The Case for Trump: The #LyingPress Is United Against Trump

Hate the Mainstream Media? Hate the lying “fact checkers”? Like the United American Oligarchy, its handmaiden the #LyingPress has never been more united in opposing a presidential nominee than Donald Trump:

“NEW YORK — “A clear and present danger to our country.” ”Xenophobia, racism and misogyny.” ”Beneath our national dignity.”

Those aren’t excerpts from attack ads by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Those are longtime Republican newspapers disavowing Donald Trump. …”

There are about 4 newspapers in the country that have endorsed Trump. 1 is the National Enquirer! The other is owned by his son-in-law!

Unfortunately, there are many people on our side who don’t seem to understand the significance of this and are missing the forest for the trees. They are so alienated from the mainstream that they ignore and discount what goes on there.

1.) First, Donald Trump is an incredibly polarizing figure.

2.) Second, the #LyingPress is so hostile to Trump, so determined to push Hillary over the finish line, that it is shredding what little remains of their credibility. They are driving their unpopularity to new lows.

3.) Third, it is primarily the #LyingPress which maintains and enforces the dominant -isms and -phobias, so when their legitimacy and credibility tanks in the eyes of the White working class that has a major cultural impact. Of course, this is more interesting and important for us than the outcome of the election.

So anyway, reporters at Newsweek, The Washington Post, and The New York Times have been working at a manic pace to sink Trump over the past few weeks. The latest example this morning is big a New York Times story on Trump’s taxes.

Here’s a sample of some recent articles from Newsweek, The Washington Post, and The New York Times which explains why their exposes fall on deaf ears:


Rick Marin, “The Beached White Male: An American Nightmare,” April 7, 2011

Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, “Is Your Baby Racist,” September 4, 2009

Kurt Eichenwald, “Rightwing Extremists Are A Bigger Threat To America Than ISIS,” February 4, 2016

Robert Kaplan, “The Border Is Vanishing As Mexico Pushes North,” September 10, 2012

The Washington Post

Edward McClelland, “I never worry I’ll be shot in Chicago. After all, I’m white,” September 30, 2016

Elizabeth Boyd, “Remove the Southern belle from her inglorious perch,” August 21, 2015

Theodore R. Johnson, “We used to count black Americans as 3/5 of a person. For reparations, give them 5/3 of a vote,” August 21, 2015

The New York Times

Nicholas Kristof, “When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 7,” October 1, 2016

Charles Blow, “Trump Reflects White Male Fragility,” August 4, 2016

Jay Caspian Kang, “The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball,” April 6, 2016

These are just a few examples.

Regardless of who wins in November, the #LyingPress will continue its long term anti-White, anti-Southern, anti-Christian, anti-male trajectory, but if Trump wins, we can expect a sharp escalation. The resulting polarization will weaken the dominant taboos and the erosion of its legitimacy will work to our advantage.

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  1. If Trump wins we can expect the anti-White hysteria to go on steroids. That’s when we’ll find out what Trump is really made of.

    • And when Trump loses, you guys can crawl back in your trailers and fulminate about how the Jews stole the election. And the microphone was busted. And the moderators were biased. And the American people gave you the finger. Adios, losers.

      • When Trump wins will you and all those other worthless no-talents like Cher and Miley Virus leave the country?

      • Trump losing would be a pattern-breaking failure of the system to self correct. Whatever we can say about this system (Enlightenment Liberalism) it has weathered diverse storms over the last 3 centuries by self correcting. Trump winning would placate whites, his loss puts us in a revolutionary posture and the system dies.

        • Something like that. Was at an October type festival and it was Trump/Pence signs all over the booths.

        • If they think we’re going to tuck tail and “go back to the basement in our mom’s trailer park shack,” they are going to be reminded that pushing White men too far is a bad idea.

          • Yeah, I’ve heard that you powerful white guys will be popping testosterone and invading our non-white neighborhoods with loaded Pez dispensers. Right after you roll out of bed.

            You may be white, but you’re no men. Do keep the neckbeard so we know what to look for when you arrive.

          • Please keep piling up the cliches for which Jews are known. There is no reason to present any actual arguments when you can pull random, prepackaged “insults” at people on whose land you now squat and defile.

      • ‘you guys can crawl back in your trailers and fulminate about how the Jews stole the election. And the microphone was busted. And the moderators were biased.’

        All true

        • Okay, then. I confess! I represent your nemesis, the force that shook Trump up badly.

