Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939

Hey gang, this looks like some good reading for October:

“How did Adolf Hitler — described by one eminent magazine editor in 1930 as a “half-insane rascal,” a “pathetic dunderhead,” a “nowhere fool,” a “big mouth” — rise to power in the land of Goethe and Beethoven? What persuaded millions of ordinary Germans to embrace him and his doctrine of hatred? How did this “most unlikely pretender to high state office” achieve absolute power in a once democratic country and set it on a course of monstrous horror? …

Hitler was an effective orator and actor, Mr. Ullrich reminds readers, adept at assuming various masks and feeding off the energy of his audiences. Although he concealed his anti-Semitism beneath a “mask of moderation” when trying to win the support of the socially liberal middle classes, he specialized in big, theatrical rallies staged with spectacular elements borrowed from the circus. Here, “Hitler adapted the content of his speeches to suit the tastes of his lower-middle-class, nationalist-conservative, ethnic-chauvinist and anti-Semitic listeners,” Mr. Ullrich writes. He peppered his speeches with coarse phrases and put-downs of hecklers. Even as he fomented chaos by playing to crowds’ fears and resentments, he offered himself as the visionary leader who could restore law and order.

• Hitler increasingly presented himself in messianic terms, promising “to lead Germany to a new era of national greatness,” though he was typically vague about his actual plans. He often harked back to a golden age for the country, Mr. Ullrich says, the better “to paint the present day in hues that were all the darker. Everywhere you looked now, there was only decline and decay.”

• Hitler’s repertoire of topics, Mr. Ullrich notes, was limited, and reading his speeches in retrospect, “it seems amazing that he attracted larger and larger audiences” with “repeated mantralike phrases” consisting largely of “accusations, vows of revenge and promises for the future.” But Hitler virtually wrote the modern playbook on demagoguery, arguing in “Mein Kampf” that propaganda must appeal to the emotions — not the reasoning powers — of the crowd. Its “purely intellectual level,” Hitler said, “will have to be that of the lowest mental common denominator among the public it is desired to reach.” Because the understanding of the masses “is feeble,” he went on, effective propaganda needed to be boiled down to a few slogans that should be “persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward.”

• Hitler’s rise was not inevitable, in Mr. Ullrich’s opinion. There were numerous points at which his ascent might have been derailed, he contends; even as late as January 1933, “it would have been eminently possible to prevent his nomination as Reich chancellor.” He benefited from a “constellation of crises that he was able to exploit cleverly and unscrupulously” — in addition to economic woes and unemployment, there was an “erosion of the political center” and a growing resentment of the elites. The unwillingness of Germany’s political parties to compromise had contributed to a perception of government dysfunction, Mr. Ullrich suggests, and the belief of Hitler supporters that the country needed “a man of iron” who could shake things up. “Why not give the National Socialists a chance?” a prominent banker said of the Nazis. “They seem pretty gutsy to me.”

Sounds great.

What did Hitler do with the #LyingPress? They all ended up in Buchenwald or somewhere like that, right?

Note: I’m hearing The Demon In Democracy is also pretty good.


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  1. There are only two books worth reading about Hitler: Irving’s “Hitler’s War” and Stolfi’s “Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny”.

      • John Toland Hitler bio was good but after re reading it after 20 years you can see where he was required to insert the required hearsay quotes . they pop out now which i never noticed when i first read the book.

    • I’m always interested, and I think you would do well as a writer, you remind me of Pat Buchanan, who always give us something to think about even if we don’t agree with him.

    • Truth be told, you’re playing the election game too, Brad. Need more variety in your topics, be that history… a bit over a month now. Whoever win, I hope we’re not going to celebrate or mourn either candidates victory for too long.

  2. Hitler was not gaining power till the depression started, the Germans were fat and happy during the roaring 20’s on money borrowed from the USA. Hitler had been saying that the whole thing was going to collapse and when it did the German people were out of work and hungry, and remembered what it was that Hitler had said. Now that things had gotten much WORSE his to promise to put them back to work and fed them caught on and the Nazis gained power.

  3. Gee, I wonder why they would be publishing a book trying to explain the rise of Hitler now? Are they trying to send a message? Is there some current event they are trying to influence? Is it 1933 all over again?

