The Emergence of the Alt-Lite

In my article “The Case for Trump: Communication,” I drew attention to this phenomenon which I have talked about for years offline.

For decades now, the Council of Conservative Citizens, VDARE and American Renaissance have published stories about black crime, multiculturalism, political correctness, illegal immigration and their negative impact on White America. There was a time in the recent past when we didn’t have much competition in this market. When I got started in 2001, you could get banned at Free Republic for posting VDARE content.

Back then, National Review was purging Pat Buchanan and the paleocons for opposing the Iraq War. Movement Conservatism was its own world in the George W. Bush years. It was something foreign and ridiculous to us. We were outsiders who defined ourselves against it. Movement Conservatism was based on FOX News and talk radio and had its own narrative about freedom, spreading democracy, human rights, American exceptionalism, etc. White Nationalists congregated on Stormfront and other online forums and discussed our own narrative of White racial and cultural decline.

From 2006 to 2016, there was a transformation in the nature of the media:

1.) First, there was a big migration from online forums to blogs.

2.) Second, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube emerged.

3.) Third, the smartphone put a supercomputer in everyone’s pocket.

4.) Fourth, Gen X’ers and Millennials began relying much more on blogs and social media to keep up with the news, which eliminated the ability of gatekeepers to push and control narratives.

5.) Fifth, clickbait websites became a much larger presence in the media landscape.

While all this was going on, Movement Conservatism was discredited by the end of the George W. Bush presidency. The neocons wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had devolved into an intractable tar baby. The deregulated economy crashed in the 2008 financial crisis. The Republican leadership alienated the conservative base with its pushes for comprehensive immigration reform. All of that begat Barack Obama and Eric “My People” Holder who stoked and inflamed racial divisions to new heights.

Anyway, the growing divide between Movement Conservatism, the Tea Party and the Republican establishment, the racial discord of the Obama presidency, and the changing nature of the media combined to produce something new: elements of Movement Conservatism began to tap into our traditional audience.

I’m not sure exactly when or how it started (was it the flash mobs, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown?), but within the last five years or so, Drudge, Breitbart, Conservative Treehouse, The Daily Caller, WorldNetDaily, UK Daily Mail and all these other tabloid and conservative sites adopted our narrative and began writing stories targeted at our audience. Suddenly, everything we used to write about was … just absorbed.

Personally, I think it was a kind of California Gold Rush of clicks that caused it. These conservative websites discovered that we had steadily built up a huge online audience with an insatiable appetite for racial news. They figured out that they could go full tabloid, throw out the red meat, and monetize it. In the end, it was their pursuit of those sweet lucrative clicks which led these conservatives to erode the taboos around “racism.”

Imagine for a moment what it looks like from our perspective: you write for a pro-White website like the Council of Conservative Citizens, Amren, or VDARE, you have been labeled and stigmatized as a “extremist,” “notorious racist” and a “member of a hate group,” and when you wake up in the morning and look for the subject to write about, say, a refugee rapist, you realize that it is semi-pointless because UK Daily Mail or WorldNetDaily has already covered it. What is there left to do but link to the Breitbart story?

I mean … in a sense, I think it is great. From our perspective, it has been a poison pill for Conservatism, Inc. They’ve been throwing out those hunks of red meat for the base to generate those sweet clicks. They have fed the appetite of the “conservative base” by broadcasting our narrative. It has mutated as a result. It is not as interested in hearing about freedom and tax cuts as it used to be. Just look at the discussions you see on Free Republic these days. What exactly is objectionable about VDARE now?

All of this has led to the emergence and popularization of the “Alt-Lite.” It shouldn’t be confused with the Alt-Right because its origins are different. Whereas the Alt-Right evolved out of White Nationalism, the Alt-Lite is the spawn of the conservative clickbait websites like Breitbart and Daily Caller. These sites have been very selective in what they have picked up and placed in their cart at the Alt-Right shopping mall.

You will find themes like black crime, multiculturalism, terrorism, refugee resettlement, political correctness, illegal immigration, populism, nationalism, and protectionism. You won’t find explicit Neo-Nazism, Jewish Question awareness, race realism, ethnostates, eugenics, Neoreaction, Identitarianism, and so on.