          We personally sabotaged the mic, making sure that all you would hear was his whining.

          We knew that this experienced TV showman couldn’t possibly keep his composure if there were a technical glitch.

          We asked questions that required answers.

          We arranged for a ruthless, bullying opponent.

          We made sure that, despite the microphone, the audience heard every word he said.

          Man up, Sam, and stop blaming the rest of the world. And brush your teeth.

          • You are obfuscating the truth of the matter. Small point, but the microphone was defective. Yet as the classic weakling liberal you are, you make a joke out of it, and ridicule a person for pointing out a fact because it hurts your argument.

            As I said before, you are just a follower and I doubt you could defend your own stances, because you, as a White man, are endorsing a person that would work against your interests if elected.

          • I’m sorry if I bewildered you with facts.

            Meantime, I’m supporting America, not the pathetic racists who think this country belongs in their clammy little hands. My interest is in my country, not my race.

          • What facts? Henry, you are not smart, you are hardly even limber enough to dodge questions. What you do is throw around insults when your argument is defeated. Classic liberal trait.

          • ‘Murica ‘Murica ‘Murica. STFU, loser. You are supporing ‘Murica so much that you cucks have lost the last two presidential elections and have trannies running around in girls bathrooms.

            “My interest is in my country, not my race.”

            Your interest is in a worthless abstract construct that doesn’t serve you or your interests. ‘Murica, ‘Murica, ‘Murica. What a dolt.

      • If whites are backed into a siege or a corner it gets very very bad for the primitive opponents.

      • The microphone was tampered with and they have admitted it. If that happened to Hillary the press would be having a conniption fit.

        If that is your real picture, Henry, you look like a weakling. Any White man that would vote for a woman that promises to bring in immigrants that are hostile to Whites has some mental issues.

        • Yeah, that’s my picture, little girl. Getting lulz out of cowards who hide behind mama internet’s skirts. Go change your anonymous wet panties and get back to me when you develop some real pride.

          • You look like a faggot. And what you write is safe speech, run of the mill garbage that has no consequences.

            A question for you, Henry: why would you endorse a candidate that will actively work against the interests of your own race?

          • Ronnie, are we a little obsessed with this sexuality thing? You really need to work on that before you go out in public.

            But your question is good one. “Why would you endorse a candidate that will actively work against the interests of your own race?” My answer: I will endorse the candidate who cares the most about America. Fake patriots like you have been yelling about Germans, Italians, Irish, Jews, blacks. They’re as American as those who hated them, and you are one of their descendants.

            America has never been a “white” nation. So I’ll ask you: Why would endorse a candidate who actively works against the interest of a majority of Americans?

            I know, it’s a scary time, but insulting and hating people is the coward’s way.

          • Henry, America was founded and initially created by White people. This was a nation that was comprised of 90% White people just fifty years ago.

            So you are mistaken on that point. Explain to me how bringing in people from the third world is going to improve the United States? Who is going to pay for them?

          • Now you’re asking smart questions. So you think that Latinos aren’t white? How about people from the middle east? From India (where the Aryans are from)? Should we be keeping out Asians?

            Would you have agreed with many late 19th and early 20th century who thought only northern Europeans were white? That Irish and Italian and Poles should be kept out of the country?

            And btw, about the founding: the population of the US was (as I recall) over 20% black slaves who worked harder than just about any white people. And the number of real Americans (the natives) never even got counted but was certainly a large percentage.

          • Wrong again, Henry. Their was a moratorium on just about all immigration from 1923 until 1965 and that worked out just fine. Latinos? Do you mean mestizo or actual people of the Latin world in Europe? There is a big difference.

            And Spain did not found the US. It founded Mexico and several other nations south of the border. They also lost all of those nations over time.

            Slaves were not intellectually involved with the founding of the nation. They were labor and they should have been repatriated in 1865.

            I don’t think we should allow any immigration for a period of at least ten years.

          • I couldn’t disagree more.

            How can you repatriate a slave whose parents grandparents and great grandparents were born in the United States?

            I’m not sure how Spain and Mexico got into this discussion. I didn’t bring it up.

            If you correlate America’s economic growth with its immigration rate, you’ll find that they pair up quite nicely. And by the way (here’s some more ammunition for you guys), I actually immigrated here during that “moratorium.”

            But I’m still curious about my other question:

            Do you realize that we are all here by accident of birth? It doesn’t matter how smart or motivated you are – there are millions just as smart who are struggling to live in poor countries. We are all damn lucky, but we act like we’re entitled to this good fortune.

