We’re The Basket of Deplorables

It’s the nicest basket! The most luxurious basket! Full of wonderful people! Everyone wants in!

“Brad Griffin (pen name Hunter Wallace)

Founder of the white nationalist website Occidental Dissent

Endorsement: “The signal has gone out to join the Trump campaign and to openly organize in the mainstream under the banner of the Republican frontrunner to take down the hated cuckservative establishment.”

In his own words: “Our message is more visible than ever before,” Griffin wrote on his website. “It’s also all due to Trump’s presidential run… Can you imagine a world in which White Nationalists have come out of the closet, the charge of ‘racism’ elicits only a ‘meh’ and shrugged shoulders, and we have begun to openly organize? …'”

Chris Hayes was comparing Don Jr.’s Skittles analogy to Julius Streicher’s The Poisonous Mushroom last night.

Note: Hillary Clinton is running the most inept campaign I have ever seen. She has done nothing but tank since her Alt-Right speech. Why is she still doing it?

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  1. I get the sense that like Jeb Bush, Hillary expected this election to be handed to her on a silver platter by the media and the donors.

    After what Trump accomplished in the primary, I’m shocked that she didn’t learn Jeb’s lesson.

    I also think she is very sick which wouldn’t have been a problem for her if the media had been able to win this for her.

  2. Times have changed since the Era of vBulletin forums when nobody ever met and spent countless hours arguing. It is time to organize IRL. Hunter, you are being noticed even more by the day.

  3. I don’t consider Occidental Dissent deplorable, the alt right are apparently the only people in the country not crazy, stupid or both. They seem to be attempting to deal with reality intelligently.

  4. They just add “the White nationalist” in front of all their names and websites as if that places them beyond the pale. This apparently makes the points about our demographic replacement and the need to take our own side invalid.

  5. Congratulations, dear fellow!
    All in all, the citations are pretty splendid. I don’t know who some of those cited are, so they don’t count. And Mercer and Ramsey are Yids. At least they didn’t cite Milo the Homo Jew.

  6. Why’s she still doing it? According to Bill Clinton’s childhood friend, Dolly Kyle, Hillary is driven by rage and anger. Miss Kyle believes this rage and anger has caused many health problems for Hillary over the years, and now it’s starting to take it’s toll big time.

  7. Years ago they called you a WHITE SUPREMACIST. When we say we are White Nationalists then now they are forced to say Whites cant be Nationalist but other races can be. Wait a second why is Nationalism for Whites Wrong? They will then go on some diatribe about Internationalism but then say this Nonwhite culture is exceptional or that but then you whites must join the Over One World Culture. Absolute bull-s

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