Jonah Goldberg Vouches For Trump: He Threatens To Destroy Modern American Conservatism

At the end of the day, I have to go with Trump because of ringing endorsements like this one from Jonah Goldberg:

“I don’t dismiss that argument. I think a President Trump would strain the constitutional system the same way he tested the GOP party apparatus. I would expect a President Trump to give orders that violate the Constitution, and then we would have to see whether the system could respond adequately. Remember how he used to insist that he would bring back waterboarding and “a hell of a lot worse” tactics? When it was pointed out to him that military officers would be required to refuse unlawful orders, he said, in effect, “Oh, they’ll obey!”

He later backtracked, but I think it’s clear his instincts are utterly uninformed by constitutional norms. I hear a lot of Republicans telling me that they will manage President Trump, box him in, etc. I am extremely skeptical about the idea that President Trump will be more manageable than candidate Trump once he gets Air Force One.

So, again, I think it’s a legitimate concern.

But, I think it’s also very clear that President Hillary Clinton would have contempt for the Constitution just as Obama has (see Yuval Levin and Ramesh Ponnuru’s recent piece on this point). One could even make the case that she’s the greater danger on this front. The legal establishment, the bureaucracy, the media et al. will all either explicitly come to her aid or they will provide respectable cover, just as they did for Obama’s unilateral executive orders. One of the best things about a Trump presidency—shudder—might just be how he would elicit a healthy antibody response, forcing a new commitment to separation of powers. I’m not making the case for voting for Trump here, I think he could be a very, very dangerous president (particularly on the economy and foreign policy). What I’m saying is that America is a bit like the proverbial frog in the pot. Hillary would incrementally turn up the heat, which is at near-boil, while Trump would start at the boiling point.

But let me jump ahead and just answer the question I think you’re really getting at. I think in the short term there is a very good argument that Hillary would be worse for America than Trump. My chief worry, among many, is that Trump would be worse in the long term because he threatens to destroy modern American conservatism.

We can already see how Trump is basically refashioning conservatism (I would say “corrupting”). If Trump comes out for X, within minutes people who’ve spent decades opposed to X suddenly turn on a dime and start cheerleading for X. (See, e.g. Gingrich on NAFTA and NATO, Mike Pence on everything.)

A bunch of very smart conservatives have allowed themselves to be seduced by a very dumb idea. Specifically, they think that this problem will get better once he’s elected president. It won’t. It will get much, much, much worse. Once in office, I could very easily see him getting rolled by the bureaucracy and basically become a big government Nixonite (which is what he is in his heart already).

Or, the GOP will become a nationalist party instead of a sort of Toryish/classical liberal party. It will become protectionist, pro-authoritarian, and dirigiste. There’s already a lot of that in the Democratic Party, but a Trumpified GOP will stop offering an alternative to that and instead starting a bidding war on everything from entitlements to infrastructure spending. And I’m not even addressing the extent to which the GOP would fully surrender to leftist categories of thinking when it comes to identity politics—only in reverse. I’m against identity politics full stop, which means I’m against white identity politics at least as much as I’m against minority identity politics.

In sum, my biggest fear—or at least the fear I am most confident about—is that he will break the already-strained spine of limited government constitutionalism and classical liberalism in such a way that there will no longer be any check on the administrative state.

America can survive four years of Hillary Clinton, it can’t survive a political system divided by Sanders-style socialists and Trump-style nationalists.

But because I want my kind of conservatism to survive, I don’t think it makes any sense for me to endorse Hillary Clinton, who is open and honest about her contempt for my kind of conservatism. I want to be able to say five, 10, 20 years from now, “These are the things I believe,” without someone saying, “Oh yeah? Then why did you support Clinton or Trump?” You don’t hear a lot of people demanding that prominent libertarians choose between the lesser of two evils. I just can’t support either of these people. (Much like National Review couldn’t endorse Kennedy or Nixon—neither met the minimal standards for Bill Buckley’s understanding of conservatism.)

You are essentially making the same argument I hear 500 times a day from conservatives. They say, “If Hillary wins America is over.” You’re saying (or suggesting), “If Trump wins, America is over.” I have more faith in America and our system of government. Indeed, if we really are at a place where America’s survival hinges on a single election of a single officeholder for one branch of one of our governments, then America is already over. Because that’s not what America is. …”

Look, Trump would violate the Constitution.