            So what would Jesus do?


          • You brought up Latin America which includes Mexico, and the obvious historical ties to Spain were included in my comment.

            You must have been one of the rare immigrants during that time period. It’s good to know that you are not an American by birth; it is very relevant and it reveals why you have very little allegiance to the United States.

            A person is born from parents of a race. That race has certain innate qualities unique to that racial group, including behavior. It is no accident that almost all of the world’s technological advances have been by people of European descent. It is no accident that cities across the world that comprise of a majority of blacks resemble cities in Africa.

            Ignoring racial differences is simply self-deceiving. From your point of view, and what is in your best interests is to keep American nationalism to a minimum and to stamp it out when possible. Jews have been an enemy and victim of nationalism throughout their history.

            Back to my question you so conveniently ignore: should Israel adopt the same open border policy that you want to see here in the United States? Should Israel allow a few million blacks from Sudan and a hundred thousand or so Moslems from Syria?

          • ‘Back to my question you so conveniently ignore: should Israel adopt the same open border policy that you want to see here in the United States? Should Israel allow a few million blacks from Sudan and a hundred thousand or so Moslems from Syria?’

            Notice how he dances around those questions.

          • People can be repatriated. Easily.

            Just give every black a $25,000 cheque and a one way ticket to Ghana. It would be cheaper than the current arrangement.

          • “Now you’re asking smart questions. So you think that Latinos aren’t
            white? How about people from the middle east? From India (where the
            Aryans are from)? Should we be keeping out Asians?”

            The more important questions are 1) where are we obligated in the constitution to take in anyone 2) how does flooding our country with 1 million legal immigrants per year (up to 3 million under Graham’s immigration reform) overwhelmingly benefit us?

            “And btw, about the founding: the population of the US was (as I recall)
            over 20% black slaves who worked harder than just about any white

            They worked so hard that not a single one of them signed the constitution or wrote the Declaration of Independence. They worked so hard that many of them in the South fought for the British. They were so important to the founding of the country that most Northern States had already abolished slavery by the time of the revolution.

            “Would you have agreed with many late 19th and early 20th century who
            thought only northern Europeans were white? That Irish and Italian and
            Poles should be kept out of the country?”

            We’re supposed to flood the country with a million Syrians today because a few people with Polish ancestry might feel guilty that in a parallel universe they might not be here due to something that happened in the past? No thanks.

          • Well, you and I disagree with the benefits of immigration. But at least we’re having a real conversation!

            First, nobody is talking about a million Syrians (except the fear mongers). Here’s a quote from the Conservative Washington Times: “Mr. Obama vowed last year to take 10,000 refugees as a way to help Syrians.” You can argue about whether that’s a threat to homeland security, but it’s a very small number, NOT a million.

            Second, you’re right. We are not constitutionally obligated to take in refugees. Refugees ARE a challenge. I believe that the evidence shows the benefits of immigration (when handled properly) far, far outweighs the harm. I’d be happy to find more evidence if you like.

            Third, if you had been a slave, wouldn’t you have fought for a liberating force for you and your family? I would. And as for no black signers of the Declaration of Independence… I guess they just decided it was too much trouble to escape from the plantation, obtain a forbidden education (it was illegal in many states to teach blacks to read) and make their way to Philadelphia or New York to join their fellow Founding Fathers.

            My one major question: Do you realize that we are all here by accident of birth? It doesn’t matter how smart or motivated you are – there are millions just as smart who are struggling to live in poor countries. We are all damn lucky, but we act like we’re entitled to this good fortune.

            So what would Jesus do?

          • My ancestors built my society and civilization. You are a ghetto leech. Drop white men in the Kalahari and they build Windhoek. Drop them in Jamestown they build Virginia.

          • Okay, enough with you guys. It’s been fun. But the stench is worse than the pleasure of seeing you pigs squeal.

            I’m sorry that you’re gonna lose “your” privileged place in our country. I know it helps to blame everyone but you. Obviously it’s the Jews, the blacks, the Muslims, the politicians, the bankers. But you’re a bunch of pathetic fantasists and swaggering fools and your days are numbered.

            Try to stay off the opiates, okay?

          • “So you think Latinos aren’t white?”

