Whores of Babylon: Strongminded, Liberated Women Stump For Hillary

Katy Perry voted naked:

““Yup, let those babies loose,” Perry said, “’cause no one ever said … ”

Two cops entered the scene and handcuffed her. “All right, ma’am,” said one. “That’s enough of that.” Perry told him she read the constitution and knew she had the right to vote naked. “Did you read it, or did you just briefly scan it?” asked the other cop.”

Madonna offered blowjobs in exchange for votes:

“Pop star Madonna got raunchy while introducing comedian Amy Schumer at a performance in New York City Tuesday night, promising the crowd sexual favors in exchange for their support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob. OK?” the 58-year-old Rebel Heart singer told an audience at New York’s Madison Square Garden Tuesday night. “I’m really good. I’m not a douche, and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow.”

Miley Cyrus is stumping for Hillary in Northern Virginia:

“Pop star Miley Cyrus will go door-to-door in Virginia this weekend to persuade voters to cast their ballots for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in November.

The 23-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer will knock on doors at George Mason University in Northern Virginia on Saturday in a get-out-the-vote effort aimed at millennials, the Clinton campaign announced Thursday.”

What do you think Miley offering? Anal?

Why can’t we laugh at the modern, liberated, strongminded American woman? You’re offended because Donald Trump is degrading women, but you’re reading Fifty Shades of Grey? You’re apoplectic at Trump’s “sexism,” but you think Beyoncé is a fine role model for your daughters? You think Trump is a pig, but you were cool with Sarah Silverman and Lena Dunham (she does interracial on HBO’s Girls, but not all bucks are biting) emceeing the Democratic National Convention?

Miley Cyrus lets her fans “grab her by the pussy,” but our “sexism” is degrading women? Yeah, whatever. I couldn’t care less what the likes of the “strong and brave young women” of Pussy Riot or Slut Walk activists have to say about that subject.

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    • No doubt, this’ll lead to a wave of young gals offering themselves in exchange for promises to vote for Clinton.

    • Quite. I’m in WY which gave the pioneer women suffrage (those that didn’t starve or freeze to death). But it should be a state issue. I wouldn’t give the New England or Left (west) coast women suffrage since I’m not suicidal.

      • The strange part about Wyoming is it was New England Women who came out there for the voting power. A lot of suffragettes relocated there BUT the harsh land slowly thinned the herd over time and those Texas cowboys tamed a bunch of them, you know like taming a wildcat. Some women just need TAMED

        • Taming Yankee gals is more of a literary fantasy, than anything else. One oft repeated in western TV shows and a few films.

          • Well it did happen in Wyoming many of them came because of the vote. The odd thing was it was a Southern Man, Democrat William Bright who pushed it. Strangely enough he did so because he believed that it would act as a Bulwark against Freed Slaves or Chinese from influencing the Wyoming Election.

            This was also sold to the hundreds of horny miners and Texas Cowboys as a way to bring women to the territory and therefore wives. The ruse must have worked because in 1868, Wyoming Territory was all but devoid of women and a horrible place to live because of the weather but voting rights did attract them. The first woman office holder was a Yankee woman from Upstate New York who was made a justice of the peace in 1870. Strangely enough in 1870 the Utah Territory did the same probably to lure more polygamy girls to the Beehive.

            Hollywood and writers always over state everything thats a fact, but Yankee feminists moving to the plains was true in the case of Wyoming. Oddly enough as most of the women got married, their liberalism must have been tamed because Wyoming is today one of the USA’s most conservative states.

          • When Womans sufferage was debated in the late 1800’s some Southern Democrats pushed it as a bulwark against the chance that Negro voters could be enfranchised again. This was editorialized in many places however it didn’t receive any traction.

            The bizarre oddity of being Pro-Women Voting and Pro-Jim Crow was two ideas that seemed to cancel out one another, but that turkey was sold to many people. Even Texas elected a woman governor Ma Ferguson two seperate times in 1920s and 30s. Even Georgia had a woman senator for one day in 1922.

            What wasn’t understood by many Southern Democrats in the 1920s was that married women would vote the way their husbands told them, but single women would not. They couldn’t have forseen the Sexual Revolution that took over the cities in the 1920s and unfortunately after the 19th Amendment everyone was powerless to say otherwise

  1. “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob. OK?”

    Actually, I took that as pro-Trump.

  2. The Bushes, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mark Cuban, Madonna, Cher, Miley Virus….Trump’s enemies are truly the worst people on Earth.

