The Case for Trump: This Is Our Best Shot

It goes without saying that if Hillary wins in November, moves immediately on amnesty for illegal aliens with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and replaces Scalia and Ginsberg with two new extreme leftist judges on the Supreme Court that the window will close on conventional politics.

I know plenty of people who are pining for that result. They are correct that White America will be shut out of the political process. They are correct that the result will be a sharp uptick in anger, alienation, and radicalization. They are correct that it will lead to a bounce in support for secession. It will also likely be the beginning of the insurgency which will start with small-scale acts of violence by suicidal, frustrated people like Dylann Roof who see no other way but apocalyptic violence to bring about change.

I think of it as “going over the falls.” That will be the result of Hillary winning the election. It will have its opportunities, but it will also come with major liabilities. Specifically, any act of violence will be seized upon as an excuse to crack down on free speech and pass gun control, and there are other major problems with it like the apathy and demoralization which will offset the effect of any increase in anger and alienation.

It’s a huge gamble. It is not a gamble which I think will result in a White ethnostate or an independent South. Instead, the far more likely scenario is that worse will be worse, and we will wind up more repressed than we are now. Losing the Supreme Court as a line of defense as well as the amnesty fight will be a much more radical leap into the dark than Romney’s defeat by Obama in 2012. I’m going to have to raise my kids in that world and I would rather avoid that scenario. Maybe I am in denial.

Here are the latest polls:

National Polls

LA Times/USC: Trump +0.7
IBD/TIPP: Hillary +1 (2-way), Tie (4-way)
People’s Pundit Daily: Trump +0.8

The presidential race is clearly tightening up. The odds of Trump winning are improving. Even if the odds are that Hillary will likely win, those are much greater odds that Hillary winning and anything good coming out of it. There won’t be a RAHOWA. There won’t be a White ethnostate or Northwest Republic in four years. The South won’t secede although many no doubt will be tempted to do so like in 2012.

Are we going to get another chance as good as this one? I’m not sure. I think this might be our best shot. I think this might be our last chance to avoid a catastrophe. I can’t say what will emerge on the other side of that catastrophe.

If we do go “over the falls” with Hillary, we will have to deal with it, but I am going to take the shot. I’m not going to have any regrets. I’m going to have a clear conscience that when a historic opportunity came along that I seized it and took the shot. Whatever awful result might come next won’t be on me because I tried to avoid it.

Halley’s Comet might come around before all this happens again.

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  1. You’re half right. Hillary’s administration will use the Dylan Roofs as further justification to establish total tyranny, but there won’t be more Roofs because he was fake to begin with, and staged to give Hillary the legal framework to be seen as legitimate in that repression. Trump is the wild card, but dangerous nonetheless – just less so.

    If pro-white were more pro-middle class a Trump administration could be a door opener, but most of the effete and elite Alt Kike aren’t much different from the Kikeservatives.

  2. I’m sick of shit getting worse. I want things to get better. Trump is the only “politician” who has come along who offers something real – things that we want and care about. Not only will he secure the border, but he will bring back jobs and rebuild our failing infrastructure.

    I’d rather have that then WW3 with Russia, a bloody civil war or even worse – watching America die slowly like the Soviet Union did.

    I’m voting Trump.

    • I agree, the ‘worse is better’ philosophy is no way to live. If we have the ability to make things better then we ought to do so.

    • We’re all voting Trump, I suspect, but he’s not salvation. It doesn’t matter whether you are ‘sick of shit getting worse.” Some of us were “sick of shit getting worse” when Carter was president, and long before that. Reagan was a nice change, but the size and scope of government grew unabated. Four or eight more years to promote and consolidate the white nationalist message may, or may not, be useful, but the recipients of that message are not going to be more than 30% of the population. Right now, Trump is throwing chum to the blacks in Detroit and telling them what a great man Ape Lincoln was.

      That’s what any ‘political solution’ is going to look like from now on.

      • The thing is neither TRUMP nor CLINTON can prevent the Biblical sized Collapse thats coming but I believe Trump can ease the fall a bit more plus keep Putin from Nuking us. There is reason enough right there.