            It depends. Most mestizos in Mexico are around 40% European and 60% Amerind. In Puerto Rico those percentages are reversed, 60% Euro and 40% Amerind. In both cases, neither are white as considered European. A good chunk of Argentinians would be considered white. So it really depends on their genetic makeup. To be considered white, most geneticists agree a person must have 80% European ancestry with the corresponding haplogroups, leaving out Middle Eastern haplos such as J1. Most Greeks are right at the 80% mark, with a massive amount of Turkish and semitic admixture. Same with southern Italians as many of them are admixed with North African semites.

            Some people from the Middle East could be considered white, again because of their genetic makeup but in the case of Ashkenazis, they identify with their semitic genes and work to undermine European societies and those of the European diaspora. Ideologies such as communism, feminism, egalitarianism, racism/anti-racism are fruits of the semitic mind and diametrically opposed to the nation created as America by Thomas Jefferson, et al.

            Aryans didn’t originate in northern India but migrated there from the Caucasus and Persia. If you look at the ruling class of India today, some of them are very white still retaining the Aryan features and eye color. They created the caste system to keep their racial stock pure but that never works and has not worked throughout history. The Indians of today, even the ‘white-looking’ ones wouldn’t be allowed in Euro countries, if I was the hypothetical leader, just because of the backward infrastructure and culture of modern day India.

            Sub-saharan Africans are a primitive, cargo-cult race, given to violence, overly sexual, and impulsive. Their dolichocephalic skulls minimize the part of the brain associated with empathy and they carry 20% more testosterone than Caucasians, both the males and females. Some theories even suggest they are Homo Erectus rather that Homo Sapien, a different species of human all together. In any case, as a race, they are not equipped with the intelligence to create or maintain an advanced civilization and that should be obvious to anyone, even the most die-hard leftists. If negroes aren’t working they are destroying and giving them welfare, section 8, food stamps and various other gibs has been nothing but a disaster for all involved.

            The various tribes making up North American Amerinds were never “American” in the correct understanding of the word. They were at constant war with each other, employing the most brutal and horrific tortures that would make Torquemada blush. Their defeat at the hands of the white man was a defeat and they paid dearly, just as whites will pay dearly if we do not fight back and allow ourselves to be ruled over by hostile populations.

            The sad truth is that tribalism among populations has always ruled the day and will continue to do so, all transhumanist fantasies aside. The nation of America and many in Europe will either fall into a multiculturalist cesspool of violence and degradation or whites will find their missing sacks somewhere, after forgoing niggerball and carbs, and act.

          • Thanks for your reply. It’s always helpful to know that not everyone here is totally uneducated. It’s also entertaining to see how apparently smart people can create a delusional world in which all Sub-saharan Africans are dolicocephalic (have you ever been to sub-saharan Africa? With your glasses on?), Haplogroups define intelligence (have you ever read a book?) and the human species is divided into erectus and sapien (funny how that didn’t show up in those haplogroups).


          • Any one of us could write an essay like that to be perfectly honest. He’s just articulated a variation of Hunter’s corpus of text.

          • It wouldn’t really matter. If you were forced to concede a point today you’d pretend to forget it tomorrow in amazement.

          • “America has never been a “white” nation.”

            It was 89.5% in 1950. That’s good enough.

            “My answer: I will endorse the candidate who cares the most about
            America. Fake patriots like you have been yelling about Germans,
            Italians, Irish, Jews, blacks. They’re as American as those who hated
            them, and you are one of their descendants.”

            Some of those groups are so ‘American’ that they vote 95% for a party that wants to flood it with millions more future ‘Americans’ who will all block vote based on racial identity for a party that wants to take away all the rights that you mouth off about.

            “I know, it’s a scary time, but insulting and hating people is the coward’s way.”

            Projection, according to your profile.

          • As far as pride goes, Henry. People like you, weak people, simply follow the crowd. Your views are not controversial, they are mainstream and weak people tend to follow what the crowd is doing. You are an excellent example of such a person.

            If we debated the actual issues, I doubt you could even defend your own stances. It is easier, and safer for you to follow what the crowd is doing because you are weak. You are the classic liberal that would side with a nigger over your own people because you are scared of the nigger, not because you necessarily agree with the nigger.

          • You can start by answering my questions. That is how debates start, Henry. Or you can continue to leave your snide comments here insulting the commenters. You just make an ass out of yourself, but don’t let that stop you.