The Alt-Lite, which is the ideology of the typical Trump supporter who talks about cucks and globalists, is the new bridge between the Alt-Right and Movement Conservatism. We’re the father of this newborn baby. Movement Conservatism is its mother. Will the little fella grow up to take after its mother or father? That will be the story of the next few years.

Note: See Fash The Nation, Amren, and Radix for more on this.

Update: Jews and cucks are talking about “purging” the “core Alt-Right” here, here, and here. It won’t happen for the following reasons:

1.) First, the “core Alt-Right” is already outside conservatism, doesn’t identify with conservatism, and is hostile to conservatism. We don’t write for conservative websites. We have our own platforms and social media accounts. We don’t need to write for National Review to get our message out.

2.) Second, as I noted above, the changing nature of the media (blogs, podcasts, social media) is what made this possible. It eliminated the gatekeepers. There are no more gatekeepers. No one made Jonah Goldberg the Pope of the Right and the Alt-Right certainly doesn’t recognize him as such.

3.) Third, “conservatives” are mostly aging Baby Boomers, and there are fewer of those every year. Their base is shrinking which is driving their loss of influence. Fewer people care about Ronald Reagan in 1981.

4.) Fourth, the White middle class and working class continues to decline in large part due to their policies. We’re in a bull market for anger and alienation. That’s not going to change. Especially if Hillary wins in November. In 2020 and 2024, these people will be even angrier and more alienated.

5.) Fifth, as I have explained, it was the conservative media that created the Alt-Lite by adopting our narrative. They did it because of those sweet, lucrative clicks which were just a reflection of the fact our message resonates. If Trump loses, it changes nothing and all the usual sites will still be writing the same stories. Trump himself might even create a media network to cater to his audience.

6.) Sixth, National Review blew its stupid whistle months ago before the Iowa Caucuses and it changed nothing. They don’t have the authority to purge anyone these days.

7.) Seventh, the 2016 cycle has amplified the Alt-Right and swollen its numbers. It has tasted blood. It is louder and more numerous than ever before. It is not going away.

8.) Eighth, the shrinking White population and the declining conservative base will only give the Alt-Right more and more leverage in the future. Racially conscious Whites are becoming a more cohesive block and will have more power over the Right in the future.

9.) Finally, Hillary Clinton is going to exacerbate racial divisions if she wins, her economic policies are going to hurt White America, and her social policies will thumb White America even harder in the eye. Who are all these aggrieved people going to turn to? George Will? National Review? The Heritage Foundation?

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  1. My red-pilling journey: Pat Buchanan > Willis Carto > William Pierce > Tom Metzger > Alex Linder > Hunter Wallace, Andrew Anglin, Lee Rogers. I bypassed Stormfront, David Duke and 4chan /pol/.

    • For me? London Riots, I felt the Fash in me in my blood. Obama had alarmed me but I just generally resented the reliance he had in identity politics and thought the Dems would eventually revert to an economic based analysis. Also (((Martin Bernal’s))) shitty Black Athena. That was a triggering read. Didn’t quite understand his tribal identity at that moment.

      I’d have to credit Irish Sav for the JQ. Assist from Denise.

      • The red pill you say? My Father> SNP> Southern Partisan> Patrick Buchanan> LOS>Dr. Michael Hill> Michael Cushman> William Flowers> Hunter Wallace.

        Anyway, I agree with your article, very good assessment. I do believe at the end of all of this, when we look back at the relevant leaders of thought in this movement, Hunter Wallace will be the nexus for the younger generation.

          • Takes a long time to really get into the Jew Truth Hunter, took me years of research to understand the Judeo Freemasonic Alliance.

            The sad part was in 1860 most Southern Politicians and Military men were in the Freemasonic Order. They never realized they were in an organization that was dedicated to the overthrow of White Christian Society. I mean Albert Pike was considered by many a Confederate Hero but then you get deep into it and you find out that Freemasonry is Satanism and many of our relatives who were only superficially Masons never knew it its scary.

            There are so many rabbit holes and dead end holes finding the right one and following it is d-d hard

          • For people who have always been naturally pro-White, the big red pill lies in the realization that the government wants to destroy them for racial reasons. It comes together with learning about the Jews.

          • I think other machines besides are independently working against the whites as well: The Islamic machine, the Black machine, the Mexican machine.