  3. Welcome to Brazil. A suck-ass country for sure, but outside the tropics, it’s 90% white and fairly well-run.

    You see, non-white, non-Asian governments are all extremely corrupt, which makes them not very good at collecting taxes, enforcing affirmative-action laws, and preventing the deaths of fecund nonwhites from hunger and disease. This incompetence gives white people space to thrive as a “market-dominant minority”.

    Jim Donald says that all market-dominant minorities get genocided sooner or later. Definitely true in black and Muslim countries, but whites and East Asians seem to be doing fine in Latin America.

    • Asian governments are also very corrupt. Chinese are very corrupt people, they’d be selling us aids ridden blood if they could get away with it. Think about the Ferengi on Star Trek, that’s the Chinese.

  4. Hillary’s election will be like a rubber band that has been pulled to the breaking point, let it snap, I’m done with the Empire!

    • If I believed the following, I would agree:

      1.) That it will amount anything more than a brief and quickly forgotten temper tantrum like we saw in 2012.

      2.) That we are in any position to capitalize on it.

      3.) That there was any chance that a state would secede in the next four years.

      • These are good points and I can’t deny them, but here are some more points:

        1) If Trump wins, then the empire grows stronger while if Hillary wins the empire will grow weaker. And it is simply easier to secede from a weaker empire than a strong one.

        2) If Trump wins many otherwise reachable Southerners will have renewed faith in the future of America while if Hillary wins, talk about secession won’t be seen as so radical.

        3) This is not 2012. Many people have awakened to the demographic crisis and do not believe we will be able to just wait out another election cycle (or two) to turn things around. The reaction may or may not be stronger and more durable than 2012 reaction. Either way, every time the word “secession” appears in public discourse, it normalizes the idea to the sheeple.

        We cannot predict with very high confidence because: a) there are so many factors to consider, b) people so often behave irrationally and c) we cannot predict when a charismatic leader might come out of nowhere to animate people.

        You are more on the inside of SN than I am, as I haven’t done any irl meetings. But my general impression is that the movement simply hasn’t grown and matured enough to fully capitalize on a Hillary win. I think to do that we should have an official constitution published for people to rally behind and a bigger budget to boot. And I think that could that happen within four years of a Hillary win, or 8 yrs.

        It could still be to our advantage for Trump to win though.
        1) If he gets to send millions of spics back home, that is that many spics that we won’t have in our way come secession time.

        2) Sending millions of spics home will reduce the number available to engage in race mixing with whites while we continue growing our movement.

        3) If spics riot BLM style in protest, then that will help some “good conservatives” to see the reality.

        4) If Trump imposes strict immigration criteria, then our plans for strict immigration will just be a continuation/refinement rather than a 180.

        5) Trump has done much to change the dialogue already. If he actually wins he will have 4 more years of opportunity to change the dialogue–and he won’t have to worry about winning votes anymore.

        I’m going to stick by some of my past comments on past threads:
        1) A trump win lightens the yoke for a while.
        2) A Hillary win boosts secession fever.
        3) There is no reason we can’t use the lighter yoke of the Trump era to grow SN movement stronger, smarter, better in preparation for a post-Trump era.
        4) The clock is still ticking. The longer it takes for us to gain power, the more mudshark babies will be born.
        5) Whether Trump wins or loses, it is to our benefit for the election map to be solid red throughout the South to demonstrate the geographic divide.

        I’m voting for Trump, but we don’t have forever because of rampant racemixing. We had better be adaptable make good use of the hour, whichever hand we are dealt, or it really will soon be too late because every white man in the South will have a brown son, stepson, grandson, inlaw, or nephew.

        • I am not sure what answer is the right answer. I will support Trump because I feel I have to BUT at the same time I want to see this empire collapse. As for the race mixing without WELFARE it couldn’t go on much at all considering close to 100% of the children it produces are bastards. No Daddy-No Food

          • If we are smart, we will have strategies to grow SNism stronger, smarter, better no matter who wins in November. If Trump wins, we will adjust to march forward under Trump. If HC wins, we will have ways to march forward under her.

