s only recourse apparently is to demand an accounting within that office and then a fair hearing or something in a court after that. But my state actively refuses to publicly write down anywhere exactly how the awards systems works and adjudicates benefits, or even what the total retinue of benefits is. So there is no transparency whatsoever to how the state awards benefits.

      It’s sheer insanity. If white taxpayers had any idea what the fuck is going on with their money in sheer racial terms they would scream a different and very off key tune. The Jew has rigged every angle possible to keep whites in the dark.

  2. “Worse is better” as long as it’s followed up by a Bane.
    Tip for my fellow “privileged” every time you read a worse is better or some daily outrage porn watch the scene of Bane delivering his speech in front of the prison gates, it all makes sense

  3. We should associate Hillary with ALT-Qaeda, an alternative offshoot of Alqaeda.

    Obama & Hillary supplied the Al-Nusra Front in Syria against Assad. Al-Nusra has been reported as a branch of Alqaeda, the very people who attacked the US on 9/11 and killed 1000s.

    Hillary armed ALT-Qaeda!! Hillary armed ALT-Qaeda!! Hillary armed ALT-Qaeda!! Hillary armed ALT-Qaeda!!



  4. ====

    White people are supposed to be creative and imaginative… but the only term they can come up for their race is…. ‘white’. How boring.

    Since Germany is at the center of Europe, why not rely on Germanic mythology to forge an Alt-Right term for the white race?

    The mythology says life was made from death,from the flesh of Ymir. So, how about ‘Ymirians’ for the white race?

    Or consider that the first man and woman were ‘Ask’ and ‘Embla’,the Germanic Adam and Eve. So, how about ‘Askemblans’ for the white race?

    Or since their domain was called ‘Midgard’, how about ‘Midgardians’ for the white race?

    ‘White’ is too blank and generic.

    • Aryan, often translated as “noble”, probably for ari- as in aristocrat, is also a cognate of the Vedic arthavan, Avestan artavan, ashavan – both meaning “order/righteousness person/human”.

      There is a deity, Aryaman, literally ” Aryan Man” in both Iran and India, as well as in Ireland (literally Aryan Land) as Eremon.

      Aryaman is a Prometheus (lierally “from Mitra” god of laws and measures) figure bringing knowledge to humans, much like the priests of Arta brought Aryan ways to the savage tribes around them (specifically metallurgy and astronomy).

      So if we want to speak formally, we can call our selves Aryans as our ancestors did.

      • Mitra, nearly exactly like our word meter, by the way.

        Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose!

  5. If Trump loses or fails to bring change, the leader that will arise in ten years will make Trump look like Mary Poppins.

  6. Wow, I knew life was getting crappy when I was 16 in 1992 and the LA Riots began. Living through the 1980’s when Whites basically had their own culture and music and we didn’t associate with Negroes on a daily basis life was MUCH DIFFERENT. I can tell you when I remember it all coming to an end and that was APRIL 29th 1992 when the LA Riots began. I remember hanging a Rebel flag outside the house and being made to take it down and my mother telling me we wouldn’t be shopping in the county seat (25% Negro btw) until matters calmed way down.

    Things did calm down in May, but it wasn’t the same 4/29/1992 and all of 1992 were significant for us but why does everyone forget 1992? The Sixties were special because every year from 1963-1973 brought some major drama or tumult but 1992 for Whites was the beginning of our present hell timeline. I call it the Third Reconstruction.

    I will show you what i mean. 1992 was the last year for most of 1980’s television, the cultural paradigm of the Reagan Era was DOA. Growing Pains, Whose the Boss, The Cosby Show, Golden Girls MacGuyver Night Court and Johnny Carson all left the airwaves. Cheers stayed on one more year because NBC judged 1992’s major cancellations on both NBC and ABC too much and I guess decided that if they cancelled another 1980s show it would be too much trauma on the viewing public. 1992 was also the last year where Rock Music was truly dominant. Grunge Music surged in 1992 and completely knocked good music off the air making the way for the Rap Revolution. Gangsta Rap used the LA Riots to become popular DR DRE’s album The Chronic features outtakes from the riot and the song Break Em Off Somethin is dedicated to the riots.