    • My red-pilling journey: Wikipedia > Google > Google Scholar > Steve Sailer > Amren > SBPDL > South Africa Sucks > Unamusement Park > vdare > RamZPaul > Uncuck The Right > Morrakiu > Daily Shoah > Fash The Nation > Daily Stormer

    • Learning (years later by a embargoed study later released) despite having a higher GPA and graduate test score than every single black and Hispanic student of the top in-state graduate school I applied for and being denied entry, and having to go to a less prestigious, private school at three times the cost, while at the same time having to drive past billboards about my white male skin privilege was the beginning of my journey to the Alt-right. I started searching for answers and stumbled upon SBPDL, CoCC, AMREN, and this site.

    • All of them were Liberals Fullbrights only Conservative Stance was that he supported Jim Crow. Ross Barnett, Orval Faubus George Wallace and Lester Maddox would be ALT RIGHT as would a few other Southerners. A scant number in the North would have been but by 1940 the Rockefellers had with their money purged most Pro White Conservatives from the Republican Party at the national level. Hence the name ROCKEFELLER REPUBLICAN

        • Old-time segregation was great but racial SEPARATION is the Final Solution. If you keep the coloreds around too long eventually there will be race-mixing and then you ultimately end up with a country like Brazil or India.

        • Not if everything else you support is Liberal or Globalist. ALT RIGHT means supporting the entire program. If you support Abortion for everyone yet you support Segregation what the heck good is that? It is NO GOOD because abortion means killing white kids. Either you support the entire programs or you aint one of us

      • If you support Globalism then you are by nature an ANTIWHITE. Fullbrights support of Southern Segregation was superficial he was involved with Globalist things Fullbright Scholarship Rhodes Scholarship that is NEW WORLD ORDER FOLKS. Connect the dots

  2. A year ago I was essentially blocked for disagreeing with you over the morality of Dylann Storm Roof’s gunning down nine niggers. I don’t consider niggers or jews to be human beings worthy of any consideration whatsoever. You can’t deal with them as they need to be dealt with if our People are to survive if you are going to think of such as having any “rights” in living amongst us whatsoever. And time is on my side because what needs to be and will be done is inevitable.

    So today, I still disagree with you over that matter, but in order to post here I don’t push the issue on your blog. I don’t consider myself to be “Alt-Right” but rather Dual-Seedlie Christian Identity, which wants Armeggeddon in any case and my fight has been with the jews like Baal Finck and sundry mamzers of See-Eye Dentistry, and thus with my Ten-Thousand Warlords Program, see the Collapse of ZOG/Babylon and break-up into thousands of White racial ethnostates at the county level as inevitable. With the inevitable starvation and breakdown of food and transport systems, I think that the population will become crashed down to 20-30 million ex-whiggers lead by Ten Thousand Warlords, and the “philosophy’ shall be nothing more than petty despotism by those able to keep their groups and neighborhoods intact at the expense of the ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns and the Empire.

    Speaking as an outsider who is one of the barons of the bowel Movement, what I see is differentiation amongst the Alt-Right and Trumpism / Alt-Lite which is concerned with what will have to be done in the future of our Whigger Piss-pul on the Alt-Right versus the Alt-Lite concern of getting Donald Trump [s]elected. Yes, there is a lot of overlap and much trimming as just how far to go and the timing of this matter yet the flow of History leads to the inevitable result of a Mighty Evil Empire winding on the ash heap of History.

    The past week has seen fighting between Daily Stormer and Colin Liddell’s Alt-Right blog and tensions as to who deserves and gets the most of the media slop going our way..I’ve seen every single Alt-Righter trying to claim that his blog and forum was the keystone in which Swillery had to break down and blame for that “Great Alt-Right Conspiracy” ending the Babylonian System of all being “jewnited Together” under one ZOG whip.

    (Somehow the Garments of Power given to Adam and Eve made of all the pelts of the Beasts of the Field giving Dominion that Ham stole from Noah and gave to the spawn of a Dravidian Rephaim niggress named Cush, father of Nimrod are getting mighty well frayed at the End of History. )

    I think the “solution” which will take place is to maintain communications if not amity between all factions within our little bowel Movement at least for now regardless of that few of us like or trust each other. We are now in a position in which we are “Lone Wolves/Tards” are going to fight over the decaying but not yet brought down carcass of ZOG/Babylon but in which as those who want to ‘take down’ the Empire don’t really have any interest in pulling down a fellow predator when the prey is so huge and falling apart. So we snap and snarl at each other in order to gorge at the fatty guts and liver of The Beast.