            Regarding the no welfare + black nondaddy = no food, social outcast, I don’t think that is enough. Some people will simply breed like stray animals and Christian charity will not let that cruel bitch, Natural Selection, weed them out. The best bet is to stop the conception from happening by any practical means.
            1) birth control before a woman can get welfare
            2) vasectomies for deadbeat fathers
            3) keep criminals incarcerated longer, or give them a break in exchange for sterilization
            3) anti racemixing propaganda targeting teenage girls
            4) I’d also keep abortion legal, but if we do the above 3 items abortion will become much rarer than it is now. But very few churchians are going to think that way.

          • Thinks have changed. Ive seen it personally. Ive known people to denounce race mixing until it happens in their family and then suddenly it times for understanding and acceptance. Ive seen young healthy white couples with Chinese and African adopted children in tow. Its no longer a stigma. Indeed adopting non-white children is now fashionable. Even the Duck Dynasty people have done it as has Mitt Romney.

          • The people who will accept Race Mixing in their family will also accept their son or daughters Faggot Marriage

        • Sorry, but race mixing is a given if you understand anything about genetics. Humans have overrun the entire planet. There will be population movements back and forth and the race mixing is INEVITABLE. What you see now in the present day will be concluded far, far in the future as a genetic mixture of all the human populations. Sure, you can sort of stop it for certain periods of time but, ultimately, you won’t be able to stop this intermingling of human populations.

          The human race is a SINGLE RACE. The fact humans developed genetic predispositions that resulted in regional physical anomalies on various continents because of prevailing conditions doesn’t change that fact. There are genetic reasons for American servicemen to have been drawn to foreign women and have had sex w/them and have married them during WW I and WW II and the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

          You honestly think that whites should only marry whites? How do you explain the urge American males felt in WW II to marry women from Europe and the U.K.? That impulse for American males to marry foreigners and increase the gene pool was genetics at work. Nothing you do can stop that process over the long term.

          • If you understood genetics as well as you think you do, you wouldn’t be handling t*rds in your own toilet in order to illustrate your point.

          • Damn, you are a dumbass! It’s an image I found online (probably twitter) and I put the caption on it. I doubt it’s even a real turd, but whatever.

            It never occurred to me you’d think I was taking pics of my own turds. You have certainly given me my chuckles for the night!

          • Of course I didn’t think you’d be handling **your very own turds.** Lordy, but you are one silly puppy, aren’t you? You seem to have the same salient grasp of genetics and white manifest destiny as Prez. Jefferson Davis. May that whole schtick RIP.

      • Hubris, victory disease call it what you like, will give the Clinton presidency imaginary powers (remember these people are deluded, divorced from reality) causing them to overreach into catastrophe both foreign and domestically. “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”

      • Like I said before Hunter I will vote Trump but at the same time the Collapse that is Coming is going to be Biblical Proportions and he cant stop it he can only slow it a bit

        • Maybe it will collapse.

          Then again, maybe it will linger on for centuries like the Western Roman Empire, or even worse, for over a thousand years like Byzantium. There’s a lot of ruin in an Empire and saying it will collapse – which in the long run is probably true – doesn’t mean it will happen anytime soon.

          The worst case scenario is Brazil. There you have a country that is over halfway Africanized with much worse demographics than a future United States . It hasn’t collapsed. It has endured and even improved in many ways.

          • Brasil holds together because of Catholicism and the official language is Portuguese we have no single religion holding us together. Still I agree with you Hunter it could take years or days we simply don’t know

    • Reason #1:

      Recently, the alternative seems to be virtue signaling and pointless infighting on Facebook, LARPing around with guns, arcane theological debates, and debating the merits of reviving slavery.

      • As opposed to touting a hardcore Yankee Empire supporter. The best I can say about Trump is that he’s been entertaining, scaring the beejeesus out of respectable Republicans and the other leftists.

        I wonder how many times Trump has visited the New York Union League? I’d bet it’s more than once.

          • Yes, the cuckservatives in the Republican Party, mostly Jews like Richard Perle, David Frumm, and Paul Wolfowitz, plus a number of others are opposed to Trump because he won’t promise to do what Israel wants him to do.

            Thin ice.

            Trump hasn’t stated he’s going to oppose Israel like he should, so we simply don’t know what he’ll do, except he permitted his daughter to marry a Jew.

          • “Trump hasn’t stated he’s going to oppose Israel like he should, so we simply don’t know what he’ll do, except he permitted his daughter to marry a Jew.”