    I want everyone to remember this as they read this letter that supposedly had circulated around the Hip Hop websites written by a man who claimed in early 1991 he was at a meeting where it was stated that the Recording Industry was to move all of their investments into Gangsta Rap which was in 1991 such a minor music it was barely noticed. Pop Rap like MC Hammer and the Fresh Prince was what most people listened to Gangsta was for thugs. However within 2 years of this shift Will Smith and MC Hammer found themselves as uncool as Steve Urkel. Tell me this letter doesn;t have a kernel of truth to it.

  7. I was out eating Japanese the other night in a very wealthy liberal type town and as I sat down a very white looking guy stormed out loudly announcing he ‘wasn’t listening to rap.’

    • This is fascinating to me. I could see how someone my age might be averse to rap, since it didn’t even get started until I was in my twenties, but I would think all younger persons would be used to it. It’s been around for four decades now. It’s been around their entire lives.

      • Nor can I see a Japanese restaurant playing rap for it’s customers. Most businesses tend to feature “adult contemporary” type music that has replaced the “elevator music” we had a generation back.

        • You might be right that rap is unlikely to be the music in a Japanese restaurant, Nightowl, but I guess what strikes me as strange is the visceral denunciation of rap, forty years, as I’ve said, after its emergence. Possibly, the persons who denounce it in the comments I see from time to time on the internet are in their sixties or older; but even if they are, encountering those comments is like hearing someone denounce ragtime in the 1960s or rock in the 1990s. Maybe I’m missing something.

  8. The point is this. For Whites, 1991 represented the last time our White Culture was truly dominant in every way such as setting the styles or dictating what was on television. Following the riots in 1992 the shift began and at the time it made no real sense. Negroes had no real purchasing power as compared to whites so why do it? The answer was to destroy us, the Jews didn’t care if they lost billions for about 3 years promoting Rap or Negro culture because they were willing to wait until tv schooled an entire generation to love the new normal and think it cool and the way life should be. Mind Control.

    Another trend in 1992 was the Pop-ization of Country Music. Garth Brooks was so popular and Nashville got into his style of music and wanted to push acts off the radio that were “Too Real” so to speak. By taking away the real culture, they managed to homogenize the music and make it bland. An over promotion of Female singers helped to drive feminist power as well too.

    If our people survives the next 20 years we will wonder where it all went wrong. Of course there are many points, 1865, 1917, 1939, 1941, 1954, 1963-73 all to consider and all would be accurate. However the present timeline began in 1992, Trust me I was there

    • I find this very interesting, Billy Ray. Of all the many commenters I’ve encountered on the internet, for well more than a decade-and-a-half now, you are the only person who has focused on 1992 in this way. It came up a little while back, you might remember, when we were talking about the transition from heavy-metal high-schoolers to rap high-schoolers. One or two other Occidental Dissent commenters in your age bracket remembered the transition just about exactly the way you remembered it.

      • 1992 was the watershed year, just as much as 1968 was it just received less press because 1968 was so much more traumatic but the shift that happened that year was unreal. As I said anything appealing to a Middle Class White asthetic was taken from television in 1992. Cheers, although being an east coast show, was relatable because it was about a bar, it went the following year.

        Bill Cosby went on TV on April 30 and told everyone to quit rioting in LA no one cared he was past it. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was suddenly dated, although 1992-93 was the Fresh Prince’s best year, by the next year that show dropped like a dead fish. Will Smith had to reinvent himself as a Hollywood Actor and move on. His era of crossover Rap and somewhat clean-cutness was over with, a new era had begun. ICE T’s Heavy Metal Album BODY COUNT just listen to the title track where he talks about Cosby Show and says SH_T AINT LIKE THAT. 1992 was the death of facade and bubblegum.

        What replaced this era of tv were niche shows. Shows like Seinfeld and 90210 were already on tv in 1992, Seinfeld was one of the lowest rated tv shows for the first 3 seasons, one of those shows that constantly lost money but the NY Jews wanted it on so it stayed. Melrose Place came on in 1992 and Friends in 1994 so what you had were shows purposely marketed to New York Jews and rich people in Southern California.