          • Okay.
            The influx of newcomers resulted (mid-1800’s) in anti-immigrant sentiment among certain factions of America’s native-born, predominantly Anglo-Saxon Protestant population. The new arrivals were often seen as unwanted competition for jobs, while many Catholics–especially the Irish–experienced discrimination for their religious beliefs. In the 1850s, the anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic American Party (also called the Know-Nothings) tried to severely curb immigration, and even ran a candidate, former U.S. president Millard Fillmore (1800-1874), in the presidential election of 1956.

            I can recommend some more detailed reading if you like.


          • Cutting and pasting without actually answer a question in your own words is considered bad form.

          • I apologize for not meeting your standards of fact. I’ll just spout off like you guys without any references.

          • You are definitely not interested in fact. Your dialectic is transparently Jewish.

          • No thanks, Henry. I have forgotten more US history than you currently know. The difference between the immigrants of that time period and now is that they came from western nations with roughly the same mindset. We can go back further in history to understand that European nations have melded with each other since the days of the Roman Empire.

            The new strain of immigrants from the Middle East, Somali and nations like that are completely foreign to us, and the chances of them integrating are slim to none. The result will be them isolating themselves and becoming a hostile entity.

            You also fail to mention that the immigrant waves in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were NOT supported by welfare programs. They were not a financial burden as the immigrants of today are.

            And just what are these new immigrants going to do when they get here? We certainly don’t have jobs for all of them.

          • Well you’re right that you certainly have forgotten a lot about history. You’ve probably forgotten about the Americans who thought that Irish and Polish immigrants were disgusting vermin. (See attachment).

            You may have forgotten more economics than I currently know (although I really doubt it). The immigrants of today are a net economic benefit BY FAR.

            As for employment, you’d better check the jobs listings. Their taxes far outweigh their social benefits (which are smaller than non-immigrant Americans).

            References available for all the assertions above.


          • They were still from White Christian nations with more in common than not. And that is why they successfully integrated over time.

          • And that is the problem. They don’t want to, and won’t assimilate.

            Why is it that only White nations are pressured to take in refugees?

            Perhaps Israel should begin accepting Moslem refugees, they will definitely assimilate in to the Jewish nation, right?

          • Henry, answer the question: who is going to pay for them, and what jobs will they take? Why should we willingly stress our economic system to cater to those from other nations?

            Would Israel do the same?

          • That is based on a fiat currency that can be manipulated, as a Jew I’m sure you can appreciate that. The US is currently in debt to the tune of roughly 13 trillion dollars(?). How is paying for the needs of new immigrants going to improve the economy when we are already seeing very high unemployment rates for Americans as it is?

            Back to my initial question: should Israel initiate an open border policy for Africans and Moslems?

            You seem to be repeatedly dodging this question.

          • Okay, so now it’s because the currency if fake. And the unemployment numbers are false. And all Jews are experts on money (I wish!!!). Jesus is weeping for you people.

          • Henry, you are not very smart, and your avoidance and cherry picking of the questions I have asked of you prove you to be disingenuous as well.

          • Actually, I’d say it’s more medicine, science and law (See: Prize, Nobel). The kind of high-education fields where it helps to be nagged by a Jewish mother. But being a high achiever is part of the educational culture ( at least in my family). I don’t dispute that Jews in America have more influence than their numbers would suggest. But to blame it on some conspiracy is absurd. My success had nothing to do with my religion – if anything it may have been a hindrance.

            That’s why it always sounds like sour grapes when people complain about The Jews and their “control.” My parents put a lot of hope into my future and I worked hard to fulfill their hopes. If that’s a conspiracy, then so be it.

          • Ron Unz did a pretty good analysis of this. He looked at the Ivy’s and Jewish numbers and concluded that nepotistic admissions account for Jews who make up around 1/2 of all white admissions. He’s Jewish and he was complaining that Jewish backscratching far outstripped their academic merit.

          • They only did it because they needed workers.
            Jews are allergic to manual labor.
            They Falashas are treated like sh*t by the kiken.

          • There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance there. The problem that many whites have is that anyone can instantly be transformed into Palestinian by the Jews. It certainly happened to the ethnic Germans. Now it’s happening to whites in the US.

          • You are over playing the anti-Irish sentiments. You Jews always go there with the Spudheads.

          • I have laid out a few questions already. You continue to dodge them. It is obvious to everyone that you can’t defend, or even know what your stance is. You are a follower, and you use these topics to throw around insults and feel superior.

          • Damn, how’d you find out. How’d you know that Donald and I were both attending that party where he raped a 13-year old girl? Oh, you mean it’s not true? Well, he looks like a pedophile.