            Maybe his daughter didn’t ask him. He would lose millions of Christian votes if he said he’s going to oppose Israel. But he’s said the Iraq war was a disaster. He’s also criticized what was done in Syria and Libya. And he doesn’t seem eager to start a war with Russia.

            And above all else, he’s a better choice on immigration.

            Many nationalists say we cannot know for sure what he’ll do. Indeed, we don’t know how far he will go, but it is still likely that immigration will be drastically reduced.

            Many White Nationalists are afraid to look stupid and naive if they appear to think that not all politicians are evil. They seem to think that most people in the street are okay, whereas most politicians are evil. That view doesn’t make sense. Actually, there is the same lack of courage in the general population than among politicians.

            I don’t understand the behavior of people like the Clintons and the Bushes. It is not just corruption, direct Jewish pressure, and a lack of morals. It is probably a problem of conformism. Maybe they secretly know they are wrong and it makes them want to lash out even more at the world around them?

            I wonder what’s going on in their minds. In contrast, it’s easy to understand why Trump would like to stop immigration. It’s a matter of common sense. If you have any common sense, you oppose your replacement by hordes of savages.

            Most politicians understand the third world invasion is a disaster. They just lack the courage to say so. Trump doesn’t lack the courage to say so. I think he is really against immigration. Why is it so hard to accept? Why would he change his mind once he is in the White House? He will have much more fun fighting the Jews than going along with them.

          • “…except he permitted his daughter to marry a Jew.”

            Wow. No wonder you’re a neoconfederate.

            “Southern nationalist” is such a cute euphemism for mouth-breathing bigot.

          • You mean democrat. You do understand that it was Republicans that freed the slaves, and democraps that fought to keep them? You also under that it was democraps that continued to segregate, torture and murder blacks and jews, formed the key, unions and support socialism/communism to this very day? When white democraps finally realized that their days of owning blacks and beating/lynching them were over, they made a new plan. Tell all blacks that it was Republicans who enslaved them, since you knew that most blacks would believe what ever is said in history class, you could manipulate them while buying their votes at the same time. Now you have them trained so well, you just make false promises, tell more lies about slavery/bigotry and pack them onto buses to vote yet again, giving them such stereotypical refreshments of fried chicken, watermelon and grape soda, and they still vote democrap. It’s truly sad and pathetic.

          • Glad you accept who you are, that is a change, usually libtards never take responsibility for failures.

          • Ah, so you’re one of those persons who copes with life by trying not to understand what he sees and hears? Okay.

          • You should ask him why his butt cheeks make such a distracting whistle. That’s some kind of talent or something.

          • Hunter heres what I think. If we must use a few shills and bombthrowers to get people mad enough to hear the message then we do it. People have to feel like absolute failures to listen to the message. The South didn’t support Secession until it became obvious they could no longer influence a national election which exposed the submissionists and collaborationists and the entire population turned on them as useless fools. This is the same thing. We tell the people YOU CANT WIN UNLESS YOU FOLLOW US. If Trump has ginned up anger, that only benefits us

          • That’s what I heard in 2008 and 2012.

            It didn’t pan out that way. Even though lots of people got angry, no one listened to White Nationalists. This past year has been by far the best for White Nationalists of the last 15 years. They’ve gotten far more publicity than I have ever seen before and for once it wasn’t about some nutcase having a meltdown.

            If Hillary wins, there will be a little temper tantrum, but it will fizzle out in a few weeks.

          • I am with you that I think a Trump victory would on the whole be more desirable than a Hillary one but I personally think Hunter that Trump has literally even more than Strom in 48 or Wallace in 68 without being abashedly Pro-White mobilized our people but there is a difference now Hunter and it is this. I think that it will never quiet down again for our people until RAHOWA.

