The Case for Trump: Conservative Pundits “Aren’t Worth The Ground They’re Standing On”

Rod Dreher doesn’t understand why Donald Trump has such a passionate following:

“Halfway through the statement, Trump took a nearly 20-minute-long break to cover a range of topics, including these:

— He reflected on how his movement has “the smartest people… the sharpest people… the most amazing people.” He said the pundits — “most of them aren’t worth the ground they’re standing on, some of that ground could be fairly wealthy ground” — have never seen a phenomenon like this.

He goes on in another post:

“I believe with utter certainty that a Clinton presidency would accelerate the dramatic loss of religious liberty, most importantly by the Supreme Court justices she names, and the extension of the power of the state into the private lives of Americans and their institutions, all for the sake of the grand Social Justice Warrior cause. I believe that she will continue Washington’s misguided foreign policy, including an eagerness to intervene militarily in foreign conflicts (in this she will be worse than Obama). And I believe she will raise taxes and increase entitlements. I think she is dishonest and manipulative. Most every bad thing that conservatives say will happen under a Clinton administration, I am convinced will happen.

So, I have thought from time to time, “Could I really vote for Trump?” I actually agree with the general Buchananite thrust of his campaign’s themes, and strongly believe the globalist ideology embodied by Hillary Clinton is a menace. He is not remotely a religious conservative, but, I thought, at least he wouldn’t make a point of going after us. Do I trust him to appoint conservative Supreme Court justices? No — but I trust her to appoint activist liberals, so I’d rather take my chances with him.

If it weren’t for Trump’s character, this would be an easy choice.”

Yeah, Hillary Clinton is certain to attack and further undermine Christianity.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton will dissolve our national borders.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton will let Black Lives Matter riot, loot, burn down and unleash mayhem in our cities.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton will import millions of Third World refugees into our communities, many of whom are certain to launch future terrorist attacks.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton will sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which will continue to depress wages for the White working class and send more manufacturing jobs overseas.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton is certain to launch another “humanitarian intervention” or two (Serbia, Libya) overseas.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton is certain to stack the Supreme Court with more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs, which will shift the court on all issues Rod allegedly cares about the most (i.e., abortion, religious liberty).

Yeah, Hillary Clinton is going to go after gun rights.

Yeah, the corrupt, unanimous #LyingPress and the United American Oligarchy is backing Hillary to save their own skins.

Yeah, all that is true about Hillary Clinton … BUT BUT BUT, Trump called Alicia Machado fat 20 years ago in a beauty contest, and Trump correctly called her a slut on his Twitter account! How dare he! This man is too déclassé to ever be president!

Ross Douthat, one of Dreher’s social conservative butt buddies, weighs in here:

“THE Republican Party’s politicians have mostly surrendered to Donald Trump. The Republican Party’s entertainers have mostly been enthusiastic about his candidacy. But the conservative intelligentsia — journalists, think-tankers and academics — has been conspicuous in its resistance. …

In this sense the intellectuals’ case for Donald Trump fails because it cannot shake free of those ideas and see the personal element here clearly.

What Trump believes, what he intends to do in office — those questions are ultimately secondary to the problem of the man himself, and the near-certainty that he will fail, and in failing, betray anyone who has lent him their support.”

What these #TruCon intellectuals fail to understand is that their chief complaint about Trump – that he doesn’t have the character or temperament to be president – is precisely the thing that is most attractive to his followers.

Trump’s instinct is to fight back when attacked (Megyn Kelly, Alicia Machado, Khizr Khan) and say things that are true, but grossly politically incorrect (Judge Curiel is biased because he is a Mexican, Muslims should be banned from the United States, some illegal aliens are rapists and criminals, blacks engage in voter fraud).

The #TruCon intellectuals question Trump’s temperament and character, but they don’t like it when their own temperament and character is questioned. Rod Dreher, for example, is always engaged in limpwristed hand-wringing about this or that outrage of the day (radical SJWs on college campuses, Muslim terrorist attacks, Black Lives Matter agitators rioting, Christian philosophers getting read the riot act), but never fails to return to the conclusion that nothing can be done about it.

It all boils down to this: #TruCon intellectuals like Dreher, Douthat and their ilk are either incapable or unwilling to champion the interests of their core White American constituency. As Glenn Beck said again today on Meet The Press, “we have to get away from winning” to make some kind of moral statement by losing the election.

The typical ordinary conservative in flyover country, who depends on the #TruCon intellectuals to champion his interests, judges their character and temperament and draws the conclusion that THESE PEOPLE ARE WEAK. Not only are they weak, they are also guilty of DISLOYALTY in a fight that will have major consequences.

When Donald Trump says of the #TruCon pundits that “they aren’t worth the ground they’re standing on,” it strikes a chord. To be perfectly honest, they aren’t worth a bucket of spit, and this is why they are losing their followers to the Alt-Right!

Note: Here at Occidental Dissent, we have our doubts about Trump’s ability to “Make America Great Again,” but in a fight we take the side of our own people. This distinguishes us from these effete, #NeverTrump bow-tie wearing cocksuckers.

Rod Dreher, who writes like an Alt-Right caricature of a #TruCon pundit, has never been in a fight he hasn’t ran away from. In fact, he’s written an entire book that advocates surrendering in the culture wars. It comes out next year.

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  1. These “true cons” may not be faggots, but they certainly are fops.

    And that’s why they can’t stand Donald Trump -he’s an Alpha male; he stands for the things all of the great founding fathers stood for;and he standing on their shoulders, and they can’t stand that!

  2. We tried the Romney method, McCain was a pushover compromiser. Bush was a War President and lost his first election as a compassionate con. Dole lost as an establishment next in line and Bush senior lost…when has the GOP fought to win?