  3. The only Rebels in our society are the PRE VATICAN TWO/PRE-NOVUS-ORDO Catholics, the Evangelicals — the ones who forgo 501c3 — the Amish and the Old Order Mennonites. And the Amish and the Old Order Mennonites are the leaders of the Rebels, they’re more Rebel-like than the traditional Caholics and the Evangelicals, for the Amish and the Old Order Mennonites eschew and renounce TELEVISION.

    If you have trouble throwing your TV in the garbage, just can’t bear to do that, and if you have a TV in your home because others in your family insist on having a TV and you have trouble walking away from the TV when they’re watching it, you’re not much of a Rebel.

    If Americans threw out their TV’s en-masse, that would do alot to defeat the Matrix System and The Establishment. That would probably be the most effective way to overthrow the sytem we got [ without a Civil War and without massive violence ]. But that’s not going to happen.

    Although it’s not going to happen, doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Think about it, throwing out our TV’s en-masse would send a VERY LOUD MESSAGE to the controllers in Washington and in the Mainstream media and in Hollywood that we reject EVERYTHING about them. That would scare the sh*t out of them more than anything else. Maybe even more than armed insurrection. They have plenty of weapons and plenty of mercenaries to fight an armed insurrection, but their most effective weapon they use against us TELEVISION. Get rid of your television, and you get rid of their weapon, and a very effective weapon for them, they use against you and use against you in your own home.

    I’m living with someone who is addicted to TV. But I don’t watch the TV. I went without a TV for over 10 years, and the Sun still came up every morning, and things becomer clearer to you without the propaganda of televison programming.

    TV in itself is not intinsically evil, but TV is being used for evil. And the programming is very intense and very insidious. They, everyone who is a part of The Establishment, program everyone to think the way the Establishment wants everyone to think. It’s a putrid joke how the Hollywood celebrities feign to be “rebels” against The System, as if the System is “Christian” and the way to rebel against the unfair, unjust System is to be become vehemently ANTI-CHRISTIAN. But there’s NOTHING Christian about The System.

    The System is jew and it’s Freemason. Television programming never encourages anyone to rebel against the jews and/or the Freemasons, NEVER, and they’re the ones who are The System, the jews and the Freemasons. TV NEVER encourages anyone to Rebel against the Jew-Freemason System. TV programs everyone to worship and celebrate The System while feigning to be “Rebels Against” The System. It’s a putrid joke.

    • More about TV programming :


      Alot more videos about TV programming at YouTube. Good Search Term :

      “TV Programming Mind Control”

      What’s being pushed on TV is Transhumanism. Transhumanism comes from the jew’s Kabbalah. The jew’s Kabbalah is THE MAIN BOOK OF satanists. The Heliocentric theory and Darwin’s theories are also from the Kabbalah and are satanic LIES, and neither the Heliocentric theory nor Darwin can be proven with Real Science, can NOT be proven with Empirical Science.

      The Heliocentric theory and Darwin’s theories are NOT Science, they’re “religious” concepts, and the “religious” concepts come from the satanic “religion” of the jews-Freemasons. Both the jews and the Freemasons worship the Kaballah. The powers and principalities of the New World Order base their satanic NWO Transhumanist “religion” on the jew’s -Freemasons satanic Kabbalah ; And the satanic Transhumanist “religion” of the NWO is based on the TWO kabbalah LIES, the Heliocentric theory AND on Darwin. Transhumanism of the New World Order is NOT really new. It’s from Babylon, it’s the “religion” of Babylon, and the “religion” of Babylon was/is satanic to-the-core and everything about it is satanic.

      TV programming is now ALL about pushing, promoting, inculcating , the satanic “religion” of the New World Order, the satanic “religion” of Babylon. And the satanic “religion” of the NWO is based on the TWO MEGA PSYOPS AND GIANT LIES , the “Heliocentric” theory and Darwin’s theories. The satanic LIE which is Transhumanism could not exist without the satanic LIES of Darwin and without the satanic LIE called “The Heliocentric theory”.

      In science, a “theory” is something which has NOT been proven. In science, a “theory” is speculation, NOT necessarily fact. Darwin and the Heliocentric theory is speculation, “religious” speculation, and the “religion” is satanic. It wouldn’t be so bad, the “religious” speculation, except the “religious” speculation is presented to us as being the Objective Scientific Fact — and that’s the most insidious thing about the NWO’s satanic “religion”, their NWO “religion” is presented to us as being a Scientific fact when it is really religious concepts and religious concepts always need to be taken on faith.