            The Demographic and Cultural Collapse is making it absolutely impossible for a consensus to hold anything together in the USA. In 1948, even with Deseg in the Military the Nation itself was stable in 1968 Richard Nixon immediately brought stability with his win, although he was a globalist and in the long run Bad For Whites. Some of what George Wallace campaigned for in 68 stronger laws and going after Negro Radicals Nixon accomplished. So in reality from Nixon until Clinton racial issues calmed down although there were plenty of problems, but since 1992 its been peddle to the floor anti white

            In 2016 we have a society which WILL NEVER be stable again unless we are all enslaved by a supercomputer or something. Our cops cannnot enforce our laws and our schools cant do things as simple as teach history without someone being offended. I think Donald Trump even if he loses (GOD FORBID) has lit the fuse, it wont go out. Too much Crap the last 8 yrs for things to ever calm down again

          • 1.) The negative publicity from sporadic acts of RAHOWA (i.e., Roof, Miller, Wade Michael Page) hurts the movement, doesn’t accomplish its goals, and is a fraction of the publicity the Alt-Right has gotten out of the Trump campaign.

            2.) My father-in-law told me these people had been talking about the RAHOWA since the 1960s. He died in 2015 and they are still talking about it.

            3.) If Trump loses, Whites will be enraged, but in a few weeks they will accept it and get over it. Blacks, however, have been told by Hillary that Trump is literally a racist Klansman. They’re far more likely to act up. Even if you were pining for a racial conflagaration, Trump winning is more likely to bring it about.

          • We agree again. Like I said I will support Trump but I do hold my belief that Hillary is such an unmitigated disaster, plus history shows us no single party holds the office back to back no more than 12 yrs with only two seperate candidates.

            One was Jefferson Madsion Monroe who held it for the Democrats for 24 yrs until the party Collapsed in 1824 and was reborn as Jackson’s Party in 1825 leaving JQ Adams an Independent. The other was FDR and Truman who held power solely because of WWII for 20 yrs. Those are the anomalies. Jackson-Van Buren=12. then from Harrison until McKinley only Grant made it a full normal 8 yrs, we normally had constant changes every 4 yrs.

            Since 1900 we had McKinley Teddy Taft 16 yrs only made possible by McKinley’s murder, Harding Coolidge Hoover 12 yrs made possible by Hardings death and of course Reagan Bush for 12. If History bears out Hillary is GONE by nature or by politics in 2020

    • Like I said there is Hunter’s viewpoint and the Worse Is Better viewpoint, I tend toward Hunter on this, but I recognize the validity of the Worse is Better Crowd. Hillary is guaranteed to bring a Crash by 2020 or your money back

      • Southern Nationalists used Yankee Shill Candidates before the war, remember James Buchanan was probably the best friend Dixie had he practically let the South surruptitiously plunder the armories and move money into Southern coffers. Sometimes you have to use people while pushing for OTHER PROGRAMS

          • Pat this is what I am saying. You cultivate a few USEFUL IDIOTS and use them to do the job you want them to do for you. If Donald Trump helps get out at least part of the message then that is a benefit, its not everything we want no but we need to keep the anger ginned up to the max. I predict when he loses, this will keep the anger level on 10.

            Trump has got the field good and ready for the message, his loss I believe will allow the seeds to germinate and grow. Hillary will bring the collapse and the new nation will rise from the ashes.

          • Pat did you ever hear of a story where you see a NEGRO defying the American Regime and realize YOU AGREE WITH THEM? I actually say Colin Kaepernick should keep seated screw the Star Spangled Banner

          • I don’t think it is collapsing.

            I’ve been hearing about an inevitable collapse for years and it hasn’t happened. The dollar was supposed to collapse and we were going to sink into a major depression. Instead, the economy hasn’t even gone into a recession since 2009.

            The economy sucks, but it is just stagnating, not collapsing. As we saw in 2008, even if it looked like a collapse was imminent, the system will pull out all the stops to prevent that from happening.

            Americans who are unemployed aren’t starving. The welfare state is robust enough to keep them fed and happy in their idleness.

          • “that’s why it’s better if Hillary won. Collapse of the US government will be a good thing.”

            You are having it both ways:

            – Vote for Hillary so the government will collapse.
            – Don’t vote for Trump because he won’t do what he says.

            If you want the government to collapse, it shouldn’t be a problem that Trump won’t do what he says.

          • No, it won’t be “a good thing” if there is a collapse of the U.S. government, whether it’s an engineered collapse or something else. In fact, such a collapse would undermine the entire history of this country’s philosophical foundation. Either you believe in the collective governance by the people or you don’t. You don’t simply opt for what one faction of the people are suggesting while insisting on overriding the balance of the rest of the people. You take the ups and downs of the political system and you work within that system because it’s the best system that’s ever been invented.