    Sorta of watching a scene of lions, hyenas and vultures and .jackals at a dying elephant on the Africoon plains or amongst wolves waiting to take down a dying bulll moose in the forest. We are moving on in and snatching off a morsel of living flesh and snappish at each other and we don’t like each other, and when the prey Beast falls under our snarling pack some of us are going to get hurt by each other.

    But for now we are all both maddened by the smell of blood and decay and calculating enough to know the Beast can kill any of us if we strike too early, yet wanting to get far more than we have actually earned, sure that the Beast still has a way to kill the reckless lone wolf who will take down the prey by the throat while each of us are biting on the Beast’s tail and nuts. The rich fat and the liver of a prey Beast is located around the asshole and inner thighs and guts of the Beast — not the throat.

    Hail Victory!!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • What is a “Dravidian Rephaim”?

      What does your church say about the Nephilim, the Sons of God, and the Daughters of men passages?

      Does your church believe that the races began at the curse of Babel, or before that?

  3. The Left is the best recruiter the Right has, you have to troll the left to over react, to double down on their insanity and hatreds. Contards of course spent decades taking money and doing little more than legitimizing the Left, softening the blow so to speak.
    You need the Left to double down to scream their hate at the top of their lungs and then as worse gets worse you pull a Bane, “look what they have done to you, those horrible people.”
    Of course you Contard trained don’t believe me, but go find me a movement con who has ever discredited anyone on the Left. If you ain’t trolling you ain’t trying.

    • The Left can no longer conceal their contempt for us, calling White Lives Matter a “hate” group and Angel Moms “bigots”.

      • The same people who went apoplectic over the Angel Moms were acting like Trump was obligated to kiss Khan’s smelly muslim ass.

  4. Hopefully, Alt-lite serves only as a bridge and doesn’t become the next generation of respectables.

      • If you are ALT LITE THEN YOU ARE A CUCK Newsflash. You are no different than a Cuckservative. Either you go full bore for everything or nothing. I would tell Gavin McInnes, either come out PRO WHITE and ANTI JEW or remain a Cuck. Simple as that. Hed probably deck me but its still the deal. Either you are ALL IN or you arent.

  5. Great article and excellent summary of our current situation!

    Even if the ‘Alt-Light’ does manage to coopt the Alt-Right, White Identity politics are still here to stay.

    • Even if he can’t admit or be obvious about it, I think Buchanan is currently closer to the A-R than the A-L is.

  6. The internet gives us a level playing field. The mainstream media including Faux News trashes it all the time. That’s especially true with Facebook and other Social Media. We can get the message out (even as Individuals) much easier. You’d need a large political group in the past. Now a person can use social media and get the message out to thousands of people. That’s a direct result in the GOP and other Conservatives embracing a more Nationalist view of the World. The GOP was in a downward spiral with Bush, McCain, and Romney. Now it seems the Alternative Right has become a “Silent Majority” in the GOP and Conservativism. However much work is still needed in removing from office every Neocon including right here in Mississippi. Those who do nothing for our People. Forward my friends! Deo Vindice !

    • The internet gives one fodder for fantasizing.

      It doesn’t make a movement, and its stats don’t necessarily (depending on which ones) reflect authentic sentiment either as they can be easily manipulated from the cover of anonymity.

  7. Excellent analysis, Hunter. It’s been a wild ride.

    My Red Pill journey began when I was a little kid. Fashy by birth, fashy by nature. Questioned a lot of the bullshit I saw around me. I recall noticing when I was about 7 or 8 in New York that blacks seemed to get away with a lot.

    It really took off when I was at prep school in England in the mid- to late-’80s, where I observed that the anti-apartheid movement was really an anti-White operation. Working for the Tories also played a part.

    Tory>Paleocon>League of the South>AmRen>Stormfront>European New Right>White Nationalist>Nationalist>AltRight

  8. Not one of the ‘Alt Lite’ outlets will own racialism. Since that’s so integral to the Alt Right, it seems odd that the divide isn’t registering.