          • You do look like a pedophile. No one with children could possibly trust you. Are you sure you didn’t appear on one of those Dateline episodes? That party thing you brought up sounds exactly like something a pedophile would do.

          • “Donald and I were both attending that party where he raped a 13-year old girl”

            That really does sound like something a pedophile would do. Freudian slip? I hope he doesn’t have children or is allowed around children. It’s always the self-proclaimed patriots that end up doing something disgusting.

          • Was “Donald” your code-name…some kind of trick to lead impressionable teenagers into your basement?

        • Sure, come and get me. You cowards sure talk big from behind Mama Internet. Grow a pair and come see me when you’ve got the Zyklon canisters. My family has survived much worse than you puny punks. My identity is public. You? Looking forward to your visit.

          • Scroll down. This punk avoiding posting his name here and made excuses after mouthing off about other people being cowards.

          • Henry, you’d probably be better off immigrating to Israel. Speaking of Israel, do you feel that they should also enact an open border policy?

            Moslems and Africans could find a new home in Israel.

          • Henry, I assume you are a Jew. I asked you if it would be acceptable to allow unfettered immigration in to Israel. Why not bring in a few million blacks from Sudan and Liberia?

            Perhaps Isreal should tear down its walls and become like Europe and the US. How about allowing a million or so Syrian refugees in to Israel and have the Isreali taxpayers foot the bill for their housing and food?

          • I got news for you Jew, you have your own country now. You no longer have the suffer in the presence of us vile repugnant goyim. Shoo fly.

          • I believe you’re the one who will be shooed back to your trailer. Remember to drain the black water.

          • These are our lands. You have Israel. Go to Israel and live in peace and happiness with your own kind.

          • ‘Grow a pair and come see me when you’ve got the Zyklon canisters.’

            Why? Do your clothes need to be fumigated?

            That is what Zyklon was used for.

          • Zyklon is for killing lice. For you, I’ll use my bare hands. As for you and your kind, you, and they, “survive” solely and entirely on account of the unfortunate graciousness that White gentiles continue to misguidedly extend towards you.

            I can guarantee that you are not looking forward to my visit.

            Now then, what is your address, hotshot?

          • I know those bare hands of yours are getting lots of exercise.

            If you’re stupid enough to publicly threaten me and my family, then you’re not smart enough to find us. But finding you was easy.

            Then I flushed.

          • Typical Jew. Picks a fight, and then plays the victim. Damn, but you people are some sick puppies.

            You’re the one that invited me. Now what’s your address?

            Or you could at least point me to the neighborhood where you and your family are squatting and I’ll ask around about a hollow-chested, hook-nosed gargoyle wearing a pink “Hillary 2016” yarmulke.

      • You are not like us Jew and you don’t belong any where near us. Get it through your thick skull.

  2. At this point I have to concur with Rudolf Heß that the Jews do have a mind lock on people.

    Newspapers, Movies, magazines, TV (at that time newsreels).

    • Newspaper readership is way down, movie attendance is off and no one watches the evening news anymore, so King Kike doesn’t have the control over the goy cattle that he used to.

    • What is below is worth a close read,

      The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis (linguistic Relativity (after Einstein)): language defines what you can think.

      Sapir was a student of Boas, both Jews. Edward Bernays, also Jewish, applied that to advertising and the rest is history.

      Why – How – did they do this? I attribute it to the educational system of the Hebrew School. Whites (Aryans) are a martial race, and physically beautiful. The captain of the football team dates the pretty cheerleader.

      Jews wed the best male student of the Hebrew school to the daughter of the wealthiest man.

      The energy Aryans put into things like sports ball, online shooting games, and the military is driven by libido. Likewise is scholarship and money making for the Jew.

      When martial prowess on the battlefield gave way to engineering prowess in the weapons plant (WWI?), Jews took over. In retrospect that shouldn’t be a surprise.

      In my life I see very few Jews, but I see a shit tonne of Indians, Chinese and other educated third worlders doing well in academia, taking positions that otherwise would go to whites.

      Do whites have an academic pedigree? Yes, up until the rise of the Jew. What happened? The Prussian model of education replaced aristocratic education. Everyone goes to school, school becomes shit. Before, only the wealthy and those worthy of education received it, and it was a status symbol much like sports ball has become under Jewish tutelage.