    • I wonder if they will mention the fact that Hitler actually was successful and if not for a few wrong moves, the world may be a different place.

      • There is a reason why Hitler is viewed as the epitome of evil in our society and it isn’t because of any atrocities real or imagined (after all they aren’t adverse to killing people to get what they want). It’s because he was a nationalist and came a little to close to success for the comfort of the global elites.

  4. Exactly what is the purpose of a supposedly pro-White website deciding to run this kind of article? Is this some kind of attempt to taint and smear Trump and the millions of White voters who he has energized in record setting numbers?

    • 1.) The New York Times ran the article. I only linked to the article.

      2.) If you check the categories above, you will find that the post is tagged under “Humor.” The Pepe image that is posted at the bottom of the article was also meant to be humorous.

      3.) Basically, I was just noting and laughing at the media hysteria. ZOMG … Trump is Hitler. I thought that was obvious.

      4.) It does look like an interesting book though. After the election is over, I want to take a break from politics.

      5.) Finally, if there are any journalists reading this article, the Buchenwald reference was … a joke! Unfortunately, I don’t think Trump will throw any journalists in Buchenwald, but if you believe that, well LOL.

    • Trump and Trump campaign no how to handle smears that

      “Trump is Hitler

      Trump supporters are irredeemable racists”

      No one connected with this blog is employed by the Trump campaign. So, far no one connected with this blog has done something stupid like get on ZOG, MSM TV and do taped interviews that include quotes about bringing back slavery or saying how Trump is the first leader since Hitler that’s been any good.

      It’s just one blog about history. We have the freedom to study history. Anybody object?

  5. When Trump is elected, I think it’s time to do away with Hillary’s press. Erdogan did it; Putin did it. We can do it, too. Their extraordinary power to lie and manipulate public opinion is a direct threat to our democratic representation and our way of life. Democratic stability rests upon the following implicit statements:

    1. no one side has an undue influence in disseminating information (no one side is able to propagandize themselves into power)
    2. there will be no “payback” should one side not prevail in an election
    3. elections are based, at least substantially, on factual issues and are not simply racial/ethnic head counts
    4. one side – one substantial group – is not shut out of power permanently due to their racial/ethnic/religious identity
    5. one side is not unfairly discriminated against

    There are, of course, many others. However, virtually all of the precepts listed here are being violated:

    1. Virtually all major media is concentrated in the hands of leftists and in a few major cities; almost ALL of the people reporting the news are voting for Hillary.

    2. Obama and company have already tried to sick the government after us with the IRS and are now doing something similar with Peter Theil (blatant payback) + Hillary has already stated that we are “irredeemable deplorables”; no doubt that she’ll go after us if she is ‘elected’

    3. The only thing that matters in current elections is how many of which race is voting – issues are irrelevant (no matter what that manic Hillary says, at least 45% of people will vote for her, disproving the idea that democracy yields the best outcomes).

    4. Soon, no republican will be capable of winning a presidential election

    5. Our people are ruthlessly oppressed – there are countless control organizations that police our speech as much as the KGB ever did (see what the ADL just did) and publicly destroy the lives of any and all dissenters + we are discriminated against in college admissions and employment opportunities while being expected to represent the majority of the casualties in the wars started by this evil empire. Wouldn’t it be better for our side to just ban these control organizations? Isn’t that essentially what they are doing to our symbols and free speech?

    In such a case, representative democracy doesn’t really work, at least not for our people. If that is the case, a good argument can be made for getting rid of it before it can be used against us. Trump could become president and choose not participate in any future elections. That might be the best outcome. If not, secession….which, I believe, could work with at least a few states, it’s just that I haven’t seen anyone capable of making the case and getting it done.

    • Even if Trump loses, he should use his fame and fortune to fund rival, honest media – maybe split Fox News.

      It looks like the Murdoch children are purging all nationalists, anyone against open borders immigration to the West, purging folks like Roger Ailes and Ann Coulter (who disrespects me) from Fox News.

  6. Trump is no Hitler. He’s more of a 19th century Jacksonian Democrat than a 20th century European fascist.

    The election of Hitler saved Germany from being plunged into a civil war with the Reds. It looked as if National Socialism was going to Make Germany Great Again. But we’ll never know for sure because the jews and Allies were hell-bent on destroying the Reich once and for all.

