The Horserace – October 1, 2016

National Polls

People’s Pundit Daily – Hillary +2.2

State Polls

Nevada – Las Vegas Review Journal – Hillary +1 (4-way)

New Jersey – Stockton University – Hillary +6 (4-way)


Here’s an interesting result: New Jersey was Hillary +4 before the first presidential debate.

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  1. I live in New Jersey. Democrats must steal votes like crazy in the black urban areas. Remember Ed Rollins paying black ministers to “suppress” the black vote for Christine Todd Whitman’s election? I think it was ’93. Down the memory hole real fast lest anyone figure out that the Democrats pay out for the black “leaders” to schlepp people to polls. They just didn’t pay enough.

    In 2000, Corzine won the senate seat because they were bringing homeless into voting places by giving them a few cigarettes. Thats what “ground game” really is; it takes a lot of manpower to bring them in and supervise their voting. No doubt the same homeless gets schlepped to a few different polling stations to cast a dead or invented person’s vote.

    • Small town whites in Pennsylvania need to cheat to win, stuff that ballot box and make them do something about it later.

  2. Mitchell has tweeted in depth often over the past few weeks how the polls are being skewed. A few from today.

    Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii 3h3 hours ago
    Question. Have we had even one R+1 sample poll at the national level since the GE began? This despite 20 point R enthusiasm advantage?

    Reuters new poll today giving Hillary a 6 point lead is 66% Women and 34% Men. That’s not a typo. That’s really their sample.

    If Hillary is only +6 is a poll that is +32 Women, she is losing.

    Polls were quite reasonable prior to the debates, most with around 30/30/40 samples. After debate, D+10 and worse samples.

    Where did Hillary’s post-debate surge come from? Samples went from D+2 to D+9 (exactly as I predicted). Simple as that.

    Samples went from D+2 before the debate to D+9 and higher after. Of course, this is bullsh*t.

    polls sampling 9-14% more dems than reps. They do this to push a narrative.

  3. Speaking of the horse race, our first potential “Alt Right” President has been featured in September’s Movement Insider magazine, in addition to other well known figures. Enjoy! The publisher has already apologized for omitting Hunter Wallace, and vows to correct this in an upcoming issue.

  4. Horace the Avenger is back with a vengeance:

    1) Friday on Stormfront Radio with Don Black and Roy

    2) The ever more valuable Rebel Yell podcast

    Some have been called the “intellectual leaders” of the alt right, but in reality I would put Horace the Avenger and Bob Whitaker at the very very top of that list.

    If not for the Mantra, there would be no alt right today. The alt right is just latest iteration of the exponential growth curve started by the Mantra, which gobbled up the Ron Paul – Alex Jones Libertarian 9/11 stuff.

    • I tried hard to like Horus, but I wonder if he’s just a blowhard. He won’t tell anything about himself or his credentials.
      And then there is this Anti white who has a thing for Turks – He did a strong condemnation of Horus:

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