    Those middle class white people voting for Trump have zero investment in racialism. IQ differences levigate out over the class divide to a large degree, and the ‘normies’ aren’t interested in carrying the pretentious nerds. The neutral publications’ comments all dissed the Alt Right after Hillary’s speech; they considered Alt Right a virtual tiger. Hillary’s pathetic attempt to distract from her scandals further alienated and disgusted them but it’s off kilter to think that the Alt Right somehow benefited.

    I consider this good, because Richard Spencer is BAD. Note his comment about the jewish self-proclaimed ‘devout member of the Alt Right.’ Spencer is a complete and total whore. Anyone who thinks a defiant zionist jew, or any defiant jew, could be pro-white is either a plant or a very happy whore.

    OT, for those who consider my accusations against the Jesuits ‘crazy,’ check your own sanity:

    Note the vowel at the end of the president’s last name…

  9. 70s, 80s, early 90s:

    1) Born and raised in the Deep South to begin with. Picked up some racial consciousness early on due to constant exposure to the left side of the black male bell curve and black crime, the general cultural air in the South and my grandfathers’ viewpoints (Southern segregationists until the day they died).

    2) Exposure to pushy Jews and rich, haughty northeastern whites with prep school backgrounds at Tulane University.

    3) General grounding in western history, art, etc. at Tulane University leading to a deep appreciation for white civilization and the richness of the white cultural heritage.

    4) Exposure to the totalitarian left at Tulane university and early attempt at PC thought control. Exposure to the left’s seeming pathological hatred of all things white.

    90s continued:

    5) Exposure to David Duke’s state-wide campaigns and The Bell Curve.

    6) Witnessed first hand establishment Republicans sabotaging Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns in 1992 and 1996. Pat Buchanan becomes a life-long influence.

    7) Saw the Buckley purge of Samuel Francis, Joe Sobran, Steve Sailer, Peter Brimelow. Learned around this time Buckley had a history of purging. Sobran becomes an influence.

    8) Started to realize something was up with the Jews due to Joe Sobran.

    Late 90s:

    9) Joined Free Republic. Influenced by the better paleo contributors, the anti-Zionists and the critics of neoconservatism. First exposure topics like Jonathan Pollard, the USS Liberty and American Renaissance

    10) banned from free republic in 1999 for criticizing Zionist Jews.

    Early 2000s:

    11) Via the Internet, moved on to hardcore material: Stormfromt, VNN, William Pierce, various National Socialists. First learned about Kevin MacDonald on a forum because somebody bothered to mention him in case new people were reading.


    12) Started reading the more lively blogs like Occidental Dissent. Via Occidental Dissent and HW, introduced to Greg Johnson, Matt Parrott, Greg Hood and Majority Rights.

    13) Counter Currents and the European New Right thinkers.

    14) Heartiste



  10. Never underestimate the impact of the discovery in 2010 of the fact that blacks have no Neanderthal DNA, while non-blacks do.

    Science, which is the arbiter of truth at the end of the day, had rejected multiregionalism in favor of Out of Africa. Race was no longer real, and to think it was was to be a heretic to Western Civilization and modernity.

    Notice how tightly the Out of Africa period tracks white decline world wide! Notice how our new found vim and vinegar tracks that narrative collapse: once again in 2016 – and forever more – Race is Real!

    Ours is a race of Truth, Order, and Right (arta). Right makes might, and we even turned against ourselves because we thought we were not right or true (anarta). To sustain what we have begun requires adherence to Righteousness, rather than an “evil be my good” nihilism. The seeds are here amongst us; we now need to cultivate them.

    • Although I understand the Neanderthal DNA is concentrated in the Near East. Levantines in particular have higher concentrations.

  11. My red pilling came courtesy of, haha, of all places, CNN. One afternoon in the mid 90s I happened to see a segment where they had Don Black on. Of course, I immediately went to Stormfront out of curiosity. Then I was off to the races. Back then it was more essays than forums, by people like David Duke and such. I read a piece by William Pierce and then Revilo P. Oliver and was fascinated and literally blown away by so much blunt truth that everyone knew and was self evident but that no one was saying. To say nothing about the obvious far superior intelligence then anyone even remotely mainstream. Started listening to Pierce’s weekly ADV broadcasts religiously.

    • Can you imagine how many folks are googling “White Genocide” since it passed Hillary’s lips? Thank you, you bitch!

