FLASHBACK: Gov. Mark Dayton Tells The “Deplorables” To “Find Another State”

Oh my, how the tables have turned!

A year ago, Gov. Mark Dayton of Minnesota attended a community forum in St. Cloud where the topic of Somalian refugees came up. He made national news when he denounced the “bigots” at the forum who questioned whether Somalis in St. Cloud had assimilated and had ties to terrorist groups. He mounted his high horse and scolded them that “if you can’t accept that, find another state.”

“ST. CLOUD – In the first of several tours to learn more about what the state can do to reduce racial disparities, Gov. Mark Dayton caught an earful.

At a community forum, residents of the St. Cloud region peppered him with questions — and suggestions — on what his administration can do to address racial disparities plaguing black Minnesotans. …”

The forum grew testy at times, but Dayton said later he thought it remained “respectful.” The audience included Somali immigrants, nonprofit organizers, older white residents and college students.

In one instance, an attendee asked “leaders of Somali culture” whether immigrants had done enough to assimilate. Another accused a Somali man of working for an organization that he said had ties to terrorism groups, later urging those around him to “Google it” when the man denied the accusation.

Dayton denounced “bigots” and said those with racist attitudes do not belong in Minnesota. He said he would not tolerate racial discrimination, adding, “If you can’t accept that, find another state.”

A few months later, Gov. Mark Dayton and Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar took out a full-page ad in the Star Tribune denouncing those who opposed the refugee resettlement policy in St. Cloud as “un-Minnesotan”:

“Minnesota’s record of racial and religious tolerance is, for some, a point of local pride. But it’s been checkered, of late, with Minnesotans showing a cruel side in anti-refugee rhetoric against vulnerable Syrians or instances of racism against long-settled Somalis in St. Cloud.

In response, some of the most prominent liberals in the state are getting out the megaphone — and the wallet — in an effort to restate the state’s values.

A full-page ad in the front section of today’s Star Tribune appeals to our vanity, invoking Minnesota pride to inspire readers to fight back against bigots. We’re supposed to be a people of “everyday, sleeve-worn courage, goodness and kindness.”

They left out that we are also good-looking, healthy, and smart. Maybe they just ran out of room.

If you’re a Minnesotan, the ad says, you shouldn’t let your friends and acquaintances get away with racist or prejudicial thoughts about “fellow Minnesotans” who happen to be Muslim. The ad makes specific mention of not ignoring offensive social media posts. …”

What does it look like now after Somali refugee Dahir Adin’s glorious act of jihad on behalf of ISIS at the St. Cloud Crossroads Mall? Does it look like Minnesota Pride or Minnesota Foolishness?


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    • Man, I don’t know who you hang around, and I admittedly don’t know any Somalis at all, but there is no way in hell that any sect is more poorly behaved than homegrown public housing ghetto black people from right here in the USA.

      • I have plenty of Somalis where I live, and where I grew up we had Haitians . Both are relatively low in number compared to the run of the mill American pavement ape, but in my experience they are worse.

    • They reflect their Scandinavian heritage because it is the Scandinavian nations that have been most welcoming in Europe to the migrant invasion. Somehow between then and now that viking heritage DNA was switched off.

  1. White liberal race-traitors like Dayton live in exclusive neighborhoods where the only coloreds to be seen are the garbage men emptying trash barrels on Wednesday mornings.

  2. They weren’t always so stupid in Minnesota:

    Minneapolis was known for anti-Semitism beginning in the 1880s and through the 1950s.[29] The city was described as “the capital of anti-Semitism in the United States” in 1946 by Carey McWilliams[30] and in 1959 by Gunther Plaut.[31] At that time the city’s Jews were excluded from membership in many organizations, faced employment discrimination, and were considered unwelcome residents in some neighborhoods.[32] Jews in Minneapolis were also not allowed to buy homes in certain neighborhoods of Minneapolis.[33]

  3. The American Empire will eventually outlaw Freedom of Speech for common people. Only the establishment will have Freedom of Expression. Something must change with new leadership in Washington D.C. A leadership with respect for the Bill of Rights and the 10th Amendment. That values the views of the Alternative Right and the Southern People! Deo Vindice !

  4. It all comes down to Womb Wars, or World War Womb. WWW.

    In the end, it’s not ideas, memes, or conferences that created you.

    You exist ONLY BECAUSE your white mother used her white womb as garden for your father’s seed.

