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      • Yeah a nice guy…..

        Nice of him to welcome, ignore the 3rd world migration invasion of the West.

        Libertarians are as a rule idiots, traitors on immigration.

        Also, encouraging the Black welfare underclass to do whatever the hell they feel like doing isn’t sound policy.

  1. I thought Gary johnson’s answer was fine

    Until the reporter added that Allepo was in Syria I didn to recognize it either

  2. Who really believes these polls that he’s in double digits nationally or in any state?

    I think a lot of Trump supporters are statistically hiding in Gary Johnson. Some people saying that they will vote for him are repentant Never Trumpers. LP national candidates are lucky to break 1% nationally in an ordinary year.

  3. Capable person though you are, Mr. W., I’m not sure this incident shows Gary Johnson to be less qualified for the presidency than you are. Visit http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/09/us/politics/gary-johnson-aleppo.html to see how Johnson, having acknowledged the shortcoming this Aleppo error of his represents, addresses it:

    “‘For those who believe this is a disqualifier, so be it,’ [Mr. Johnson] said.”

    That, as we say, is adroit. Reflect for a moment on the approach that would have been taken by Trump–or at least, the old Trump–who would have tried to argue that he’d been misheard, or that he’d misunderstood the question, or that the media were unfairly focused on a triviality while they’re always giving Hillary a pass. Whatever may be his inadequacies as a presidential candidate, Mr. Johnson has the important ability to pause.

  4. Americans would not need to know facts about the damned Middle East if the Israel First crowd did not run America. There are humanitarian crises in South Sudan, Iraq and Syria because Israel wants to create zones to attack Egypt, Iraq and Syrian from the rear if they attack Israel. There are a million news reports about the Kurds because Israel want to create a Kurdistan region as a security strategy for Israel.

  5. From Wikipedia:

    Aleppo is an ancient metropolis, and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world; it may have been inhabited since the 6th millennium BC

    That is 8000 years old, mid-neolithic, about 4000 years after humans started farming and settled down in villages, some of which became town centers of cult, of literacy, of grain storage, of the weekly/monthly/annual market, of prostitution — as well as fortified keeps for the local warlord.

    One of these was the ancient citadel of Zion which the warlord David took over and made his tribe-transcending capital. Zion existed for 3500 years before the Israelites captured it in 1000 BC – it as pottery shards dated to circa 4500 BCE from the Chalcolithic era.

    How does this relate to us? Between 6500 BCE and 4000 BCE there was a significant migration of farmers from the Middle East up the rivers of Europe. They cleared the forests, set up agricultural communities and married local hunter-gatherers. These became one of the three ancestral populations from which modern Europeans are descended. All Europeans are partly descended from Middle Eastern farmers who migrated to Europe 6000 – 8500 years ago.

  6. Herman Cain had a moment like this in the last election when he started going on about Becky Becky Stan! I didn’t know what the talking head meant by Aleppo at first either. I thought it was some stupid acronym for government agencies.

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