    • “so much blunt truth that everyone knew and was self evident but that no one was saying”

      Problem is that everybody doesn’t know this truth. If it was widely known that the American mainstream Jewish community is the sole architect pushing the idea of America having a non-white majority in the 21st century out of fear and loathing of white Americans an awful lot of normal white people would be really, really pissed off.

  12. My red-pilling: Growing up with blacks > serving in the military > working with dot-heads in IT. My JQ was answered via Kevin McDonald. I can’t remember how I found OD, but this is a very informative site. Thank you.

  13. My Red-Pilling was inconsistent, I mean I just started out with loutish bigotry, no different than the stereotypical redneck. I mean growing up few people liked Negroes, people would work with them at the plant and tolerate them to a point, but there was no real Love there. In fact in my youth we never had anything to do with them.

    The LA RIOTS aftermath changed that because after 1992 there was a slow acceptance of Negroes that began with white trash fat whores and crept year by year like a cancer. The first time I had this girl talking to me and she said BTW my ex was Black I was like um eat sh and die and never talked to her again. I mean it never occured to me really that these people existed. This was around 1997 but up to that point I was just like any kid from the backwoods you find at the county fair, you liked Rebel gear but there was no real emotion about it you just did.

    I became involved in Conspiracy research about 1997 and i never really got deep into the whole thing, I mean I knew I didnt like Jews, Nigs or Queers but that was about as far as it went. It wasnt until Obama and Trayvon that my attitudes shifted hardcore far right.

  14. 1. You made a grammatical mistake in “stigmatized as a “extremist,””, the article should be “an”.

    2. You made an ideological mistake in the following sentence. “You won’t find explicit Neo-Nazism, Jewish Question awareness, race
    realism, ethnostates, eugenics, Neoreaction, Identitarianism, and so on.”
    You did not mention the Christian question among the topics.

  15. Trayvon-Zimmerman – that was important. Within a few days, as I recall, Conservative Treehouse had the fact of the 4 minute gap (from Zimmerman losing sight of Trayvon to Trayvon attacking him) that was so decisive in the trial, with the defense attorney using it in closing argument to show how long a period of time it was, lots of time for Trayvon to walk 150 ft or yards to the home he was staying.

    It exposed everyone. I never heard a black or white elitist asked why Zimmerman was supposed to let Trayvon kill him, pretty obvious question. No one dared to ask. Movement Conservatism didn’t say “boo.”

    One other thing you don’t mention – Movement Conservatism’s relentless 25 year attack on Social Security and Medicare “entitlements.” Who is that dagger aimed at but Republican voters? They’re not going to cut “the poor” but Paul Ryan would love to quadruple Medicare premiums for people with, say a $50,000 income in retirement. Why should we allow him to do that? I saw Rubio pitching Social Security cuts with the shtik that his kids won’t mind if the retirement age is 70 when they retire 60 years from now. Of course, they won’t mind because the plan is for Rubio to get very rich like the Clintons and his kids will be millionaires before they’re 25.

    Movement Conservatism isn’t offering much or anything but contempt to the people who are supposed to vote for it.

  16. “when you wake up in the morning and look for the subject to write about, say, a refugee rapist, you realize that it is semi-pointless because UK Daily Mail or WorldNetDaily has already covered it. What is there left to do but link to the Breitbart story?”

    It facilitates the work of White Nationalists. But the overall policy of the media is still to keep hiding the number of murders, rapes and muggings of White people. Each murder is presented as an aberration. No race crime stats and no long term racial demographics projections are given. The media will mention the problem of “illegal immigration” but will hide the crucial fact that race-replacement is deliberately enforced by the government, out of Jewish hostility for White people. They will criticize Islamism, but not Judaism. And they continue to pretend that the Black and Pakistani parasites are English people.

    So, I don’t think the Daily Mail’s reporting about refugee rapists is a means to increase its sales and advertising revenues. I think they just want to look like a real newspaper. They want people to think that there is no media conspiracy, and that the media is doing its job of reporting on what’s going on in the world. But their real job is to train people to pretend they are not noticing the elephant in the room.

    We are being destroyed. The government’s war against White people should be the only subject of conversation. Instead, the Daily Mail simply reports on some particular stories and avoids drawing any conclusions, as if they were devoid of critical thinking. It’s left to people on the internet to try to explain what’s going on.