      But the controllers don’t want you to know their so-called “Science” is really a “religion” and really a “religion” from satan. We’re to believe their “religion” is really Objective “Science”, so we don’t see what their “religion” is really all about. They signal to us, though, that their so-called “fact-based” Heliocentricism and their so-called fact-based Darwin is NOT really Science, hasn’t been proven with real and true Science, by the very fact they call their so-called “science” they push and inculcate “theories”. Right there they let us know their “science” has NOT been proven. It’s right here in front of our faces. Their “science” is from the satanic kabbalah , their “science” is really the religion of satan and like all other religions needs to be taken on faith — that they don’t want you to know.

      They want you to worship and celebrate their satanic religion thinking you’re celebrating scientific truth. They want you to think you’re respecting scientific truth and being objective, when really, you’re paying respect to their satanic religion, and putting your faith in what you think is “Science” but you’re really putting your faith in their satanic religion , and without even knowing it. That’s the most insidious thing about the New World Order, I think.

  4. One way to end the trust in the ballot box is to set up a voting integrity ngo in philly, stl, Las Vegas etc and secretly film the niggers stuffing the ballot.

    Don’t complain just hit record and pose as naive white liberals.

  5. More and more female celebrities are sticking out their tongues. The tongues they’re sticking out in our faces is THE TONGUE OF KALI. I don’t know enough about Hinduism to know if the Hinduism we’re presented with in the West is real Hinduism or a usurped, distorted Hinduism. What I know is : Hinduism has been weaved into the New World Order culture/religion and the Hinduism that has been weaved into the New World Order culture/religion has been weaved into a satanic culture/religion, so the Hinduism here in the West serves satanism.

    Lots of videos at YouTube about Kali’s Tongue and what Kali’s Tongue means, what it represents, the implications of the Tongue of Kali. It all has to do with the satanic New World Order. The NWO System is satanic and is pushing its’ satanic NWO “religion”, and the Hollywood celebrities feign to be “rebels” against The System as they push and promote the New World Order. They epitomize The System they feign to be “rebels” against. I don’t know if they realize that or not, but even if they don’t realize it, doesn’t change the fact they’re very much agents and enablers of those who want to impose a satanic New World Order on the whole world, especially on The West.

    Search Terms for YouTube, lots of videos about Kali and her tongue and what The Tongue means :

    “Kali and The New World Order”

    “Kali’s Tongue”

    “Kali Tongue”

    The tongues the Hollywood female celebrities are sticking out in our faces is definitely The Tongue of Kali.

  6. Remember when those two young men tried to White Knight the Indiana U Slut Walk? Don’t waste your time, point and laugh and even taunt them to double down.

    We are the alt-right we do the trolling we do not get trolled

  7. If Trump wins I am going to be conflicted over this question, Genius or lucky?

    My case for genius, he knew they would attack his sex life angle so he spoiled it by bringing it out over a month before the main vote, and now basically the whole DJT hates women shtick owns the airwaves over BLM, Muslim deportation, the usual gaggle of wasting money ever faster or someone is going to be hurt angle people, Glorious People of Color are OUTRAGED in general over life. And that women shtick is being taken over by private jet passenger prissy over privileged white women.

    So for another 17 days if this holds large portions of the D cult are going to be shafted by entitled Barbi girls jostling for more attention. One of my rules of politics, no one hates a Democratic voter like another Democratic voter.

  8. Of all the evil the (((Frankfurt School))) unleashed “feminism” has to be the evilest. These “women” both hate and yearn for an alpha male like Trump. It’s in a woman’s nature to be attracted to a dominant male, despite all the years of anti-male indoctrination and programing.

  9. And yet the news (I think NBC but I am not sure as I was in a restaurant and heard but could not see the entire screen.) announced the day after the debate that Trump was carrying 55% of the white female vote and only 38% of the female vote in general. Thats means he has the majority of both white male and female voters! I am not opposed to women voting in the Ethno-State. I believe in an earned and progressive franchise in which some people will have more votes than others based on merit, accomplishments, and service to the State. Sort of like the societies Robert Heinlein outlined in several of his novels. Responsibility towards the responsible and vice-versa.

  10. I don’t know if anybody realizes this or not : The VERY FACT the JEWS in Hollywood worship the very same KALI TONGUE as NAZI HITLER’S HIGH PRIESTESS Savitri Devi WORSHIPS KALI’S TONGUE ; We got the curious and odd situatIon whereby the JEWS AND THE NAZIS WORSHIP THE VERY SAME HINDU “GODDESS” TONGUE.

    The Jews in Hollywood are very much hooked-up and connected to the Jews in Washington, they all have the same worldview and the same goal, both the Hollywood Jews and the Washington Jews have the same NWO goals.

