The Horserace – September 21, 2016

    National Polls

    LA Times – Trump +4.1
    People’s Pundit Daily – Trump +4.3
    UPI/Cvoter – Hillary +1
    The Economist/YouGov – Hillary +1, Hillary +2
    Reuters/Ipsos – Tie (2-way), Trump +2 (4-way)
    Google Consumer Surveys – Hillary +1
    NBC/Wall Street Journal – Hillary +7 (2-way), Hillary +6 (4-way)

    State Polls

    North Dakota – DFM Research – Trump +11 (4-way)

    North Carolina – PPP – Tie (2-way), Trump +2 (3-way)

    New Hampshire – Monmouth – Hillary +9 (4-way)

    Wisconsin – Marquette – Hillary +2 (2-way), Hillary +3 (4-way)

    Washington – Insights West – Hillary +12 (4-way)

    California – Insights West – Hillary +28 (4-way)

    Arizona – Insights West – Trump +5 (4-way)

    Nevada – Insights West – Trump +3 (3-way)

    Ohio – FOX News – Trump +5 (4-way)

    Nevada – FOX News – Trump +3 (4-way)

    North Carolina – FOX News – Trump +5 (4-way)

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  1. Not surprising that Trump leads in Dixie and the Interior West. But they can’t out vote Yankeedom and her political allies on the PacRim. Folks in the old Union states need to realise they’re not voting for FDR or his populist successors. They’re voting for anti-White, anti-Western freaks. But I don’t need to tell anybody here about all this.

    • Technically only one Southern State is a no way no how and thats Maryland. Virginia would be fine but the Nig-Nogs have overtaken Prince Georges County MD and all the Libtard Whites moved across to NO VA.

      As for the old Yankee States, the vast majority began slowly trending Democrat after 1865 and that was because in one odd way, the South actually won the war by decimating the old Yankee population who reproduced much more slowly, By 1930 factoring in rates of reproduction, the Catholic Immigrants outstripped the Yankees like 20 to 1 until they were minorities in their own states. All these Immigrants were Democrats and most have remained so, The Yankee elite aka Brahmins in Boston and such switched their alliegence to the Democratic Party around the Roosevelt Era and by 1970 the shift was complete

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