    It’s great to report on the invasion of the West by African rapefugees fleeing the war in Syria. It’s great to report about the sexual assaults in the swimming pools and so on. It gives people the impression that the media are doing their job. But the missing crucial element is that those invaders are phony refugees. It’s a government-manufactured crisis. Everyone can see they are phony refugees, but it needs to be said publicly, and the Daily Mail won’t say it.

    If the Daily Mail said nothing at all about the invasion and the havoc it has created, people would think it is no longer a real newspaper. The trick is to report about it but never state the obvious and never give the most important information.

    “when you wake up in the morning (…) and realize the UK Daily Mail or WorldNetDaily has already covered it”

    Or when you wake up in the morning and realize that Trump’s last night’s speech against immigration was more virulent than you would have been.

  17. I started viewing WN websites back when I was a kid around 2006. At the time it was mostly Stormfront, Political Cesspool, and a few other forums. That was back when the whole Duke Lacrosse story was in the news.

    Back when Youtube first was getting popular if you were a WN on Youtube you were harassed off the site. I mean they had trolls literally leaving you hundreds of comments, down voting videos and your comments. If you so much as said something that wasn’t politically correct you would have 100 comments below attacking you as a “racist” and “nazi”. Nowadays it’s the opposite. I see 20 or 50 up votes for a comment I make that isn’t politically correct. There are new channels such as Hunter Avallone, Red Pill Philosophy, Rebel Media, Steven Crowder, etc. These kinds of channels who would address things in a way that were politically correct and had hundreds of thousands of subscribers did not exist at all back in the day.

    I’ve even ran across a few Polish, Russian, and African-American channels that are also Alt-Right leaning. I know that sounds weird, but a few of them are even willing to challenge the PC culture as well.

    Go back to around 2005-2008 and there were there was the emergence of several new WN leaning and Alt-right groups and websites. Most of those groups tried to hard to change the perception of WN as a bunch of rednecks and neo-nazis. You had the Political Cesspool, NPI, Amren, American Freedom Party, etc.

    What is interesting is that unlike a lot of the skinhead type groups which have disappeared these groups remain, and I think they helped funnel the WN message to a broader audience. But nothing helped the spread of the message better the past 5 years of Obama. People who weren’t racist were being labeled as such, and their careers were being harmed because of it. A lot of people in the media woke up to the fact that the PC culture had to be fought. Conservative leaning journalist who for a long time tried to balance their careers with a cuckservative message saw that they were no longer off limits and were being labeled “racist” and “nazis” just because they were white journalist and not total left-wing nutjobs.

    That is the reason for the Alt-Right message having spread, because people who weren’t “racist” were being labeled as such and have their lives destroyed. Plus the U.S witnesses 8 very long years of black racism from the Obama administration who promoted racist like Eric Holder, and then of course we had the racism by blacks with “knockout attacks” and the riots, the most recent in Milwaukee where a white teen was shot for being white. I think this also played a role in people changing and accepting the Alt-Right message.

  18. While the Alt-Lite addresses some of our issues, they still neglect to point out key points that can change the conversation. I still see Alt-Lite people attempting to beat around the bush and not bring up stats that debunk the BLM protesters.

    1) Whites are more likely to be the victim of interracial crime or murder. Period. End of story.

    2) Whites are more likely to be killed by police when you consider that other races make up a disproportional % of murderers and other violent criminals. Whites represented over 50% of those killed by cops last year. So apparently cops view whites as more of a threat despite statistics showing whites are less likely to be involved in serious violent crimes.

    The Al-Lite tries to placate the BLM and claim the Democrats are to blame for their struggles. What struggles?

    Blacks in the U.S are driving around in BMWs and Mercedes Benz, and the majority live in suburbs, not ghettos. The majority of them go to the same stores and work at the same places that whites work at. What oppression?

    The only thing keeping blacks down is themselves. They have a higher crime rate and their kids are more likely to drop out of school. You solve those two things and you easily resolve the issues related to economic inequality such as unemployment.

    The truth is that white tax payers in most of our largest cities are paying double taxes to finance black schools. White neighborhoods are being taxed to pave the roads in black neighborhoods and to build new parks and infrastructure. Your average black inner city school receives more money per pupil than your average white school in small town Pennsylvania or Iowa.