    • I agree with your first point, but Hitler sealed the fate of Germany with the invasion of the USSR which is why his generals told him not to do it.

      • FDR had airports built through Canada and Alaska to get Stalin war contraband,all before pearl harbor,thanks to lend lease.
        I always thought he had no choice but to attack,Stalin broke the non aggression treaty by invading other eastern block countries and amassing troops and armaments.
        It is in my opinion,that the US and English navy’s were stationed in the Pacific to prevent Japan from helping Hitler.

          • The reality is ,Japan destroyed England’s overseas eastern empire,the Asians under British control demanded self determination after WW2,including India.
            Plus the war reparations to the (((USA))) for lend lease pretty much left England as an empire a thing of the past.
            Its obvious the moneyed power was fighting for it’s life,and did not want a strong European and Asian power with self determination.

          • I agree with you that the British Empire was done, WWII had finished what had begun in 1914, in the trenches of EU. The DC Empire, on the other hand became a Colossus, ahead of all others in military, economic, cultural and political power.

          • World war 1 will go down in history,in my mind at least,as the 300 years war against the holy Roman empire,waged by the new economic system known as the stock exchange,formed in holland.(1602)

          • The DC Empire answers to the Financial Empire of the City of London. Queen Elizabeth II still has direct assent over American Laws not to mention she owns much of our Social Security among other things.

            During the trial of James and Sharon Patterson, (Case 6:97-CR-51) William Wayne Justice, Judge of the United States District Court Texas-Eastern Division when presented with law stated: “I take my orders from
            England. This is not a law this court goes by.”

            The England he refers to is the Rothschild Banking Empire in the City of London. The Queen is the Front for Rothschild another one is the Pope.


          • The British Empire still exists it is a Financial Empire NOT a Military one. The entire world is still run from London. Just ask Lord Rothschild

          • So rothschild made a fortune during the war,is it fair to call it the “British”empire now? Is his loyalties to Britain? I just can’t wrap my head around that,but good point.

          • British Empire in the sense its centered in London and the Queen gets millions from the Rothschilds in Rent. The truth is England could banish the Jews in a sense with a Royal Decree but no Monarch has used that power in over 800 yrs

  7. American know almost nothing about Germany or German History. Americans really believe that Hitler was the “only” anti-Semitic politician in Germany in the 20’s & 30’s. Actually, Hitler had never killed any Jews, unlike his anti-Semitic rivals who had actually killed Jews when putting down the Communist uprising in 1919 after WWI.

  8. Hitler is an interesting character. I don’t consider myself an expert on him, but from what I have read, read between the lines, and read from multiple sources, I am at least convinced that “both sides” have presented a greatly misleading picture of the man.

    Apparently the man was somewhat like a computer in that he not only absorbed, but held on to everything he read and could recite and synthesize the information instantly, later on when needed. Contrary to what is quoted above, Hitler was certainly NOT “vague” like Trump and almost all other politicians. He evidently gave detailed and comprehensive answers and explanations of his ideas and policies during debates and speeches.

    But it is also readily apparent to me that Goebbles was the true mastermind of reaching the people and is the main subject to study viz a viz what we are concerned with. He is the one man that beat the jews on their own turf and at their own game. *That* is something that needs attention. Goebbels turned “Red Berlin” to supporting Hitler and his movement. That is a fact. Imagine for a moment, a man capable of, say, swaying California and the North West to voting our cause.

    Talk. Make all the noise and arguments and excuses and explanations you want. But Joseph Goebbels did. Just. That.

    I’d say he is the man to study in detail. If you are serious about how to get people to your cause and actually beat and overcome the LyingPress, that is.

    • The communist captured all the young men in Spain with their banners,posters and imagery,the National socialist in Germany beat the communist at that game too.

    • Agreed. John F Kennedy had good things to say about AH.

      “”After visiting these two places (Berchtesgaden and the Eagle’s lair on Obersalzberg), you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambitions for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”

      –John F. Kennedy ‘Prelude to Leadership

      The European Diary of John F. Kennedy – Summer, 1945. Regnery Publishing, Inc. Washington, DC. p 74

      • Many of the Hitler places they will not let you visit- such as what remains of his retreat above Salzburg. The building that Housed the House of German Art is still being used but they also would not let us stop and visit.