He would destroy modern American conservatism by leading the “conservative base” astray into populist nationalism. He would mainstream White identity politics. He would “break the spine” of limited government constitutionalism and classical liberalism. America itself wouldn’t survive. What’s not to like here?

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  1. No thanks Jonah – I’m sticking with Trump. I care more about my family and people’s future – certainly more than I care about abstract principles of “limited government”

    • Here’s a Jew literally explaining how Trump’s breach of decorum on immigration and Trade will result in fascism and you will see “fascists” call Trump an Israeli stooge.

    • It’s propaganda meant to keep the population loyal to ‘how things are’ (in other words, keep them talking about things that aren’t important, won’t ever happen, and don’t threaten the elite.

    • Cucks want to be loyal to some ridiculous set of ideals while also being loyal to the system which sabotages those same ideals. This dual loyalty is explains the reign of cuckservatism and the rise of the alt-right: when the GOP could win elections by being cucks, they took the easy road and suppressed people like yourself; now that cucks can never win due to the demographic changes imposed by the system, why not embrace the alt-right? When Trump loses, this will become very clear to a great many people.

  2. I’m sure that various fascist, nazi, NWF and Vangardists will find loop holes in Goldberg’s argument.

  3. Iraq will be transformed into a Jeffersonian Democracy because America will be transformed into an Iraqi shithole anyway. What’s the difference?

    • Will they? They’ve never learned that THEIR actions incurred the hatred of their Hosts. Not at any point in time.

        • I agree completely. The enemy of our enemy is our friend. Unfortunately, our lands are populated by old hicks who were taught to worship the joo.

      • You are correct. They are obsessive-compulsive in their hate and actions to destroy all but them. A car with a front end misalignment that always steers left is a perfect analogy to the unchanging, immutable Jewish character and peril. You would not expect a virus to act any different; the same for Jews.

  4. Session is the answer, freedom is the answer. It was always the answer.
    Yes, there are Southern states that could potentially break their chains
    to this evil empire. All we need is one; I’d be happy with that. After
    this election, I no longer consider myself an American. I’ve had it with
    the lies, the wars, the bigotry against my people, the propaganda from
    their media, the oppression, Black Racists Matter, Stephen Colbert,
    SJWs….fuck’em all. Enough. It’s time to go.

    This is what we
    need to be working on. Not fantasies about Trump winning (which he will
    not due to the enemy having the megaphone). This is what Wallace needs
    to be working on, not stupid Caribbean history articles no one cares

    Yes, it can happen if done correctly; at least one
    Southern state can leave….and it would be instantly supported by many
    nations if it looked as though it were a real possibility. Do you have
    any idea how much it would be worth to Russia and China to break this
    evil empire up or get a forward location on it? Trillions. China might
    very well offer economic assistance in exchange. You have cards, play
    them. Don’t be surprised if eccentric Russian and Chinese billionaires
    start funding your
    movement if it looks as though it could really happen.

    How can it happen?

    thinking. Teach them to hate the US and feel oppressed by it. A house
    divided cannot stand. If Southerners do not feel American, they will not
    fight for it or be conflicted about joining your cause (this dual
    loyalty is the hangup and explains cuckservatism and the rise of the
    alt-right: when the GOP could win by being cucks, they took the easy
    road and suppressed people like yourself; now that cucks can never win,
    why not listen to the Hunter Wallace types?).

    This will become
    MUCH easier after Rodham is elected dictator. Yes, she will take away
    your freedoms. Yes, she won by attacking you as an “irredeemable
    deplorable.” No, you don’t have any freedom or voice (HRC’s media). No,
    you don’t have ANY representation (not a single supreme court justice is
    one of your kind). Yes, you’re the object of endless witch hunts and
    two-minutes of hate. Yes, no Southerner can ever be elected president
    again — so why not just have your own country where your kind are
    ALWAYS elected leader?…where your kind are free and the enemy is
    suppressed? Why not have a country were the ADL and SPLC are banned and
    the megaphone is controlled by your people who advocate for YOUR

    Every time a Hollywood movie attacks your people,
    Wallace should be writing about it to enrage the public: Wrong Turn
    movies; deliverance; Django Unchained…etc. Every time one of you is
    forced to flee or loses his livelihood, make them a martyr. This will
    bring in FAR more supporters than that other crap.