    If your mother had decided to go black, YOU would have been ‘killed’ because her womb-nest would have been cucked out for a Negro baby.

    Modernity believes in woman’s reproductive rights. Good idea.

    But what if more and more white women ‘go black’ and freely choose negro men as superior mates while closing their white wombs to white seeds?

    It is the death of the white race and totally demoralizing to white male pride.

    It’s happening all over America and will accelerate with Section 8 policies that send black males to every high school in every suburb and small town. Black males will win in sports and fuc* so many white girls weaned on jungle fever promoted by PC and pop culture.

    Jews want this to happen. They want to see white males pussified and beaten by black studs. Jews fear the reawakening of white male pride and unity.

    Survival is about the war of wombs.

    • Woman are the direct reflection of mother nature,hybrid babies,hybrid crops,chemicals in their bodies,same with the fields.it goes on and on.Man and Woman are pretty much communist breeders any more,eating communist gruel.
      In Brave New world the babies were incubated in pig bellies.That was the culture.it’s sad to see all the ancient cultures destroyed by centralized rule.Truly a giant pig farm.

    • Yes, and Julian Castro of Housing and Urban Development has a plan to invade majority white red states, and wealthy white areas elsewhere, with section 8 housing even going so far as to give a hosing stipend that will match the income of the area in which they are resettled the better to integrate. The whole plan is pure Soviet in its malevolence

    • Precisely, we can deal with Islamic terrorism despite the suffering and economic costs.

      What we can’t deal with is Islamic demographic assault. It’s a strategy used in the takeover of Yemen by Islam. Those women in headscarves are the ultimate threat.

      Non white immigration will eventually pressure Whites into minority status even if we match non white birth rates.

      Our plight is apparent from only a little mathematics.

      All non White immigration must be stopped. The minorities will accept this as fair as they have their own continents.

  5. Americans arise. You have the power to stop the third world assault. Stop third world/Muslim immigration to USA at once. The reason is simple for this government program to make whites a racial minority in a country founded by their ancestors: you are silent. This slow motion genocide is moving forward because most aware people are doing nothing. The invasion will stop and these troubling trends will start to reverse only when we say enough:
    – join the 2 million citizens’ army at numbersusa.
    – become members of immigration reform groups like FAIR.
    – always go to the polls.
    – when you get letters begging for money, return, in most cases, the free Business Reply envelopes with letters protesting our demographic replacement. For envelopes not free, it’s worth your while to send back.
    – Mow your own lawn and avoid restaurants.
    Don’t be part of the problem, be a part of the correct solution. ALL patriots must take action.

    • Good advice, however just so you know those postage paid envelopes have bar codes, easily visible on the outside, that when scanned tell them the address the letter was sent to.

  6. Perhaps Dayton’s residence should be located and he and his family re-located out of state?

    Or put on trial?

    Just throwing out some ideas here.

  7. Exactly the same is said about being “un-Swedish”, “un-Canadian”, “un-British”, etc, etc. They are all basically saying the same things, if that is the case why do they even bother with saying they are Minnesotan, Swedish, Canadian, …, they should just all say they are globalists.

  8. The bastard Dayton, (who bought his way into office using his family’s Dayton’s department store chain money) needs to be removed from office, ASAP. The people that have been killed are his fault! He is the one that has blood on his hands. No German, Scandinavian, Scott, Irish, can be blamed for this… Only godless apostate Mahometans.

    Governor Dayton, step down and get out of this state!

  9. Has anybody in the Alt Right done a good job of naming names, getting work and home address information of the individuals heading tax exempt “Lutheran” and “Catholic” refugee resettlement programs in Minnesota?

    We have to get better at doxing.

    There were/are real, living (White) people profiting $ from importing these Somalian bantu Muslims in to Minnesota.

  10. Brand new, appropriate names for our Minnesota leaders: Just add “Merkel” after their name since they are blindly and/or willfully opening this state and country to enemy invasion. Governor Dayton-Merkel; Lt Governor Smith-Merkel; Mayor Hodges-Merkel; Congressman Ellison-Obama (already know he wants the US overthrown because of his being in bed with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood–as was Obama) …

    Don’t be fooled! Islam is NOT a religion. It is a totalitarian political regime, hell-bent on taking over this country (and the world), and getting strongholds in politics is only one of the methods they employ in this quest. See this document for a full list of tactics they have been using for the past 30-plus years to take over our country: http://www.wnd.com/2003/08/20098/

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