  9. Greatest European who ever lived at least in the past 1000 years. Der Fuhrer was everything a White Man should be. Here in the USA I would put the CSA military leaders on that list, the politicians not so much. Too many sellouts.

    • Were the founders of our nation NOT european? What are they- chopped liver? European heritage is in OUR DNA, our faith and our culture. I submit that our Anglo-Saxon founders / ancestors are the greatest whites who ever lived: the finest examples of classically educated aristocrats and nobility EVER. To read their notes and writings about creating this nation, and our founding documents do not make Hitler;s writings look good in comparison- nor do his speeches compare favorably either. Some of those CSA military leaders did indeed exemplify those traditions, as you mentioned. Herr Hitler’s true accomplishment, IMHO, was to bring into focus the (((money powers))) which had impoverished the German peoples- culturally and socially, as well as financially. As recent as WWII is, it allows us to bring focus upon the control of nations through debt usury- the true evil of our (((elite))).

      • No no no we are all European. I had to separate the list. As for the Founding Fathers many of them like Jefferson were Christ Denying Freemasonic Illuminati Whores who sold us out to the Jewish Merchants for temporary gain. I respect Washington, I somewhat respect Hamilton for his business acumen and his vision of the future, Jefferson Madison and their ilk will hopefully burn in hell for selling us out siding with the French Race Mixing Revolutionaries and opening our borders.

  10. Hitler’s skill impresses me but not his Wisdom. I do think it was pretty impressive how he manipulated his way into power. And he did manipulate, it wasn’t simply handed to him. On the other hand I also think he ultimately did more harm than good.

    • It’s fair to consider that he scattershoted and indiscriminately attacked all Jews by blood. Even many critics of organized Jewry would disagree with that. It’s kind of like kicking your neighbor’s dog because you don’t like him. I suppose he had a few honorary aryans, but he still in general did that.

      Even not considering that, his foreign policy was pro-imperialism and obviously was for subjugating and mass murdering (maybe not exterminating, but mass murdering) Slavs. A purge of extreme Jewish influence was already occurring within Marxism, so his Judeo-Bolshevism theory was a bit late, except for a hardline racialist view. Meaning those Jews who were still Bolsheviks under Stalin were more Bolsheviks than they were Jews.

      • He has been made into a pan-racialist by modern day white American racialists when he was anything but. He considered Slavs as an inferior branch of whites. How ironic it is that only Russians and Eastern Europeans seem to still retain racial pride while the “superior” Germanic peoples lack the ability to even expel the migrant invaders- and in may cases are helping them dispossess tier own people- from Europe to Eurabia.

      • Daryl Basarab is an anti-Nordic swarthoid. All criticisms he makes of the impeccably heroic life of the Fuhrer are merely symptomatic of the Semitic mendacity his blood is infected with.

    • His biggest mistake was getting off the gold standard and issuing his own money,and operating outside of the financial elite.55 million people died to get Germany back on the gold standard.
      I have read quite a bit,Hitler absolutely amazes me by his genius,the greatest statesmen ever,WW1 decorated hero.He tried to restore the Roman empire.

      • I may be to dense to get your sarcasm if that is what it is? how does getting off a “gold standard” correlate to a mistake? International jewish financiers may have had a gold standard at the time- but the inability to make war payment reparations in physical gold was what led to the economic crises in Germany in the first place. But that is irrelevant to debt usury and control of nations through interest payments- does not require a gold standard, control of the money is all that is required. My personal takes on Herr Hitler, although counter to the current PC narrative, are only positive towards his abilities to bring back the faith of the Germanic Volk in their tribe: blood and soil, following a decade of poverty, and ruling class debauchery and decadence. The absolute power conferred upon him corrupted him just as it does all who come to wield it. The sheer magnitude of Germany’s successes for as long they were able is a testament to their Volk, not to the leader who finally led them to ultimate defeat. Do you believe that some of the aristocratic class in the upper German military echelons plotted to assassinate him because he was a great genius?