    We’re told Jews don’t like Nazis and Nazis don’t like jews and vice-versa, yet we see now BOTH the Jews AND the Nazis worship the same Hindu “goddess”.

    One would think the Jews — who constantly tell us they hate Nazism and are deeply opposed to Nazism — wouldn’t want to have anything to do with worshipping the “goddess” the Nazis worship, yet we see clearly the Jews worship the same “goddess” as the Nazis. So the Jews aren’t as opposed to Nazism as they claim, NOT if they worship the same religion/”goddess” as Hitler’s High Priestess worships. And we see clearly from what is coming out of JEW Hollywood the Jews worship THE TONGUE OF KALI, just like Hitler’s High Priestess worships THE TONGUE OF KALI.

    So the “narratives” we get from BOTH the Jews and the Nazis/Neo-Nazis about the nature of Nazis and the nature of Jews are deeply FULL OF SHIT. We see BOTH the Jews AND the Nazis worshipping the very same Hindu “goddess” tongue, and this is certainly a curious thing that needs to be explored and looked-in-to and examined.

    For when we see BOTH the Jews AND the Nazis worshippng the very same “goddess” then something is deeply wrong and deeply false with the Jew mainstream media narrative about Nazism and something deeply wrong with the Nazi narrative about Nazism.

    CHRISTIANITY THE ONLY RELIGION THAT HAS THE SPIRITUAL POWER TO SAVE THE WHITE RACE. Christianity WITHOUT the Zionism that was grafted onto Christianity in the 19th century.

    JESUS IS NOT A JEW, WAS NEVER A JEW, WILL NEVER WILL BE A JEW. JESUS WAS BEFORE ABRAHAM. Christianity is NOT an Abrahamic religion in the full sense of what an Abrahamic religion means, for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God Was Before Abraham.

    BOTH the Jews AND the Nazis LIE when they say “Jesus was a Jew”. Another commonality between Jews and Nazis, they BOTH LIE, they BOTH say “Jesus Was A Jew”, and that’s a LIE.

    Real Christians, by the way, don’t refer to Jesus in the past tense. When they talk about the Spiritual nature of Jesus, real Christians say, ” Jesus IS…” , not “Jesus was…”, for Christ Is Risen and with Us today and forever. Christ is the Only One who can Save Us. The WHITE RACE needs to return to Christ and to Christendom or the White Race will not know Victory and will be destroyed. And ultimately, we will have only ourselves to blame, for the White Race as a whole has rejected Her Spiritual Patrimony.

      • @ Kleinfeld ,

        ~ Beware, the LORD is about to take firm hold of you and hurl you away, you mighty man ~

        [ Isaiah 22: 17 ]

        From the New International Version Bible. I figure you would prefer the New International Version translation of Isaiah 22:17 over the King James translation of Isaiah 22:17 , and I’m sure you would prefer the New International Version translation over a Douay Rheims translation of Isaiah 22:17.

        You’re a real wise guy alright, Larry.

        • Come on Sal, you fire and brimstone guys take yourselves way too seriously. By the way, do you post at DS? If so, I compliment you on your choice of using the Austrian Catholic composer Franz Joseph Haydn as your avatar.

          • I do not post at DS. I’m not “allowed” to contribute , I’m not “allowed” to say anything, it’s VERBOTEN. Nazis don’t like Flat Earth Geocentric Truthers either, just like the Jews don’t like Flat Earth Geocentric Truthers. Yet another thing the “Aryan-Nazi-Wise/Anti-Nazi-Aryan” Jews and the “Jew-Wise/Anti-Jews” Aryan Nazis have IN COMMON. DS sent me to Spamblinka years ago. I said something less than complimentary about NASA, which was started by NAZIS and LIES about EVERYTHING.

            I’m glad you like my avatar, Larry, I was 😉 worried you wouldn’t like it.

  11. Hunter needs to do an expose on Women Voting. Very strange that in the SOUTH in 1900 women voting was pushed by many Democrats as a way to make a bulwark against Black Republicanism re-establishing itself. The thing was it was a pyrrhic vctory for Dixie. While in 1920 when the law took effect, yes most Southern women voted as Daddy and Hubby told them to, but social changes began with the influence of the motion picture, magazines and other things seeping in a little at a time. Although even today the South is still much more SOLID than the North or West, it is strange to think about how the 19th Amedment was sold by Segregationists as a guarantee that Segregation and families would be strengthend

  12. Miley Cyrus is gonna have a shirt that says “Stump Broke For Hillary.”

    Really, this is just “Freedom of expression.” What Trump does is downright evil and must be stopped.
    At least according to Neo-Communist ideology.

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