      The Hebrew School assumes that each Jew is an aristocrat and educates them as such. Thus a small minority of people can control the world, displacing the white aristocracy that burned itself out on internecine warfare, mysticism, and debauchery. While one would be tempted to blame the Jew (they were heavily pushing all three), ultimately this is a self inflicted wound.

      We need to Make Whites Great Again, and central to that is the ancient Aryan concept of Arta (Order Universal, Right Universal). When we live in accordance with Arta, we will once again be Masters of the Universe.

      By the way, it is my contention that the swastika is the symbol of Arta, a stylized depiction of the rotation of the stars around the North Pole – a naked example of Order Universal that even a cave man could comprehend. Arta, when personified, is approximately God. You can see the use of the swastika to represent various gods on this bronze age pottery, as the original monotheism devolved into polytheism.

      The seven gods of the seven days of the week are variations of the swastika.

      • Farage should not only coach Trump for debate but should be his top surrogate. Even though he’s foreign. It would be like 33 all over again.

      • The Jews who were expelled from Spain,1492,were behind the new design of war ships in Holland,faster ,sleeker and more maneuverable .The start of the stock exchange too,with the state of the art navy.

  3. Pa white woman committed for supporting Trump:

    She posted quotes and her own feelings that Obama and Clinton ‘should’ be hanged at one point, without ever implying she was planning to act on such thoughts. She also won a $450,000 lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania for sexual harassment before a jury, which a Rendell-appointed judge overturned on the grounds that it had been ‘handled suitably.’

    Rendell is a jew. The jews hate white women actually winning any justice from the system for anti-white woman violence and discrimination, especially when among the accused are ‘minority’ men, or women for that matter.

    So cross ‘sexism’ off that list of what they’re going to use to further divide whites. While it exists, contrary to what you like to believe, its non-applicability to white women’s plight has been exposed. This is true mostly for working class white women, but increasingly white women as a whole.

    To rail against ‘feminism’ and the ‘creation of sexism’ is foolish, just like believing that IQ supremacy is going to unite the various classes of whites.

  4. Donald Trump took advantage of a tax law – this is their big bombshell? It is a total nothing burger.

    They broke the law to release – nothing. Anything that they think could hurt Trump no matter how small they are willing to break the law to expose while they cover up the massive criminality of the Clinton’s.

      • There is nothing to defend – he broke no laws. That is how nothing this story is. All he has to say is I broke no laws unlike the Clinton’s. Great Zinger and needs no explanation.

        BTW, word is Nigel Farage has been flown in to help Trump prepare for the debate

          • It boggles my mind that he didn’t in the last debate. Biggest debate in American history and he wings it.

          • Trump is an idiot savant, his personality is an autistic impression of his father’s behavior. This accounts for his genius in some areas and idiocy in others. He can self-promote and build buildings, but that’s about it.

          • That’s the central point. Oddly enough I chatted with some libertarians about his 20 trillion debt with no infrastructure to show for it. That’s actually stuck stuck in folks mjnds.

          • Great endorsement, Afterthought.

            Why the hell would anyone vote for Trump after reading your many negative comments about him over the past few months?

          • If that boggles your mind, Ulfric, then you hadn’t been paying attention over the preceding year-plus, as a great mass of yahoos encouraged him, almost hourly, in his poor judgments.

      • He should reply that his accountants work legitimately within the parameters of the tax laws and that she should shut the hell up because she and her dress staining husband have made hundreds of millions selling us out in pay for play schemes and money laundering through the Clinton Foundation.

    • ‘Donald Trump took advantage of a tax law – this is their big bombshell?’

      Everyone who has owned businesses does the same. I have.

  5. “The resulting polarization will weaken the dominant taboos and the erosion of its legitimacy will work to our advantage”

    How? That only works if you have a long-term goal, and I don’t see that you have spelled one out. What long-term goal do you have in mind that will actually help our people? Begin able to ‘talk’ about things on the internet more? Don’t count on that if Hillary wins.

    • The 14 words.

      We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

      In other words, an explicitly white ethnostate pursuing pro-survival policies.

    • Simple.

      Whenever the media invokes one of the various -isms or -phobias, it will have less impact on our target audience. Because so many people hate the media now, they are much more likely to just brush off charges of “racism.”

      • As long as you put that word in quotation marks, Mr. W., you’re not brushing it off.

