The Horserace – October 2, 2016

National Polls

LA Times – Trump +4.7
People’s Pundit Daily – Hillary +0.6
UPI/CVoter – Trump +2
Trump UP 3 Points

State Polls

New Mexico – Albuquerque Journal – Hillary +10 (2-way), Hillary +4 (4-way


Hillary’s post-debate bounce is +4 in New Mexico and +6 in New Jersey. If this race turns again …

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      • The details, yes but not the demoralizing psychological effect that it’s all the “new normal”.

      • Actually, you should have tried some cynicism about a year ago. Now you’ve woken up to find out that the delicious fantasy of your restored White manhood was just a sad wet dream. Clean the sheets.

        • This scum points out the futility of working within the system. I’ve tried pointing out to you people a path that would work (independence), but you keep ignoring it. Perhaps, this indicates that your people are simply not worthy from either a moral or genetic perspective. It’s hard to feel sorry for victims that bring it on themselves through incompetence.

          • I swear you guys couldn’t graduate from kindergarten. You replies have basically told me that

            a) I’m a “homo” because “no straight white male” is against Trump. Raise your hand if you believe that’s true. So sorry, Larry.

            b) That Trump is losing in NM and NJ (duh), and

            c) that most college educated Americans are “simply not worthy [sic] from either a moral or genetic perspective.” (Planet 10 is the PeeWee Herman of the ubermenschen)

            Enjoy your little White Trash pigsty. Be sure to arm yourselves with plenty of manure, because that’s all you’ll have to throw after Election Day.

            PS I know, I know, you’ll be hunting me down with your big bad guns. Fire away, losers.

  1. Step back and look at the big picture. Hillary won the debate … and her bounce is:

    +6 in New Jersey
    +6 in Washington State
    +5 in Michigan
    +1 in Nevada
    +4 in New Mexico
    +6 in New Hampshire

    Even PPP had the following post-debate numbers:

    +6 in Virginia
    +6 in Pennsylvania
    +6 in Colorado
    +2 in North Carolina
    +3 in Florida

    The bottom line is that even after a big debate victory she is WEAK in Blue States and so so in swing states. What will those numbers look like if she loses a debate?

      • Years, actually. He started in June of 2015, and he should have been studying the issues certain to be addressed in the campaign before hand before his announcement.

        Trump’s entire psych is based on imitating his father, a separate psyche known as “Donald Trump” probably doesn’t exist.

        • He has his issues. Build the Wall. Deport Illegals. No fat Beauty Queen. Stop being a Nervous Nellie. It’s so PHAGGY.

          • I’m not nervous, I am prepared for either outcome. I hope Trump wins, and believe he can win, but it will be his voters that put him over the top, not anything he does or can do as a candidate.

            That’s why I want him to stick to a script over the next 40 days.

  2. “Hard (as opposed to soft) Brexit”

    The Brits are giving a “master class” on how to get out of superstates.

    The Conservative Government is going to pass a bill that will repeal the law that bound them to the EU while bringing the laws of the EU onto their books to minimize disruption. Then, Parliament will repeal those laws it doesn’t like over time.

    We can propose to do the same thing vis-a-vis the Deep State here in America should Trump fall short.

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