      • So, what? Thanks for confirming my suspicion that the sleep here at Occidental Dissent is so deep that even the blaring significance of that news story would not wake up all of the commenters.

        What’s your plan, Laguna Beach? After you’ve stopped paying the Jews for the cable TV, newspapers, and magazines that enable you to follow the political developments that are our concern here; after you’ve stopped paying them for the internet access that enables you to comment here on those developments; after you’ve stopped paying them for the gallons of alcohol that are consumed at every white nationalist get-together; after you’ve stopped attending all the sporting events that the leagues they own play in the stadiums for which your taxes have paid; after every white person you know has paid off the college loans that are routed through their banks–after all of that, what else to you plan to do, to break Jewish power? Are you going to ask all the white women you know–the wives, the mothers, the daughters, the sisters, the nieces–to stop buying clothes?

        Are you really that blind? Do you not see the significance of that story? Do you think any supporter of Trump could have arranged a fundraiser for him at that event, one of the largest fashion events in the world? Do you not see how thoroughly he is being cut off from power? Is your sleep so deep that even that news story–which puts it there before you, in a black-and-white headline–does not make more vivid to you the depth and breadth of your enemies’ control? When was the last time your dresses premiered at Paris Fashion Week, Laguna Beach? What were you doing while the Jews were cultivating, in their children, at every moment, of every day, the instincts that lead to the kind of power to which that headline attests?

        Meanwhile, Trump, whose enemies, after the debate fiasco, smell blood, can’t even protect the properties by which he makes his name. Let’s see how many of his stylish Manhattan acquaintances, upon their return from Paris, express sadness at the vandalism his new property, in Washington, has suffered …

    • It is not unexpected.The Bush family has a long record of fellating the Al Saud family. The Bush family wealth is based on Saudi financial backing. Bin Laden’s relatives in the US were flown out of the US the day after 9/11. Huma Abedin is of Saudi descent.

    • So I take it you read Brietbart everyday. The unholy Bush/Clinton alliance isn’t necessarily something that either really wish to advertise though.

      • I’m very rarely at Breitbart, if it’s of any importance to you; but as to your other point: what struck me about that story was not the Bush-Clinton alliance. It was the fact that the pro-Clinton forces exercised their strength in an overseas, ostensibly-non-political setting. The fundraiser, in Paris, of all places, was co-hosted by Huma Abedin and Anna Wintour–and apparently nobody thought the event out of place. Partisanship for Clinton at a fashion show? Sure, why not.

  3. I remember right after Trump announced in June last year, Rod Dreher did a piece with link to a Kevin Williamson National Review article that started out with a very nasty attack on Trump’s wife. Rod thought it was a great article; he agreed completely. Quite a few of his commenters set him straight that Williamson was a turd to attack Trump’s wife like that.

    These are goodie-2-shoes hypocrites. The wars they are fine with have killed and maimed but insulting Megyn Kelly shocks them.

  4. I think this is the essence of what drives the hatred of Trump from the cucks-he is a fighter rather than a noble loser, and these people would rather lose than get their hands dirty.

  5. I LOL’d @ “This distinguishes us from these effete, #NeverTrump bow-tie wearing cocksuckers.

    It certainly does! Did you really write that, Hunter? Too funny.

  6. Hypocrites – they wear gorgeous cloaks lined with lead; pretty outside, awful inside; heavy cloaks force them to behave sedately, although seething within; cloak true character in false appearance

  7. When Hillary steals the Election, which I believe if she wins it will solely be because of theft, we will make her life a living hell whether we have to all disappear into the Deep Web and the world of 4chan to do it

  8. Cucks is appropriate I think these males have serious psychological sexual issues, because it is quite a coincidence they nearly all have the same gay pedo face thing going

    Smart weaklings with a powerless bottom boy fantasy constantly playing in the background of their minds

  9. Regardless of what they might say, when it comes down to the voting booth, people are NOT going to vote for a woman for President.

  10. This shiite is really getting old. Their objections to Trump (their STATED objections, anyway) are this obsession with “character” and voting for the “good man” to be President. That was a large part of their support for W. His daddy was a “good man” who was defeated by a scuzzbucket liar like Bill Clinton. The “bad man” beat the “good man” in 1992, therefore we must back the avenging son to “bring honor and dignity back to the White House!”

    Never mind W. being incompetent, sanctimonious, and utterly out to lunch on immigration. Or that “small govt” something-or-other He made no pretense of caring about. He was a “good man!”

    Well, this “good man” damn near lost to an awkward, vaguely effete tool like Al Gore, and barely beat an even MORE awkward, not-so-vaguely effete tool like John Kerry! Is there any doubt that if it weren’t for the residual patriotic feeling of 9/11, Dubya would have been a one-termer?

    The right has got to accept that the era of the “good man” as President is over. There are no more Ikes or Gippers! And while they sit around fantasizing about the next “good man” who’s surrendered on half the premises that used to separate right from left, we’re getting decimated by the other side’s talented political scoundrels and knife fighters.

    • I made a similar point. I think Reagan was the last Republican who emphatically won on his own terms. Bush I rode his coattails, GWBush really didn’t win in 2000 and only won in 2004 because the invasion of Iraq was still running hot.

    • These “good men” still send their sons and daughters to Yale.

      3 generations of Bushes went to Yale maybe even a 4th.

      George W Bushes daughters are now going to Hillary fundraising youth parties.

      Marians who land their space ships on planet earth would have as much contact and loyalty to our working class people as cuckservative elites .

  11. Dreher doesn’t have the conviction of principle to fight for his beliefs, so why should anyone take his beliefs seriously? He wants to have his cake and eat it, too. In other words, he wants to have his beliefs without having to accept the outcome of championing them (ostracism by our social superiors).

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