    People are
    emotional thinkers. Want to get people on your side? Make them
    hate…make them hate their oppression and oppressors; make them feel
    separate. I don’t consider myself to be an American, and I’m sure there
    are others who feel the same way. This will work FAR more than logic and
    reason. That also explains why Wallace was complaining previously about
    your movement being stuck on the internet: you talk about policy with
    nuance and facts when you should be using emotion. That’s the difference
    between you and BLM.

    After all the lies, the hate, the
    oppression, the virtue signaling…I’m sure many others feel done with
    this empire, too. Find them.

    • I am already there Charles. I said Trump had absolutely NO SHOT because the voting laws have been so stripped out they will allow Nigs to vote 10 times in some crooked places then the Jew media lies and says there is no such thing as Voter Fraud. If we had a chance at a Fair Election, Trump wins, as we don’t Hildabitch is our destiny

    • I am in total agreement. My great grandfather fought for the South the first time, 1861-1865 with the 3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment. High time for us to leave this Jew run carcass called the USA

      • The one good thing about Bedpan Hillary winning the election would be the possibility of a number of Southern and Western states seceding from the Union.

  5. Faster, please.
    in such a way that there will no longer be any check on the administrative state.
    Precisely what check on the administrative state have “conservatives” provided since Bush 41 other than a blank check through Omnibuses and continuing revolutions.
    Trump will cut it and remove the petty harassing rules – he might make the core more efficient, which is a fear, but that’s more than even Reagan did. And it was Nixon that created the monster.

  6. I like the idea of whites being the destroyers. If our own government does not respond to our needs it does not deserve to survive.

  7. I support limited government Constitutionalism -when it is ran by moral white men for the benefit of the white citizens. Jeffersonianism works -when only white people are citizens.
    Of course trump would violate the Constitution, by his own admissions. All presidents have for at least the last century. Hillary would continue the butchering of our Constitution.
    I loved Jew-nah Goldberg’s candid statement that he was “against white identity politics at least as much as I’m against minority identity politics”. There you have it America, straight from the tard that brought you the book “Liberal Fascism”.
    For those historically inclined, I posted American Revolutionary War themed history essay on my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes”.
    14 Words

    • He’s not even true to that assertion. If he were he’d have shot a variety of black and Hispanic civil rights figures. He isn’t opposed to indentity politics for blacks, Jews. Queers or Hispanics at all.

  8. A week after 9/11/2001 Dick Cheney was on a Sunday morning TV news show. Cheney said, “Americans can expect war for decades to come. We have 60 countries on The List” He said “The List”, like a “Hit List”. That’s what he meant. There’s 60 countries Washington is planning to attack and wage war against, not 6 countries even but 60! 60 countries!!! Wars for decades to come. Of course the interviewer didn’t question Cheney at all about Cheney’s statement. The TV talking head just accepted what Cheney said as if what Cheney said is Holy Writ.

    Hillary is deeply connected to the cabal that assassinated JFK, opened our borders, dismantled American induustry and moved it to China en-masse, flooded this country with drugs, wages one war after another all around the world, ALL the wars based on LIES, got rid of the laws protecting us from predatory bankers and Wall St. gangsters, is flooding this country with third worlders, supplies criminals with guns and weapons [ see “Obama + Operation Fast and Furious” ] , is responsible for attacking us on 9/11/2001, is trying real hard to start a massive race war, supplies the Islamic Jiahdists with money, weapons, and logistics and wants to bring in the Islamic Jihadists they give money and weapons and logistics to and goad on to wage war. Wherever ISIS goes, they bring nothing but WAR and Hillary and ilk want to bring ISIS into the United States. Hillary, like Dick Cheney, wants war for decades to come. ALL the wars based on LIES and nothing but LIES. That’s Hillary. That’s Hillary’s ilk. Wage endless war against the world while simultaneously greatly weakening the United States domestically.

    Hillary and ilk supposedly are “deeply” concerned about gun violence, but she and her ilk sure do hand out A LOT of guns and weapons to the Mexican drug criminals they let into the United States [ Obama + Operation Fast and Furious ] and Hillary and ilk sure do hand out A LOT of guns and weapons to the Islamic Jiahdists in the Middle East and in Europe and they want to do the same here in the United States.