            Many people are confusing the national and the regional and their immediate municipal conditions. Many people are refusing to acknowledge that the U.S. is moving forward as a nation because we all contribute to the big pot that’s divvied up in Washington D.C. The fact we have what we have as a country is because we’ve shared our tax revenues among all the states.

          • I’d reply with a serious answer if your post were serious. Your post isn’t serious, so here’s an appropriate response to it.

            Fornicate the “history of this country’s philosophical foundation” and the Puritan ships it rode in on.

          • My post is entirely serious. And if were not, you wouldn’t attempt to deride it. If there is another Civil War brought on by such as yourself, there will be another conclusion to that Civil War that resembles what the original one wrought.

          • There will never be a another civil war brought in by the likes of Pat. He’s an impotent old whiner who spills his rage and racism on niche forums and makes grand declarations about the future. He’s like the Artilleryman in The War of the Worlds, who boasts to the narrator of his grand scheme for creating an underground civilization, but who hadn’t actually done anything about it.

            If there’s another civil war, it won’t be started – or fought – by internet tough guys.

          • This is a horrific time period for philosophical horses*t spewed by people like him. I find it frightening there are so many who believe in such conspiracies as the government emergency mobilization ORE in Texas being a government attempt to seize Texas such that they need to form secret militias to protect themselves from the government. The kookiness factor is ratcheted up so high that someone like Trump can come along and ride the conspiracies to the top of the heap. I won’t tell you about going to some meetings of organic farmers in Iowa and Nebraska and meeting folks knowledgeable about militias in those two states. Is this ultimately what the advent of the internet has wrought — a hornet’s nest of conspiracy theorists?

          • I don’t think there are more nuts like him. They’ve always been around. The difference is that they’re hanging out on the internet instead of Bubba’s Bait and Brew, so their gasbagging is a bit easier to overhear, that’s all. Pat’s a blowhard, like several others we encounter on a regular basis.

            I don’t think the internet has created a new wave of nuts, so much as shined a light on them. You can’t treat a cancer you don’t know you have. Think of these sites as a pap smear or a prostate exam – unpleasant but useful.

          • I’ll try. Folks like these give me nightmares though. (For numerous reasons I won’t list here because I find writing about such scenarios is potentially ____________.) It’s reassuring realizing there are high-ranking American military officers like yourself who have the education and the historical grasp of world events to counter viewpoints such as his.

    • There is no reason not to support him as a SN either. If you don’t vote for Trump you are voting for Hillary, that’s the best argument for him. Unless you think that Hillary would miraculously cause all the complacent people to suddenly be no compromise hardcore secessionists.

  5. There is no real last chance in sight for whites. Even after they become a minority, they can still come together and assert their interests. If the dominant power at the time (once whites wake up) discriminates against whites and doesn’t allow whites the right of free association, then separatism will be a serious option.

    • Sometimes persecution unites a people and creates a new nation. Look at the Afrikaner reaction to the Boer War in which the British imprisoned their women in children in concentration camps. A fierce Afrikaner nationalism developed resulting, at least for a while,,in a new Afrikaner dominated nation.

  6. “I know plenty of people who are pining for that result.”

    Any well known names? Before Trump, it was natural to hope that the fast destruction of society would bring a White popular reaction, together with racial polarization. But now, everyone wants Trump to win.

    The only “White Nationalists” who are against Trump are curmudgeons who hate all politicians. They don’t think that worse is better. What annoys them is the White Nationalist enthusiasm over Trump.

    The Jews rely on White people to run their anti-White dictatorship. Those White people are not just traitors, they are stupid cowards. At some point, when those White people and their families get attacked in the street, they will realize they have been working to destroy their own race. They will withdraw their support to the government, which will become even more third-worldish, with the possibility of some regions of the country seceding.

    If Hillary gets elected and the West goes down the drain, the most satisfying moment will be when the stupid cowards who work in the administration finally realize they are responsible for their own destruction: “Oh no, what have we done!”. But it is unlikely they will ever say that. As they become progressively more pro-White, I think they won’t even remember that they used to help the Jews.