        The culture literally exploded in 1992 just as it did in 1968 and the wreckage is the world of today

        • I remember a very definite shift in the music industry away from white acts towards rap at that time, Heavy Metal, Hair Bands like Poison, all the queer British New Wave Stuff just vanished and it was suddenly MC Hammer, CC Music Factory, Vanilla Ice, and Seattle Heroin addict grunge. About the same time the Bush crime family pushed NAFTA on us and then Clinton got in and started to slowly push the gay rights stuff starting with “don’t ask don’ tell.” Gary Hart’s career was destroyed by an affair, but just a few years later Clinton got away with such stuff over and over again. Maybe what happened was Reagan was a decade long setback for stuff planned to start earlier but had to wait.

          • I kind of wonder if the Reagan Era wasn’t an aberration myself. The Illuminati evidently figured out the USA would be easier to take down demographically in 1990 than in 1980 considering most Nam Vets in 1980 were between 27-50 yrs old

      • Don Cornelius who made Soul Train he said about the shift one time that when Rap became huge that was when he quit hosting the show and he even called Rap a form of criminal pandering. Though his show remained on the air and featured Rap, he personally didn’t want to touch it.

        This was a small example how YO MTV RAPS and THE REAL WORLD and other shows came along and forced tv shows who had been rather unoffensive to either become offensive and feature more coarse things to the point now our culture is so coarse we could go back in time to 1991 and wouldnt even recognize it.

  9. Progs will say that everyone is equal in America. No American is ‘More American’ than any other American. American-ness is all about citizenship according to the law, not about identity-history-heritage.

    But then, how can the ethnic privilege of Indian Reservations be justified? Such special right is accorded to no other group in America. It illustrates how history does matter? It is history that informs us that American Indians were here first and that they tragically lost their homeland to white conquerors and settlers. So, on those grounds, they have given special rights to have their own reservations or ‘nations’ within the larger nation.

    And, could Affirmative Action for blacks be justified without history and identity? Isn’t it because of the history of slavery and racial discrimination that blacks were rewarded with special rights in college admissions and hiring? Without that history, there would be no moral justification for Affirmative Action.

    So, not all Americans are equal, indeed not even under the law. Given American history, some groups are accorded certain privileges, special rights and recognitions.

    Well, if American Indians and American blacks are to be specially recognized for historical tragedy, then one can argue that European-Americans should also be specially recognized for their essential and profound contribution to the creation of America.

    Just about every idea and value that were instrumental to the development of America came from Europe. And no people did more to settle, build, and expand America than white people.

    So, history matters. It is history that gives Indians and blacks special recognition over other American citizens. And it is history that should give whites or European-American special credit and recognition as the people that contributed most to the creation and construction of America.

    Not all American citizens are equally American. If history doesn’t matter, a new arrival from Nepal should have same rights as Indians to have a ‘reservation’ and same rights of blacks to benefit from Affirmative Action. And he should have the same right as whites to make the claim that his forefathers founded and built America.

  10. Neocons accuse Alt Right of using Nazi memes, but NO ONE has abused Nazi memes more than Neocons and Progs do.

    Neocons call any leader they don’t like ‘the new hitler’ and call for ‘regime change’. Neocons call for more wars, even a ‘new cold war’ with Russia. Neocons invoke Holocaust to beat the war drums with no end in sight. Apparently, there are Hitlers in ‘rogue nations’ that must be toppled all around the world.

    Progs have been calling everything and everyone they don’t like a ‘Nazi’ and ‘fascist’.

    They’ve been doing this forever.

    Nazi as bogeyman has been a favorite meme of Progs in academia and Hollywood.

    Progs even see KKK at Oberlin College. They see ‘Aryan’ fraternity rapes at UVA. Anyone captured Haven Monahan yet?

    If some on the Alt Right have fun with Nazi memes, it is because the Progs have called EVERYTHING ‘nazi’ and ‘fascist’. Progs and Neocons turned the ‘nazi’ meme into political cartoon, so why shouldn’t Alt Right have fun with it?

    When Progs screamed ‘nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi’ forever, it would bound to become a meme, ironic or not. And memes take on a life of their own.


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