      • The Obama administration has already made a deal to give over US control of the Internet to an international board made up of foreign governments. When that happens, that board will impose censorship on the Internet and, when anyone in this country complains, the US government will state that it tried to prevent the censorship, but was overruled. We are a lot closer to 1984 than many people realize.

      • I thought that would be your response, unfortunately. So, you think that losing will provoke people to talk more about the issues you care about? What do you think that would accomplish, in the unlikely event that it occurs? Will you win more elections? Will the left oppress you less? Not a chance. They’ll double down and make a few examples out of people who supported Trump, then it’ll get worse.

        No, without a long-term tangible goal based on emotion and ethnic/national identity (i.e. an independence movement), losing will not accomplish anything of significance. Likely, a few anonymous people on the internet will fume while everyone else publicly cowers. No one is going to take a chance at destroying their life over some abstraction. And even if a few people brushed off charges of -isms, what do you think that will accomplish? They’ll still lose their jobs, their reputations, and will still be publicly flogged. You’ll still lose every election and this country will continue its descent.

        • 1.) Regardless of who wins, I think we will still be talking about the same issues.

          2.) Assuming Hillary wins and moves on her agenda, it will only radicalize more disaffected people.

          3.) LOL, I am very much involved in an independence movement.

          4.) I can’t speak for others, but I am not anonymous.

          5.) If Trump wins, I expect the aforementioned -isms and -phobias will lose much of their sting. I also don’t believe any independence movement will succeed as long as people cower in fear of those taboos.

  6. Black Lives Matter Vandalizes Trump International in DC – Liberal Media COMPLETELY IGNORES Attack

    Black Lives Matter activists are responsible for millions of dollars of public destruction and dozens of attacks on police and innocent pedestrians.

    On Saturday Black Lives Matter goons defaced the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.

    UPDATE: The liberal mainstream media totally IGNORED the attack. A Google search on “Trump International Washington DC” finds only one article on the vandalism – by conservative media outlet Independent Journal Review


    The New York Times has excited the Clinton campaign and the rest of the media with a revelation that Republican nominee Donald Trump declared a $916 million loss in 1995 that might have resulted in him not paying taxes in some subsequent years.
    The implication, reinforced by CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union on Sunday morning, is that Trump “avoided” paying taxes, when in fact his tax liability was zero.

    But the Times itself has “avoided” paying taxes — in 2014, for example.

    As Forbes noted at the time:

    … for tax year 2014, The New York Times paid no taxes and got an income tax refund of $3.5 million even though they had a pre-tax profit of $29.9 million in 2014. In other words, their post-tax profit was higher than their pre-tax profit. The explanation in their 2014 annual report is, “The effective tax rate for 2014 was favorably affected by approximately $21.1 million for the reversal of reserves for uncertain tax positions due to the lapse of applicable statutes of limitations.” If you don’t think it took fancy accountants and tax lawyers to make that happen, read the statement again.

    New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani defended Trump on Sunday, telling NBC News’ Meet the Press that Trump was a “genius” in business who was simply doing what the tax code allows every American to do by counting losses against tax liabilities, and bouncing back from failure to success.

    That would include the New York Times — which, however, is still struggling.

    As Jazz Shaw of notes, the Times — or whoever was its source — likely obtained Trump’s tax document illegally.

  8. A post-script: The New York Times had their editorial today in both English and Spanish attacking American Nationalist Donald Trump. I don’t care what the MSM says about him. I’m more determined than ever to vote for him and give whatever money I can. When I vote in November, I will be giving the middle finger to America’s vile media, business, political and academic elite. I hope you join me. Make sure you are registered and make sure you drag everybody to the polls.

  9. It appears to be the case that the Trump Tax issue was a well coordinated ambush that includes the Clintonites, NYT, IRS, SNL etc…

    It’s likely that Machado is Trump’s attempt to deflect that to something less potentially damaging.

    • A really ugly one. Who gave it’s real name. I’d call it “totally obnoxious” as well – but that’s Just a Jew Jewing.

        • I blocked it. It’s a wonderful thing. All the noise of the Nose goes away. Once it’s not getting the attention is desperately and bizarrely craves….it’s slithers off.
          They are dropping the masks now. They are openly taunting us, and trying to draw us into stupidity. Let’s not play their game, by their rules. We’ve been doing this for centuries. We need to do what’s best for US.

    • Hmm–I just noticed that Henryten, in a comment below, disclosed a suspicion that Denise is male: “Denise had to stick his fingers in his ears ….” Sounds like a certain warspite we all knew and loved …

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