    So, it’s better if Trump gets elected. Until now, the Jewish dictatorship has been hardening gradually while free speech has been expanding on the internet. And all of a sudden, Trump makes it easier for everyone to be pro-White. Those are ideal conditions to launch a White revolution. The election of Trump will further loosen the Jewish dictatorship, and possibly their grip on the media. It will completely change the mood of the country.

    I hope it will eventually give the army the confidence to stage a military coup and cancel the American citizenship of a hundred million non-Whites.

    • I just wish I knew the real answer about all of this. My right hand says Trump or else, my left hand says let it burn. I will go with my right but at the same time, I want it to burn.

    • A local company has been bought by a Muslim Sand Nigger. The assets are being sold off, and all the very Nice White Upper Middle Class folks, who have worked VERY hard, are being canned, AND forced to train their replacements. My hubby’s cousin is one of those folks.
      I’m very upfront about my beliefs. We’ve been attending various functions at the cousin’s place. He is beloved, but I’ve been essentially shunned by most of the folks who go, cuz I’m so “racist”.
      I can’t WAIT til the next event. I’m bringing Eat SHIT Race Traitor Pie,

    • It seems like everyone else but Southern Nationalists and the League of the South has capitalized on Trump:

      – Andrew Anglin and Daily Stormer
      – Matt Heimbach and Trad Youth
      – Richard Spencer and Radix
      – Jared Taylor and Amren
      – William Johnson and American Third Position
      – Breitbart
      – Mike Cernovich
      – The Right Stuff
      – David Duke

      Literally everyone has taken advantage of this big populist and nationalist groundswell to gain followers and influence over the past year. If Trump does lose in November, his followers will be more familiar with Amren, Radix, Breitbart, etc. and will gravitate further to the right under Hillary.

      It has been a huge year for everyone but the League of the South and Southern Nationalism. Thanks to Hillary, the Alt-Right is the new right-wing bogeyman and will reap all the benefits of being crowned the real opposition.

      But after all this has happened few people will have learned of the League because there was such little effort to connect with angry people and build relationships. Instead, there was constant infighting and signaling on Facebook, theological spats, militia LARPing, and debating things like whether slavery should be restored.

      I’m a Southern Nationalist, but I think this has been a huge wasted opportunity. I congratulate Anglin, Taylor and Spencer for being savvy enough to take advantage of it.

  7. If Trump does lose, I hope that it at least happens in such a way that looks very suspicious – beyond the fact that he’s pretty much having to campaign against nearly the whole world (DNC, RNC, Media, Globalists, Eurocrats, all non-white races and about half the White race, etc.).

    The more anger amongst Whites, directed properly, the better. Locking us out of our own country will mean the gloves will have to come off.

    The enemy is already lining up its ducks. Obama is less than one month away from giving control of the internet to the United Nations or some sort of ghastly cabal. Youtube itself just dove into the deep end of the censorship pool this week. And the Democrats have had a major hard-on for awhile now for passing some sort of “balanced media” laws, which will be precisely the opposite of balanced. “Hate speech” will be outlawed by a kosher SCOTUS, and will be defined as anything the Masters of the Universe decree it to be. That same Jew court will shred the 2nd Amendment, and confiscation of guns already owned will not be necessary with government control of ammo. The Alt-right will not be able to organize on the internet, as all of us have already been tagged, and we will be monitored for violations of any of the above.

    Methinks there will be blood aplenty if we are to save ourselves.

  8. There’s a lot of “please vote for Trump, he’s the lesser of two evils”, which the argument I’ve heard over and over again for over 12 election cycles.

    Every four years, someone trots that idea out of the dusty shelves of old election rhetoric.

    It’s no more appropriate this time than it was previously.

    • The worse is better theory: The USA needs 50 million more Somali invaders directly brought in by Hillary so it will inspire the remaining White people to fight against immigration and for southern secession!

    • Whether Trump wins or loses, secession is still the goal…it is the only means left for survival for whites in general…just as secession was the only means left for the South 150 years ago…

      And if you study the Bible, secession and slavery are not sins — the South was right! We are being hammered by the Left’s dogma each and every day we remain under their regime…

      God Save the South!

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