  19. The A-R will have to be vigilant, unapologetic, and uncompromising to keep the A-L from coopting the A-R. And they will try. They will say “Moderate your tone,” and “If we want people to take us seriously then we have to…”

    Gavin McCuck refuses to name the Jew, and lectures those who do.

    As for Milo, he doesn’t belong anywhere near the A-R, but the Jew media already appointed him head of the movement after Hillary’s lame A-R “exposé.”

  20. As for Goldberg and Hewitt, they seem to think they have something we want. It hasn’t quite settled in for them yet that they are fossils. Bygone relics. They have nothing important to say, and they have no ground to give. The A-R exists independently of their blessing or accommodation, and the Neocucks’ withering audience is comprised of weak, oxidized people.

    Despite its free market obsessions, National Review is and has been for decades now an unprofitable publication propped up by Mossad-front entities. Their reputation has been consistently dwindling on account of their various purges and their editorial shift to the moderate-left-Zionist direction, but this past year the mask has come well and truly off for all to see.

    They’re the ones who have to adjust. Had to change their comment system because there were more people who criticized them than applauded them. They can dish it out, by the damn well don’t want to hear back from those they insult. And now, dragged kicking and screaming, they’re having to address our troublesome existence. They’re hopping mad because they told us not to support Trump and we did anyway. They didn’t even make a dent. And Kevin Williamson now knows that if he’s ever out on the street and one of us recognizes him, he may well regret his now infamous column. In short, if the primaries were any indication, more people lean A-R than Neocuck. How d’ya like them apples, Jonah?

  21. Cuckorama: A neo-khankikeeosaur & a bronto-whiggersaurus bellow as a neo-trumpiam alt-right paleo-possum chews on they’s walnut-sized brains

    Watching a jew and a whigger going ass-to-mouth in sweaty desperate agreement that they need to purge the Alt-Right racists and trolls while somehow separating them from the Great Unwashed Typpycull whiggers living in fly-over cuntree in the ZOGland . . . somehow.

    The problem that they have is that Trump took away theys’ declining whigger demographic and now Cuckservative Inc — which is as dead as [S]William Fuktard Cuckley along with Leonid Breshnev — is bereft of anyone really listening to the Lamentations of the Cucks. Them Old Whigger Tards who use-ta-could vote for Ronald McDonald and George Herbert Walker Hoover-Bush and Boob Dolt and Dumbya and the Manchurian McCaindidate and Mittens now rather worry whether iff’n theys’ Social Security and Disability checks will cum in and they can trade food stamps for Oxycontin while theys’ anglo-mestizo grandsspawn have run away on the Internuts to join the Daily Stormer Great Troll/Tard Alt-Right Army. Talk about irrelevancy!!! Why the National Cuckview is kept alive by payola from the Mossad and Flush Rimblow won’t answer Baby Hughy Hewitt’s calls. Like in the 1972 Nixon Landslide, neither the neo-cucks (Goldberg) and senile cucks (Hewitt) can see a Trump Victory because, after all, none of them know anyone who ever voted for Nixon/Trump.

    I know how this could have becum more interesting: Say a dino-sockpuppet show with Goldberg playing a neo-khankikeosaur and Hugh Hewitt playing a bronto-whiggersaurus while a neo-trumpiam alt-right paleo-possum chews on they’s walnut-sized brains located in theys’ asses while a comet streaks towards Yucatan and they is about to go extinct, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    I love watching train wrecks and the dying clueless bellowing of huge doomed critters not knowing that they is dead, but whom are beginning to suspect the worst.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri

  22. I have been alt right since the sixth grade, I”m 57. The teacher was discussing the origins of the asian and black races. I asked ( only I asked ) what was the origin of the white race? He told me that it was unknown and that it would not be discussed.
    Being white and never taking any shit from anybody, I started thinking for myself.

  23. The thing is that the “mainstreamer” line that you advocated a few years ago is what made something like the alt lite possible. Now you’re portraying yourself as the vanguardist against the alt lite.

    I’ve always held the position that the problem isn’t vanguardism, it’s that race realism isn’t a movement building ideology, it’s just a scientific fact. Pro-white ideologies aren’t inspiring ideologies. They were popular in earlier times because of the fighting between colonialists and the native population and slavery.

    You can’t artificially make the base bigger than what it is and you can’t undo the stupidity of the vanguardists, so I’d question why one would do more than simply hold race realism and old school anthropology as a personal belief.

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