        • It’s all Hitler’s fault ,yeah right,he was mercilessly attacked by international finance,8 economy’s put sanctions on his exports,he devised a monetary system based on German productivity,as a matter of fact,FDR was forced to copy his socialism,through the conservation Corp.
          I love how people judge and
          blame Hitler,the last Roman empower,in my opinion,for fighting the centralized moneyed power.
          “Their communism is consentrated capitalism”
          From the book suppressed By FDR in 1935.”No God next door” Michael Kenny.
          Do a quick amazon book review on it and see how mexico was taken over by the communist .
          Read this and see all of Spain being looted of all it’s gold by the communist.
          “Red domination in Spain”
          Ministry of justice. Put out by Nationalist Spain 1946.

          • The communist removed all the gold from the Spanish reserves,safety deposit boxes and sent it to Stalin,they also raped,looted and murdered across Spain,the nationalist chased them to France where they(reds)became the French underground and fought them there during WW2.
            That book put out by Spain after WW2,in my previous post,is a must read for any historian.The other one too.

  11. World War II didn’t work out very well for Germany or really most anyone remotely connected with our side. The good guys won the Spanish Civil War and weren’t forced to be re-educated. That’s about it.

    That said. Hitler did save his country – and most everything he, NS Germany did before the invasion of Poland worked well and was fair to other non Germans, even somewhat to Jewish people.

    Here’s a beautiful quote about Hitler:

    ” “He was bon in a small rural village. In a society based on inherited class and title his mother had been a house maid. He never attended a university and the only training school he applied to rejected him saying he lacked talent. He never traveled outside his country except to serve as a soldier and a few brief visits late in life. He served a term in prison.

    He did none of the things that usually lead to greatness. He had no credentials but himself. Left an orphan as a young boy, he never had a single close friend and most people who knew him disliked him. When he died his body was partially burned and then carried off by his enemies.

    He was never granted a grave. Yet he wrote a book that outsold the Bible during his lifetime and it was translated into every civilized language. He never studied architecture because they wouldn’t let him but he redesigned cities.

    Though he lived in splendor through his achievements he really didn’t care much about expensive possessions. Even those who hate him admit he was the central figure of the twentieth century and still fear his message and memory.

    While communism is being gradually rejected even in countries where it is practiced, this man’s teachings are still vital. All the armies that ever marched, all the navies that ever sailed, all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kinds who ever reigned, even all the edicts and pontification of the popes or the lives of the saints….all put together have not affected the way people think and feel as much as Jesus Christ and this man. ”

    He will be remembered as long as men are able to remember anything.”

    James Mason – Siege

    Adolf Hitler – The Revolutionary “Man Against Time”

    • Churchill’s Med Strategy also magically removed Fascists/nationalists like Metaxis, Mussolini and various Arab strongmen from 1940-43

      Revisionists need to look there to understand the real agenda of ww2 as a prelude to Israel.

  12. I would recommend the following;
    Adolf Hitler by John Toland
    The Young Hitler I knew by August Kubizek
    Hitler; Born at Versailles by Leon DeGrelle

  13. To understand WWII you need to read about the other side too. I strongly recommend you read Viktor Suvorov. “Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?,” is online and free. It’s very good but his second book ”
    “Chief Culprit Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II” is written better but covers a lot of the same ground. It’s not free though. He was a KGB logistics war planner. His basic premise is that all Stalin’s logistics were based towards offense and that his plan was to swoop in after the Democracy’s were embroiled and weakened in war and roll them all up. It’s very convincing. It also changes the perception of WWII quite a bit. Hitler HAD to attack Russia. He had no choice. If he waited he would have been at a disadvantage.

    “Hitler’s War” by David Irving book is great too and free online. One extremely important point that I took from Irving’s book was that Goering let Hitler down. He promised Hitler so many tons of supplies to Stalingrad KNOWING that he could not deliver. It appears Goering lied because he refused to take responsibility and feared telling Hitler the truth. Goering lying to Hitler was a major mistake leading to the setback of Stalingrad and possibly being the turning point to defeat.

    • FDR and Uncle Joe collaborated long before WW2,These are the international Jews Henry Ford warned America about. “Their communism is concentrated capitalism”
      From the book suppressed by FDR 1935
      “No God next door”

      The knights of Columbus
      were going to distribute it and were stopped by FDR.

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