    For ones who say they’re deeply concerned and deeply opposed to gun violence, they sure do start ALOT of Wars based on LIES, and they sure hand out A LOT of guns to murderers and criminals of all stripes. They also greatly agitate domestically for as much VIOLENT criminal activity as they can foment. Hillary is deeply connected to Soros who bankrolls Race Riots and Racial attacks on us White Americans and on the Police in America.

    They NEVER mention anything about the huge underground black-market trade in guns in the United States. They want to take guns away from law-abiding Americans while making sure the black-market weapon suppliers where the criminals acquire their guns stay in business. The black market in weaponry is Sacrosant to Hillary and Obama and all the other gun-grabbers.

    Mr. Goldberg mentions none of the above. Mr Goldberg coudn’t care less about The Constitution. Mr. Goldberg is concerned because that ilk Hillary is connected to, the same ilk that assassinated JFK, the same ilk that has run the USA into the ground and wants to continue to run the USA into the ground, is now coming under scrutiny [ by Trump and others ] . That’s Goldberg’s concern and worry, he’s not concerned and worried about losing The Constitution. He’s concerned The Cabal that has been in power since the JFK assassination may lose some of its power under Trump, that’s The ONLY thing Goldberg is worried about.


  9. I hope Trump destroys the “conservatives” in Washington, because for the overwhelming most part the so-called “conservatives” do nothing but conserve the power of the Left and conserve the power of the NEO CONS who wage endless wars all based on LIES and conserve the power of all those who are hollowing-out the United States. The “conservatives” in Washington certainly are conserving Open Borders and they certainly conserve the agenda of dismantling American industry and shipping it en-masse overseas. We see how “conservative” the “conservatives” in Washington are, how many of them are shilling for The Very Epitome of ANTI-CONSERVATIVE Hillary.

    Destroying the “conservatives” in Washington means destroying a lot of two-faced bastards who are really ALL for everything LEFTIST and EVERYTHING COMMUNIST AND EVERYTHING THAT’S NOW DESTROYING THE UNITED STATES. For the most part, the “conservatives” in Washington conserve the Leftsist agenda, they just want the Leftist agenda to be implemented in a little bit slower way, in a more piece-meal fashion, in a little less obvious manner than the die-hard Leftists.

    What passes for “conservatism” today was labeled COMMUNIST about 50-60 years ago. If Trump destroys this type of “conservatism” which was rightfully labeled “Communist” 50-60 years ago, it would be a Very Good thing for the United States.

    If Trump really wanted to destroy The Constitution he would be advocating The Status-Quo , for under this Status Quo we got going on The Constitution is totally ignored. And Hillary would appoint Supreme Court judges deeply antagonistic to the Constitution, so Goldberg’s argument totally falls apart when you consider who Hillary would try appoint to the Supreme Court. She would try real hard to get intense COMMUNIST judges on the Supreme Court, judges who HATE Liberty and HATE The Bill of Rights. Trump doesn’t want COMMUNISTS who HATE THE BILL OF RIGHTS ON THE SUPREME COURT, HILLARY WANTS COMMUNISTS WHO HATE THE BILL OF RIGHTS ON THE SUPREME COURT, Goldberg knows that too, liar that he is.

  10. Jonah Jewberg’s brand of “conservatism” consists of importing millions of violent brown people, exporting millions of American jobs and waging endless wars on behalf of Pigsrael. Along with caving in to queer marriage and transsexual bathroom “rights”.

    Bottom line: The jews hate and fear Trump because they can’t control him with their dirty jew shekels.

  11. Above all else, know and remember that Jonah Goldberg is Jewish, that Hostile Elite that knows no allegiance to any country or people except Israel and other Jews. They are the Chosen People alright, but not by the Deity but by the Satanists and Lucifer himself. American Renaissance and The Political Cesspool may already by compromised by Jewish bribes.

    Reference: Jewish “crypsis”.

  12. Paris and London are the primarly shakers and movers.WW2,Axis put an end of their monkey business for a short period of time that spur renaissance.

  13. western cities capital governence. Moscow. washington. proportion of alien occupation.

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